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    The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    "You can't take all the blame. Where were the guards? Where were your parents?" “I talked Ana into going out into the city with me, we were unattended and were not supposed to be there. My parents were unaware of our whereabouts. The golden shield's showed but it was too late. If I just would have listened to my mother, she never would have been kidnapped by the Underworld.” The memory lingered for a moment before set aside as they followed the hooded figure into the tower. Then, suddenly they were at the top. Aremis could see the view that overlooked the entire valley, it really put into perspective how truly big Vdara and its surrounding territories had become. "A Nedane and Valentine." Eyes drew to the man before intently listening to what he had to say. This was Lord Raxiz? Despite the formalities presented, Aremis would do the dragon one better. Gracefully dropping to one knee, his left forearm supported his weight and, his head dropped respectfully. Despite being a Prince, he knew that in the presence of an ancient being such as Lord Raxiz, it truly meant very little. “My Lord Raxiz, it is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. I am sure you are already aware, but my father sent me here on a quest. He told me that you would present to me a challenge, and that when I return to Vdara I must be able to beat him in combat. I fear it will take a miracle to accomplish such a feat.” Sapphire hues slowly peeked at Raxiz from beneath furrowed brows, hoping for some type of an answer. Only at Lord Raxiz’s request would the Prince rise from his position.
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    A Mother's love (Open)

    As Anastasia regarded his words of advice, he smiled as she came at him again. Would her mother be proud.. or terrified, if she witnessed her beautiful daughter using the powers that were originally gifted to her, but suppressed for so many years? No doubt she would have a word with her brother, or perhaps Malaysia foresaw the future and this was the reason MorceLa’Kai was really here. Aremis was off training to be better than his former self, and now Anastasia would do the same. Her movement was impressive for a beginner as she threw the sword into the sky it was like poetry in motion. Her zig zag carried her closer and it forced the Dark Prince to crouch down, his innate senses still going off notifying him of where the blade was falling. Then once the Princess was within reach, the umbra came to life and transported her above him. It was most unfortunate because her plan was executed quite smoothly, but the Dark Prince’s alias did not come to him without reasons. The shadows were already talking and whispering, the ebony portal that brought Anastasia felt like a close friend reaching out for an embrace. Deep blue hues looked up and Ana descended on him with her weapon in hand. Yet before she could bring that weapon onto him, he used his height and unusually long reach and stretched through the openings of her arms. Ana’s neck fell right into the palm of his hand; snatching her up by her neck, no doubt her body would collapse underneath her own weight. Perhaps she would have enough force behind the attack that it would find his shoulders or upper arms with her sword, but chances were that she would lose all force behind the weapon that she wielded. Supporting her full weight with his right arm, he would pull her in closely as she dangled. Gazing deep into her star-kissed hues. “Another important lesson Anastasia, never go airborne in combat. Not unless you are ready for it. Going into the air takes away the majority of your abilities and places you in an extremely vulnerable state to the person you are fighting against.” Morce’ then lowered his arm, placing Anastasia to her feet on the floor. “You have wings like the rest of your family, but you must learn to lose them. Even your own mother has lost her wings due to her enemies cutting them off at one point. They are a tool that can be taken away so you must remember that at all times. Do not go to the air unless you absolutely have to in a fight.” Briefly looking around, he took a deep sigh before speaking to Anastasia again. “I think we are done for the day, Princess. I want you to think about what you have learned in this short time, try and take time to perfect your powers. You’ve tasted speed, own it. You’ve controlled the umbra, perfect it. You now have a practice sword to call your own, use it. In the meanwhile, we are to talk about what needs to be done here in Vdara. What else do you need help with dear Princess? I’m sure your mother did not ask me here only to help you perfect your skills at melee.”
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    The Angel and The Dragon

    It didn’t take long for the servant to return with a scythe in his hands. She stared at him in disbelief and clearly the fool knew nothing of what a worthy weapon is. The Imperial Goddess had come from a line of highly paid killers, assassins and, mercenaries and this man was an idiot if he thought a scythe was worthy of..well, anyone who held those titles. All in all, what drove her actions at this point was simply asking herself the question, what would Kalicity do? The Dark Goddess was everything that Malaysia wasn’t, but in order to see her husband again she had to play their little game and she had to continue to play it well. Quickly standing to her feet, her face failed to express any sort of emotion as she descended down the stairs. The henchman seemed awful proud of his wayward gift and all she could do was guide herself gracefully towards him. Her strides were long and lean until soon she was right before him, a good two feet if that and she merely glanced at the ridiculous weapon he so thoughtlessly brought her. “You brought me a scythe?” She asked coldly. “Well yes, it is definitely worth of you! You are an angel of death after all, what would be more fitting?” Malaysia broke out into a deep throated chuckle as she then snatched the man by his throat. Her grip was tight and taunting, but it was enough just to literally lift him off of his toes and as she dragged him closer to her so that they could literally see him eye to eye. Her upper lip curled as she sneered directly at him, flashing her thick elongated fangs. The scythe plummeted to the ground as a response as he reached out to grab her wrist to support his body weight, only for her to let him go after about thirty seconds with a thrust and some elbow grease. The man toppled to the floor before quickly whipping around to his feet forming a crouch. Again she turned her back on him, appearing as disgusted as ever. “I am not the Grim reaper. I thought I could count on you, and you disappointed me. I stand alone in this, I must find my own weapon.” She took a few steps forward before coming to a halt, and Malaysia thought about which weapon she would love to have right now. A Venom’s Kiss, DeathStrike, but how could she call on them? Yet then there was something that drew her attention, a delicate tingle at the edge of her fingertips. One of her weapons was nearby, she could sense it in the darkness and the shadows, how could that be? Unless Ayden and Alukai were closer than she thought.. A slight smirk formed on her lips before she lightly peered over her shoulder. “Ah, it looks like you have redeemed yourself after all. You will not fail me again," she glared down at the scythe, "and get that piece of crap out of my sight before I decide to slice your throat with it.” Then it came into her grasp, one of her own personalized weapons. The six foot staff that she designed herself.. Shadow Spire. Oh my love, how I have missed you. Alukai Shortening the distance between him and Ayden as the Dragon Kinh effectively overcame his enemy, once all was said and done his brother approached him. Alukai nodded firmly as they started to migrate south, which is where Malaysia’s scent was strongest. Despite being half vampire, his innate sense of smell was not as keen as it should be. However, it was often something that he did not have to rely on anyway.. especially for a man of his status. Holding Shadow Spire in his hand and at his side, the weapon swung too and fro until something maybe the Chaotic Prince stop. Emerald hues ignited as he felt as if his hand was bring pricked by hundreds of small needles. Looking down, he watched as Shadow Spire slowly faded from the palm of his hand. At first he did not understand what just happened, very few people had control of dark magic that those weapons were cursed with.. except his family members. Then he knew where it went.. “Ayden-“ he paused, catching the attention of his brother. “Malaysia, she's close by. She took Shadow Spire..”
  4. Malaysia NightReaver

    The Angel and The Dragon

    At first, Alukai was pleased to hear that Ayden was willing to leave in order to find Malaysia. However due to his current circumstances he was not as acute as the Dragon King when it came to picking out Malaysia’s scent. Ayden of course would be a lot more familiar with it than her brother after all. Once again Shadow Spire was locked in with his opponent’s look alike weapon, but it did not stop him. Using his upper body strength to keep the demon in his place, the Chaotic Prince buried his feet into the ground before launching forward with a front kick to the man’s chest. It worked, the demon fell back and immediately hit the ground with his back. However he had no time to recover as Alukai was already on top of him and implanting Shadow Spire deep into his chest right above the last fatal wound. With a strong hold on Shadow Spire, his wrists twisted and turned as the edge of the weapon continued to extend out inside of the body onto to poke through the other side. Blood splattered and life left the eyes of the look alike, until the form quickly deflated into the ground as if it was some sort of decorated balloon. Lips peel back into a sneer as Alukai stepped away from the flattened corpse only to turn around to see how Ayden was doing. Rotating Shadow Spire from one hand to the other, swinging it from his right to left, he moved towards Ayden and the Demon Kri. It appeared that the Dragon King had that situation handled. Malaysia "Lord Ragnos is worse than Xildax. Lord Ragnos will only accept one of you at his side for all eternity. You would have to kill the Mad Dragoon to prove your worth." The Imperial Goddess continued to observe her crimson colored fingers before she brought the bloodied tips to her ruby red lips. A forked tongue snaked forward as if trying to sneak a taste only for her to bring her fingers to the edge of her mouth in a form of a kiss as she listened to his senseless babble. “Something I should have done so long ago. A pity really, but perhaps it will make his death that much more poetic. I mean, who’s to say that even after I end Ayden’s life and I join Lord Ragnos by his side, that your Lord will not bow down to me soon after? I mean, if this is all that you have to offer, I feel that perhaps you all are in need of a serious upgrade.” Her blackened hues rolled to the side as her new servant bowed his head and went to retrieve her weapon. It was then that she started to look around the room and then to the throne she felt the need to sit on. She dared not think of her mother at this point, because no doubt that someone would be able to hear her. Her mother would have loved this chair, built with the remains of her enemies and those she chose to torment and kill. Calmly she pulled her legs off to the arm of the throne before putting them before her on the stone cold ground. Folding her legs, one over the other, she waited for her new found slave to come back.
  5. Malaysia NightReaver

    The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    “Your sister may be smart, but I doubt she has the same power that you hold." Aremis frowned; it was a bitter reminder that his little sister was still held captive in the Underworld. The young prince knew nothing about the situations that was happening in Vdara at this very moment; the fact that Anastasia had returned and her powers along with her. Perhaps it was better this way though, if he knew that his sister was back he might have abandoned this entire quest just to give her make sure she was alright and to beg her forgiveness. “You are correct,” he paused for a minute as he released his horse and urged it on its way as well, before turning to walk up the rest of the path. Aremis continued his story, “When my mother was carrying us, Xildax struck her with a curse. While my mother seemed to be okay, Anastasia took the brute of the attack. She should have been born with powers beyond the rest of us, but unfortunately she was not. My sister has no powers at all but I suppose she makes up for it with her intelligence” Aremis attempted to sugar coat the horrid truth of Anastasia’s situation. “I was supposed to protect her you know. She was taken by them under my watch and I failed her.” "There." Aremis was so focused on the thought of his sister that he did not bother to look up, until Maribelle’s finger slid past the corner of his eye. Following her finger he caught a glimpse of the hooded figure and he briefly slowed his pace. Approaching the masked individual, Aremis took a moment to introduce himself. “Good afternoon, I’m Prince Aremis Nedane, and my companion, Maribelle Valentine. We have been sent here by father in search of Raxiz, can you help us?”
  6. Malaysia NightReaver

    The Angel and The Dragon

    Alukai Alukai remained focused on the creature in front of his as it charged and swung the mimicking staff down upon him. Snapping his right wrist up and using the off center point of the staff to stop the attack in it’s tracks thus using the one inch teeth to protect the curve of his hand. Together the two Shadow Spire clashed together, but not before Alukai grasped hold of the direct center of the weapon with two hands and rotating to his right, which lead to his opponent’s open left side. With the length of the weapon he snapped it forward, the teeth snaring against the other causing the creatures staff to throw him off balance and taking the full brunt of Shadow spire he dug the staff deep into his upper midsection with a hefty blow. Those jagged teeth shredded the black clothing and sunk deep into the flesh, throwing his doppelganger back and into the ground. Shards of dirt and rock shattered as the figure plowed through the earth a good twenty feet, leaving a shallow trench in his wake. Blood trickled down his chest through his tattered shirt but he immediately stood up again and was coming straight at Alukai. Having heard Demon Kri in the background and Ayden responding so valiantly, the Chaotic Prince’s gaze focused on his opponent as he was closed in on a second time. “Do it,” The creature jumped over him, like a fool. Alukai’s eyes never left as he followed every movement, and once again they were locked in combat. The heavy sound of clashing from both of the weapons colliding with one another, “Ayden take his offer! I can handle this down here- Go and get Malaysia! She needs you!” It was not what he wanted exactly, but what would happen if they both stayed here? Would they continue to be faced with challenge after challenge? Even though they have stood by each other through out this entire journey, they had to save Malaysia and if this was the way it had to happen, then so be it. Malaysia "Lord Ragnos wishes to claim the Mad Dragoon, the Dragon King, your husband. You're just a pawn to get to him!" Eye’s rolled into the back of her hand before releasing the fool from her grasp, only to spin around and catch the other two in midair by their throats. With one single movement, she had them pinned to the ground and with a shuffle of her fingers and a twist of her wrist, there was a loud simultaneous “snap” that filled the chamber. As their last breath left their bodies and death had taken both of them, she slowly stood leaving the man behind her rubbing at his neck before briefly laughing out loud at the scene that just unfolded. Malaysia interrupted his laughter, “Your Lord is a fool if he thinks my husband is worth more to him than me. He is looking for diamond’s instead of a pearl,” She then chuckled as she moved towards the throne that the Demon Kri was sitting on when she first came here. “None the less, that is his problem I suppose.” Reaching the top of the steps, Malaysia turned around and found a seat on the disgusting chair. “I guess I will just have to show your Lord who is worth more to him, me or the Mad Dragoon? To be triumphant of this feat I will need a weapon worthy of a Goddess. Are you going to provide that for me or will I have to find somebody else more deserving of the task?” Leaning back, she threw her left thigh over the arm of the throne. Looking down at her nails which were covered in the blood of the innocent, her deep blue hues began shifting again to an even darker shade.
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    The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    "Well, once this is all said and done... at least you will have me at your side when facing him. I will see to it myself that you are strong enough to challenge him." Having been gazing down at the mane of his horse, her words caused him to look to her with a soft and genuine smile. “And I truly appreciate that, and you, for both your company and your support.” Arrogant or not, his smile and stare lingered while his sapphire hues longed to capture every detail of her face before turning his attention back to the spire. "I have heard as much about the Dragon Spire. My mother told me the flame upon the top that we see always burns, like a beacon of hope. Though, why we would lure innocent people to the Dragon Spire is beyond me... no doubt scaring the pants off of curious wonderers..." “I’m sure there is a reason, dragons alone are wondrous creatures. Each is unique in their own right and we hold so many properties that few can come to understand. Much like the species, I’m confident the spire has a plethora of mysteries and knowledge that even humans wish to behold.” They continued to close in on the spire, and as the sun started to creep behind the mountains he quietly admired the colorful view that was splashed across the sky. Starting up the windy path, Aremis took in the view with each passing stride of his mount. The spire was tall and shrouded in darkness, and the sharp intricate details decorating the outer rim was rather fascinating. "Parents can be cruel sometimes... we just have to overcome it, overcome them." “I wouldn’t say cruel, necessarily. I have been prepped for this my entire life, it is just my fault that I did not take as seriously as my parent’s would have liked. If I was anything like my sister, I’m sure this would be a breeze. Unfortunately I do not have her intellect, nor her interest in studying. Half the time I always convinced her we should be doing better, more entertaining things." With a grin he lightly pulled back the reins and his horse came to a halt. Kicking his feet out of stirrups, he quickly dismounted and released his wings from his back. Springing from his back and rolling off of his shoulders, his enormous red-orange wings stretched about two feet over his head and practically dragged on the ground at his feet. At first Aremis’s horse was a bit startled, setting back a couple steps before feeling a soothing hand on his muzzle. They had finally arrived.
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    The Angel and The Dragon

    Alukai It all happened so fast, the Demon Kri had vanished only for another being to arise and take the form of.. him. Deep, dark green hues swirled with curiosity as he stared at his physical reflection. There had been a time or two that he had heard, even read about this type of power and manipulation, but the Chaotic Prince had never personally experienced it for himself. For a moment Alukai had forgotten that they had came here to destroy anything that got into their way; for a moment, the Chaotic Prince was lost with interest. It was the chaotic energy that drove him to this behavior. At all times the Chaotic deity was evenly balanced as he stood steady on a center wall between light and darkness. Slowly he lifted his right hand, only for the tangible image to perform the same movement before dropping it back down to his side. Taking a single stride to his right, ebony clothing figure flowed as well. Black boots joined together side by side, and Alukai smirked as his eyes ignited with the familiar electricity that flowed through his body. The Chaotic Prince could feel the unease in Ayden and it was almost as if they were connected by thought. Alukai needed Ayden’s guidance in this, because in truth all Alukai would want to do is destroy whatever it was in front of him. Yet the chaotic energy that was resonating off of this being was so eerily similar, the Chaotic Prince was unsure if he could surpass his enemy by the use of his power. He had to go about it a different way.. maybe the old way? His mother had taught him so little as a child, but he did inherited her ability to wield a weapon. It was incredibly out of character but maybe that's what they needed to gain the extra edge? tTaking a step back, he suddenly felt a twinge of insecurity in the Demon’s Kri’s creature as he held out his right hand, the other doing the same, only for his weapon to make its appearance. It was a steel staff, six feet long and decorated with rows of jagged sharp teeth. Designed and owned by Malaysia, the weapon itself had multiple properties that feel actually knew about including being laced with some rather rare, yet toxic venom. So as the creature across once again mimicked him by pulling a weapon of his own, Alukai wondered if the same properties were distributed in their weapon? Rotating the staff in his hand, the weapon whipped through the air with ease. “Let’s play.” Malaysia Blood. It was bitter yet sweet, and as she held the dying body of the last young girl in her arms, closing her eyes she continue to enjoy the feast. Malaysia could feel the warm liquid coursing through her veins as it gave her body more strength to overcome this nightmare. At this point she had no choice, she was not going to go back down into those dungeons to be tortured and to be forced to become something she wasn't. Or maybe it was something that she was? She could only pray that her husband, and the God’s would forgive her for treachery. Crimson painted lips pursed together as she took her last sip and in one movement, she dropped the corpse of the little girl and with a “plop” on the floor before Malaysia pulling to a stand. Her once lovely sapphire hues that were so full a light sunk into a deep dark pit of nothingness. Her pupils went entirely black as she turned around to face her captors with her fangs still extended snarling at each of them as she drifted towards them. Streams of blood poured out of her mouth and drizzled off her chin, creating quite the grotesque profile. “Mm, they were so sweet. Pity there was only two.” She chuckled lightly under her breath as she closed in on the ring master. So badly did the Queen want to reach up and snatch his neck to squeeze the very life out of him, she could almost feel his bones cracking underneath the palm of her hands. However, It was a passing thought.. stopping before him, she stood at attention and let her hands resting at her side, her forked tongue snaking out of her mouth trying to lap up what blood was drying on her lips. “Impressive, my Queen,” the man chuckled. “Very impressive, I didn’t think you had it in you. After all, those young girls were from your kingdom. Snatched from their cribs, I’m sure their parents must have been so worried. What will they think when they hear their own Queen decided to end their lives, simply due to hunger? – Tsk, tsk. I can only imagine.” “The world is overcrowded, my Lord. Now there are two less mouths to feed,” Taking a step to the right she decided to slowly begin to circle the man who kept her in this hell hole. "So, I have a question. Now that the particulars are out of the way, will you tell me why I am here? You choose to waste my time with your useless babble and weak sentiments, death is merely a part of life and it came sooner than expected for two little girls. If you do not open your mouth and tell me what I need to know," She paused and in a blur she had him pinned up against the wall by his throat, her hands squeezing harder by the second. Her fangs threatening to rip out his jugular, how good what that feel? "Then I will add your pathetic life onto that list." She could hear the other two men jumping from their positions to come to his aide. This is what they wanted. This is what you will be.
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    The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    The day was long but quick as they made haste on their horses. They didn’t chat much as they loped towards the Spire. Finally when the Spire was in their view, Aremis slowed down his horse briefly to a walk to allow it to catch his breath as well to speak to Maribelle once she did the same. Every ounce of him wanted to release his wings, jump of this animal and sore into the sky to make an entrance. Yet he could not leave Maribelle behind and knew he had to stay with her. "Hopefully we will get the answers you are looking for at the Spire. Do you know anything about this place?" “I only am aware of little things, Maribelle. I know that it houses many dragons that wish to be alone and away from the human population of Vdara. I also know there is an ancient dragon there named Raxiz, I don’t know much about him but I do know that he is knowledgeable and wise. Something about this spire is meant to challenge me and make me strong enough to face my father,” He lightly smirked as he peered at Maribelle out of the corner of his eye, “If you have seen my father angry, you will know that I am not looking forward to challenging him.” Chuckling lightly, the light Prince urged his horse forward in that walk. They should make it to the Spire by nightfall.
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    A Mother's love (Open)

    The Dark Prince quietly viewed the Princess as she focused on the darkness, and she longed to hold the weapon that her parents made for her but nothing was happening. Already the shadows were whispering secrets into his ear as he watched her efforts fail. The shadows belonged to him, they were once his family and now they bowed down to his will. He knew the answer long before Anastasia spoke. "My mother and father made the weapon. Perhaps, it not coming to me due to its bond to them, means they're still alive..." “Yes, there is a possibility that you are not meant to have it right now my sweet niece. From the looks of things your powers have barely blossomed, what would you do if you got your weapon right now? Would you just stare at it and want to swing it without having the might and skill to wield it? I think a time will come when that weapon will be yours.. but I do not think this is that time.” He spoke honest and true, for it was the only way that he could communicate with others. He had his mother’s insolent tongue and often failed at consoling, for he did not possess the grace that his sister’s had. Ana continued to move out into the courtyard before inquiring a second time about the shadows. In one smooth movement MorceLa’Kai placed A Venom’s Kiss back in his sheath and he could almost detect her protest as it had been a long while since she had been given some fresh air. The Dark Prince would make a mental note that he needed to bring A Venom's Kiss out later, maybe find some fresh prey to hunt outside of Vdara. "What else can I do with the umbra?"  “Everything.. nothing. Whatever it is that you see fit. It can transport you across worlds, planes and dimensions. It can be your friend and also your enemy, it can be a weapon and it can also be your state of calmness when all the world is lost in chaos. It is a power that few still look to these days, but it is quite popular with our family.” Unfortunately, Morce’ was not going to give her all the answers. He spoke in riddles because even though he was here to help her learn her power, he wasn’t going to just hand it to her. She had to exercise caution and figure it out on her own, because each relationship developed in the Umbra is unique to each individual person. Being that Anastasia was a very complex hybrid, not doubt her relationship with the Umbra would be different from his.
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    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

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    The Prince and the Spire [Quest]

    "It is I who should apologize for making you worry. With the nature of my magic, my dreams.... can feel and be very real to me while I sleep. He nodded to her, “Noted, my dear.” As Maribelle moved out of the inn, the Prince was quick to follow in her footsteps. The morning was young but the cool air and warm sun lifted his spirits, he hoped that it was going to be a good day. Boots sunk into the mud and he looked down for a moment, he hated getting her nice clean boots dirty, but unfortunately he was not in the position to really complain about it. Being greeted by an elderly gentlemen with two fine horses, the Prince thanked the gentlemen generously before moving to the steel gray horse on the left hand side. The gelding looked like a fine animal; he reached a good sixteen hands, and he was thick and stout. His conformation looked good for long distance traveling as did Maribelle’s horse as well. The mare was a dark bay with minimal white markings, save for the star and snip on the horses face. It had been a while since he had actually ridden a horse, hopefully his skills were still up to par. Deeply sighing, he nodded to Maribelle as she mounted her steed before placing his feet into the irons and gracefully leaping onto the back of his horse. The horse ears perked back and head went up almost as if he was a bit startled, perhaps the horse picked up that Aremis was part dragon? Adjusting his seat in his saddle and placing his other foot in the stirrup, he looked to Maribelle once more. “Yes, let’s go.” Picking up his reins he gave a brief wave to the towns people again, “Thank you again for your hospitality,” he spoke to the innkeeper before squeezing the sides of his horse sending him into a trot as they moved out of the town and towards the Spire. Hopefully they would reach the spire a lot quicker this way.