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  1. The King's Sword

    Ayden was pleased, as Alukai had suspected he would be. Then his brother’s face changed, and her become stoic and stern. “Alukai.” He said. The Dragon King had his attention and Alukai nodded his head slowly before he spoke. “My sister will never forgive me if I let anything happen to you. So we will end them, together. We will come back home, together, and Anastasia will by our side when it happens. They will not tear apart our family.” As he stood there, intensely looking into the eyes of Ayden, that annoying ringing in his ear started to become louder. Something was amiss, something had changed. There was an echoing cry hovering in the distance, and he took a glance back towards the east where Vdara was located. He looked onward, his vision stretching a good distance. Then there was a sharp pain in his chest and the young Prince reached out to grab the balcony with his bare hands, as if to balance himself as he leaned on it for support. “No..” he whispered underneath his breath. Closing his eyes, he envisioned what he had just saw. The apparition came across him, a youthful winged beauty pacing inside of the throne room. The Nightreaver’s were scattering to get a hold of their King. There was panic in the air, and among the dread there was another individual, a spirit of some kind. They were talking about the Queen, how could this happen? His eyes shot open and he pushed himself back into a stand before rotating back to Ayden. “Anastasia.. I think she is back. In the throne room in Vdara. I saw her, I heard her. She has wings, she has her powers. The guards are looking for you.” He paused again, trying to rearrange his thoughts. “But Malaysia.. Malaysia is gone. They have her. The underworld has my sister..”
  2. A Mother's love (Open)

    @Florin since it has been about a month, please go ahead and post so we can continue to move forward with this thread. :)
  3. A Mother's love (Open)

    @A Pretty Cool Guy @Florin Just checking in to see where we stand with this thread? Are you two still interested in RPing?
  4. Revelation of the Past

    His words were like honey in her ear and she had never felt so much affection for somebody. It felt as if her heart was going to burst and she had become overwhelmed with positive emotion. As he pulled out of her then slid back in, his slow and steady thrusts causing her to react, her sultry lips laced with sultry moans, there was a part of her that wanted to play. He loved her, there was no doubt, and she loved him. But did he love her for the sweet and tender woman that she was, or the one that always stood at the edge of danger? So as made one more thrust, she would catch him with her thighs, her calves tucked right beneath his firm buttocks. Holding him there, pulling him close, she shifted her hips and together they rolled so that she would be on top. She never lost him though and as she sat down, enveloping the fullness of his manhood, she leaned forward. The tip of her tongue lightly brushed over his lips before offering a gently nibble to his chin, “Do you remember how we first met?” She whispered, Hands slid across his chest and rested at the nape of his neck applying minimal pressure as if she was trying poorly to pin him to the cushions. It would not harm him in the least, he would still be able to breath and there was no limit to his blood and oxygen supply. Then she pushed her hips forward and lifted herself up, before bringing herself back down. “It was exciting wasn’t it.. how we started.” She moaned softly as she continued her movement as she slowly began to sit up. “Who knew we would come this far..”
  5. My life just got a whole lot busier! Just got hired on in a new Suicide Prevention position, have my MSW internship, still planning for the wedding, and have homework to do for one class! I will do my best to keep up with things here, may be slower than usual. Keep the ball rolling :) 

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      Congrats on all of that!

    2. Malaysia NightReaver
  6. Hey lovely, was just wondering if you were still interested in the RP that we are doing? No rush, just wanted to check in! 

  7. The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    Aremis noticed the uncertainty of his companion, and when she assured him that the injured would be just fine he took a glance at her as she inquired about if they were to push on through the night. “No, we will not. We will set up camp outside of the village and rest for the night. While it would be nice to sleep here, it is not what my father wanted.” No doubt Maribelle would be relieved to hear that. Yes, he was part dragon but he too needed rest. They would reach the spire when they were meant to reach it, and this was a good experience to build on. Turning towards the guards as they walked away, he moved behind them but at a slower pace so that his companion could catch up. Due to the wraith, the stove was just being heated up as they stepped into the only small tavern and inn in town. “I’m sorry, my Prince. But all we have to offer at this time is some potato soup and bread. Due to the wraith, we have been keeping our stores elsewhere,” said the Golden Shield. Aremis waved his hand, “That sounds great. We will be very appreciative for anything you have to offer.” With his clothes damp, he slowly moved to a table to sit down but not before pulling out a chair for Maribelle. It would be about twenty or so minutes before food was brought to them. He sighed deeply before joining his companion at the table, his eyes looked tired and weary. He was ready to get some shut eye.
  8. The King's Sword

    Even though Ayden did not say anything, Alukai knew in his heart that to play with time could be treacherous. He had the power to manipulate so many things, but there were rules and boundaries that had to be respected while retaining that type of capability. Standing side by side with his dragon brother, he too gazed out into the horizon. The sun was fading quickly from the spire, and the clouds that recently hovered seemed to dissapear only to reveal a star kissed sky. With a simple nod at Ayden’s request, the Chaotic Prince looking off into the distance. He reached deep within himself, unearthing those untidy emotions that were rarely seen, so that he may connect with those he was related to. It was associated with his powers of empathy, generally he could feel and look into on anyone he was generally close to. He could detect if they were troubled or happy, hurt or harmed, in turmoil or at peace. So Alukai reached out and did not have to reach far. Stopping at a nearby village, the Chaotic Prince quietly pinpointed Aremis and Maribelle, along with the two golden shields who were lingering nearby. Engaging the thought process of the Dragon Prince, a soft smirk crossed Alukai’s face. “He is well, a little worn, Ayden. He is nearby in a village. Apparently he had stopped there at the request of its residence. They were being harassed by what looks to be, a wraith.” Visions popped into his head in flashes. How it tried to attack innocent people, how the guards did not expect the King to send the Prince, and how Aremis did his best to vanquish the spirit with holy water and flame. “They thought you sent him there to deal with the wraith as they sent for help from the Capitol. He did well, the threat has faded. He even used some of his dragon armor to protect himself,” Alukai glanced at Ayden, “You should be proud. They are feeding him now, he does not want to stay the night in the village for fear of not doing what he was meant to do. He will rest outside the perimeter, with a fire and his companions at his side.”
  9. A Mother's love (Open)

    In a matter of seconds, her world had been taken away from her. Yet there was a quiet stillness in her heart in knowing that Anastasia was alive, and safe at home, at last. That is what made this all worth it. There was a darkness, and at one point she felt like she was falling, not even her wings could save her. That was until she hit what felt like an icy concrete floor. The ground sent chills through her body and her bones automatically ached from the tumble. Deep sapphire hues slowly opened as she struggled to pick herself up. For some reason, it felt as if she had a ton of bricks weighing her down. She attempted to put her legs up underneath her, but the more she tried the heavier her body felt. There was nothing around her, it was a dim dark room with very minimal lighting. Made of stone, rubble and fully enclosed. Then she heard it, eerie laughter resounding off the walls. “Well well, what have we here?” A man’s voice rang out. “It is the Queen,” Another man had said. “Tsk tsk, Malaysia NightReaver once again spoiling our plans.” Then he stepped out from one of the dim corners of the room. He was tall, lean and lanky with scraggly black hair and dark green, bloodshot eyes. His clothes were baggy and unappealing, his teeth gangling and crooked. He gritted them at her, and it was as if she had walked into a nightmare. She had not seen anything that looked like that since the days of the NightReavers, and even then, that was not saying much for the man as he strolled towards her with his awkward stride. “We were expecting your daughter, Malaysia, not you. We were planning to kill her you know, since we had taken what we needed from her.” He chuckled again. Her frustration was ever growing with each second passing. “You, on the other hand, will be a lot more difficult to kill.” He crept up to her, crouching down so that he could look her in the eyes. “You’re so strong, aren’t you? You, being a vampire, an angel, a deity, resurrected by the Devil himself. We’ve heard all the stories of your origin, I guess we will have fun trying to find out how long you will last. Your precious Dragon King won’t ever find you..”
  10. The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    As the creature screamed and flailed about, attempting to harm the Prince in the midst of its own destruction, the flames failed to do any harm to Aremis. His draconic armor protected him from the heat, and as he struggled to balance the fine line between being in his human and dragon form, he watched in amazement as the creature started to fall apart, and little become consumed by the ashes. Azure hues stared at the pile on the floor as the flames began to devour the building around him. He wasn’t sure what to do next, perhaps it was due to the fact that he expected much more of a fight. Taking a step back, he pivoted off his feet and ran out the crumbling door and into the open air. “Aremis!” He heard the crowd yell in praise, and glancing at Maribelle and then back to the villagers and knights, he calmed himself with deep breathes. The dragon armor went back into his skin and his claws turned back into gauntlet covered fingertips. With a sigh of relief, he nodded back at Maribelle letting her tend to the wraith’s victims. One of the guards approached the Prince, placing a hand on his shoulder and looking him in the eyes. “We thank you, Prince Aremis. You have just saved many lives in the face of danger. Come, you must be hungry and need a soft bed to rest on. It’s the least we can do.” The young prince thought about his for a second, he would be so grateful to place his head on a soft pillow and mattress, and his stomach did gurgle for food. However, was this what his father wanted for him? This was supposed to be a challenge and he had to find his strength on his own, but also being a ruler meant to take pride in your people. Taking one last look at Maribelle, he addressed the guard, “Thank you for your hospitality. We will stay for dinner, but unfortunately we cannot stay in the village. Your people are safe now, and we must be on our way.” “Very well, my prince.” The Golden shield turned and moved towards the city hall where food was served in the evening for the village patrons. Before following, Aremis turned to Maribelle and joined her at her side. “How are they looking? Will they be okay?” Speaking of the injured villagers.
  11. The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    Aremis calmly watched as the wraith decided to fade into the storm, becoming invisible to the naked eye. But he was no ordinary human, his senses gave him an upper advantage. Eyes squinted and his brows furrowed as the droplets of rain rolled down his matted hair and face. Being no more than ten feet off the ground, he caught a glimpse of the light pouring out through the door that just slammed open. How could he have missed it? “There!” He yelled out, and immediately folded his weeks to drop to the sloppy ground before bolting towards the door. Immediately he loosed the arrow, which still was being fed by the holy water directly at the wraith. Unsuspecting, it hit the wraith dead on. Only feet in front of Maribelle, the creature’s high pitched screech filled the room and then some as Aremis barged into the door followed by the other Golden shields. Grabbing a hold of the silver dagger in his left hand with the bow in his right, he moved to the left placing himself between the wraith and Maribelle. “Get them to safety!” he had told the other guards, “The fire will not last long.” The creature’s arms were flailing about as he moved about the room, nearly igniting everything in it’s path. He still had the bowl of holy water outside. As the Golden Shield’s had begun to usher Maribelle out of the room, whole two more picked up the bodies of the victims, he was the last one to step out of the door before bending down dipping both sides of the dagger in the holy water before standing back up. It was now or never. He wouldn’t risk touching the wraith without his armor. Asking for the dragon within, he could feel his body begin to transform. The draconic plates started to covers his arms and hands and his neck, long talons reaching out and now holding his weapons. It was a struggle attempting to remain focused.. When he thought he was done, and he was protected where he needed to be, he walked back into the flame. He was not sure if the wraith could disappear while being lit up, but he crouched down and crept forward at a fast pace, bringing the holy water dagger around, and with a swing, he attempted to stab the creature in the heart..
  12. The King's Sword

    As they reached the top of the spire, Alukai’s eyes took a quick look around before gazing into the fire. It was a beautiful thing and ignited the entire room in a golden glow and he slowly moved towards it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ayden start to address a hooded figure. Alukai could tell by the man’s scent that he was of dragon blood. Stepping up to the flame he held out his hand, teasing the fire with his palm and finger tips as he packed it back and forth, his fingers dancing as the blaze lightly kissed his flesh, but did little to no harm. Venomous hues turned towards the interaction between his brother and Raxiz, and waiting patiently for their moment to pass. It was then that Raxiz asked a question, and the chaotic prince was too happy to answer. Stepping away from the inferno, Alukai moved to Ayden’s side and lightly bowed his head, placing a hand over his abdomen and breaking at the waist. Even though the Young Prince was as powerful as anyone here, this Dragon seemed to demand respect, without even saying a word. The Chaotic Prince also knew of the journey that he and Ayden had endured and that they were nearly at their wits end. They had exhausted all of their leads, and came here in pure desperation, hoping and praying that the keeper of the Spire may be able to help them in some way, shape or form. “I apologize for the intrusion, My lord Raxiz,” Alukai was not sure how to address him, “I would like to thank you for allowing us into the spire, our journey has been long and hard and has not yet been finished. The Underworld has taken my neice, Ayden’s daughter, the Princess of Vdara, Anastasia Nedane. We have been searching for her for almost a month and had no luck in finding her; whether she is dead or alive, we have come here in hope that you will be able to assist us in locating her so that we may bring her back home where she belongs.”
  13. Revelation of the Past

    The moment was upon them, and their lips were locked and she felt the warmth and caress of his skin on hers. If she could have pulled him any closer, she would have. Yet as he held onto her so tight, she felt his member drawing closer to her nether regions. Every inch of her ached for him to be inside of her, and she nearly trembled at his touch, longing to be with him completely. It had been so long since she had subjected herself to sexual activity, that their kiss was broke as she had to take a deep breath as he made that final thrust and penetrated her. At first, it was pain that she felt but then that pain had dissipated and then there was pure pleasure. She exhaled with a moan, teeth gingerly finding the curve of his neck, dragging them lightly across his skin with gentle nibbles before trekking up back towards his left ear. Again she struggled to apply words to her mouth, her whimpered in between staggered, heavy breaths. Her eyes closed as she nuzzled into his cheek, her teeth and tongue lightly assaulting his ear. “I love you..” her whisper was soft and full of emotion, it was then that she allowed herself to go back to the moment. There was nothing more passionate, or perfect.
  14. Image/Signature host

    Oh I do, I have my images backed up in several places!! I don't play, haha.
  15. Image/Signature host

    I have officially come to the Dark Side. Thank you, boys!