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  1. “It is my duty to protect you Anastasia, plus you have never seen the wrath of your mother. If anything ever happened to you under my watch, well, her power is far beyond mine.” He spoke jokingly to her, and as she offered him the bread he kindly waved it away. “Thank you for offering, but I do not eat human food. Being a vampire still runs deep and blood is my only sustenance.” He says that now, but in truth he couldn’t remember if he ever really had human food before. To his memory he did not, and he wasn’t sure if he body could digest it. Once’s Ana’s strength had recovered the Dark Prince would offer his hand to help her to her feet. She was a lovely creature with her wings and the steady development of her powers, a spitting image of her mother. He had no doubt that she would go far. She was a smart as a whip, and most likely the more intelligent out of her and her brother. Looking up to the sky, MorceLa’Kai could see the shadows of four dragons off in the distance. “This task will be over soon, my dear.” Rocking his shoulders as if to stretch his back, he calmly walked back to his place next to the tattered corpse. Turning to Ana, “When they arrive tell the dragons to light the water aflame. The contents of the beast should light up like oil and it should burn it off as such.” At least, that is what was hoping would happen. Closing his eyes, the darkness sparked to life once again. The umbra would come at his call, and at his command would begin to grow a second time. __ Aremis and Raxiz had a moment, but it lasted for only a moment. Aremis was then redirected to climb to the top of the path, where he would be greeted with a spectacular scene. Dragons. A lot of Dragons. Piercing blue eyes quietly scanned over them before being greeted by a rather large dragon and it caused Aremis to perform a subtle swallow. Nervousness overcame him and there was a sense of panic in his mind. He had to talk himself down pretty quickly, thus telling himself that he was the Dragon Prince and that he could do this. He was strong, and had been training, and would overcome this with all of his might. “I, Keshkical of Vdara and the eldest dragon in this land, pronounce that Lord Raxiz brings us Prince Nedane. State your purposes Prince Nedane, out loud or within your mind, for we shall take witness to what befalls of you upon this day.” The voice was strong and deep and was one that commanded respect. For about thirty seconds, Aremis stood in dead silence attempting to find his voice, or any words for that matter. It was only when he felt a mental push to say something that he quickly straightened out his throat. “Keshkical, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Shifting his feet to regain his composure, he continued. “I am Prince Aremis Nedane, Son of the Dragon King, Ayden Nedane and the Imperial Goddess, Malaysia NightReaver. My father has been called away on a quest that will take more time than expected, and I have been called here to secure the dragon pacts in his stead.” It was short and to the point, but honestly he did not know what else to say.
  2. “Thank you Uncle, were we able to do it? – Sorry.” MorceLa’Kai continues to attentively monitor Anastasia as her body continued to adjust and ward off the toxins. “Not to worry Anastasia, it was a bit premature of me to think you could handle such a task. You are strong, but your powers are still new to you and I was fool to think you had adapted so quickly to them. Please, forgive me.” “Perhaps it’s best to call upon the dragons to pull the remainder of the corpses out to the ocean and away from our shores.” “There is no need, I will take of this.” It was then that he had a slight wave of lightheadedness came over him, and while he was resting on his knees it forced him to fall to his left side, thus catching himself with his arm. Dark blue eyes closed as he was forced to take a breath, apparently his body was working hard to absorb the poison from the monster and the Princess. The side effects only lasted for a few seconds before subsiding but it was enough to be noticeable. Revealing his gaze, he literally shook it off before refocusing on Ana. “Perhaps the dragons can burn off the toxin’s in the sea that is from the monster, being that we already got rid of half of It, I have no doubt that the umbra can absorb the rest by my command. I know you feel like you have failed Ana, please do not let this deter you, you have done an amazing job.” __ Aremis continued to walk as Raxiz explained his father’s history and the importance of this pact. He was nervous to say the least, but as the story continued to unfold the young Prince could only think of what path lay before him. Was his death waiting for him at the edge, or would he spread his wings and fly above all of the rest? Perhaps the Prince should have taken Raxiz’s offer to go back to the tower when he had the chance. But now, there was no turning back, the only way to go was forward. “What do you, a mere spawn of the Dragon King, have to offer in return for the dragon pacts?” This question hit him hard. Perhaps that was only half of the question; yes, Aremis is the son to the Dragon King, but he is also the son to the Imperial Goddess who also had an impressive back story of death, reincarnation and growth. He felt that had to account for something. “Be yourself my young Prince.” Aremis nodded. Who was he exactly. I am the Dragon Prince. Eyes turned to look at the dragon’s soaring up high and he felt his heart beginning to race. Pursing his lips together he took a white knuckled grip on his sword. “I will be true, Raxiz. I thank you for your guidance,” He was not sure if Raxiz will follow, by the sound of it, this task was set to Aremis and that he had to do this on his own. With one final glance to the Elder Dragon, with a deep breath and a sigh, Aremis began to trek his way up the beautiful landscape to the lair of the dragons.
  3. All of it had happened so fast. MorceLa’Kai focused all of his attention on his niece; absorbing, feeling and tasting every beat of her heart and each breath that she took. He calmed as her features slowed and eased into submission, and as the Dark Prince soaked in the lethal poisons of the land, Morce’ mentally slithered back into reality. It was then that he felt the Captain attempting to pull him off by his shoulder and pointing a weapon at his back. While Morce’ had come a long way from what he used to be, The Dark Prince still was first and foremost, a vampire and with that came a quick draw temper. Slowly releasing Anastastia, his fangs withdrew from her neck and he watched as the holes immediately closed in response; her powers were recovering quickly it seemed. With a steady hand bracing his niece’s back, gritted and blood stained teeth bared as he turned his head towards the Captain. His glare was full of warning, “Point that somewhere else Captain, or else you will regret the day you were born.” Growling underneath his breath, Morce shifted before turning back to Ana. With his hand still supporting her weight, he could detect her vitals and it assured him that they were leveling out. “Take a moment, Anastasia. Your body will adjust here shortly,” Taking a cornered glance, he motioned to the Captain, “Find her some food. It will help her ease the symptoms and regain her strength.” __ Only time will tell if you are truly ready, Prince Aremis. It was true, Aremis was not ready for this.. but he did not have a choice. This situation was laid out before his feet and he couldn’t very well turn the other way, not in the presence of the most elderly dragon in the land. As Raxiz spoke the flutter in the Prince’s stomach came back tenfold. Did he just say that I am to become the Dragon King? He asked himself, I thought I was just securing the pacts, not taking my fathers place! He felt a little woozy. Down the hallway he walked and the Dragon Prince attempted to calm his nerves, but was failing miserably. Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy! Eyes locked and his lips pursed and he attempted to find some sense of the confidence he felt up in the throne room, but with each step they took it continued to fade. The open air hit him and he looked up at the sky, it was a lovely day.. A lovely day to die? No. Taking a deep breath he looked at Raxiz and offered the elder dragon a nervous smile. “This path will take us to the heart of the Dragon Land where you will present yourself and be faced by the challenges of the eldest of dragons in Vdara.” “Alright then,” he paused, clenching his jaw and looking to the cobblestone path. “Any uh- words of wisdom, Lord Raxiz?” He hesitated before taking a step forward, followed by another.
  4. After Aremis watched his sister leave him whilst in the hands of their Uncle, Raxiz allowed the Prince to go up to his vacant chambers so that the Dragon Prince may properly prepare himself for the task ahead. This was nothing like the prince had ever attempted before. As a child and young man, Aremis stood in awe of his father; wondering and admiring how the Dragon King managed to claim the dragon's allegiance and keep it maintained all of these years. It had never occurred to him that he would have to follow in his father’s footsteps, and so soon. Carefully choosing his armor, one of made of a delicate mixture of folded steel and inlaid silver, the Prince slowly put the pieces together all the while pondering on the task ahead. It was a magnificent piece of work, a carefully detailed dragon head breathed fire into his left shoulder, and wicked curves and spurs lashed out on his right. Linked claws kissed the edge of his fingertips, while each portion folded and flexed on top of one another and shifted like dragon scales. Sheathing his bastard sword with a delicately designed dragon hilt on his left hi[, he then folded his bow and arrow across his right and onto his back. To his left thigh, there was a small but lengthy dagger sheathed beneath his armor, followed by another on his right arm guard. Attempting to shake off any nerves he may have felt, the Prince flared his wings behind him before making his way back down to the throne room. Surprisingly his armor was not that loud, it moved quietly along with him with every stride. Piercing blue hues flickered beneath the light and once he stepped back into the throne room, he moved immediately towards Raxiz with confidence. “I am ready, let’s go.”
  5. MorceLa’Kai felt every second of it; the trauma and treachery that seeped its way through Anastasia’s veins, and before he could stop it from happening, it was already to late. “Anastasia, no!” He attempted to cry out as she fell to the earth as she attempted to stabilize what could be a lethal dose of the creature’s venom. Breaking his concentration and without the support of its controller, the umbra collapsed onto itself. Immediately closing, it sliced the eldritch monster clean in half. Blood, puss and swollen, rotting innards spit and splattered, thus causing a thick wave of pungent liquids to spill out onto the earth and water leaving a stench that was near unbearable. Not paying too much attention to what he just did, in a few large strides he landed on his knees before his niece, the soft sand giving way to his mass. Her screams rang through heavy in his ears but he chose to ignore it. Broad hands fell to her shoulders, he had to think quickly and there was only one way he knew to draw out the poison from her blood speedily enough without her having to deal with the side effects, and not have to face the potential failure of magic or power. While he could wait and see what happens, he was not willing to take that risk. “Forgive me,” he whispered. Without a second though, Morce’ took a strong hold of Anastasia before pulling her in at vampiric speeds and sinking his fangs deep into her jugular vein. Blood poured into his mouth along with the poison, he could hear her heart beat pumping rapidly at this point at the sudden feeling of sheering pain and discomfort. Despite the potential discomfort, it would especially weaken her symptoms as he steadily absorbed what she could not.
  6. MorceLa’Kai watched proudly as Anastasia readied herself for this task. Shifting his view, he took a deep breath before slowly closing his eyes thus robbing the sun of his glorious gaze. “Close your eyes Anastasia, I need you to reach out and feel the darkness as it begins to course its way through your veins at your calling.” And with this, the Dark Prince fell silent. Ebony tendrils were summoned at the edge of his fingertips and thus drowned his mind with a pitch black void. Immediately a small portal formed before them only for it to start to grow in mass and size. His palms and fingertips stretched apart as the distance between his arms began to spread, thus widening the diameter of the portal itself. Pulling the earth’s energy deep from beneath his feet, one would even notice the purple strands that extended across their lands were starting to retract and fade. Morce’ was absorbing the toxicities within his own body, just like poison being drawn from a wound, and transferring it directly into the umbra so that it may absorb it within. This of course would take a toll on the Dark Prince, but the full force of it will not be seen until their task was complete. Within the portal itself a pull was felt, a once subtle breeze turned into a heavier wind; the grass on the shorelines softly swayed and the waves of the water became stronger and a little more violent as the portal grew in size Do you feel that, Anastasia? To continue to grow it must feed off the energy of the earth, energy it which you must harness in the world around you. I need you to close your eyes and focus. Listen to the water, the wind, the waves, the earth beneath your feet.. it cries out for peace. Morce’ did not expect Anastasia to take in the toxin’s the corpse had released as it was too much for her to bare at her age, but she could draw off of more pure and unharmful sources. Vdara was filled with uncontaminated molecules and magic, ones that the princess could definitely draw upon for her strength.
  7. @Venus Sprite that sounds like a fun idea! I give you the go ahead to follow through with your plot, please let me or Ayden know if you need anything else 😀 Have fun!
  8. Thank you Ayden for providing feedback, I apologize for the late response.. my week has been a bit busy. I will also mention that at this time that Malaysia and Ayden are not in Vdara as they are on an important quest elsewhere, the protection of the city is in the hands of their children, Princess Anastasia and Prince Aremis, and Malaysia's brother, MorceLa'Kai Abaz. I would imagine to get access to the caved in area inside the castle, the ventures would need to ask permission to go in there. Also it might be in your guy's interest to bring it to the attention of the castle, because if so, you guys may acquire more help to assist with the rescue. Just a thought of course, if you have any questions or need help, please let me know.
  9. MorceLa’Kai chose not to waste time on pleasantries, with a glance in Aremis and Raxiz direction before shifting his attention to the council, the Dark Prince started to make his way down the steps. At his command the darkness shifted and ebony tendrils appeared to slither out of nowhere, thus forming a portal on the east side of the throne room. The appearance of the Umbra caused a few of the men to pull away from their plates and look over their shoulders to see what was going on. “Come Anastasia, we must go.” Guiding the Princess towards the pit of darkness, they would step through when she was ready and they would be transported to the shores where the eldritch monster's corpse awaited their arrival. Aremis watched intently as this took place and before Anastasia could leave his side, as quickly as he did when they were recently reunited, he snatched up his sister in a warm, yet firm embrace. “Be safe,” he whispered in her ear. It was difficult for him to let her go at that point, he had made a promise to her and now they were being torn apart again.. yet this was for a completely different cause. They had much older and stronger beings to help them this time, and while he was not too familiar with their Uncle, the Prince had heard many stories of MorceLa’Kai’s triumphs. The stories behind the Dark Prince were infamous, if not legendary. Releasing his sister, he would look on longingly as she disappeared from the throne room. Taking another deep breath to calm his nerves, the Dragon Prince turned to Raxiz. He wasn’t sure exactly where to go, so he would allow Raxiz to lead the way. "I am ready."
  10. MorceLa’Kai felt the unease settling in his niece, and he expected this type of reaction. Perhaps it was the way that Morce’ was raised and trained, simply being thrown into situations and being forced to figure it out with little to no guidance. However, the Princess’s Uncle would not be so cruel. He knew that if she could not accomplish the task at hand, then he would be the one to see it through no matter the strength of her abilities, or lack thereof. As Anastasia looked to her brother for answers, and Aremis exchanged glances with his Uncle, their attention was drawn to Raxiz. Aremis listened with intent as Raxiz addressed to need for the dragon pacts to be maintained and it caused the young Prince to slowly inhale and hold his breath. It has already begun, he said to himself. Shaking off his sudden nerves, he bowed his head to Raxiz in respect for the Dragon elder, “Very well. I will secure the dragons in my father’s absence.” He said these words, but how confident he was in them he wasn’t so sure. MorceLa’Kai observed the interaction between the two, and he smirked lightly. “Then it is settled. Anastasia, you will come with me so that we can take care of the decaying beast at our shores. I understand your discomfort but trust me when I say that you can handle this. You are much stronger than you will ever know, and I will not leave you out to dry if it is too much of a struggle. This will be a good learning opportunity for you.. for both of you, for that matter.”
  11. “They’ve all been laid to rest with the proper honor and respects.” Aremis nodded in response. He was confident that it had already been done but felt it was necessary to speak verbally in front of the council. Listening to his sister’s reply, Aremis was about to agree with Anastasia before another voice interrupted him. MorceLa’Kai stepped forward, a man that was always so silent unless called upon, his voice broke the air. “It is my fault that we did not think of this sooner, Princess. I should have known that the body would decay in the desert heat and cause more problems than not, and for that I apologize. However there is another way to get rid of the body and I feel, my Princess, that this is an opportunity for you and your brother to expand on your powers. You are familiar with the shadows and the umbra but you are not fully versed on all of the abilities it can allow you. We could use the darkness to envelop the body, and it alone would break it down and turn it to ash. However due to the size of the monster, it will take a very powerful force to accomplish this task.” Pausing briefly he looked to both his niece and nephew. “I will help you in this endeavor, but my dears, you must take the lead. ” The Dark Prince was in Vdara to help and guide them, and this was just another lesson in their continued journey of growth.
  12. Aremis was relieved that there were no objections to his word, and Raxiz appeared to accept the Prince’s decisions all the while changing the subject to the city. Calm eyes landed upon the wizard, the same one that he and his sister spoke with the night that she was taken. He took Biache’s words into deep consideration before nodding in thought. “It is a tragedy that we lost our commanders, and if it has not been done already, I would like them to be buried with honor, for their service to our country. With Alukai gone, I would like the remaining Captain’s to choose new commanders amongst their ranks and report back to me once their decisions have been made. As for the decay happening to the north,” He paused a moment, taking a glance at Anastasia, he knew nothing about farming or crops or how to maintain them. “I imagine we cannot leave the corpse to rott, is there any possibility we can either burn it or dispose of it somehow? I’m sure the toxicities in the decomposing body is not assisting our farmers in their struggles.”
  13. Aremis did not expect the elder dragon to be there, let alone take a stand on him being at the castle. There was some discomfort in the disagreement that took place, and even after his sister spoke her mind on the matter the Dragon Prince felt the heavy weight of guilt sink into the pit of his stomach. He was banished in the name of their father, yet here his sister was pulling rank for a second time to defend him. Cobalt hues narrowed quietly on Raxiz as he was silenced; Aremis really wanted to be here, to be with his sister to protect her, yet the Prince knew why he was banished in the first place. Not only to become stronger and grow as an individual, but to learn how to be a proper leader, one that the people of Vdara could be proud of. It was a tough sort of love, and here he was completely avoiding his punishment. It was a fine line to walk, no doubt. Ana was quite confident that he would be ready to fight their father once he returned. “It will be at least another six months before he returns, if he returns.” Six months?! This was definitely something Aremis did not to hear, at least, not right away. Their parents have never been gone for so long, and to think of his father not coming back was disheartening. He had to come back, didn’t he? He was the Dragon King! Rolling his lips and clenching his jaws, Aremis took a second to let this tidbit of information sink in. Stepping forward, he picked up his head while rolling his shoulders back. Draconic wings shifted a little bit behind him, flexing and stretching, before settling again. “Lord Raxiz, while my sister’s actions are honorable, as her brother and Prince of Vdara I cannot allow her to take on the brunt of my actions. Should there by punishment once my father returns, then I will take it with grace, but until then my duty and loyalty commands me to stay here with Anastasia. While I do not deny her strength, she cannot perform the acts of sovereign ruler by herself, there is a reason why she called me home. I have sworn to protect her with my life, and I will do that until the King and Queen have returned.” Changing the subject, “Now, the reason I have called this meeting is to ensure the safety and well-being of our people and our kingdom. The battle with the eldritch monster has left our military weary and depleted, and our finite resources are in jeopardy. We are currently in a lesser state than usual and despite our parents keeping the Underworld busy they may take this opportunity to seek us out and we must be ready for that.”
  14. Aremis Nedane Our Grandmother was here. Someone had met her here and she took her leave. Anastasia’s explanation was a bit odd, but he nodded briefly as she continued to explain her situation. “I understand,” he replied calmly. Aremis took note of the silence of his sister’s footfalls as they walked, and once again he continued to be impressed on how quickly Ana’s powers were developing. Even he was not an expert with the shadows, for if so, he would have taken them to get here rather than using the gift of flight. Perhaps they were both different in what they had inherited from their parents, and it was clear that Ana seemed to favor their mother’s side. Stepping into the throne room, his eyes immediately caught a looming figure wandering around the golden atmosphere. Aremis was not completely sure that he had met his Uncle before, and if he did, it was a distant memory. The Prince had heard much about MorceLa’Kai, along with his waning allegiances and scattered family background. So many rumors lingered around their Uncle; he was a force to be reckoned with no doubt, yet at one time he was so mentally fragile. After Ana made the introductions, Aremis stepped forward and shook their Uncle’s hand, “A pleasure to finally meet you Uncle. I am in your debt for all that you done for our family and my sister, she speaks very highly of you and the training you have provided her.” Once their hand shake was broken off, Aremis motioned towards the throne. “Shall we?” ** MorceLa’Kai Abaz Even before Anastasia and Aremis stepped into the throne room, he knew they were coming. However, the Dark Prince did little to show his excitement in waiting for them. As the doors opened and the Golden shield’s stood cocking at him in their disbelief, he quickly disregarded them before shifting his attention to his niece and nephew. There was something different about Ana, and he sensed that her power was continuing to grow which was all too pleasing. Aremis stepped up to him with no hesitation and they shook hands as men should do. “No need for thanks, you highness. I did what needed to be done in the time of great turmoil and sorrow. Your mother asked me to watch over you and your sister, as well as the Kingdom. I am only doing my duty, and soon enough I will return to the shadows.. Unless of course, the Queen or you two requests otherwise. I am at your full disposal.” The handshake ended and sapphire hues glistened in the dancing light of the throne room. “Shall we?” “After you.” With one hand moving back to the hilt of A Venom’s Kiss and the other resting at his side, MorceLa’Kai moved with stealth and grace up the stairs towards the right side of the throne, with Aremis on the opposing side, leaving the throne for Anastasia. They were a Royal family and this would be the beginning of a new collaboration. Once the council had fully arrived, Morce’ called the meeting to order. “My Lords and ladies, please take your seats. We called you here on behalf of Princess Anastasia and Prince Aremis, who has recently returned from his quest. We are here to speak about the current state of Vdara and what we must do to make sure that the Kingdom does not fall into ruins in the King and Queen’s absence. Speaking of which, has anyone heard anything about their whereabouts or well being? Is there anything that we could be doing to help them?” While this was not the exact reason why this meeting was called, it would surely provide some comfort to get any type of an update about the Prince and Princess's parents.
  15. Aremis Nedane Ana’s understanding in the matter was very much appreciated, and the Prince smiled at her response. “Thank you Ana, for your support.” And that was all that needed to be said. Moving forward, Anastasia displayed a small ounce of her power and was quick to address the Golden Shield. He thought briefly about teasing her about how much she has grown since the last time they had seen one another, but decided against it. There would be another time for such interactions, but not now. Further impressed, Ana continued to explain how Morce’ had aided her in her training and also protecting the kingdom. “Well I’m glad that he was around to help and protect you. While he wasn’t around much when we were children, it appears our uncle has our best interest in mind. For some reason, I just didn’t view him as that kind of individual.” He started to walk out the door behind Ana, “I also hear that our grandmother is back? Is this true? Word carried far and wide around here about the infamous Kalicity coming back to us.” Truthfully he was just trying to get the scoop on what has happened during his absence, for so much had taken place in the short amount of time that he had been gone. ** MorceLa’Kai Abaz He was summoned by his niece and word had been brought to his ear that his nephew had returned as well. MorceLa’Kai was dwelling in his chamber when a Golden Shield came knocking on his door. The Dark Prince had just returned from a ride with Cody, the Black Dragon that had an undying loyalty to Kalicity’s family. Having read the Golden’s shield’s mind before even opening the door, A Venom’s Kiss formed at his hip and with a click and a bobble, the door swung open with the Dark Prince stepping out into the hall. “Tell the Prince and Princess I am on my way.” A passing of deep sapphire hues, the behemoth of a man started to walk to the throne room before being enveloped in the darkness only to be spit out on the other side. Every time he stepped into the glorious throne room it took his breath away. His sister and brother in law did an amazing job with its decor and detail, he had never seen anything like it in the whole of his life. He was surprised to see that his niece and nephew had not made it down yet, so he quietly waited for their arrival. Steel clad hands rested upon the pommel of A Venom’s Kiss and his ebony cloak, which was outlined in silver and golds with an intricately stitched dragon in the middle, swayed lightly behind him as he began to leisurely walk around and soundlessly admire his surroundings.
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