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  1. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    Sorry that my reply took ages to get to you guys. >.<.... But, it's there now... I hope it's alright. Apologies if I kept everyone waiting too long.
  2. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley

    -Violence. Battles. Bloodshed. Bolt has seen and experienced it all during his time hopping through realms, staying on the run for so many years. It seemed like nothing could ever be achieved by mere words these days… Situations always resorted to the killing of one party. The current battle was no different, though the dragonborn had no right to say anything about it.- -The shattering of his celestial barrier brings Bolt’s full attention to Ivas and Lily, hoping to Sorrilth that the arrow didn’t hit either of the two. Thankfully enough, it seemed the dragonborn’s gift of controlling the stars has come through to him once again because by the time his shield for Ivas and Lily broke, the arrow had lost all of its power. The group’s only problem now was getting the hell out of here as quick as possible because fighting back was simply not in their favor right now.- “Dragon guy! Bolt! Thanks, but I’m good now!” -These words, along with being told to help the Exarch is what brought Bolt’s attention to Ivas just before he took off running into the depths of the forest and left the dragonborn with an internal conflict with himself. Half of him wanted to fly off to follow them into the forest to make sure nothing else happened, but Bolt’s other half knew he had just sworn an oath to the Exarch as a replacement guard. Inner conflict was sometimes the reason a person would be killed where they stood. Mixed emotions, indecisive choices, processing what steps should be taken next. All of this could very well end Bolt here and now….. But it took Sorrilth yelling at him telepathically to snap the dragonborn out of his pondering state of mind just in time to see that he had been swarmed by six other men on their horses, all them looking ready to burn him at the stake or something along those lines.- “Six on one, doesn’t that seem a little unfair here guys?” -Bolt jokingly said, letting a smug grin appear as his dark blue dragon scales started appearing, firstly at the center of his forehead. These scales would quickly spread outward, going in a full three sixty degree around his face before running down both sides of his neck, shoulders, arms, and his hands which resulted them turning into their dragon claw counterparts. This process continued until his entire body was covered in nothing but dragon scales. On top of this, his wings that he produced earlier appeared along with a tail to boot making Bolt look like a walking humanoid dragon. If magic wasn’t going to work on these guys, then the only other options left were sheer strength and using magic to slow them down by any means so that everyone else that was still in the area could escape. Before Bolt leapt into action, his emerald eyes took notice of the Exarch already taking his turn to get away from this area and grabbing Severus in the process as they left behind a string of explosions from a fire being thrown into gunpowder tossed on the ground minutes earlier. That’s one way to make an exit…- “If I am to be slain, it’ll be by the hands of someone worthy and not by a couple of jokers who pumped themselves full of my own kin’s blood…” -Bolt snarled before going into action.- -Since the horses were more than likely just normal horses, Bolt spun his entire body around in an entire circle using his dragon tail to whip each of the six horses just hard enough for them to throw their riders off them and run rampant around the area like chickens with their heads cut off. As the riders stumbled to get back up after being thrown off, the dragonborn took this time to recharge his power as quick as he could to get ready for an escape…. Hopefully. When the men regained their balance they of course took charge with their weapons drawn, getting ready to try and cut down Bolt. Knowing that he was horrible at close quarters combat, Bolt still did his best to hold his own against the incoming attacks as he still needed to charge up his magic for a little while longer. The first three attacks he managed to avoid by ducking from left, right, and jumping backwards but the next set was a different story. One soldier managed to slash downward on Bolt’s back, causing him to let out a pain filled roar that surely carried throughout the area for a few seconds before being struck again at the stomach as some now damaged dragon scales fell to the ground only to be joined with crimson liquid seconds after. The sixth attack was a slash at his right arm that he was using to try and block with, but only took more damage than he intended to.- -It was at this point that Bolt realized that these guys really are a huge threat, more than he expected and was starting to think this was truly a disadvantage… However, it didn’t stop him from flying upwards into the air and aimed himself in a downwards direction while his wings kept him hovering above the six men. This attack wouldn’t damage them in the slightest, but it would sure as hell slow them down hopefully. Taking in a large inhale of air through his nostrils, Bolt opens his mouth and releases another icy cold dragon’s breath as nothing but snowflakes and below freezing wind spirals down towards the soldiers. Bolt’s aim was to freeze just their feet and arms at most as he knew that they would most likely break free, but it would give him just enough time to fly the hell out of the area and meet back up with the Exarch.- -If the soldiers were truly protected by the dragon’s blood and freezing their limbs wasn’t an option, then the ground would still be a miniature ice rink making it difficult to move on for the soldiers but… His allies may also struggle as well. Sometimes you just have to make certain choices if it meant staying alive. A whispered “Sorry” is spoken under Bolt’s breath before he takes off flying in a similar direction that the Exarch took, hoping that the six soldiers he left behind either had frozen limbs or were stumbling around on the icy ground like a bunch of goons.- -Bolt wanted to call out to the Exarch, but that may or may not give away their position so he had to rely on good ol’ fashion vision. Dragon wings flapped fast causing some of the branches on trees Bolt passed to be hit some gusts of wind, flailing around in the air and having some leaves be ripped right off and fly a few feet away from their homes before landing on the blades of grass below. The dragonborn hopes he can find the Exarch or maybe even Ivas and Lily.-
  3. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    @sheep I have my reply half-way done. Been distracted with other things. If you want to post to keep things going, feel free.
  4. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    I believe it's my turn to post. I'll have a reply either really late tonight or tomorrow.
  5. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    That might be a good idea. @Robbie Rotten
  6. Three Unique Souls; Four Unique Adventurers

    “Yes, the elf is our friend. He just needs some rest, that is all…” -A brief pause as Bolt looks over the guards for a moment, then over to the rest of his pals.- “In fact… All of us could use some rest.” -That battle with the bounty hunters exhausted everyone and he knew it. A place to at least rest their legs and regain their strength is all they needed. A tavern hopefully and possibly a shirt for the shirtless dragonborn since his last one was blasted off him to kingdom come. When they were approached by the rather edgy looking and sound female guard, Bolt zipped his mouth shut so he could refrain from saying anything rude. Though, he did grin and chuckle silently when the other guard came up and asked if she had forgotten her manners. Which resulted in her throwing a fit. Classic.- “Yes.. Thank you, Arthur. And being shown around this lovely town would be nice once we’ve allowed our bodies to rest.” -The dragonborn began following the guard into the town while his mind drifted elsewhere…. So, what exactly were they in for here? Unhappy ghosts causing terror within this city? Very little details were given to all of them about this odd mission and Bolt was very wary of what was to come. Hopefully they can all make it out in one piece…-
  7. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley

    -Bolt’s mind was going a thousand miles an hour, trying to either plan for his escape or if he were to somehow accompany this group which he thought was highly unlikely at the current moment. Fear was quickly washing over the dragonborn, though he did his best to hide it whether it was showing no facial expressions, letting his trembling knees be silenced, or just simply letting his mind take him to a peaceful place. Emerald eyes are raised up when Madon went passed him and stopped to pick something off the wooden floor boards. A bullet that was probably meant for someone here and missed? Bolt’s eyes are quick to watch it be tossed over the male’s shoulder before they quickly return to Madon’s own gaze, thinking that he was out of time now… So, what was it going to be?- -A healer being needed for the girl, Lily, was the first answer given to the dragonborn. If this group decides to let him live perhaps Bolt could be that dedicated healer, he wasn’t just a dragonborn that could output a high amount of damage. His mother used to be a very skilled cleric herself, using the peaceful element to heal all that came to her for all types of injuries; water. Just before Bolt was born she was also blessed by Sorrilth with celestial healing, which only increased her healing capabilities and this was passed on to the dragonborn. He was taught everything that his mother knew, staying up late at night even until she decided that the current lesson was accomplished. Bolt always leaned himself to using his celestial gifts rather than bending the water to his will because that was simply his choice, preferring not to follow the exact path of his mother and create his own since he didn’t want to spend his entire life being a healer. Bolt was about to offer his possible assistance in being the healer that they needed, but before words even stumbled out of the dragonborn’s mouth, another statement had made him feel like fate seriously just saved his ass.- -It seemed his punishment was to be the replacement of the man he struck down earlier. Bolt would feel guilty about taking up such a role but, if it meant trying to fix the massive mistake he has done then so be it. The dragonborn knows he will not be forgiven in a short amount of time but at least he’ll be kept alive and helping this group one way or another. Honestly, he does wish this encounter started off differently but it was far too late now. With a single nod of agreement, Bolt kneels before the Arcane Piercer and places his light skinned hands upon the lance, taking the oath. Coming from a kingdom himself, though not apart of this realm, he knows the life of knights who came to his parents, then later on himself, vowing to protect the kingdom of Dragonspire with unwavering loyalty…. Though, that loyalty was quick to vanish due to other reasons… Bolt is different though as he would be loyal and protective of this group until his final dragon breath was fired.- -After taking the oath and standing to his feet, Bolt quickly faced the man who exclaimed he would kill the dragonborn with his own two hands if Bolt showed any signs of wanting to kill any members of the group.- “I know this may not mean much right now… But, you have nothing to worry about. I’ll travel and fight by everyone’s side until the hands of fate decide to take my life away.” -His words were most likely going to be taken with a grain of salt by everyone here, until he is able to back them up with his own actions.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Bolt watched Ivas make his exit, the dragonborn thinking it was most likely best for them to get moving before anymore unwelcomed surprises show up. As soon as Bolt stepped foot outside and the inn went up in a huge blaze, the group was met with what looked to be more soldiers…. And not the friendly looking kind either. They demanded that they all drop their weapons and suddenly surrender Lily and the Exarch, who Bolt assumed was the man he just vowed his protection to. The dragonborn took a quick guess and thought that title of his had a whole lot of meaning and reputation behind it, something he may learn later. Anyway, Bolt wasn’t one to surrender so easily, not without a fight at least. Something held him back though…. The scent of dragon’s blood pumping through their bodies. Being part dragon himself, of course Bolt is able to pick up when other dragons are nearby or at least those carrying draconic power within. But, what he was smelling and sensing now seemed… Evil. It made him sick to his stomach and the Goddess within him was throwing an absolute fit herself, although he was the only one to know about it. Now that he is aware of the dragon’s blood, there is no way magic will work so well against this group, not even his own. They needed a plan to get the hell out of dodge, a big enough distraction to escape with…. But, what?- -The dragonborn’s thoughts are interrupted when Jinsoku shouted to the group to get the Exarch out of this sticky situation while he went to work on what seemed to manipulating some of the men’s movements. Bolt sensed the use of electrical element at play here as he was a little curious as to how the male was doing it because he has never once seen the element be used that way before. Another man showed up by the name of Xander Vale it seemed as he wanted to start a fight as well. A battle against these dragon blooded soldiers was a bad idea all around, but it seems no other choice was going to pop up in the next few seconds.- -Before Bolt jumped into action himself, a huge wave of desire to protect a single person suddenly washed over his entire body… As if he was lost in a trance. Not entirely though. He has a caring and protective personality for anyone as stated previously, but at this very moment it was like someone turned that trait up to the highest volume possible. His body turned around and dashed towards Lily’s side, standing right next to Ivas’ horse all in one swift motion. Meanwhile, Sorrilth was growling within Bolt’s body trying to deny whatever power was trying to control her and the dragonborn. Whatever mysterious magic was trying to grip at Bolt’s mind was certainly throwing the Goddess into a small rage. He’s the reason why she left the Heavens and protected him for decades… And she wasn’t about to let anything control him. Using her power, she denied any further control the power would take but that was all she could do for now… Being well aware of Bolt’s own personality, she assumes this will happen more often regardless if she wants it to happen or not. Hell will be raised by her own claws should this power be the end of the dragonborn. But for now, her focus should be in helping Bolt defend this group.- “Dovahkiin… I am unsure if you can hear me or not… But we do need to slow down these soldiers. I too, sense the dragon’s blood within them but that doesn’t mean we can’t slow them down a notch or two.” -These words are spoken telepathically to Bolt only as he oddly enough could still hear the Goddess even through whatever strange magic had gripped his mind. When the arrow was fired however, Bolt’s emerald eyes were quick to lock on and figure out it’s intended target which looked to be Ivas. With haste, the dragonborn tapped into his mastery of the elements and inhaled a large breath of air through his nostrils. After a second or two, Bolt released a very chill worthy dragon’s breath. A stream of nothing but below freezing temperatures and snowflakes, which was condensed down to a reasonable size so that nobody else was caught up in it, was expelled from Bolt’s body as it was aimed for the fiery arrow heading for Ivas as his intent was to completely freeze the arrow, slow its speed significantly by being frozen solid as the weight of the ice would most likely make it fall and hit the ground before it reached Ivas. But, as another precaution the dragonborn extended his right hand out as fast as humanly possible towards Ivas while the tips of his fingers began glowing in a bright white aura before emitting a astral projection of a star shaped barrier in case freezing the arrow did not work. Said barrier would be extremely thick, having at least four or five layers to it which was infused with not just the power of the stars, but Bolt’s own magic supply as well which would most likely cost him later but that was something he couldn’t worry about at this very moment.- -Since Bolt was occupied with trying to protect Ivas, he couldn’t pay attention when the rest of the soldiers took charge towards the group. So, he hopes that the others can fend them off for the time being.-
  8. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    I'll go ahead and post after @Al Sa-her I need a little more time to think on my response anyway.
  9. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley

    -For the most part, Bolt was almost done healing himself as he stayed in the back and away from others. Something was telling him he should probably just get out of here and move on with his travels. That “something” being Sorrilth, the exiled dragon Goddess. She was having a hissy fit and the dragonborn could feel it quite clearly, though he was unsure why. Did she sense more incoming danger that Bolt couldn’t? Either way, he was folding up his dragon wings as they started turning into small star particles and quickly fading back into the dragonborn’s flesh, disappearing until he needed them once more. He was about ready to get up and walk out of here, until a soldier, by the looks of it at least, walked his way over to him.- -The other male asked if Bolt was injured and the honest answer was no. Modern weapons and bullets didn’t affect him very easily, unless they were coated in something very specific or if the weapon itself was crafted to take down beings at his level, more so dragons.- “Just finished plucking out and healing off a bullet wound, nothing serious.” -Was his response before those emerald eyes trailed off to the side to take notice the man had one of his hands tucked away near something on his waist. Was he going for something to help or invoke more violence? Before the dragonborn could react, his stomach was jabbed by a sword, causing a small amount of blood to be coughed up and of course start leaking out onto the floor. Great, yet another injury that he’ll deal with. Upon being caught and having his arms snapped behind his back, as if he was about to be arrested feeling his wrists being pinned to the fabric of his hoodie.- “What the hell is this?!” -He exclaimed before being forced to walk with him, heading over to where the group was.- -When the dragonborn heard the whispered words of him killing a friend, Bolt felt his heart drop to his feet as panic slowly ensued in his mind. He started piecing together the battle that had taken place moments ago, remembering who exactly he struck down and why he did it.- Now that I have to actually think about it and remember how all of this started…. That busty scorpion tailed freak show was bothering one of the patrons… More specifically, one of the men that is with this group… Dammit! I… Misread the situation again. And it may just cost me heavily… Perhaps if I just stay calm this time… -The dragonborn began the quick process of calming himself down, trying to stop his body from trembling with fear and hiding the panic in those emerald eyes of his. All of this was done within the short time he was shoved forward towards the group, stumbling about until he caught himself and made a hasty movement with his left hand to have it held over one of the two wounds on his body; the stomach. Once again, a pearly white glow appeared said hand and started sending miniature stars into the torn opened flesh and began yet another quick healing process. The stars quickened Bolt’s cell regeneration in that area sewing the flesh up, having it look completely normal as if he was never stabbed to begin with while the only thing that was visible now was the stained crimson liquid on his hoodie. This same process was happening on the shoulder that he was jabbed with a few times while walking over here, except a hand wasn’t covering up the injury, so in the eyes of others it would look like small stars were simply appearing in the space just above the shoulder and guided themselves into the wounded flesh to patch it all up.- -Bolt managed to put his mind at enough ease to start speaking and get his case going.- “My actions were unjustified and I do apologize for that. When the violence broke out like it did, my first instinct was to protect myself and just simply attack the three had weapons to begin with. One of which, from what this soldier here told me seconds ago, was a friend…. I terribly misread the situation and that resulted in a unwanted death.” -The dragonborn’s head was lowered in defeat, knowing that his actions were wrong.- “Before I’m given a punishment…. I’d like to ask one thing.” -Bolt raised his right pointer finger and stuck it out towards the girl that they were treating.- “Her… Is she going to be alright?” -Bringing his hand back down to his side and keeping a lowered head, Bolt stood in silence and waited to see what his punishment was going to be. If they do decide to execute him here, they’ll have a very hard time doing so and in Bolt’s mind, he was thinking what would another death solve? It won’t bring back their fallen comrade. It’d be more violence that wasn’t needed, even if the dragonborn’s own death did put everyone else’s mind at ease for maybe a day or so. Either way, he was planning out his own escape if the decision was to have his head chopped off and hung somewhere… Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that.-
  10. Three Unique Souls; Four Unique Adventurers

    -Bolt of course didn’t mind the cold when nightfall came peeking over the group of travelers, despite the fact he was shirtless. If anything, he should’ve been at least shivering but wasn’t. Upon being asked if he was part dragon by Luci, the dragonborn nodded.- “Half dragon, yes. But, the more technical term is Dragonborn. Meanwhile, you seem to be an Angel of some kind. Though… You may just be the weakest Angel I’ve seen.” -He didn’t mean for that to sound insulting in anyway, Bolt has only seen a handful of Angels and each one being in a league of their own.- “As for my magic… Well, that’s a story for a campfire.” -He grinned a little.- -Those emerald eyes of his began setting their sites on the city of Morgana, the sight of it being a little breath taking in his opinion. The next thing he noticed quickly was the fact that the sand golem took its leave and the guards were quick to rush to Alimar’s side, most likely to treat to his unconscious state. With the threat of ghosts haunting the city, Bolt assumes these guards are going to be a wee bit paranoid so he takes the precaution of bringing himself back down to the earth and folding up his wings, walking the rest of the way towards the gates of Morgana.- “We don’t mean any harm… We’re just looking for a quick place to settle in and let our unconscious friend rest up.” -This was said in the direction of the guards, as Bolt hoped they wouldn’t out right attack the rest of them from the get go.-
  11. Two Adventurers Wandering Around, Looking for Something to Do

    -For the most part, Bolt was healed back up to half strength though he still felt a little fatigued. Emerald eyes take notice of the golem scooping up an unconscious Alimar and taking large steps towards their city destination; Morgana. Luci and Uriel already started making haste after the sandy monster while the dragonborn himself hung back for just a little while long. Having a durable body had its perks, but using abilities like his own also takes a lot out of a person as well and Bolt needed just a few more moments to himself before he would follow.- “They put up quite the fight… Don’t you think, Dovahkiin?” -Telepathic words phase into Bolt’s mind from Sorrilth as he nodded in silence. He was just glad nobody was truly injured or anything of the sort. One thing was for sure though…. Syreus is on all of their tails now, whether the others like it or not and he is willing to send more dragonborns after them, if he wishes. Biting down on his lower lip briefly, Bolt tosses aside those thoughts for now and allows his wings to appear to give him the gift of flight again. Taking off into the air to regroup with the golem, Uriel, and Luci. He hopes to find somewhere to steal a shirt from, otherwise he’s just going to be fighting ghosts shirtless the entire time.-
  12. Two Adventurers Wandering Around, Looking for Something to Do

    -While Bolt himself was building up a mass amount of his power, he finally did take notice of the Sand Golem below him taking charge towards the remaining bounty hunters. Sensing its magical properties, he could tell it was from…. Alimar? Was the elven able to control the Earth/Sand element as well or was this a different form of magic? Either way, the enraged golem looked like it was about smash through that barrier of sand and go to town on those three.- -With each ground pounding step taken, the golem came closer and closer to its intended targets as its anger fueled the golem’s will to put a complete end to whoever knocked out its master. Once it was close enough to the sand barrier, the behemoth made out of sand began wailing away on it, causing the trio inside to start screaming in fear. Once it broke through, the sand golem started fist smashing the bounty hunters until it went and tossed the trio up into the air, oddly enough towards Bolt’s direction.- -The dragonborn shifted his body that way his attack didn’t send the bounty hunters back to the ground and the aftermath to effect his companions. Instead, he was making sure they were in the general East direction, completely out in the middle of nowhere so that the bodies could most likely never be found. First, Bolt revealed the other rare magic that was among his people of Dragonspire; Gem magic as he had three different gems appear in the form of spears. A sapphire, ruby, and an emerald. Using telekinesis next, the dragonborn tossed the gem spears with precise accuracy and nailed each of the hunters in their stomachs, not a direct kill… Yet.- -This was going to be the killing blow. Holding out both of his hands, a giant shining white star that was about ten feet tall appeared as it was aimed at the trio before it unleashed a beam of celestial energy that was jet black with a pearly white swirl all around it. This beam slammed into the bounty hunters and sent them flying across the desert until they were about twenty or so miles out before exploding into a humongous star shape, pretty much ending the lives of those three.- -Feeling the fatigue wash over him from over using way too much of his power on that last attack, Bolt lowered himself to the ground letting his dragon appearance disappear returning to how he looked previously before the encounter. But now… Shirtless. The explosive shot from the sniper earlier had completely torn apart his shirt, leaving his tattooed body to be seen by the world. Bolt’s entire back side and arms from shoulder to the wrists were littered in tattoo art as they mostly symbolized the way of the dragons while some represented the Mulaag bloodline. The only place not completely covered in the body art was the front side as his chest only had a single large tattoo across it.- -The dragonborn brought himself down to the grassy ground and slowly started his own healing process, first by using his dragon claws once more to carefully remove the bullet that was shot into his right shoulder hissing at the pain and biting down on his bottom lip until it was plucked out and flicked away. His body started glowing in a cyan hue, letting his healing factors restore his energy and strength.- “.... Is everyone alright?... Where’s Alimar?”
  13. Two Adventurers Wandering Around, Looking for Something to Do

    -With the last of the goon level hunters out of the way, thanks to Uriel, the fight was nearing its climax. Bolt was biding his time just waiting for the chance at a counter attack, one that will hopefully get rid of these guys for good. The male bounty hunters stopped their attacks upon noticing the giant golem made of sand coming right for them, unaware that the elf had this much power under his sleeve. For now, they got themselves into a defensive position and prepared for the worst to come.- -Bolt was building up his power for his next attack when he sensed immense power above him… Where was that coming from all of a sudden? The dragonborn was also thinking about why this group actually stayed…. Why neither of them just gave up and let these hunters have him. Alimar, Bolt has only known for a few days give or take while Uriel and Luci have known him for just today.. In his mind, he’s still just a traveling companion not someone you risk your life for… So why?... Did they all share the same protective desire/personality as he or was it something else?..- -Putting his doubts aside and being more than grateful that everyone stuck through all of this, Bolt takes notice of the sniper woman getting closer. Bolt used this against her as he swiped his tail at her feet, knocking her over and then coiling his draconic tail around her entire body, forcing the woman to drop her weapon before flying straight up out of the hole he was lying in previously, trying to ignore the bullet still lodged into his shoulder.- “You three may be dragonborn…. But, you chose to use your blood and power for the sake of my brother.. And for that… You deserve my full wrath!” -Once Bolt was high enough in the air, that tail of his whipped the female dragonborn out of his grasp and sent her barreling into the two male bounty hunters. This left them wide open for the others to either do some damage or keep them restrained where they were while Bolt would build up his power once more, aiming for a complete and final kill attack.-
  14. Two Adventurers Wandering Around, Looking for Something to Do

    -The two male bounty hunters that went charging towards Luci with their swords were quickly taken down surprisingly enough by the child’s choice in wielding dual weapons. The one that was sliced in the stomach, stumbled backwards and fell simply bleeding out a puddle of his own crimson liquid. Meanwhile, the other tried to put up a good fight but was defeated when he was jabbed not only in the throat, but heart as well causing him to fall over and create another pool of blood. Lovely.- -The two elites who were now left with Alimar for the time being, started charging at the elf again but this time one of them was whipped right between the eyes as he backed up for a quick second, trying to rub away the pain.- “You asshole…” -The hunter groaned while the other suffered a whip lashing of his own leaving them both.. Yes.. Extremely angered at this point. However, one of them was tossed into the other causing a major face collision while one took a foot to the nose and the other’s teeth were kicked in, some falling out even. After a few long moments of recovering, the two elites were completely fed up with the Elf.- -Meanwhile, Uriel was holding her own against the crossbow wielding women as they tried firing off shots at the cat lady, trying to strike her either in the legs, chest, or arms even. One of them were struck and fell over briefly, trying to quickly recover. The arrow that Uriel had thrown was speedy indeed, so quick in fact that its target had no time to react and was nailed in the intended spot, piercing her heart. A few horrific gargles expelled from her while blood leaked all over the place before her body ultimately fell over. With the only crossbow wielder left standing, she chased after Uriel through the forest, not realizing that may be a costly mistake on her part.- -While Bolt was flying towards the woman sniper, the realization of his skills in close combat being an absolute failure is what caused him to hesitate, trying to stop his body from getting any closer but…. It was safe to say this was another mistake that had been made.- “Idiot… You think Syreus wouldn’t tell us of your weaknesses in combat?!” -The woman exclaimed as she was quick to use her telekinesis again, pulling Bolt just close enough to grasp him by the neck and slam his back into the grassy ground below her.- “ACK!” -The dragonborn yelped, looking up at her with a nasty glare as he suddenly felt his heart drop to his feet when he saw something strikingly familiar in her eyes.- -Draconic Pupils..- -She was dragonborn?! Bolt didn’t think his brother would stoop so low and send their own dragon kin after him… But, he supposes he’ll do just about anything at this point.- “S-so… You’re from Dragonspire yourself… My brother sent dragonborn hunters to capture me… What has the kingdom come to?! In the past… We would never allow such treason among the dragons and those born as half dragons!” -Before Bolt could speak any further, the female dragonborn pulled the trigger on her sniper and shot him directly in the shoulder as he screamed in sheer pain… Her bullets were coated in dragon’s blood… Something all dragons had a horrible weakness for.- “SON OF A BITCH!” -Bolt squirmed under the woman’s grasp as he couldn’t quite heal himself until the bullet was removed.- “Those laws no longer apply since Syreus is in charge.. The Kingdom you once knew is gone and is buried under a new and far more greater one…. Fallen King.” -She taunted before reloading her weapon with a different set of bullets this time and aimed it for Bolt.- “This next shot… Should be enough to knock you out so that I can drag you back… YOU TWO! Finish off the elf boy.” -Again, barking those orders like no one’s business as the hunters near Alimar teamed up for a combo attack of their own. If someone were to look closely enough, both men had dragon eyes as well, though different colors. One had crimson red, the other blue, and the woman had bright pink eyes. Both males stood side-by-side and held out both of their hands as they were aimed at Alimar. One was charging up the lava element as the immense heat increased the humidity and overall temperature in the desert, as if they were all standing in a volcano. The other male was charging up one of the two rare gifts that dragonborn’s are given within Dragonspire; Celestial Magic. The one with the lava fired off his beam first and the celestial magic quickly followed up as both the fiery red and pearly white beams merged together, forming an even larger one as it barreled towards Alimar, showing no sign of the poor elf possibly making it out alive…. Unless.- -Just before the woman made her attack on Bolt, he managed to throw a large celestial barrier around Alimar so that the oncoming beam slammed into it and made it seem like the elf was blasted to a pile of nothing more. But, the reality is.. The barrier would protect him though that wouldn’t be made clear until the smoke was clear.- “You’re coming back home… Criminal. Say your prayers.” -The woman said with sly grin before firing off her sniper point blank into Bolt as the bullet exploded with elemental energy upon impact and sent the dragonborn into the ground as he lied there about ten feet in the ground. With the bullet coated in dragon’s blood from the previous shot still lodged into his wing, Bolt’s body had a difficult time trying to recover from that last shot.- -Meanwhile, the two elites that were on Alimar regrouped with their boss as they assumed their combo attack finished off the elven. Little did they know though.- “All that’s left is the brat with coins for magic.. Shouldn’t be too difficult to remove. You two finish him while I grab our prize..” -With that, she slid down the large hole while the other two elites began charging up the same attack that they used on Alimar, this time aiming it for Luci.- -It may not have looked like it, but Bolt was planning to finish this all in one go… But, he needed the others. He needed their help… If they can pull off a good enough distraction with combined attacks on the three elites… The dragonborn can promise that these guys will be out of the way for good.. So that they can continue their journey to Morgana.-
  15. Stepping up to the Challenge

    (Sorry for the slow response! I didn’t forget about ya. Got caught up in other stuff.) -Bolt knows he’ll be on the run for a very long time…. That is until he can find a way to put his morals to the side and simply kill off Syreus. It’ll stop the bounties and eventually the dragonborn can live in some peace. For now, he was just going get used to the fact that he’s on the run for now. On top of this, Bolt could’ve hidden himself out of watchful eyes while she turned in her bounties or simply hid his face with certain pieces of clothing…. That he would have to steal off someone…. Still.- “Well, my offer will remain in case you ever change your mind then. I won’t get on my knees and beg or anything. Much rather just be on my way and find a different area to nap in for a while.” -Bolt wasn’t about to warn her what will happen if she does start chasing him again, as she might have a pretty clear idea at this point. Letting his wings appear and spread out, Bolt took off flying in the opposite direction of the girl and began searching for a different spot to rest in. Most likely a different forest.-