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  1. ANYONE READING THIS I might not be able to post anything due to me being in Florida and Imria coming it might cause blackouts so if i dont reply in time BLAME IT ON THE HURRACANE

  2. ok post it in the bio The bio is somewhere here
  3. first there was nothing Then there was something, that something was THE WORLD The world was just stars and rock flying around in space, the world thought it was interesting so it did nothing However after a few Eons the world got bored of all of the fire, rocks and matter so it decided to make 3 new elements: water, air and life so it made a planet with anything on it like a medieval kingdom next to a futuristic city and a dark and gloomy castle on a prehistoric mountain right next to a modern day suburbia. The world wanted to know what the people it just added will do once they meet each other, the world was interested. This is all of their stories
  4. BE ANY THING no rule only one rule 1. no op peps YOU CAN BE ANY THING YOU CAN BE A THIEF, A MONKEY AND A PICKLE; A PICKLE GUYS PLZ IM DESPERATE FRO PEOPLE TO ROLEPLAY WITH MEEEEE. anyway anyone can join anything can happen
  5. UPDATE: Now the game has a plot; this game was based off slime rancher Be a slime you can be any slime like a Pink one or a blue one. a fire slime or an ice slime. You could be any slime. However there are rules 1. This roleplay is not in any specific order so you can post any time if you want 2. No humanoid slimes pls 3. No god slimes, they must have an advantage and a disadvantage. 4.You must choose what type of food they eat like fruits, veggies, meats or everything 5. You can make at least 3 slimes 6. Have fun The plot is that you are slime who lives in a planet called slimeist
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