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    That sunlight had been kissing his scales all morning. Walking tall, kicking ass, taking names. Such was the way of the world, just moments ago before he slid to a stop and took it all in. The midget has gotten him into all type of messes. It came with the territory of how she was. Headstrong, fearless, not a care in the world. WIld. Powerful and free. Alot like himself. He'd even go so far as to say she may have picked up on his cues. That sunlight was absent now, and something just decided to walk a shit load taller then he was and the feeling that those cues were going to come back and bite him in his scaly ass, was all-to real. And it hurt.---Literally. After standing there and watching everything unfold (Be it awe-struck to see a Turtle larger then he, or to much pride or being more Curious then actually scared, or both). "Biiiiiiiiiig fuckin Tur---_!!!" BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! A Shockwave from the impact of the Titan's blow rolled and roamed the entirety of the lands in every direction. Grass swayed backward, winds whipped about wildly, those of unsure footing and close proximation found balance hard to find let alone keep and were grounded. None on the battlefield however, would have a greater testimony to the sheeer awesomeness of that said force then the Wraithraiser--Who had ample time to get a gaurd up. Hell, he had ample time to move out the way totally considering but any quarter given would put him further from Hyorin. With no indication of his current state, Deuce remains beneath the massive blow.
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    She commanded. He obeyed. It was simple. And usually in both of their best interest. As far apart as they were in stature these two were that close in personality. They took pleasure in similar things---Like the sound of breaking bones underneath his feet. Or How wails of pain from the 4 individuals he nearly halved with his tail that under the command to run toward an outpost, and BOY COULD THIS BIG FUCKER MOVE!! Oh lumbering was the look but Hyorin knew how fast he was---Especially at the proverbial wide open throttle. Power to weight. Physiology. Fact that he could move in Bipedal or Quadrupedal manner, yadda yadda yadda...didn't matter, the more those who tried to fathom the how or why, the more time they opened themselves to be hit by the WHAT-THE-FUCK IZZ-THAT!!!?? That Spear paused him tho. It Whizzed past her--and him. He'd have come to a screeching halt with those wide black eyes and crimson orbs looking to her before down to the spear thrower she berated--who was a little lost for words and even more assed out then a stripper on a saturday evening. Any closer to the fellow regulars face and Deuce would be making out with the guy. "So you like to throw things....well alright." The young regular attempted to run. It was a bit to late for that. He attempted to scream!!!! Beg for mercy!! Plead for him to stop!! Was a bit to late for that to. The regular was plucked up within his massive mitt of a right hand, while his left reached out to where he was aiming. ONE....FLUID...MOTION! And Tom Brady would have been proud. An over-abundance of might in his possession, combined with a reluctance to restrain and a total disregard for the regulars safety equated into a full grown man being thrown like a Spear---with a fucking rocket attatched to it. One could literally watch the figure get small over the horizon before twinkling into nothingness! "HA! FLY TURTLE FLY!!!!" He chuckled and checked for her stability and safety before continuing to the rocky outpost..."Whattya say? Good throw? No?"
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    And where she went, he simply was. Her dreams. no, her PERIOD, dwarfed the importance of any and everything else that could be, was, and is. He was her foundation. The shield to her sword. In a world of impurities and toxic intent--he was her filter. Oh what a mammoth filter he was. Some here would found solace hiding in the tall grass in ambush, plausibly waiting to leap out at Hyroin's voice and do away with yet another combatant---Not a bad plan considering. Deuce Wraithraiser casts quite the shadow, as anyone in excess of 15' in height would. Needless to say just as he had blocked the sunlight that once basked their location, any "Ray" of hope of a successful ambush had been impeded as well. There was a symmetry here. He hadn't even taken his eye off of the lot of them as she slid down his back and toward the base of the huge tail in his possession that had rotated slightly as to avoid her traveling down the spines that ran along it's top. In that same motion it would have hoisted her weight effortlessly, allowing her a perch that extended her slightly forward and as she expected---above the ground. He'd never let her fall. NEVER. The appendage was at her bidding and at over twice his height in it's length, she'd have more then enough to work with to conduct her efforts. A Deep, harsh voice of gravel responded to a name she was only allowed to call him, "Of course short stuff....just remember what we agreed, No bow's or ribbons are going on me." And right as she casts her weapon forward to do it's deed and bring about misfortune to those unfortunate to feel it's kiss, his own massive mits would have jutted forward for two stragglers to whom which were throttled and dispatched with violent twists of his wrists. -----while still balancing her on his tail. An indication of symmetry that should be noted by anyone foolish enough to approach the pair haphazardly. With certain finality brought to these two, her question was answered again with that gravely voice, "Wouldn't think of it...just remember," before standing up. and flinging the two recently deceased up and away from the two of them for some epic distance, "No Ribbons! No bows!" Clearly she has been threatening him with the decor much to his disapproval.