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  1. My opponent for the T1E beta testing might have gone MIA. So, I mentioned to Ataraxy that if you're still interested he should sub you in. We after all, have a match to settle, from many years ago. Dunno if you're still interested though.

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      Malaysia NightReaver

      Hey there, 

      Thanks for the thought but my husband deployed last week, I got a new job and unexpectedly got a new dog (owner was going to dump her in the desert). I am still adjusting to all of these changes and I barely have time to tie my shoes in the morning, so unfortunately I don't think I would have time to commit to this RP. We will have to settle our score another time, ;) good luck finding another partner. 

  2. A Long, Awaited Reunion

    Kalicity “Oh” “I see…” “I don’t know about all of that, Kalicity -- hm.” The Dark Goddess was not disappointed by Gabriela’s response, on the contrary she was quite intrigued. It was at that moment that it dawned on her that perhaps she went about this all wrong. Clearly her knowledge base was misled by her encounter with Alukai. He was a powerful young man that was hurting and angry for being abandoned by both of his parents at a young age. The Chaotic Prince was left alone to literally fend for himself, with no one to nurture, guide or protect him. If Kalicity had done her homework, aside from Shaitari she would have realized that Gabriela was the only child out of her brood that actually received a form of her twisted motherly affection. The day that Kalicity was sent to assassinate Gabriela, she had seen something in her sweet Princess and she knew that with a little encouragement one day she would rise to greatness. Perhaps not in the battle field even though she attempted to teach her, but in so many other ways Gabriela had exceeded Kalicity’s expectations. It was something that Kalicity could never truly bring herself to say or show to her lovely daughter. It was in Gabriela’s testimony that the Dark Goddess had this realization and she quietly listened to all that she had to say. What the Queen said was long and true, and Kalicity truly understood where she was coming from. “I don’t know about you being my mother or about me being your daughter. Once upon a time, yes -- you were a wonderful mother, a true protector, and the best teacher I could have ever hoped for. But you died,” she said plainly, though she did turn ever so slightly to ensure that Kalicity knew that her full attention was upon her and not the sparkling city below. “You died some years ago, and I mourned you -- I buried what little I had of you, a weapon that I inherited, that I could never hope to weild. It remains buried still, deep in the catacombs of this very castle. And so you see, my mother, my feelings as a child of hers, they lie with her now -- dead and gone. I’ll always love her, you know. She was more a mother to me than the woman who carried me for nine months and birthed me into the world to be nothing more than a pawn in a game of thrones for her. Kalicity will always be my true mother. But you,” she said softly, gently, as kindly as she could convey with her voice, “--you’ll never be my Kalicity.” “My Kalicity.” Those words rang in her ear. That phrase seemed to be a common theme between those that were close to her in her previous life, and in return her lips pursed and peeled back into a soft yet subtle smile when Gabriela placed a hand to her shoulder. She immediately noticed the arctic chill that she held, but Gabriela too would notice that Kalicity was just as cold. It was then that she had a flashback of when Colvin had placed his hand on her shoulder when they reunited in Vdara, requesting that she deliver some information in regards to their connection to their son. She denied his request, and offered a little sass on the side. That entire meeting had ended with them walking down separate paths, much like the first time they walked away from one another. Would this meeting end the same way? The brief thought crossed her mind and she contemplated brushing Gabriela’s hand off her shoulder and merely offering her a handshake, but she reconsidered. Deep blue hues looked through a few delicate silver strands and brought her own hand up, and landed it upon the Black Queen’s contrasting shoulder. “Very well. If that is your wish Gabriela, then friend’s we shall try to be.” Had Gabriela and Kalicity ever truly been just friends? It was a hard concept to grasp, at least for some. The legendary Dark Goddess and the Black Queen rarely saw eye to eye, but there was always some type of unusual understanding that carried on their relationship. With a firm squeeze she let go of the Queen and allowed her hand to float to her side.
  3. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    Didn't realize this was an argument? I thought we were merely having a discussion. There was a misunderstanding, it was corrected. No need to ruffle your feathers.
  4. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    You're right, usually they are not related to dice but I know in some forms they are depending on the RP, forgive me for mentioning dice at all. Perhaps I should have rephrased, I have never used notations (as seen in the spoilers) for arguing points.
  5. Of Sins and Trespass.

    It had been a long journey for the Dark Prince, as he had traveled from Orisia Isle to Vdara upon his brother’s command. Apparently there was much need for family these days, with the King and Queen, along with their leading Commander absent from the castle only leaving the Princess in charge, it was necessary for an older and more experienced adult to oversee things. Morce' had not made his presence known yet as he had only just arrived in Vdara; he wondered what would his niece think once her uncle showed up on the grounds. He was a behemoth of a man, standing a massive 6’8," all muscle and brawn. Before reaching the castle, MorceLa’Kai decided to take a break from all the duties that had been bestowed upon him. So in turn he landed himself on a barstool at Firaga’s fate, quietly sipping on a goblet that was filled with the finest bloodwyne Vdara had to offer. The morning was still young and the tavern was starting to come alive with patrons causing his piercing blue eyes to calmly survey the crowd as he glanced over his shoulder. Shoulder length hair was pulled away from his chiseled jaw and handsome face, his backside covered up with an ebony cloak that was etched in refined blues and golds. “Jaro, we’re gonna get food, and then go to the castle!” Highly acute hearing caught a high pitched voice chiming from outside, only for him to turn his head to see the two wandering into the tavern. Immediately his attention was drawn, the woman was exceptionally giddy. How was it that someone could be so alert so early in the morning? It was a question that was beside him. Sitting on his barstool and lugging his large, heavy boots to the foot brace, his muscular arm stretched out to support himself as he quietly leaned into the bar, his upper body still twisted as he watched the couple order their food. He paid no mind if they noticed he was staring at them. After a few minutes, MorceLa'Kai was caught turning back around to face the bar. No matter who waltzed into the tavern, he had a drink to finish.
  6. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    Thank you, and just so you know, even though it has been a while since I have T1'ed/Sparred, I am not a rookie. I just have never used the prep or "dice" system as it were. Never really had the opportunity to learn it. But if an opportunity comes up and I have a chance to learn the system, I would love to play.
  7. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    I would not mind giving it a try, but I don't know how to do the spoilers/preps :(
  8. Revelation of the Past

    She tasted the sweet nectar on his lips as she continued to shift her hips back and forth. Her hands wandered away from his neck and down his chin, only to slip to his side grasping hold of his fingertips. She then drew his hand close, placing it between her breasts as she rode him like a stallion.. No doubt this night is one for the books. It was a night of love and heated passion, and never in her life had she felt so close to someone as she did Sebastian. After the love making had taken place, as they rested in the cozy bed, Raena quietly stared at the window as her head had rested on his chest, listening the sound of his heartbeat. The evening air crept in through the open balcony, cooling their warm and steaming bodies. Golden orbs glistened with happiness and she couldn’t help but wonder, if this how her parents felt when they were together for first time? She had never truly heard their stories but she saw how much they loved one another. It was in the way they looked and talked to each other; the playful way that her father would wrap his arms around her mother when they were cooking in the kitchen. She could still smell the sweet spices that filled the air, the warmth of the fire blazing onto her porcelain skin. For so long she had always longed to have what they had, and for so long she felt it was never possible.. until now. Heavy eyelids fluttered as she fought falling asleep, until sleep finally took her. How could she give this up so soon? She knew full well what their plan was the next morning. They were to pack what belongings they could find and start headed west towards the sea. They were to commandeer a small ship that the two of them could manage, then head to a chain of islands called Ursa Madeum that needed wreaking havoc on. Raena would stake her claims again as a Pirate(maybe even a Captain?), with her dearly beloved as her companion and first mate. Perhaps they would acquire a crew.. it was apparent, that they had some work to do.
  9. Of Sins and Trespass.

    OOC: My apologies for the late response, I have been super busy with school/work and also I've had a bit of writers block. But I am back now, looking forward to Rping with you :) As Shanna made way into the port with her companions and moored at the dock, she would find a thriving town. The morning was already alive with blacksmiths, bakers, farmers, fisherman and other merchants were already preparing their displays in front of their establishments for another day of work. Citizens and patrons were already up and moving, creating a soft hustle and bustle to the beautiful morning. The sun was already rising into the sky, bathing Vdara in a delicate warmth that created a welcoming ambiance. As Shanna had moved into the city, she would notice the streets were much wider than the average road. It was designed this way to accommodate those that rode dragons thus including the Vdarian military, the Golden Shield’s. The smell of spices was strong and abundant in nature, and in the center of the city Firaga’s Fate was firing up the grill to serving their tasty breakfast. Overlooking the city of Vdara, was an enormous but pristine castle. Its spires reaching high into the sky and overlooked the Northern peninsula and the Great Northern Sea. Dragon’s soared high and low in the sky, finding the sea a flourishing hunting ground. Once upon a time the dragon’s often harassed the farmers in the area, picking off animals from their flocks. However, since the Dragon king’s rule, they are restricted to feeding on other sources of food so that the members of the community had little to fear.
  10. Malaysia NightReaver-Nedane

    Exploration of the Desert: Where Malaysia and Ayden first met.. The First Dance: And here is where Malaysia and Ayden shared their first dance.. The Gift of Flight: Together Ayden and Malaysia decide to stretch their wings.. Full Circle: Continued from The Gift of Flight, Ayden and Malaysia’s adventure continues as well does their affection for one another: A cautionary tale: Continued from Full Circle: A Pristine Beginning: This starts with Malaysia being into the second trimester of her pregnancy, and being in the arms of the one she holds most dear. The Royal Wedding: The Dragon King and Imperial Goddess finally join one another in holy matrimony, and the entire nation is invited to enjoy the celebration of their marriage. Bloodstone Dragon: On his quest to obtain more power to protect his family and slay his enemies, Ayden aims to locate the Bloodstone Dragon... Thick as Blood: Continued from the BloodStone Dragon Malaysia receives a guest seeking an eternal favor.. Ayden and Malaysia receive envoys from the Emperor.. Ayden and Malasyia's twins, Anastasia and Aremis go off on an adventure.. only to find danger in their wake.. The Obstinate Marquis: In places not wanted: After damage has been done to her sister's lovely city, the Queen of Vdara found herself in the city to clean up her children's exploit's which lead her to meeting a most charismatic individual by the name of Marquis Zantara.
  11. Enjoying my time reading old RP threads about the adventures of Malaysia and Ayden <3 Good times! 

  12. Unforeseen Chaos

    She “tsked” her lips once after his remark. Even though she lacked the memory recall, she understood enough. The fact that Colvin had tried to scold her on knowing so little, spoke of his arrogance. She wasn’t ignorant or stupid, she was Kalicity, and the Dark Goddess was able to piece the puzzle together with simplicity. She looked at the Golden Shield’s as she walked towards them with long flowing strides. She heard him thank her for whatever ‘service’ she had offered, and a soft smirk formed across his lips. Despite the power in his voice, she slightly chuckled beneath her breath and whispered, “You’re welcome. I’m sure you’ll be back for more.” One of the Golden Shield’s had opened the door for her and she stepped through the threshold. While this meeting had been unexpected, it was relatively short and sweet. Between interactions she would now be able to ponder about all that she had seen, what it truly meant, and provide some type of answer for her youngest son upon his return. However at this time, it was now time to face her granddaughter. The beautiful and youthful Princess of Vdara. I am a grandmother.. Her voice echoed in the back of her mind, she had to come to terms with this rather quickly as she made way back into the throne room. -Exit Kalicity-
  13. The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    With his sword resting across his lap, Aremis fell asleep with his back to the wall. It was not what he had in mind when he said he was going to stay at the hotel, but he wasn’t going to allow Maribelle to be disturbed in any sort of fashion. He felt horrible for breaking and entering in her room in the middle of the night, all of a whim that she might be in trouble. Perhaps his dear companion had admired it, or maybe she thought something else. Either way, he was doing what he had to. It was the subtle softness of her bare feet walking across the floor that stirred the prince from his slumber. Baby blues popped open with a flutter, and he was forced to squint due to the soft illumination of the hallway. Maribelle had already stepped back into her room and as his eyes adjusted he slowly leaned forward with a groan. His back was not happy, nor was his neck from sleeping in such an awkward position. Hands went above his head as he stretched out before combing his hair back away from his face. His cleaned clothing had been set right beside him and then he remembered he was basically dressed in rags from his midnight excursion. Grabbing his sword with his right hand the prince found himself to his feet as he looked towards Maribelle’s door. He could tell that she was up as he could hear her stirring on the other side. Reassuring himself that she was okay, picking up his clothing he went back into his own room. His body yearned to lay back down on the bed and get some more rest but with the sun peaking over the horizon, it just was not in the cards. Removing his shredded clothing and replacing it with his more regal attire, he moved to the bathroom area to continue to prepare for the morning events to come.
  14. The Angel and The Dragon

    Through matted hair and sweaty eyebrows, Malaysia heard another come into the room. “That’s enough.” His voice was deep, booming, and slowly she peeked out of the corner of her eye. "It is almost time. The Inversion will be completed soon enough." She had heard about this inversion, even in the presence of the Queen they had shared rather intimate details. Despite being rather disoriented the majority of the time, Malaysia was able to pick up the majority of the conversations. It didn’t look good. Apparently the Underworld had been working on a detail, which would force her to turn on her husband and become what would be her worst nightmare. They warranted this on her deepest and darkest desires, as if she had any. The Imperial Goddess was quite comfortable with how she is; sweet, kind, caring, giving, and vicious if needed. Her family was her world, she was grateful for everything that had gone through in her life. She had a strong belief that everything happens for a reason, and as unfortunate as this situation was, this was a needed situation. Needed so much that her husband could finally find the Underworld and defeat Xildax, and that she got to save her daughter and for that it was worth all of the excessive torment. There was a problem though with their plan of changing her into what she absolutely hated, for she really didn't hate anyone or anything. Malaysia had a deep understanding for the world, and hatred would not help the world to become a better place. In the depths of her heart, there was a fear that once lingered long ago, and that was she didn't want to be anything like her mother. Her whole life she strived to be the complete opposite and prevailed on many accounts. The concept of being nothing like Kalicity was the fact that Malaysia just didn’t want that, she was the Dark Goddess’s walking contradiction. She lived it, every single day. She no longer feared her mother and she simply understood where the Dark Goddess came from, and she knew in her heart that she would never be like her. She did not have the angry, merciless, power hungry and blood lusted disposition. Despite being a vampiric angel, having passed through hell’s gate and been in the hands of Satan himself, she was brought back to this world to offer her light and goodness so it did not fall into darkness. Perhaps the Underworld did not know this about her, perhaps it was something she could use to her advantage. There was a sudden disturbance that she faintly felt, but it was enough to stir this demon from his throne. He seemed pleased with these new arrivals, and in her heart she knew who it was. In response she attempted to struggle with her bindings but failed miserably. They had kept her too weak so that she could not fight back, let alone escape. The henchman watched as the Demon left, leaving his command. Immediately the henchman leaned down to whisper in her ear, “You’re lucky he showed up, my Queen.” He chuckled lightly. She looked to him briefly, her eyes narrowing. "Before this ends," she coughed, " I will kill you if my husband doesn't do it first." She managed to offer him a coy smile, "I will enjoy watching you die."
  15. The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    The Prince stood there awkwardly in his unceremonious clothing and sword, knowing that he had made a mistake. Even though it was dark in the room, due to his vampiric blood he could see Maribelle as if it were bathed in the light of day. Although he did not notice her missing arm, only that she extremely embarrassed by the shade of her cheeks and hiding underneath her covers. When the in keep came, having been stirred by all the ruckus, Aremis quickly acted to alleviate the stress on his companion. “I’m so very sorry, sir. It was my mistake, I heard a noise and I simply wanted to make sure Maribelle was self. Clearly, I over reacted. Please do not worry about the door, I will pay for any damages and then some for your trouble.” The innkeeper didn’t notice the door right away but he nodded slowly as he listened to the Prince. “Oh don't worry about the door! It is an easy fix, All is forgiven your majesty, just glad you two are alright. Thank you again for your generosity.” He then once again bowed his head and stepped out of the room, leaving Aremis and Maribelle alone. By now the Prince was averting his gaze and looking down and towards the entry door that he just splintered to pieces. “Forgive me Maribelle, I- I just heard you scream and I was..afraid.. that you were in trouble. I could not live with myself if you got hurt under my watch. I will sleep outside your door to make sure that you are not bothered.” With one last soft glance and sheathing his sword, he then moved towards the threshold of the room. The door was still functional, but the frame of the door was broken so it would not long or close all the wall, but the Prince managed. “Good night, Maribelle.”