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  1. Magically Captive

    Zenith nodded solemnly, "Aye, it's best I leave soon, before the Kings guards sniff me out." He said before closing his packs and standing up shouldering them as he did. "I'll keep in touch, don't worry" he gave a sad smile as he said this. He was genuinely sad, and wished circumstances had been different. He strode by her and headed to the door.
  2. Feigned Innocence

    "Good morning!" Zenith smiles at her, he pulls some cobwebs of of her, then gestures to the second plate, "hungry? I thought you would like some food as you said you spent all your money getting here" he offered. He didn't bat an eye at her appearance, as he'd had looked like that before, and knew what sleeping wherever you could find shelter was like. "Rough night?" He asked, a small grin on his face.
  3. Magically Captive

    Zenith felt bad as this was certainly going to a be a rule he'd be breaking, he also felt guilty that he would be leaving them. He finished his food and gathered it up, standing he got up, "Well I'd better be off, those plants aren't gonna gather themselves." He said with a small grin, "I'll clean my dishes and be off, I should be back before curfew." He nodded his head. He went to the kitchen and cleaned his dishes and put them away before heading back though the dining room and commenting "thank you for lunch." He made his way back to his stuff and began organizing it for a long trip.
  4. Corner Cafe

    Lysander watched as two more people showed up and as Rose went to tend to them. He sipped his coffee and thought about her question his story was a sad one and was not for the faint of heart. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his book, which was tiny in his hands he opened it up and started to read, he did so while enjoying the atmosphere of the quaint cafe.
  5. Feigned Innocence

    Zenith awoke in the morning, feeling refreshed and much more clear headed than the night before. He shuffled out of bed and stretched. He thought about Anna's story, it could easily be a lie, but he had given his word to help and he was going to until proven otherwise. He changed clothes and stored his dirty ones in his pack. He put on his gauntlet, belted his sword, and dawned his cloak, before heading downstairs. He sat at the counter and ordered food, two plates, as he remembered that she had told him that she had spent all her money getting here. He felt a bit guilty too, if that was the case he should've offered to get her a room. He then sat and waited for her to arrive. He thought about the trip and any preparations they might need to make.
  6. Magically Captive

    Zenith took another bite closing his eyes as if enjoying the food, but his free hand was under the table clenched, sparking briefly with electricity. He was internally roaring in anger, the damnable guard and their tyrant of a king, taking innocents they suspected and taking them, killing any who they thought had magic. They'd pay, oh yes they'd pay, he'd make sure of that. He unclenched his hand and calmed himself, now was not the time for that. Instead he opened his eyes and continued eating keeping his face neutral. He dint speak for fear of his anger showing, instead he waited for someone else to break the tension that was building.
  7. Magically Captive

    Zenith shook his head respectfully,. "I'm afraid I'll have to decline, I have to go collect supplies for new potions and poultices from the area, my stock ran dry a while back and I have yet to resupply" he said with a straight face. Better for them to believe I got lost and died than to confuse them with me leaving. It's easier that way, and will save me the trouble of telling them why I'm leaving, he thought, a dark chuckle echoed in the back of his mind. "I probably won't be back till night fall so don't wait on supper." He said with a small smile. He started to eat, he had to hold back tears as he knew he'd never have another meal like this again.
  8. Corner Cafe

    Lysander shook his head, a chuckle escaping form his lips, You're quite alright, and there are no hard feelings, it's been quite some time since I've had.....decent company. He thought to her, In fact he felt as if he was the one making things uncomfortable, as his large size usually did that. He noticed that she had opened the curtains to let sunshine in. It felt good so he closed his eyes briefly, drinking in the calm. He opened his eyes back up and continued to eat, sighing in delight. So what made you decide to set up a cafe here? He asked her while he ate, trying to alleviate some of the tension in the room. She was his host after all, and a good guest treated his host with kindness and respect.
  9. Feigned Innocence

    Zenith nodded at her, "Tomorrow is fine, I travel light anyways." He said giving her a smile, he understood her hesitation, ones mind was the only true sanctuary they had and no one wanted someone else to go rummaging around in there. "Sleep well Anna, we'll probably have a long journey ahead if it's as far away as you say." He told her, he waved a goodbye as she left closing the door behind her. He got up and warded the room once more, couldn't be to careful, never knew who might try to steal from you. He went over to his bed and draped his cloak over the edge, he set his gauntlet on the side table and his sword next to him. He laid down and closed his eyes, letting the sweet embrace of sleep take him. That is, until that sweet embrace turned into haunting nightmares that plagued him through the night.
  10. Magically Captive

    Zenith sat himself at the table and waited patiently, trying to make sure he looked as normal as he could, he smiled at everyone, "everyone having a good day?" He asked trying to break the ice. It's be nice to have one last meal with the nice family before he left. They were good folk, and he hated leaving, but he had to make sure that they were safe, he couldn't ruin their lives by living there. He'd make sure that the little one grew up happy and care free.
  11. Magically Captive

    Zenith thought about the question, should he tell her? If they were going to keep in touch, she needed to know where to send the letters. He didn't know himself yet where he was headed. He was honestly planning on walking until he found somewhere to settle back down. Just kinda winging it, was gonna see where the road took him. He was quiet for a minute, pondering his choices. "East," he said looking back at her, "I'll head east, taking the main road, and I'll just keep walking till I find somewhere to settle down for a bit." That'd work, itd keep him away from the heavier patrols and let him slip out of the kingdom. Hopefully he'd find refuge within a neighboring kingdom. "I'll make sure to send you news of how I'm doing. And if I find somewhere to call home I'll let you know." He said with a smile.
  12. Magically Captive

    Mr. Daveson came back in to inspect the roof, 'Nice work lad. I'm glad I called for your help' he said handing a small sack to Zenith. Zenih had been lost in thought, planning routes and such, Mr.Davesons voice broke him out of his reverie. "It was not a problem, a simple patch job" he said taking the sack. "And I'd see about getting the roof itself replaced within a winter. Or it might not hold as well as it should." Mr.Daveson nodded solemnly, 'ill start saving now then. Them Carpenters are gonna charge me a small fortune to fix it.' Zenith looked a bit guilty, "yeah, sorry I couldn't be any more help, but a job that big is out of my skill range." He said rubbing his head. Mr.Daveson waved it off, 'Its fine lad. Now you two run along ,Or you'll be missing lunch." Zenith smiled and and gestured for Adelaide to follow as he left, "Have a good day sir" he called back over his shoulder. He looked back towards Adelaide, seeing her sad smile made him feel guilty, but he still believed it was the right choice. "Come on, we'd best hurry or we'll be late" he said with a small smile.
  13. Magically Captive

    "As good as I'm going to get it. Really he entire roof needs to be replaced, but that is by far out of my skill range." He said looking back up at the roof, "but it'll hold for a winter or two." He looks back at her. "Ready to go?" He asked, dawning his cloak and gesturing towards the door. "I want to at least eat before I go, and I wanna say my goodbyes." I also need to collect things from my cottage as well. Things to dangerous to leave behind. He thought to himself.
  14. Magically Captive

    Zenith could be heard audibly sighing, looking back down at her. "Fine, I'll keep in touch. But make sure you dispose of the letters after, I don't want them tracing me to you." He said, he turned his head back his work. He was glad she had given up on coming with him, it would've been too dangerous for her. He hammered one more nail into place, banging on the portion of ceiling to check if it was secure. He climbed back down satisfied with the job. He looked back to her, "Thank you for understanding, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to you because of me." He said taking off his gloves and rubbing his head.
  15. Magically Captive

    Zenith looked down a her, his face neutral, and sighed. He wouldn't let her throw her life away, but she had a point, people were taken sometimes seemingly at random. But he couldn't let her follow him, not now, he'd only end up hurting her. "No, I can't let you, and I'll make sure when I go that they follow me out. They won't bother you as they'll be chasing me." He said before continuing his work. "I should've left after I let you go...our lives shouldn't have mixed. I thought I could live normally, but I can't." "I can't change what I am, and you have the hope to live a normal life. A life I've never had." He climbs down the ladder, looking at her sadly, "I can't in good conscience have you come with me." He walks past her, crouching down to grab more supplies. "My road is too dangerous, and you wouldn't last long." He climbs back up the ladder. He was trying his hardest to push her away, he couldn't let her follow, he wouldn't drag another person through the much, wouldn't subject them to the life he had to live. "And there is no safe place. Bounty hunters always go where his guard can't."