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  1. Jackmin started to say that he knew how to set traps, but other than that not really. Before he could get his sentence out though, Ben said.. So he gave up saying anything else on the subject. He didn't want to ruin a perfectly good opportunity to learn from a master. Jackmin had a flashback to when Benjamin shot Jackmin's dream loop. Maybe Jackmin could learn some new traps. He couldn't wait to spend some quality time with Ben. "That sounds like a great plan. What do you think the feeling is coming from?" Ben points to a forest that they should hunt in. "Alright, let's go Mister Ben." Jackmin follows Ben.
  2. Jackmin followed behind Benjamin proudly. He set out to find this wonderful man and he did. "How can I be angry? You showed me that they were weak. How was I going to get anywhere with a bunch of weak family members? Also, by family, I mean that that group was my family. I've had several families over the many years, all of them died of old age, so I find a new one. Simple." He said as his mask made a happy face. When Ben said that Jackmin new something was up, so he rushed inside without questioning him. Jackmin went back to the Bow room and looked in amazement. There were so many bows. Some more intricately designed than others. He looked around at each one, looking for something that caught his eye. "No... Not that one... Nope..." He said to himself pointing and touching every bow he passed up. Until finally he saw it. It was beautiful. It was ebony with swirls of pearl embedded in it right above the handle was a crescent moon and the tips of the arms were tipped with beautifully decorated iron notches. He picked it up off the shelf and pulled the string a bit. It was kind of hard to pull back, but he would get used to it, for ben. "How about this one? How much is this one?" He asked the salesman.
  3. Hester responded, "If we do blow up the wall, I don't have any magic that could contain the blast so I suggest blowing it up from the other side of the wall because there is wine on this side. Other than that, I'm not against blowing up the wall. Last time I saw an explosion was back in my home village when they blew up the side of this mountain with dynamite, so this should be interesting." He said scanning the room for a place to take cover from the rubble from the blast to come. "Also, we may need to consider that blowing up the wall might displease our host. That extra money we were going to ask for may not be so kindly given to us after we destroy this wall." He said to everyone and he leaned against a barrel, and then jolted off of it realising that the area he leaned on might be covered in rat goo. His boots were already a mess, he really didn't want to dirty his nice coat.
  4. Jackmin follows Benjamin out the door of the tavern eager to learn all he can from Ben. (Jackmin leaves the tavern)
  5. Jackmin couldn't have been more excited. His mentor, the one he had been searching for, was going to help him. "Of course! If you think my equipment is bad, then it must be." He took the bow made of sticks off of his back and broke it in half with his knee. "When are we leaving?" @SixShots22
  6. The Masked Man perked up in excitement and his mask formed a happy face. When he heard Jackmin was Benjamin's final choice he didn't visually show his disappointment, but was a little sad. He stood up and adjusted the strap on his shoulder that was attached to his quiver that held arrows made of sticks, flint, and feathers that he made in the woods. His bow was a bunch of sticks strapped together and a string attached at the ends. Hardly impressive equipment. He wanted to be a powerful archer, just like Ben. "I'll protect you if I can, but you will most likely be protecting me more often than not. I want nothing more than to be trained by you, it would be an honor." As he said that he bowed, and all his arrows fell out of his quiver onto the floor between them. He immediately scrambled to pick them all up and place them back in the quiver very clumsily. "Drat!" He said feeling very embarrassed to look so foolish in front of his idol.
  7. The Masked Man stood up when Benjamin shook him off. He heard someone collapse behind him, but he could only focus on Benjamin right now. Whoever fell behind him was not Benjamin. "I'm sorry if I was unclear, I don't want to be you... I could never achieve such greatness. I only wish for you to take me on as a student of sorts. Teach me how to be as great as you. Teach me what it means to be Benjamin." He said, ignoring the apology for killing his family. "If you accept me as your student and protector...your acolyte if you will, I will need a name..." He really hoped that he would name him Ben... or Ben Jr. Or Ben #2.
  8. The Masked Man perked up and his masked changed from a sad face to a surprised looking face. "I know that voice." He said remembering that day bet vividly. He turned around in his seat to see who just walked in. It was him! He had been to several other places. What are the odds that he walked into this place! It must be fate. His quest and devotion was well placed. He got up and walked towards Benjamin. When he got right up behind him he spoke very deeply and softly, "I am, but don't be alarmed." He crosses his arms and stands up straight. "I'm not here for revenge... No... not revenge. I'm here because I have a new purpose. He says a few seconds and interrupts whatever Benjamin might say next but falling to his knees and clasping his hands together and blowing his head right in front of him. "Please teach me how to be.."He looks up with hope in his eyes. "You"
  9. After the onslaught of attacks towards the rat, Hester looked at what they had done and felt disgust, but also a tremendous amount of curiosity. He couldn't lie to himself and say that he wasn't interested in black magic as well. His philosophy was that magic is just magic, and depending on how you use it makes it grotesque and evil. "I agree, let's be careful. I may stick to control magic from here on out. The fact that that rat is still kicking even after what we did means that burning or completely freezing them are the only way to stop them." He walked up to the rat a d knelt down beside it to get a close up look. He took out his journel and started writing some information about the encounter and his findings of what necromancy is capable of, then puts it away. "Amazing.." he said with a sense of wonderment. "I bet we could definitely raise our price. Speaking of magic, Torthi, if you want to learn a bit of magic while we are in this environment then I don't mind teaching you a spell or two. I can teach more later, but it would definitely help me out."
  10. The Masked Man's mask formed a sad face as he replied with, "Drat.. I only know him by that glorious name. Ben could be Benjamin I suppose, but I won't know for sure until I find him. He is very powerful. I currently have a name, but I have made it my life's mission to protect, and model myself after, Ben. Therefore, I will be asking him to re-name me. I'm hoping he names me Ben. He is very powerful." He starts rambling about how amazing Ben is to himself. It really just sounds like mumbles.
  11. The Masked Man looked at the woman feeding his friend. "Good point Toki. Nice Lady, we are looking for the one they call Ben. He is an amazing warrior and he is very powerful. Probably more powerful than everyone in this Tavern. He has shown me his power and I wish to pledge my life to him." he said staring at her very intently without blinking.
  12. The Masked Man pushed open the door to The Tavern and walked in. He had a mask with swirls and dots carved into it on his face and tattoos covering his body in similar patterns. There was also a crescent moon on the forehead of the mask. His skin is grey and his tattoos are dark navy blue. He has black hair and his eyes look like a starry night sky is contained in them. The mask was on his face but had no strings or anything securing it to his head and it moved when he looked around and moved his mouth. He is wearing tattered clothes that are covered in dirt and no shoes and he had a bird on his shoulder. He never needed much until that incident happened... Now he is lost and is looking for someone. He scanned the room for Him. He sat down and looked over to Toki Tori who was sitting on his shoulder. "He is not here Toki." his mask formed a sad face. "We need to find him..." @SaulTiber @SixShots22
  13. Element

    The Masked Man

    [BASICS]First name: UnknownSurname: UnknownNicknames: The Masked ManAlignment: NeutralRace: DemonMarital Status: SingleGender: Male Age: UnknownRole: Follower[PHYSICAL]Voice: DeepEyes: Looks like a starry night.Complexion: Grey ish skinHeight: 5'9"Weight: 150Build: Skinny StrongHair: BlackTattoos/markings: dark blue swirls and dots are tattooed all over his body except his face. [MENTAL]Demeanor: kinda hunchedHopes: To one day be like Benjamin.Fears: that he will never be like Benjamin, that Benjamin will die.Likes: to be like Benjamin.Dislikes: not being like Benjamin. [GEAR] Wears a dirty ragged long sleeve shirt and pants with no shoes. Wears a mask that mysteriously is attached to his face. The mask has markings and symbols carved and painted on it. [WEAPONS] A bow with some arrows. [STRENGTHS] Determined to protect Benjamin with his life. [WEAKNESSES] Weak willed and obsessed. [SKILLS] Dancing and chanting. [FAMILY] None, because they were murdered. One day in a forest in Elendaron, The Masked Man was preparing a Fire with his family of Dream Weavers. Suddenly a bell rang, signifying that one of his traps had been sprung. He and his family rushed to see what they caught. When they finally arrived to the net trap, The Masked Man told his family to stay behind while he checked it out. He saw that he had caught two Dwarfs and a Human. "Perfect!" He thought as he danced and clapped. He cut the rope holding them up and knocked them all out. He was going to trap them in a dream loop to sap their life energy and make himself stronger and more connected with the dream world. Sadly, one member of the captured group escaped the dream loop and shattered the dream scape that was keeping the group contained. By doing so, Banjamin severed all ties that The Masked Man had to the dream world he had created, thus making him powerless. Not only did that arrow shatter the dream scape, it also split The Masked Man into two separate entities, one that is powerless and crazy, and another that has full control of the dream scape and is totally sane. They do not know that the other exists and the sane Masked Man has no memory of the incident. The crazy Masked Man awoke to a loud voice and several pecks from a little bird named Toki Tori which now acts as a friend and guide in his inanity. The other Masked Man Woke up alone not knowing why he was laying on the ground, only that he can control dreams. Should both masked men ever touch, they would reunite as one Masked Man. Sadly they may not ever meet. The crazy Masked Man is now obsessed with finding Benjamin and learning how to be like him in every way. He had never met such a worthy and powerful opponent and wanted to become just as powerful. @SixShots22 @SaulTiber [BASICS]First name: UndecidedSurname: UndecidedNicknames: The Masked ManAlignment: GoodRace: DemonMarital Status: SingleGender: MaleAge: UnknownRole: Control[PHYSICAL]Voice: DeepEyes: They look like a starry night. Complexion: Grey-ishHeight: 5'9"Weight: 150Build: Skinny StrongHair: Dark Navy BlueTattoos/markings: Dark blue swirls and dots cover his body except for his face. [MENTAL]Demeanor: Stands StraightHopes: To find a purposeFears: To continue life knowing nothing of his past.Likes: Visiting his dreams and other dimentions. Dislikes: Being in the real world. [GEAR] Wears a dirty ragged long sleeve shirt and pants with no shoes. Wears a mask that mysteriously is attached to his face. The mask has markings and symbols carved and painted on it. [WEAPONS] Has a natural wooden looking staff. The top of it has a small pillow attached to it. [STRENGTHS] Going out of body, controlling and harnessing dreams, making people sleep, causing nightmares. [WEAKNESSES] Holy weapons and electric type attacks.[SKILLS] When he hits another living being with his pillow at the end of his staff is causes then them to feel drowsy and, with enough hits, to fall asleep. At that point, TMM will enter their dream and mentally hurt them and cause insanity or he can cause joy and inspiration. [FAMILY] None Awoke alone in a forest in Elendaron. Doesn't know how he came to be, but knows what he can do.
  14. As soon as Hester heard Sir Mors yell for one of them to kill it, Hester thought of the prefect spell. Since there was wine all over the floor he decided to use water magic. He gripped his staff tighter and the blue crystal embedded in it started to glow. He held his hand out as if holding a ball and then clinched his hand into a fist while saying, "Freeze!" Wine moved to form a sphere around the undead rodent's head and solidified into ice. Then Hester opened his hand and when he did, the ice ball shattered along with the rodent's head, killing it... again. Hester's mouth felt dry. The cost of doing magic like that is dehydration. This was a little spell but still made him thirsty. He takes out some tea he got from the tavern and drinks some of it. "There are probably more where that one came from. We need to be cautious, the dead don't rise unless someone commands them to."
  15. As the creature picked itself up from being shot, Hester noticed that it was an undead. 'If there are undead here, I wonder what resurrected it... I wish I could study this creature before we destroy it.' Hester thought to himself. He reached his right hand out to the side and summoned his bo staff from his vest into his hand. Once it was there he set one end down like a walking stick. His staff augmented his spells and also served as a melee weapon. Hester knew there were more undead rats in this cellar so he may yet get a chance to learn some Necromancy. Hester was only preparing for future encounters with these creatures, he wanted to see what Mors' shield did. He could sense that he was basically covered in enchanted items, but didn't know what the enchantments were. Hester sat in the back of the line behind Torthi and watched.
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