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  1. Magically Captive

    Zenith inwardly panicked, having not though about that question. His face held it's demeanor as he took a second to look like he was pondering it. He propped his arms on the table, As he had finished eating, and steepled his fingers together. He had no answer, then thought of something brilliant, "I'm a traveling apothecary, making remedies for the sick and wounded." He said, knowing it would work, as part of his magical knowledge tied into alchemy, it wouldn't be hard to pass himself as a healer of sorts. And there were plenty of plants in the area that could be used for a wide range of medicines. "As per most traveling jobs, it pays based on the town I travel to, sometimes making more, sometimes nothing at all."
  2. Magically Captive

    Zenith grinned, "Tomorrow sounds great, I'm looking forward to it ." He said happy that things were going good. "That'll give me time to get adjusted to the house, and for me to get what things I have organized." He said after finishing his food. "Plus I'll be able to get to know the kind people I'm staying with a little more." He finished with a smile. Plus it'll give me time to get 'it' under control... He though to himself, struggling to keep his happy demeanor.l
  3. Magically Captive

    Zenith leaned forward with an interested expression. "That's really great. I've always had an appreciation for the craft, the skill and care every blacksmith puts into their work is astounding." He smiled grey eyes twinkling. "The skill it takes to turn a lump of ore into a blade or armor, or even horseshoes for that matter is incredible." He raised an eyebrow and asked tentatively "Would it be alright if I saw your work at some point?"
  4. Corner Cafe

    Lysander smiled, glad everything was ok. Any type will do, I'm not picky about pie, he projected, chuckling at the events. He brushed his hair with his hand before walking over to a table quite softly and gracefully. And then a thought struck him, he looked back at her and once again projected, my name's Lysander, and what might yours be? He inquired while removing his coat and laying it on the back of the chair. As he removed his coat his large scarred arms became visible, broken shackles Imbedded in his wrists. He rolled his shoulders, getting out any kinks as he waited for a response.
  5. Magically Captive

    Zenith smiled at her, enjoying this feeling. He pointed a question at her father, asking "So what do you do for a living sir?" He took another bite while he waited for an answer, I hope that that's an ok question to ask, I want them to like me. He thought chewing carefully enjoying the taste of eggs. It had been a while since he had had eggs he noted internally.
  6. Feigned Innocence

    As the strange girl walked away, something felt odd about her, something off, he couldn't place it but before he let his mind wander he turned his attention back to enchanting the new gauntlet. He made his way through the town, stopped briefly by a bright but strong gust of wind that chilled him to his bones. He made a quick adjustment to his spell, adding a temperature regulation spell to it, just for added measure. He finally made his way to the Inn, waving at the innkeeper before making his way up to his room. It was dark inside, but this was easily solved with a flick of the wrist as he lit all the candles simultaneously, while closing the door with his heel. He went over to a desk and sat down, setting the gauntlet down as he prepared the last step in enchanting it, the binding of the enchantments together as well as binding it to his own magical signature, that way no one else could use it without stripping all the other enchantments. Sweating at the effort and magic expended, he put the gauntlet on his right hand and felt the enchantments kick in, he smiled in excitement as he knew it was a success. Getting up he thought it would be a great time to eat, his stomach growling in acknowledgment that he hadn't eaten all day. He made his way back downstairs and sat down, ordering a plate of food and the hardest drink they had. He paid when he received his food. Then he started eating.
  7. Magically Captive

    Zenith chuckled slightly at that comment, before Adelaides mother walked back in carry the little one. "Thank you for the meal, it looks delicious." He told her, waiting for everyone else to start eating before. He started eating himself. The food was good, it was clear Adelaides mother could cook very well. He enjoyed the meal in silence, studying how everyone acted towards each other, he had to stop himself from crying as he had never before thought he would experience this again, after the mages took his family away from him. He clenched his fist in anger wincing slightly as it was his injured hand.
  8. Magically Captive

    Zenith smirked at their attempt to investigate him, he replied casually " She's a friend, we meet some time back and I ran into hard times, so she decided to help me out. Nothing more nothing less" he brushed his hair out of his eyes, "And trust me, I get the whole protective brother thing, and trust me when I say I won't hurt her." As if you could stop me if I wanted to. He thought to himself, before inwardly flinching at the hostile thought. Shit it's getting stronger, I need to make sure I'm out of the house when it happens, he gripped his hand under the table, keeping his smile on his face despite the inner conflict. "So, do I pass your examination or do I need to give my life story" he finished with a raised eyebrow.
  9. Magically Captive

    Zenith looked at the too and gave a smile and wave. "How's it going? Looks like I'm rooming with you guys." He said somewhat nervously, taking the two in. He knew it'd be interesting to live with so many people, especially a family like this, so he decided to take the safe route and keep a positive attitude. "Don't let me stop you please continue." He gave with a smirk.
  10. Feigned Innocence

    It was a chilling winter day in the city of Davonsmith, people huddled in their cloaks as they made their way down through the streets, wagons and horses trudged through the snow, eager to get to their destination. For Zenith Mercury, his day had started off especially fucked, first he risks his life to retrieve a magical artifact, only to be told that because it wasn't what they had hoped, they docked his pay by a third. Not that what was left was a small amount, but still it was the principal. But things we're turning around as he waited in excitement for his new gauntlet. He had commissioned a Master Smith to forge him a gauntlet made of Amerith, a rare and valuable metal known for it's enchatability and lightness. The back of the gauntlet was to be adorned with a star sapphire, to further increase it's enchanting properties. It many hours into the process and Zenith stood outside huddled in his cloak, as the Smith told him to wait outside as the forging was a delicate process because it was Amerith. After hearing the forge go quite, Zenith saw the door open and the Smith come out, gauntlet in hand a proud but tired look on his face. 'Here you go sir, my masterpiece is finished, my the gods have mercy on whoever crosses you' he said handing the gauntlet to Zenith as he went inside the forge, flipping the signed to closed. Zenith grinned at his knew toy, eager to get to work. He briskly walked down the street, channeling magic into the sapphire to start before layering it to the Amerith itself. The enchantments would augment both his magic and physical prowess, as well as provide a continuous forcefield around him, hopefully to absorb a good amount of damage before having to recharge. He almost giggled in glee as he made his way to the local Inn, where he had a room waiting. He was so preoccupied with his work that he didn't see someone in his path and bumped into them, almost dropping his toy, he luckily kept his grip, and hurried to help them up as he had knocked them down, apologizing profusely. "I'm so sorry are you alright miss?"
  11. Hail Azathoth! lol

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      Yeah, I need to pick it back up, I really enjoyed his works.

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      Yeah. Personal favorite for me is At The Mountains of Madness.

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  12. I'm finding his to be true, I've always been wanting pictures of my characters to show what they look like. I'll keep searching though, haven't given up yet.^w^
  13. Does anyone know of any artists that take request for drawings? I'm looking for someone to draw up someone my characters. If not that's fine I was just checking in...
  14. Looking to start again.

    PS. I edited Lashs sheet, cause I forgot to add something.
  15. Looking to start again.

    Alrighty, works for me. Can't wait. ^w^