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  1. World Wars (XXIX)

    The greatest downfall of Imogen's acquired power was that is caused not only physical glitches, but mental. She could forget things that happened just moments ago, memories from the past, people's names, her own name. The small things came back after a while, depending, but the far back memories remained a blur. The dark haired girl looked up at Jack who was aiming his rifle at the man on top of her. How much had she missed? She scrunched her nose knowing she had forgotten something trying to will the thoughts back to the forefront of her mind. The stranger quickly held his hands up, his body still straddled over Gen at the knees. "Whoa, easy, I'm not here to hurt anyone. You misunderstand," he began to explain. Just like that it all came flooding back to her and she kicked into action, literally, without a second thought. Bringing her feet up from underneath him she rested her boots on his chest. With the click of her heels the soles of her boots let out a burst of energy that sent the man flying back sent her in the other direction. She rolled backwards into a back hand spring hopping up to her feet next to Jack. She drew her pistols aiming them at the man. "Who are you? State your business," Gen said in a pretty demanding voice for a small girl. She was a wanted lab rat and they'd come across many a person who would do anything, including lie, to get their hands on her. "Whatya do that for? Christ all mighty," the man stood up from the wall he had rammed into rubbing his back. There was a flashing red light above him which indicated the radiation leak had become worse. Warning: Radioactive energy leak. Please evacuate. Her vision began to get a bit blurry and suddenly the gun was as heavy as a 20 pound Xerball. The man also began to feel the same way, leaning back against the wall.
  2. Villains!

    One of Shadow's greatest weakness, besides palladium, was blood. He could smell the crimson liquid from over a mile away. Once the scent hit his smell center it was like his brain began to re-wire it self and it was the only thing he could focus on. Until the insatiable thirst was quenched. With tunnel vision he was as good as blind. Beginning to close in on the boy his beak opened and his arms extended, his talon-like nails unsheathing. BAM- he was side swiped. The blow took him by surprise for only a moment. Crashing into the building was enough to bring him fully back to his senses, but as he re-focused he wasn't the one fully in control this time. The black aura that radiated from his body had formed a paper thin layer around his body protecting him from the mutant spiders blows. He stared blankly, his beady eyes quivering as he took the beating for a moment before realizing his former objective. "Found you," he said before the shadow within him burst out from every part of his body like an explosion so as to repel the man-spider.
  3. CWTCH (OOC)

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  4. The Fountain of Youth (OOC)

    OK good! I was getting worried haha No rush, honestly, take your time ~ I get being busy with other threads for sure ^^
  5. CWTCH (OOC)

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  6. World Wars (XXIX) - (OOC)

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  7. The Fountain of Youth (OOC)

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  8. World Wars (XXIX) - (OOC)

    @BeeTheNarwhal Pssst, it's your turn. I don't wanna skip you ~
  9. The Fountain of Youth

    Anwyn wasn't one to complain. The entirety of his life spent in the castle he didn't complain once. He did have a longing for adventure, ambition smoldering deep inside him. He’d always dreamed of traveling the world and seeing all its sights. The drab walls of the castle left him feeling depraved rather than elated. The garden had been his favorite spot to spend his time, he’d even fallen asleep under the stars some nights. Now, more than ever, he longed for a warm bed. He had no home now though. He was thankful for the cold at first because it had distracted him from the pain of not only being homeless, but now an orphan. His mother died as soon as she transferred the curse to Wyn. Defending him his father had perished as well. It had been a massacre. That they made it out alive by the skin of their teeth was some stroke of luck. The young prince had been close with all of his guardians, Antonin in particular had been one of his favorites. He was intrusted to protect him for a reason, he was the best. Wyn loved hearing about the tales of his travels before entering their kingdom. He was a wise and brave man with a strong sense of duty. As he felt the weight of the garb wrap around him he blushed fiercely. It probably only looked as though his cheeks were stinging from the cold though. Being much smaller the tunic reached his shins. It closed in the heat from his enchanted cloak and his shivering slowly subsided. He mumbled a “thank you”. “I was waiting it out till we found refuge, I hate to be a burden so soon and I wouldn’t-” he was silenced by the finger the mage held up. He heard the far off sounds of...what were they again? “Winter wolves!” he exclaimed, his face full of excitement. It quickly turned from wide eyed and bushy tailed to one of uncertainty. “That means there’s a cave nearby, right?” he asked as he looked off in the direction of the noise. The scene turned foreboding very quickly as the woods turned pitch black. No moon hung in the sky tonight. Before waiting for an answer his curiosity got the best of him and he conjured up a flame that floated just above his palm to light the way. As his heels tapped the sides of his horse it trotted off in the direction of the wolves. Warm cave was the mantra he repeated in his head and he hollered back for Antonin to catch up.
  10. The Fountain of Youth (OOC)

    You're fine! Love the response ~ always worth the wait when I have a good writing partner. I'm down for the wolves, Anwyn loves animals so I'm thinking Antonin would be on the defense, but Anwen would be torn and try to befriend them. Probably get attacked in the process and have to fight them off ~
  11. Villains! (OOC)

    Ok awesome! I need a head count then. How about you guys? @ODSTDRAGON @FirePenguinDiscoPanda @WishedAway @Alex Kimchi @PandaHat
  12. I thought you did a great job with your Villains Rp. 

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      Thank You! I still have enough people to continue its just gonna take some writing in some stuff. Maybe a time hop haha I dunno just yet ~ was enjoying our characters interaction ^^

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      Thank you. It was fun.

  13. Villains! (OOC)

    That's fine! I may suspend this or put it on hold depending on the responses I get back from everyone. I've never done a big group thread so at most this was experimental
  14. Villains! (OOC)

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