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  1. A Simple Supernatural Investigator...

    Julius rubbed at his temple, finding it hard to concentrate on his book with his head spinning. He could feel his body aching with the need for sleep, but he pushed it off once again. He was pinching the bridge of his nose when Lilly entered with his drink. A relieved smile of sorts traced over the pale boy's lips as he took the cup from her. "Thank you, Lilly," he said before taking a long drink from the mug. His restlessness showed in his eyes. No under eye coverage was going to fix those bags under his eyes. He hated sleep. He always felt so restless. Not to mention the fact he would sometimes drift into the astral plane when he was trying to sleep. Being so highly attuned to the other plan was such a pain in the ass. He constantly had to realign himself with this realm and keep his body chained within the physical realm or life got so much harder. The particular tome he was reading was one of many tomes of The Encylopedia of the Occult. There were almost 30 books in this collection alone, each detail different types of the supernatural. Julius had spent years combing through all of them, refining every inch of the books within the files of his brain in order to remember each and every creature, dare he ever come upon one. These books had been in his family for generations and were even lost at one time. They were recovered by his great uncle and kept safe until the time had come to pass them down unto him. Much of his youth he spent within these pages, and they had done him justice more than a few times. If it weren't for these books, he was certain he wouldn't have made it with the loss of his uncle. The draconic feline thumped down from her perch to pad across the floor towards her bowl of addiction. She happily lapped at the contents, flicking her tail in a swooshing motion. "It's your own fault she's such a firebug. She gets restless when you give her coffee...Besides, it gives you something to do," Julius pointed out with a quirk of his brow. Getting to her second point, he sighed and shook his head. "I have a feeling it might be hiding in that forest. Locals seem to stay away from it and from my walks, I can sense a high concentration of magic from that area... I'll check it out later on tomorrow morning. Once I figure out what it is I can pin down exactly how to deal with it. It certainly knows I'm here... Otherwise it wouldn't be so difficult to find. I wish it would stay in once place damn it..." he grumbled grouchily, sipping again from his beverage.
  2. The Fates that Bind

    "Hn, good quality hm?" the lad repeated as he inspected the axe then let out an obviously discouraged sigh. "Maybe if your foes were still living... Steel's as good as a snapped walking stick right now. You might as well be throwing rocks at them. It won't do anything to these guys. We need something that's made of iron... I don't have much for you melee wise, but if Ed manages to find a fire poker or something, that would be more useful than your material-bound butterknives there," he gestured to Adrian's sword and Ira's axe. Julius began to stride towards the table where he laid out the items before, picking up the shotgun and a sack filled with strange, handcrafted rounds. "I Do however have These," he said as he tossed them over to Ira. "These rounds are filled with purifying crystals, they should eradicate them for a time, but they can form back. Iron and holy water is the only true way to harm them," he explained as he snatched up several tiny pouches of salt and vials of slightly illuminated water and placed a few into the palms of each of the three members before him. He reached into his pocket inside of his coat and pulled out a bit of rosemary, walking over to a candle and lighting the tip of it. As the plant burned into a small tray, he rubbed his thumb over his lips in thought. "I could make some makeshift bolts from some iron nails... Silver necklaces...--Silver!" He turned back to his briefcase and took out a wicked looking silver dagger. "It's not exactly a sword, but it'll keep you alive."
  3. A Simple Supernatural Investigator...

    The lad climbed up a small bit of stairs into a 3-way hallway and turned to the right into an open walled living room with a medium sized bow and bay window, curtains surprisingly open. To the left of the room was the kitchen Lillyann was in, and there in the middle of the rooms lay a cat. Or...what looked similar to a cat. The cat's fur was riddled with sets of scales along its spined back and wrapping around the sides its paws giving her a suit of armor look with a fluffy lower half. Her wings wrapped around her back, flush against her sides as she lounged on the floor, her long sweeping tail also scaled at the top with a fluffy bottom and a tuff of fur at the tip like that of a lion. The cat was massive for a house-cat, and had large paws that sport sharp, dangerous talons. But the most striking feature of the creature was the crest formed in the forehead of the creature naturally forming a rune of protection. It cared about as much as Julius when it came to being in Lillyann's way, giving a toothy yawn before nestling back down on the wooden floors. "Strong," he replied curtly. Julius seemed to care little of the mess of books cluttering the tables and making their way stacked on the floor. He was far too tired to care. He'd been tracking through every inch of this town trying to pin point the point of interest this disruption was coming from and was having one hell of a time with it. He made his way across a large, open living room into another room on the far right with a map on a large wooden table. He picked up a marker and drew a huge "x" through the circled area of the city's map. With obvious frustration he ruffled his hair and glared at the city map. After a moment of contemplation, he circled the forest he sensed a presence from before and tossed the marker back down to the table. After shuffling through a few notes and making some new scribbles of his own, he ran his fingers through his hair and pushed out from his chair to wander back through the living room, into the hallways and up the stairs through the center hallway, followed suit by his cat. Opening one of the doors, he pushed through to what looked to be another study, though this one had a pulled down bed integrated into the wall, or what could constitute as a bed piled underneath more tomes and what looked to be shot guns and various trinkets.... He really needed to clean. Another drained sigh left his lips as he picked up a fairly aged looking book and flipped open to his page, settling down inside of a chair pushed in the corner, kicking off his shoes, and slouching deep into the chair, bundled up in his blanket. So help anything that pestered him today....besides the cat which curled up above him on a shelf.
  4. A Simple Supernatural Investigator...

    Julius seemed to retain his usual demeanor once more, gathering himself collectively. His hands returned to clasp over the pommel of his cane, watching the boy pack up in his frenzy. His head nodded towards Izen as he bowed, returning his respectful goodbye. "It is possible... I doubt those brutes will be bothering you again any time soon," he replied. "At least not until that charm wears off..." he added under his breath. "What a dunce..." He thought to himself as he cast a leer at the department boy. His white orbs trailed to the hysterical girl beside him with a curious quirk of he brow. Was the sight truly that amusing? He found it rather saddening himself. "...I hate dogs," he sharply snipped. He let out a sigh and set out on his walk home once more. He had those tomes to get to if he were to finish them before the day's end. He motioned for the spectral girl to follow him. "If you're finished laughing yourself into a second death, we should be on our way, Lillyann," he replied coldly, the tired state of his body appearing clear in his tone. The boy was quite strange, he would give her that. Not many ogled quite like that young man did, or at least, not by any positive mannerism. Julius was a bit perplexed. Just how was it that he knew so much about the cane? He knew better than to assume he recognized only a few of the symbols, which could only mean he was likely a scholar of sorts of the ethereal plane or at the very least spirits. Perhaps they would meet again... Though call it a suspicion, he assumed he was more of a fan of the supernatural than a true scholar. He only prayed the boy wasn't as dense with dealing with the undead as he was with dealing with the living. He didn't need any further tedious work, such as saving him from snooping on one of his cases, on his plate. His cane tapped on the ground with each new step he took. The village still quite bustling with people in the streets and markets, and he was very much ready to seclude himself inside of his humble abode. Climbing up a set of stairs, he produced his key and unlocked the small home, stepping inside with a heavy sigh. He felt very drained, pinching his nose with his fingers as he shrugged off his coat and kicked the door closed behind him. He could not wait to curl up with Lillyann's coffee and a book in his favorite reading corner and spend the rest of the night. Hanging his coat, he began trudging his way towards his study, rubbing at his neck and folding up his sleeves more comfortably.
  5. The Fates that Bind

    It wasn't the sudden tremor that caught him off guard, nor the icy looks from the tavern, but the cold breath that chilled his lips. Now? It was more sudden than he expected. His eyes scanned the bar who did he have? There were a few patrons in the bar, the two from before (now drunk beyond use he wagered), and the lass who always chat with the bartender. NOT what he hoped for, but it would have to do. He immediately stood and grabbed his cane instinctively. His vision snapped to the window, noticing the spirits begin to creep into the town. He reached down and slapped his case on the table. From within he pulled out a rather large bag of salt. It was just as he began digging around he noticed the woman flee from the tavern. "No you idiot! What do you plan to do against them!? Lights damned it--" He threw the bag at the bartender and snapped, "If you want this place still standing by the end of this you'll do as I say. Cover all the windows and doors in this building. Don't leave a single one unsalted. No matter what happens, Do Not break that line of salt. The safety of everyone in this building depends on it." With that said, he dashed for the door. Once outside, he was swarmed with the utter amount of walking spirits. Visible in their true forms to his eyes. He cringed and noticed they wield weapons. Strange... Perhaps they learned to withdraw the item's astral form...or these weapons could be cursed. Either way, it wasn't good. He quickly scanned for the girl and found her just as he was able to watch her astral form separate within the other dimension. "Oh no you fucking don't!" He spat as he took off after her. Within a few steps he was on her, and by proxy, the spirit next to her. He prepped his cane for a swift swing directly through the spirit's body, destroying it with a hazy hiss and a puff of smoke. He skid to a fault then turned, leaping up towards her. He removed his glove to reveal an unsettlingly pale hand. It was practically transparent. Then, his hand grabbed her. Yes, he grabbed her projection and threw her back down to her physical body. They landed with a firm slam to their feet on the ground, like falling from a bit of a jump. The spirits drew closer. They were losing time. He looked less than amused. "Hurry! Your gun isn't going to do a damn thing with that shit ammo," Julius growled and pulled her along with his still gloved hand, hardly giving her time to even think of what just happened. The duo raced back within the tavern where he swiftly slammed the door--which he hoped they had salted by now. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out as he strode towards his brief case. He began speaking as he rummaged around. "If Anyone else would like a one way trip Blasted into the astral dimension be my guest. The door is right over there and there are many volunteers willing to take you there to devour your souls before you even realize where you are," said the disgruntled man as he set out some strange items. "Those of you who wish to survive will do well to pay attention to what I say. These creatures are not your bed time story ghosts. They are Powerful, Vengeful spirits who will cut you down and use your soul as a tasty snack without so much as a blink of morality. Likely here for the same reason you are. Greed." He finished off his sentence with a cock of a shotgun before setting it down on the table. His eyes fell on a girl, terrified in the corner of the room. He hesitated and the irritation seemed to leave from his voice a bit. He went back to preparing things, setting bottles up and small sacks. "Don't worry. This town will be safe as long as everything goes according to plan. I'm a supernatural hunter. I specialize in spirits and the beyond." Julius calmly walked to the center of the tavern. Taking his cane in hand, he struck the ground with a firm strike, shooting bursts of light through the floor boards to each of the corners of the building. The outside flashed with a brilliant light. The spirits trailing on their heels must have gotten too close to his wards. He didn't even bother to look behind him as anything that tried to cross the barrier was erradicated, their swords and weapons dropping with a clank. The spirits paused as several other places within the shanty town began to glow with bubbles of light. Loud hisses and clanks of metal could be heard as the mass cleansing began and Julius' hard work began to pay off. Julius crossed the room and cleared out a section on the table. "I need anyone willing to fight to line their weapons up here so that I may inspect them. Ed, I need round up any salt and iron you can find. Can I trust you to do this? You there, Archer. What are your bolts made of? You, Tin-can, what is your sword made of? Miss, take these, they work much better than those will," he dumped a handful of specially crafted bullets into the hands of Quin. A patron spoke up with obvious confusion in his voice. "Wait-wait-wait... We're just going to let this KID boss US around!? Just Who are you anyways?" Julius blinked with a bit of confusion himself. "Ah... I suppose I didn't mention my name. I am Julius. The 19 year old who is saving your lives," he smirked with a little bit of pride.
  6. The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

    Alimar blinked, wiggling his ears a bit as he listened. When nothing came of it he shrugged and dug inside of his bag. He pulled out a little bottle and poured out a salve of some sort. He rubbed it all over his skin, rubbing it on his cheeks, arms, legs, anywhere exposed. When finished, he finished getting dressed and tugged on his boots. Emerging from the little enclosement, he slowly poked his head out to see the two peaceful laying around. A brow arched from the young elf. Weren't they just freaking out about the elves? Just then, something hit him. Other creatures didn't meditate like him, so he read. Did that mean humans mediate? He pursed his lips, obviously stumped. He crept closer, he wasn't sure if he was invisible or not anymore but he was quiet anyway. He squat down next to her and watched her as she dozed. His hand slowly waved in front of her face. She...didn't respond. Confused, he looked back at Sir... Who was making some sort of loud noise. That...was normal, yes? He wasn't sure. Alimar crossed his arms and tilt his head to the side. They should probably head out soon. The elves would come eventually, sticking around this little area where their trail lead to wasn't the greatest idea. But without his magic or Roshia, they were stuck walking on foot. Without any supervision, he was left to do whatever he wished. His soft foot falls slipped across back towards the tent, where he grabbed his things and began his hike up into the waterfall's top. He spot a shady tree with a nice view up above and her meditation might take a while. He at least wanted to get an idea of where he was and where they should go now. His head still hurts and his body felt drained. They probably wouldn't get too far without mounts today... Perhaps he should call Roshia after all.
  7. K-Drama: Cyberpunk edition

    She was correct about that. He couldn't understand what she was going on about. He was just a boring cripple. He wasn't even that smart. His brother was the real smart one, he wanted to be a neurologist and this school brought him that much closer to it. He was glad that he was able to get into such a great university with the partnership they got, and a full ride at that. He just couldn't believe it. It seemed too good to be true, but here he stood--well not stood, figuratively he supposed. He snapped out of his thoughts as she introduced herself. "Ah, my name is--well, I suppose you already knew my name from my card, but it's Kayleb. Kayleb Chuu. I live here in the dorms with my brother, Gabe. Are you...finishing up moving in?" he asked, gesturing to her box.
  8. The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

    After finishing washing his clothes, setting them out to dry, and bathing, Alimar walked across the rocks to a peaceful little area where the water trickled down just gentle enough to stand under for long periods of time. He calmly folded his legs and settled down within the water's strong embrace. The elf stayed like this for quite some time, attempting to continue meditating and reflecting upon what just happened. Zafira's song waft in the distance and calmed his aching muscles. He wondered how long it would be before she realized no one was going to be coming for some time. Perhaps another hour or so passed before the elf stirred from his meditation and rose from the water. His head felt much better and his muscles obeyed him much better now. He sighed and rolled all of his joints, popping them back into place before heading out towards his clothes. It seemed they were still wet. Not surprising, he guessed. He wasn't quite sure how long he was "out". He walked towards his bag and dug around for a moment, a shiver from the cold air hit him and he quickly found a second set of clothing. It was very similar to his first. It seemed most of the elves' attire--or at least this one's did not like to cover much of their torso. The brown top left an open chest with a large V going down to his mid torso. It was sleeveless with stitching on the sides, making the top very complimenting to his body. The almost black bottoms were a bit baggier and were tied up with some scarves and sashes. He still wore his bags and belts, but his shoes--accidentally wet--changed to something similar to a tall hiking boot. He soon got to work, pulling the clothing over himself to stave off the cold. He at least got his pants covering all bases before he heard a rustling in the near bushes, perking his ears.
  9. K-Drama: Cyberpunk edition

    Kayleb looked back with confusion. It was that girl from earlier. He blinked and turned his chair around to face her. Eyeing the card, his brilliant blue eyes lit with excitement as he snatched it from her hands. "Ooooooh my God thank you," he said with the biggest sigh of relief he could manage through his mask. He hugged the key to his chest and listened as she went on. He furrowed his brows with confusion. The key only worked with his finger print. It wouldn't open any doors otherwise. He looked over the card then back to her. "Why would you need to borrow it...? This card isn't exactly useful to anyone unless I'm having an attack," he asked, rather confused about the whole situation. She wanted to know more about him? He was interesting? Perhaps she wanted to know why he was in a chair. That's probably what she meant. He doubt she knew him from anywhere, or at least he couldn't remember ever seeing her. She seemed very awkward. He could relate to that. "D-don't worry about bumping into me, it happens. Not exactly very tall in this thing." He gave an obvious gesture to his chair. He didn't seem disfigured. In fact, he appeared very normal besides the mask that muffled his words a bit. Although his legs seemed very still and dead. If one were to ask him, he would reply they felt like they went to sleep and never woke back up.
  10. The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

    He could tell that she wanted to ask questions, but just as her mouth opened to ask one, Sir returned with barking mad syndrome, each one feeling like a drum in his ear. He stated trying to get up before he quickly sat his elven ass back down with a wince. Ooooo were his muscles tight. The albino took a deep breath before relaxing back in his seat. He was relieved to hear Roshia wouldn't be notified and visibly relaxed more. "Thank you..." he replied. He watched the two bicker back and forth a bit before she turned to talk to him. "Well, you see, they are my parents. So, they don't exactly want me to die an avoidable death--let alone leave the village. It isn't that they don't care about me--it's just...having a child who is of my state well...would.." he trailed off as Sir seemed to remember something very important. "What? Why? I ran for hours--we shouldn't be anywhere near--" he was swiftly ignored and stuffed away inside of the make shift tent. Aaaaaaaaand he was being ignored. "I'm telling you they aren't that close--they can't be, they're only on horseback and the golem's stride--" he shut up as her finger touched his forehead, turning his pointy ears red. It was at that moment...Alimar knew, nothing he was saying was getting through. Well this was a strange feeling to say the least. He could see...his hand in front of him fine. He didn't feel any different, but he could tell by the silvery glowing aura around him that he was no longer...visible? At least that's what he gathered as she whispered magic words to him. He let a soft sigh escape his lips. This seemed like it would take a while. He felt gross. Not because of the magic, but because he was covered in sweat, a bit of blood, and well, bits of plant life were in places it probably shouldn't be. All and all, he needed a bath...and since he was the king of not getting caught AND invisible right now....it wasn't long before he eventually made his way out of the tent. After gaining access to outside the tent, he shade his face from the sun and shrugged a little bag over his shoulder. Trekking his way over towards the water falls, he made his way within a small cove, just out of sight of the duo. His muscles were killing him. The rushing water from the falls were exactly what he needed. He should probably wash his clothes too... And so began the process of him slowly stripping his clothes. He first scrubbed them at the base of the falls. It didn't take long really and soon they were laying out on the rock beside the waterfall, a few rocks up. And so the invisible elf enjoyed a pleasant shower in the falls. He even brought his own soap. He ran his fingers through his white coloured locks and closed his eyes, sighing as the water pounded his sore shoulders. He couldn't hear a damn thing, but he didn't really care. All he cared about was the painful sensation in body leaving as it was massaged out of his body by the roaring waters. The bubbles ran over his shoulders and pecs down his lightly freckled torso and down through the water, sending little bubbles floating along down. Surprisingly, the male wasn't as scrawny as most would imagine an elf. He was lean, but he wasn't bulky by any means of the word but still toned just enough to see the definition.
  11. The Fates that Bind

    Just as fast the feeling was gone. He took another long drag, watching the long flames lick up the sides of the small hole. Memories danced in his pearl eyes, which he quickly stashed away. He'd burned many bodies before. Some more pleasantly than others. He blew out a large cloud of smoke and stared up at the sky, watching the two clouds intertwine. The smell of burning flesh was awful, and he kept his distance as to not get the smell on him. He would shower anyways, but it never hurt to have caution. After the bodies had been consumed, he filled the hole again. He walked casually towards the keeper and nod towards him. The keeper seemed to be the only one who never looked too strangely at him. Him and maybe Maddie. She was a simple, curious gal, nice and friendly. He liked her, but not in that manner of the word. It wasn't as though he was sweet on her, but she was nice to him, and that was rare. He would try his best to see no harm came to her. He could only hope she would listen to him whenever he gave her the trinket in his pocket, wrapped in a small napkin. He was... bad at talking to people in a casual sense. He could talk his way out of near any situation, but when it came to talk about normal things he just froze up. Julius wiped his forehead with a cloth and carefully made his way back to the tavern, rehearsing his lines in his head. Perhaps he would be stepping out of line. Was it strange to give someone something to protect themselves with? Would she even take the gift seriously? Normally he kept his distance from people, and for good reason, but it seemed like such a shame for something to happen to someone so...full of light and happiness. Or maybe she was putting up a front for him. He was just a customer,and she was trying to make a living. What did he know. He sighed softly and looked up to the darkened sky just outside the tavern. It might rain soon... He knew better though. He had seen the increase of spirits around the town and heard the whispers of the fallen. This town was to be attacked soon, and he would need to be prepared to defend it. What he didn't know was who was behind it and just how many. He'd stocked up on supplies and traps, leaving small hidden wards around the town to dispel any evil magics attempting to bring harm to those inside the buildings and ward away malevolent spirits. The town was small, so he had enough supplies, set up everything within a day or two. What he couldn't understand was why this place drew so many shady people. Greed he supposed. It was a good fuel for both those dead and alive to cause trouble with. Julius quietly reentered the bar and took his seat at his usual table. He laid out a hand drawn map, hoping to distract himself by studying the town below more to find the source. He had a strong guess it had to do this hidden treasures but he needed to find the source to shut it down.
  12. The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

    He laughed softly. For some reason it felt like Zafira was wishing that tea was turning into wine as she poured it with the heavy stuff he laid down there. He gratefully drank more. "It wasn't a bad life. Everyone was very nice to me, and growing up I got anything I could ever ask for. I remember asking for an entire encyclopedia set on herbs--and by the next day I was on the second volume. I--" he realized she was giving him the strangest look. He smiled coyly. "I'm a fast reader... My room filled with so many books they had to get me my own library, where I spent most of my times." He laughed at her words. "This is true, books only contain the words and emotions of people. I cannot fully make their knowledge my own unless I experience what they have. Infact, because of this, I had tutors from all around the world come and teach me whatever I could think of. Music, art, history, languages, combat--I was very spoiled. But... In exchange, I wasn't even made publicly announced, and I would never be able to take over my family name." He gripped his cup sadly. He watched her silliness and cheered up a bit. He chuckled and took a deep breath, looking up to her with a crooked grin. "Do you truly want the answer to that or were you asking to be nice? If the latter, fret not. I've had a long time to think about this. It's what I want. Don't worry though, elves have much longer lives than mortals. If anything, I will probably live as long as one of you Shelmen--humans I mean. Sorry...habit."
  13. K-Drama: Cyberpunk edition

    Kayleb sighed and began his trip back towards the elevator. However, he was interrupted by a girl with a box. He hardly had time to throw on his breaks before she bumped into him. He looked up and saw her face. She was a very pretty girl. He hadn't hadn't her around before, not surprising. He only got out for school and short trips with his brother. His heart seemed to pound out of his chest from the start of being ran into. Reasonable enough he guessed, she was carrying something. Maybe she didn't see him. The halls were pretty spacious though... when he opened his mouth to say something she suddenly seemed like she saw a ghost and bolted screaming an apology. He was very confused... The card looked very boring. A regular white and blue card with his picture. But was awkwardly large, larger than an index card even. It contained medical information it about how to treat him should he have one of his fits, emergency numbers, his address, the university logo with a circle around it, and the coded panel. There was little she could pull from the card. Any attempts to further research his "financial assistant" pulled up with an error. Any normal means of research didn't pull up so much as a wiki of the organization. There were several lines of blacked out boxes of information. The only lines that were clear were simple information about him. Eye color, hair, height, weight, and a note about his physical health of his struggle with walking. He was to be given access to the side ramps on the buildings and handicap areas due to his inability to use his legs. His parent's information was also blanked out. The only tab of interesting information was: "Due to unfortunate circumstances XXXXXXX will be providing Mr. Chuu and his brother with a full ride to Universal Technology University" and one other interesting bit. It looks as though the university was looking for an assistant to help the lad get around the campus due to a problem with his lungs. He slowly began his trek towards the elevator once more. He knew he had it at the door, it had to be in the building. He would just...calmly retrace his steps and everything would be fine. He hoped. The male looked pretty devastated at the loss of his key.
  14. The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

    Ah yes...that was it. Nausea. He relaxed against the debris of the silent golem. He could feel the lack of warmth behind him and it filled him with a sense of dread. His lips curled into a frown, but he ignored it. She laughed at his comment and he looked at her with confusion. Is that what happened? He stared into his mug with a half hearted smile. "Y-yeah, sorry. I don't remember much after you left. It is hazy. I remember the knights showing up and then..." he closed his eyes and shook his head. "It....it is dead... is it not," he asked rhetorically. He knew the answer. He didn't need to really ask. He could feel it, the lack of life in the tree behind them. He held his cup in his hand and took a long slow drink. This wasn't the first time this had happened. Any time he used his power in excess it would lead to things like this. At word of Roshia he pulled in his legs. He would be furious with him as usual. He cracked a small smile at her teasing. "Yes...I'll tell you. Just give me a moment." he slowly looked next to him and placed his hand on the tree, regret painted over his features. He gave a quiet sigh before pulling away from the tree. "Right... Well. The short story is I ran away from home. The long story is that I come from a village of elves that distrust shemlen--humans I believe in your tongue. We normally never leave our city unless it is dire. Even then, it is only to reach out to other elf societies. I come from a...well important family, but because of my skin defect I have never been allowed outside--much less outside the walls. Thiiiiis....is not the first time I've tried escaping, but it will be my last. I will not go back to that cage. I am no pet to be kept safe, never knowing the outside world. My people...are comfortable in their ignorant bliss. But I cannot stay there not knowing what is beyond those walls." His rose coloured orbs stared out through the canvas sheet. "I'm not a child. Nor am I stupid. I know fully well I will die early due to my actions, but are you truly living if you're only looking through a window in a dark room?"
  15. The Ellwood Forest by Moonlight

    The elf remained there and closed his eyes, trying to get the world to stop spinning. Or at least make the ringing stop. He hadn't had a transfer go this poor. At least, assumed that is what happened by her reaction. He tried hard to remember what happened. The elf saw his cloak snagged up in one of the branches next to him and carefully pulled it out, wrapping it around himself. For some reason, it made him feel safe. He pulled in his legs and rest his cheek on his knee as he waited for Zafira to do...whatever it was she was doing. He tried his best not to concentrate on too many things at once. His head felt like a struck gong and the vibrations were still in his ears. When she returned, she drank heavily this time. He wasn't sure what made her so thirsty, but he felt parched himself watching her drink. Luckily, he was given just that, something to drink. The smell of peppermint filled his once bloodied nose and he smiled. "Ah...peppermint. It's good for concentration... Colds and... Ah what was that other one..." he mumbled softly as she poured them their mugs. The cold cloth felt nice on his burning skin. He took the mug and looked into it for a moment before bringing it to his lips and blowing on it. He took a big drink, feeling relief like one could hardly know. Alimar loved tea, and this was quite a special brew. After a few heartbeats he had calmed down enough to properly form a sentence. " ...You didn't break your tambur did you?" he asked, of course missing the more important things. But it was the only thing that came to his fuzzy mind. He heard something about her using it again.