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  1. The Red Dawn Hunt

    Riaen was still in full concentration on doing the repairs of the bow. In her corner of her eye she saw Ryeha approaching her. Still she never removed her gaze fom the bow but asked: ''Yeah, what do you want?''
  2. The Red Dawn Hunt

    Riaen was silent during the whole conversation between Ryeha and the twins. She was proud to call them friends but her social abilites were not up to par so most of the time she would just fell out of conversation. So while the four waged tales and excitment Riaen silently returned to her own table and started to work on some repairs since her bow was damaged again by hunting. She just took a sip from her drink and kept repairing her bow. It was like old times where she was on her own. Her only 'companionship' was the bow she had made herself and continued to improve the more older she became. It was the only thing in the world she could trust more. She knew from experience to remain silent in conversation. She always was more in the background her whole life and she prefered that. And she did that like now.
  3. The Red Dawn Hunt

    Riaen who was now done judging the stranger looked at Ryeha. ''Yes I am here for the bounty.'' She turned around and walked back to her seat. Without looking at the others she began to speak. ''So you are the bounty hunter Ryeha told me about?'' She took a sip from her drink. ''I am Riaen. I well got to know Ryeha thanks to my draconian side believe it or not.'' She sighed. ''While you can consider me draconian I value myself more as a human no matter my own opinion on the Dragon Magic that runs in my family. I was born a human before the whole ordeal with the dragon started.'' She again took a sip from her drink.
  4. The Red Dawn Hunt

    Riaen looked up and her face lighted up. ''So seems some of my friends are also atteacted to the bounty eh?'' Riaen stood up from her seat and walked over to them. ''Ryeha, good to see you after the Tavern of Legend.'' Riaen yelled a bit to loud of exciment. Then her eyes fell upon a stranger. As if on cue her eyes changed into red dragon eyes to judge the stranger she didnt know. Riaen created some low roaring to judge the new person. She then looked the new person straight into the eyes as she always did. In her mind the best way to judge someone was looking them directly in the eyes. (sorry for the late reply. School stuff was in the way)
  5. The Red Dawn Hunt

    Riaen was walking down a path in the forest following a trail of possible prey. She looked around to see in what direction the animal would have ran but couldnt see anything yet. Riaen didnt notice a piece of paper was flying in her direction and before she could react it flew right into her face. Riaen sighed and removed the bounty from her face to read it was a bounty for the Redeemer who was part of a criminal organization. ''Hmm 1500 gold eh?'' She held the piece of paper in her hand while she thought about it. ''Well the money cant hurt.'' With that she tucked the paper in her pocket and ran back to her camp to grab her stuff. ''Time to go hunting on more mightier prey.'' With that she left the camp and made her way towards the location where it was said for people interested to meet up. It took a few hours of navigating and following the paths because the map wasnt really clear before she arrived at the inn. ''Well then here goes nothing.'' Riaen took a deep breath and stepped inside to look around. It was just a normal inn that was in need of some repairs here then there but further then that it was in good condition. Seeing she was the first here to arrive she ordered a drink and took a seat. She took her bow from her back and placed it with the arrows on the table while she sank back in her seat to rest from the track from her camp to the inn. ''Being a hunter is hard sometimes.'' She thought when she took a sip from her drink.
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen looked with big eyes. ''Well I told you before to not drink to much didnt I.'' She sat the mage down in her chair again and removed the arms of her and sat them down on the bar. ''Well no more beer for you miss.'' She took away the mug and gave it to the bartender. ''Here is just regular tea but I fear you will not like the moment when you have a hangover.'' Riaen chuckled.
  7. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen chuckled. ''Yes it sounds cliche but I guess if it helps anyway who am I to complain?'' With that she returned to her huma form and took her beer again.
  8. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen sighed. ''Well you had to see me really a while ago and you would see a entire different thing but I cant agree more with it. Most of my ancestors failed to control their side but it seems the secret is not for one side to be victorious but rather they have to become one in order to control it but I admit I still just began to learn and understand this.''
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen chuckled at the expression for the girl. ''I see you are a bit confused but no not all dragons are big. Let me show you actually.'' With that Riaen took a sip and took some distance. She concentrated on her dragon side and took on her white dragon form again. She opened her eyes again feeling her dragon body but this time she was aware of what she was doing. ''As you can see not all dragons are big.'' Riaen was suprised by the sudden reveal she had the ability to talk now her ability had changed. ''I am born with the ability to become like this due a ancient magic that runs in my family. It all began with a dragon totem and well here we are.'' She looked at 52. ''Not so long ago I was more animal then this but when me and my dragon side became one rather then fight eachother for control seemed to have brought more then I realized. ''On all 4 I am just bigger then most humans. My body wouldnt handle the change to a true sized dragon and most likely kill me.''
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen just silently watched what was going on. ''Well 52, I am Riaen.'' Riaen paused. ''Well I have to admit it's pretty impressive what you did with the shackle. First time for me to see it. Anyway.'' Riaen didnt know how to continue. So she asked 52 just an another question. Since she felt some renewal over her dragon side she wanted to try it again since her black clothes were torned up anyway. ''Ever seen a dragon before?'' Riaen asked.
  11. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    ''Well I cant see them with my own eyes but seeing my other side is born from magic itself.'' With that Riaen closed her eyes to concentrate for a second before opening her eyes again which were red. She directed her gaze to the girl and noticed the shackles. ''Well I can see what they mean. While strange what are they for anyway? Dont worry we are not here to attack you or anything. Besides if you are afraid of me not liking you well I also had that fear myself due my dragon side but the people here accepted it anyway and I have made friends myself now.'' She pointed towards the twins. ''I also have a another friend Reyah but..'' Riaen looked around. ''I dont know where she is at the moment.''
  12. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen looked at the mage. ''Well I guess there are some beer flavors that kinda taste like tea but you have so many flavors of them nowadays and so many different brands it's quite hard to say what beer taste like that and that, you know.'' She took a sip from her own beer again. ''But this is what I need after all what happened earlier and it taste good after being so long in the wilderness.'' She raised her mug a bit before taking a another sip. ''One thing the dragon cant replace in human form is my love for beer.'' Riaen laughed. She didnt notice a new person had walked to the bar until her enhanced hearing allowed her to hear it. Riaen turned around in her seat to see someone new had walked in. Judging wether she was a threat or not her mind drawed the conclusion for now she was okay. Riaen took in the girl. She appeared normal but her dragon mind told her she might be more then what she can see. ''Heh we see what she is.'' Riaen thought to herself. Riaen took a another sip from her drink and said to the new person: ''It's a peaceful place isnt it? Well aside the drunken brawls that take place here at the moment and some yelling back and forth.'' @LukeRipstine
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen noticed the change in atmosphere. ''Well at least people have fun. Anyway shouldnt you dance with your sister? Or are you not a dancing type?'' She asked.
  14. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen looked at Candie. ''No, I am not really the type for dancing. Besides I am completely fine without the need for dancing.'' She then looked at the mage. ''Well what is beer..'' Riaen ordered a full mug of beer. She held it out before the mage. ''Well this is beer. It's alcohol. It can be quite tasty depending on your taste and what you prefer. Drink to much of it and well you become drunk and you will do things you would never thought you would do. This is stronger then tea.'' She then put the mug down on the bar.
  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Riaen looked at the woman. ''Seems he is that old type that wants to see more life and fun in the tavern and wants beer in one hand while woman dance around or with him.'' She took a sip. ''Met those types before. Depending they can be quite fun or quite annoying. Altough I think that gentleman belongs in the fun category.'' Riaen looked down in her beer and took a sip again. ''Seems he also either loves beer or tea.'' ''