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  1. How long had it been since Aremis left Vdara by order of his father? Too long, he supposed. The object of time was lost to him as he continued to reside within the Dragonspire, all the while attempting to unearth the challenge that his father had set out before him. During this time that has passed, the Dragon Prince had grown. He became braver, stronger and, a little less mischievous and while the task was not fully complete he had also become more confident in his abilities. He had also become rather fond of his companion, Maribelle Valentine, who has chosen to stick by him throughout this whole crusade. Together, they had become very enveloped in breaking the riddle to complete this quest. So it was to Aremis's surprise when two Nighreaver's showed up requesting his immediate attention. These were not the same NightReaver’s that had been following them around to make sure Aremis stayed on task, instead they were dispatched from the castle. Piercing blue hues stared at them in disbelief as they provided a minimal explanation of what was going on, and that his sister had summoned him back home. She's alive, he thought to himself as tears began to swell. Without hesitation Aremis immediately gathered his things and returned to Maribelle’s side, “Forgive me my lady, but I am afraid our quest will have to be continued another time.” Scooping up her hand as he did when they first met, he placed a delicate kiss on the back of her hand before pushing back to a stand. “I am extremely grateful for all of your help, but I need to get home. – Captain,” He motioned to the brawny armored NightReaver standing his left. “Please escort Lady Valentine home safely. Make sure to provide her with anything she may need, and also compensation for her time and effort that she has spent at my side.” “As you wish, My lord.” To Maribelle, “We shall see each other again soon. I promise” Aremis wished that he could prolong his departure a little longer as no amount of words could show his gratitude for Maribelle. Without any more delay, Aremis took to the sky. - - Aremis flew as fast as he could to the Nedane castle, and by the time he reached the courtyard the sun was beginning to retreat behind the mountains. Large draconic wings flared out behind him as his boots his the ground, with a sword as his side and within his battle armor that his mother provided for him he may have resembled his father. The castle guards approached quickly as he marched his way through the main entrance. “My prince! - The Prince has returned!” They yelled, making a verbal announcement. Then a familiar face came up to him, a main of brawny stature, auburn hair, and dark brown eyes. Aremis did little to slow down or offer pleasantries, “Captain Raze,” he acknowledged, “My sister, where is she?” “The Princess is within her chambers. I'll take you to her. ” Not a few minutes passed as the Captain lead the Prince to the outside of where Anastasia was residing. He didn’t knock or announce his arrival, instead, he unceremoniously barged through the door. It opened with a loud creak and a slam against the wall as his eyes quickly traced the room to find his sister in the flesh. He didn’t say anything, he hoped that their bond was not completely broken as he walked straight up to her and wrapped her up in the warmest hug a brother could offer “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, taking in her scent verifying that it was actually her, "It was all my fault. I’m so sorry I’ve put you through this..” @Ayden
  2. I don't have any kids, but here is a pic of my husband and I! He is my everything and my world ❤️ And here are some pictures from our trip to Italy last year! The Roman Forum The Colloseum Island of Capri and the Mediterranean Managed to get a shot of some jelly fish too off the island of Capri..
  3. Originally RPed in the Yahoo chat rooms. It gave me a sense of belonging, and to be honest it helped with my confidence in my real life which I established pretty young (9th grade). My father hated it only because I would be on the computer for hours on in, RPing with other people and becoming engrossed in story lines. Those days truly are the backbone to most of my character's development that I have today. Back in those days I had quite the imagination and it also inspired a lot of my art. Now that I am older I really do enjoy writing and taking the time to put a story together. However, I also do love my characters and their story lines. I invest a lot of thought and emotion into them and, would love to write a book on my two main characters someday and intertwine their adventures together. I have yet to find the time and motivation to do so yet, perhaps one day!
  4. Congratulatios!!! What an amazing achievement. <3<3<3

  5. I graduate next week with my Master's degree, so I'm considering coming back into the fold. Malaysia and Alukai will not be available for a while, but if anyone wants to RP with Kalicity, or MorceLa'Kai please let me know. 

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      Hey that’s awesome! Congrats!

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      An achievement to be proud of! Congratulations!

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  6. In the depth of winter, I finally realized within me lay an invincible summer. 

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  7. I guess I too, will be taking a break. For now, Valucre, I'm out. 

  8. Just checking up on you, how are you doing?

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      I am doing well love! How are you? I've been super busy and tired, the kiddos run me ragged. 

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      About the same, been pretty busy myself. Wrapping up this semester, have one semester left(the Spring) until I graduate with my Master's. I am totally ready to be done! Glad to hear you are doing well. 

  9. In the midst of winter,  I found there was within me an invincible summer.  

  10. Inside the barrier they moved forward and the darkness slowly began to sink in the further they got into the tunnels. It was chilly and damp, with a thick musty moisture lingering in the air. The decay inside the walls was sweltering and it was accompanied by the smell of blood and death. Rotting flesh, bones and nails appeared as the favorable décor that was painted on the walls and Alukai’s eyes flickered with a brilliant emerald green that seemed to illuminate in the shadows. Yet as they continued to wander and close in on the scent of Malaysia, something caused Alukai to stop in his tracks. There was another scent stirring in the air, something so faint yet so familiar. A woman’s voice gently resounded and echoed down the hall. “Alukaaaiii,” it said. Alukai felt as if he had been kicked in the gut as he saw a silhouette of a female forming from a distance. She was tall, dark haired and fair skinned, and her eyes were a piercing blue that seemed to cut through the gloom like a knife through butter. She was dressed in skin tight leather, steel braces resting on her forearms and chains wrapped around her legs from her thighs to her knee high boots. Her midriff was bare and on her left side rested a wicked looking sword with all sorts of pointed edges; A Venom’s Kiss. It was his worst nightmare, coming back to haunt him. His mother was dead yet she was in all of her beautiful glory. Had she gone to Underworld once Malice had taken away her soul? Did they reincarnate her just for this moment? The Chaotic Prince’s eyes narrowed as she started to walk towards them. “Mother? It cannot be you..” he spoke out loud. “You’re dead. You left us..” You left us. Those words rang in his ears, didn’t he say this to someone recently? The silver haired woman in the throne room before they left to came here. He was so certain she was his mother, he could smell her from a mile away. He couldn't have been mistaken, could he? In this thought process the barrier that he had provided started to flicker as his concentration began to wane. “You’re can't be real. You're not really here,” He said again. Kalicity continued to walk towards them, "Please my son, please forgive me for all of my faults. I never wanted to leave you behind.." There was not telling if Ayden could see this too. The enchantment was designed to interfere and play on the fears of those who chose to step within its reach. So what Alukai may be seeing, may be something completely different from Ayden.
  11. Raxiz moved and even in his ancient age, there was still something rather poetic in how he carried himself. As if cracking an invisible whip, the flames bent to his will and came alive. Aremis stepped forward as the images began to dance in the fire coming ever closer to the blazing heat. "The dragon within you is a drop of the primordial that your father is." The fire faded and Aremis continued to stare into as, waiting for another vision to pass through the flame yet nothing came. After about fifteen seconds Aremis yanked away his stare and shifted it towards the ground. Aremis did not realize all of the power that traced through his veins but it was never a topic that truly came up. He was never one to pay attention in his studies, and he never really stepped up to the challenge to learn his heritage. He simply knew that he was a Prince, a vampiric angel and draconic hybrid born from some of the most distinct and influential bloodlines. "You are pure however. Born into this world, not forged by two halves. Your potential can surpass even your father's if you survive long enough." “My father?” He asked, shifting his gaze towards Raxiz again before his body followed. “Do you really mean that my Lord?” It was meant to be an open ended question, he really did not believe what he was hearing but who was he to rob Raxiz of his words? "If you ever wish to stand a chance to defeat your father, I will need you to retrieve my second eye to restore my full power." The concept of standing up against his father was still a nerve wracking one, did he really want to find the second eye? It only meant it would bring him one step closer to meeting his father in combat. Perhaps he could stay here in the desert, just him and Maribelle; stay exiled, live the simple life, only so that he would not have to fight his father. The young Prince did not want to fail, and for a split second that sounded like an amazing plan! It was even distracting enough that Aremis did not notice in the slight shift in Raxis's demeanor, if he would have been paying attention then he would have caught the subtle differences. Yet then there came the aftermath, the voice inside that told him that running away was not an option; that he had to get back to Vdara, and that he had a responsibility to uphold. Grumbling beneath his breath, wanting deeply to squash that annoying conscious of his, lovely blue hues slowly elevated and his gaze landed on Raxiz yet again. “Where is your second eye, my lord?”
  12. MorceLa’Kai only caught of a glimpse of the NightReaver that spoke, but from what he saw the Dark Prince liked the look of him. Intense sapphire globes rolled in their sockets as he shifted his gaze to Ana as she gathered her wits and climbed onto the back of Cody. The Dragon seemed rather content knowing the Princess was on his back, that was until with a few powerful leaps MorceLa’Kai stood on his back behind her. With a hand resting firmly on the hilt of A Venom’s Kiss, he buried his weight into his heels, bent his knees and pointed east. “Cody, make haste to the east.” With a parting maw and a high pitched roar, the dragon pushed himself into the air with powerful legs. Thick talons mercilessly tore into the ground while large, leathery and sinewy wings beat into the air but not without inflicting more damage to the castle walls as the wings caught inner portions of the courtward. It was unfortunate, but MorceLa’Kai was confident that the housekeeping staff and others alike were rather used to the castle constantly being destroyed in one way or another. No doubt they would be cursing under their breath later today. Once Cody was at a fair elevation, MorceLa’Kai would drop to his knees, straddling the spine of Cody and placing his right hand on the small shoulder of his niece. “Are doing alright, Anastasia?” He asked. But before she could answer, he twisted his body around to look at where the NightReavers were thus making sure they were hot on their tail. “Create a perimeter! 2 in Front, 2 on the sides, and 2 in back! We must protect the Princess at all costs.” He hoped he spoke loud enough for them to hear him, if not, he may have to use telepathy. However it appeared that would not be necessary, the NightReaver’s quickly adjusted and two urged their dragons to move in front of Cody. Despite Cody’s massive size, the smaller dragons were able to keep up with minimal effort. Two more dragons moved to the side but set on the backside of Cody’s wings, and the last two lingered on the back but on each side of Cody’s tail. Getting one last good look at their formation, if Anastasia wanted to answer his question, now was the time to do it.
  13. As Ayden set back, snarled and hissed, Alukai peeked over his shoulder back at his brother. The Chaotic Prince had never seen Ayden so rattled..over anything for that matter, so it was a new concept for him. Unlike Ayden however, Alukai was very accustomed to magic. It was all he really knew, and the idea of playing with swords and weapons was a rather foreign idea, but he adapted anyway. Together he and Ayden were two peas in a pod, complimenting one another against their strengths and weaknesses. As Ayden formed a suit of armor, Alukai looked on in awe. It was rather unique and beautiful and perhaps he had a touch of envy. He had never needed armor or required it, but what would he look like in it? Perhaps one day he would play with the idea and figure that out, but that day was not this day. “Ayden, I wish we had more time because then I would no doubt be able to break down the enchantment myself. I suggest you stay behind me and let me lead, I can form a barrier around us that can protect us. If it takes long enough, I may be able to build enough strength to shatter it completely. Another concern that is lingering in my mind is it may be designed as a test or a puzzle. We may have to perform a series of tasks in correlation to the illusions to break the spell. It may bring out your worse fears and bring them to light, but if that is so then we must choose the right path. Unfortunately we will not know until we get inside.” Alukai spoke as if he had seen this before, and he wasn’t sure where he was getting all of this information it was simply being fed to him through his kinetic energy. Taking one last glance at Ayden, the Chaotic Prince moved forward into the entrance. A soft silver glow immediately formed around him that creating a fairly large bubble. Ayden too would be inside this force field as well if he decided to stay close. The bubble illuminated in the darkness thus lighting their way.
  14. Something had changed in Ayden as the continued their trek south. Ayden senses were intensely heightened and he seemed a bit more focused than usual. Listening to the Dragon King, venomous hues narrowed on him. At first Alukai was slow to catch on, trying to piece together what his brother was saying. But then after a few seconds ticked by, it all made sense. Alukai then placed a firm hand on Ayden’s shoulder, “We will take care of him, but right now we need to finish this and rescue Malaysia.” Pulling his hand away he looked towards the glowering castle. Taking in all of the detail he felt a distinct power lingering inside of it, and it was an odd sensation and something he had never felt before. Approaching the entrance to the building, the Chaotic Prince extended his right hand and slipped it past the open threshold before slowly pulling it back out. Once again the chaotic energy inside of him began to stir, crackling and igniting within his vessel. “There is something different at work here, I feel there is some type of enchantment protecting this building. Once we go in, we may be faced with illusions and delirium. Unless there is a chance we could blow it sky high and shatter it to pieces..” Alukai then pushed forward in his mind, reaching out with his ethereal form and mind quickly searching inside. "Malaysia is in there, Ayden. She is waiting for us."
  15. "Forgive me Prince Nedane, for my old knees are not what they use to be. But a miracle indeed is what you'll need." Aremis looked up as Raxiz motioned them both to stand, and so he did. Strong, leather wings briefly stretched out behind him as if they had been put away for quite some time. "Tell me, does the dragon within control you? Or do you control it? What can you tell me of him?" Aremis slightly nodded, “I don’t know much about the dragon within me, my Lord. Save for the fact that he a dragon of fire, like my father, and he is powerful. Personally I would say that we control each other, but when the dragon comes out it is very difficult to really get a hold on him. The few times he has taken over he has been reckless and destructive. Right before I was exiled my father was trying to teach me how to control the dragon within me, but I have yet to master the skill.” The Prince became quiet and still as Raxis rounded the flames. He wondered what the ancient would do next with this information. Would Raxis teach him how to control his dragon, or send him away until he was ready? The entire concept filled Aremis with worry and concern.
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