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  1. The Tarot Girl

    You guys can skip me this time. It will be a while before I get to post on this.
  2. Looking for partners

    I could be the evil, or good. Evil is Daerjist. Good is Benjamin. They are both in my signature.
  3. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    Perfect your in. Now I will create the OOC thread. Here is the link to the real thread: A Child's Nightmare. Here is the link to the OOC thread: A Child's Nightmare [OOC].
  4. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    This is it guys!
  5. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    Only one more person and we can get this show on the road.
  6. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    She would work perfectly.
  7. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    Both of you can join! What character are you going to use @Knighto?
  8. John Brookstein

    John Brookstein Race: Pirate Appearance: Tools: His trusty hook! Anything from a magnet to an bow and arrow. Extends from his normal hook. Here is a list of all the abilities his hook has: Magnet, bow and arrow, knife, net, flamethrower, artificial hand, grappling hook, drill, shield, and smoke bomb. The ultimate trooper. His gear does get rusted sometimes though. He has an extra side pouch filled with oil. Magic: Enhanced endurance. Basically able to punch a wall with his bare fist and not get hurt. To do this he has to eat a slimy substance found at the bottom of large caves. When he eats it, his skin turns into something that feels like metal. Age: 35 Backstory: John was born on the sea like any pirate would. He lived the normal pirate life for a few years until something happened. His parents died. John's parents died they were trying to explore a new island. A tiger was there and killed both the parents, and bit off John's hand. Then it was put down by the men on board the ship. Then John was the captain of the ship. He sailed the seas until he found himself in Valucre. He tied his boat to the dock and went on land. Then he wanted to get stronger. To match up with the people on the land. He bought a hook that would help him on his adventures. He then trained in magic that would make him endure more punches. Now he thinks he is read to take on any adventure.
  9. A Child's Nightmare [Canon Quest]

    In Doughton, Terrenus word has it that kids are doing rituals to summon demons into their homes. This is said to be why the missing child rate is so high. Find out if this is true, or what is really happening. Need at least 3 people. Here is my character: Acreanda. 120 word minimum. EDIT- This is already started. 1. HollowCipher as Dan Palmer 2. Knighto as Minda Aniet 3.
  10. Royal Resurrection

    Sounds like a good idea to me.
  11. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Acreanda was walking in the rural town of Doughton looking to sample mead, when he found a tavern. Acreanda walked in, and immediately he noticed something was off. There was only two people there. Acreanda walked into the tavern and began to talk to the bartender. "Hello, one bottle of mead please," Acreanda said trying to lighten up the mood. The bartender walked off without saying anything and began making the drink. "Heard anything around town?" Acreanda tried again. The bartender handed him his drink and walked off. Acreanda then walked to the only other person in the bar. "Have you heard anything lately?" Acreanda said, struggling to make conversation. With Acreanda's short height, the man looked like the Empire State Building. "There's been talk about ghosts around town. Just like in the children's tales." The man said with a rough voice. That was the one thing this guy chose to say. Acreanda sat down and kicked his feet up. The only reason he is staying there is because the mead is so good. He looked at the job board and saw a poster. Missing: Harper Grace. Reward: $100. I'll do anything for that much cash. Then it showed and address. I'm going to be glad to leave this place Acreanda thought. Then, Acreanda saw that the posters were everywhere. Acreanda thought he knew where that was. Time to get my cash on! Acreanda was excited.
  12. Royal Resurrection

    Would Fredrick be good for anything up there? The link is in my signature.
  13. The Tarot Girl

    On mine it just says 22 minutes ago.
  14. The Tarot Girl

    I hope it doesn't inconvenience you @Fennis Ursai but I wrote my post without wifi, and posted it when I did have wifi. That means I didn't see your post when I posted mine. I read through it and I don't think it makes any difference, but I just wanted to let you know.
  15. A One Night Plan

    Fredrick was sitting in the corner looking for people to prank. Fred might be old but he still loved to have fun. He walked over to the bartender with a concerned look on his face. At this point he realized he was the only person in the pub that wasn't drunk. "There's a murderer outside! He's on a murder spree!" The bartender ran out the door at full speed, without saying a word. Fred walked around the table, and grabbed the coin that was there. While he was at it he grabbed a drink. He walked to the corner of the pub, and took a seat. "This tastes a little sweet," Fred thought to himself. I might get a different one. The bartender was still gone oddly, but that meant he could get a drink. he walked over and grabbed another drink, but not before the bartender came through the door. "There was no murderer out there! What are you doing stealing my drinks!" The bartender said. The bartender started to run straight towards Fred the old man. As soon as the bartender was about three steps away, Fred blew a dart at the bartender. The dart hit right on target, and the bartender stopped to look at the wound. Then, with a rub of the staff, it turned yellow. The man suddenly started running around and jumping with glee. Fred grabbed a drink, and went back to his seat. "Much better," Fred thought with a sigh of relief. The bartender was back to normal a little while later. Luckily, he didn't know where Fred went. Fred then waited for another time to strike. He saw a magic display outside soon later. Flying cards were unbelievable. "Probably just some invisible wires," Fred thought as his eyes opened wider. "She looks like she's coming inside. Ill wait and talk to her then," Fred thought, relaxing a little bit.