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  1. Cool character! Would you like to start now or wait for some other people to join. (I'm fine with either one)
  2. Have you ever wanted to just roleplay a normal thing into a cool story? Here is your chance! In Blairville, crime is popping up over the streets. Come help get rid of these thugs with any means necessary! This could be an opportunity to test out any new characters you have, or you could just mess around with an old character. I will be using my new character Londeran Bilner. If you would like to join, just tell the character your using (it doesn't have to have a character sheet) and let's get this thing started!
  3. Race: Vampire Appearance: Clothing/Armor: Deeply enchanted cloth. It would take about five arrows to pierce the cloth. Weapons: Magic infused darts. He fires them through a blowdart. It has a range of about thirty feet. He also hold two hunting knifes on each side of his hip. Skills: Skilled alchemist. He makes all of his own darts and clothing. He also has the ability to enhance his movement speed for a limited time. Weaknesses: He is vulnerable to most types of metal. It will cause his flesh to start burning. Likes: Blood, gold, fame. Dislikes: Happy Families. He never had a family when he grew up. Why should anyone else? Backstory: Born a normal child, Londeran didn't want this life. He started out opening his own small mercenary business. It started as small jobs, but his group began to grow. He was soon very wealthy. One day he got a call about vampires in a den nearby. He sent some of his mercenaries to go check on it. After a week later, they never returned. Londeran decided to check it out for himself. Approaching the cave with a group of about ten people, he walked into the cave. They were quickly ambushed by an army of around one-hundred vampires. He screamed to flee but none of the mercenaries heard him. They captured all of his group and bit their necks one by one. Londeran was never the same again. He had to kill everything he saw. He wasn't like the other vampires, he was uncontrollable. Over a span of around seventy years, he learned to calm himself. He had to have a daily consumption of blood. If he did not, he would go berserk and lash out on everyone. He now is looking for ways to make money. He hopes everyday to get enough money for blood, or else.
  4. Sorry that I haven't been online ever since last year. I was thinking of quitting but I decided to stay. I am going to try to change up my RP style and test them out. This time I hope to never leave Valucre again. I'm not going to jump back into any threads that I haven't posted on for a long time. I'm very sorry about that. I hope to get in some more RP soon! (Sorry it's so short I'm just excited to get back as soon as possible!)
  5. Nice! Now we only need one more person and I'll get this started.
  6. Have you ever wanted to be knee high in mead? Well now is your chance! Come with Acreanda to Lo'Bre to find gear, and raid one of the biggest meaderies in Elendaron. This will be a treacherous quest for only the sneakiest of people. You will be rewarded with all the mead you carry. Anyone is allowed to join.
  7. "It's a tale of money and mead. I am a mead enthusiast you see. I dream of tasting every mead in the world. Though, mead costs money, and so does traveling. I came to Last Chance for mainly money, but I heard they have some good mead here too. Now you have heard my story," Acreanda says in a calming manner. The tale is short and sweet but it has a lot of meaning. Acreanda was awaiting to hear everyone else's story. Acreanda had stopped playing cards and was now focusing on the conversation. He started to fiddle with his belt. He clicked a button, and a gadget popped up. "I'm mainly a man of my word. I don't steal or lie. I was born into a city overrun by vampires. My parents were killed by them. Your average family death story." Acreanda said sadly. Why was he even telling them this. He did have his little quirks. TMI Acreanda, TMI, Acreanda told himself. Acreanda gave himself a facepalm.
  8. Go ahead and skip me now. I'm feeling a bit sickly.
  9. Fredrick saw the guard get carried away and thought he did his job. More confident than ever Fredrick made his way to the queen. He saw the queen watching the guard getting taken away as well. "You must know of the wrongdoings he has done. Blown himself through a window," Fredrick whispered to the queen. Having nothing else to say he looked around for something to do. Then, he saw someone walk away from talking to the queen. The woman appeared to be, sniffing. This seemed rather strange to Fredrick, so he decided to check it out. Fredrick followed the woman, deciding it was his job to see of she was doing anything suspicious. The woman stopped by the statue, holding something that looked like a metal ball. Now Fredrick had done his fare share of wrongdoings. He knew all about poisoning things. He had done it a few times for some extra change. He knew enough about poison to know that had some type of poison in it. It was rather odd though. Fredrick had never seen anything like it before. For all he knew it could have been more dangerous than normal poison. The woman then busted out saying she was going to add it to her marble collection. He then knew it definitely wasn't her planting them. Trying to be a helpful person, Fredrick scurried along after the woman to warn her about the ball. Finally catching up to her, he was out of breath. "Ball... Poison... Not... Marble," Fredrick managed to mumble. Hopefully she heard him.
  10. John falls upon the next creatures. Three dragon looking monsters. They flew around John in circles, intimidating him. One small dragon flies down straight towards John. John swiftly dodged out of the way. John's hand turned into a grappling hook. "This is going to be fun," John said with a smirk. He fired a hook right at a dragon, hooking it in the leg. "Going up!" John shouted as he was being dragged up to the dragon. John got on its back and struggled to stay on. Eventually he couldn't stay on anymore. He quickly changed his hand to a sword, and scratched the dragon's side. The scales were really strong, so John didn't do as much damage as he intended. Falling towards the ground, John had to think of something to do, fast. He changed his hand to a grappling hook, and fired it at the ground. It wasn't going very fast, and John wondered if it was enough to save him. He eventually hit the ground in a slide, with the grappling hook relieving some of the pressure. After all he had done, he had only barely scratched one of the dragons. This was going to take a while.
  11. Time to fight these three dragon sprites.
  12. John threw the bear off him and got up to his feet. John changed his hand to a net and he fired at the bear. The bear then was pinned to the ground, struggling to get loose of the net. John then quickly changed his hand to a sword, and cut off the bear's head. "This would be good to hang on a wall," John said as he put it in a corner for safe keeping. He might come back for it later. "All in a good day's work," John thought as he sat down exhausted from his battles.
  13. Let's roll for another attack.
  14. A bear just walked into his path. A giant roar filled the arena. "I guess this is a little stronger," John said as he walked up to the bear. His hand turned into a flamethrower as he attempted to scare the bear. The bear noticeably backed off, but he still tried to go in for the kill every few seconds. John quickly changed his flamethrower into a hook, and he scraped the bear with a pretty good cut. He's bound to bleed out in a second. The bear let out another loud roar as his temper grew. He tackled John and John fought for survival. John grabbed the bear's mouth and held it open with all his might
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