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  1. She could see the struggle on Lukas’s face as he tried to come to a decision. She saw fear and apprehension in his eyes, and she could only wonder why. Every person had gone through the own trials and tribulations in life, and there were times when those tragic moments desire to be forgotten, forgiven, and left in the past. Calmly she rotating her wrist to draw Talon’s angle further away from Lukas, the Queen felt something stir in the air. Captain’s Raze’s light footsteps echoed in the room as he stepped in through one of the side doors and stood calmly up against the wall, as he took in what was going on. She continued to watch Lukas as whatever internal strife he was fighting with, was weighing deep on his heart. Tears rolled down that hurt ridden face, and she could only sigh. Any other time, she would have been on her knees, offering him some type of comfort. However she was Queen, and if she did that to every single person then she would see an endless line of tearful individuals waiting for her caress. “Lukas, you do not need to give an immediate answer. I am aware that this is a lot to ask and you may take the time needed for you to consider my offer. Now please, dry your tears. I did not mean to make you sad,” That was when the whole world would change in a second. Through the lovely vaulted ceilings, Florin came soaring at high speeds through the air. To his knee’s he came and Malaysia’s focus became fixated on the spirit as she sensed his panic. "Your daughter is trapped in another plane. I heard her! I spoke to her... You must go to Kullo Astar right now!" The words went into one ear to process, and she had so many questions but apparently time was of the essence. “You found her?” Another plane? There was thousands of planes out there but she would start with the most obvious. "She said we must hurry, I think something terrible will happen to her if we don't solve this in time!" “Thank you Florin. Captain Raze, take over until I or the King Returns. I’m sorry gentlemen, I must leave.” Tossing Talon to Captain Raze, the man caught the blade with one hand as she marched off towards the entrance. There was no time left to lose. A part of her wished Ayden was here so that she can tell him where she was going but that was not an option. The Darkness came in one sweep, the pitch black tendrils opened up a portal for her to step through. In an instant, she would be at the temple known as Kullo Astar, where her mother Kalicity had her own room to pay praise to for those that wished it. “Ana?!” She yelled out. She didn’t see anyone, did not feel anyone’s immediate presence. Then she remembered that Florin had told her that she was on another plane. It had been ages since she had been in the astral plane, and she only hoped that she remembered how to get there. Black wings stretching out behind her, she closed her eyes and cleared her mind. There was a thought process that went along with these, and she had to think, and imagine herself stepping through that bright portal. Then she felt a wisp of pure energy run through her, a soft delicate breeze running through her hair and then, nothing. Inhaling the cool air, Malaysia opened her eyes and there was a soft golden haze accenting Kullo Astar. She looked around, and to her hands and body, convincing herself that she had made it where she was supposed to be. She heard footsteps outside. Her heart skipped a beat with with anxiety and anticipation. “Anastasia? Is that you?!”
  2. There was a moment between Aremis and Maribelle, and she handed him the bowl with the holy water he gazed softly into her eyes. He could see her worry and concern, and he admired her for her courage staying inside with the girl. “Stay safe.” He nodded to her, “Same to you.” Then the door popped open with the Golden Shield handing over the silver dagger. Placing the arrow back into its holster and tucking the bowl underneath his left arm, he looked down at the dagger before taking it into his right hand. “That’s perfect. Thank you.” Tucking it into his belt, he grabbed the bowl one more time before taking one more glance over his shoulder to Maribelle then moving forward through the entry door and shutting it behind him. He took care to place the bowl underneath the awning so it would be standing right next to him, but away from the rain. The cool droplets clinked as it hit his armor and cloak and he looked side to side to the Golden Shield’s that had joined him. Quickly he drew a few of his arrows, and dipped them in the Holy water before replacing them. He left one out to place on the string of his bow, he hadn’t thought about the rain when he had said he was going to draw a line of fire. Having took notice of the lanterns behind him, he instinctively turned to break one a side of the glass, revealing the fire within it. He too, grabbed it by the handle and set it on it’s side underneath the awning so the flame would be readily available. The rest of the glass surrounding it should prevent it from spreading. Aremis was doing everything possible not to unleash the dragon within. Although he knew that it would probably be beneficial, he did not want to see anyone else get hurt.
  3. The thought of holy water and fire made him think. He could turn himself into a dragon, he could produce fire and he being a dragon would give her one hell of a fight. But the question remained, would his armor protect him from her venomous touch? Or would he completely immobilized? Was there any way he could breathe fire, without turning into a dragon? Picturing it in his mind looked.. odd. He had never seen his father do it, and his father never mentioned anything about it to him before. He then remembered when he father was telling him to control the dragon within him. What if the Dragon took control? How much damage would he do to this small town? He had to figure this out, as the rain started to come down and he could hear the soft pitter patter of the droplets hitting the straw rooftops. Looking out the window, he waited to see if the wraith was anywhere in sight. He then set the thought aside of him turning into a dragon. He had to keep this simple, he didn’t want to put any civilians in harm’s way. Reaching for his sword, he then remembered his mother had provided him a bow and arrow which rested on his back. Quickly he grabbed the bow and one of the arrows, which each had a steel tip. “We can use these. Dip the tips in holy water then light it up, and it will give us more opportunities to hit her with it. We can create a line of fire outside so that we won't waste it waiting."
  4. Skip Kalicity this round please.
  5. Aremis smirked as Maribelle caught herself, but he understood where she was coming from. Of course, most adults do not want to place little girls in harm’s way, just in case something goes wrong. Yet when the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, there was little he could do at this point. Drawing his attention back to the Golden Shield, the Prince nodded as he heard what he thought was unevitable. “I understand.” Even though Silver was popular throughout Generasis, it was a rare commodity to run into in Vdara. Other than merchants who used to buy and sell, silver and gold was not in abundance among the small villages. It was out of hope that he asked, but he knew the possibilities were slim. “Please be safe while looking, and thank you for your efforts.” Then the Golden shield left the Prince’s presence to do as he requested. “This girl is in no condition to be running around. They won’t be back up on their feet for at least three days…” He heard the sting in her voice and then he moved through the door and towards her. “I’m aware you are not happy with my decision, but there is no need for anybody else to get hurt. If the books I read, and my sister is correct, then the wraith will come back to feed off of these victims, including the girl. Who knows, maybe the wraith is choosing daughters because they are young and strong, and perhaps it thinks it will live longer?” He paused for a moment, looking at the other three men. No doubt they were trying to protect the girl while she was being attacked. “I sent the guard to look for silver, I heard it can harm them. Any chance you have anything in that hat of yours that could help?” He was thinking at this point. Trying to figure out what else he could do, and then he had an idea as he glanced down to his hand and remembered how his father had told him to practice on controlling his draconic abilities. “Maribelle, do you think wraith’s are susceptible to natural elements?”
  6. @Florin I sent you a PM :D Oh if the Queen only knew what Florin was hearing and what Kalicity had dreamed about, she would already be gone and taking leaps and bounds through the astral plans. It had literally been ages since she had passed through those shadowy gates, but for her daughter, she would trek world’s unknown to bring her beloved daughter home safe. But the truth of it was, she did not know. So in the silence of the throne room, Malaysia stood gracefully watching something rather odd unfold while Lukas decided to show his skill at the expense of the castle floor. It appeared these men seemed to be more uncivilized than she realized, did they not know it was bad form to destroy pieces of someone’s home that they just met? She chuckled at the thought and she felt like it would be her duty, should she keep these men, to groom them so that their mannerisms were more acceptable in the face of royalty. She also found it interesting that he called it a blade, but it didn’t look like a “blade” at all. His display was impressive, and when he formed the large thorn of ice she was quickly reminded of the Ice dragon, Kronos, and the ice castle she lived in in the cold mountains for a time. “Coldsteel is a beauty, no doubt. I’m impressed,” she had thought about correcting the ice and then instantly repairing the shattered tile, however, she did not want to dismiss Lukas’s power so easily. Then he drew the wildcard when he spoke of his gift. It was somewhat odd the coincidences that were taking place today. First a woman showed up, resembling her deceased mother, a kind spirit to help search for their enemies, and now what she would call a magical blacksmith that enchants weapons. Her mother had knack for that as well, all of her weapons were enchanted including the ones she passed down to her children when she passed. Malaysia supposed it wouldn’t be too horrible to share this as well? “You can enchant weapons?” She glanced at him, a soft spark in her eye. Holding out her right hand, she softly whispered a word. “Talon.” And within seconds, in a cloud of smoke that formed out of nowhere only to disappear, leaving a wicked looking sword in its wake. “We too have enchanted weapons in my family, although I will admit that my mother was rather good at it. She was the one to perfect it, and yet she never taught her children how to do it.” With the sword gleaming in the light, she shifted the tip of the blade slowly to the ground so she would not be posed as a threat. “This is one of hers, a gift. My brother has its full sister. I would love to have more enchanted weapons in this family, and if you feel you could do this, I would employ you as our personal blacksmith. You will have all the finest steels to work with, and your power will grow beyond belief. Does that interest you, Lukas?”
  7. The Prince listened intently. A wraith? Hunting daughters? As they walked further into the village, Aremis started to wrack his brain about what he had read about Wraith’s in his teachings. Then it hit him; him and Ana were having a conversation about what they learned in class that day. It was about wraith’s, and like he always did he was running his mouth, saying that if he ever faced one then the wraith better run the other direction. However, he remembered Ana talking to him in that sarcastic tone of her's, telling him that they would probably leave him alone because he had no brain for them to eat. “You must take me to see these men immediately. I am a Valentine, there may still be time to save them” The guards looked at him, and he quickly nodded for them to go. If Maribelle could save them, then there was no time to lose. As they hurried towards the hut, Aremis decided to fill them in. “From my knowledge, wraith’s feed off brain matter. They release a large amount of dopamine into the brain to sedate their victims. Then when they touch their prey they release an atrocious amount of venom which would basically leave their victim paralyzed, dying slowly so that the wraith could feed on them for days. To my memory they are susceptible to silver, it could kill them despite them being a spiritual form.” “If the Wraith is after daughters, perhaps I may be of more service than just healing these men? Give you an opening perhaps....” He briefly turned to Maribelle, “No. We have minimal help here and we need every body we have to fight this thing off. If permitted I would choose to use the young girl that has already been infected. No doubt the wraith will come back for her, and when she does then we will get her. The less bodies she has to feed of, the weaker she will become.” As they approached the hut, the Prince would grab one of the Golden shield’s to stay behind. “If you have some place safe to keep the daughters and women of this town, I would suggest that you place them there before the night starts. We need to eliminate all possibility of this wraith infecting anyone else, if she has nothing to feed on then we will have the upper hand. Also do you have silver weapons? All of mine are made of steel.”
  8. As they approached the village, the area wound them seemed to grow quiet. There was an odd smell in the air, but the others seemed to not pay attention to it; perhaps it was just him. Then, there were the two Golden Shield’s. Looking at the puzzled looks on their faces as well as their reactions, it left Aremis confused as well. However, he quickly set that aside once they approached and started talking. Called for help? Have my chance? Thinking quick off of his feet, he glanced at Maribelle and shrugged off her suggestion. It was not a bad idea however there seemed to be more at work here, and as the Prince of Vdara he couldn’t just brush them off. Lightly he peered at Maribelle, giving her a rather sultry glance, “Follow my lead.” He whispered to her through perched lips. “Well, unfortunately there was no one else to send at the moment and I need to start paving my way around here, I will not be a Prince forever. My father would like to see me doing more to help out. I’m sorry to say he did not equip me with much more than my humble group, but I feel we should fair fine in our assistance.” He started to walk forward and take the lead as the two Golden shields came to his side as they walked further into the village, “We have been traveling for a few days, what is the update on your situation? Has anything changed?” He was hoping that they would spill more information, so they knew exactly what they were dealing with.
  9. She too didn’t seem to notice Lukas as he was escorted into the hall. It was unusual for Malaysia to not take immediate notice of her surroundings, but mentally and emotionally, it felt as if she was going in a hundred directions at once. Each second that passed was heart ache, not knowing what was going on as she had no contact with her husband or brother since they had left. She knew full well that they were okay, but she wasn’t sure how they were doing and if they were successful in their search. Looking up, she watched Lukas introduce himself and explain that he too has come to help search for her daughter. It appeared the word was spreading and she was grateful for the help, for even though she was the Queen of this city, she was generally chained to her throne. She could not really leave this castle, not without potential consequence. She had to stay here to protect, to command and to lead. “You speak truly, Florin, for the more eyes and ears that are out there to look for the Princess is all the more chances we have to locate her.” Glancing towards Florin, she calmly watched as he showed his luminescent display, going off to do as she asked. Little did Florin know, that he would find more than he bargained for. He was a spirit that could pass through the many different astral planes, and as he flew through the sky to search for what the Queen would call an enemy, he would hear a frail voice in the air. It was kind yet sweet, but there was something terrible wrong, as the voice was bathed in fear. The voice cried out, looking for help, looking for somebody to save her. She didn’t know where she was, there was no gravity to keep her in place, and she couldn’t even see her own physical form anymore and that frightened her. For she wanted to come home, she wanted to go home to her mother, her father, her brother. She wanted to come home.. to Vdara.. He wouldn’t be able to see her, or touch her, just hear her. She was stuck in the astral plane, and had no idea how to get out. Back in the throne room, Malaysia turned to Lukas and offered him a smile. She had listened to his story and she felt there was some type of turmoil in his heart. If he had lost someone in his life, she knew how that went. But like others before her, she would offer them the healing hand of a fallen angel. “No man is no more extraordinary than the next, my dear Lukas. We all have our strengths and our weakness, and our true strength is how we choose to use them. You are a tracker you say, we can always use more trackers in the world. However what else can you offer me? Say you do find my daughter’s captors, what would you do then?” She wasn’t turning the man away, she just knew that the Underworld was a group of villainous marauders that specialize in dark magic. She was not sure if placing Lukas in that position was smart. She did not want to see her men get tortured or killed if they got caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
  10. Always patient, my friend! Take care of your little one and RP when you can, your little boy is much more important! :)
  11. OOC: My apologies for the delay, I am in the middle of getting ready for a move to another state so my time is limited. Thank you for your patience. “Kel’Anar, that is a fancy name.” She calmly peered at him through the corner of her eye. She knew a little bit of Elvish, and she did not know if she had the heart to had the heart to tell him what it meant. For it wasn’t exactly a bad thing, but it was an off sentiment. Kel’ Anar meant “Leaving Sun.” She wasn’t sure if that it was a metaphor such as “the dusk before dawn,” or perhaps he was the brisk breeze you feel in the dead of night. She smiled lightly, dismissing the thought. “Well it seems that they have given you a good name to go by.” "If your kingdom is under your ever watchful eye then I suppose we should seek beyond... maybe. You know the circumstances better than anyone, the person and your enemies... it is only fitting that I follow whatever instructions you may give." The queen is undoubtedly the best bet if there is no other lead... time is rarely a luxury in such situations and there would be no point in wandering aimlessly and hoping for the best. “Perhaps we should, perhaps we shouldn’t. They always say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and while I wish my enemies to stay as far from my family as possible, my heart secretly longs for the moment that I may avenge my children. I dare our enemies to stand before me so they may taste my wrath, but that would not be diplomatic of me.” At this point her thumbs quietly ran over each length of her fingers, a sign of anxiousness and frustration. “If you have truly come to help my daughter, and you are able to travel as you say you can, then I command you to scour the city. Make sure there are no enemies at our doorsteps, and if there is, you will notify me immediately. Someone has to know where the Princess is, I long for nothing more than to have her safely in my arms again.” It was a large notion, and she knew the chances of that happening. But their young daughter was resilient, intelligent and strong. She had to be alive, Malaysia could feel it in her heart, but the Queen was not sure how much longer they had left.
  12. For those whom I'm involved in an RP with, I am getting ready to move out of state in two weeks. So I will be a bit busy and will try to get to the threads when I can. Thank for you for your patience :)

  13. Kel’Anar denied her offer, and she quietly placed the goblet back onto the tray before the young girl turned around and went back to her station. “Very well.” Even though Malaysia was the Queen, despite her royal blood she was unlike any other matriarch. She was born into this role, but even before she gained her lovely wings she always had a humble heart. She didn’t seek power, money, or land; and while she was strong and fearless, even ruthless at times, she did not desire to have more as some of her siblings had. She had loved and lost, and learned to love again; stepping into a throne because her little sister did not want the responsibility. Even when Gabriela decided to retreat to her crypt and abandon her beloved city, Malaysia decided to still watch over it in her stead. Malaysia even died for her, taking their veracious mother with her and what felt like an eternity in the depths of hell. She recalled breaking through the icy lake of Ere’tul, gasping for air. Every movement she made was a struggle, while every aching muscle sent shockwaves of pain throughout her entire body. She could still feel the rough sand scratching her tender face as she dragged herself onto the shore, with blood drizzling down her back where the Devil himself had hand sewn wings to her flesh, a constant reminder of her punishment. In truth she didn’t understand it then, but as the years went on and she healed. Becoming stronger and evolving into what she is now, she understood what the Devil was trying to teach her then. He allowed her to return to the physical world, but she was never to trust again as she had done before. The Imperial Goddess was so loyal then, so foolish and ignorant for wanting to help her family out when they needed her. Yet when the time came to return the loyalty, her little sister treated her like everyone else, as if she was just a mere servant. It was then that Malaysia chose to walk away and not look back, and that was when she met Ayden. The love of her life, the father to her children, and her husband and King. This is the life that she had always wanted, and she was still trying to feel comfortable being the Queen of the Kingdom to call her own. She wanted to be just and fair, nothing like her mother before her. The Queen listened to the Kal’Anar as she seemed to be advising her of matters of state. “Forgive me, but I believe my Kingdom is in good hands. The city is aware of the missing Princess and we have set up boundaries to protect them. They are loyal to us as we are to them, without our countrymen and our citizens, we have no Kingdom.” She paused again, listening to him continue. “Yes, we have enemies. Clearly. But I think everyone does, to say that someone does not have any enemies is to live a life of ignorant bliss. Who knows, perhaps there are enemies resting inside the walls of my Kingdom. It is always a possibility, but I am not going to blow up the city to find one well-armed man. As for our enemies, like I said we have patrols as well as the King, and my brother, looking for our enemies. Someone needed to stay behind to look after Vdara, as hard as it was that is why I am here.” She nodded as he spoke of his ethnicity. Her behaviors seemed to make a little more sense now. “I agree, I believe that your gifts can be proven useful. It’s been a long time since I have interacted with a spirit- A very long time.” An old acquaintance named Chaotic, her mother’s previous lover before she fell head over heels for Colvin. He was quite the character. “What is your name, by the way? I don’t believe I caught it.”
  14. Her mind wandered on Kalicity, thinking to herself about what she would say at their next meeting. That was until the guards led in the next individual; a male of unique circumstances. The Imperial Goddess watched him carefully, and observed his behavior. On the norm anybody who walked into these halls are usually taken by the grandeur of the Nedane Castle. Yet this man walked on by without a second glance, the Queen thought this was particularly odd. "I doubt mere bandits would be able to pull that off. If the princess has been taken it either is a political game, in which case it can only have terrible consequinces no matter what they hope to acomplish, or something worse which I doubt it is the case." He words were even stranger, and the edge of his voice cut like a knife at the tip of his tongue. Moonlit hues narrowed on the man, and the Golden Shield's slowed their pace behind him just in case she requested their service. But she held them at bay, there was no need of any sort of violence. He showed no formality however, there was no show of respect and he didn't cater the royalty that sat quietly before him. There were some groups in this world that did not recognize royal families, and to a certain point she was okay with that, but there were lines that needed to be drawn. He could not just waltz into any castle unchecked and unchallenged, as other families would not be as lenient as the draconic family that ruled this land. Calmly she stood up, her large black wings stretching out behind her. They were impressive specimens, covered in thin, pitch black fur so that the muscular outlines remained well defined. Taking a step forward, she began to descend down the steps so that she may stand face to face with the man. She served no threat, but her gaze never faltered. "You are so right, the situation at hand does look bleak. Yet in the all the darkness that has been cast over my country, there is still light provided by the beautiful sky above." She paused for a moment, "There is still hope, and we cannot give up hope that my husband, your King, will find her and bring her home." Never moving, she glanced away for a moment to motion towards one of the servants. The young girl rushed over with a silver platter in her hands. Upon the platter there was two pitchers; one was filled with chilled bloodwyne, the other ice water. Two goblets were also available, and picking one up she poured a glass of water and offered it to her guest. "Seeing that you are not one for formalities, I offer you this drink. You must be thirsty." She waited for him to take it, if he did or didn't, she would continue. If he didn't, she would put the goblet back on the platter. "As per the whereabouts of my daughter, I would say that if I knew where she was you best bet me, or my husband, or brother would be there and the Underworld would be groveling in pieces at our feet. Now should you have any useful information, I encourage you to tell me about it. If you do not, then I wish you to tell me why you are here."
  15. Leaning off towards the right arm of her throne, she brought her hand up and rested her chin at the tip of her thumb while cradling her cheek with her index finger. To any normal individual she looked as if she was deep in thought, perhaps analyzing the important data that was just communicated to her. It was true that her mind lingered, but it wasn’t on what most would have thought. She was torn between the thoughts of her daughter, and the striking similarities that appeared to be brewing between this woman and her deceased mother. Malaysia’s eyes watched Kalicity stand firmly on the gleaming tile floors that accented the royal blues and golds in her throne room. The fact that the Marquis had “brought her to life" was intriguing and was worthy of further investigation. As the seconds tick by the Imperial Goddess felt her stomach start to churn, as if her gut was trying to tell her something that she already knew. But did she really know? This woman had little resemblance to her mother, aside from the lovely details of her face and the signature slash over her eye piercing blue eyes. It was almost if.. but it couldn’t be, could it? Then she heard the large doors to the throne room open once again, the hinges squealing in their dismay as a guard walked in. Snapping Malaysia out of her thought process, she quickly sat up in her throne and looked towards Kalicity. “I thank you very much for your words, Kali. It is unfortunate that Princess Anastasia is still in the hands of the Underworld, but if this piece of magic is what they are after, perhaps it gives us hope that she is still alive. Your gifts may definitely give us the upper hand. No doubt the enemy has a wall protecting if from seers, but it never hurts to try. Manipulation of emotions can also be handy against our enemies.” She paused for a moment, passing a small glance to one of the Golden Shield’s. “Captain Raze, please escort Lady Kalicity to the guest quarters of the castle. Make sure to tell the servants to provide her with any sustenance she may require.” Looking back to Kalicity, “Please make yourself at home Kalicity, I will be by later to speak with you more about your gifts and how we can help find my daughter.” It wasn’t the only reason why she wanted to keep the mysterious woman close, there were too many coincidences to speak of to think otherwise. No doubt if her husband were here, he would remind her that her mother was dead and this was just another woman with the same name. As Kalicity was being escorted out, she addressed the other guard. He informed her that there was yet another individual at their doors, wanting to help with finding the princess. “Bring him in.”