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  1. Nathaniel watched the girl as, for a moment, something strange seemed to happen. Before he could give it any thought she seemed kind of back to normal. He wasn't sure how to react to that so he frowned a little while looking at her and wondering "What was that just now? Did I do something or...?" he wasn't really paying that much attention to what she was doing before it was too late. But then the girl appologised with something strange in her voice, what was behind it he could not tell. "Hold on." He thoguht recalling what he told her not so long ago: I wouldn't advice you thinking about my family that much, did that sound harsh? "Is she sensitive to such things? She might think I just told her to mind her own bussiness... Yes that must be it, that's why she's apologising." Finally he closed his eyes and shook his head "I told you, I don't mind talking about this nor the fact that you are curious... It's fine, really." "What I meant was..." He continued "My family is... Dangerous... And I don't say that just because I hate them. It's for the best if people stay away from them... Especially people that know me." Hopefully this would clear the misunderstanding... Well at least that's what he thought it was... If only he'd knew what truly made Lisbet act the way she did...
  2. Jordarrian seems to be the cause of a mass migration That's fine, though, actually amazing! You guys just ask if there is anything on your mind. This cat is on his holidays and has plenty of time for everything Now then! Do you want a free candy like everyone else or would you rather I throw it away in some realm of oblivion?
  3. Welcome to Valucre! I can understand the need for privacy, I myself am quite careful with such things... I mean seriously I'm giving my WRONG birth date at almost everything and even on Facebook I have a fake name I suppose I just like to choose who knows what about me. Now the upper right corner of the page (getting started, lore etc) should explain certain things, but of course, there are always uncertainties, so don't hesitate to ask if you need anything. The places Witch pointed at are very good for starters in case you want to try. By the way! I also am a writer like you and read stuff from time to time. And if you ever had doubts, social nicknames are meaningless. The time has come and fate awaits. Grab your free candy and step through the portal
  4. Welcome! but I see everyone already welcomed you before me Well... All that remains is giving you your free candy... I see you already stepped through the portal so I'll just throw it through it, it should reach you... I hope.
  5. Welcome home, my friend! I sensed a disturbance in the force... Err I saw your post and I had to welcome you! You can ask your questions if you have any and I will try to answer as will others. The possibilities are endless here so I don't think you'll get broed anytime soon. Here, I will give you your free candy, step through the portal when you're ready!
  6. Welcome to the spark of creation, new legend. Here you can take a look around and see the life of others in form of words, of course once you step through the portal you will become someone else. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or through messages! Now take you free candy and step through the portal, eternity awaits
  7. Welcome to Valucre! I'm... Not so sure about the biting part but I like rp so I'll probably take you on that offer Anyway! You can ask me too if you got any questions although polardragon is clearly here for longer and will probably provide much better answers but you know. Here's your free candy and your new ID card, from now on you are officially a "Valucrian" Now go through the portal!
  8. Hi

    That's what they all say...Then they stay with us.. forever! death is but a mere delay... Welcome to Valucre, my friend, have fun and ask anything you wish to know!
  9. Nathaniel adjusted his position on his seat seemingly trying to be more comfortable. The man continued to look at her and although his expression did not change, his pause was rather strange. Of course all those things would give him away, he just didn't exactly expect her to notice so soon, most people never do. But that was alright, he was of age and there was nothing his family could do even if they knwew where he was. "The Velden family..." He begun looking down with a small frown, it didn't look as if he was annoyed or angry though, more like someone who's deep in thought. "Is of noble lineage... Stalwart defenders of the old ways for whoever knows them. I've grown up with speeches about the superiority of the noble blood, political marriages and the like..." He didn't want this girl to ask around about his family, not many would understand, but he'd rather have her... And anyone else for that matter, stay away from the Velden family, his determination to keep people from forming any kind of tie with his family seemed to be more personal than just shame or a need from privacy, this was much deeper. He would tell her as much truth as he can as long as he believes that will not create problems for anyone. "I wouldn't advice you thinking about my family that much, it doesn't bother me or anything, but it might do more harm than good. I don't like them and they don't like me so we don't exactly keep tabs on each other, nor talk... At all." Well that was a small lie, his family was most likely trying to find him, not for a hug, though, but for something more serious since 'don't like' should've been 'utterly hate'.
  10. "Ah... We will be classmates, then." He said looking back at her, the train seemed more quite now for whatever reason, which was good, he prefered it this way. loud noises would only put him on alert and when he's on alert, he cannot relax. "Well I have a little experience with elemental magic... Only fire, I... studied a bit on my own and practiced since I was kid." "Practiced on my brother and on whoever would be up for giving me a beating, but I suppose you want to sleep at night without worrying about a psychopath." He thought thanking God he didn't tell her. There were many times when he thought about these things and reached the same conclusion. Nobody would care what made him do it, only that he did, and maybe what made him do it wasn't even a good enough reason, but then again, he wouldn't know that and was not keen on finding out. If the answer is the one he expects then it is scary... For giving up the power means giving up the fight means surrendering and he would not surrender... He would rather be beaten, tortured and spit upon if only by getting through that he'll pull his enemy in the dirt with him. There was no sign of premature growing on him, so it's obvious he had something else to feed the fire with. After a while, Nathaniel spoke once more trying to shed some light on himself. "I've also fought with a sword before and hand to hand which is why I choose Live Combat... To perfect my abillities."
  11. "Those are some well-chosen words there... Just who is this girl anyway? I haven't met peasants or the like talking like that, not that it would be a problem, I don't care either way." He thought. It reminded him how most nobles were talking back home. Every time his family would invite any at a feast, they'd talk with big fancy words to each other and fake smiles combined with a sarcastic but entitled voice, as if to say "I am better than you, I am insulting you nicely so that you will understand that without a fuss." The way they walked, the way their eyes moved, everything was meant to cover whatever it was inside them and show their superiority. That stupid game he's seen for years, but this girl's voice didn't seem entitled or demanding, her eyes seemed rather shy than anything, so he could make the difference. "Pleased to meet you, Lisbet." "I am taking Elemental Theory I, The Adventure and Live Combat... For now... I thought I might first handle the basics then go for other things if needed..." He said looking to the side at nothing in particular as if wondering if that's what he's supposed to say. His voice would not betray the lack of confidence in his actions, instead his orange colored eyes would. "What about you?" He asked looking at her then begun staring outside the window for a change he struggled to see anything interesting besides the falling drops of water while waiting for the girl's voice to break him of the trance that usually surrounds him when he thinks deeply. A habit he never wanted to change.
  12. "But it wouldn't work, I don't know where I can get that color-..." His ray of thoughts is suddenly interrupted by the the girl's voice, his eyebrows being risen a bit in surprise before resuming his emotionless face. So she was going to the academy too. Nathaniel looked down as if to confirm what he's wearing, maybe that's what the usual students wore, not for him to say. He resumed looking at the girl "I am..." He said unsure how to answer, something seemed a little off with that smile of hers, he couldn't exactly say what, nor did he try to analyze it further. "I suppose that means we are colleagues." He continued then thought to himself "This would be the time where people exchange names... right? It should be... Well if it's not it doesn't really matter I suppose." That did not make him break eye contactat all though, it looked like this boy had no sense for such things and was completely oblivious to the fact that he was staring while actually thinking of other things. "My name is Nathaniel... Velden" he spoke, the pause between his name and surname seemed a little awkward as if he didn't actually liked saying it, which might aswell be the case.
  13. *solemn nod* So it is indeed "Valucrians"
  14. You didn't roleplay with me before the mother's love thread but I read the post and felt like congratulating you. A child is always good thing and you seem like exemplary parents doing all that stuff. Keep up the good work!
  15. "I've often seen 7 without the middle line in official things... Is this considered official? It shouldn't be... I mean she wrote it for academy on official purposes but... I don't she cared so..." He lept thinking until he finally closed his eyes letting out an exasperated sigh. Nathaniel tossed the paper back in his bag his blank expression returning once more as he noticed the girl in front of him, he never looked where he was sitting, but that's fine, it doesn't look like it was taken. So far he hasn't seen many people wearing a beret, not that he actually cared much for clothes, after all he couldn't be dressed more simple. "What's with the overcoat though, it's not like-... Ah wait." He thought suddenly looking through the window "Hopefully the weather's better at the academy... It's not that I don't like rain, but I don't have other clothes for it..." He turned his head back to the girl who he has just inspected while the transit begun to move. Is this transit going anywhere else than the academy? If not then she's surely going there, but if the answer is yes then this girl is a complete stranger who seems to be pretty young and... Not lousy, unlike some of the people in the transit. It's probably because she doesn't even know him or anybody here but the unlousy girl didn't say anything up until now. Nathaniel perished the thought of saying something even before it could come into his mind as he noticed something strange. "Is that... Is that green? Some greenish color into her eye... the other seems more like... grey. Am I just imagining this? I can't be." It must have been a long time since he begun staring at the girl, too lost in his thoughts to actually consider that it might be bothersome. And even now he does not fully realise. Right now the girl with beret and different eyes sitting on a chair beside the window that showed the rain and sky in their full glory seemed like something out of a dream or fairytale. Perhaps it was something worth drawing...