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  1. I've got a bounty hunter character that likes catching people very much. She'd be happy to chase Bolt, all for the money. I also have two characters that show up, spread a bunch of rumors, troll some people and then vanish. They could try one of their schemes on your characters. Or basically anything else :/
  2. How would you feel about me adding Yuan to the utility character list?: 


    1. BeeTheNarwhal


      Why not, I guess? Although, he's part of a duo with another character.

    2. supernal


      Up to you! I just saw an opportunity with the fact that character is a cook but it doesn't have to be listed at all, or it can be listed at another point in the future

    3. BeeTheNarwhal


      I think that you could add him. One day, someone would use an immortal cook. 

  3. [BASICS] First name: Yuan Surname: - Alignment: Chaotic Evil Race: Immortal being Profession: Cook Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: Unknown (looks around 14) [PHYSICAL] Voice: Tenor Eyes: Hazel Complexion: Tanned Height: 5'4'' Hair: Black Scars: He has a scar across his nose and another few on his left arm. Tattoos: - [MENTAL] Demeanor: Yuan enjoys cooking and would most likely cook for anyone if he's paid enough. Other than cooking, he seems to be doing anything else halfheartedly, that on a good day. He's somewhat inexpressive, not bothering to add in his opinion or ideas to a conversation, which makes him seem a bit uncooperative. He seems to have a deep hatred for people of higher social status and would speak harshly about or to them, if he really has to. More often than not, he's mothering Malea, which he sees as a half-sister (which is a great feat in itself, since he doesn't like many people) and make sure she doesn't burn things, with her pyromaniac tendencies and makes sure she doesn't herself. Hopes: One day, he hopes Malea would stop burning his kitchen, in an attempt to cook dinner herself. In reality, he doesn't really have a goal, he just tags along after Malea, who always seems to plot something that would make him retain his immortality another day. Fears: Since he's immortal and everything, it's really hard to tell whether he's afraid of something or not. With his in-expressiveness, it's even harder to tell. Likes: Cooking, genuinely taking care of important people, partaking in Malea's 'pranks'. Dislikes: Fire, people he finds annoying (most of them), most of the things his half sister seems to like. [GEAR] He wears a knitted dark brown poncho, with a beige undershirt, black pants and boots. He also wears arm-guards. Despite his appearance, you can still tell that he's not a fighter. [WEAPONS] *He's not very skilled at fighting, but he can still incapacitate enemies with the aid of his trusty frying pan. Although, he'd rather avoid any means of combat. [SKILLS] *His primary skill is cooking. He can cook almost anything, except for sweets and fish dishes. *For someone who doesn't like talking very much, he can talk his way out of shady situation with a few kind words and an offer for a free meal. *Immortality allows him to heal from any physical damage and makes him impossible to kill. In order to retain his immortality, he feeds off of people's doubts, insecurities and fears. That's one of the reasons he tags along and helps Malea with her 'grand' schemes. WIP
  4. I think I have some characters that might do the job... I'm kidding all my characters are weirdos.
  5. Hello and welcome to this site... Greetings aren't my area of expertise, sorry. You're not the only socially awkward person here, pal. You already got free sweets so...have this donut. I'm always searching for roleplays and I'd be happy to roleplay with you anytime. Have fun around~
  6. Well, I have my character ready, save for a few things I have to edit so all that's left is to wait. Looking forward to it.
  7. Can I join the Weland thread?
  8. *I only have a villain, because I just happen to only have a villain. Name: Malea Power: Fire powers. Weakness: Water and the moonlight. If she touches water or stays in the moonlight, she burns (somewhat like a vampire). Appearance: She wears a chainmail tunic with armguards and an orange skirt. She wears black combat boots. She is obnoxious in all aspects, very immature and her only redeeming quality is burning everything to a crisp. She's known for bringing random things in battle. Job: Doing the fighting and avoiding the rest of her duties. Secret identity: If no one knows if she has one, then it means she probably takes good care of it.
  9. "So i'm finally getting sent to Hell?!"
  10. [BASICS] First name: Malea Surname: Nanthryxe Alignment: Chaotic Evil Race: Demon Profession: Bestest Villain (forever unemployed) Marital Status: Single Gender: Female Age: 485 (appears to be somewhere between 20-25) [PHYSICAL] Voice: A deep voice with a playful undertone in it. Eyes: Black Complexion: Terracotta hued skin Height: 5"8.5' Build: Muscular Hair: Dark Cyan, kept short Scars: none Tattoos: none [MENTAL] Demeanor: Malea has a strange sense of humor, which makes her enjoy the worst of jokes that nobody laughs at and also makes her understand dirty humor. She's a bit simple-minded, preferring to stay oblivious to 'serious' things such as really plotting how to take over the world. She likes bringing chaos and would do anything for a fight. She likes thinking she's an incredible villain, because she goes out of her way to taunt people if they refuse to fight her (she miraculously manages to not kill anyone though). At night she's seen avoiding the moonlight like the plague and sitting awake, glaring at anything that moves. When Malea feels cornered or has no means of defense, she starts spurting out bad puns. She's a an obnoxiously loud person that acts like a five year old very often. Hopes: She dreams of fighting people and bringing chaos (the usual) Fears: Death, small animals, vegetables. She also fears her five siblings. Likes: Wolves, fighting, burning things (cooking) Dislikes: Secretive people, any person that would ever insult her and her outstanding (do note the sarcasm) personality and fish. [GEAR] She can't wield any weapon, so in an attempt to show herself off, she uses a butter knife. She wears combat boots, armguards, a chainmail tunic with a black undershirt and an orange skirt. She carries absolutely nothing with her. She fights barehanded and with her powers. Salt crackers and other ridiculous things that she carries are not considered gear. (ridiculous things means: A butter knife, forks, sprinkles and other things) [WEAPONS] None. She fights barehanded and with her powers. Sometimes with a butter knife (she tries to look intimidating). Her wings can shield her from attacks like a shield though. [SKILLS] She has no redeeming qualities, other than the brute force she uses in fights and being an amateur pyromaniac. Fire powers. She can spit fireballs and create fire. It can easily be put out by water, or she can put it out herself, without water. *Her appearance is a bit off-putting. At first glance, she seems scary and imposing, but in reality she's an obnoxious girl with the attitude of a five year old. With such a personality, not even her appearance would make her seem intimidating now. *She often makes a fool of herself just by being herself and...standing there. *She may or may not be innocent, because on one hand, she acts very childish, but she still understands dirty humor and can even respond to it. Malea was born in a demon family, with five other siblings. Her home has always been a gloomy and serious place, where her parents were always engrossed in their work and her siblings were always busy studying, reading, doing things that Malea found boring. Seeing her family be gloomy and workaholics, she spent her childhood trying to brighten up the household. Her parents only saw her efforts as a nuisance and pushed her away, to study and practice the fire magic she inherited from her parents. As time passed, she engrossed herself into learning how to fight and use magic, rather than studying, thus forcing herself to become illiterate. She devoted most of her time into training and improving her powers, so one day she would be able to leave the gloomy and bland household she grew up in, for what she believed was the better (leaving to fight people and gigantic animals, possibly, for fun and for a living) Now, people find it hard to tell if the obnoxious personality and the obliviousness is an act or her actual self. Nowadays, if people asked about her past, Malea would respond in am indifferent manner, always saying the same thing, a playful smirk stuck on her face. "I had really scary siblings. We also had a maid. She liked feeding us vegetables. She really wanted us all to turn green and into elves. The horror." The Author Note: This is the most obnoxious character I have so far. She's better as a villain, simply because 'they let you trample 'em and go wild!!'. She's horrible at being a villain and she's like a kid stuck in an adult's body. She still has enough common sense to not eat 'the shady looking fruit left on the table'.
  11. You in need for a villain with a weird sense of humor powers?
  12. Looking back and forth at her companions and the Captain, she was speechless. Because of the captain's request to tag along, which they so easily agreed with and because she expected a more..violent reaction. Oh well, it went better than she expected in the first place. It's not that she didn't agree on letting the Captain tag along, but she had a few reasons not to. He's stalled them up until now from continuing the missions and accused them of espionage..but Kyanne still couldn't not agree. Everyone else did so if she didn't, they'd be stuck in the camp for even longer than they've been already. She didn't quite like the fact that the sergeant would tag along, but again, she couldn't do anything about that. Not to mention, she was suspicious about this sudden request of joining them. She prayed they didn't plan anything shady. Although it was a weird idea that sprung in her mind, she voiced it anyway. "Fine. Tag along. If you try anything that could compromise this mission, I'll make sure you never see the light of day ever again. I'd hate to possibly be betrayed by my allies." With the same apathetic stare from before, she made sure to emphasise that last word. Walking away from them, she began looking around the camp for something she could use. Like an empty bottle. She knew from experience these were truly useful things. They can render people blind. That's the only reason she needs to use it. Anything made of glass was good actually. She found a few thrown away bottles near one of the tents farther away from the captain's tent and picked up one of them. She ought to use it in the near future. The downside was that she had to carry it all the way, because she didn't have a bag to carry it in.
  13. I'll post shortly!
  14. He looks amazing! I should probably work on Kyanne's background a bit more too...haha... Oh and, I'm glad you like Kyanne, Tyrant. It's a little hard to believe but thank you~