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  1. Leaning off towards the right arm of her throne, she brought her hand up and rested her chin at the tip of her thumb while cradling her cheek with her index finger. To any normal individual she looked as if she was deep in thought, perhaps analyzing the important data that was just communicated to her. It was true that her mind lingered, but it wasn’t on what most would have thought. She was torn between the thoughts of her daughter, and the striking similarities that appeared to be brewing between this woman and her deceased mother. Malaysia’s eyes watched Kalicity stand firmly on the gleaming tile floors that accented the royal blues and golds in her throne room. The fact that the Marquis had “brought her to life" was intriguing and was worthy of further investigation. As the seconds tick by the Imperial Goddess felt her stomach start to churn, as if her gut was trying to tell her something that she already knew. But did she really know? This woman had little resemblance to her mother, aside from the lovely details of her face and the signature slash over her eye piercing blue eyes. It was almost if.. but it couldn’t be, could it? Then she heard the large doors to the throne room open once again, the hinges squealing in their dismay as a guard walked in. Snapping Malaysia out of her thought process, she quickly sat up in her throne and looked towards Kalicity. “I thank you very much for your words, Kali. It is unfortunate that Princess Anastasia is still in the hands of the Underworld, but if this piece of magic is what they are after, perhaps it gives us hope that she is still alive. Your gifts may definitely give us the upper hand. No doubt the enemy has a wall protecting if from seers, but it never hurts to try. Manipulation of emotions can also be handy against our enemies.” She paused for a moment, passing a small glance to one of the Golden Shield’s. “Captain Raze, please escort Lady Kalicity to the guest quarters of the castle. Make sure to tell the servants to provide her with any sustenance she may require.” Looking back to Kalicity, “Please make yourself at home Kalicity, I will be by later to speak with you more about your gifts and how we can help find my daughter.” It wasn’t the only reason why she wanted to keep the mysterious woman close, there were too many coincidences to speak of to think otherwise. No doubt if her husband were here, he would remind her that her mother was dead and this was just another woman with the same name. As Kalicity was being escorted out, she addressed the other guard. He informed her that there was yet another individual at their doors, wanting to help with finding the princess. “Bring him in.”
  2. I see you're thread is open. Will you be heading to your Underworld soon?

    1. Malaysia NightReaver

      Malaysia NightReaver

      Currently Malaysia's husband and brother is in search of their daughter. However, The person who plays Ayden is currently preoccupied with taking care of his wife and newborn son, so I have not decided what the next step is yet. Why do you ask? 

    2. B2BBear


      If you would like a merc or bodyguard to tag along for a Search and Rescue quest count me in! Just let me know when or if you would have me and I'll be around.

    3. Malaysia NightReaver

      Malaysia NightReaver

      If you wish to join my thread, you are more than welcome :)


  3. I have seen the pics, I'd post them, but It is not my place and I won't bother him while he is enjoying this time with his new baby boy. I'm sure eventually he will come on here and share with the RP world his new bundle of joy. :)
  4. Malaysia waited quietly and as patiently as she could muster. Kalicity stood in thought for a split second before speaking again. She was thinking about the possibility of Gabriela being alive, yet proclaimed dead? Why would somebody do such a thing? It made no sense, and it seemed the more she ventured from Valucre, the weirder the country got. “I hear the Underworld has taken her. I only know what I have heard so please take my words with a wave of caution because I do not know what it true or false. Word has it that there was an ancient magic that was bestowed upon your daughter when you were attacked as a pregnant woman. Apparently, that magic still lingers in her body and I believe that is what has delayed whatever power she may hold and keep it from blossoming. It is this piece of magic that the Underworld is after, that is why they need your daughter.” Malaysia’s eyes narrowed on Kalicity and for a moment, she felt the sharp stab of panic sink into her chest,“Do you know how they will retrieve this magic?” “That I do not know, your majesty.” She did not want to go into any detail or put any ideas into Malaysia’s head. There was no telling what exactly has happened to their Anastasia at this time. She did have a feeling though if Ana was dead, then they would somehow know. “And you spoke of offering your aide? What exactly can you offer to help bring my daughter home?” Kalicity hesitated. She was quite unsure if she would be rejected as this was a trying time for both the king and the queen. “To be honest your majesty, I feel like you need as much help as you can get. I may not be a warrior but I do have powers of my own. I am still learning them, ever since the Marquis had brought me to life my powers have been expanding rather slowly. I have the gift of foresight, but it is not always certain. I also have the ability to manipulate matter and emotions. I have knowledge and can provide consultation to both the King and Queen of Vdara. The Marquis believed in me your majesty, he told me that one day I will be great. Since he had left, I feel it is my duty to not let him down, and I feel that in this type of situation, my powers can be of some use to you and your husband in knowing that your daughter is alright.”
  5. No today is the 17th. lol
  6. So I know that Vdara has not been very active lately, Ayden and I have been very busy, but we hoping to bring Vdara back to life soon when our lives calm down a bit. But I would like to get a little something going that.. Our @Ayden (Michael) is now a father irl!! His wife has had a very trying pregnancy and his beautiful baby boy was born yesterday on 5/16/2017!! I would love for him to come back to Valucre with a warm welcome and congratulations, I couldn't be happier for him. As far as I know, momma and baby are doing well. :) Of course pics and a name will be shared by him if he chooses, as it is not my place. Congrats Mike!!!
  7. First semester of Grad school is complete. 6 Classes in 4 months, Thank the Lord it is over! Now I have two weeks off and it's only 2 classes for the summer. Hopefully I will be able to get back to RP <3 

  8. It had been nearly a week, and still no word, and with Aremis banished from Vdara and Anastasia missing, it was almost too much for Malaysia to bare. Each moment was agony, and every day just seemed to drag on. Aremis and Alukai were constantly out checking on leads, and the Imperial Goddess wished and prayed that they would not return empty handed; but it appeared her wishes were going unanswered. The Queen did her best to not fall into despair for she knew that her husband was doing their best to bring their daughter home. Also despite everything that was going on, they still had a country to run. The word of that the Princess had gone missing had caused a certain chaos, but Vdara was still booming with life and business. Merchants still had to make a living and the city didn’t sleep. Malaysia quietly stepped into the throne room, dressed in an elegant gown of royal blue and golds, with her deep black her hair pulled back in rows of delicate curls that tumbled down her back. Her guards had come to her telling her that there were a trio waiting for her with news of the Princess, which seemed to be a common occurrence. Everybody had appeared to see or hear anything in regards to the whereabouts of Anastasia. Slowly she climbed the sun kissed steps and found a seat in her throne. Her fingers traced the material of her chair, looking to her side wishing Ayden was sitting there. Truthfully she had to snap out of it; this was one of most difficult challenges of her life. She missed her children, her husband, her brothers, and a part of her even wished her mother was here. Yes Kalicity was a vengeful killer and merciless, but occasionally she did have a soft side. She was beyond protective of those she cared for, and she would bring cities to their knees in order to protect her family. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, Malaysia then opened them before gesturing to a nearby NightReaver. “Bring them in.” The guard did as she commanded and in walked three individuals, all hidden in cloaks. Malaysia’s eyes widened a bit about the one in the front as she slowly pulled away her cloak, revealing herself to the Queen. She had long platinum hair and deep piercing blue hues. The two men behind her did not reveal themselves to Malaysia, but she was fixated on her. She had seen the woman before. With a bow the woman spoke aloud, “Queen Malaysia, it is good to see you. My heart goes out to you during this hard time. I have heard of your daughter’s abduction and have come to offer my aid.” She hesitated for a moment, there was something interesting about this woman. She set Malaysia’s senses off, she recalled seeing her at her wedding briefly accompanied by the charming Marquis Zantara, and provided a gift, a beautiful tiara made of white gold and pearls during their first dance.“I do have a memory of you, but if you please remind me of who you are.” “Kalicity, my lady, of Weland Gorge, but most call me Kali. Unfortunately the Marquis was not able to make it, he has taken a leave of absence. I have not seen him for many months.” Malaysia hesitated. She was not aware that the woman’s name was Kalicity, along with the slash over her left eye was a signature look for the late Dark Goddess, it was so coincidental! Perhaps she was just another woman with the same name, perhaps named after her mother after hearing all of the tales. Kalicity, after all, was famous. “Kalicity, of course, how could I forget such a name? That was my mother’s name, beautiful, like you. I'm sorry to hear about the Marquis, he was such a charming individual. Know that both of you will always be welcome in my halls.” Kalicity squinted for a moment then looked down, "Thank you my Queen, I will pass that along whenever I see him. Also, it is strange, another girl mistook me for her mother as well. Her name was Gabriela, the devil said she was Queen of the Orisia but would soon be his Queen of Patia. Brilliant golden eyes, fair complexion, although Roen said they changed her hair to blonde? I was invited to go to their gala that they were going to be hosting in a few weeks celebrating their union. From my readings, I believe she is your sister." It was off track as they came together to speak of Ana, but then there was a woman here saying she saw Gabriela. Apparently her little sister was supposedly dead, or at least that is what they were all lead to believe. But Malaysia knew the truth as she recalled staring at that grave and the closed casket. "Well, that is news. My sister is supposed to be dead, but I always suspected otherwise. I will have to look into this," She paused, “My guards tell me that you have information regarding my daughter’s capture?” With the subject change, Kalicity calmed adjusted. "Possibly, my Queen. I had heard some tales while on the road that perhaps you’d like to hear?” “Anything would be helpful. There are desperate times, and the clock is ticking.” @Ayden
  9. OOC: Forgive me everyone for my lateness. I have been busy with Grad school.. someone please shoot me! lol IC: Aremis had noticed the response from Maribelle, and as she slowed her pace and eventually came to a halt, when she turned away it caused the Prince to stop in his tracks. Piercing blue eyes became worrisome and caring, and perhaps the young lady thought it strange that someone of his status would show compassion. But his sister had did that to him, caused him to care more than he thought he probably should. It was a man inside of him, the brother, and the son; wanting to care for those around him. Breaking pace, he turned and walked towards her. Her boots were strategically placed and his stride seemed to become long and flowy as he approached her, his movements were quiet and still all at the same time. “My lady?” He asked. His voice was gentle as was the simple graze of his touch to the back of her left shoulder, “Are you-“ “There is a small village up ahead. They should have horses we can use.” Her voice caught him off guard, but even through the wall he could still sense her distress. Maybe this was not the time for that type of conversation. They would have days to chat, maybe even weeks or months. No telling how long this quest would take, but no doubt Aremis was happy to be in such good company. He had noticed that the NightReavers had fallen back, no doubt they were nearby in case they were needed. “Horses? Ah yes, we can certainly buy some. I would assume it would help out journey.” He took a brief glance to Maribelle as if not to spill her secret, and gave her a wink before turning the Asen as he began to talk. "Hm... so you're going to challenge the Dragon King, and you've been exiled until you come back ready for the challenge? My, you certainly have your hands full on that one, but at least the Dragon King is allowing you some time to prepare. Most challenges would take place on the spot,” “I don’t think my father would challenge me on the spot, he knows there would be no point to that. This is a test, and he means for me to get through it. I am to be King one day, and unfortunately it takes more than a crown to become King.” Then Asen began to tell a story, and quietly gesturing to Maribelle to follow they started their trek once more. “Sounds like an interesting story.” From their distance Aremis could see the small town in the distance, he truly did hope they had some good horses in their stables. Of course they would be nothing like the Nightmare’s or Alicorn’s in his mother’s stables. Kamaru, her mother’s steed when she wasn’t riding a dragon, was quite the impressive beast. A purebred black unicorn, with a silver horn which is particularly rare. His mother had found her as an orphan filly and raised her from a baby, and they had been a team ever since. Asen once again started talking about horses, and Aremis chuckled lightly. “Indeed they will my friend! Hopefully our lovely Vdararians will not lend us their worst batch of horses in town. I’m sure with a small amount of gold, it will fetch us some decent rides.”
  10. Sorry hun, been meaning too. Just been swamped with school lol will try to throw a post up tonight :)
  11. Heya!! Just checking in on you!

  12. Raena continued to stand, quietly watching the event unfold. His reaction was slow and mesmerizing, and when the sensation of pleasure hit, with the assistance of his tongue, she took a deep breath and tilted her head back. Her left hand still ran through his hair, gripping the strands rather firmly before followed by smooth strokes. Her legs were free of any clothing and she contemplated for a minute whether or not to remain standing, or to fall back on the bed. It seemed redundant to move from laying down to a stand, only to lay back down once more. However she figured in the back of her mind, that he may have a little more leverage and ability should she find comfort in the plush feather filled mattress. So she moved back, her taught buttocks sunk once more into the lovely cushion only to pull away from him. Her hands reached out behind her to pull her towards the head of the bed, and then once the heels of her feet were able, they pushed her the rest of her way. Falling to her elbows, she laid down on her back and began to work on the last bit of tangled mess of her shirt. Pulling and unraveling the strings that held the front of her shirt together, eventually she made headway and pulled it out from underneath her and tossed it to the side. Now she would lay before him, completely revealed. Even in the dim evening light, her body was quite beautiful. Diligent fingertips kneaded at the bedding, while the bottoms of her feet dragged gingerly across the bed. Mischievous eyes lingered on Sebastian, waiting to see what his next move was. In her mind, he was still wearing too many clothes.
  13. “Where to now Prince?” How the question was formulated could have been viewed as insulting to Aremis, if not for the young lady who spoke out and nearly saved him. His eyes glanced towards where she pointed and he relaxed once more, his shoulders broke tension and he exhaled slowly. There was no need to get into a fuss over something so small, he tried to remember that not everyone here was raised in a castle. He had to keep in mind that he was not only to be the leader of this group, but they had to work together if they were going to make this adventure happen without a hitch. With a hand placed upon the dragon carved hilt of his blade, he shifted once more before taking a glance to Luk, “As Lady Maribelle stated, we are headed to the Dragon Spire. Let’s move out.” Before he could follow after Maribelle, Asen spoke to him. “Every story has a twist to tell, and while it might not seem much even a step can create many doors for you to take. The question would be is which one would you open first.” “I guess we will have to see now won’t we?” He smiled a charming smile, catching a glimpse of the tattered book that Asen seemed to be holding so close before looking off into the distance where the Dragon Spire lay, no doubt it would be at least a 3-4 day trek by foot to get there, and who knows what mysteries and challenges awaited them. It appeared that flight was out of the question as well, for he couldn’t necessarily leave this group behind; did they even know he had wings? He felt that perhaps this was another part of the challenge, to be able to learn to work as team, to communicate and lead as he is meant to do as future King of Vdara. As they began to walk, his mind began to drift off towards the whereabouts of his sister. This would be the first true journey he would take without her by his side. Deep down he was still extremely worried about her. What if he came back and she wasn’t home? The thought alone made his heart ache. “Prince Nedane, it would be best for you to tell us what your journey ahead requires o you. All I know, was that you were to head to the Dragon Spire, yet I know nothing beyond that.” Maribelle’s voice lured him back to the present and he snapped out his train of thought. “Um,-“ He paused, “Well to be truthful my father didn’t tell me much either. I was told I had to make it to the Dragon spire and speak with Raxiz. I’m not sure who that is, but he will present me with a challenge. Once I complete that challenge then I will be rewarded a gift.” He paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath. “My father also told me once I leave the city I am officially exiled until I complete the task, and I then upon my return.. I, uh,-“ He choked on his own words, his stomach sinking second by second, “I need to have gathered enough strength to challenge my father.” In truth, it was every son’s worth nightmare to fight their own father; especially when your father was the Dragon King. He had grown up watching and admiring his dad. He knew how hard he had worked to reach that level of power, and the entire idea of beating him was at this point, pretty hopeless. In the back of his mind he felt as if he should just kiss Vdara good bye, because there was never a chance in hell that he could defeat him. He would not linger on this thought however and he hoped his companions would not linger on it either. With his long strides he had already caught up with Maribelle. The two NightReavers that had accompanied him were tailing the group and keeping a fair distance. Looking ahead to the spire, he concluded that this was going to be a long walk. If only he could go steal some dragons before they left, they would be able to make it there in no time.
  14. The young Prince’s gaze swept over the young woman and the other who had originally asked about him. For a moment, he became fixated on Maribelle as she fumbled with her hat and became quite anxious, or so it seemed. All he could do was offer her a charming smile and a low, husky laugh. It wasn’t because he thought she was foolish, but instead perhaps a bit comical in her fretful behavior. It was cute to say the least, with her frizzy hair and large hat. She was quite lovely under the wide brim though, and before he could address her directly he felt as if he had been run into by.. something? Throwing him off balance, his quick reflexes didn’t fail him as he pushed out his right foot to catch himself from tipping over. Crystal blue hues looked down at the young man who quickly pulled back and bowed down in respect. Despite his surprise Aremis was not angry, this meeting was much too festive and lively to have any negative input. Calmly shifting and readjusting his clothing, including his cloak, he nodded towards Luk. “Welcome Luk,” is all that he said before turning back towards Asen and Maribelle. "The name is Asen Mahawa, the Shade Shield of the Dark Lion, or I suppose what's left of them." He had just caught them at the end of this sentence. Catching a moment in time, he looked to the adorable blonde who seemed very intrigued by the group that was set before her. “Maribelle Valentine, is it? I believe your mother helped tend to my wounds the night that my sister was abducted. You must let her know how grateful I am for taking care of me in the time of need, I promise you that it will not be forgotten. With her daughter joining us, I think I will feel quite safe on our voyage.” He reached out and gently scooped up her palm and placed a tender kiss on the back of her hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you, lady Maribelle.” The moment was fleeting as he let go of her hand and went back to business revolving to Asen. “Asen, it would be my honor for you to join us on this journey. While I feel like I won’t provide much of a show for you to watch, you are more than welcome to come along.”
  15. We are glad to have you!! Looking forward to our Rp :)