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  1. Kel'Anar raises an eyebrow as he watches the girl, he then moves his head to the side looking behind her for a moment as if curious if there were any obstacles in the way. So this girl wanted to know more about this whole ordeal, not exactly the reaction he'd expect, the people not scared usually don't care, but well, it's not as if there is any harm in telling her. Solaris, huh? She had such an unusual... or rather expresive speech, up until now she acted mannered but also some other way he could not exactly find a word for... That smile of hers seemed honest and she quite energetic... Do fairies age differently? Whatever circumstances created this sweet childish behaviour of hers? But alas, he probably thought too much into it, one thing was clear "You remind me of a cat." he said before to respond to her question "Anyhow, a game is always nice." He took a deep breath as if preparing himself "As I said, I am a spirit, a being bound to the spirit world. While I do take human form in the material world, I don't think that makes me a human and no, I am not a ghost, nor a wraith or any other such apparition, they are the kind of spirits that 'become' like that... Not all spirits are spirits because of the same reasons and not all of them are benevolent. Just as I am a spirit of justice, there are others that have... Different wishes."
  2. He shook his head firmly at the girl's request "No forgiveness for you did no wrong. Danger can appear at every step, I am glad you were catious." Listening intently to her revelation he nods presenting himself "People call me Kel'Anar, others prefer Silverhand, I do not mind any." Kel'Anar started to walk in the direction of Moonwood, for as long as they walked he didn't seem bored or tired But rather wondered if she was. He never considered himself much of a company so it wouldn't surprise him, he'd look at her from time to time just to make sure she didn't need a break. However the awkwardness that silence made him feel begun dissipating as the girl spoke. It was then when he realised he didn't quietly introduce himself properly and the human form didn't help either. "Ah, do not worry, milady, there is no burden as I am following my plans right now." He said with a comforting smile. "I plan on traveling to wherever I am needed..." After a small pause he turned to look at her, it certainly didn't hurt for her to know "I am a spirit of justice." He said bluntly. He didn't know how she'd react to this, humans tend to be scared, fairies he rarely met. This simple answer could've raised a lot of questions that he didn't mind answering, but was unsure as to how she'd react. Before clarifying anything else it would probably be for the best if he'd just wait for her reaction. Come to think of it... Perhaps throwing the answer directly at her face like that wasn't exactly a good idea... Nothing that can be done about it now, how bad could it get anyway? She wasn't a human after all.
  3. Kel'Anar watched the girl's movements quite amused although he did not let it be seen, he could see the girl was embarrased and couldn't help but let out a small smile at her childish behaviour. "...To Moonwood" He played again the words he just heard in his head, surprise painted across his face. Frowning, he takes the map from her hands rather gently, what could this girl possibly do in Moonwood? Fairies don't let others in their territory, that much he knew. "You are a fairy?" He said seemingly a little amazed then without waiting for an answer he brought the map closer to his face, she doesn't know how it works? It's not magical or something, is it? Or did she mean she doesn't know how to use it... Perhaps is why she was embarrased. Whatever the reason, he was not one who'd care for such, not enough to judge her. His eyes wandered across the map focused, he could see Ignatz, maybe she came from there and abandoned the road, or from Tia and has mistaken the way. At any rate, he was able to find Moonwood on the map, in his wandering, Kel'Anar actually went close to the place a few times, never entered though. Are fairies really that territorial? "Here!" He said showing her the map then pointing at the place where Moonwood was "But I suspect you already knew where it is... Were you concerned rather on where you are, milady? I can tell that it's quite the walk 'till Moonwood, but I can certainly take you there." Kel'Anar doubted the fairy folks would let him in their territory, or maybe they would... He was not exactly human or any other "earthling" for that matter, there are people that would consider spirits a force of nature or even "part of the world" so he wouldn't know a fairy's view. Whatever they thought, it's not like he was planning to enter.
  4. @Malaysia NightReaver "An old witch once told me 'Some men are born to lead, the others are born the serve.' If that is true, I wonder... What does that make me? I belong not to a kingdom nor a man. Time doesn't seem to see me, death doesn't seem to touch me... Perhaps it is their nature to embrace simplicity, but even so I can't help but wonder: Why be nothing? Nothing in nothingness returns... You could be so much more..." Walking confidently towards the main entrance of the castle he stopped in front of the guards. His gray armor and silvery sword from his left are clearly noticeable, but he didn't seem to mind nor care, without delaying he spoke getting directly to the point. "Rumor has it that a girl is missing, the queen's daughter. I have come to offer my help without money or any reward in the matter. I believe my skills might be of some use in dire situations. Might I speak to the Queen?" Even he knew just how unusual is for a stranger to offer help without a reward, there is nothing he needs or wants, nothing material that is... Friendship, love, kindness, all of these are valuable to him and none of these are rewards, nor should they ever be, they are what can free this world from the shackles of hatred that is consuming it... They are what justice serves and leads.
  5. Well There is the Night Hunt thread Which I made and nobody joined, I was actually going to make it a development thread so I don't really mind it, or maybe one of your characters has anything they'd want to do?
  6. @ODSTDRAGON Do you have any ideas you'd want to put into practice?
  7. @supernal Thank you for your concern, hehe. The fact that I've played on other roleplay forums and well... Other roleplay games in general helped. I just hope I won't destroy anyone's fun in some way. :P
  8. As if ordered, he ceased moving forward and stood before the girl. His serious face would show no face of intimidation as if such things would be normal occurence while his eyes inspects her curious. "Do not fret." He said staring into her eyes as his stern voice poured out "No men nor beast that wishes harm would approach in such an alarming manner, except the confident and the fool." He paused for a moment, his eyes watching her hand that seemed to have gathered some sort of energy, he probably was trying to be ready for a fight should she attack, but then he spoke again "I heard unusual sounds from the forest, I looked around and I saw you... Such hair I have not seen before, strange but beautiful nonetheless, I recon you are no Nymph." He looked upon the paper she was holding in her hand, he couldn't see what it is, but remembers she looked into it. A work of art? No, who admires them in the forest? What else could it be? "Might that be a map?" He said putting two and two together, the grunt, the staring into the paper, her being here now. "Would you be a lost traveler then?"
  9. @1ionFang Some men prefer civilization... Some men prefer to distance themselves from the wilderness that offered them shelter for so much time. Be it for comfort or because of fear. Kel'Anar would not dare stay away from it forever, no, under the ever watchful eye of nature, peace extends it's arms embracing those who seek it. Here he has clarity, under the smiling sun he feels serenity. His body clad in armor stands straight before the mighty sun, rays descending gently upon his face and the blade he was firmly holding with both hands, pointed towards the ground. An unnatural sound then disturbs his strange slumber, there are birds making the weirdest sounds, but this one sounded more like a yelp. At first he wanted to open his eyes, go and see whatever it was, but it couldn't have been important so he stood still relaxing once more. Grunt. Upon hearing the noise his eyes opened immediately as he looked around. There was a holding a map to his left not too far from him, his eyes stared at her white hair quite intrigued then, sheating his sword, begun walking towards her with a metalic noise coming from each step he made.
  10. @Hurttoto Glad to hear! Would you want to join me and1ionfang or have another rp?
  11. Thanks!
  12. hehe, thanks. I suppose it's not breaking it in the true sense. I've been always kinda worried not to destroy anybody's fun :P
  13. "Ideas are the echo of eternity."
  14. I had such characters before, not on Valucre, of course but in other roleplaying games. There was this one game in which females seemed to be all cute and at one point my character pointed that out "Something's terribly wrong with the women here... Seriously, have you ever seen an ugly girl? For some reason all girls seem to be ethereally betutiful!" I think this kind of thing would be allowed here as it can be taken as the character's "silly remark" rather than fourth wall breaking. I think... I'm new here so I wouldn't know.
  15. "Vechynacht... that's how they called it. But is it the living or the dead? I do not know, nor care." Leaving behind him waves of trees, a ball of white light flew relentlessly throughout the vale, it's been clearly more than a day since Kel'Anar arrived in this acursed place yet no sunshine ever touched the land, curious to say the least. Landing on the ground he asumed human form and left his ethereal form in an instant. His body clad in the usual gray armor matches the dark atmosphere as if he was part of the inhabitants, his left hand checks upon the long sword sheathed at his waist. He looked around him suspiciously, his stern expression changing into a frown as he inspects the place. The Verdant Lie, this place seemed to be no joke, only now he notices the terrifying sight he's witnessing. This was no mere vegetation, not even the trees seemed to be truly natural. "What manner of foul magic could've created such a wretched place? It is no wonder he ran here. Hoping to have me lost in this forsaken vale, or maybe preparing an ambush with his allies? He could've very well made the place for all I know." He thought as he begun walking further avoiding the trees and ignoring the "grass" which seemed to pull at his metalic boots.