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  1. Am I able to slide onto this month's main thread? I have academic shtuff coming up, so I'm hoping that I could get to RP before studying again.
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    Candie grunted by the sudden poke that slightly cocked her head back, placing a hand over it. "Alchohol. And, your name is Lady? Strange."
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    Holding her arms out, Sunny was plopped down onto her sister's arms as she wrapped her arm around her. Then, tediously, the zombie girl smirked. "My hero~" "Hah." Candie let go of her twin, and she decked her face into the floor for the third time. Curiously, the blonde looked over to Lady, who'd be finding somewhere to sleep. "..Just how much alchohol did you drink, lady? Jeez."
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    "Wait, wha-- NO, NOT AGAIN!" "...Oh. Interesting.." "MMFF! SAVE ME-- OOF!" And just like that, Candie just tugged on her sister's foot, and the twin hit the floor again. Magically, she teleported back to Lady's arms, and Sunny started to squeak. "WH-what the?! Why am I back here, agai-- MM!"
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    Sunny made a loud thud when she slipped and decked her face into the wooden floor. Taking in a euphoric gasp, she'd attempt to stand up, stumbling. "Ooof, guh. I'm FREEEE.." Candie refused to laugh, even if it did take her sister about thirty minutes to escape a crushing woman. Instead, the other twin cracked a smirk. "Took you long enough." "FREEEDOOOM.."
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    She felt like her heart stopped beating when her hand disappeared. Oh, wait. Her heart isn't beating. The cold-blooded girl reached out for her limb, then forced it back onto her wrist. Then, sneakily, Sunny attempted to slide out of the crushing grasp of the woman.
  7. - The Tranquil Merchant - "Just pick something already. I don't have all day." "Fifty gold. Now hand over the money or hand over the necklace." "I'll shove this staff up your throat if you don't scram. Now, shoo. Come back when you actually have money." GENERAL Name: Salem Winfred Aliases: Apple, Dealer, Shiny Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 21 Race/Species: Human Scars/Tattoo(s): There is a Koi tattoo located on his left ankle, it is of a black and white Koi that is circling around a peaceful moon. There are also three lines that come across his cheek, like an eyelash. symbol. Gender: Male Occupation: Travelling Merchant Hometown: Unclear Description: His intimidation makes you want to buy something, and quick. Salem has red eyes, and dresses in a colorful manner. His lively appearance draws attention to travelers, making it easier to spot him in a crowd. But despite his clothes, his personality is well-mannered and polite, and probably a bit tedious. Salem is very modest, making honesty his first policy. He keeps this under control when selling items, for his trade may be cancelled by this rude demeanor. The items he'd usually sell are antiques, ammunition/arrows, flowers, decorations, accessories, fruits and candies. Making him a special merchant to come across, and very valuable one at a reasonable price. When he is not in the market, Salem often collects bounties and quests, selling the artifacts he may come across. He's usually walking around with a massive basket on his head, or equipped with his signature staff. He's quite knowledgeable in acupunture. GEAR AND AUGS Head: Balancing Basket, or N/A Torso: Colorful robes, Changshan (Combat) Hands: Gold bracelets, Adorned Staff, Gauntlets Legs: Blue pants, Hidden Bladed-Fans Feet: Wooden Slippers SKILLS Abilities: Martial Arts, Flexibility, Chi Skilled in self-defense, he is able to swiftly counter-attack. Able to twist and bend his body. A magic-user, able to convert his life-force into powerful attacks. Skills (Mundane): Evasive Weaknesses: Massive beings, Elementals, Long-ranged combat, heights MENTAL Personality: Modest Backstory: After having a 'selling' contest with a fellow orphaned friend, he began to seep interest into becoming a travelling merchant. Salem left his hometown to pursue his thrill for adventure, and began collecting the rewards for bounties as his items for sale. He is known by many travelers to do the hard work himself, then sell it to others for a fair change, being strangely kind enough to go through difficult bounties to give it to other travelers for a cheap price. Goals: "Give gold to those who can't have it themselves. Pretty ironic if you ask me." Fears: Massive fear of cats, bugs, and heights
  8. - The Genocidal Flame - "Who CARES? The only thing I know is that this'll be FUN!" "Yeah, yeah. You broke your leg, good on ya. Now, suck it up buttercup!" "SYKE IT, SHERLOCK!" GENERAL Name: Jackie, Helios Aliases: Candle, Killjoy, Lantern, Pocket-Devil Apparent Age: Unclear (She'll probably tease you about it.) Actual Age: Unclear Race/Species: Sun Fairy (?), (GHOST) Scars/Tattoo(s): There seems to be a snake tattoo on her thigh. Gender: Female Occupation: Apollo's Lantern, Unknown Hometown: N/A Description: Her ghastly appearance makes you want to look away. Extremely dangerous. Her body is roughly the size of a pen, and emits a light similiar to the sun, she's usually inside Apollo's lantern. Touching her will leave a bad burn. Despite her tiny appearance, she's able to burn an entire kingdom to the ground. If left unattended, Jackie is very uncomfortable to talk to. A notably powerful being. She seems to drool lava. Her presence alone is to be accurately described as; A dangerous fire, or a maniacal fairy. She usually defends Apollo through holes of her lantern. Freckled babyface. Loves adorable items. Mischevious and unpredictable. GEAR AND AUGS Head: N/A Torso: Long-sleeved shirt. Hands: N/A Legs: N/A Feet: N/A SKILLS Abilities: Hellfire, Rage Able to turn an entire kingdom to ash, she is extremely agressive. Her fire will pain you for eternity, until Apollo takes care of it, of course. If angered, Jackie will become an extremely powerful entity that will burn everything she sees. Apollo will see to this problem. Skills (Mundane): Fire Immunity Weaknesses: Water, cuteness, her lantern, Apollo, un-burnable items, wind MENTAL Personality: Mischevious Genocider Backstory: After lying to Apollo into unleashing her, she cast wrath upon the outside world. When the timid boy, however, finally captured Jackie in a lantern, they were able to co-operate after a few years. Before burning down villages and forests, she lied to the timid boy about her being 'enslaved', and that she was an innocent fairy. This manipulation caused regret upon Apollo. Enjoys slaughter and the killing of innocent lives, a Chaotic Evil. Goals: "I wanna watch the whole world BURN!" Fears: N/A
  9. - The Timid Gardener - "Have you seen Jackie? Don't get the wrong idea-- She's gonna start a forest fire.." "What about your gold badge, sir? Did it come with the shirt?" "Wait, where'd she go?" GENERAL Name: Apollo Samson Aliases: Grass-head, Weedling Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 19 Race/Species: Human Scars/Tattoo(s): There is a flock of crows tattooed onto his back. Gender: Male Occupation: Wanderer Hometown: Unknown Description: His kindness will pull at your heart-strings, and sort of feel bad for him. Apollo has blonde hair and yellow eyes, usually having flowers growing out of his cloak. Often pushed around by Jackie, attempting to tempt the poor boy to subjugate individuals. Shy and gentle, but quite hesitant when it comes to combat. Amateur in green magic, and always keeps little notebooks filled with spells and information. He will act serious when needed, sometimes even dropping the nice-guy personality. Quite sassy. Despite his display, Apollo is not that timid. GEAR AND AUGS Head: Growing flowers Torso: Jacket Hands: White gloves, Stick, an Elegant Lantern Legs: Shorts that reach just above his knee, a Dangerously Sharp Dagger Feet: Slippers (There's money hidden inside.) SKILLS Abilities: Green Magic, Agility, Strength Commands the nature around to fight/defend for him, has countless of specific spells; such as healing. He's slippery and fast, quite skilled in running away. Despite his appearance, Apollo is capable of fighting, able to pack a nasty punch. Skills (Mundane): Parkour, Fireproof Weaknesses: Tight spaces, Crowds, Intimidation, Squishy MENTAL Personality: Kind Backstory: After being tricked into releasing a powerful entity that destroyed his village and forests, he was able to capture the being in a lantern and create a friendship. He spends most of his days caring for the beast, and preventing it from causing another chaotic outburst. The influence of the creature caused him to create a firm grasp on reality, and probably made him quite revoltive. Apollo wanders for the rest of his life, seeking thrills and adventure. Goals: "I've gotta keep her from roasting an emperor.." Fears: Fire, Jackie, heights, bugs, trypophobic
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    Candie rose a brow at the other individual, and politely shook her hand. Still hell-bent on inspecting the other, nobody wouldn't know what was going on inside her head. She only replied with a nod, and an understanding gaze back at Lia. Sunny snickered at the two's conversation, and let go of the crushing hug. Patting her dress down, she'd happily wave at Ryeha's companion. "Why, helllo! I'm Sunny! This is my sister, Candie!" To offer a friendly handshake, it quickly escalated when her wrist snapped off, and the hand attached onto it was left dangling on a thread. The zombie girl replied with a tedious 'Oops!' and forced the limb back on. "I see that Candie likes you! She's analyzing youu~"
  11. I am really liking your characters keep up the good work with them!  :)

    1. SweetCyanide
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      The only acceptable response to that.

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    The undead girl could've recognized those two figures anywhere. "RYEHA!" Sunny dashfully tackled Ryeha with a hug, snuggling her face onto hers. Strangely, she smelled like wilted flowers and a hint of dust. The other twin merely followed her sister, and took notice of the other companion who was with the black-haired girl. Candie squinted at the other cloaked woman, and her eyes immediately lit up. She was another demon. Intrigued, the blonde put a finger on her mouth and curiously blinked, inspecting the individual.
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    Sunny was nervously seated at Lady's lap, anxiously fidgeting with her hair. "Help."
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    The undead girl started to flail her arms around, being crushed by her soft chest. "HELP M- I'm suffocating!" Her voice was muffling, her sister only watching in amusement as Sunny tried to breathe for air.
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    Nervously, the girl pulled her skirt down when the woman picked her up. She was extremely light, as if you were carrying a toddler. "D'euhh.. um. I.. dunno?"