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  1. Something wicked this way comes..

  2. As much as his apology caught her off guard, he was surprised that she did not blame him for the horror that she had endured. In his mind, this was definitely all of his fault. Aremis, afterall, was the one that convinced Anastasia to ride one of the dragon’s to the heart of the city with him. They were not armed or protected there, and he was not strong enough to save her from being taken away. The Dragon prince had failed. Yet in all of the turmoil that had taken place, there was something different about his little sister. It was as if she had grown up in the short period of her absence, her disposition displayed growth and maturity, and as she soothed his discomfort and his hands delicately slid from her shoulders while he stepped away Aremis noticed.. Ana had wings! They were beautiful and seemed well suited for his sister, but before he could say anything his observations were cut short. Have you been filled in? She asked abruptly and his sapphire hues focused on hers, “Filled in?” He responded. “Mother saved me, but was taken instead. Father went after her, and I was left here with the castle.- And since father isn’t here, I’ve decided to call you home, where you belong.” Aremis went silent, did he just hear her correctly? She was saved and now they lost both of their parents? He did not sense their uncle anywhere either, which probably meant Alukai went with them. The Prince was confident that their parents would be able to handle themselves, but now the children were on their own. Ana’s last comment caused Aremis to recoil and look unceremoniously to the floor, “Thank you Ana, but once mother and father return you must know that I will resume my quest at the dragon spire. Father banished me until I am ready to face him in combat, which I still feel is an impossible feat, but one I will do my best to overcome. Please know my heart is so full seeing you alive and well, and your wings.. they are stunning. I always knew that you meant to soar, and now you can. You will be as strong as the rest of us, if not more.” His face cracked into a soft and endearing smile, “Now, since father and mother are gone. I think you should sit on the throne until they come back, and I shall stand by your side. I will be your council as needed, you have always been much better at the political game than I.” His eyes narrowed to see her reaction. Together they were strong, and as siblings they would be able to play on one another's strengths. “One thing I will promise you, Ana, is that no one will hurt you again while I am here. I will protect you till my last breath, and I will not fail you again.” As serious as he was, a single question brewed in the back of his mind. Aremis could sense a significant change in his sister, there was an ancient and familiar power stirring within the Princess. Pointing to her wings, “How did that happen anyway?”
  3. How long had it been since Aremis left Vdara by order of his father? Too long, he supposed. The object of time was lost to him as he continued to reside within the Dragonspire, all the while attempting to unearth the challenge that his father had set out before him. During this time that has passed, the Dragon Prince had grown. He became braver, stronger and, a little less mischievous and while the task was not fully complete he had also become more confident in his abilities. He had also become rather fond of his companion, Maribelle Valentine, who has chosen to stick by him throughout this whole crusade. Together, they had become very enveloped in breaking the riddle to complete this quest. So it was to Aremis's surprise when two Nighreaver's showed up requesting his immediate attention. These were not the same NightReaver’s that had been following them around to make sure Aremis stayed on task, instead they were dispatched from the castle. Piercing blue hues stared at them in disbelief as they provided a minimal explanation of what was going on, and that his sister had summoned him back home. She's alive, he thought to himself as tears began to swell. Without hesitation Aremis immediately gathered his things and returned to Maribelle’s side, “Forgive me my lady, but I am afraid our quest will have to be continued another time.” Scooping up her hand as he did when they first met, he placed a delicate kiss on the back of her hand before pushing back to a stand. “I am extremely grateful for all of your help, but I need to get home. – Captain,” He motioned to the brawny armored NightReaver standing his left. “Please escort Lady Valentine home safely. Make sure to provide her with anything she may need, and also compensation for her time and effort that she has spent at my side.” “As you wish, My lord.” To Maribelle, “We shall see each other again soon. I promise” Aremis wished that he could prolong his departure a little longer as no amount of words could show his gratitude for Maribelle. Without any more delay, Aremis took to the sky. - - Aremis flew as fast as he could to the Nedane castle, and by the time he reached the courtyard the sun was beginning to retreat behind the mountains. Large draconic wings flared out behind him as his boots his the ground, with a sword as his side and within his battle armor that his mother provided for him he may have resembled his father. The castle guards approached quickly as he marched his way through the main entrance. “My prince! - The Prince has returned!” They yelled, making a verbal announcement. Then a familiar face came up to him, a main of brawny stature, auburn hair, and dark brown eyes. Aremis did little to slow down or offer pleasantries, “Captain Raze,” he acknowledged, “My sister, where is she?” “The Princess is within her chambers. I'll take you to her. ” Not a few minutes passed as the Captain lead the Prince to the outside of where Anastasia was residing. He didn’t knock or announce his arrival, instead, he unceremoniously barged through the door. It opened with a loud creak and a slam against the wall as his eyes quickly traced the room to find his sister in the flesh. He didn’t say anything, he hoped that their bond was not completely broken as he walked straight up to her and wrapped her up in the warmest hug a brother could offer “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, taking in her scent verifying that it was actually her, "It was all my fault. I’m so sorry I’ve put you through this..” @Ayden
  4. I don't have any kids, but here is a pic of my husband and I! He is my everything and my world ❤️ And here are some pictures from our trip to Italy last year! The Roman Forum The Colloseum Island of Capri and the Mediterranean Managed to get a shot of some jelly fish too off the island of Capri..
  5. Originally RPed in the Yahoo chat rooms. It gave me a sense of belonging, and to be honest it helped with my confidence in my real life which I established pretty young (9th grade). My father hated it only because I would be on the computer for hours on in, RPing with other people and becoming engrossed in story lines. Those days truly are the backbone to most of my character's development that I have today. Back in those days I had quite the imagination and it also inspired a lot of my art. Now that I am older I really do enjoy writing and taking the time to put a story together. However, I also do love my characters and their story lines. I invest a lot of thought and emotion into them and, would love to write a book on my two main characters someday and intertwine their adventures together. I have yet to find the time and motivation to do so yet, perhaps one day!
  6. Congratulatios!!! What an amazing achievement. <3<3<3

  7. I graduate next week with my Master's degree, so I'm considering coming back into the fold. Malaysia and Alukai will not be available for a while, but if anyone wants to RP with Kalicity, or MorceLa'Kai please let me know. 

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      An achievement to be proud of! Congratulations!

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  8. In the depth of winter, I finally realized within me lay an invincible summer. 

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