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  1. they want that cash money
  2. open

    A slight grimace featured itself on the blonde-haired's face, typically annoyed by her mischevious little sister. She mentioned something about 'stitching herself up', and 'trying to get better at it'. As long, red strings of thread wrapped around Candie's hand, Sunny expressed a tedious giggle that amused herself. "Gettin' comfortable there, Andie?" The older twin groaned. "Don't push it. And don't call me that." The younger snickered, holding a dangerous needle in her right, and holding her wrist up for stitching. They were both at the bar this time, pleasuring themselves with sweet drinks. Although Sunny was an undead zombie, it was surprising to see a deadman to swallow a glass of milk. The blonde sighed, blue-eyed irises averting back to her book. It stained with filfh, most likely indicating that it was worn and old. The black-haired twin smirked, closely leaning into her sister's side to take a peek of the papers. Candie glanced, and rolled her eyes in annoyance.
  3. Candie is monotone and nonchalant, aand Sunny is a mischevious undead girl. Check em' out in the link below. :D
  4. open

    The younger twin expressed a tired groan that entrailed her features, pressing her cheek against the wooden table that lightly creaked from the pressured weight. It'd been awhile since they've woken up from the rooms, Sunny having messy bed-hair. The older twin sipped her cup of tea, opening a blue eye that glanced at her sister. She glanced back, curling her black hair in a stitched finger. Sunny began to create inaudible noises, prior to her peaking boredom and unamused mood. The blonde-haired scowled, slightly flinching at the sudden noise that awkwardly rung in. It'd been going on for awhile, as the younger corspe filled in the quietness that surrounded them. "Blllphpphph. Blllph. Blplhplhphlplh. Blphphph--" "Stop." "..." The undead girl looked back at her twin with the same face she used to play with her tongue, a prolonged silence looming in. Candie sighed, and closed her eyes. "Blphh."
  5. I've got just the perfect twins to go along with the Ander's. C:
  6. rapidly slams hand on a bell interested!!
  7. A swift dropkick landed on Connor, and as the ship steadied, the undead doctor had smoothly jumped down on the floor. Her arm was missing, probably the equivalent of the strained strings that ripped and pulled at her cold flesh as she hung on for dear life. A widened gasp entrailed her features. "Oh my goodness-- are you alright, dear? I didn't see you there! I'll have you at the medical bay as soon as this chaos is over with." The detached arm crawled on all five's, leering closer and closer to the source. Sunny smiled in response, gladly picking up the sentient limb and placing it on the severed area. "I heard growling. Is there a beast after us? I do hope that I get to see it! Have you seen my lovely sister? I haven't!"
  8. aggressively slams both candie and sunny on a table THEY STILL IN! :^D
  9. After leaving the medical bay to search for her crew, the unfortunate turn of events have have caused a cabinet to fall and topple over, breaking a few jars of liquid hat contained specific parts of animals such as frogs. The scent was horribly intoxicating, closing the door shut so the foul smell hadn't reached the outside of the room. Quickly searching through her pockets, the undead individual cursed as the ship turned about, retrieving a bladed whip from her side. She latched the weapon onto anything that was grabbable, holding on for dear life. There was still a knife latched onto her leg, but the cold blood that ran through her veins permanently removed the function of her pain. A gasp escaped her lips when she heard a distressed yell, a scalpel dug into her left eye, her cloudy irises widened in surprise. To grab their attention, she frantically yelled back. "LYDIA! Is that--" Reflexively positioning herself, Sunny grabbed on for dear life. "YOU?! Dear, are you alright?!"
  10. "CRAP!" The violent shaking of the ship caused several cabinets inside the doctor's office to rapidly close and open, the glass bottles that the crew's doctor had neatly organized was created into a untangible mess, with medicine flasks mixing with the cyanide that had been hidden in the creases of wooden walls. God knows what would happen if the doctor treated a sick cabin member with poison. "No, no no! That dosen't go there! Wait! Quit running away, you nasty bottle!" As the ship tilted sideways and round, Sunny was frantically chasing the supplies and bottles that leapt off her table, a dangerous cutting knife bouncing around her office. Reflexively catching a flask that was bound to break, another was caught in her other hand, hugging a bunch more that jumped into her arms. Where was her sister when she needed her? This was a nightmare! Digging her sharp heels into the wooden floor as the ship tilted once again, the bouncing knife had sharply dug deep into the girl's throat. Sunny merely rose a brow at the blade that had caused her inability to breathe nor speak, she was slow to catch up on the knife that stabbed her front neck. When the ship finally steadied, the zombie girl skipped over to her table and gently placed the bottles down on her anatomy desk beside several pinned-down frogs that were previously dissected. She roughly pulled the knife from her throat with a firm grip, humming as she did so. "Here you go, along with your little friends.." Sunny placed the blade down on a bloodied tray that shared different kinds of dangerous knives, ranging from big to small. The knife almost seemed like it perfectly belonged there. Predicting another ruckus, the undead individual braced herself along with the supplies and bottles, keeping herself steady. Then, humming the same tune, cloudy eyes traced the sharp outline of the weapons that sprawled across infront of her, placing a curious finger to her lips. I wonder if the rest of my lovely crew are doing fine.. wouldn't want to perform an organ harvest. Organs.. Her wonderful thoughts of performing a harvest were cut short when the ship finally shook, losing balance and sliding against the slippery floor. The supllies and knives she neatly placed down slid aswell, the blades all pointed at her cold flesh, then fell against her skin when it tilted enough. She huffed out a tired sigh when her body was filled with sharp scalpels and knives.
  11. closed

    She lightly nudged her twin. Sunny replied back with a tedious giggle. "Are there people with him?"
  12. closed

    "Heck yeah! I've got an idea! He dosen't know us, right? Sooo--" "She wants you to let us catch his attention. We'll practically be wolf in sheep's clothing is what she's trying to say." "You read my mind, Candie! So, from then, we'll dress up as innocent maidens, and backstab him when we geddim'!" "I'm not sure if your plan will even work, Sunny." "Foolproof!" "Sigh."
  13. open

    The two looked at eachother in question. "I'm gonna follow her." "Why's that~?" "Just making sure she dosen't cradle anymore people." "I could go for a nap!" "You're a zombie, you don't need to sleep." "It feels pretty good, though~" The strange duo followed Lady to the rooms of the tavern, behind her.
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    Candie was still helbent on staring down Lia. The fish-eyed gaze shot back at hers, cupping her hands into her pockets. Then, the blonde-haired made a pout and slightly nodded, as if saying; 'I see.' "What are waiting for?! I wanna bash some heads in! Do you got any sweet, juicy, info of a bounty-- or whatever?"
  15. open

    "My name? Uh--" Candie's attention averted to the rowsy scene of the tavern, which seemed to be two dwarfs in.. quarrel? Friendship? She furrowed her brows in distraught and was clearly confused, scratching her head at the sight. "..Weird."