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  1. The moonlight shone as stars dazzled above his staring pupils. He leaned at the nearest fence, glancing at the stars dancing inside the darkness. Also hearing the two horses tied outside the tavern. A slow yet cold breeze came across his restrained back as the following flutter of a flyer pressed on his chest. Whatever it came from, he held the paper in his hand, carefully starting to read what it was saying. Hearing the twigs and leaves spin, he tucked the flyer into the guiding wind that led its next path. He would start heading on to his next destination, where he will partake the quest that was read on the abandoned flyer.
  2. Spending on his own dwells his mind in a deep ocean of thoughts. He pondered his motives before the incoming moment, he has wondered where he should go anywhere other than sitting here on this wooden stool staring at his drink all day. Music in the background played out loud, coming from the middle of the room, his ears were deaf. Only hearing the gentleman right beside his ear, but belittled his presence. Only he can guess that he is just a regular who would barge into the bar for some attention. Alfred can tell he is amongst those attention seekers and this one right here is no doubt like them. Finally he drank the last half inside his cup ignoring anyone sitting beside his seat. He couldn't care less, his time was already up. There are numerous logical ways to converse in this room. This young man can chat whatever he want if he can leave the tavern all quietly. He lowered his brim and withdraws the cash onto the desk for the price he offered. "You know if you're thirsty, get yourself a booze," is all he could say to the creature. Alfred came down to the exit, leaving the tavern. @urbabydaddy
  3. (Aye) Still not understanding this logic. (Aye) I'm back and I'm better (And I'm better)
  4. The guy sitting here did not leave his seat. He has been staring at his half filled cup, dozing off. Procrastinating life. The cup in his grasp watched the ice melt. The bitter and dull taste remained on his tongue, yet the alcohol was weak in this one. When a new patron has come to the door. The footsteps postponed, as you hear the soaked wet cotton dripping onto the floor. The man in the hat turned his head around and sees a obscure young man, a creature with soaking wet hair. Alfred remained quiet and turned back facing his cup. He wasn't interested to converse a random stranger, he knows that man wanted some attention.
  5. Genesis

    Alfred Scar

    Basic Name: Alfred Scar (ToL) Alignment: Neutral Good Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 25 years old Role: Vagabond Physical Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Brown Height: 5'8 Weight: 150lbs Body build: Lean Mental Demeanor: Chill, brave, comical, quick-witted Hopes: To find a place to sleep Fears: Lose his sanity Likes: Staring at the night sky, scavenging, dogs, jazz Dislikes: Pests, manipulation, no-smoking signs Gear/Weapons Gear Box of cigs: Bought from the local market. Lighter: A single source of fuel that are used to light his cigs. Ammo: Plenty of them inside his coat. Weapons Dual guns: Yet to be explained. Throwing spikes: They are real fast in the air, watch out. Grenades: He carries at least six around his waist. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Reaction time, dexterity, accuracy Weaknesses: Getting too close in combat, losing focus, the impossible Powers & Abilities Master gunslinger Highly skilled with any gun. Able to master any form of gunmanship without weeks of effort. Needle throwing Able to throw needles at great distances with remarkable aim. Background Being hunted down for a bonus bounty, he has travelled a long way from home. For years, Alfred had lost connections with his family and friends.
  6. Thank you guys you made me feel a lot more welcome to Valucre!
  7. I'm all good without a funny reply lol And thanks for the advice but I already figured.
  8. Hello everyone, Name's Genesis, I am very new to the role play world and it's a pleasure to meet all of you. Please make me feel welcome and take care of me. I like cars, music, body building, anime of the 90's, and comics (a dc fan). I am still trying to figure out how the world of Valucre works. I really appreciate if you can help me.
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