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  1. ThatGuyLeo


    "Five sounds fine." He said, then looked at her and smiled. "In that case I'll refrain from doing so. My name is Leo Dreamhell." He put two hundred dollar bills on the table, and asked, "Is this enough? I'm kind of in a hurry, so if I pay too much just keep the change." He looked behind him, then back at Elspeth.
  2. ThatGuyLeo


    "Yeah, just dropping off. Um, do you have anything to like, remove bloodstains or something? I had a nosebleed, and I didn't notice it until I had spilled on my clothing. Quite nasty, and I need this suit for the Christmas Party." He said, as he put the suit and vest on the counter. He asked, "How frequently are you told that you're a beautiful?" and took out his wallet.
  3. ThatGuyLeo


    Leo walked around on the snow white streets, playing with his cards as he went. He looked around at the shops, trying to find something interesting. He then stopped and touched his neck, which had gotten wet somehow. He looked at the hand that had touched his neck and sighed. "Veramente?" He said as he wiped the blood off his fingers. He walked through the town for a bit, before finding an alleyway. He then changed his shirt and put a band aid on his sore. He put his stained shirt in a bag and walked out of the alleyway. "Alrighty then, let's a find a launderer. It can't be too hard..." He said as he looked for one. It took him about fifteen minutes, but at last, he found a place called 'Lemahiue Cleaner'. He walked inside but saw nobody. "Hello?" He called out.
  4. ThatGuyLeo


    "Theres a high chance that there's not gonna be a next time, because I'm not gonna remember your address." He grinned, and shouted towards the kitchen, "Yeah man, all you need are a few bushes!" He then walked out laughing, and an odd crackling sound, one resembling electricity, came from the hallway. All of a sudden the sound stopped, and there was only silence, except for the sound of Adrian looking for something to eat.
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