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  1. Hmm, I have a proposition. Perhaps the transition of someone used to writing scarred twisted characters to the writing of a defender of honor could be slightly uncomfortable, so maybe I could help you take things down in steps? I’ve a set up in Mezthaluen, a rich city in which two factions are fighting a massive resource battle, namely the Mafia and the Pirates. Any character interested to be involved has to choose either to pick a side, or to work alone and be the enemy of both. We could take further conversation into dm’s if you’re interested :)
  2. The warehouse looked nothing fantastic. It was old, rusty, and even had a little eerie feeling to it. Old torn curtains flapped in the night breeze, which blew listlessly across the city. One might have assumed that the warehouse was haunted, had they not known beforehand that it was owned by the godfather. Even the dead feared the godfather’s iron grip over the city, whether it be in the economy and trade, or the armed forces that he possessed to do his bidding. How the mafia had been able to accumulate such vast wealth was a mystery. A mystery that Lucy (LC) was here to unravel. Scaling the first fence was easy. Standing at 15 ft into the sky, it would be impossible to climb over it. Hence the obvious solution would be to go through the fence. It took merely a few clicks of Lucy’s razor sharp scissors to cut through the mesh, slicing open a hole that was large enough to climb through. She had cut herself on the way in, but the crimson tinge blood appeared to blend in with the red shade of her skin. Now, she sat crouching on the balls of her feet, peeking at the warehouse from behind a small shed. There were four guards, two guarding the front door and two guarding the back door. Every ten minutes, they rotated positions. That was the precise time to infiltrate the warehouse. A sudden movement in the guard’s motion returned Lucy from her daze. They were moving. She excitedly leapt to her feet, unintentionally knocking her head on the golden wings of her partner. “Bloody hell, Wings! Personal space! Please!” she sighed in exasperation, rubbing her aching skull. ‘Wings’, as she so affectionately called her partner, stood behind her peeking past the shed as well. Due to their hesitation, the guards had fully completed their rotation. Lucy stamped her foot in frustration. Looking at her watch, she turned to her partner and whispered, “We’ve only got 40 minutes before dawnbreak. We could try and wait for another perfect opportunity, but I’m not a fan of waiting.” She looked her partner from top to toe, and a smug grin formed on her face, “And if I remember correctly, you aren’t either.” Pointing to the two newly rotated guards, Lucy tugged on Sonia’s shoulder, “The door is padded with a 25 bolt lock. I can break into it easily, but I need a distraction. Got anything in mind?” @Knighto
  3. Depending on how well it pays :3 Crow might like to be a part of this. Why was Greatbeard exiled? ;(
  4. “Cmon Crow, you have to admit that it’s a pretty good name.” “Maddi, we’re not a bloody trading company. Your Father didn’t entrust you into my care with the intent of starting a business. We’re here to expand the family.” “Do not speak of my father in this land. When I lived under his roof, I was but a tool to his eternal life. Now I can finally do whatever the fuck I want.” “Yes, but that doesn’t justify calling ourselves the Anonymous Trading Company.” “You’ll get used to it Crow. Innocence is a good way to conceal power.” “Fear is a better demonstration of power.” “You’re impossible! Oh gee golly, we’re here, stay sharp old friend.” Garreth shivered as the chilly night Breeze blew past his face. All while his boss slept comfortably in his residence that Garreth had to guard. But it was his duty. He had to do it, or he wouldn’t have food on his plate. However, he had been doing this job for five years, and never once had someone dared to intrude on the boss’ turf. Dozing off on the job was normal and had close to no consequences. Garreth wondered to himself, why couldn’t the boss just buy some robotic Guards? With the amount of money he had amassed from the child slave trade, he could definitely afford to pay for a few droids. “Intruder!” a scream broke through the still silence of the night, shattering Garreth’s line of thought. The man next to him scrambled for his weapon, but was met with a throwing knife to the forehead a second later. The guard behind him tried to run to warn the boss, but fell over after barely a step, a similar knife sticking out of his back. From the mysterious fog of night, a hooded figure began to materialize into view. His sleeves were feathered, his hood greatly resembling the beak of a bird, some kind of raven, or maybe a crow. The man spread his arms out, knives concealed within his sleeves sliding out along the feathers, each knife aligned to a feather. With a swing of his arm, he sent a volley of knives flying towards Garreth, each one embedding itself in the wall behind him. “You know, I hate this job, and I only work here because I have to!” Garreth blurted our in a hurry. “Password to disable the defense systems?” the crow like man inquired. “That’s easy! 7256!” he replied almost instantly. The man’s almost immediate decision to betray his boss disgusted Crow, but he would need to use the man’s knowledge to pull the arson off with minimal complications. He pulled a small mouthpiece closer to his lips. “Jackie, come in. I need you to disable the security systems. This defector says the code is, wha? 7... 2...” “7256!” the man exclaimed, a little too enthusiastically. “7256,” Crow repeated with a suppressed tone of annoyance, “Maddi, you are clear for siege.” A powerful roar echoed across the blocks as the defenses for the boss’ lush apartment came down. The machineguns drooped to the side uselessly, and the air defense barriers fell. The posh and pampered fruit trees growing in his garden shivered in the cold wind, their fragile leaves beginning to disconnect from the weak branches. But the worst was still yet to come. With a mighty roar, an emerald scaled dragon soared over the property, beating its powerful wings to come to a stop, hovering right above it. Taking in a deep gulp, the dragon sucked the trees bare of their leaves, before unleashing a powerful torrent of fire upon the house. Everything burnt. Everything was aflame. Everything that the boss had built through child slavery was destroyed in mere minutes. And Medicus reveled in the destruction that she had created. In Veelos, she was a princess. But here, she could be a queen. When the police arrived, there were no signs of the green dragon, or the crow-like man. Senator Harry Igneous inspected the burnt remains personally. “Dispose of the remains. No survivors. Case closed,” he said with much disappointment, although the keen eye could tell that it was rather forced.
  5. The second meeting was arranged in a much less hostile environment. In the North district of Mezthaluen, the godfather owned a small penthouse on a plot that stretched about 2 and a half acres. There, she invited her guest, Senator Harry Igneous, to have tea. “What have we come to discuss today?” the now willing Senator inquired with a much more open mind than before. Ever since he had signed his allegiance to the mafia, he had his secret police completely replaced with top tier hitmen and fighters from Medicus’ ranks of gangsters. Several assassinations had also been performed on most of his rivals. Power was now securely in his hand. And he reveled in it. “If it was something simple that didn’t require you to go down and dirty, I would have done it personally,” Medicus took out a piece of paper and slid it across the table. “These are a few of the requests that I’d like to have passed. I hear you have power over these things as a senator.” Harry adjusted his glasses as he observed the strange parchment. 1. Remmington Gorr is not to be allowed to enter Mezthaluen. She is to be brought in upon trespassing into the borders of the state, dead or alive. 2. Full access to the Mezthaluen docks, and to import and export goods without penalty. 3. Full access to the Compression Alloy mines. 4. Liscence to harvest raw materials from river properties. “Consider it done, Aunt Maddi,” he nodded, before tipping his hat and leaving just as quickly as he had arrived. The godfather valued efficiency, selflessness, and loyalty. And the senator was the kind of man she needed to do her dirty work.
  6. It was easy to spot the group from afar. In their bid to appear mysterious, they had dressed in much too concealing attire. “I count seven,” Eric whispered. Surely they could have tried at least to some extent to avoid attracting attention, but this was just over the top. But indeed, the shady tavern was no place for a senator. The group of seven, clad full body in overcoats and fedoras, with a pair of sunglasses to conceal their eyes, made their way to the door. The frontmost two moved aside, and their formation parted. The man standing in the absolute middle came to the man guarding the door of the tavern. “I’m here to meet the Godfather,” the man removed his sunglasses and took his hat off, revealing himself to be Senator Harry Igneous. “You’re expected. Follow me,” the man said, leading the seven into the tavern. Armed men sat at the bar taking shots, and several sat at the couch eyeing the senator cautiously. The tavern was unusually quiet. “In here,” the man directed the group into a room. There was a small table in the middle, and at the other end, there sat a woman donning an emerald colored dress, a green necklace hanging from her neck, each chink in the chain embedded with a piece of precious stone. A dark skinned man watched the outside through a window, like a scout of some sort. “Eric,” the green clad woman purred ever so softly, beckoning to him with her hand. ”Yes, Mistress?” he turned away from the window and knelt down, kissing her extended palm. “I wish to speak to our guest in private,” she turned ever so slightly to the Senator, daring him to look into her eyes. There was an awkward pause. The dark skinned man eyed the other six who had followed the senator in. His eyes passed over the several guns that sat holstered on each man. These were the elite private guard of the senator. “Yes Mistress,” he whimpered ever so softly and left the room without another word. “Sit, Senator Igneous,” she turned fully to him as the door tapped softly against its hinges. He sat. “Rather strange that a Senator has its own secret police,” she gestured to men standing behind him, “By the way, isn’t it against the law?” “You have a Veelosian accent Miss,” the senator pointed out, in an attempt to dodge the question. “Aah, Yes. Then you must know who I am,” a sly grin edged itself across her face. “Unfortunately I do,” he folded his arms, “And according to word of your father, you are an extremely talented individual.” She shrugged. “You and your bunch are a very powerful and influential group. I respect people like you. However, you are an organisation working against the law,” he paused as she took a casual sip from the glass sitting next to her, “an organisation working against the law. I have an offer. You and your petty gang join the ranks of my secret police, and we can all live together harmoniously.” She cackled at his offer. He laughed as well, albeit with a suppressed look of confusion. “You can’t be serious now? You want me and my ‘petty gang’ to join your... Secret police,” she chewed on her lip, evaluating each man in the room. “How about a counteroffer,” she pushed a small drive towards him. “This drive contains everything you just said in the last five minutes. If you agree to serve the godfather, as in me, I have a few things to offer you. Firstly, I won’t leak this audio recording to the public and fuck up your public image. Secondly, you get to leave this place alive-” Upon making that statement, all six men immediately drew their guns and pointed them at the woman. “Now now, calm down gentlemen. I would like to point out a few flaws in your plan,” she remarked ever so nonchalantly. “I am a dragon, so your bullets probably won’t do shit to me,” she began to stand up, “All those men outside are my goons. Even if you do shoot me down, you ain’t leaving this building alive. And even if that isn’t enough, if my father finds out that a man killed his baby girl, he will come down personally into here with an army just to execute that one man.” She took one last long glare at the senator, “This is your only warning. Weapons down.” The Senator was stunned. He looked to his men. “Put your weapons down,” he whispered. They holstered their pistols and slung their rifles over their backs. “Excellent, let’s resume our discussion,” she sat back down. The senator was confused, almost fearful. But the woman did not want a fearful servant. She wanted a loyal one. “Come Senator, look here, what do you see?” she slid a holographic screen over to him. He took the screen and looked in it. “This is the house of... Darryl Stone?” he looked at her with a confused look. “Darryl Stone has opposed you ever since you joined the senate. However he’s never had the power to oust you out of it. But Everyday, he’s garnering more and more support from the common people. Soon he will become influential enough to take you down. But not if he doesn’t live to see that day,” she paused and grinned once again, “My most feared and skilful assassin is sitting from where the camera is. He has a clear view of your rival’s home. He’s armed with a sniper rifle with only a single bullet in the chamber.” On the projected image, a man walked to the window and sat next to it, grabbing a book from a shelf and began reading. “There he is Senator Igneous,” she purred, “All prime and juicy and in his youth. Would be quite a shame if he lived up to his full potential and took you off the council.” “Kill him,” the senator spat out bitterly. “No senator, swear your allegiance to the Godfather,” she stuck her palm out to him. The men around him backed off. “Swear your allegiance, and I promise that the family will protect you, as Long as you protect the family.” The Senator took the woman’s hands with shaky palms. He trembled for a moment, before bowing his head. “I swear my allegiance to you, Medicus Gorr, Daughter of Governor Gorr of Veelos,” he kissed the top of her palm. “Crow?” she whispered through a small microphone that sat unnoticed on her neck throughout the conversation. “Yeah boss?” a rough voice came in through the speakers. It was husky, and deep, like that of an orc. “You are clear to execute the target,” Medicus affirmed. There was no sound. On the holographic image, the man at the window suddenly slumped over and fell off his chair. “It is done Senator, welcome to the family,” Medicus stood up and patted him on the shoulder. As she stood, her blonde curls unfurled and rolled out like a ball of yarn. “Be a dear Senator. Call me Aunt Maddi,” she winked as she left the room. The Senator got up, pulling the door open, but when he looked around, everyone had vanished, even the bar attendant. He ran out of the room, out of the tavern, onto the busy streets of Mezthaluen. There was no sign of the Godfather, or her lackeys. All he knew was that he had just signed a powerful ally, whilst possibly making some very dangerous enemies. And whether that would lead to his rise or downfall, he would pray for that very night, and every night after.
  7. I’ve returned from the dead, and not by any necromantic means x.x My deepest apologies for vanishing, I’ve a thread made to sum up the reasons for it, but in short, I had school stuff >.< But now I’m back, and I’ll wait a lil more til posting, because I’m still a little lost as to what’s going on xD
  8. Not much I have to say really >.< Apologies for my sudden disappearance, and even an apology is barely enough to credit me bailing out mysteriously of all those threads I was in. Especially sorry @Tia Dalma. I hope the pirate thing didn’t crash. But nonetheless, I’m back from a painful gauntlet of tests, and have finally graduated from highschool. I’m really glad to be back with the Valucre family, if you guys are still willing to accept me once again :( Also, let’s all take a moment to pay respects to Robbie, who still appears to be dead after a good 6 months. Do expect me to crop up in the water cooler pretty often. And lastly, happy roleplaying! :)
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