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  1. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    Anna nods at the kid and races ahead. You know you can use the flame to distract them right? Anna ignores the voice in her head, true, she could use her flames, but right now, she just wanted to get away from those blasted wolves and maybe, just maybe, find someplace warm to settle. This sheering cold was pushing it to the limit, true, due to her flame inside her, she hardly felt the cold. But even so, even with the heat inside her, she still felt the cold, and it was biting. She just wanted to get away as soon as possible.
  2. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    After this, I think it is my turn. I think. What order is the player list?
  3. Call of the Old World

    Mabel shifts uncontrollably. She remembered depictions of the Devil in her home world, and this god surely fit that description. She trembled at the fire entity, now a little uncertain. This entity was real alright, that much was obvious, so worshiping this God would not be in vain but it's answer to her question perplexed her. Her violence? The hatred, hurt, and anger? This God wanted the worst parts of herself, the question was, why? It did not matter to her though. Already the sting of survival consumed her soul. This God will either protect her or consume her and if it was obedience it wanted then obedience it will have though it pained her to become subservient to anything but the other that had also chosen her a long time ago back in her own world. It had granted her powers that she had wanted. Now another god demands her service. So now she had two Gods looking after her. Not wishing to anger this new God, she knelt on one one knee. "Thank you, my Lord." Though it pained her to do so.
  4. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    Wolves. There were too many of them. Anna, at this point, was soaked, downright soaked, in the blood of many a wolf. And still they kept on coming. And coming, coming, coming, coming, and just coming. Constantly, never-ending. Anna just couldn't fight anymore. Her entire body ached, and she was reaching her limit, it hurt now even to swing her freaking sword, her arm hurt too. It was blazing hot in the cold winter wasteland. She can feel the bones snapping back into place, breath in the heat steaming off of her body, and ultimately, she was the knitting of flesh that marked her wounds. For she had taken several in this great battle. She rose from her exhausted setinal, and gazed into the bright blue eyes of the wolf. Together, they lunged at each other, snarling. When the wolf was well and truly dead, mostly because its own stupidity than her own prowess. Anna turned to the rest of her .... unforseen party only to find them shattered. A werewolf had snuck a sneaking blow on the paladin and was now dragging him off. Anna couldn't help but feel a grim satisfiaction to see the pali brought low. But it did not last. Quickly she turned to the others and her keen hearing picked up bits and peices of conversation. The boy was helping a group of stranglers, and Anna saw to her shock, that the stranglers themselves had turned into two wolves. A pack feud? "Do you guys think we should fall back!? I think we need to!" the boy yelled, Anna can see his adam's apple quiver. She did not know why, but she found herself dashing toward the boy and his bloody wolves. Perhaps she was starving for company. Or perhaps the boy was the least dangerous of the company. She didn't know. "We should fall back," she said, as she came upon them, not wanting to seem as if she heard them several feet away, "too many wolves!" It was only now that she became aware of the wounds on her body.
  5. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    I like this idea. This gives us time to interact. The one thing we don't do is Kill Lordan off, just in case Warlock comes back. Such a shame, I hate to see the Paladin, I was looking forward to interacting with him.
  6. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    I mean, there must be a way to make it look natural.
  7. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    Hmmm. We can have him fall behind fighting wolves while we forge on ahead.
  8. Call of the Old World

    Mabel kneels beside the flame, questions in her mind, but right now, nothing comes up. Except .... Who are you and what do you expect of me?
  9. Call of the Old World

    Mabel looks at the wizened old man with his easy smile and heeded her words. It meant something to her, that this god requires humility to enter his church; she had no doubt this god actually exists but the question was, will she be able to to .... accept him as her god? Mabel steps forward. Time to find out.
  10. Call of the Old World

    There are many odd things in this part of the world, orcs, trolls, fairies, vampires etc, but this may be the oddest thing that anyone has ever seen. Through the snowfall, raging toward them like a bonfire gone mad, was a pillar of what appeared to be .... sand. The guard didn't even have time to protest as the sand hit them at full force, throwing them aside. The sands then hits the floor, and through materializes a tall, feminine form. She is wearing a black and white dress of sorts and has long dark hair swathing a lean face with large dark eyes. She pushes toward the source of the call, her boots trending onto the cold snow. Her mind breamed with questions. Until she comes across a large church on the wayside. A muscled man with baggy blue trousers, had already entered the church, bellowing at the top of his lungs, "who has called me here?!". Mabel had no such urges and simply slithered in silently. (I wish I could use my other character but she is busy so I decided to use this one.)
  11. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    Fear gripped Anna as she beheld the paladin's fury and might and her resolve weakened just a bit. Just a bit, but not enough to back out of the fight. If there even was a fight to be had. These humans were very effective in killing, almost too effective. But even now Anna could sense it, a dozen or so other wolves coming from the horizon. They were outnumbered, not nessecarilly outmatched but definitely outnumbered. It was only a matter of time before the coordinated attacks sprung into being and slaughtered them all. She doubted that the paladin was stupid enough to risk unneeded sacrifices all for the sake of slaying a couple of beasts? Then again, Paladins were always the holier-than-thou, kill everything in their path sort of being so Anna wasn't certain what exactly was going on in that paladin's head. "Heads up!" She yells even as the wolves pounces and she hits it with her sword, slicing it in half. "More incoming." You are being callous young one, they will notice. I am over seventy years old. Exactly, still young by my standards. Anna didn't care what the voice said. She only cared about one thing, the cold, survival, discovery, and of course, these wolves. These bloody fu--- the thought threw into a scream as the maw of a wolf bites down on her arm, tearing at it asunder, as sharp, priecing pain shot through her arm and up into her skull, jamming itself into her brain and thoughts. For a moment, the pain was a living, breathing thing that sucked on her insides and gnawed at her nerves, rampaging throughout her whole body. But the pain cleared just enough for her to think again. Just enough for both the wolve and the girl to realize their jointed peril. For just as the wolf tore into the flesh and drew blood, so too did the flesh tear into it. Just as quickly as it had pounced on her, then it quickly withdrew, for the wound was already steaming as the heat of her blood smeared into the wolves mouth to the point of burning, causing an almost human scream to emerge from the wolf's mouth as it painfully let go of her. Wasting no time, and ignoring her own pain, Anna took her sword, and thrust it into the eyes of the wolf, killing it in it's utter entirity Anna watched as the wolf slumps dead on the floor and takes the time to inspect her arm. The arm was rampaged, blood flowed freely and profusely, and already she was feeling lightheaded from the blood loss. That was not her worries though. No, her worries were more profound than a simple wound. No, what worried her was one simple fact. The fact that her arm was letting off steam, as if releasing heat, and the simple notion that even as she looked, the wound began to do the one thing wounds like this shouldn't do. Slowly, but certainly, as the seconds turned into a minute, the wound began to seal itself. Just as more wolves appeared over the hill.
  12. We Shall Hunt Them In Their Homes [OOC]

    I am going to wait until everyone else posts. Then I am going to post my post. I already started it but the beauty of this system is that I don't have to immediately post. The system saves what I wrote. Which I think is awesome. By the way, how do you guys like my character? I'm curious to know.
  13. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    The wolf was fast, faster than even she had anticipated. Her muscles burned in protest to both the cold and the assertion afforded by the chase. So focused was she at the chase, that she barely noticed the scent of more werewolves in the horizon, three of them, surrounding the Paladin with intent. No, she must give chase but the poor wolf was racing for it's life, gaining more and more ground as it fled the scene. The irony. If this had been a real chase with no restraints, she would have kept pace with it relatively easily but, here, out in the open with humans abound, with practiced eyes, such a thing was risky. A girl capable of keeping pace with a wolf at full pace? Impossible. She would have to be a wolf herself. That conclusion would be the death of her, though in actuality, she wasn't a wolf. So she had no choice. Anna stops, plants her feet, and raises her sword. This was a risky maneuver, if she missed, she would be without a sword. But it could not be helped. Planting her boots into the snow, Anna takes one last giant breath of icy cold air, as she throws her sword at the fleeing wolf. She watched as the sword spins in the air, compelled by the force of her throw toward the target. She knew it was going to hit even before she heard the pain-filled whine that the wolf emitted as it collapses onto the snowy floor, pinned down by the sword. Anna walks toward the beast. It was a dismal sight, the sword had pierced straight through the beast's side, impaling it onto the ground. The wolves eyes regarded hers as it panted laboriously and painfully. For a moment, their eyes met, and in a seemingly infinite second, she understand all that came through the wolves mind, and in that moment, the wolf understood that it was pointless to resist, understood that its doom was near. The wolf closed it's eyes as Anna slide the sword out of it's bleeding side and with one clean sweep, cut off its head. Anna watched as the head of the wolf rolled down the hill, blood flowing through it's stump. She wrinkles her noise, already the numerous carcasses are starting to stink. She then sheathes her sword and runs back down the hill toward the fight that she was likely missing.
  14. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    That Dan guy. She smiles as she swings a third time at the wolf behind him. There was something definitely about the wolf, they did not move the way a wolf should, and then it dawned on her. That wasn't a wolf. That was a man, a shapeshifter, much like ..... much like her. For Dan was right. The form she took, and the form she had been taking is indeed from .... a fictional contrast. To her shame, yes, the form she takes is that of a ..... princess. She grits her teeth just thinking about it. Every shapeshifter had a default form, a form that they are most comfortable with, Pennywise the Clown's form was of course Pennywise the the Dancing Clown. The form she was most comfortable just happens to be that of a princess from an overhyped sensation that strangled a nation, or rather, it used to be. Like most forms, the longer it held, the more the person's personality started to shine through and there were changes, subtle changes that even Anna could not ignore, like the fact that she had green eyes instead of blue eyes.. Dan could be a problem, she thinks, if he is from Earth, and has seen the movie than who I am should be immediately obvious. It occurs to her that the wolves are now keeping their distance from her, as if sensing that something was up. Crap, crap, crap, crap. The humans may be fooled now, but they won't be for long, eventually something is going to slip and that Paladin would turn his sword on her. He clearly had little to no respect for human life, if his behavior from before has shown. Pushing those thoughts aside, she raises her sword and rushes at the wolves. Two of the wolves, the man-wolves, meet her charge head on while the real wolves start to whimper and cower, snarling not in angst or anger, but in fear. The man-wolfs, being young, stupid, and all too dumb, fall quickly and easily to her sword. The other wolf, the real wolf just continues snarling then she takes one single step toward it, and the wolf flees. Fuck. And Anna had no choice but to pursue.
  15. We Shall Hunt Them in Their Homes

    The wolf's snarl was inches from her face but so was her blade, this wolf knew that none the latter as her blade thrust into it's throat and out again and she watched as the wolf slumped to the floor, dead. She had only a moment to rejoice in her victory when another wolf was upon her, snarling it's snarl. She had smelt it before it even pounced, but even then, there was a split-second to respond as she heaved her very heavy blade asunder and hoisted into her now signature cleave. To her shame and relative befuddlement, it missed, and the wolf seem to almost grin as it hurled to the ground, snarling as it made to bite into her throat. She could smell it's breath, a mix of rotten carcass and frostbreath. It made to bite into her throat, only to exprience a pain in it's groin. It releases her with a whimper and Anna wastes no time in thrusting her sword into it's eye. Ending it. She stays there, trumphiant, giving herself a moment of rest when she feels them. A pair of eyes watching her. She turns to see the swordsmen regarding her with steely eyes, before turning toward his quarry. A quiet sense of unease fills her body .....