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  1. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    Everyone still in?
  2. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    I like her! Looking forward to the other ~
  3. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    Sounds good, can't wait ~
  4. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    I'll add as well superhuman strength ~ @Honey Dragon
  5. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    Firebreathing in Dragon form and of course flight. Fire conjuring and manipulations in human form. I'd say telepathy as well, but only with the knight that captured it
  6. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    @Hurttoto Haha not yet, it will be whatever order the first few posts go up Right now I'm first and you're second
  7. Aster

    Super hero or villain roleplay

    I'll be glad to join as my other fell through. Already have a hero/villain
  8. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    @Honey Dragon Okie, and yea I was thinking that would make things easier. Maybe it fairly new still though
  9. Aster

    The Fountain of Youth (OOC)

    So, I was thinking the wolves are lead by a child that can communicate with them and sort of manipulate their minds. They work for the evil aunt, as do many of the more unfriendly forest creatures.
  10. Aster


    All she wanted to do was work on her dress for the Winter Ball. She had everything she needed finally, but time was limited when she also had projects to work on for school. She could have been rude and just walked off as though she hadn’t heard him, but for some reason she decided against it. “What was your question?” She asked still completely in work mode. She figured he had a question about the clothes or maybe he had more items to drop off.
  11. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary (OOC)

    Specifically rune magic yes ~
  12. Aster


    Sorry for my late replies, I am just busy lately. Still into this story and should have a reply in tonight ~
  13. Official OOC! @BeeTheNarwhal @Honey Dragon @Hurttoto Feel free to post your character bios and images here or links to said character bios and images ~ Here's mine: (The newest and first one ~ Dreshza Greenmoon) Also here is the RP!
  14. Aster

    Bouquet of Asters (my charries)

    Introducing... DRESHZA GREENMOON
  15. Aster

    The Knights of Asmary

    Asmary had become an unsafe place in the past year. Sorcerers were becoming bolder as they grew in numbers. Royal blood had been shed for the first time in a century since the Asmary Studium Generale had been established. Everyone was on edge and campus was on lockdown during the week, no one new in and no one new out. Everyone was allowed out on weekends, but only in their three (or four) person squads. Dreshza walked through the halls of the Studium in her night gown. The cold concrete numbed the soles of her feet. She couldn’t sleep knowing everyone was on high alert. She stopped by the royal dormitories and peeked into her charges room, it was too dark to tell if she was asleep. She closed the door silently and continued her stroll into the female living quarters. An open space with lounge chairs and couches, tables for eating or studying. There is a wall along the right side with various books with spells and incantations and a fireplace for the winter. When she walked in the fireplace was lit. She immediately walked over to it plopping down in front of it. She wiggled and curled her toes as they warmed up. Tilting her head back she closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of satisfaction.