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  2. Valerie unsheathed her sword and dagger, making a face at the green oozing slime that dripped from the blades. She grabbed the nearest towel, wiping the Draecaenae blood from the weapons before placing them back. Will have to clean them properly later. "Do you know how they got in? Or why they were here in the first place? I figured that some of them might have followed my scent from the prison but I'm really not sure. If you have any answers though I would like to know...Ethan right?" She hoped she had gotten the boy's name right, since she wasn't quite sure if she had properly introduced herself to him.
  3. The girl gave a wry smile, twisting some of the fabric under her palm into a fist. She continued doing this, the dress material bunching up before she released it. "You're the first friend I've made that I don't have to lie to...the first one who I don't think cares about what you can get from my father by being associated with me. It's rather refreshing." Aza sighed softly, placing her elbow on the table and propping her chin into her palm. "I guess you could say it wasn't just Karrissa. Another of my friends has just been acting strangely. I also heard a few whispers among the people at the tea that were concerning." She got up, feeling suddenly restless. Azayla paced around the room slowly, stopping often to survey certain items or get a closer look at an ornament or painting on the wall. While the stable-house didn't speak of extreme wealth, her father had still seen to it that any servant's quarters were well furnished with modest decor. It was quite apparent that the elderly man who lived here had a love of the animals he cared for with brass horse shoes nailed to the walls and paintings of all breeds adorning the walls. The female stopped, letting out a slow breath. "The nobles are nervous. Apparently some of the people from down the hill are getting tired of the financial gap between them and the people who live here. Some even talk of possible revolt on the horizon."
  4. She allowed him to carry the basket, her thoughts coming back to the present moment as his voice disrupted her thinking. Azayla sat down on the chair, hands gently straightening the folds of the baby-blue dress while she crossed her one ankle behind the other. I need to keep reminding myself that Nat is not Karrissa or any other of the snobbish noble youth. I don't have to be guarded when he asks me something. "You're not indebted to me. As far as I'm concerned, with how you didn't rat me out to Karrissa in the market, you went from a stranger to a friend. Friends help friends if they need a place to stay. Besides, you're going to leave this place in a better condition than when you found it if you're work while I was gone is anything to judge by." He then asked if she was okay, her facial expression dulling as she looked down to the ground for a moment. Should she tell him exactly what had happened? The girl immediately decided against it, not omitting everything but also not giving him the whole truth. She had dragged him into this mess and didn't see the need to make it worse for him. "Karrissa just had a few choice words to say, but that was expected. I'm still trying to shake off that facade I spoke of earlier today." Aza offered him a small smile, folding her hands neatly in her lap. "You're welcome to eat, I'm still quite stuffed from eating earlier." @Ellipsis
  5. She watched a she shimmied his way down onto the ground, waiting patiently with the food basket in her hand. "It's mostly leftovers....I didn't have enough time to get you anything more than this." Az headed inside at his recommendation, Caleb's words sudenly echoing in her mind: Is it really wise to be gallivanting about?... A small frown pulled at the corners of her mouth, the female's blue eyes going cloudy as she felt a small stone of worry forming in the pit of her stomach. What if he's right? What if I'm putting myself into a predicament I won't be able to get myself out of? Azayla set the basket down on the table, opening up the lid and began to neatly set some of the items onto the tabletop. Maybe I'm just overthinking and over-analyzing? I'm just helping him out with a place to stay and some food after all. Her thoughts jumped back and forth, some of them increasing her guilt while others tried to put her at ease. She didn't know why there was such turmoil in her to begin with, but eventually she shoved all thoughts aside and decided to just focus on making sure there was enough for Nat to eat. "There's also tea, you could put it on the stove to warm it up." She offered softly, putting in the effort to slide her smile back into place. Her mind simply couldn't rest though, the female scowling as a new thought entered her head.Caleb's behaviour, moving her hair out her face, was haunting her. Sure, he had done such things when they were kids, but this time....something had been different. Maybe not the action per say, but certainly the touch. She felt the sensation like a ghost on her skin, her hand brushing against the area he had touched as if she could wipe away the feeling. His interest in her whereabouts had given her something to think about and try as she may she found herself a little distracted since Caleb had stopped her on her way here. That combined with her uneasy afternoon with Karrissa and the words she had said to her and about her were making for crowded space in her thoughts. @Ellipsis
  6. Aza was a few steps down the path, just about to head into the line of trees that, once past them, would reveal the stable house in the near distance. The roof of the building though still stuck out slightly above the treetops. She was humming happily to herself, the basket of food held in both hands while she stepped carefully to avoid tripping in her dress. Karrissa is rather vile, will have to figure out a way to deal with her. Especially with Nat now involved. If she uncovers who he is, I now she'll find some way to use it to her advantage. She was so busy concentrating on finding a solution to her problems, that the voice that suddenly sounded from the side of a tree trunk made her jump in fright and almost drop the basket of goods. "Where are you off to at such a late time in the afternoon alone?" Caleb appeared in the corner of her eye, the tall male leaning against the trunk of a tree with his hands in his coat pockets. He straightened, tucking a piece of shoulder-length, earth-brown coloured hair behind his ear from where it had escaped the leather thong tying back the rest. Aza paused, at a momentary loss for words. "Ah, well, I...". Caleb straightened, taking his hands out as he approached her. He looked down at her, a side-smile inching further up the left side of his face the closer he got. His emerald hues fixated on a loose thread of her hair framing her face, his hand absent-mindedly coming up and brushing it over her shoulder. The male had always had a brotherly sort of affection for her, but Aza sensed a shift in his attitude. She couldn't quite place her finger on what was wrong and this frustrated her. What frustrated her more though was the news he had to share. "Is it really wise to be gallivanting about? Word of your escapade in the market without anyone from your father's personal guard accompanying you has already started to spread among those willing to lend a ear. You should have stopped by my house down the way before leaving, I could have come with you. You could even say I'm a little hurt by the fact that you chose to not even ask." Caleb brought a hand to his chest as if he had been wounded there, his elegant brows sweeping upwards onto his head dramatically. The odd feeling Azayla had had was soon forgotten, the man's playful, jovial nature putting her at ease. "I thought you were busy learning your father's trade routes?" "I was, but it doesn't consume all of my hours. I wouldn't have minded going for a stroll. You could always make up for it now and let me walk with you?" Aza chewed on her bottom lip, searching her mind quickly for a reasonable excuse. One popped into her mind, her face brightening. "As nice as that would be, I have my own studies to do....there's a book on war strategy and ship-building my father wishes me to finish before the weeks end. I thought some peace and quiet away from the house will make the work get done quicker." Caleb pouted like a rejected puppy, bringing a light chuckle to the girl. "I guess that is a reasonable excuse. I will see you round then....if you don't stop by soon though, I'll have to start questioning our friendship." Aza grinned, saying as she lifted her chin, "I'll be sure to visit then....see you Caleb." The male bowed at the waist, sweeping an arm across his chest. He took her hand, kissing it lightly on the knuckles before straightening. He gave her one last cheeky smile, then proceeded to walk back to the house. Aza watched him go, waiting impatiently while bouncing on the balls of her feet for him to be a safe enough distance away. Once she was certain he was more or less out of sight, she walked as fast as she could in the heeled shoes towards the stable-keepers house. When approaching the building, she noticed that there was a figure on top of the roof. After squinting her eyes and getting closer, she realized it was Natheniel. "Is there something wrong with the roof?" She shouted up to him, her one hand coming up to shield her eyes against the late-afternoon rays of sunlight. @Ellipsis
  7. She watched as the odd amount of sunlight filtering in through the window made his polished armor gleam in the shafts of light. It was a spectacle to behold, her eyes widening at the sight of it. Whatever position he held from whatever place he came from, it must have been of some importance. That isn't the armor of any ordinary soldier or military personnel. The items were well-cared for. That much was obvious. Their condition spoke of a man who looked after what was important to him and that brought a small smile to Aza's face. He asked when she might be back, the girl shrugging her shoulders. "It all depends on how titillating everyone finds the occassion. It usually ends after about two or three hours though. If I hope really hard, maybe the universe will answer my prayers and make it even sooner." She said the words with a tone of disbelief, finally straightening her posture away from the door. "Either way, I'll be back as soon as I can. I'll see you in a few hours....bye Natheniel, for now." Azayla offered him a warm smile, green eyes glinting for but a moment before she turned and headed out the door and down the path. The girl knew that if she hadn't left right then, she might not have left at all. ******************************************************************************************************************************* Aza rushed out her room, her hair done up with the front and top braided with white ribbon while the rest hung loose. The girl was almost late, but had somehow managed to run into the house, change into the baby-blue satin dress, do her hair, locate her dress-shoes and reach the white satin sash at the top of her closet without falling to the ground or going too slowly. She galloped down the wide stairs, her small-heeled shoes echoing on the marble tiles as she wound the satin sash around her waist and tied it at the back. It will have to do. She thought to herself, stopping just outside the back door. Aza took a mere moment to breath in deeply, collecting her thoughts before opening the door and entering into the hedge-bordered courtyard in which the tea was already in full-swing. At the sight of the amount of people who arrived early, she felt a small lump form in her throat. It won't matter if Karrissa didn't get here before me. She glanced around, feeling her heart sink at the sight of a coiffed head of red hair prancing around the pots of red roses. Just my luck... The situation got worse though, the exact moment Aza spotted her, the girl turned and looked straight at Azayla looking at her. She was shocked for a mere moment, bringing up a hand to give her a small wave in the next breath. Karrissa spoke something to the other group of girl's she was standing with, walking up to Aza confidently. Oh great...here it comes. The young female thought, bracing herself. "How nice of you to join us at your own home, don't you know how to keep track of time? You were probably so busy sneaking around with that merchant that you couldn't see right from left let alone read the hands of a clock!" With Nat not being there, the cattiness in the girl's voice and the severity and mocking tone of her words had compounded quite aggressively. However, she spoke under her breath so that no one but Azayla could hear. "Hush now Karrissa, you'll make your eyes pop out of your skull if you glare at me any harder." Aza retorted, placing her hands on her hips in such a way it might have been mistaken for a battle stance. Karrissa was prepared for this, folding her one arm underneath the elbow of the other, her free hand's fingers rubbing together as if she was sampling the coarseness of sand. "No need to get so defensive sweetheart, I just think you need someone to tell you how completely out of his league you are. If he is who he really says he is, he could do way better. Sure, you've got Daddy's name behind you and some fancy dresses and a house, but so do I. The difference is that I don't trip up at an opportunity given to me. I'm the perfect noble woman...where as you have a lot to be desired in terms of mannerisms. Pity, if mommy was still around perhaps she could teach you how to be a proper lady." Her words made Az more and more furious. Her last statement was the final straw though. No one mentioned her deceased mother in such a way, especially not this poisoned-tongued witch. The girl laid a hand on the grip of her ceremonial dagger, ready to withdraw it. Sure, the blade was more for show and accessory than for actual fighting, but the need to feel it's unrefined steel sliding between two of the girl's ribs. "You little piece of scum, I'm going to make you regret-" A hand came to fall on hers where she was about to unsheath the weapon, a male voice filled with authority but calm suddenly halting Aza in her tracks. "Woah, take it easy now. No need to get everyone's dresses all bloody Az. Karrissa, stop being a pain and go pester someone else for a bit? You're ruining the party." When Karrissa saw who it was, she pouted angrily before swiveling on her heels and skulking away. Azayla looked up, seeing Caleb's face looking down at her. "I know, I know...you could have taken her. You also would have ruined a perfectly good afternoon and made a mess that would have needed to be cleaned up." The male said, giving her a cheeky grin that had barely changed since they were children. "I only caught the last few words of that conversation, but I know Karrissa as well as you to have guessed just how petty she must have been. Come on, let's go get some tea and eat some patisseries. Leave the fighting for another day...you'll have plenty of opportunity to annihilate her some other time when there aren't other people around." He teased her lightly, Aza scowling as she let the dagger slide back into place. He had always been able to do that, make her lose her need to slice Karrissa's lips from her face. He was a peace-maker even from when they were children, the male who was a year older than Az and Karrissa always taking a leadership role in calming any arguments that flared up among the noble youth. "I guess you're right. You've saved her slicing of her smug face for another occassion." She said with a sigh, letting a small smile grace her features as she followed him to where tea and food stood waiting on long wooden tables covered in lace cloth. ****************************************************************************************************************************** The afternoon continued on, people soon filing out and leaving. While Aza kept her word and didn't approach Karrissa again, the one thought that truly kept her going was that she would soon be seeing Natheniel once more. No sooner had the last person said their goodbyes than Azayla went charging into the kitchen without even changing first. She gathered up any leftover sweet-cakes and honeyed loaves that she could along with some tea and hurried on down the path towards the stable-house. (Sorry, it came out a bit longer than expected.)
  8. Valerie leaned her shoulder against the busted door frame, heaving a few breaths as she sheathed her weapons. "What the hell? What actually happened there...how did those evil snake bitches even get in here?" She limped off to the experiment room from before, an extremely pissed expression evident on her face. "Someone better explain to me why I just had my napping disturbed!" She said as she stormed into the room, her tone softened though when she took a look at the two males. "Oh, I see you guys ran into some trouble too... you both alright?"
  9. Valerie heard Colonel Blood's query on her being well enough to defend herself. She furrowed her brows, angrily sweeping across her body with her dagger to slice across a Dracaena's body diagonally. "I'll be fine, you just look after yourself and maybe cover my back for a few minutes." She had spotted the bathroom in her peripheral vision, slicing away the reptilian tail of the dracaena that had spoken of her. "Come back here you ssssssssssnack!" She hissed at her, Val sliding beneath her slithering tail and landing up outside the bathroom door. She hurried inside, closing the door to buy her some time to get the water running. The bathroom was well done, the female tutting under her breath as she opened all the available taps, kicked out pipes and broke off shower heads with the hilt of her sword. "Pity to be smashing it to pieces. The interior designer for this place needs some applause." The room was soon gushing with water, the female already up to her ankles in it as she went to open the bathroom door. "Hope you all like getting a little wet!" she screamed, kicking open the bathroom door after dropped her weapons. With focusing of her mind and a sweep of her right hand, Valerie sent the water rushing towards the dracaenae like a super-charged high pressure hose. While doing that she using circular motions, forming a spherical shape of water which hovered just above her left hand. This sphere then split into evenly sized spheres, each of wish she sent pummeling into the heads of the snake-woman.
  10. Azayla brushed his query away with a wave of her hand, smiling as she said "I'm sure it will be fine. It's the least I can do if I wish to pay you back after you helped me out in the market place." She gazed around, sighing sadly. I wish I could offer you better, but then everyone would be questioning what was going on and I don't have the answers for them. The girl pulled off her cloak, draping it over the back of the the chair set at a table made to seat one, going back to the door and leaning with her back against the frame while he walked around the accommodation. "If you want to go anywhere, just use the cloak. There's a gate further into the treeline that is the beginning of a winding path that leads back to the road. If you leave....just make sure there's a note or something so that..." She stopped herself, finishing the sentence in her head. ...So that I know you're safe. Her almost-words sent an unusual emotion reeling through her, the girl standing up straight and looking outside to hide her face. What was going on with her? Why was she concerned with his safety? She shook her head, remembering again why she had had to return. "I must go." The words were simple, but drawn out. They hinted at her desire to stay and her annoyance at needing to leave for something she didn't look forward to. "Perhaps I may visit you afterwards? I could bring food." Aza used the last sentence as something of an excuse, knowing that it was more his company she sought after than the need to make sure he was fed. The girl felt that after what was to come, an afternoon of torture among the other noble children, she might enjoy talking to someone she didn't have to hide herself with. @Ellipsis
  11. (Will be replying soon, I'm exceptionally busy today)
  12. After he waved her off casually, Aza saw no problem with him. At his reassurance that he was fine, she continued on with her quick pace. She led them through the side-streets, picking out a less-frequented route in order to minimize the amount of people who might see her. They were soon back at the building they had met, the girl answering him about his concerns as they walked. "Karrissa probably sniffed you out already. She's like a blood-hound when it comes to finding the weak point in someones argument and unraveling them from there. However, people are prone to questioning what she says, even if only a little bit, because of the amount of gossip she carries around like a second skin. You're safe for now, we will just need to be careful, especially around that ferocious red-head." Aza imagined Karrissa as a gorgon, with hissing snakes for hair and the ability to turn people to stone with one look. If she was honest, she thought the image suited her and her snake-like personality. They were nearing the Hilltop residences, a marked difference coming about in the architecture of the homes bordering the street they were on. The slope was beginning to level out more, allowing for properties to both be taller and wider with the better surface area available for foundation. Gates began to appear where before there had been none, window boxes with bright blossoms appearing as well trellises covered with ivy. The closer they got to Aza's home, the flatter the ground became. Below them, all of Caspar was visible but it was a mere blemish in the wide expanse of ocean that suddenly spread out before them and engulfed most of the view. "We're here...but we need to go round the back to get to the stables." She stopped in front of a white-painted gate, pale roses studding the flower beds that greeted guests while a stone pathway led to a wide set of steps that led up to the front door. Even the entrance was grand, the double wooden doors taller than the average man and carved with all manner of things such as flowers, birds and animals. Aza entered through the gate, always looking around as she held it open for him to follow. Now that they were back in 'enemy territory', her facade from before was beginning to fall back into place. Her posture was stiff, eyes steely and empty as she made her way around the side of her house. They walked along a path contained within repeated arches that made an almost tunnel-like structure, white creeping roses twisting up the metal framework. Two oaks shaded the tunnel, looming above them and providing speckled sunlight through the gaps in their leaves. After a following the path that curved and twisted along a green expanse of grass, they entered into an almost forest-like group of trees that signified that the edge of the property was near. "There it is." She said quietly, pointing out the wooden structure with it's exterior of feather-edged wooden cladding a dark grey colour and roof of stucco. She led him down the remainder of the path that had become unrefined, a simple dusty line where the grass no linger grew from the foot-traffic that stepped on it. @Ellipsis
  13. His acceptance of her offer brought a lightened feeling to her head, as if a spot of sunlight had just appeared inside her mind. He was rapid in his response...eager too. The undiluted clarity of his wanting to take up the room delighted her further. The man had some elated form of relief clearly evident on his face, but he soon got this under control as he responded in a more dull manner. I wonder why he does that? Shows unabashed emotion and then retreats from it? She cringed as he tripped, wondering if he would go straight into the ground as she had done when they first met. He recovered easily though, somehow saving himself the trouble of getting covered in dirt and fallen leaves. "Are you alright?" She asked with a light chuckle, ducking her head down to look at him when his hood suddenly obscured his features. The girl could still see nothing though, his dark hair falling into his face. Aza persisted in her pace, the walk teetering on a jog with how fast she was stepping. Although she was happy that he had said yes to staying in the stable, there was still underlying worry about her making it back in time to get to the tea. "I don't mean to rush you but we must hurry and go faster." She was genuinely worried about his almost-fall, concern flickering across her face as she looked him over from head to toe. She couldn't let her worry make her slow though or else there was no chance she was going to make it in time. Leaving the gardens and the serenity they offered brought an ache to the girl, especially known that she was leaving it to face an afternoon of pretentious and pompous behavior of the other Noble's children. @Ellipsis
  14. She was bouncing on the balls of her feet, making a checklist of the things she needed to do before the tea began. I can't show up like this....I'll need to change. Make up an excuse for how long I've been gone too. Her thoughts were silenced though by his question, the girl's mind easily sliding back towards the male. He wants to see me again? The question was said with awe among the inner happenings of her mind, the female's uptight posture suddenly relaxing somewhat. "I would like that. To see you again, that is." His guarded and neutral expression was back, something different in his eyes though. They were not so impassive, a secret thought there hiding among the flecks of purple. What are you thinking? She nodded her head after saying this, further confirming the answer she had given. Then another thought crossed her mind, the female's brows coming to meet together in the space where the bridge of her nose began. "Where are you going to go?" She began to walk back along the way they had come, her steps a lot faster-paced than before. Aza did not wish to go, feeling her desire to remain and talk like heavy stones in her stomach. The cost was too great though and the consequences of not showing face at the tea would be tremendous. "If you don't have any ideas yet, there's this empty stable room at the back of my father's estate. The stable-keeper usually stays there, but he is away for a few days visiting family in-land. It's only temporary, until you can find better accommodation." She couldn't believe what she was saying, but some small part of her liked knowing that he wouldn't be too far away. @Ellipsis
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