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  1. LotE: The Descent

    ` The beauty is on the inside. Free food? HELL YEAH. You can say that again. He couldn't admit under his childish pissyness under a stern face, and his buttocks biting in pain from being suddenly let go, but he would kill for a snack. Lotta' vendors were yelling and yapping about their good grub, weren't they? Scorpion. Drinks. Melting candy. Goats? Rabbit. MEAT. This was his chance. To satisfy his stomach full of moths and dust bunnies. But first, he needed to get off the dirty market floor. The young man stood up like a drunk, stumbling back and mumbling a little noise, eventually groaning in pain from the prolonged effects of being crushed, slightly choked, dropped, and groped. His bones may be steel, but he was as pudgy as pudding. Darting his eyes around the area, he gave off an intimidating nod of his head like a foolish delinquent, stifling a few chatters in the crowd, and little chuckles when the kid tried to look scary to any veteran. He snatched his valuable loot before anyone else could pilfer him of his prizes, like stepping on his weapons before some stranger could slip it away, and luckily grabbing his wallet and identification before getting it grabbed by some little kid. Once he was done tucking away his valuables, he glared into Adelaide's eyes like an angry fool. He resisted the urge to deck spit in the lady's face like a good little angel-boy. This young man wouldn't dare spit into anyone's face, especially if it were a dashing, beautiful woman -- "Ughh. Just call me Ares." Growled the mage, reeling his head back to avoid accidentally breathing into her face. I’ll make it up to you, uh. How about you come with. I’ll buy you dinner. Something nice, too. Whatever you like. Promise. "And you BETTER promise. I'd like a big, bloody steak for dinner, thank you very much." He crossed his arms, pouting with doubt and demanding prententiousness, squinting in some sort of sarcastic manner. Standing behind the knight and sandy-blonde like the short little man he was, he couldn't help but squint an eye towards the boy being held up by Teddy, the pretty woman that approached Adelaide with her wallet, and the gold shimmering against the grungy concrete floor. His eyes sparkled when Basilica winked towards the blondie. God DAMN. This is one tasty-ass milkshake. Oh, the nectar of the gods. The sugary, sugary, sweetness and icy-cold flavor that hydrated and freshened up his drying tongue. This was a blessing, a blessing. And it came for free. FREE. Lucky bastard, Ares. Lucky son of a -- No, no. Don't start drifting off like an idiot, Shezmu. Last time this happened, some dame slapped him in the face. He was unintentionally spacing out, and he just happened to idly stare at bust. The slurping of his straw began to intensify, filling up the empty, quiet silence that enveloped the group. A gulp slid down. A gaze, gazing into the young thief. He didn't seem to be that old that Ares was. Only, more.. funny lookin'.
  2. Legend of the Emblem: The Descent (OOC)

    My apologies for my lateness! I've been busy irl, but I may be able to post either today -- or tomorrow. ;0
  3. LotE: The Descent

    ` The beauty is on the inside. "What the--?!" There was a genuine distress in his tone, painted with concern and confusing fear. He was on the market ground. It was cold, there were sharp rocks sticking onto his back, his favorite outfit was getting smothered in dirt, AND THERE WAS A LADY IN SHINING ARMOR SQUEEZING HIM TO DEATH. Ares thanked the gods for his bones of steel. If he hadn't been a freaky little magic-user, he would've probably died by now. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” "OW!" “Teach you damned street kids to steal MY wallet.” What wallet? Was she crazy? Not paying attention to unwavering bystanders watching a white-haired boy getting destroyed, he undisputably struggled against the weight of a dozen soldiers pressed against his tiny, kid body, trying to dig his elbow into her hip to move and squirm his way through. But it was no use, she was pinning him down way too powerfully, and Adelaide already began searching through his goods by groping his pants in an unruly manner. "WOAH! BACK UP! Let go of me you insane-- OOF!" Alright, he knew he was handsome (but never exactly lucky with the ladies), but this was getting a little too invasive. Getting stripped off of his valuable loot, Ares scowled an unmanly high-pitched yelp, yelling and attempting to avoid an iron hand search his lovely jacket, and expressing an even more panicked yell when she was trying to search that area. How long could he keep up being the victim? No. Enough was enough. It's about time when he'd stop choosing flight instead of fight, now is the time for a boy to become a MAN. Whipping his head out from a strong knight's grip, he bit down hard on the iron glove that ever so violated his personal space, locked onto Adelaide's hand like a predatory reptile -- hungry for justice, and redemption. It gritted, bent, and shattered as steel-like teeth penetrated through her shining armor. It'd be moments before he'd be able to actually reach human skin, inevitably pryed away by a hostile clutch to the head, and a suffocating shift and press of weight. However, a desperate gasp was released from the white-haired boy, coughing and trying to breathe in what was left of the cloudy air they mingled in. But, what's this? An opportunity to escape! Yes! Ares, attempting to crawl away from the bloodthirsty jaws of the gallows, was inevitably held up with one hand as if he was as light as a feather. Struggling palms gripping tight onto the steel arm, he tried to pry away and shift at a more comfortable angle whilst a sharp fist dug deep into his throat. Or more uncomfortably, his Adam's Apple. “Clever little fella, ain’tcha? Where’s my wallet at, huh? I know you hooligan types, don’t think I haven’t dealt with plenty ‘a you.” Should he defend himself? He's a mage, and a freaky one at that. "-- UGHK!" “And in places more miserable than this.” No. That would be foolish. He'd spent so much time and effort from barely escaping from Zenith with half his life, and he's not gonna blow it here. Crimson eyes piereced through the knight's intent gaze, imbued with strong aminosity and the intense urge to sock her in the face. "Well? Out with it.” "Let go of me! I don't have what hell you want! Stop screwing around goddamnit--" “Okay, that’s enough,” An interruption? “He clearly doesn’t have your wallet, and beating him up-“ His eyes flickered to the voice, shooting him a rather glad glint of a gaze, like looking at your (ironically) knight in shining armor for the first time. Ares didn't care who this guy was -- as long as he was on his side, he'd offer his damn bony hand if it meant he had a respect for the sandy blonde. "-isn't going to change that.” However, when the stranger approached the two, the young boy couldn't help but raise a brow. "May I?" "Wait, what? HEY--" “Alright, let’s see. Nothing there. Or there…” "Don't touch me! HEY! Get your hands-- OFF!" He also couldn't help but resist the intruding search that violated his personal space, expressing a genuine groan of surprise when he took his shoes away, scowling a dark grimace of offense when he rudely touched his extended bone tail, and growled when he ruffled his lovely, lovely white mane. If he wasn't hanging by an iron glove, the mage would've aggressively attacked the blonde with a childish fury of rage if he so atleast landed a finger on his hair ever again. “He’s clean, now put him down before you decide it’s a good idea to check up his butt. I have a feeling I know where your wallet might be…” "YOU CAN KISS MY A--aaass..?" Wait. Did he know where this crazy chick's wallet was the entire time? You sneaky, mangy little-- “If you don’t believe me, bring the kid. You can even slap me if it turns out I'm wrong. Just let him go after that, alright?” Shooting his crimson gaze back to the lady knight, he couldn't help but pull down his eyelid and mock the woman with a teasing tongue. "I think it's time for you to let go of me, wacko."
  4. LotE: The Descent

    ` The beauty is on the inside. Has he ever stolen anything before in his life? No, not really. Has he ever gotten away with theft? Definitely not. Muttering a considerate yet silent sorry once he bumped into a handsome knight, Ares arched a curious brow once the knight in shining armor began stomping down the market street.. towards him? He pointed to himself in confusion, anixous with the aminosity the woman gave off. Forcing a lump down his throat, he took a few steps back when she was running a little too close. Her eyes were on the prize, and Ares began to dash away in a confusing manner. Was she that angry with the mage accidentally shoving her? Was she after him because of fleeing from the Byrn Territory? Slowing down, he attempted to reason with her-- turning around and holding his hands up in a don't kill me manner. "Uhh--" He yelped, stepping to the side to avoid an aggressive grab, and stepping back to dodge a possible tackle. "Lady-- what's the probem?!" He yelped once again, but this time, decided to run. Ares anxiously stepped back from the armored woman and began to dash through the crowd like a slippery bastard. Slipping under a tall clock whilst two men were holding it up, jumping over of what seemed to be a bunch of crates, and accidentally stepping on some poor mutt's tail. The mage hoped that it would've slowed her down, but the lady was relentless, and determined to catch up with the young boy. How did he even get into this situation? Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding! "Lady, stop CHASING ME!" He looked back to ensure that she was gone, but marked again wrong that the handsome knight was about to catch up. Paranoid adrenaline coursing through his veins, it didn't take time for him to realize that an obstacle was headed his way. CLANK! His face decked against a metal sign, his head filled with dizzying sharp pain and a nauseous aftermath of a headache. Reeling away, the boy smothered a leather glove into his forehead, stumbling like a drunken man. "Wait wait wait--!" But before Ares could react any longer, the crushing suffocation of metal armor crashed down onto his back, and doubled with the fact that his sternum and face planted onto the market's busy floor. More importantly, he was struggling to breathe under the weight of a handsome knight. He was able to flip over to his back, and attempted to push away the woman. "Hey, hey, hey! Get off of me!" His voice, squished. His personal space, probably trampled.
  5. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    Demons? Ritual summoning? I got the perfect pair of twins.
  6. Bunch'a Bones

    ` ARES SHEZMU. -Information broker -Bone Manipulator -Lethal Deception -Expert with: ''Twisting your goddamn cartilage.'' "Your anatomy. If you even got guts." "Probably Stabbing you." -- Sing me a song. "-- Hey, watch it! Haven't you ever heard of 'don't shoot the messenger'? .EPITHET: "Sanguine. Whatever the hell that means." .APPEARANCE: "I'm pretty sure I look like some average kid. Extremely white skin and ruffly white hair. Look, I have a problem with my blood, but I got no idea what's up with my hair. I've probably got a few secrets under this robe, but all I can say that my hands are like, I dunno. Skeleton. Skeleton hands. Snazzy, right? I keep them under my gloves like a mysterious enigma. But don't tell anyone. Gotta keep this crap hidden like a sneaky-ass ninja, know what I mean? I got black eyes and and a scar over my left eye. People tell me it's red. Weird, right? It's probably not that obvious, though. My height? Somewhere around 5,4. I should weigh about 120 lbs." .GENDER: "A guy, duh." .SPECIES: "Human. Duh." .OCCUPATION: "I don't think I even got a job." .EQUIPMENT: "Let's see; my bones, this weird extended bony tail disguised as my belt, this Red Axe, uh.. cough, some darts, these Nunchucks, bunch'a other stuff." .SKILLS/ABILITIES: "Nice. I got a magic trick. Wanna see?" Bone Manipulation. The ability to manipulate the bones of oneself and/or others. The user has complete control over the bones of oneself and others, bare skeletons or separate bones, including growing, shaping, manipulating density/weight, using as projectiles/weapons, etc. Bone Regeneration. The user can regenerate their bones should they be harmed, or grow a new cartilage altogether. Iron Calcium. The kid's practically a wolverine, with his bones able to be compared to steel. It can clash against blades, or even lift heavy objects if they don't snap. Aside from his bone ability, he has physical endurance and surprisingly knows about hand-to-hand combat. The brat is a quick bastard, aswell. .WEAKNESSES: Unable to have an advantage over those without cartilage or bone. May be eventually limited to controlling their own bone structure. His skin could be torn in order for bones to emerge, and he may be against over-usage. Causing bones to emerge from his body may result in excruciating pain. The kid is quick, but his stamina is low. He could be easily outranked in a fight with a much more skilled fighter. Although his bones are tough to break, everything else on his body (such as flesh, organs, etc) is relatively easy to rupture. .ORIGIN: "The past is the past, ya know."
  7. Mission Possible

    As Sunny began to finish up with resurrecting a few bugs of the living dead, she coughed a bit of mist with a balled-fist and an breathly exhalation. The corspe jolted up, promptly brushing off dirt that collected into her laced skirt, and charm a deathly smile to her dear sister. The blonde nodded with a firm look, but her attention was mainly focused onto Pilot, and Babette. Pilot firstly, because he was giving up the plans -- and Babette, because she looked like she really needed to throw up her guts. Really, was she okay? Aside from the green face, Candie was concerned about the way she flailed about, and struggled to keep her back straight without hunching and trapping both hands to keep her vomit from pouring out. Being all woozy in the middle of a stealthy mission was a deathwish, but it obviously wasn't her fault to force some puke down her throat with gloved hands. Was it because of the corspe's magic? Truly, the fiend understood, because it definitely smelled like dead fish and rotting rat, but she never knew it could make the dijinni sick and filled with nausea. Babette had amused the demon all night, but this was quite the most amusing. You-do-you, Candie thought -- averting her attention towards the others whilst approaching the group. Sunny, with a playful giggle, hopped over beside Finn. She smiled at him with a welcoming grin, fixing her black socks that held dangerous blades under her skirt, and pushing her heels onto the floor to enable and disable another set of blades under the shoes. In general, it just looked like a child fixing her dress. A slight brow raised in question. "Hmm? Hey Mister -- to make things clear," The corspe pointed to the blonde, "that's Candie," then to herself. "and this is Sunny. Sorry to interrupt bud, go on!" Looking on by with the same expression, her twin charmed the girl with a thumbs-up -- with a face that resisted from laughing. If Babette's nausea kept up, it could mean bad trouble. So for now, Candie snickered, and every so often return her stoic face once the dijinni would look at the fiend.
  8. Mission Possible

    "Psst. What's she doing?" "Hell if I know." They whispered. The dijinni seemed to be.. shooting the wind? Whatever she intended to say, it definitely caught the twin's attention. Sunny clingily held onto her sibling, the blonde leaning back to avoid tripping on an open field. Gleefully, the undead began to ruffle her pale hair, and began fixing her sister's bed hair. It frizzed, curled by the end, and brushed over her blue orbs. So gently and playfully, Sunny retrieved Candie's ribbons and tied them together to make a messy ponytail that jolted off the demon's end. To finish it off, the girl pecked the twin on the cheek, with the other groaning in discomfort. The younger girl was often affectionate to her relative, nuzzling and hugging the cursed with every chance she could get. Although Candie didn't mind the sisterly love, the numb, cold dead skin was unsettling to press against. Her heart dosen't beat, so touching Sunny was the equivalent of pressing your face against cold metal. Decorated with strings and fabric, the only thing keeping her sister together was an ungodly contract. The black-haired's attention averted to the white-haired boy, who was seemingly the last member of the group. Happily, she waved at him with stitches on her wrist. The other twin was more focused on Babette, listening to her plan -- but still nodded at Finn as a gesture of respect. "The target's in a bedroom, right? Looks like we gotta avoid makin' a ruckus for him to find out. Anybody who's watching those cameras could get suspicious with a bunch'a blackouts, but they'd probably notice some poor suckers on the floor. Where's the guy with all the screens? I'll geddim'!" "I can assist with clearing the area. If the Eye is within the target's room, we might have to lure him out." Spoke Candie, chucking a silenced revolver back with a stern look. The zombie cleared her throat, before kneeling down, and exhaling a peculiar lavendar mist that flew from her lips. The colorful fog reached to any deceased insects around the vicinity. Surprisingly, a couple of bugs squirmed, and the few who managed to still fly, buzzed and flew to nearby cameras to block any visage of the areas.
  9. "Should we.. erm?" Sunny whispered to her sister, standing right outside the drunken inn. "..I think they're fine." "Shall we join?" "I don't drink, Sun." "It's gonna be fuun!" A skeptical gaze settled onto the demon's features, looking to the group with an unsureness. They were murmuring noises and struggles to pronounce specific words, and sometimes even yelling with a tired groan. Candie looked at her twin with a sheepish smirk. "You're gonna have have alotta patients tomorrow morning, doc." Giggling with a skeptical tone, the zombie waved at her lovely.. aggressive crew members.
  10. Mission Possible

    The blonde noticed the dijinni's forced smile in an instant, groggily lifting her eyes up to match the woman's with a sheepish smirk. But because of her bed hair, Candie had to brush away her yellow locks away from her eyes to atleast make eye contact with Babette. She didn't have to pretend -- awkwardly coughing and sniffling with every chance she could get to look away. Was she shy? Perhaps avoiding communication, maybe? Whatever it was, it left the cursed amused. Sunny, oblivious to the swimming insect, smiled and nodded her head with a polite notion. It wasn't surprising, for an unsuspecting bug to be attracted to a living corspe. Poor thing must've been terrified! But then again, it wouldn't really think about that at all. Once Pilot stood up, their lingering gaze turned to the room behind the curtain. It was like something from out of a horror movie, an ominous hallway of death-- quick transportation to the target. They eagerly followed -- Candie striding lazy steps with crossed-arms, and Sunny pacing with a gracious manner. "Hey! If I stuck my hand into a portal -- and it closed, would my hand disappear?" The zombie girl whispered excitedly to her sister. "Why're you asking me? Go ask the armor guy." As soon as the blonde replied, she skipped to go ask Pilot. Trotting in-between the dijinni and the armored man, her squishy face was pressed against their arms with a childish smirk. It awkwardly settled in for awhile, until she opened her mouth with a thrilled gasp, eyes zooming into Pilot. But before she said anything, they were transported to the abandoned field that laid across the group. She was distracted by the sudden change of atmosphere, so Sunny slid away and pressed her cheek against Candie's shoulder. "Gosh!" The scent of fresh air and rough grass -- was everywhere! Wind caressing against dry leaves, and plants swaying with flamboyant grace. There stood the target's location, but the demon simply looked on with confusion. Weren't they in a restaurant awhile ago? Candie wasn't going to question it, and her sister hummed with an audible; 'eeee'. "Oh! There's his house! Let's go geddim'!" The zombie cheered, comically marching to the area before being pulled back by the dozing twin. She walked in place, held back by Candie's grip on her skirt. It didn't take long for the action to settle in. "Hmm? Not yet? Okay." Finn's arrival made the two look at him with unison, then they waved together with opposite expressions.
  11. Seeking skilled workers of the criminal variety

    i may have time to post tomorrow! i do apologize for this late behaviour, so expect a post from me soon! ^^
  12. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    ah! I'm still here! apologies that i have not yet made an appearance for my twins. I will be more active here on out during weekends.
  13. Mission Possible

    "Is this the place?" "Looks like it." "We'd better introduce ourselves, no?" "Do you even know how he looks like?" It was a rather cold evening, damp and becoming dark within the next few minutes. The songs of crickets accompanied the pleasant scenery, with the sun setting down and filling white clouds with pink hue. It was a perfect time for theft. The doors of the room slid open with an audible creak, moaning with weight and filling up the dead silence in the area. There at the entrance stood the Scarborough twins, checking out the vicinity that laid across for them. They entered with no haste, walking into the restaurant and attempting to locate their.. Pilot. The undead twin Sunny had an horrible eyesight, (due to her decayed physique) so looking for the man was difficult. So the blonde -- the older twin, nudged her sister towards the right direction when she almost made way for the wrong guy. Pilot seemed to be having a conversation with a rather interesting individual. Was she a magician, perhaps? She seemed lovely, and looked quite professional. Maybe they'd work together in the field. The chaotic duo approached the two in unison. Sunny smiled with glee, hands kept on her skirt and fixing the ribbon on her collar. Candie crossed her arms and nodded with a slight smile, looking on with a lazy gaze and messy bedhair. "Good evening!" "Pilot, was it?"
  14. Seeking skilled workers of the criminal variety

    pssst hey you want some dead twins?
  15. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    fuck, i'm sorry i should've seen this sooner i might have to skipppp criii im sorry
  16. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

  17. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    -forcefully thrusts hand through own grave- HEY I'M STILL ALIVE DON'T KICK ME OUT JUST YEEEEET
  18. Off the Grid: Redux

    "Did ya hear that?" Sabier yelled into Sunny's ear, and it momentarily ripped off. The pale, cold-blooded girl cracked a gleeful smile, and carefully picked it from her hand. Placing the ear back into where it came from. - Sunny gasped. One, two, three, four.. five-- so much zombies! She immediately heard Karim's request of help, and dashed through the crowd. Eventually leaving dead corspes of man-creatures, with knives stuck directly onto their foreheads. And whilst clearing the way, she immediately spotted a very frantic Karim. So when the moment was right, the necromancer swiftly stopped, and raised her hand up with a symbolic gesture. Her magic instantly coursed through her fingers, and she slammed her hands down into the ground, creating a glowing purple shockwave that temporarily blasted the zombots off the ground, and clearing out Karim's area with incapacitated man-creatures. However, it wasn't long before she, herself, was temporarily standing in a daze. A bright flash of light pierced her eyes, and Sunny yelped. She was blinded! Unable to see and know where she is, the undead girl whimpered and started to rub her eyes with panic. It was bad enough that her irises were cloudy from rotting. This left the living corspe vulnerable to any sort of attack. - Like bashing a rotten piece of grape, Candie huffed a strand of blonde bangs off her face. She was shoved by her sister's crowd attack, firmly placing her foot down to remain her composure. The dirty blonde glanced at Karim, and gave him a thumbs-up. It seemed like Sabier was leading the horde to her, with a bunch of blaring speakers and man-creatures in pursuit after her. They got the screaming 'min ear' anyway. Then, the cursed twin looked to the survivor. He wore a dusty eyepatch, and looked like he's been through hell. So to hopefully calm him down, she tried to speak in an orderly fashion. To which, she was horrible at trying to comfort people. "You--" Candie stabbed a zombot's torso, that disgustingly writhed on the floor. Her sky-blue eyes flickered back to him. "Good?"
  19. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    -barely runs away from the massive zombot horde with Rhykiel in her arms- double blondeeeeeeeeee
  20. Off the Grid: Redux (OOC)

    i'm actually so sorry about the late and sloppy replies i've been bombarded with academics, especially with exams coming in a few weeks. i apologize for being a disappointing hassle i'll make sure to actually put effort into my posts next time. u-u
  21. Off the Grid: Redux

    "Oh!" The black-haired twin yelped, a shocked expression detailed onto her features with a hand on her lips. Candie pulled out a lolipop from her pocket, being the massive sweet-tooth that she is. Looking at the white-haired man, she arched a brow as she toyed with the candy stick on her tongue. "I thought he was dead." The blonde spoke. "Well, I thought so too! It seems to be that he has not.. died?" "Oh. I guess you can tell with the white.. hair." Sunny giggled. "Perhaps he acts like a computer? Switch them on, they spark up. Switch them off, and they just sort of.. power down. Maybe he's talking about the strange virus that Mister Eli mentioned? Quite informative, I believe!" Candie glanced to the side. Was that a cry of help? Interesting. "I'll go check that out." Without anymore haste, the older twin lightly jogged to the source of the cry, eager to find a survivor. But to her dismay, she found a bunch of zombies attracted to the area. Frowning as the grotesque creatures surrounded the blonde demon, the sweet-tooth spoke into the comm. "Horde. Get ready for a crowd." The first man-creature screeched into Candie's ear, and aggressively lunged at the twin. She responded with a harsh beating by a steel warhammer, bashing their brains in with a swift move. This made everything else lunge at the girl, with the blonde charging into the source of the cry, and storming through the massive crowd of.. zombots. "Where are you?!"
  22. Off the Grid: Redux

    "Bring back? You mean bring him back to life? I'm pretty good at that!" "She meant bring him back to the base." "Ooooh." The blonde-haired twin crouched over, sliding her arms under the white-haired man's body to scoop him up. Looking back at the deceased corspe, Candie closely inspected his details. Ok, yeah. Maybe he was a little sexy. But now wasn't the right time to fuss about such matters. The demon turned to the group with the man in her arms. Then she glanced at Sunny. "Should we perform an autopsy at base? My sister is skilled with.. anything related to the undead."
  23. Off the Grid: Redux

    Agressively skidding against the floor, a rather agressive 'THWACK' imprinted onto the so-called zombie's head, and the thing flew away like a soccer ball. Candie brushed her blonde hair to the side, and lent a hand to Sabier. Behind her, a rather pale-looking girl. Her skin was an unsettling grey, and she had stitches on some certain parts of her body. Sunny almost looked like one of the zombies, if she wasn't looking like a little girl. She happily waved at the woman, expressing a gleeful smile. Then, the two began to sink into their atmosphere. Where were they? They just followed Sabier in a blind chase, completely unaware of the monsters that lurk within. "Where are we? It smells gross.."