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  1. Seeking skilled workers of the criminal variety

    pssst hey you want some dead twins?
  2. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    fuck, i'm sorry i should've seen this sooner i might have to skipppp criii im sorry
  3. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting Again!][Third Event Going On]

    Yessir! :D
  4. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting Again!][Third Event Going On]

  5. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting Again!][Third Event Going On]

    -forcefully thrusts hand through own grave- HEY I'M STILL ALIVE DON'T KICK ME OUT JUST YEEEEET
  6. Off the Grid: Redux

    "Did ya hear that?" Sabier yelled into Sunny's ear, and it momentarily ripped off. The pale, cold-blooded girl cracked a gleeful smile, and carefully picked it from her hand. Placing the ear back into where it came from. - Sunny gasped. One, two, three, four.. five-- so much zombies! She immediately heard Karim's request of help, and dashed through the crowd. Eventually leaving dead corspes of man-creatures, with knives stuck directly onto their foreheads. And whilst clearing the way, she immediately spotted a very frantic Karim. So when the moment was right, the necromancer swiftly stopped, and raised her hand up with a symbolic gesture. Her magic instantly coursed through her fingers, and she slammed her hands down into the ground, creating a glowing purple shockwave that temporarily blasted the zombots off the ground, and clearing out Karim's area with incapacitated man-creatures. However, it wasn't long before she, herself, was temporarily standing in a daze. A bright flash of light pierced her eyes, and Sunny yelped. She was blinded! Unable to see and know where she is, the undead girl whimpered and started to rub her eyes with panic. It was bad enough that her irises were cloudy from rotting. This left the living corspe vulnerable to any sort of attack. - Like bashing a rotten piece of grape, Candie huffed a strand of blonde bangs off her face. She was shoved by her sister's crowd attack, firmly placing her foot down to remain her composure. The dirty blonde glanced at Karim, and gave him a thumbs-up. It seemed like Sabier was leading the horde to her, with a bunch of blaring speakers and man-creatures in pursuit after her. They got the screaming 'min ear' anyway. Then, the cursed twin looked to the survivor. He wore a dusty eyepatch, and looked like he's been through hell. So to hopefully calm him down, she tried to speak in an orderly fashion. To which, she was horrible at trying to comfort people. "You--" Candie stabbed a zombot's torso, that disgustingly writhed on the floor. Her sky-blue eyes flickered back to him. "Good?"
  7. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    -barely runs away from the massive zombot horde with Rhykiel in her arms- double blondeeeeeeeeee
  8. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    i'm actually so sorry about the late and sloppy replies i've been bombarded with academics, especially with exams coming in a few weeks. i apologize for being a disappointing hassle i'll make sure to actually put effort into my posts next time. u-u
  9. Off the Grid: Redux

    "Oh!" The black-haired twin yelped, a shocked expression detailed onto her features with a hand on her lips. Candie pulled out a lolipop from her pocket, being the massive sweet-tooth that she is. Looking at the white-haired man, she arched a brow as she toyed with the candy stick on her tongue. "I thought he was dead." The blonde spoke. "Well, I thought so too! It seems to be that he has not.. died?" "Oh. I guess you can tell with the white.. hair." Sunny giggled. "Perhaps he acts like a computer? Switch them on, they spark up. Switch them off, and they just sort of.. power down. Maybe he's talking about the strange virus that Mister Eli mentioned? Quite informative, I believe!" Candie glanced to the side. Was that a cry of help? Interesting. "I'll go check that out." Without anymore haste, the older twin lightly jogged to the source of the cry, eager to find a survivor. But to her dismay, she found a bunch of zombies attracted to the area. Frowning as the grotesque creatures surrounded the blonde demon, the sweet-tooth spoke into the comm. "Horde. Get ready for a crowd." The first man-creature screeched into Candie's ear, and aggressively lunged at the twin. She responded with a harsh beating by a steel warhammer, bashing their brains in with a swift move. This made everything else lunge at the girl, with the blonde charging into the source of the cry, and storming through the massive crowd of.. zombots. "Where are you?!"
  10. Off the Grid: Redux

    "Bring back? You mean bring him back to life? I'm pretty good at that!" "She meant bring him back to the base." "Ooooh." The blonde-haired twin crouched over, sliding her arms under the white-haired man's body to scoop him up. Looking back at the deceased corspe, Candie closely inspected his details. Ok, yeah. Maybe he was a little sexy. But now wasn't the right time to fuss about such matters. The demon turned to the group with the man in her arms. Then she glanced at Sunny. "Should we perform an autopsy at base? My sister is skilled with.. anything related to the undead."
  11. Off the Grid: Redux

    Agressively skidding against the floor, a rather agressive 'THWACK' imprinted onto the so-called zombie's head, and the thing flew away like a soccer ball. Candie brushed her blonde hair to the side, and lent a hand to Sabier. Behind her, a rather pale-looking girl. Her skin was an unsettling grey, and she had stitches on some certain parts of her body. Sunny almost looked like one of the zombies, if she wasn't looking like a little girl. She happily waved at the woman, expressing a gleeful smile. Then, the two began to sink into their atmosphere. Where were they? They just followed Sabier in a blind chase, completely unaware of the monsters that lurk within. "Where are we? It smells gross.."
  12. Off the Grid: Redux

    A rather surprised 'oh!' overwhelmed the young twin, holding up her hand to her lips as the older blonde quickly unsheathed the iron warhammer on her back. They leaned their backs against eachother almost immediately, with Sunny watching the right, and Candie watching the left. "What are they?" The undead girl mused, before stabbing the grotesque creature in the throat with a throwing knife hidden under her skirt. "They seem.. human. I think.. ah! Hey--! Hands.. off!" The horrifying creature sprawled onto Sunny as she desperately attempted to push the disgusting thing away, grunting as clattering teeth attempted to rip apart dead flesh. Whilst shoving it's putrid face away, her eyes widened in curiousity as the thing suddenly stopped. Before reacting to anything else, it was soon met with blunt steel once Candie bashed the thing in the head with her hammer, throwing the weapon at another man-like creature as it tried to kill her sister. It was like witnessing the death of her own kind. She was a zombie after all. Perhaps not mindless, but dead. Sunny shook her head in refusal to think that she was one of them, then glanced back at the girl who fell down. Sabier was getting corned by a horde, much to her dismay. "Candie! Cover me!" "Yeah, yeah." Rushing over to the edge, she placed her hands onto her head with a concentrated expression as the tattoo on her nape began to glow a deep purple. Sunny's eyes widened with determination and sharply inhaled, exhaling out a purple mist of dark magic that coursed through her throat and flew into the nearest creatures to Sabier. The purple mist blew into their nostrils and mouth, effecting them greatly with distinctive, glowing magenta-like nerves that coursed through their veins. This made the infected zombies turn against their own kind, attacking their brethren and leaving Sabier alone. "H-hey! Get--" She stabbed a grotesque man-creature in the face. "Over here..!"
  13. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    sorry i took too long to reply
  14. Off the Grid: Redux

    "Sunny!" "Candie." "Back-up medic and necromancer!" "Tanker." "Life-time mercenaries, at your service!" They spoke in unison. The black-haired undead charmed a smile at the other individuals, waving with glee. Her sister, the blonde, did the same. But with a nonchalant expression and a groggy wave.
  15. Off the Grid (Nautical Horror in Stonehaven)

    slowly raises hand may I