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  1. I really like the new pictures! Can you send me links to the originals?

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    2. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      BgGSH4L.gifDepends on what'd be best to animate, lol. How many do you have? I can do facial expressions and mouth syncing if I can have a clean image of the face, and references to other eyes or mouths that look similar (which I can find myself if need be)

    3. SweetCyanide


      I seee! I'll send you most of the original pictures; Candie1, Candie2, Candie3, Candie4. Sunny1, Sunny2, Sunny3, Sunny4

      Off Topic's animatin' skills is over 9000%, hot dagn :biggrin:



    4. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      cN9rXe5.gif Haven't really been serious yet lol. Thanks! I'll be in touch, going to try it this weekend.