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  1. [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` Walking on thin ice. Ah, shit -- As Teddy tumbled down the porch, the woman watched as the gunslinger repeatedly thwacked his head against the steps and landed his back onto the raw dirt. Roxanne uttered a soft noise and allowed the moment to sink in, but she shook her head -- retracting her strange hair back into it's original length and approaching the blonde as she pried her scissors out of a man's throat. "Good job, boys." Kneeling on one knee, she felt for a pulse, and tilted her head forwards into his nose to check if he was breathing. A faint inhale. He wasn't dead, but he was dying. "You too, Teddy. I'm surprised you ain't dead yet." She gave him two pats on the cheek and unbuttoned his shirt, making an inspection as Beast collected a bloody pile of bodies, and shivering as the whirling cold from the farmer's house merged with the cold from the outside. Roxanne, still trying to make sure the cowboy hadn't died, decided to zip up her croptop and attempted to resist her hands from shaking any longer. Man, mages are scary. The inspection revealed minor gashes, and a deep bullet dug around Teddy's ribcage. Taking his belt, she placed the leather between the blonde's pearly whites, and slightly widened the bullet hole with her thumbs. A lock of hair separated into several individual strands, circling and hovering over the circular wound with a skeptic manner -- and occasionally reeling away whenever he groaned in pain. Doctors would often say; This'd be quick. The strands dived in, sharply grinding against any fat and tissue they pierced in the rabbit hole. Except Roxanne wasn't a doctor, and she definitely wasn't good with taking away the pain. Through meat and bone, it stopped at an area where a sound like an audible clink! had been felt. Guessing that it was the bullet, the hairs coiled around the iron egg, and Roxanne quickly pulled it out. Teddy gasped as if you've taken a deep dive in at the beach, and forgot to come up to breathe. She expressed a glad grin even as the gunslinger suffered the after-pain of adrenaline and shock that centered on his wounds. Ripping a long strip of his shirt, she used it as an improvised bandage to cover up the hole in his rib. Roxanne pecked Teddy's forehead as if how you'd treat a hurting boo-boo, and stood on two heels. "Wiz," The assassin hummed. "watch over the blondie while I look for lil' Elijah -- kay?" When Wiz approached, the assassin ruffled the young mage's hair as she made her way into a frozen room of dead men. And an iced couch. Exhaling a gust of cooled air, she curled her lip into a curious pout once a single kick made the frozen couch shatter into pieces. She was getting sidetracked -- now was definitely not the time to fawn over a broken couch. Whipping her frame to each side, her red-eyed gaze lingered and examined the icy room. Men covered in bullet holes, the lad who she'd thrown into a window, and a sleeping farmer. Ah, there's our guy. Looking closely, Elijah suffered a bullet shot to the foot, and an oozing red hole spreading from his shoulder. There was also a dark bruise on the top of his head, which she was guessing what knocked him out. Grabbing him by the chin, the man was out cold, but luckily -- he wasn't dead. Almost slipping on the frosting wooden floor, Roxanne yelled out to the rest of her companions outside. "I found our guy!"
  2. The Conspirator

    - - BONES AND CHAINSAWS - - Do you remember? "Ares." The 21st night of September? "Ares." Love was chasing the minds of -- ARES. Shezmu nearly swore as he pulled on the wire, immediately keeping the musical pods from his ear somewhere in his jacket's pocket. He glances back at the elf, a look of uncertainty beginning to dwell on his pale features as Tommy cleared her throat. A curious pink-eyed mage squinted down at her, and she squinted back with her own gaze. When Tommy sharply elbowed his arm, Ares finally came about. Right, right. "Ares, Tommy," The two turned to look at the ape. Unlike Tommy's naturally plump palms and digits, Ares's hand felt like thick, moving needles -- as if you shook hands with a suspicious metal bear trap. Despite clutching the hand of his naked skeleton, they exchanged greetings, and took the sweet time to stare at a primate whose shades reflected the group and the lovely interior of airship Lily. They've never seen an ape so close-up that it was uncomfortable, yet peculiar. "Telerian, right?" "Mhm." They muttered, not paying any mind towards Lucier and Teddy's conversation with Hanz. Allowing the moment to sink in about Lily and celebrities, the albino whistles. "One coin if they make another Gaia joke." "You're on." Wait. Wait. Wait. "Gaia's tits--" "Goddammit." The elf reaches into her back pocket and flips a shiny gold coin, as Ares claims his victorious prize with a grin. "The third one this morning." - - - - - - - - - - Gloved hands grazed alongside the bloodied roads of Telerian, collecting the red pigment. Tommy's lip curled back in a sense of curiosity behind the red-eyed gas mask that was strapped onto her face, straightening her posture and standing up on two feet. "Looks like the blood's fresh." Spoke the elf, smearing what was left of the blood onto Ares's arm -- much of his disapproval. "Sucks to be stuck in a place like this." Ares glanced at Lucier, urging himself to not crack a grin when he was reminded of the faint memory of scribbling on his face, only to quickly wash it up when they were later informed to change into their gear. He paced up with the rest, a slight anxiety throbbing in his gut whenever the drakes shrieked and clawed, fighting over the grotesque remains of what used to be a human. The amount of flying lizards in the place caused the mage to muster a forced gulp down his throat, which was later on teased by the more relaxed elf. Tommy had a few keychains at her disposal, hanging by her belt and making a little jingle whenever she took another step. Perhaps a dead ringer if she'd be unlucky. The cracks and crackles of the highways made her uneasy of the fear of falling from a height and cracking her skull into the concrete. The thought of it made her legs feel weak, and a chill up her spine. Looking into a brittled car's window while the group walked near, the white boy sighed -- and jumped at the sight of a rotting body part sitting on the passenger's seat. "Fuck's sake." He uttered, checking the pockets of the driver seat's out of curiosity. All he found was a crumpled dirty magazine, and groaned with the question why he bothered to look. A head's up was thrown toward Teddy's direction, and so was the magazine. "So," He walked by the gunslinger, careful not to trip on any rusty metal or barbed wire. "looks like shit hit the fan."
  3. The Conspirator

    - - BONES AND CHAINSAWS - - The teens were relaxing on Lucier's couch. Ares placed his shades up above his bangs, getting a better look at the loaded place that the treasure hunter apparently "owned", while Tommy was closely inspecting a keychain. A keychain in the shape of a highly detailed chainsaw, as her thumb rubbed against the blade with curiousity. “What do you guys think of ‘Teddy and Friends’?” "Uuuuh, no." "Mm-mm." A saxophone, a faint audio of smooth jazz in the background contemplated the beautiful, filthy rich room that they huddled in. The music was soothing, and perhaps charming, as the white boy expressed a fanged, sleepy yawn while the elf stared at the panoramic view of the city. They've never experienced such comfort inside such a porceclain room. Even Ares couldn't help but whistle when his pink-eyed gaze scanned the room more intently, his eyes glancing back and forth to the jacuzzi, the kitchen, Teddy in his boxers, Lucier, then Hera. By the looks of it, they had an interesting group. He tightened the black gloves stuck on his hands, an information-broker's look written all over his face -- as if he was scanning everyone in the room without them noticing. "I expect we’ll see some on the ground as well, among other things. Hope you guys aren’t scared of the dead.” “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Ares immediately brought a hand to his face, urging not to grin. "Christ, dude. How drunk are you?" - - - - - - "This is so fuckin' stupid." "Ay, don't look at me. This was your idea." “KAAAAAAAAANPAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!” Tommy glared at her shot of alcohol, while Ares almost choked on his by the ridiculous text on the glass that finally made him burst in tears. The elf rolled her eyes, chugged the shot, and prayed to Gaia to give her strength for the consequences in the morning. Underage drinking is illegal, kids.
  4. [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` You know what time it is. Stay behind me, Wiz honey. You know what to do. When the group approached the other pack of mercenaries, Roxanne held her hat in her hands, fixed her hair, and lowered her jacket to sit right ontop her elbows. It was a sly tactic, a dirty one at that. Probably the oldest trick in the book for distracting middle-aged-cowboys-with-guns to avert their gaze from devious actions. She oughta give credit to them for not staring nor gazing too long, nor noticing her hand resting atop her black handgun as it shifted to perch onto the long sharp scissors strapped to each of her thighs. When Teddy told them to stay, then stormed off with silent curses and groans, Robicheaux opened her mouth to quickly say a word -- but immediately shut it with a pout as the blonde gunslinger immediately walked out of sight, with the gunned men following behind. He's a big boy. He can handle himself. The remaining big boys raised their aim. They were driven by fear, paranoia, and the willing urge to get this over with. She can't blame them. They're witnessing a feral Beast, hungry for blood, hungry for death. His snarl filled in the intense silence of the group, a killer urge for killer intent. Roxanne couldn't help but twist a smug smirk, shifting slightly closer to Beast and leaning her frame as heels dug deeper into dry dirt. Wait for it.. AAAAHHH! Go! Her hat drops into the dirt, as the dirt itself blew into their naked eyes, potentially stunning them for only but a quick moment. But that's all the time we need. Her red hair moved like violent tendrils, each tendril aggressively clutching and curling their crimson locks around their bodies like sturdy ribbons then powerfully slammed two men into eachother. Her individual, miniscule hair strands acted as some sort of restraining tool, sharply strangling other two men where the skin were bare, and leaving nasty, long bleeding marks as a result of flesh and fat giving in to the hair that dug deep into their arms and necks. As each tendril attacked each man, Roxanne didn't allow to waste any time. She threw the scissor from her thigh and luckily -- it etched into a man's throat. One down, three more to go. The two men who were left with bleeding wounds were mercilessly and painfully pierced to the bone as the assassin tugged onto the pieces of hair harder, the other one was lifted up high, relentlessly smacked again and again into the dirt, and thrown into the direction of Elijah's and Teddy's intense fight -- an audible crash shattering into the night sky. She had to act quick. These men were experienced in the art of shattering skulls, and her flesh-grinding attacks would falter too soon.
  5. (DA): Let’s Start a RIOT

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- If she believes in Heaven, she must believe in-- Yeah. Sure. Better be quiet or she'll send us back to Hell. The twins held their hands up together with Mal, staring intently at the soldiers with expressions mixed with killer intent and confusion. Perhaps he was playing dumb to get close to the leader and kill him in one go? Or was he attempting to escape by terms of negotiation? Whatever it was, it left the fiend and the undead with faces that tried to mimic the gravity of the situation -- the threat of a suicide bomber who'd pull the trigger at any given moment. To avoid unnecessary yelling of the gunned and armored men, the blonde inserted a few fingers into her gasmask, which riled up some of the paranoid soldiers by pointing guns higher, but Candie merely ripped it off and allowed it to smack into the dirt-- revealing the face of a devil in disguise. Sunny followed, removing her medical fabric with stitched fingers and glancing at the army with a smug smirk. "I said, get me the man in charge, or I'll blow up what's left of this miserable shit hole." His statement was straight to the point and quick to the attack, but not all would be shook by a half-assed remark. To make the depth of the sentence more clear, the blonde imbued dark magic to form in a free palm, and shot the soldiers a grin. The action, along with Mal's mention of another explosion alone, got them to back away on their feet. Just play it cool guys. Cool? “...y-you have my attention...make it good or I'll take a gamble that you all might not feel comfortable with...” I don't know the meaning of the word. Sunny, with her hands raised up, leans into her sister's ear. "His voice sounds kinda cute." "What?"
  6. The Conspirator

    - - BONES AND CHAINSAWS - - "So." Hollow and empty footsteps echo throughout the humid and spacious hallway, each slow step leering closer to their destination. "This the same Teddy guy who groped your--" "YYYes, yeah. Cough." The shorter kid allowed the silence to rip through their conversation, followed by more footsteps. "Tell me why I should trust you again?" Ares mumbled and uttered a long um, stopping right by the room door that Teddy texted him about five times in a row. Behind his sunglasses, were pinkish pupils staring right back at the elven-blooded Tommy, who was staring daggers into his soul with an unimpressed demeanor. Although they've met some time before, and eventually ended up becoming best pals, he was talking to a literal terrorist who was apart of a rebellious military organization. She crossed her arms with a smug grin, and looked up at the white boy with a stern gaze. Ares replied with a nervous, toothy-smile. "Look, man -- you're like the only person I know who'd be crazy enough to tag along. And I ain't risking my life asking Satan." "Ssure." Her slender finger presses against the doorbell, and they wait. The bone mage fixed his black gloves and and peered his black glass through the tiny and circular glass out of curiousity, while Tommy dug her hands into her shorts in anticipation. The door opens, cool air blows right through the two, and they are met with the blonde gunslinger himself in his beautiful boxers. "Sup, fuckerr-" Was probably the first thing Lucier heard. The second, was Ares muttering an oh god, and Tommy looking to the side to check out the room. "Did I interrupt you in a meat session or something-- or?"
  7. [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` Beauty and the Beast. Who's this lovely fella over here? He's Juice. I'll take him! The woman raced towards the running Beast, a surprised yelp slipping through her mouth -- as she held onto dear life atop the majestic, white-socked, crimson-brown-haired Juice. If it wasn't for the scaly reptilian who roared like a great dragon in a stable filled with mustangs, her horse wouldn't be in a neighing, galloping terror. Roxanne, who had very little experience even touching a horse, gripped onto the reins and indirectly kicked Juice in the stomach, which was commonly a signal to speed up. The sun scorched the red-head with a glare, the wind pierced right through her ears like a deafening whistle, and Juice immediately quickened the pace like there was no tomorrow. There were two lines of choking dust that was left behind, the incomprehensible prints of Beast's killer claws, and the pressing, intricate lines of a fierce mustang. A glimpse, a shallow sight of Beast halting to a stop instantly made Roxanne grit her teeth, pull on the reins, and muster enough will to yelp; "Easy, boy!" Instinctively, and luckily, Juice hit the brakes and stopped himself from galloping any longer. The mustang swayed himself to the side -- close enough to feel the reptile's predatory presence. When that hell of a ride was over, the habanero-desperado-in-disguise lifted her leg and hopped off of the crimson horse. Roxanne trailed her slender hand down it's nuzzle as an action of comfort, and in return, Juice shook and nodded his head further into her palm. "There are guns. Not sure how many." Her other free hand picked the red hair out of her face, careful not to smudge the lipstick that was painted on her lips hours ago. Behind the two, were the other two that arrived just in time -- the blonde gunslinger and the young wizard. Teddy eyed the guarded farm up ahead, with planted hands on his hips and a cowboy's shadow looming from under his cattleman hat, while Wiz glanced at the others as Roxanne placed a free hand on his shoulder. "Are you going to talk again? Or are we hunting this one?" "Let's talk before do anything rash." "What else do ya' smell, Beast?" "Hairless apes with guns." "Is this the farm that Niles talked about?" "Let's see for ourselves. Rox?" "No problem." - - - - - - "GOOOLD--" Playing cards smack against a makeshift table, followed by the noises of sheep, chicken, and a man in cowboy-boots. "FISH!" "That's not how you gold-fish, dumbass!" "Read em' and weep, boys! Read em' aaand weep." "This game is fuckin' rigged, man." "You a piece'a shit, know that?" "The four of you, shut the hell up! And do your work, goddammit!" "Look at im' go! Mr. Riiiiight." A scoff comes off one of the men who is intently watching the farm's entrance, hands planted on his guns on each of his hips, and straightening his jacket with a disguised bullet-proof vest. The others, circle around a game of cards, and stacks of gold lined up to the gold-fish man. "If you dickheads keep screwin' around, Dawson's gonna dig our money, and possibly our souls, six feet under!" "If you keep lookin' at dirt and sand all day--" While they continue their relentless chatter of nonsense, mysterious footprints of feminine heels leave marks against the yellow sand from an invisible entity. - - - - - - - "So? What'd you get?" "Five desperados out on the entrance. I saw two others near the farm's back, but that's all I got." The assassin looks into the inside pockets of her white croptop, counting each weapon one-by-one, and clicking her heels against the dirt. "So, like, you guys wanna do this the quiet way, or the loud way?"
  8. (DA): Let’s Start a RIOT

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- What's the difference between fireworks, and a bunch of explosions? POP-POP-POP-POP-POP and, BOOM - - - - - - - - - The blonde lipped a long whistle, followed by the younger undead tilting her gaze around the peculiarly and conveniently placed bubble that protected them from falling debris and crushing death. A rotten digit rubs against the transparent, clear outline, curiously inspecting the magic which shielded the four. It was like, ripping off that one piece of tape that stuck onto your table for 10 months. A clean patch as pure as a baby's ass, drizzling in concrete pebbles and showering, white dust. And out of the baby's ass, was a yellow babe who made quite the entrance. “Miss me?” "Ah! You're the lass that needed the injection!" Sunny happily exclaims, clearly amused from the recollection of her own memory. "HIT THE DECK!" The ceiling gives up, crumbles and moans into crackling concrete that is soon to bash brains and paint the walls red -- but is instantly evaporated by Mal's quick thinking and magic that tore through the rocks and dissolved them into nothing but mere pebbles and chips, showering the four once more with choking smoke and betty white powder. You could feel some of the betty white trinkle behind your shirt. That, my friend, is one sneaky betty white. The undead twin throws into a fit of sneezes, each sneeze luckily masked by the medical fabric wrapped around her nose and cold lips, but is later pried off by the fact that she sniffed in a speck of cement. Rolling cerulean eyes behind her gas-mask, the blonde fiend dusts a layer of white dirt that had enough balls to hide in the creases of her black revolver. Expressing a sigh from the familiar sound of pissed-off mechs, and heavily armored soldiers ready to kick their asses once again, the older twin walks over to Mal and City, soon accompanied by the dead girl previously sneezing three times in a row. A whistle is thrown into their direction, and what else is thrown, are two small injections packed with the suspicious liquid Sunny released into Mal's bloodstream; one for the yellow psionic, and one for the FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. "Heads up." Son of a devil with a blonde haircut grabs the person closest to her shoulder, which is her undead sister, and immediately pulls her to the side -- which is followed by a single alarming shot of a bullet. "Looks like they're pissed." "They would be," Sunny stumbles a tad, then regains balance back on her feet. "--if they were shooting at a wall for 5 minutes."
  9. All you drunkards need to see the doctor. B)
  10. [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` Beauty and the Beast. "Aw, darn." Muttered Roxanne, visibly pouting down at her glamorous heels now stained with dust, dirt, and.. an advertisement poster. Interesting. Curious, she lifted her ankle behind her rear, ripped off what was left of the paper that generously stuck onto her high-heeled black leather boots, then muttered a soft ew. Roxanne grimaced shortly at the soggy, wet and incomprehensible WELCOME TO THE HOMB-E-W FES--- poster that was left dangling in-between pinched fingers, then dropped to smack against the ground like a heavy wet diaper. "Aw, gross." Her painted nails swiped themselves against her shiny black-leather pants, rubbing off what was left of her regretful curiosity. Now, pouting up at the sun, Roxanne wasn't the type to let the the big, red guy glare merciless rays of heat down onto her lovely skin, Oh no, sir! incubating and doubling her body heat that almost tempted to tie her hair up in a nice little ponytail -- but Beast certainly seems to enjoy it! He's enjoyed it so much he put his hat on his tail. Obtaining a bright idea, she happily skipped by the tall, reptilian man, and hid under his enormous shadow as a means to escape the massive yellow pie in the blue sky. Ah, yes. Fresh air. Her gaze tilted towards her black corset, curling thumbs in and pulling it up -- fixing her attire in the process. "Alcohol, hm? I like the sound of that." Clicking her heels against the pavement, Roxy charmed individuals who stopped with a concerned, confused, and striking look with a single alluring smirk and a tip of a hat, replied with catwhistlin' left and right, then suddenly -- met with silence. She stifles an amused giggle, in unison with Beast's hearty laughter. You'd guess what some folks mean by the terrified yet aroused. However, taking a quick glimpse of the lizard-man behind with peripheral vision, a brow quirks, and Roxanne puckers her lips with the most intrigued expression. The lady twists a grin in acknowledgement, and proceeds to click heels like it was nothin'. "Say, Teddy -- honey," Like she appears outta thin air, the red-head interlaces her fingers behind her back, and walked alongside the sandy cowboy. "Are there s'pose to be five of us, or what?" Blink, and you'll miss it. Her slender finger playfully pokes Teddy's back, resting her elbow against his shoulder. Roxanne was behind the young mage and the blonde, resting a free hand on her hip, and shifting to the side to get a closer look at the grease-house. Ya ever sniffed a big whiff of pure ink? Metal, metal, rust, and oil that's gone god knows where. Cus' this joint smelled like a sharpie. Unexpectedly, the woman whips her head to the side, takes her arm off the gunslinger's shoulder, and softly sneezes into her hands. Once, or maybe twice. Crimson eyes look up, and she straightens her posture, rather reluctant to sniff the grease in the air once more. She holds the collars on her white-leather croptop with an innocent smile, like nothing happened. "So, where he at?"
  11. Twin Dragons [WIP]

    ● ● ZHU-LONG JIAO-LONG ○ ○ I bring the heat! And I bring the pain. I guess. the DRAGON TWINS
  12. The Big D.

    ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ I'VE GOT ALOTTA NAMES, PAL. the BIG D. D, MISTER D, WHATEVER FLANKS YOUR STYLE, BABY. ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ LET'S GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT, YEAH? Name: Call me D. Race: Possessed Corspe Human. Age: Mid-Twenties. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Occupation: Daft Mercenary. Sub-Class: Street Punk. Epithet: Slightly Choleric, often Phlegmatic. Traits: I don't think I need'ta explain, buddy. Likes: $ $ $. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Height: 6,1. Weight: 166 lbs. Voice: Husky. Build: Fit and Athletic. Scars/Tattoos: There's a satanic symbol burnt onto his tongue. N/A Complexion: Pale skin; Slick Black hair; He's a Black-Eyed debonair. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Weapons: Franchesca n' Sanchesca; Big Boy n' Lil Boy; Tiny Bob Franchesa n' Sanchesca: Two stolen katanas. The blades are chipped, jagged, rusty, yet quite sharp. Big Boy n' Lil Boy: Big boy; a black revolver designed to shoot for space and comfort. Lil' Boy; a white pistol designed to deliver the rain. Tiny Bob: He's an adorable little butterfly knife. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Strength: Physically Moderate. Mentally High. Blood Type: A Skills/Abilities: Street-Combat. The good ol' sock him in the face, eh? Lock-Picking. You mean this tiny little lock? Just shoot it, goddamnit. Theft. What? I just borrowed his wallet. Running away. I'll run faster than a rabbit outrunning a cheetah, watch me. Special Abilities: Telekinesis Posession. The power to move/manipulate objects with your brain power. If he puts his mind to it, he can flip a truck, or hit you in the face with a telekinetic whip. He is capable of possessing objects or beings, such as humans and inanimate objects, as well as hypnotise and manipulate people without much effort. Weakness: Women Anything I can't hit, mind-play, you know the deal. SO. YOU WANNA KNOW MY SECRETS, HUH?
  13. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- What's his deal? An expression the two shared, Candie striking the other a rather passive-agressive expression with arched brows and her trademark gaze, and Sunny looking back at Ferris and A'aria with the eyes of a dead fish. The undead girl circled her pale digits around the rim of her little cup, taking delicate sips of her sweet concoction with a twisting smirk. Her blonde twin chugged the ice-cold whiskey in her grasp, in contrast of her sister's more gentle demeanor. "How rude! You sound as if you're referring to us as feral savages." "However, I question his scent. There's obviously another like me in this room." Sunny stifled a little mischevious snicker, raising her fingers towards her lips to conceal her glee. Obtaining an exciting idea, she snuck a hand into the pockets of her skirt, pulling out a very peculiar glowing flask of oozing purple liquid -- but immediately stopped as she was shot a glare of her more dominant sibling, a caution to not use it. The younger twin pouted and twisted her lips, sliding said flask back into her pockets. Candie rolled her eyes annoyingly of Sunny's reaction, averting her attention to the whiskey in her hand. Don't waste it. Besides, he's sketchy. Dear sister, you're such a killjoy!
  14. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- The twins sighed, equally in disappoint and exhaustion. They looked at eachother and shrugged, following behind the man towards their lovely counter. The demon and the dead sat on a seat near the bloodied man, Candie exhaling a tired yawn which revealed most of her sharp canines, and Sunny taking her time to tighten the bloody strings around her wrist. "I'd like whiskey." "Oh! Oh! Something sweet, please?"
  15. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- A brow quirked. As the older twin rose a finger to reply to the oddly merry woman from behind the counter, the blonde averted her gaze towards a tall man.. a shirtless tall man. Didn't know that this was the kind of place we'd run into. The undead girl expressed a little giggle, whilst tidying up her strings that stitched around every mutilated limb around her body. Bluish-green, cold and pale digits fidgeted around in her hands, and kindly waved towards the stranger. Aside from an awkward first impression, Candie sparked a smug grin. Birds of a feather flock together, eh? The fellow fiend and peculiar necromancer nodded their heads in respects, "Yeah. We're looking for the so-called gambling den." and tilited their head upwards with matching smiles. "Care to guide us, sir~?" @LightningBolt
  16. [Quest] Bogus Booty

    ` It's getting hot in here. Sooo hot! So take off all your clothes. The blazing red-head hummed a whistle, fanning herself in the humid heat and allowing some fresh air to refresh her nape. As sharp heels stabbed against the creaking floorboards, Roxanne made sure that her pumps wouldn't accidentally get stuck in the cracks and crevices that hid along the wooden floor. Tripping would be absolutely embarrassing, of course! But although she didn't trip, she probably had to unhinge a heel or two upon entering the room. A subtle yawn came off the red woman, slightly raising a hand with painted nails to her face while the cowboy tried to figure out his own handwriting. That's a three. Wait, is it a three? Jesus Christ-- Shifting her head closer to his point of view, Robicheaux muttered a little oh -- as oh. Oh. She quickly turned away if he were to look, swiftly turning on her heel to move towards a nearby mirror with some dust covering it up at the corners. But still frankly decent and visible enough to look at your own reflection. She pulls a lipstick out of her cleavage, uncoiling the beauty product to reveal a lovely, pink color. Vibrant and sweet, she paints it onto her lips, while at the same time carefully fixing her red hair into neat strands. When she was finished with her quick touch-up, she uncoiled her lipstick with a charming smirk back at her own mirrored reflection, and tucked the said lipstick back into her bust. Now, about the heat. Roxanne unzipped her leather-jacket croptop, revealing a short black corset that leaves much of her chest and stomach bare. Once she satisfyingly freed up the humid air inside her clothing, she giggled a gleeful smirk, and excitedly skipped back to the group. Her hand coiled around a black cattleman hat, twisting an even wider smirk like a donned cowboy. I've always wanted to look like a rowdy buckaroo! Turning her crimson gaze towards the lovely reptilian man, her fingers curled around an animal skin, stifling a little giggle whilst holding her other hand up towards her lips. "These aren't for eatin', silly." Twisting the hide around her neck, she tilted her head with a playful demeanor. "Is' for lookin' good."
  17. Rebellious Rose (Predator's Keep Inn)

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- This place is charming! Wouldn't you agree? A little too charming. Oh don't be so doubtful, sister. we'll just get some refreshments, and relax for awhile! Like you've got a working stomach. Because I'm not gutting you again, like, ever. You know you love me. A pale, delicate hand pushed onto the inn doors, stepping forth two sisters of malice and misfortune. One bit on her lollipop with a deadpanned gaze, leering eyes towards the sides of the Rebellious Rose, and digging her digits into a pocket. The other smirked with a gleeful peculiarity, running stitched and stringed fingers across the wooden rim of the pub doors. Candie motioned her younger twin to follow by with a nod, to which the dead girl replied with an excited skip behind her sister. "Fancy, ain't it?" "Disturbingly clean, too." "What about grub?" "Yeah, no grub for you. We talked about this." "Fine, fine! Let's see.." The undead necromancer pulled out a note from her lovely sleeve, closely inspecting the folded paper with dead fingers. She scratched her neck (which had a colorful stitch that prevented her head from falling off,) and hummed a tired tone. The blonde arched a brow, bit on her candy, and narrow her eyes around the pub. One was an ungodly fiend, and the other, was already dead.
  18. Calling all Elves, unite! [Organization Interest Check]

    Say, you wouldn't mind if I dropped in this fella, would you? Perhaps -- put her in the military branch, too? :D
  19. Cute murder.

    AN INNOCENT FARMGIRL PAINTS THE TOWN RED ! HER PARENTS, MURDERED IN A FLASH! LIKE A LITTLE KID AT A CANDY SHOP, REVENGE IS AS CLEAR AS DAY TONIGHT. "-- the BASICS. BIRTH NAME: Tommy Hudson. USED NAME: Just call me Tommy. EPITHET: Sanguine. SPECIES: Elf. AGE: 16. DATE OF BIRTH: 9/24. OCCUPATION: Former Farmer, Current Vigilante in seek of JUSTICE. BIRTHPLACE: Dougton. LIKES: Carnage, Coffee, anything sweet. - - BLINK AND YOU'LL MISS. "-- VITALS. TRAITS: Vulgar | Playful | Blunt | Flippant | VERY Sarcastic. HEIGHT: 5,2 WEIGHT: 43.9 kg. GENDER: Female. HAIR: Darkish-Brown. EYES: Brownish black. SKIN: Slightly Tan. VOICE: Fruity; a voice that is deep and strong in a pleasant manner. "-- WEAPONS. PUPPYCAT: Once owned by her father, Puppycat is a glamorous and adorably-painted heavy chainsaw. It reeks of iron, iron, and blood. PEPPERMINT: A red lumberjack's axe with sharply jagged blades and rusted edges. JACKIE: Jackie, a gorgeous black flintlock with intricate silver markings. WHISKEY & VODKA: Whiskey and Vodka, a pair of semi-automatic pistols designed to rapidly fire bullets. "-- STATUS. STRENGTH: Above Average; can hold her heavy chainsaw with ease. DAMAGE: Very high; when unarmed, the damage she deals is dramatically low. SPEED: (Armed) Moderately heavy and slow. (Unarmed) Fairly quick and nimble. BLOOD TYPE: B SKILLS/ABILITIES: Good Reflex, Killer Edge. Extremely skilled in wielding chainsaws, axes, and blades. Able to deliver strong and devastating attacks with terrible, ripping damage. SPECIAL ABILITIES: Gigantification and Shrinking. Tommy's natural born magic allows her to grow into a gigantic size. Although she cannot apply this magic into seperate parts of her body, she can apply it to weapons, clothing, equipment, objects, and such as a form of enchantment that increases their size into a giant's. Once the enchantment is applied, Tommy can merely control or wish for the applied magic to wear off, or leave it to reduce back into it's normal size in three minute's time. Her shrinking manipulation additionally applies to the same fundamental magic mentioned above. WEAKNESSES: Vulnerable without her chainsaw/weapons; although unarmed, she is a slippery bastard -- but fairly easy to hit over the head. However, with her chainsaw, she is despairingly slower than average. Other than that, her weaknesses include anything that she can't saw in half.
  20. Bero, a wingless imp.

    ( THE RED KING. ♈ ) - - DUDE. CHICKENS DON'T FLY. . — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . "-- the BASICS. BIRTH NAME: None of your business. USED NAME: Bero. EPITHET: Melancholic. AGE: 25. DATE OF BIRTH: 3/30. OCCUPATION: Former Slave, Present Bounty Hunter. CLASS: Berserker. -- SECONDARY CLASS: Fire Dancer. "-- VITALS. SPECIES: A wingless imp. TRAITS: Calm | Disciplined | Straight-forward | Blunt | Very Manly. HEIGHT: 6,0 WEIGHT: 150 lbs. HAIR: Lightly grey. EYES: Red, with a green ring around his pupil. SKIN: Crimson. VOICE: Husky. "-- WEAPONS. KAREN: You show Karen some GODDAMN respect. Karen. One massive-ass battleaxe with a thirst for blood. REBECCA: It's Becky you can disrespect. Rebecca, or Becky, is one awfully strange beauty, isn't she? "-- STATUS. STRENGTH: High. BLOOD TYPE: O SKILLS/ABILITIES: Enhanced Reflex and Hearing, Street Combat, Fire endurance, Very STRONK Very strong. SPECIAL ABILITIES: FIRE MAGIC, FIRE BREATHING. Bero can convert his mana into heat and fire, as well as shape and manipulate the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion. He is able to release heat, light, and various reaction products of fire. Being an imp, he is relatively immune to the scorching sun and as well as being burned alive. He is able to apply his magic onto equipment, weapons, and objects as some sort of enchantment. Bero can also breathe fire, and occasionally bleed lava. WEAKNESSES: Swift opponents, Ice magic, Very slow. Bero is extremely slow. Often using heavy weapons with slow attacks, he can be easily swayed by a quick and nimble opponent. Ice. Use plenty of the stuff. Terrible in keeping up with conversations.
  21. I may be dead but I'm still alive!! :D
  22. (DA): Let’s Start a RIOT

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- Odd. What is? Odd as in I was about to-- -- Inject the air? Precisely. What was she doing? What was she about to do? How did--? What? Bollocks and horseshoes, Sunny. It's fairly common for such a mindless zombie to become braindead all of a sudden, but why now? What terrible timing you've chosen to wrap the air in bandages and pouring into it your shady purple slime. Bollocks and horseshoes? That's quite new, dear sister. Never in our 'lifetime' have I ever heard you of all people say that. At least come up with something original. Oh, shut up. It was a figure of speech. You wouldn't come up with something better with a blue-brained head like yourself. Oh, shut up! We have a bloodied sucker to tend to, don't we? Let's just get on with it. - - - - - - - - - "Can you patch me up?" "Stop moving, dammit." MAL'S HEALTH, UP! MAL'S MANA, UP! "There we go! All done!" SUPPORT TWINS TO THE RESCUE!
  23. (DA): Let’s Start a RIOT

    -- DOUBLE ♊ TROUBLE -- On the same concrete roof. [d20:9] Bang, Bang Bullets were exchanged as the air mingled in intoxicating smoke. Candie managed to get a few bullets in a far marauder, but it wasn't enough. How the hell would they take down a bunch of iron mechs, anyways? The distraction was needed, since their teammates literally slid into a tough spot. But now, the enemies are shooting at the crumbling concrete wall they called cover. Even if it helped, she acted as some sort of human meat shield to take a hit for her sibling. As a stray bullet found it's way into the blonde, she grit her teeth, pinched deep into blood-soaked flesh, and pulled out an iron egg that dug into her collarbone. Come on. How much of a bad shot can you be, girly? "Anytime now." "Don't rush me!" [d20:3] That's rough, buddy What an impatient sister. I'm trying my best, can't you see? Shooting while blind AND doing something important is difficult! As numerous bullet holes decorated the zombie, Sunny cursed. Brewing a potion was a breeze, but speed up the process and you'll get an F- in a chemistry test. Two plastic balls with convenient holes ontop like a cute little container was held in stitched fingers. They needed to get to them before they bled out. And quickly. The undead lolita bite down hard on her thumb, allowing slow, black ooze to drip and land into her mouth. It was disgusting, but necessary. Once the gross sewage she called her blood sat on her dead tongue, a purple mist exhaled from her lips, it immediately absorbed into one plastic ball. It worked. Now, her sister's turn. Dead fingers grazed against the fiend's collarbone, not allowing Candie to react, she hurriedly slid the brightly-colored liquid pour down her tongue. Exhaling the mist once again, the two plastic glowing balls of magic brimmed gleefully under the undead's grasp. "Don't. Miss." "Yeah, yeah!" Bickered the two. As the blonde rushed to wear a peculiar gas mask, Sunny strapped on a medical mask. When they exchanged similar glances, they nodded. [d20:15] A lucky throw Misfortune. Bad luck. For once, something fortunate just happened to please the two. The magical orbs the size of a grape ran down the slide that Mal created, rolling down into the train tunnels just below the street. When the time was right, the twins disappeared from behind the cover. Hoping that the enemy was still distracted by the crumbling cover, they popped, figuratively, popped out in a swoosh from the grape potions, appearing out of thin air whilst accompanied by dizzying purple -- magical mist. A sharp whistle called out to them, as the twins hurriedly dashed to City and Mal. Allowing them to sit down and rest, Sunny pulled out her lovely, lovely medkit, as her darling nurse borrowed the alcohol and white bandages, the doctor herself grabbed another bottle of alcohol, and sinister-looking syringe with purple, glowing ooze that was eager to pierce into City's skin. "Don't move. This'll be quick." "Yeah! Just staaay still~" Would they trust a dead pair of twins with a sinister gas mask and untrusting bloody medical mask?
  24. LotE: The Descent

    ` Their eyes are like darts. "You're a gem." "Go." Ares sighed, smothering a hand into his embarrassed kid-face and narrowing his head around the corner while taking a good sip of his milkshake. Although reeling his lips back with a sarcastic twist, he couldn't help but think about what Teddy said. Holding the fort? What the hell does that mean? Taking an upwards glance from his drink, he kinda understood. Oh. Strangers, all around. Merchants stared, some kids stopped to chatter, a few muscly men looked over at the scene, and some dames just happened to giggle and exchange juicy whispers that the mage himself wants to hear. Eyes. That's all they were. Nothin' but a thousand darts aiming to strike the target. And as it happened, Basilica's jewels and the unlikely reunion of a knight and thief were the targets. Disgusting. Staring is rude, mind you. Deciding to quickly move these people along, Ares inhaled cloudy air through his teeth, and -- "THE HELL ARE YOU DICKHEADS LOOKIN' AT" It surprised many, startled several, jumped a few, and didn't happen to budge the manliest of men. But it did get them to whip their heads back and move. And as soon as the crowd moved, everyone moved. Ares eyed any soul that strays their judgemental gaze upon the shimmering floor and it's people. If they happened to do so, he'll send them straight to the gallows with a single glance of his fierce red-eyed bite. "KEEP FUCKING MOVING -- NOTHING TO SEE HERE, FOLKS." "HEY! EYES TO YOURSELF, GODDAMNIT." As the young man's yells of demand finally seeped through the horde of sinners, he scoffed a slight grimace, then bent over to quickly hook a jewel -- whistled to Teddy, throwing it to the gunslinger, and hoping that he'd smoothly catch it without getting hit in the face infront of a pretty lady. He charmed him with a thumbs up and a stupid grin. You got this, dude. Own it. Aside from the elegant jeweler and the sandy cowboy, his eyes clicked to the knight and her.. thief friend? Oh boy, oh boy. This is gonna get interesting. Ares coughed into a balled fist, straightened his leather jacket, tightened his pink ribbon, brushed his digits through his white mane, and patted against Adelaide's metal back with a few peculiar noises like metal smacking against metal. Before he spoke, he tilted his head with arched brows and a face like he was gonna tease her. "So, you tackle and grope some poor guy who didn't really have your wallet," -- His lips narrowed whilst the crimson gaze tilted towards the one-eyed thief. "but cradle a kid who literally sprinkled gold and jewelry on the floor? That's not very fair, if you'd ask me." Neatly pulling back leather gloves with a straightened back, he looked at the two with a smug grin. Quickly Ares waved it off, expressing a laidback chuckle and eased brows. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I know you must uh, know this guy. Cough." The mage took a sip of his sweet, sweet milkshake, spiraling his finger towards the young boy. "Who.. are you, anyway? If you don't mind me askin'."