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  1. On Familiar Soil

    Nathaniel's eyes begun wandering around for a while, unsure what to do or say, "So..." He begun with a long pause "Is there anything else I can help with here?", a rushed sentence, probably his attempt to not let them both fall in one of those weird silences that most people seem to dislike, a bit of a challenge considering what he can do best was to give the impression he doesn't care or that he's bored, useful in many cases, but not in this one. Putting the knife back on the table, he crossed his arms with a small frown, there are too many things happening in his mind at once, he had to remain calm if he was to think effectively... And still, would Lisbet just get over what she just heard? She basically has a psychopath in her home... But no, she wasn't the type of person to think like that, at least not given the evidence. Coming back to his senses, his face turned blank once again glancing towards Lisbet as if to make sure this wasn't noticed.
  2. Dani to be resurrected.

    Welcome back! I don't know what made you give up before, but if you need any help I'd be glad to offer. As for your character, the mage academy might be a good start although it's less visited than before, story-wise might make sense and if you want,, I'm sure Nathaniel and Lisbet could be friends with your character. On the other hand, you might want a more open environment in which case, there are the IC events around Valucre or Wanderlost's thread for that matter. There is also the Rabbit Hole if you want to meet new people in a tavern or anything of sorts. Have lots of fun! Take your candy.
  3. A Mother's love (Open)

    Kel'Anar seemed to be frowning as he looked to where was once a portal, he was unsure what needed to be done since he had no idea who or what exactly took her. He shook his head slightly as he walked towards the girl, unless someone would stop him or warn him otherwise, he'd put a hand on her shoulder speaking with unwavering determination "The night is now darker, but it won't last forever." He never gave up on a life, he will not give up now, not to man, not to beast "Whatever happens, no matter how dangerous the journey or where the road will lead, we will succeed. I helped your mother find you, I will help you find her." This Kullo Astar seemed to have something to do with the whole thing... A place where the barrier between worlds is weaker perhaps? Whoever they are, the queen is supposedly in the underworld now, a place he does not recall to have seen or heard about outside of different religious using the world to picture some sort of hell. The princess' sadness is understandable, but she knows where her mother is, the real problem being... Is it not possible to enter this Underworld? Does it crawl with monsters or is it defended by their enemies with such vigor? He'd gave her a few minutes to calm down before he'd ask "I suspect you know who these people are? Can we not enter this Underworld?" (Not at all in my case, mate, I don't mind the wait, besides I let my guard down and forgot to check Valucre for a few days too so we're even )
  4. For Kel'Anar, vanquishing evil, helping someone or (especially) bringing justice is all he'd need, it's not that he just "does his duty" though he's not that kind of noble character, he simply hates evil and injustice of all kind. However beyond that? As a spirit money mean little to him mostly because he doesn't have what to buy with them, he is however kind of lonely and was over the ages, making a friend would certainly be a great reward. As for Nathaniel, well that depends on the deed I suppose, for taking care of someone who's preying on the weak there is nothing he'd possibly want, he grew up bullied and hated so he likes mocking people like that. For something else, he's quite practical and unlike Kel'Anar he needs money to live. He wouldn't ask for a reward unless it was absolutely necessary, if he was given and he thinks it would help him on the long term he'd take whatever he's given. Ultimately he's much more lonely than Kel'Anar and lacks his knowledge and strong will which made him be as he is today, a friend would be the best reward for him as well.
  5. Hey Everybody

    Welcome, welcome my friend! I look forward to roleplaying with you and answering whatever questions you may have so feel free to munch your candy and forget about alllllllllllllll problems
  6. On Familiar Soil

    It seems really unexpected to have heard that from anyone, if it wasn't for the tune of her voice, Nathaniel would think she's mocking him or joking. "Hmmm" He let out "Brave... I can't say I ever saw it like that." but he didn't see this coming either so there is no surprise in that. He couldn't even pretend to understand this girl's thinking, he was unsure what one should say or do right now, but he could still do the task at hand which he did seeming concentrated or at least trying to. Nathaniel wondered what it is Lisbet wanted to say after "And" but in the end maybe she just didn't have much to say herself, not may would. He would sometimes see himself as a monster or a thief, other times as just another boy, whatever was the case, all he could do was try to be the way he wanted to be and that alone would not be easy. The greatest mystery was what does Lisbet think about all this, is she really not afraid of him now? There are people out there that wouldn't hesitate to call him a psychopath, these things tend to stick, he himself never gave it much thought, he felt sane and although he tried, it was hard to understand someone else's mind... Could one be sure he understands his own?
  7. Confession Thread

    Somewhere deep down... I hope Daenerys from Game of Thrones dies and never gets the throne.
  8. Confession Thread

    My confession is that I like how Mrdoublesunday doesn't care about social constraining, way to go, pal.
  9. On Familiar Soil

    Well this was certainly an opening, Nathaniel did not hesitate to find himself a knife and begin slice up the vegetables, this way it was no longer awkward for him to actually be there he didn't seem particularly tense but his eyes seemed somehow...Unsure as if was trying to make sure he's doing it right. Without realizing why Lisbet changed the subject or what the difference in her voice meant, she seemed genuinely interested in this and not simply asking out of politeness and he couldn't tell why "I'm not visiting them at all, it wouldn't be surprising if it was a cell or a big guy with a sword waiting for me there if I did." He said with a long pause and without taking his eyes from the work "Remember our arrival at the academy? You asked if I had practice with magic. Swordsmanship was the art of a 'real man' as my father always put it. My brother was not just good at it, he was really good, the winner every time we'd fight and the bully of every kid who was not recognizing him as his superior... Me to name one. I found some sort of peace in learning about magic... It was beautiful, mysterious, ethereal, nothing like the world of political games of backstabbing nobles and struggles I came to despise and was forced to be a part of. My attendant, William would know what kind of things were good for me... 'Never touch the western section' he'd say. As the time passed my hatred of having everyone's dirty feet on my face kept growing so, naturally I went looking in the books of the western section. They spoke to me of things William probably did not want me to find and with good reason. I learned fire magic from there and practiced it by myself." Nathaniel would begin to frown, even he could not keep a straight face when revealing such things although he never had a problem of revealing them in the first place. He feared this long story would bore her or creep her out but then she was the one who asked and thinking about this made him feel justified for answering "It was my anger that fueled the spells, the fire was a thing, and the spell a mere instrument of my will... And yet I felt I had a friend somehow, one unable to betray me as..." He made a slight pause before continuing, there was no point in saying too much about a different subject "Others did in the past. The flame I ignited was mine, anything else was fleeting, but the magic would be mine to the very end, a friend that whose life burnt for me... It was no different than any other day when my brother came at me angry, demanding explanations on why I 'Spoke against him in front of the peasants.' He dragged me to the training field in the back yard and threw me on the ground then threw a wooden sword at my feet as he watched me with our father's sword, a family heirloom in his right hand. He did not give me the chance to get up, but kicked me a few times, then trampled with his feet throwing dust at my face." Nathaniel's frown disappeared as his face became serious, it wasn't emotionless, but dead serious "He turned around, I knew he was about to leave... I wouldn't have it, he came brought me there because he wanted to fight, he drew that sword because he wanted to cause pain, real pain... We came this far, I decided it was too late for him to leave. I called out to him as I slowly got up from the ground... He turned around, I could feel my skin getting hot as if burning, I could see the terror in his eyes as the flame enveloped me. I could hear his screams of pain as my hatred devoured him." Especially now Nathaniel couldn't bring himself to meet Lisbet's eyes "I stopped out of pity, not mercy. And I didn't want him to die... Only to suffer. My parents were worried, their eyes showed fear and hatred, and why wouldn't they? How dare I rise against my better? The one who will take the family's name further, the heir no less. I needed not to hear of such things anymore and I decided that my family should not be allowed to forget of this, I escaped with my magic and I took the heirloom with me... In our family for over 26 generation, my brother would be the heir of everything, but the sword would come with me and a small part of his reign will forever succumb in failure, a small part of our family's history forever written against it's will."
  10. On Familiar Soil

    Nathaniel blinked a little confused by how sudden Lisbet turned around, he stood there looking at her silent for a few moments, he wasn't sure how one would continue at this point... He was convinced many people don't like hearing someone talking about themselves but at this point it was either that or just stare and the latter could lead to terrible outcomes. "My family's estate was big and shiny..." He begun taking small steps into the kitchen with no intent to actually getting anywhere in particular "My father simply liked everyone to know he was powerful, he'd always say 'love is for family, everyone else must fear.' but I suppose my mother just liked whatever was made of gold. Even as a kid I could not see the point of the countless empty rooms or statues. We had a practice field in the back yard... I suppose that was the only practical thing there." Appreciating Lisbet's estate by comparison, that way he could combine an otherwise boring topic and make it more interesting, yes this is surely a good way to go, in fact if he was two separate beings he'd congratulate himself right then and there.
  11. Divine Characters

    You had something in mind for our divine characters? Shaaaaaare, give me rp
  12. You know what? Hi

    Officially welcome to the world of Valucre Fie, Fire, Jason, Fier or Iraqy! Looking forward to see you around and have fun together! Since you're not new... Eh take a candy, not much advice you probably need
  13. Divine Characters

    Let's band together and create a planet Kidding though.
  14. On Familiar Soil

    "..." That didn't work. There was still Emil, he will surely need some help with something and.... What else? Hole on! She let him look around and now was cooking for them both? That makes it even worse! If he looked around it might seem as if he doesn't care nor appreciate all this, then if he goes to her and try to help it will probably seem as if he's too sticky... So he just stood there unmoved and expressionless for a few seconds, then realized that he can't do that either, it seems creepy. This was stupid, he never cared for such things before, but Lisbet was nice, he couldn't just not care, this feeling would destroy him. Eventually he silently moved towards the kitchen until he was just outside it looking stupidly at Lisbet until something comes out of his mouth "You..." Nathaniel looked around at nothing specifically, it was the thing people say it all the time, for some reason they compliment stuff although it's just a mechanic thing, but then if it was mechanic it was useless, what's the point in doing something useless? Of course he would mean it but would she know he meant it? Perhaps if he said it a bit differently... "Your house is very spacious and the Architecture is nice..." It was certainly not the usual "You have a nice home." but well, whatever happens, happens.
  15. On Familiar Soil

    Nathaniel took off his coat and put it on the hanger, he looked around the house for a bit, kind of unsure regarding what to say or do, this is what normal reaction was to him, but by now he knew better than o try and speak of useless things. The need of redemption inside him still needed to be alleviated somehow because he was certainly not going to just leave with him... perhaps a punishment of sorts? "I suppose it's fine with me... I will eat anything you've got... And don't bother yourself with a nice room... I'm fine with whatever." He said, yes this should help a little, now... All that remains is to just make sure he helps around somehow and everything should be fine. But would she let him do it? there supposedly is someone named "Emil" around here, when he was still with his family, servants and the like always had all kind of problems with chores and other things, surely he wouldn't mind a hand! Although... That goes for a family of self-absorbed fools, does this happen to other noble families? Or to other people in general? He let out a small soft sigh, the only sign of the struggle inside.