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  1. She couldn't help but snort at the soldiers. They probably couldn't hear her anyway, since she was staying behind the group. 'watch the bridge' they said. These guys couldn't so much as fight some crappy band of thieves that busies itself with petty crimes, let alone some fully armed people...or non-people in Odelle and Elialde's case. Kyanne had plenty of options to choose from right now and these were to simply stay at the back of the group and continue contemplating, or go ahead and give the soldiers a piece of her mind. The latter usually ended with plenty of threatening, but it wasn't in Kyanne's nature to stay quiet. Besides, she has kept her mouth shut up until now and unfortunately, she could only stay quiet for so long. Threatening some weak-willed soldiers such as them would be a rash decision for her to make (and a waste of time and patience) but she didn't care. They had to cross the stupid bridge and for all she cared, they could go and spill it to whoever is their captain. She bets he's not as terrifying as they make him appear. Making her way to the front, she fixed the two soldiers with a flat stare. For the sake of the group and their mission, she won't threaten them...too much. Odelle's aura would probably help her be a little calmer. "Look," she started, her voice firm, "We were hired to enter the Savage Lands, so you bet we're going to cross that stupid bridge whether you like it or not. If you are dead-set on not letting us cross, which I think you're not, we'll just swim to the other side." She kept her green gaze fixed on the soldiers. "For your safety, I advice you don't try to stop us."
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    Ryeha tried to keep her balance as she was tackled by the undead girl. She wrapped her arms around the girl and smiled. "Hello Sunny, long time no see, no?" From behind her, Lia blinked owlishly at the other twin. She already figured I'm no human?! She smirked at the blonde. It appeared she wasn't quite human either. She extended her hand to her, smirking. "I'm Cordelia. Ryeha calls me Lia. Feel free to call me whatever." The red head looked from the twins to the draconian woman and back at the twins. Then back at the draconian woman. "I see Ryeha had some interesting people as friends. Including me I suppose." "But seriously, aren't you annoyed by 'you know this and that about me and the rest is a secret' act?" she blurted out. "Lia," Ryeha said threateningly, still hugging Sunny, "Do you seriously want a repeat from last time?" At her words, the red head paled. "You monster! Who would do that to their friend?!" after a short pause she spoke up again. "Okay, I'll shut up now."
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    Feeling that she was being watched, Lia sharply turned around, almost immediately spotting Riaen, who was staring at her with red eyes, as if analyzing her. Raising an eyebrow, she gave her a once over, taking in her appearance. "Draconian, huh?" she muttered. The red haired woman stared at her for a little longer before turning to Ryeha. "Is that one someone you know of?" she asked, pointing at Riaen. The black haired girl whirled around to see Riaen, who was examining her friend. Having not heard what she's said earlier, she waved at the blonde woman and smiled. "Good to see you, Riaen. I see you've come after the bounty as well?" From behind her, Lia was still staring at the draconian woman, a questioning look in her eyes, as if asking 'are you for real?'. Lia wasn't too much into reading and researching, but being a bounty-hunter had its perks. She learned something everyday, without particularly needing to. One of the things you learned as a bounty hunter was that, the less human a bounty is, the more they would pay for it. In terms of how much a draconian would value, at least in the red haired hunter's eyes, would be quite some gold. As for the other two, people would kill to get their hands on the undead one. The other valued quite a lot, but not as much as her twin. From being immersed into her thoughts, Ryeha elbowed her in the ribs. "Stop evaluating how much they'd cost if they were bounties and come meet them." she hissed in Lia's ear. She gave her dark-red eyed friend an unimpressed look. "If they don't like me, it's your fault." (sorry too from the lateness, school was pretty much in my way too ^^'')
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    In the inn stepped two figures, one was a black-haired girl with dark-red eyes, wearing an oversized cloak, followed by a red haired woman who was also wearing a cloak that reached to her ankles and leather boots, who appeared to be in her twenties. They searched the place for two people, the ones they were looking for. Frankly, the obnoxious voice of one of them gave their location out. They looked at the twins, the red eyed girl shaking her head and smiling and the other cringing. "Don't tell me that you know these people!" The red haired woman asked the other. Ryeha chuckled and turned to her friend. "I know them and I'm going to talk to them and introduce you, because I may or may not have told them about you." The older facepalmed. "Oh for Pete's sake! I don't want to take people who have no idea how to bounty hunt with me!" She whined. "Oh, Lia, they are certainly not newbies to bounty-hunting..." Ryeha sighed, patting her friend on the back. "Now let's go." She grabbed her friend by the hood of her cloak and dragged her towards the masked twins.
  5. She was trudging down the hill towards the camp, a bit behind the rest of the work. Kyanne was uncharacteristically quiet, contemplating her options. They were perfectly capable of killing the soldiers and take their supplies, if they had any left. They could very well just walk in and civilly ask some questions. She even considered sharing some of her food, since she had more than enough. Even so, when hearing Hisashi's plan, although he was being sarcastic, she made no move to show that she even heard him. She was immersed in her thoughts, gradually getting left behind as the group moved forward and sometimes she halted to a stop and starting to move again. Maybe she was over thinking, but she often found herself doing that in the strangest of places. Right now was such a moment. Coming back to reality at some point, she looked forward to see the group almost reaching the camp, while she was quite a few ways away from it. She jogged towards them, trying to act as if nothing was happening with her.
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    You decide to go bounty-hunting with your old and new friends for a criminal known as "The Redeemer". You know of him that he works with a mysterious organization that disappears randomly and reappears every few years again. No one knows the name of this organisation, nor their purposes. If a few years ago they were dealing with petty crimes, now they deal with assassinations. The bounty on this man's head is quite high- 1500 gold- and attracts many bounty-hunters from who knows where. This person has a lot of people on his trail including the various bounty-hunters and the military. This roleplay is pretty much experimental, for us to see how our characters react in such a scenario and maybe even develop them a bit~
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    Understanding Riaen's message she told her, "Hopefully there wouldn't be a time I'd be in need of saving." she said while she was in Riaen's mind. She thanked her, promising she'll try to do the same. Returning back to reality, she took a look around. "So ballsy~" Ryeha heard one of the twins say. She chuckled lightly, red eyes shining. "Not a fan of such moments are you?" "On a brighter note, maybe I could introduce you to a friend sometime. Y'know, when Riaen comes back and all." @Zamarca @SweetCyanide
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    She watched Sunny poke Riaen repeatedly. She watched her friend stir and walk towards the lady. She smirked at her. "Good luck with making her become your pet 'willingly'. I appreciate that you want to help, but.." she gestured to the Draconian woman approaching her. "You've gone a little bit too far." Turning to the twins, she nonchalantly asked them "Should we let Riaen do that..?" @Zamarca @SweetCyanide @LukeRipstine
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    By the time she finally reacted, Ryeha found herself in the claws of a dragon that was her friend only minutes ago. Damnit. Taking a look a around, she saw that Riaen was trying to defend herself for some reason and by extension, her. That's why she made no move to struggle or even call for help. Instead she stared into the dragon's eyes with her even darker red eyes. "If you can hear me, please fight the spell..." She sighed heavily and glared at the woman. "You miss, are not a nice person. Riaen is not a pet. She's a human being and as long as I'm here you stay. Away. From. Her." @Zamarca @LukeRipstine
  10. After taking a look at the camp of soldiers near the bridge, she could tell that they've lost all motivation to return to their duties. There wasn't much that she could say about them, other than the fact that they were in the way and to reach the Savage North they'd have to cross that bridge. No sane person would try and jump in it to get to the other side. The journey had been uneventful, they somehow managed to stay away from attacks and who knows else, but they still stuck out, if the weapons and their attires weren't any indication. A few minutes of contemplating later, the last member of the group decided to voice her opinion. "While I agree that we shouldn't waste our food, that's our only way to the North." She pointed at the stone bridge. "'sides, we'd have to get through their camp to get there, so we really don't have a choice. Unless you want to swim to the other side?" Kyanne stated, looking at everyone in turn. She still had plenty of food left, because she either didn't even bother to eat it, or she just forgot, immersing herself into doing anything else than stopping to eat. Sharing her food wouldn't be a big deal.
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    She chuckled. "Indeed. I hang out with quite interesting people." She looked at the shackle. "This is a weapon. It can extend and wrap around things. Works very well for me." SHe was quite glad to have met such interesting people. Even if she travelled the world, she wouldn't meet such unique people like she did here. @Zamarca @SweetCyanide @The Dabbler
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    I take that back. She sighed. "My friend would be impressed." And probably smack them, but she needn't tell them that. "Well, I got this thing as reward for a bounty. I think they're supposed to be two of them, but I don't know." She shrugged and showed them the shackle on her hand. It was almost painfully tightened to her hand, but she didn't feel anything. @Zamarca @SweetCyanide @The Dabbler
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    Seeing that they didn't want to talk about the subject, she paused. Huh. "I see. I remember a friend who really likes to go bounty hunting. Usually, she scams the people and sets the person she was supposed to get the bounty for, free." She chuckled at the memory. @Zamarca @SweetCyanide @The Dabbler
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    Ryeha watched the twins, a small smile on her face. "I take it she's always like this?" She asked Candie. She's never seen an undead person before and they were quite the sight. She quite liked the twins, head ripping and all. She winced when she saw the black haired rip her own head off. "Wouldn't people like you too have bounties on your heads? It's not everyday people come back from the dead." @Zamarca @SweetCyanide @The Dabbler



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