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    The Red Festival (Open)

    Amidst the screams of the night, the grotesque happenings that took place in the Red Festival, there sat two twins, seated at a peculiar little table while sipping their share of blood from tiny teacups. They sat not too far and not too close to the bloody spectacle, spectating without any disturbances of some sort. They watched innocent blood spilt for decorations, self-indulgent homocide, children eaten alive, a short death metal concert of some sort, and all of the most traumatizing things you can think of all crammed into one hell of a party. Except witnessing a naked grandma, of course. Now that the humans were attacking and having an all out war with their magitech weapons and flaming monkeys of some sort, they had all the more reason to sit back and watch everything burn. "So, you gonna indulge yourself?" "Pardon?" Candie pointed towards a grotesque scene, followed by a small pack of goblins feasting on a man who had his throat chewed out and unable to scream out in agony as he was ripped apart alive. Sunny watched, sipping from her teacup. "Go on, then." The younger twin expressed an unamused face, wiping the blood off her lips. "Oh, don't stick me in with them. I'm a picky eater." Sunny waved her hand to the seemingly insulted brethren, No offence. The undead enjoyed the taste of human flesh and blood, but she preferred something a little more.. sanitary. Some mangled and disgusting corspes littered around were covered with literal feces and piss, which caused her to grimace. Grotesque cannibalism and feasting aside, this party was very well enjoyed by the twins. Rarely do they come upon a festival like this, where their blood was welcomed and celebrated amongst many brothers and sisters of hell. It was foolish to think something like this would go as smoothly, especially when the whispers of taverns reached those who didn't sit well about this particular party. "Aside from the bloodbath, it sure is pleasant to see more of us here, innit?" "I concur." The two clinked their cups together -- and threw it onto the bloodied dirt as ceramic loudly shattered into the cries of the Red Festival.
  2. SweetCyanide

    [QUEST] Night at the Museum

    Early in the morning, the twins went out for a lovely little stroll to the docks. Since Candie absolutely loathed being woken up in the morning, and Sunny dosen't need to exactly sleep (and was an annoying morning person), they stopped at a little candy stand nearby to buy a tiny bag of sweets. Once a lollipop energized the grumpy blonde bedhead, they set off for the docks -- with Candie's spirit slightly lifted. Then they ran into Teddy, of course. Flattered he was kind enough to join them on a walk despite his unexplained paranoia around the two, they gladly conversed with the gunslinger on the way to the docks. While Sunny thought of him oddly familiar, the two blondes expressed their fondness over guns, as Sunny expressed her fondness over Teddy's overall anatomy. The lively undead excitedly shook her sister back and forth, admiring the cleared blue sky and bright street littered with adorable shops as the ocean breeze brushed her hair back. Candie, obviously, couldn't care less. She yawned without a care in the world, lollipop in her teeth as she did so. She was just glad she wasn't wearing that ridiculous skirt anymore. Comfortably changed back to her usual attire -- stylish black leather clothing that nicely matched with her sister's more elegant fashion. A peculiar rosary hung from her neck, silently basking in the sun as she fixed her gloves. When they arrived, they watched Teddy run off to Edgar, which gave them some time to talk together. "Did you remember your bag?" "Mhm." "I got a feeling he's got it bad with women." "Mhm." The U-Boat arrived, Sunny basked in awe, accidentally smacked her face on a wall, and set their bags down in the tiny bathroom. A minute later, the younger sister eventually found Candie's kryptonite. The root of all evil, the bane of her existence, the very thing that still haunts her til' this day. Holy water. And without a care in the world, began running around with a bottle. "BEGONE, SPAWN OF SATAN!" "DUDE, STOP-" "BACK TO WHENCE YE CAME!" "I dont know why that hurt but I SWEAR TO GOD YOU PUT THAT DAMN THING DOWN--" "THE POWER OF GAIA COMPELS YOU!" "OW! WHAT THE--" "REPENT!" "DUDE." Eventually, the evaporating older sister snatched the vicious bottle away from the hands of this nuisance, deeply growling as Sunny twinkled her eyes innocently like a smug puppy. Before the blonde could have her vengeance, the alarms blared, a clear indicator that the U-Boat will begin to dive in a moment. As the undead listened, Candie immediately catches her off guard. SPLASH "MY EYES!" "Thats how it FEELS!"
  3. SweetCyanide

    [QUEST] Night at the Museum

    "Hungry?" "Ha-ha." Cold, dead fingers scraped pitch black hair to it's tidiest form. Sunny kept busy fixing herself up, with a little touch of makeup (despite the constant disapproval of her older sibling) and tightening the few cross-stitches sown into the corner of her lips. Gazing at a clam-like mirror reflected a ghastly yet tolerable appearance, dressed up in a short monochrome victorian dress. The features of her already terrifying face attracted a few gazes, as she pouted her lips to apply a suitable shade of lipstick. A woman has to care about her looks, gentlemen. Even if that woman is probably dead. "Is that even necessary?" The blonde barked. "Can't I look good in awhile?" The mirror clicked shut. "I'm prettier like this, aren't I?" "Were you ever pretty?" The zombie rose her fist in a manner of hitting her sister, growling as her fish eyes glanced back at the bar shelf. Candie merely grinned, like having the satisfaction of successfully pissing off your annoying little sibling. Proudly, she chugged another glass of alcohol down the drain. "Says you. Could you even care to brush your hair? Your dress is pretty because I picked it, you know." "Another whiskey, please. Anyway, when's the job starting?" "Wh-? Don't change the subje-" As for Candie, her outfit was a blue-leather jumper dress paired with a long-sleeved collar jacket. Or atleast is what her sister said as she forced it on onto her. Never in a million years would she think she'd be convinced into wearing a dress til' this very day. And as it turns out, it isn't that bad. Skirts felt greater than the last time she wore one. Refreshing air, no ripping your pants, and never will her legs feel the need to sweat ever again. The catch is, opening them is a no-no. Not only would it embarass her, it'd result in her little sister smacking her over the head whenever her legs decided to part. Silly women and their feminine etiquettes. Pah! Her fingers pinched a cube of ice and dropped it into her mouth. Just a second later, the bartender slid another glass of alcohol towards her direction, gladly sweeping up said glass and swirling the contents unamusedly. "Do you ever stop drinking?" "Do ou ev'r shtop shmoking?" Sunny scowled, hissing with her bare fangs as Candie teethily hissed back -- then both parted their glances with an air of sibling shenanigans. Clicking open her clam mirror once more, the undead scanned her features. Scratching off a bit of lipstick that went slightly over her lip, and covering dark areas with a fluffy.. thing. And in the corner of her eye, noticed a peculiar little thing. The mirror reflected a woman, but not just any woman. A muscly, tanned woman with scars that you'd see on a street fighter. Sure, her appearance wasn't at all surprising -- compared to the more grotesque individiuals in the party, she should fit right in. However, it was her vibe, the anxious body language that quickly brought a smirk on her stitched lips. Are ya nervous? "What are you smiling at?" Sneered Candie, mockingly taking a slow sip of whiskey. "Oh," Sunny replied with a sharp elbow. "bugger off!"
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    Bogus Booty OOC

    I'll definitely be around, my dudes.
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    - Pick me! Pick me! I want in!
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    CHAOS is recruiting...

    Assassins? Spies? I gotchu.
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Sure is~
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    This looks fun! Perfect for a new character of mine
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    [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` RED HAIR WITH A CURL "Sorry, sorry," Robicheaux shyed, expressing a sheepish grin towards the others and apologetically placing her hands together in a nervous fashion. Indeed, she was risking the life of an important man with important knowledge, but who was she to blame with a wet finger forgetfully tugging at the trigger? Well.. yes. She was all to blame. But -- don't look at me! The gun did it! She glanced back to Teddy's gesture with a grin, manipulating a lock of red hair that invitingly curled around his antiseptic. And with a dance of her fingers and a tuck of her gun, the assassin took the bottle off her hair. Elijah was too exhausted to react fuss to Roxanne tending to his wounds. Instead, he limply rested his head on a rock and called it a night, while wearing a discerning scowl worn on his face. Other than the farmer's injuries that Roxanne was to tend to, something else came to her attention. Wiz was staring at the woman with a straight face, a noticeable glint in his eyes that she noticed. She glanced around to make sure that the mage was truly staring at her. "What's wrong, hon?" Elijah yelled behind Roxanne as the burning antiseptic seeped into his flesh. "Something on my face? You look like you've seen a ghost!" A free hand brushed her fingers through her crimson hair, and utilized the other hand when she was finished pouring antiseptic on Elijah. She discarded bits of dried blood that stuck to her locks, unraveling a sticky mess that clinged onto her hands. "Teddy-sweetie, can I borrow some thread and needle?" - - - - - - - - - Roxanne held gently on Juice's reins, rocking back and forth on the orange mustang as Wiz worked his magic. He'd done a splendid job! Never had the assassin took sight of any attack or suspicion that came from where they could see, and from where they could not. If it weren't for the perfect illusion that shrouded the big group, they would have been killed on the spot. She'd give him one big strong -- gentle pat on the back. He was in a deep focus, after all. It would've been rude to slap his spine and get everyone shot now, wouldn't it? She doubt her hand would've been able to touch his back, anyways. He was riding on Juice behind Roxanne, carefully mounted on the horse a while back. Moments later, Beast suddenly threw his arm to halt the group the moment they had reached the mining village. He pointed and frowned, seven men and two women were hiding in the midst of a cluster of trees. Sssssneaky, Roxanne whispered. Ironically, she herself is quite the sneaky one. A user of invisibility and stealth magic, too! She used it hours ago when Teddy and Wiz were chatting about Russia, and Roxanne happened to appear in the middle of their conversation. Where did she come from, you ask? Nobody knows. She remarked that she herself didn't know the meaning of the word, some old slang she heard from her old man as a child. The assassin pouted her lips, leaning sideways to Teddy. His crocodile leather jacket was a perfect match with her croptop leather jacket, a similarity she giddily commented about a while back when he began to flirt with Roxanne. She replied by suddenly not being able to keep a straight face through his smooth talk, pulling down his cattleman hat down to his face and disappearing to run off to the others. She lipped a long hmm, pulling out her gun and tightening her hard gloves that she purchased from Roscoe. "I'll take care of our Wiz, yeah?"
  10. SweetCyanide

    (DA): Let’s Start a RIOT

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- Muffling her yawn with a hand, the blonde took a step forwards Mal -- accompanied by many several guns raising higher towards her frame, eager to pull the trigger in a heartbeat. The blue-eyed devil danced her gaze around the soldiers, flickering her eyes side to side whenever she heard the noise of movement, and whenever she took another step closer. What a bunch of wimps, she thought. But, they were soldiers. So instead -- she thought of them as skeptic lions, jumping back whenever their prey inched dangerously close to their vicinity. With a soft clear of a throat, and a nudge on Mal's shoulder, Candie widened her brows in a questionable fashion. "So," Her lips pursed inwards. "what now? Are we gonna do a thing, or..?" Behind them, as her older sibling had taken the attention of a few men aching to take the shot, was the younger -- perhaps, more childish counterpart of the Scarborough twins. Her attention was fixed on City, lounging on a mystical chair with as if she'd had no worries in the world. First, it had came off gentle, like how you'd talk to a sleeping baby. "You're thinking about something, yes?" Clouded eyes stared down at the blonde with utter curiosity, as if a doctor had been inspecting the face of a body in the morgue. "A plan? Something that is.. troubling you? Or--! Perhaps, nothing? Oh," Sunny didn't allow City to reply, by pressing her cheeks together with strikingly cold fingers, and putting her face close to her's. So close, you could've probably inhaled her breath -- but she was wearing a mask, and Sunny didn't need to breathe. "Such a symmetrical face! Ah. Pretty, too. If I hacked your face in half, they would have no difference, yes."
  11. I see you checking up on me! Hello, are you doing well over there?

    "Well" as in sentient and animate because I know you have a thing for unhealthiness, lack of hygiene and death :smirk: Also, you owe me an RP together sometime!

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      I don't know what you're talkin' about. I'm as healthy as a damn bag of chips, and I brush my teeth atleast once a day! :angry: I'll make sure to hit you up whenever, pal




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    Bogus Booty OOC

    My apologies for a late post. If there are parts that you'd like/need edited, let me know
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    [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` LUCKY SHOT If Elijah could spit, he'd do so on Wiz's face. Momentarily, Beast had knocked him out cold with one nasty headbutt to the skull while Roxanne helped Teddy stand. A rowdy farmer would do us no good, eh? When the cowboy told her it was all good to let him go, she loosened her grip. But assisted in helping him up again when he slightly stumbled. As the assassin scanned the hell of a room once more, a glint sparkled in her eye like a shiny little gem in a bloodied cabin. Approaching the item, Roxanne swiftly took it into her grasp with one swipe, and with a more thorough inspection, appeared to be a gun. Lovely it was, it must've been owned by one of the folks in Beast's body pile. She still had no clue why Beast collected all of them together. A bunch of dead men stacked ontop of eachother, sitting on the porch. She'd rather not question, nor stand around to see them decay. Roxanne mounted Juice -- careful not to rowdy the stallion whilst following the group. - - - - - “I don’t suppose any of you know how to do stitches?” "Mm-mm." The gentle, crackling fire inside the damp cave gave the red-head some warmth, hovering her paled hands around the heating blaze that ate away the wood and sticks that had been burned into nothing but glowing charcoal. Behind her, perhaps a little distance away from the others, was the farmer -- who had recently stopped trying to get out of the ties wrapped tightly around his wrists and legs that were, Roxanne's hair, still connected to her head. Beside her, was Teddy. She felt the gaze, a glare of a gunslinger staring into her soul. Tilting her head to the side, she glanced at Teddy with a look, then flickered her eyes side to side to assure that he was looking at her. As she dropped her head forward, the blonde flickered his eyes side to side in the direction of Elijah. Roxanne pointed to herself, mouthing a word before Teddy arched his brow, cleared his throat, and she expressed a sigh. The connected hair that bounded the farmer by the wrist dragged him forwards, quickly sliding him against the dirt and halting him near the fire. "So," she spoke, holding a picture of Louis in between her fingers. "who do ya work for?" Elijah replied with a grunt, struggling to properly fix his position, but was quickly interrupted when the woman flipped him over like an exposed turtle, thumping his back against a sharp rock and knocking the air out of his lungs. As red locks curled tighter and began to entangle him in more strands of hair, Roxanne pulled out a lovely magnum. She individually unloaded the bullets and lined up each one in a straight line -- but left a single bullet in the hatchet. Spinning the cylinder in place, she spun Elijah into her direction. "What are you gonna do," He sneered, dried and fresh blood mixing, dripping from his head. "shoot me?" Roxanne replied by pointing the gun to his head and lowering it, "Mhm." onto his groin."Sure." "You familiar with Russian Roulette, 'lijah?" He didn't answer, nor did he move. He looked up at the assassin with an unimpressed expression, cracking a toothy grin as if he's been told a cheesy joke. "Do you really think I'd believe a half-assed--" BANG! "FUCK!" "MOTHERF-" Her loud reply not only answered his question, but made Teddy spill a bunch of antiseptic onto his open wound, and jumped Wiz. Beast, was as stiff as a concrete statue. She looked back at the blonde, whispering several sorry's, and clearing her throat -- looking back at the crack in the rocky ceiling of the cave they dwelled in. The shot ripped through the cold night, perhaps shaking a few animals and echoing into the desert. Hopefully, it didn't attract any unwanted visitors. Reloading another one into the cylinder, she spun it into place with a blind eye. "Could've lost your manhood there, hm?" Elijah, gasping in a cold sweat, wearily looked up at the assassin once more. "Now," Pointing the magnum towards his crotch, Roxanne charmed him with a threatening smirk. "Who do you work for?" ". . . . Look, you son of a--" "He loves me," A pull on the trigger. Click! "he loves me not --" "SHIT--! I WORK FOR THE REBELS!" "Say that again?" ". . The rebels." The woman glanced back at the group, opening her mouth to say something to Teddy, "Alteria Crystals." but was quickly interrupted. "Know anything about that?" Elijah replied with an uneasy frown, anxious to spill the beans. "Who the hell do you think you are--" "He loves me," "WAITWAITWAIT--" Click! "I TRAFFICK THE CRYSTALS, ALRIGHT? GAIA, FOR THE LOVE OF--" He cursed, struggling in his cold sweat, and squirming -- attempting to rid of the hair that tightly tied around his wrists. Standing, he tried, but was pulled by the red locks on his limbs and allowed him to trip. "The screaming monkey is beginning to peeve me." Beast growled, towering above the cowering man like a scaled.. well, beast. Eventually, he quit resisting when the shadow of a predator dwelled over his body. "I-Is what he's saying true?" Wiz spoke. Roxanne cocked another bullet in the hatchet. "I don't know," She pointed the gun. "is it?" ". . . Look, I've no idea how they make the crystals. . all I know's that I get em' at the base, " Roxanne's finger eagerly pulls on the trigger -- teasingly, and mockingly. "WHICH IS--! An abandoned mining village..! It's outta town. Louis," Elijah points to the picture in her hand. "tracked my ass, and shot my leg." She exchanges a brief look with the group, then spins the gun around her fingers. "That it?" the man grimaced. "It's all I know." The assassin smirked, nodding to Beast as a reminder to watch over the farmer if he tried anything suspicious. BANG! A deep bullet sharply goes through his leg. Specifically, the other leg that Louis hadn't shot. "Shit, my finger slipped--"
  14. SweetCyanide

    [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` Walking on thin ice. Ah, shit -- As Teddy tumbled down the porch, the woman watched as the gunslinger repeatedly thwacked his head against the steps and landed his back onto the raw dirt. Roxanne uttered a soft noise and allowed the moment to sink in, but she shook her head -- retracting her strange hair back into it's original length and approaching the blonde as she pried her scissors out of a man's throat. "Good job, boys." Kneeling on one knee, she felt for a pulse, and tilted her head forwards into his nose to check if he was breathing. A faint inhale. He wasn't dead, but he was dying. "You too, Teddy. I'm surprised you ain't dead yet." She gave him two pats on the cheek and unbuttoned his shirt, making an inspection as Beast collected a bloody pile of bodies, and shivering as the whirling cold from the farmer's house merged with the cold from the outside. Roxanne, still trying to make sure the cowboy hadn't died, decided to zip up her croptop and attempted to resist her hands from shaking any longer. Man, mages are scary. The inspection revealed minor gashes, and a deep bullet dug around Teddy's ribcage. Taking his belt, she placed the leather between the blonde's pearly whites, and slightly widened the bullet hole with her thumbs. A lock of hair separated into several individual strands, circling and hovering over the circular wound with a skeptic manner -- and occasionally reeling away whenever he groaned in pain. Doctors would often say; This'd be quick. The strands dived in, sharply grinding against any fat and tissue they pierced in the rabbit hole. Except Roxanne wasn't a doctor, and she definitely wasn't good with taking away the pain. Through meat and bone, it stopped at an area where a sound like an audible clink! had been felt. Guessing that it was the bullet, the hairs coiled around the iron egg, and Roxanne quickly pulled it out. Teddy gasped as if you've taken a deep dive in at the beach, and forgot to come up to breathe. She expressed a glad grin even as the gunslinger suffered the after-pain of adrenaline and shock that centered on his wounds. Ripping a long strip of his shirt, she used it as an improvised bandage to cover up the hole in his rib. Roxanne pecked Teddy's forehead as if how you'd treat a hurting boo-boo, and stood on two heels. "Wiz," The assassin hummed. "watch over the blondie while I look for lil' Elijah -- kay?" When Wiz approached, the assassin ruffled the young mage's hair as she made her way into a frozen room of dead men. And an iced couch. Exhaling a gust of cooled air, she curled her lip into a curious pout once a single kick made the frozen couch shatter into pieces. She was getting sidetracked -- now was definitely not the time to fawn over a broken couch. Whipping her frame to each side, her red-eyed gaze lingered and examined the icy room. Men covered in bullet holes, the lad who she'd thrown into a window, and a sleeping farmer. Ah, there's our guy. Looking closely, Elijah suffered a bullet shot to the foot, and an oozing red hole spreading from his shoulder. There was also a dark bruise on the top of his head, which she was guessing what knocked him out. Grabbing him by the chin, the man was out cold, but luckily -- he wasn't dead. Almost slipping on the frosting wooden floor, Roxanne yelled out to the rest of her companions outside. "I found our guy!"
  15. SweetCyanide

    The Conspirator

    - - BONES AND CHAINSAWS - - Do you remember? "Ares." The 21st night of September? "Ares." Love was chasing the minds of -- ARES. Shezmu nearly swore as he pulled on the wire, immediately keeping the musical pods from his ear somewhere in his jacket's pocket. He glances back at the elf, a look of uncertainty beginning to dwell on his pale features as Tommy cleared her throat. A curious pink-eyed mage squinted down at her, and she squinted back with her own gaze. When Tommy sharply elbowed his arm, Ares finally came about. Right, right. "Ares, Tommy," The two turned to look at the ape. Unlike Tommy's naturally plump palms and digits, Ares's hand felt like thick, moving needles -- as if you shook hands with a suspicious metal bear trap. Despite clutching the hand of his naked skeleton, they exchanged greetings, and took the sweet time to stare at a primate whose shades reflected the group and the lovely interior of airship Lily. They've never seen an ape so close-up that it was uncomfortable, yet peculiar. "Telerian, right?" "Mhm." They muttered, not paying any mind towards Lucier and Teddy's conversation with Hanz. Allowing the moment to sink in about Lily and celebrities, the albino whistles. "One coin if they make another Gaia joke." "You're on." Wait. Wait. Wait. "Gaia's tits--" "Goddammit." The elf reaches into her back pocket and flips a shiny gold coin, as Ares claims his victorious prize with a grin. "The third one this morning." - - - - - - - - - - Gloved hands grazed alongside the bloodied roads of Telerian, collecting the red pigment. Tommy's lip curled back in a sense of curiosity behind the red-eyed gas mask that was strapped onto her face, straightening her posture and standing up on two feet. "Looks like the blood's fresh." Spoke the elf, smearing what was left of the blood onto Ares's arm -- much of his disapproval. "Sucks to be stuck in a place like this." Ares glanced at Lucier, urging himself to not crack a grin when he was reminded of the faint memory of scribbling on his face, only to quickly wash it up when they were later informed to change into their gear. He paced up with the rest, a slight anxiety throbbing in his gut whenever the drakes shrieked and clawed, fighting over the grotesque remains of what used to be a human. The amount of flying lizards in the place caused the mage to muster a forced gulp down his throat, which was later on teased by the more relaxed elf. Tommy had a few keychains at her disposal, hanging by her belt and making a little jingle whenever she took another step. Perhaps a dead ringer if she'd be unlucky. The cracks and crackles of the highways made her uneasy of the fear of falling from a height and cracking her skull into the concrete. The thought of it made her legs feel weak, and a chill up her spine. Looking into a brittled car's window while the group walked near, the white boy sighed -- and jumped at the sight of a rotting body part sitting on the passenger's seat. "Fuck's sake." He uttered, checking the pockets of the driver seat's out of curiosity. All he found was a crumpled dirty magazine, and groaned with the question why he bothered to look. A head's up was thrown toward Teddy's direction, and so was the magazine. "So," He walked by the gunslinger, careful not to trip on any rusty metal or barbed wire. "looks like shit hit the fan."