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  1. Anastasia reacted as he expected, and he watched as she rose from the throne, placed delicate and soft hands on his face all the while observing his new eye. Quietly, who looked on with admiration. She was still growing into her new powers and as she joked with him, he chuckled lightly. “Go to my head, goodness sis where ever would you get that idea?” He was the cocky character but he had learned much in the time that he had been exiled. While pride once caused his ego to swell to new heights, Aremis learned to bring it down to a simmer. He was a leader now, and he could not afford to allow vanity get in the way of his duty. The air in the room changed as the subject shifted to Ana and their Uncle. Sadness and disappointment echoed in his sisters eyes, and as she looked down he quickly landed a firm hand on her shoulder for reassurance, hoping that it would bring her gaze back to his. “Listen to me, Ana, you are strong. I know it’s a disappointment but you are still adapting to your new powers and our Uncle is only doing what he thinks is best to help you grow into that. I’ve been living with mine my whole life, you just recently got yours. Personally I think with the time you’ve had, you are doing exceptionally well. You will be extraordinary, I have no doubt about that. You just need to believe in that too and also know to forgive yourself in times like this.” OOC: Now it’s my turn to apologize for the delay! The move has been crazy and we are just getting settled in AZ! Talk to you soon, friend!
  2. Well, we finally made our move to AZ and am getting out of our hotel and will  be moving into our new home tomorrow.  Started my new FT position last Monday, Our house is pending sale in ID, and hopefully I can get back to posting more regularly soon as we get more situated. 🙂 Thanks everyone for your patience!

  3. Great Hall @Csl As the Princess’s departed, Malaysia provided a proper farewell before returning to the Empress and her son. “It would be my honor to have either of you, truly,” the Imperial Goddess responded with a smile. As the Prince spoke about his own wings, the Queen had no doubt that the histories differed. Her history was quite unique to her heritage and she had never ran into anyone else who had a similar backstory. Rozharon lightly responded to Malaysia’s inquiry and with peaked interested, the Vdaran Queen listened intently. The story that Rozharon shared provided intricate details that she may have not been fully aware of. The Imperial Goddess recalled a story about a woman who ruled over Ursa Madeum but fell to the wayside once her significant other passed away, Malaysia knew about this because her own mother had attempted to take over Ursa Madeum once (she assumed) Rozharon left. “So you were the ruler of Ursa Madeum, that is interesting. You see my mother, Kalicity Darkbane, the Dark Goddess actually wanted to take over Ursa Madeum once after I believe you, left. She had gathered forces and desired to become Queen, but unfortunately it had taken too long to accomplish and her forces disbanded before she accomplish her task. I suppose it was for the best though, in her new state I don’t think ruling was in her best interest. Plus it seems to have paved the way for the King and Queen to settle here, I’m confident they are more than fitting for the role.” Perhaps Malaysia had said too much, or simply just enough. Her mother’s idea to become Queen of a stricken island was indeed short lived, and perhaps deep down Kalicity was tired of being a ruler. These days she simply wanted to live. “How about you Queen Malaysia- Do you have any children?” Asked the Prince. “I do, with my husband The Dragon King and King of Vdara, Ayden Nedane. We have grown twins, Prince Aremis and Princess Anastasia. They are still young and learning, but they are my pride and joy. I would have brought my son, however my husband needed his assistance back at home. What about you Prince Lenore, any special lady waiting for you back home?"
  4. I apologize for my delay, I am the middle of prepping to sell our house and getting ready to move to our next Duty station! Life has been crazy but we are almost at our end goal! 

  5. Aremis smirked at his sister’s response, but he expected nothing less. He slightly shifted his weight from foot to foot, the Prince had almost forgotten has he was in still full battle rattle and wondered perhaps if he could change his attire as his mother has always done with the shadows. It was a thought that was set aside though once his sister began to inquire on the Dragon Pacts. “He did say that, but our parents have been gone for months. It is because of the length that they were gone that put the Dragon Pacts in jeopardy of being lost, the dragons required a present leader or else they would have left.” Aremis then wondered what happened to his father once he secured those pacts, “It all happened so quickly, to be honest. I had to tell them why I was ready to secure the pacts and then I was challenged by a Dragon that was already sick from poison of the Eldritch monster, I killed him. Apparently when you are challenged by a Dragon, it’s either you or them, I feel as if I gave him a quicker death than the poison would have. I had to walk down a tunnel, there was a huge heart.. I had to make a sacrifice..” If Anastasia paid enough attention, there was still dried blood caked under his left eye and down his cheek. “They required my eye. It took some effort on my part, I had to let go of pride to accomplish this task. But once I provided my eye to obtain the pacts, they gave another one back to me. I don’t quite understand it but the eye is how I am connected to the dragons. I am the Protector of Vdara now, and where their loyalty was once to our father, they are now loyal to me. I can command them too, within reason of course.” He looked down to his sister as she rested, “What about you? How did you and Uncle Morce’ get rid of the monster that was plaguing our shores and homeland?”
  6. Aremis nodded in response to his sister’s actions and stood by her as she made the decision to rally the council when they were ready. Taking notice of Anastasia’s weariness, Aremis gently braced the small of her back attempting to guide her to the throne. “Anastasia, please take a seat. You need a moment to rest,” he glanced at one of the servants nearby, a young lady with mouse brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, “Alexis, can you please grab my sister something to eat. There should be something available in the kitchen, if not, please ask the cooks to whip something up.” Alexis did a curtsy, “At once my lord,” her voice was high pitched, soft yet sweet and she skittered off to the kitchen. "Ana, if you'd like to go take a nap, I will stay up and keep an eye on the Kingdom."
  7. Anger was Aremis’s first instinct. He wanted to protect and avenge his parents for what they have seemingly been put through, but as the NightReaver’s came and took them and their uncle away, Aremis knew that there was nothing but he and his sister could do other than wait for them to come too. He was worried and concerned, he wanted to follow them but as he stood and turned to trace the steps of the medics, Morce’s hand landed firmly on his shoulder. There was a warning in his eye as the young Prince looked up to his Uncle, “Stay here.” Morce’ said, “I will come and get you when they are ready.” Aremis’ stomach sank as he watched his enormous Uncle leave the throne room with the rest of the party, and for those few seconds he was not sure what to do. It was then that he remembered his sister was in the room with him and he took a deep breath, reassuring himself of all that he had recently accomplished, and that he had to remain vigilant and strong for Anastasia. Turning to face her and seeing the look of shock and disbelief, he quickly pulled her in for a brotherly hug. “They will be okay, at least they are home now and in good hands. We must continue on with our duties until they recover, and I am glad to hear the eldritch monster was taken care of and Uncle Morce’ was there to help you. He has been of great assistance lately in our parent’s absence.” He tried not to show his worry. All he wanted to do was go to their parent’s side, but they were not kids anymore, they were the future of this house and they had to reign steady while their parents were out of commission. ** Malaysia could hear movement and she caught the scent of her children, but she was exhausted and her body was worn. She could still feel the warm hand of Ayden wrapped around hers and what she was saw was a blur of colors, flashing in and out from light to darkness. The medics huddled and went to work, “She needs blood” the one whispered. “and Rest, they need rest.” Some of the medics and Nightreavers were a little unsure of what to do with Alukai. The Chaotic Prince was still surging with energy, and it literally cracked, sizzled and occasionally shocked the men who grabbed him as all three with picked up and carried out. Malaysia was unconscious at this point and as they made way to the medical wing. As they carried him, Alukai suddenly disappeared into a cloud of deep green smoke that evaporated in thin air. It was the chaotic realm that called him home in order to regain his strength and energy, the medical knowledge of the mortal world could do nothing to actually help him heal and his body and mind new that. Startled, the medics gasped and started whispering among themselves as the Chaotic Prince faded into nothingness. Lingering only for mere seconds, they decided to push forward and continued to tend to the King and Queen.
  8. A continuation of The Angel and The Dragon Aremis Aremis and Raxiz walked, and the Dragon Prince continued to listen. Aremis was very fascinated with everything that Raxiz had to say, from the participation of the dragons to his expanding powers. Upon mentioning of “pulling a dragon into his human self” made him think of his father, and the many times he had witnessed portions of his father’s body become portions of a dragon; like dragon scales. It was something that the young Prince had always wanted to learn, but he knew full well that it would take some time and practice on his part. Nodding at Raxiz’s final piece, Aremis bowed respectfully before parting with the Elder Dragon. As Aremis came closer to the throne room, he felt that his sister was in some distress. Perhaps she was exhausted from taking care of Eldritch monster? His armor clinked and clamored as he stepped through the throne room doors, only to see Anastasia dressed in a more relaxing outfit. Eyes flickered lightly and he smiled with delight. She was still here, tired, but alive and unharmed. Aremis walked towards his sister with some exhaustion and pride, “Sister, I did it! The Dragon Pacts have been secured.” He paused, “How are you doing? Were you able to handle the Eldritch monster?” ** Morce’ stood back a ways as the two siblings engaged one another in conversation. It had a big day for both of them and this was not his moment. Yet as Anastasia and Aremis continued to talk, there was another recognizable feeling stirring in the center of the throne room, he wondered if the children could feel it. The familiar crackle, the surging energy pouring from the hands of his brother, and then the dark chill of the shadows set in. A portal formed just behind Anastasia and the echo of faint screams coursed through the throne room, before three figures tumbled onto the cold, tile floor. Malaysia was first, followed by Ayden and then Alukai as he literally fell onto the back of his sister and brother in law. They appeared not to be quite themselves; their hair was matted with coats of sweat and their usual stunning attire told a story of pure exhaustion and terror. In the middle of speaking, Aremis immediately stopped what he was saying as he saw his parents and uncle lying flat on the floor. There was a sense of relief but also hesitation, what would his father say to him being here? “Anastasia, look!” He said out loud and dismissing the thought for now and he quickly moved to their side, no doubt with Anastasia joining him. "Mom, dad, you're back!" MorceLa’Kai also came forward to help each of them to their feet. “They need medical attention. Find a medic!” Morce’ issued the order to the nearest NightReaver, who quickly obliged. “You are safe now, you are home.” He told them.
  9. Malaysia was ready. Ready to defend herself, but in all honesty, she was tired. Something about the Underworld drained her of her energy much quicker than Generasis, Eden or Valucre ever did. Taking a firm grip on Shadowspire, she dug in her heels as Ryker and Pollo came charging, and then from the corner of her eye she saw a flash. He was here; Ayden, sinking his sword deep into Ryker and she couldn’t help but take a deep sigh of relief. At last and long wait, she and Ayden were finally together again, and in that second, she heard a loud boom behind her. Alukai had done exactly what Ayden had told him to do; take care of Pollo. Yet instead of impaling him with a weapon or snapping his neck, he filled Pollo with chaotic energy that was bursting at the seams and literally ripped the body to pieces, in one mildly chaotic explosion; Pollo wouldn’t have known what hit him until it was too late. Malaysia wanted to speak their names, to hug, hold and thank them, but everything happened so quickly. The tunnel in which they were now in began to rumble and crumble all around them and the loud screech that was almost too much to bear rang heavily in Alukai's ears. There was no time for pleasantries, with a single calling the shadows whipped together in haste and the portal that would bring them back home opened up a mere foot in front of Malaysia and Ayden. Alukai didn’t hesitate, he immediately grabbed a hold of Malaysia and Ayden by the shoulder, bracing their backs, and shoved them unceremoniously through the portal with the Chaotic Prince in tow, with the portal closing directly behind them. They would leave this retched world behind them and find themselves tumbling into the throne room of the Vdara Castle, exactly where Alukai and Ayden had left to go and rescue Malaysia. *Alukai, Malaysia and @Ayden exit*
  10. We’re coming. Alukai’s voice echoed in her mind as the three large creatures strolled in her direction with vicious intent. The one in the middle was named Ryker, and he stood about 6’6 and was lanky and long. His black hair looked like a spiders nest resting at the top of his pointy head. The one to his left and right appeared to be twins, they were both about 5’10, bulky, broad shouldered, bold chested, wide armed and were accompanied by small bulging bellies. The one of the left was named Jagger, who had a long scar running across his face from eyebrow to chin, the one on the right was called Pommel and his face was free of distinguishable markings. The very thought of Alukai and Ayden being so close caused some distraction, it had been months since she had even laid eyes on her husband and the urge to be in his arms, safe at home with their children was stronger than most. She wanted to leave the place and do it sooner rather than later. There was a second of hesitation as she felt her husband and brother closing in, and then she forced herself into motion. Having taken down one of the five already, Malaysia felt confident that she could take out these other four but she had to be smart about it. Like one with the shadow, the Imperial Goddess moved quickly with ShadowSpire in her right hand. Two strides out and enough to build momentum, she dug the tip of the spire into the ground and using it as a catapult Malaysia launched herself feet first into the upper chest of Ryker thus knocking him back and off of his feet. His body he the ground with a thud and a crumble. Unfortunately, Jagger and Pommel grabbed her by the arms as her feet landed on the cobblestone floor. With a quick reaction, Malaysia issued a powerful side kick to Jagger’s stomach and he quickly released her and was thrown into the wall, then with her left hand she reached over her shoulder to grab a hold of Pommel’s thick locks as she bent to her right knee and threw him over her shoulder. His head landed right at her knee and without a second thought she reach down with her left hand and grabbed hold of his throat. Her sharp nails burrowed into his flesh as she ripped it out root and stem, one could hear the bones cracking beneath the brute force and one could witness the bloody, dangling spine that hung in her hand before discarding it like it was nothing more than a piece of trash. The moment was short lived however as Malaysia heard a high pitched scream as the hands of Jagger grabbed Shadowspire, pulling Malaysia up and using the staff to pin her against the rocky and jagged wall that was behind her. Sharp and jagged teeth dug into the fingers and palms of her hands, and crimson blood, mixed of both hers and Pommels, began to pour as she attempted to keep him from piercing her any deeper with her own weapon. For such a small sprout he sure was strong! Loud groaning and growling could be heard from the struggle..and then.. she remembered. It had been a long time since she had used her powers as they were nearly stripped from her at the beginning of this escapade. She felt the shadows reaching out for her and longing to aid her, and finally she gave in. They swallowed her, quickly disappearing and breaking away from her assailant and there was a clinking of Shadowspire as it hit the wall. Pommel appeared confused, and taking advantage of the moment, Malaysia appeared behind him and quickly placed her heads strategically on his head and chin, snapping it the side and breaking his neck. He tumbled like a pile a bricks and she snatched up her weapon as he fell to her feet. Her hands were already healing but she did not have time to revel, Ryker and Pollo were coming at her from both directions. They were determined. They were angry. They wanted to kill the Queen. ** Malaysia was getting closer with every stride. Together they ran, and he could sense that despite Ayden losing some of his power, the rest of his strength was returning. Alukai’s eyes reflected the chaotic energy that he building within, and were literally glowing with a vehement green tint. While Alukai did not have the same senses that Ayden did, the Chaotic Prince knew that such a rescue would not be so easy. They had encountered many obstacles while being in this realm, and who was to say it wouldn’t have one more trick up its sleeve? He could hear a struggle off in the distance, and he fought the urge to blow the place to hell.
  11. Anastasia dropped and Morce’ went to catch her but it was too late. Her back hit the floor and as he stood to his feet, it seemed like defeat washed over her face. “I must be more tired than I thought.” The words sunk deep into his ears and for a moment a part of him felt bad for pushing her. However, upon further internal observation he realized that this was how he was trained. When he was young there was no rest, not until the job was done or else there was a possibility he would lose his head or get severely injured as a consequence. Times had changed since then and for Anastasia it was a different set up, and she did not have a ruthless mother who had little remorse save for the want for her children to be as brutal as she was. What would Kalicity give to have her children end up like her? He dwelled on the thought before taking a deep breath and sighing as Anastasia stood up, “I understand, Ana. Another time then.” She walked off and he brushed himself off. The Dark Prince was not one for formalities and he felt his current attire was appropriate for meeting with the Prince, Raxiz and the council. Cleaning up the courtyard and placing the weapons back on their stands, Morce’ then moved towards the Throne room. ** They walked up a path that appeared much shorter and less difficult than before, and Aremis listened intently. The opportunities that Lord Raxiz mentioned were interesting to say the least! “Imagine your sister..” As they walked, Aremis looked down and thought of Anastasia. He had missed her so much while she was gone and he was so happy when she returned, not only unharmed but stronger than she was before she left. He could see her, staring up at the sky, she could feel her lungs inhaling deep as her wind was knocked out of her from the quick fall.. however, she recovered quickly. Then she stood up and wanted to get ready for his return. Raxiz’s voice broke his concentration again, and he noticed that the dragons that had gathered for him had all dispersed. In truth he was at a loss for words, this was quite the responsibility and one that he would not take lightly. It is an experience, one that he will have to master through time. “How do I know which Dragons are participating in the pact? Is it an internal instinct?” They started to walk down the path, his armor clinking ever so lightly with every stride.
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