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  1. MrDoubleSunday

    Looking for a Study Buddy!

    Threads been made fam.
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    Looking for a Study Buddy!

    I'll wait a bit.
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    Taen HQ

    Events you say?!?!?!?
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    Looking for a Study Buddy!

    Actually, in hind sight, I should probably use Koh to be honest.
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    Looking for a Study Buddy!

    Sounds like a plan. Two headed Ogre on the waaaay.
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    Looking for a Study Buddy!

    I would kinda like to bring a character of mine into this, but it's an ogre. I've been trying to get them to learn magic, english, etc etc and hopefully bring them into the fold of society. I understand if you say no, though.
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    Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    I need to make my return in, bada da da da dum STYLE. @cloakedHackerYou down for some overly stereotypical scorpion tits vs shapeshifting criminal action?
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    Taen HQ

    What if the immunity is to site rules, though? Which one wins?
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    GENERAL INFO Full name: - Koh Flanagan Alias/Nicknames: - Gender: - Male Species/Race: – Human/Caucasian-Asian Age: - 27 Current Residence: - Nomadic Job/Profession: - Freelance Beggar Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral Title: - N/A Relationship status: - Single Height: - 5'8 172.7 cm Weight: - 120 lbs 54.4 kg 8.5 stone Build: - Toned Eye Color: - Green Hair Color: - Black Handedness: - Right Skin Shade/Color: - White Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - None Description: – MENTALITY Sexuality/Preference: - Heterosexual Sanity: - Sane(Ish?) Friends: - None Likes: - Booze, moist cake, napping, fighting/brawling, more booze, socializing, listening to/telling stories, riding animals, just a metric fuck ton of booze, meat, partying, dancing, loudness/obnoxiousness, jokes, passing out, waking up, taverns, music, children, fluffy things Dislikes: - Final call, sobriety, being cut off, some vegetables, coffee, armor, overly obvious evil ("I am xarthar and I am going to kill all of these puppies, har har har!"), overly obvious good ("I am xanthan and I am going to baptise these orphans and open an orphanage, har har har!"), Automated transportation (Cars and what not), having to walk, long times awake, government/royalty Hobbies: - Drinking, sleeping, traveling, and martial arts Personality: - Koh is not a complicated man in his basic nature, with a love for partying, fighting, and all around having a good time in some form or another. The issue arises, however, from his love of being drunk. Be it vomiting in the back alley while an elf steals his money/clothes, fighting off a group of bandits while barely able to see straight, or in the bar having a drink off with something big, ugly, and plenty full of itself, Koh often finds himself in trouble. Additionally, he is often quite forgetful, getting into plenty of fights from saying something and then immediately forgetting when someone repeats it to him. Even while drunk, however, he is quite a competent person to travel with as an adventurer, if the idea so strikes his fancy or if people are willing to travel with him. He has been known to hold a large dislike for people of power, ranging from the night guard all the way up to kings and even some gods. EQUIPMENT Weapons: – Improvised Attire: – Soft footed shoes, satin pants, hooded cape Accessories: – Flask holster on the right thigh, 4 flask belt holster Miscellaneous: – Ankle Socks FIGHTING STYLE(S) Hand-to-Hand: – Drunken Fist Special Abilities/Affinities: – Drunken Fighting Though quite a capable fighter even while sober, his capability to fight gets significantly better while intoxicated. Strength Due to years of studying martial arts and exercise, Koh's strength is nothing to scoff at. While nothing like that of a strongman or the likes, he's able to carry 200 lbs for an extended period of time and strike with enough force to break most bones Drunken Strength While drunk Koh's striking strength is drastically increased, to the point that being struck by him can crack or even break weaker metals (Iron, for example), and bend some stronger ones (Steel.). Uncanny Dodge Though only applicable while drunk, Koh becomes able to dodge things that he seemingly should not be able to, such as an arrow with no knowledge of it, or a masterful ambush attack. Acrobatics Whether drunk or sober, Koh is capable of some impressive feats of acrobatics, capable of doing a flip from an unstable standing position, such as balancing on the corner of the table that was balanced on one leg. While drunk, these feats become more impressive. Durable Though not as impressive as some, his body is quite durable. After years of practice and training, his muscles are akin to rock, and his skins strength is as about like leather. His pain tolerance is also quite high, capable of ignoring semi severe wounds, such as shattered bones or organ damage. Drunken Durability While drunk his durability goes up drastically, ignoring pain in all cases except for severe wounds/amputations. Quick He's quick on his feet the fuck you want from me? Quick/Prolonged Intoxication Due to his very frequent drinking habits, it's very easy for him to get drunk and for it to last longer than one would hope/expect. This also grants him a semi high resistance to poisonings and overdoses, such as alcohol poisoning. HISTORY The history of Koh is not a complex one at very many points, or indeed is it one that is very long or interesting, with much of his time spent in bars. Though he has plenty of stories to tell, his history to bring him to being a drunken slob is not that interesting. When he was young, he began the life of learning to become a martial artist and a monk. Though the physical part of it he learned easily enough, he struggled with the spiritual and selfless parts. It wasn't long before he was cast out of the brotherhood for various things, among which were sleeping with the young ladies of the town and hoarding things in places he thought they wouldn't be found. What really changed his life, however, was when he first tried booze. It was love at first taste, and an addiction that formed worse than any drug. The rest is history.
  10. I may be making my return to Valucre, but I am uncertain! Will keep everyone posted.

  11. Unfortunately, I must withdraw the character. As is I can hardly find the time to get on, and do not want to take up a spot that someone else could use.
  12. @PrestississimoSorry, I only just got back on Val after a prolonged hiatus due to work. Hopefully I can get involved more.
  13. MrDoubleSunday

    Tia [civil war]

    The soonest I could probably post is saturday or sunday due to my new work schedule.
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    Taen HQ

    Lol, sorry
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    No their faces when they do it is terrifying. Like, they LOOK LIKE MURDEROUS RAPISTS.