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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity lately.

    There's been alotta shenanigans going on right now, most of them related to me physically perishing but hey, I still got my other leg. I was actually planning on tossing in an AFV, because writer's block kept hitting me for months on end but I was like; nah dude, so I stayed up all night trying to get a post

    But I didn't get a single post out

    I delayed a couple of threads, I'm really sorry about that, so I promise I'll get most of them done by tomorrow

    So thank you guys for being patient with me,
    I'mma pass out right now
    Nighty night

    Sorry for being inconsistent

    Happy halloween, I'll have something special soon!
     - Cyanide


    1. Wade


      Stay spicy my boi ?

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