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  1. BeeTheNarwhal

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    (Charries here) Name: Marielle Blayre Age: 20 Height: 5'7'' Weight: 130 lbs. Abilities: Runes of Invisibility and Deception- Marielle engraves runes in her journal. By tapping them, the effects of said rune are enabled. She can activate three runes at once. Power drainage results in fatigue and dizziness. In order to activate some runes, a few conditions should be achieved. (i.e- activating a rune that casts an illusion requires to look the target in the eye and lure into an area of five meters radius of the caster before activating the rune). Some can be activated more times while other runes are a one use only. Strengths: Endurant Weaknesses: Quite slow Inventory: Leather journal, quill and ink, twin daggers. Appearance: Short brown hair, black eyes. Wears pendants, robes, knee length boots. Personality: Marielle is a calm and level-headed person. She prefers to avoid conflicts as much as possible and settle things without having the need to fight. Thanks to the frequent use of invisibility, she gained an almost omnipresent to her. She's an avid bookworm and you'll most likely find her in the library. (Well this is very basic due to lack of time and my second character isn't even here. But lack of time, okay? Let's all pray I have it by tomorrow along with a post)=.)
  2. BeeTheNarwhal

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    What kind of magic do mages use? Any kind or a certain type like rune magic?
  3. BeeTheNarwhal

    What would be the 'Bad Ending' for your character[s]?

    Ryeha: The seal that keeps a part of her power getting destroyed. The power would be too much to handle and she'd probably blow up or choke to death trying to control it. Malea: Someone stealing her sprinkles in any scenario. Ran; The monster inside him finally taking over his body and erasing his soul and all traces he ever existed. Kyanne: She dies in a bloody painful way (i.e getting her hands, feet and head severed from her torso) before she even got to see the few people of her clan that she didn't hate. Yuan: He loses immortality and eventually fatally injures himself in some way.
  4. Yep, my shapeshifter would nicely follow @Hurttoto around turning you to ashes mwahahaaaha- I mean uhh, yeah. And the mage will work with you, because again, too much free time lol
  5. BeeTheNarwhal

    [Baaj Island] A Night on the Shore

    When Ran walked away from the ship, he meant not to be spotted by the two figures. He didn't mean to alert other people that could have been walking around with his, quiet, no-talking ways. His habit of walking away from potential dangers, even when they weren't even remotely dangerous, was sort of odd, yet he still didn't think it would attract any attention. Did his silence add up to the strangeness as well, was he missing something? Too bad. He did just that, as another young man had stopped him in his tracks. He seemed hesitant to approach him, for whatever reason. He responded to his rather hesitant greeting with a nod of his head. He was looking right in his eyes, a sign that Ran was listening. Was the person in front of him scared of approaching him? He was maybe only one or two inches shorter, give or take and he made sure he wasn't visibly armed. "What's up with the aircraft that just landed?" Honestly, he didn't really know. Maybe it was a ship that landed in the wrong place, perhaps at the wrong time? He shrugged his shoulders. He had a few ideas, but who knew, really. In order to get his last message across, he might just have to use his mediocre abilities in telepathy. He wasn't entirely sure if he'd be able to read it out if he wrote his answer down. His handwriting wasn't the most comprehensible, even with a light source. Besides, it was too dark to see what he was writing. The idea was quickly abandoned. Telepathy it is, then. Using as few words as possible, he focused on making his message heard. 'It landed in the wrong place, at the wrong time...?" @Cinder
  6. I'll play a bad guy and a good guy. A dragon shapeshifter? Yeah. And a nice mage lady with too much free time.
  7. Is there a place for me to get my slippery hands on?
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    Two words: It's annoying.
  9. BeeTheNarwhal

    [Baaj Island] A Night on the Shore

    Aimlessly wandering by the shore, trying to remember something, although Ran himself forgot what exactly he was supposed to remember. Didn't the many travelers come to this island for a reason? With a goal in mind? With every step he took, the answers to his questions seemed farther and farther away. Ran recalls making the decision to go on a journey to this island. He made it for some reason, a reason he was struggling to remember. What to do afterwards highly depended on the realization. Back to his earlier train of thought, didn't outsiders visit this island with some goal in mind, or perhaps, to find a goal, an opportunity to achieve something big? As if a switch was pressed in Ran's mind, he clicked his fingers and smiled. His reason for coming here in the first place was to do something, find work, explore the island, let's say he needed a change. Up until now Ran had drifted around aimlessly, appearing one day in a small village, then reappear again days or even weeks later in a crowded city, his intentions and goals unclear. This time too, he kept to himself, which was child's play for him thanks to his inability to speak. He didn't mind being mute, since it made it easier to keep his views and opinions to himself, sometimes even his emotions. For now he was going to explore the island and try to enjoy the sights, the comforting silence broken only by the waves of the sea and the vague sounds of raindrops sinking into the sand. He was finally torn away from his thoughts by the loud sounds of an aircraft landing on the ground, shattering the peace and quiet. He could make out a silhouette stepping out of the ship and a second one aproaching it. With his instincts suddenly on alert and red eyes slightly widened, he assumed that perhaps he wasn't supposed to know of this meeting. He felt like he might get in trouble if the two people spotted him and find out that on top of that, he carried weapons, although he wasn't visibly armed. Turning away from the scene, he began to walk away as if nothing has happened.
  10. BeeTheNarwhal

    [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    Yay! Ill have a post up by the end of today. I hope.
  11. BeeTheNarwhal

    [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    -appears from somewhere- Can I join in with my character, Ran? I'm in a good enough mood to join a new rp.
  12. BeeTheNarwhal

    World Wars (XXIX)

    The blonde was staring at Jack as If he was insane. She didn't like the idea of carrying three people, regardless of their weight, but She wasn't just going to let them suffocate. She shrugged. "Can't we just shoot the guy? No? Okay. Depending on the weight of whatever I carry, the speed decreases. With You three even lighter than You normally are, I say maybe, half the speed?" As she spoke, the gas entered her mouth and sent her in a fit of coughing. Practically, She was going to run at roughly fifty thousand kilometres per second, while coughing her guts out. Peachy. Once She got a good grip in the people She carried, she took a deep breath and ran for it. She hurried to an emergency capsule and before Marie could be seen again, the capsule was locked and ready to be launched into space. She looked at the three and sighed. "It's sorta..cramped and we might land on some random planet, but it's okay. We're gonna, Umm live." With that, she pushed a buttons and pulled some levers, launching themselves into space as the ship was slowly as her vision started to blur.
  13. BeeTheNarwhal

    The Siege of Kantos

    Among the sea of raised hand, she herself raised a pale hand to signal that she too, was a fighter. She had no experience handling blades or spears, thus her skill laid into long-range fighting. The long needles she carried were her sole weapon, always accompanied by surreal illusions of a faraway dreamland. Wasn't it sort of morbid, for your eyes to be fooled by the sight of a peaceful paradise, that could wake old nostalgic memories, when in reality you are slowly going numb from the poison contained in the needles? The poison wasn't lethal, however. Silently listening to the younng man's plan to kill the man threatening the village to surrender, a man named Guralius. Mauling over the idea of such a straightforward attack, she counted herself as neither the people who were willing to help, neither the ones who disagreed in being led by someone so young, even if he could have been no older than herself. She was merely someone who disagreed with the 'battle plan' as one would say. With the matter settled in her mind, she didn't even hesitate as she made herself loud and clear. "If this man could be killed as easily as you say, the people of this village wouldn't be slowly starving to their deaths, would they? Perhaps you might want to rethink your plan. What if your plan backfired and they anticipate the attack? Your life would just go to waste like the many travelers before you. I would gladly help, but I can't help but think of the potentially negative consequences of your plan." It was unclear whether or not she meant her words, because Kyanne did want to help and take the burden of the siege of the village's burden, but like any other mercenary, she would do so for a cost, for anything. Anything that would help her in living another day.
  14. BeeTheNarwhal

    World Wars (XXIX)

    When running at a little under a hundred thousand kilometres per second, you tended to forget your surroundings. In a second Marie bolted from the Hub towards the engine room, which was (in her opinion) the first place to check in case something crashed into the ship. The problem, the blonde quickly forgot where she was headed and the reason she was headed there for. Another problem, when you wanted to stop mid-run it was sort of.. difficult to stop and not slam into things. Upon entering the engine room, a flash of blonde hair could be seen slamming into the intruder. She looked up awkwardly smiling at the guy and turning to everyone else, only to see them aiming their guns at the guy. Truthfully she hasn't seen him before either. A light bulb practically lit up above her head as she remembered why she was running around the ship, fully armed. Not seeing the need to unsheath her knives she positioned herself at an angle where Jack and Imogen could aim their guns with putting her in danger, yet close enough for the man to hear her when she spoke to him. Warning: Radioactive energy leak. Please evacuate. She jabbed a finger in the man's direction. "If you're the one behind this I'm going to kill you the old way, how they were doing it in the previous century, do you hear me?!"