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  1. A Mother's love (Open)

    Kel'Anar touched his chin with a small frown on his face, he was quiet listening to the princess, things did not exactly match, going through so much trouble, curse the girl then remove the curse... It made little sense at the first thought, yet he begun taking things one by one. The sorcerer placed the curse before his death, it was later removed, the entire family was hunted even before she came to be... Then they likely want her parents, not necessary her or if they do want her it could be something blood related. Whatever the case, the queen was now caught which means this would still be a victory for the denizens of the Underworld. He couldn't even come close to their plans or motives, but he could draw a simple conclusion "I think everything was supposed to be on the long run." He made a few steps, gaze still absent then looked towards the princess "My guess is that the Underworld did everything as part of some plan, otherwise their actions would make little sense, I feel it's likely they cursed you and removed it as part of this plan too, looking at it, maybe they took you hoping your family would rush recklessly to save you and catch you all inside this way, maybe it is those of your blood they desperately need for something... If that is the case we may still have time, because it would mean they need more than just one." That was of course a wild guess based on what he had, he himself saw it like that, nonetheless it was better than nothing "Otherwise, it may be their quarrel is with your parents, which could be why they placed the curse on you, their child, why they caught you but... I they left little evidence behind so I feel this is highly unlikely." He frowned even deeper as the whole thing became even more confusing "I believe the first situation is the most likely."
  2. A Mother's love (Open)

    @Malaysia NightReaver I'm totally up for it, I've been poking around yet didn't know what to do anymore so it's more than welcome :)
  3. Writing a book

    I am writing a novel and one thing I can advise you all is to make a document on computer, one in which to store the lore of your story, everything that seems relevant to you houses, kingdoms, characters, personality, whatever you might forget, I did not do this when I begun and it was a pain to just look through my notebooks to find what I wrote before. I always managed to remember around what page it was though, so all's good
  4. Would your characters be friends with you?

    Nathaniel: Would take a while for him to not be wary, but yes. Kel'Anar: I think he'd criticize me for the mistakes I sometimes do, but he does that trying to change people for the better so I suppose he would be a friend, yeah, I'm kinda close to his moral compass.
  5. Bad ending... These are several.... Kel'Anar 1. Failure to change something for the better, his reasons forever misunderstood and reasoning forever comprehended only by himself. 2. Reaching the same conclusion as his old friend Aderahn, that the world is not worth saving and the only way to end evil is to purge it. He would then succumb to corruption and become some other kind of spirit, maybe vengeance or wrath. Nathaniel 1. Becoming the same as his family. 2. Putting his trust in people then being betrayed and killed. 3. Fighting for a good cause with all others perceiving him as the bad guy, failing to accomplish his goal or make the others understand what he was doing and have the real bad guys destroy everything.
  6. On Familiar Soil

    He blinked a few times as he turned to look at Lisbet, he listened in without any change of expression, but inside he was confuse and kep being more and more confused. "Playing? Is that what I did? That was not my intention I think... Or was it? I think it was not but this probably isn't enough to..." His train of thoughts was stopped by an apology and then a confession "What? Doesn't she think I act as if I don't care? I thought that's the impression I'm giving to people... But the way she said it was rather strange... Could it be she's going through a hard time and just needs someone to be there for her? Hmm, I don't see Lisbet doing that since it can hurt people... Well not intentional that is." He continued to listen not blaming her for being unable to express herself, he had the same problem from time to time, but he still could not quite understand the whole thing, she invited him to make him feel better? That was all? He hoped not as that would make him feel... Well, Nathaniel could never quite give a name to this feeling, when someone does something for you... Do you feel indebted? But there is also the sense of guilt during the whole thing and the feeling what is happening will eventually stop... That is not real. It was one of the most hated things to him and continued to tell himself there is still little proof in the favor of that, then.. Lisbet did call him "friend". "What favor do you speak of? I do not understand." He finally spoke unsure of what she meant
  7. On Familiar Soil

    Nathaniel leaned closer to his food not stopping from eating as he listened, her logic was sound and now at least he knew she wasn't oblivious to such things, however as her words poured out, so did the feeling of guilt, the thought he might have gone too far or used the wrong words never leaving his head. He blinked at her once then spoke as soon as the his mouth was clear of food "No, that's not what I meant..." he said as normal as he could "Those who do not feel entitled might feel they did not work hard enough for what they are offered." He pointed out staring blankly at the food and eating. He did not feel he's done anything to be so close to Lisbet, or that he deserved to be here for any of his deeds, one cannot help but feel it is not right, yet he was not going to explain in such details, because in part he probably hoped to not reveal the whole thing. How does one act around friends? Do they treat them the way they think it's right to treat any other being as Nathaniel himself did, do they treat them as if they are more special than the rest? It is what some would call a simple question... but he was sure that if he asked around, people would give different answers because in the end they never thought of it and simply did the way they felt is right. "I just wanted to know the purpose, I suppose." He said falling into silence once more, focused on his food.
  8. On Familiar Soil

    As he waited for Lisbet's answer, Nathaniel started eating in silence seeming anything but tense. After Lisbet spoke, her words struck his mind like spears and unconsciously stopped eating turning his head towards her only a little as he looked at her as if trying to deduce if she was lying. It was as if someone just told me the clouds are made of fluffy sugar-... which actually happened before but that is not the point. She did not seem to lie, either that or he simply could not tell. Does she really mean that? Just what is wrong with this girl, you don't just trust someone who burned his brother and stole from his own family. What if he was using her to further his goals? What if telling her all this was a trap? What if he is just some crazy psychopath who will kill anything that comes his way? He couldn't help but think of all these with a hint of worry, but eventually Nathaniel returned to eating his food, not that this would cover the fact he was staring not so long ago. "Are you sure? I might be deceiving you..." He said even if he found himself appreciating the trust she placed in him, it gave him a warm feeling inside.
  9. On Familiar Soil

    Nathaniel followed Lisbet watching her from behind, he took a seat beside her after a moment of hesitation, his posture straight yet relaxed, normally his he would stay in front of the one he is with, not a mere habit, but a way to see that person wholly, not only the right or left side. Their moves, the expressions on their faces, everything would be in front of him, easier to read... While some would do that only to people they do not trust, Nathaniel never hesitated to peer at everyone searchingly... It does feel wrong sometimes, but if this way he could tell how one feels and maybe get a chance of changing it, what's wrong in that? He wasn't willing to sit in front of her now though, maybe it just wasn't that important or necessary... He could not exactly tell. He notices this person, Emil, hasn't showed up yet, it is common for "low-born" to not eat at the same table as the nobles, however that is most likely not the reason as the man did not show up at all yet and besides... Whether her family respects that tradition or not, Lisbet never particularly seemed to care for such things. Putting that aside, he continued to pursue his goal. He could somehow understand Lisbet's impression of Uric, he indeed seemed like he had things planed and maybe he did... Perhaps he is the kind of person who plans in advance? She says she hasn't seen him in a while, a good place to begin from "So why not invite him here? Unless he had other plans I doubt he would have rejected." Sure he did not mention in his place... But in order to not seem as if he regrets coming, sacrifices must be made.
  10. On Familiar Soil

    Feeling relaxed once he was given a task, Nathaniel leaves the room going to the hall and searching for the chest with his eyes, he stood in place as he did so like a statue, then when his gaze fell upon the object of interest, he walked up to it. Not a word came out of his mouth while he was pulling out the table setting it carefully so that it's not in the way of anything. "By the time I come back, the dinner should be ready, she said..." And after that thought he did exactly that, he returned to the kitchen, the problem remained, he still wouldn't know what he could say, he's not a very interesting person in his own book... Which makes this even more weird, why is he even here? Lisbet did not seem to act scared after that story... Unless she sent him away precisely because of that! But would she actually do that? While inside him, he was fighting this battle, on the outside his face was completely blank and devoid of emotion, those few moments passing on with mere blinks coming from him. Only then he realized he didn't say anything and his face became surprised. "Ah! I set up the table." He said as if barely woken up, moments of silence followed as the expression dissipated fasted, the main thing that was bothering him was still there, while he would not want to make her mad because of such things... It was important he knows her motives and the best way to do so would be to proceed carefully. "Uric seems like a nice guy." Nathaniel said out of the blue, Uric was more talkative than him and seemed more knowledgeable in the arts of magic, he even had the rune-thingy in common with Lisbet, also, he shows emotions much more freely, so... Why is Uric not the one to be here?
  11. On Familiar Soil

    Nathaniel's eyes begun wandering around for a while, unsure what to do or say, "So..." He begun with a long pause "Is there anything else I can help with here?", a rushed sentence, probably his attempt to not let them both fall in one of those weird silences that most people seem to dislike, a bit of a challenge considering what he can do best was to give the impression he doesn't care or that he's bored, useful in many cases, but not in this one. Putting the knife back on the table, he crossed his arms with a small frown, there are too many things happening in his mind at once, he had to remain calm if he was to think effectively... And still, would Lisbet just get over what she just heard? She basically has a psychopath in her home... But no, she wasn't the type of person to think like that, at least not given the evidence. Coming back to his senses, his face turned blank once again glancing towards Lisbet as if to make sure this wasn't noticed.
  12. Dani to be resurrected.

    Welcome back! I don't know what made you give up before, but if you need any help I'd be glad to offer. As for your character, the mage academy might be a good start although it's less visited than before, story-wise might make sense and if you want,, I'm sure Nathaniel and Lisbet could be friends with your character. On the other hand, you might want a more open environment in which case, there are the IC events around Valucre or Wanderlost's thread for that matter. There is also the Rabbit Hole if you want to meet new people in a tavern or anything of sorts. Have lots of fun! Take your candy.
  13. A Mother's love (Open)

    Kel'Anar seemed to be frowning as he looked to where was once a portal, he was unsure what needed to be done since he had no idea who or what exactly took her. He shook his head slightly as he walked towards the girl, unless someone would stop him or warn him otherwise, he'd put a hand on her shoulder speaking with unwavering determination "The night is now darker, but it won't last forever." He never gave up on a life, he will not give up now, not to man, not to beast "Whatever happens, no matter how dangerous the journey or where the road will lead, we will succeed. I helped your mother find you, I will help you find her." This Kullo Astar seemed to have something to do with the whole thing... A place where the barrier between worlds is weaker perhaps? Whoever they are, the queen is supposedly in the underworld now, a place he does not recall to have seen or heard about outside of different religious using the world to picture some sort of hell. The princess' sadness is understandable, but she knows where her mother is, the real problem being... Is it not possible to enter this Underworld? Does it crawl with monsters or is it defended by their enemies with such vigor? He'd gave her a few minutes to calm down before he'd ask "I suspect you know who these people are? Can we not enter this Underworld?" (Not at all in my case, mate, I don't mind the wait, besides I let my guard down and forgot to check Valucre for a few days too so we're even )
  14. For Kel'Anar, vanquishing evil, helping someone or (especially) bringing justice is all he'd need, it's not that he just "does his duty" though he's not that kind of noble character, he simply hates evil and injustice of all kind. However beyond that? As a spirit money mean little to him mostly because he doesn't have what to buy with them, he is however kind of lonely and was over the ages, making a friend would certainly be a great reward. As for Nathaniel, well that depends on the deed I suppose, for taking care of someone who's preying on the weak there is nothing he'd possibly want, he grew up bullied and hated so he likes mocking people like that. For something else, he's quite practical and unlike Kel'Anar he needs money to live. He wouldn't ask for a reward unless it was absolutely necessary, if he was given and he thinks it would help him on the long term he'd take whatever he's given. Ultimately he's much more lonely than Kel'Anar and lacks his knowledge and strong will which made him be as he is today, a friend would be the best reward for him as well.
  15. Hey Everybody

    Welcome, welcome my friend! I look forward to roleplaying with you and answering whatever questions you may have so feel free to munch your candy and forget about alllllllllllllll problems