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  1. Who is this woman? This question already popped up in Cherry's head at least a dozen times since she started talking to her. She definitlely knew more than she let on. Did she know who Cherry was after all? It didnt't seem like she wanted to hurt her but the little girl would have to tread carefully from now on. Should she contact father? If not about the woman definitely about the shaggy man, who didn't seem to be a shaggy man anymore. No wonder she couldn't find him for so long! She doesn't have the sight yet! But if she told father he'd probably go after the man himself, since her finding him without the sight was nearly impossible. She didn't want the game to end yet, it was just getting interesting! She wanted to know more about that centuries old puzzle, though it was possible the woman was just luring her in with fairy tales. She'd keep it a secret from father for just a little bit longer. Just a bit longer couldn't hurt, at least until she figured out what the ghost woman's deal was. That reminded her, she didn't even know the woman's name. She knew Cherry's name, so wouldn't it be only proper for her to introduce herself? In any case, Cherry decided to follow her to the bathroom. She saved the scroll she was given some minutes ago, just in case. @Clair
  2. She never told this woman her name so how does she know? Could this mean she also knows who her father is? No. If she did she wouldn't have said what she did, she wouldn't have underestimated Cherry. Maybe she can read minds? This was an interesting human. Was she human? Cherry didn't know but it didn't matter anyways, she guessed she could play for a bit longer, if not play, maybe just scare her a little bit. "Don't underestimate me lady." Cherry flashed a sweet smile as she let her disguise slip and the irises disappear from her eyes, only for a moment. "That man isn't dangerous, he's just a coward running from my father. And I'm not here to kill anybody, just to play hide and seek. He's already dead anyways, even if father didn't send me after him his soul would just rot away. This is a matter of order or something like that." Could Cherry tell this woman who she was? Father never said anything about not revealing her identity, though she did lay low until now, she just assumed she should. Cherry decided to let her play but she needed to protect her mind. This level of magic was simple enough even for a child like her to pull off. She wasn't a human child after all. "I'll let you play... But! You're not allowed to ask any questions, I won't answer if you do. And you won't get to see him cry, only father will." Cherry pulled out the picture of the shaggy man and slid it over to the woman. "You know him?" @Clair
  3. Cherry noticed the woman sitting opposite of her scribbling something in her journal, but decided to pay her no mind. She seemed focused on whatever she was doing and this lady wasn't who Cherry was looking for anyways. She needed to stay sharp, as the chances were high the man father was looking for was in this tavern. "He could be disguised." He had told her, "Keep your eyes wide open." Cherry had confidence in her senses, she was to take over for father in the future after all, it would be a shame if she could not recognize the man just because he cleaned up. The woman said something to her, but Cherry was too busy taking in the sight around her to notice. The woman stared into her eyes and Cherry just stared back, not knowing what she wanted from her. She wished her sight would awaken soon. If she had the sight she'd be able to tell who this person was. "I have all the time in this world, little friend." She said. She must've thought Cherry ignored her the first time she spoke. "You do, but the shaggy mister doesn't. I have to finish the game soon or father might get mad at me for taking so long." @Clair
  4. Pitter patter, pitter patter... The rain whispered, the little girl listened. "I want you to find this man." her father said as he handed her a picture. In it was an unruly looking middle aged man. His long hair sticking out everywhere and his long beard scattered with gray hairs. Something cocky about the twitch in his mouth and the look in his eyes. "Is it his time? Why not just go get him yourself?" "His time has passed Cherry. That's why I need you to go play catch for a little bit." So the little girl set out on the road to start her fun game of Hide and Seek. Her tiny legs carrying her all over the wasteland. It was some time ago that she had heard of a peculiar tavern. Hiding in plain sight, among the ruin. At first glance it might look just like a rotting shack, but step inside and boom. Magic. "It was a fun game Mister. But no one can hide from father." The door creaked open as she pushed it. Immediately, a big smile stretched over her face. Now all she had to do was wait. She skipped over to the nearest table, her frilly dress scattering around her as she sat. A nice waitress approached her and she asked for some warm milk. If she was lucky, the game will end before bed time.
  5. @princeben07 Hey Sean!... and Benny.... Thank you very much, being this warmly welcomed by everyone makes my insides warm. This is my first RP website and both the site and you guys seem super cool. I can tell everyone's really chill and nice, and it seems like a real fun place. I definitelly plan to stick around and play with you guys ^-^
  6. Heyoo!! Thank you ^_^
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Bun! As you may have guessed I'm new here, nice to meet you all! I've been writing for many years in general, about 3 years in English but this is my first time roleplaying I guess. I can do pretty much anything though my favourite are sappy love stories (hohohoho) Writing in a big thread is kind of scary so if anyone's interested in starting something with me please do tell. Also if you have advice about writing in a big scary thread it would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to new friends and the start of my roleplaying days See you around!! ^-^
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