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  1. Legend of the Emblem: The Descent (OOC)

    I'll make time for myself this weekend to get a reply out. Let's keep this alive because I do enjoy this story. Life just sucks at times. >_>"..
  2. LotE: The Descent

    -The dragonborn watched as Jin took off already on his own as Bolt sighed a little. He had hoped they would all stay together for this, but maybe it was best if one of the three were on their own for now. There was no time to complain about it. Looking back at Wymp, he gives the man a nod.- “You’re with me then. Come on.” -Bolt took off in the direction of where him and Jin were previously walking from, heading back to the clinic. He figured someone had to have seen Lily one way or another. What bothered him is the fact that Wymp didn’t say whether or not some staff member or local at the clinic saw anything or not. Why did this have to happen….? Does this girl have a track record of having trouble follow her wherever she goes? She damn near died for one, became separated in the woods only to then pass out when she finally was regrouped with the rest of them. Now, she’s missing yet again. Danger prone Lily much? Perhaps the bastard downstairs enjoys tormenting her just for kicks. Either way, it wasn’t going to stop the dragonborn from searching.- -Upon reaching the clinic once more, Bolt slowly push opens the door and takes a look around at the main lobby area for a moment. First he looks at the desk clerk, assuming they must’ve seen something out of the ordinary. Then again, Wymp didn’t say anything about it. Emerald hues then glance at a few people who were hanging out in the area and then a few who walked around upstairs. Surely, someone here had to have seen something… Anything to give Bolt and Wymp a lead. Back in his days of being on the run, the dragonborn did anything to obtain information… Whether it was being as nice as humanly possibly… Or beating the daylights out of someone. He has no money on his person so bribery wasn’t an option and he barely knows anything about Valcure in general… So trading secrets wasn’t a choice either. Good cop or bad cop. You choose.- -Quickly getting out of his drifting thoughts, Bolt decides to head upstairs first to see if any people up there saw anything. You may be thinking the desk clerk would’ve been a better option… But if Lily was truly kidnapped, then there’s no way the napper would simply walk out the front door with a body. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, emerald hues spot a maid coming his way. Quickly walking towards her, he lightly taps her arm with a smile.- “Excuse me, miss? Have you seen anything strange happen around here? Probably involving a blue haired girl, around her twenties, peach colored skin. Seen her around by any chance?” -Bolt’s description of Lily was vague in every aspect. He didn’t know her that well and only went based off short, quick glimpses of her. All he could remember was the fact she stood out with her blue hair and peach skin while looking to be around the same age as himself.- “Any kind of information would be very helpful.” -The dragonborn added.-
  3. Legend of the Emblem: The Descent (OOC)

    Ah, so no more clusters? Will do then. Depending on how I feel today, I might post later tonight or tomorrow.
  4. LotE: The Descent

    -Being alone for so long, Bolt has forgotten the feeling of being around other people that he could call allies or friends. The only companion he’s had by his side for the most part, was Sorrilth. The only being he could confide to, the only person to allow himself to cry in front of, the only person to have his back no matter what happens to them. Being apart of this little group of other beings is slowly allowing the dragonborn to understand that he is more powerful when he’s with allies. He doesn’t consider them friends… Yet. Simply because he could be replaced at anytime. If he ever shows any signs of betraying them… Bolt knows they won’t hesitate to cut him down. His reckless actions at the Inn put him in that difficult situation. But, there is still hope. As long as he remains loyal, heal the others when he needs to, and protect them all… Perhaps one day he will call them friends.- “You may be right, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about them. It’s part of who I am.” -Emerald eyes glance down at his hands for a brief moment.- “I’m not used to taking this long to recharge my powers… Realm hopping has probably done more damage to my body than I realize. Maybe once we get some food and drink into our systems, we’ll be back to full power.” -Little did these two know though… That their hunt for sustenance would be put on hold for the time being.- -Wymp, being out of breath and collapsing to the ground before them caught Bolt’s attention rather quickly for two reasons; One, Wymp is someone who should normally inform the Exarch first before anyone else… At least, that’s how things worked in Bolt’s previous Kingdom. And two? The dragonborn was starting to sense that something was wrong in the air. Not with him or Jinsoku, but someone of their party. When Wymp stated that Lily was missing, the dragonborn could feel goosebumps rush down his tattooed arms and back.- “Wh-what?! What do you mean… Gone?! She’s not at the clinic anymore?!- “Dovahkiin… Keep a calm mind. Going into a state of panic is the last thing any of us need.” -Sorrilth was right… Going bat shit crazy wasn’t an option. Though, it did raise a cause for concern. Wasn’t Lily carrying something important? Taking a deep breath and calming his mind for the moment, Bolt looks back to Wymp and Jinsoku.- “Looks like giving our bodies food will just have to wait a little while longer. We need to find out what happened… But do we risk trying to gather the rest of our party or do we simply look for her on our own?” -Having more numbers in search for another was usually the smarter idea, however…. They were all spread out doing God knows what. Did they truly have the time to find everyone else first?-
  5. Legend of the Emblem: The Descent (OOC)

    Sorry for the slow replies everyone! I'll have one out sometime today. Perhaps even within the next few hours.
  6. LotE: The Descent

    -The dragonborn listened intently as Jinsoku explained how he obtained his lightning ability. It seemed like they were both vessels of a spirit… Though by how it sounds, Jinsoku only has a fragment of an entire God while Bolt himself has an entire Goddess within. Either way, it was interesting to find out that another person was a God’s vessel. Fragment or otherwise. It does make him wonder though… Is anyone else like these two then? Other people outside of Nar Oeste? Perhaps there is… Bolt still had a lot to learn about this planet and its people because it seemed like everyone and everything was unique one way or another. There are things he’s never even heard of and he’s been to several realms! Still, these curious thoughts didn’t distract him enough to know that he is still in a very depressing and eerie Valley.- -Emerald dragon eyes look towards Jinsoku and nod before focusing back on the areas in front of them while they explored.- “Huh… Seems like you and I share something in common then…. Though, I won’t say what.” -The dragonborn gave a cheeky grin before holding his palm out, wanting to reveal his elements. But, he remembers that his body is still recovering from what had happened previously. So, he stuck with explanations for now- “I don’t just control lightning… I control several elements. Fire, water, lava, wind, earth…. You get the jist.” -He pauses to pull his hand back down to his side, being a little sad that he couldn’t quite use magic yet Oh well.- “Celestial magic and Gem magic are also my talents.. Though, I don’t believe magic like this is common on this planet. I don’t know… Still learning many things about it.” -He adds, chuckling a bit.- “Hey, I rather you ramble than us looking like two awkward strangers walking together.” -The dragonborn joked before the sounds of a hungry stomach erupted and caused Bolt to look off to the side in embarrassment.- “Dammit…” -He muttered, hoping his walking companion didn’t just hear his growling stomach. The man was half dragon after all and had a dragon’s appetite. Does he dare trust any food given to him though in The Valley? Or does he wait until they’re in a better town or city? A question to be answered by Lady Fate.- “What do you suppose the rest of our group is doing?... Think they’ll be alright while we’re separated like this?”
  7. LotE: The Descent

    “How are you feeling… Dragonborn?” -A female’s voice rang through his thoughts, one that he was all too familiar with. How was he feeling? His stomach was growling fiercely from time to time, his throat running dry begging for a drink of any kind. Hell, he’d probably settle for swamp water if it meant staying hydrated. Bolt heaved out a sigh and responded to his companion within him.- “Well, I’m not dead. And I can move… So there’s that. But, I feel like I could eat a damn horse right about now.” -Bolt used his thoughts to communicate with Sorrilth that way nobody looked at him sideways for talking out loud to himself like a crazy person who escaped the nut house. Nobody knew of Sorrilth on this planet or the realm rather, not even the group he had encountered. They only know that he is part dragon but not what lies deeper within. The time will come when Bolt is ready to reveal her to his new traveling group… But until then? He’ll stay more focused on doing his job as a protector.- -He and Jinsoku had left the clinic a long while ago after waking up, unsure of what the plan was since they had passed out just before getting to The Valley. With this in mind, they supposed exploring the area wouldn’t be too bad of an idea…. How wrong they were. With each step taken, Bolt could feel how depressing this place really was. Some people tried to stay happy while others were just pickpocketing thieves and just your average every day street criminals. It reminded him of Dragonspire and how bad certain areas of the Kingdom was. Almost made him feel kind of homesick, but that was a feeling he had to put behind him…. He didn’t have the desire to go back.- “Jinsoku, was it?... It seems you have some sort of mastery over lightning. Much like me with multiple elements.” -The dragonborn had to break the ice somehow so the entire walk wasn’t silent and awkward the entire time. No awkward potatoes here, folks.- “How did you gain the ability to control lightning?... Were you born with it? Taught maybe? Or did some mystical being granted you the power to manipulate it?”
  8. LotE: Journey to the Valley

    -The healing being done to Madon didn’t take long at all. In fact, by the time Judas and Jin were done telling their stories of how they got looped into this mess Bolt had finished healing what he could. For now, the Exarch would be feeling a lot less pain shoot up but a dedicated healer would need to be found to finish what the dragonborn couldn’t reach.- -The suggestion to start heading to some Valley place sounded like the best and only option the group had currently. Being out in the open like this was risky and they barely escaped last time. They were still missing one person though. However, right on cue there’s Lily tumbling towards Jin’s feet looking completely exhausted. Seeing Madon lift the girl up and mount up to his horse, suggesting that everyone else gets ready to leave and form a diamond formation as well.- -Since Bolt flew all the way out here and practically left behind the horse that was meant for him, the dragonborn would use the same thing that he used to get here to begin with; his dragon wings. Both of them quickly formed out of his back as they slowly flapped and lifted his body off the ground, hovering just a few feet in the air before being the first one to start the diamond formation. Taking a huge whiff of the air around them, Bolt was trying to see if their enemies were coming near. Fortunately for now that wasn’t the case.- “Seems like they didn’t follow us this far. Nothing to smell. Let’s head to this Valley and hopefully feel a little more secure.”
  9. LotE: Journey to the Valley

    -The dragonborn listened as Madon gave his response to him, learning that there was a lot more going on here than Bolt originally thought and now he’s apart of it…. For better or for worse. As for the group that they just barely got away from, they burned down an entire city? Which means that they are bigger than just what the group faced. Finding all of this out caused the dragonborn to look off to the side for a moment as memories of his past began catching up to him once more. It only took Syreus a day to place his ass on the throne by violent and discriminating means. By now, Dragonspire is probably nothing but a empty shell of what it used to be…- -Emerald eyes looked over to the boy who was laughing like a maniac before pledging his loyalty with the Exarch. Perhaps Bolt was wrong earlier in thinking that everyone needs a second chance once in awhile…. Now, he’s starting to think that the crazy ones just need to be let go…. Quickly. But only time will tell for Judas. Dragon eyes are then quick to turn in the direction of Jinsoku, trying to listen to the panicking words he was spewing out.- “Entrapping us seems the most likely outcome… Considering the stuff you just told me moments ago, Madon. We’re probably at the very top of their priority list. Which means we shouldn’t stay in one place for very long…” -When Bolt was told that they are not leaving without Lily, the dragonborn couldn’t help but nod his head in strong agreement.- “As soon as we have Lily back, whether that be her finding us on her own or me carrying her back… We need to get back on the move.” -Bolt lightly taps his nose as a indication for what he was going to say next.- “They have dragon’s blood… Which means I can smell them before they can even ambush us. Call it acting as a bloodhound.” -After he stated this, Bolt moved a little closer to the Exarch, letting both of his own hands glow in a white glow before holding them up to Madon’s right side.- “I can tend to your wound while we listen to the tales. Nobody here should ever walk around injured. Excluding the one eyed boy over there… As strong as my magic is, I cannot restore the eye.” -If the Exarch accepted Bolt’s healing, the magic would rush into the wounded area and it would only take a few moments for the pain to go away. But, if Madon rejects it, Bolt will back away and simply listen to the tales instead.-
  10. LotE: Journey to the Valley

    -The Exarch’s silence was enough for the dragonborn to assume the worse has happened. Bolt knows the pain of losing someone all too well… Nothing but sadness, hatred, regret, revenge…. All these emotions are something that the Exarch could be feeling the dragonborn assumed. It’s always the same no matter how much power, honor, pride or whatever one person has… When a friend or loved one loses their life by the hands of evil… Those emotions quickly become clear as day. It’s all apart of wanting to avenge that person. The dragonborn himself however… He is a long way away from the person he wants to strike down. Call him a coward, but the belief of killing a brother is just more senseless violence…. Despite the fact they are responsible for Bolt’s own hatred.- “I am deeply sorry… Based on how he dove into action back there, it’s clear to me that he was a dear friend of yours.” -Even though Bolt hardly even knows the Exarch, it didn’t stop him from walking up to the man and placing a hand of comfort on one of his shoulders.- “Believe it or not… I know how you feel. My brother…. My own blood…. Took the lives of our parents and framed me for it all.” -The dragonborn choked up a bit as it was a very sore subject to bring up. But, it was the only way he could relate to the current situation.- “I’ll fight tooth and claw to help you avenge Severus, in any way that I can. That’s a promise.” -Bolt quickly fell silent when the arrival of Wymp and the wounded boy with a missing eye apparently, showed up. The dragonborn was quick to return to how he was before; standing with both of his hands tucked away in pant pockets. Bolt watched as the boy tried attacking the Exarch as an attempt to get his eye back. He would’ve jumped it himself but it looked like the situation was going to be handled accordingly. The Exarch lashed out at the boy, saying that he was liability to everyone else. Bolt somewhat agrees, but he wasn’t going to say anything because sometimes there’s always that chance that someone like the boy can come out on top despite their own handicap. Once things were settled and the Exarch returned his attention back to Bolt, the dragonborn slowly looked up at the sky for a moment when the question of his arrival to the inn was brought up.- “... I was nothing more than a traveler who transported into this realm. This entire planet isn’t even my home…. Heh.” -Bolt slowly looked back down at the Exarch.- “As everyone has seen, I am half dragon… Or as it is called back in my home, Dragonborn. When I arrived to this planet, I could feel that dragons roamed… But I could also feel that they were being used for evil… I felt their anger… Sadness… Their free Will being taken away. All of that led me to this…. Island?” -It was clear Bolt still wasn’t clear about Valcure yet, but he was slowly learning.- “I came to the inn to ask what was going on with the dragons, but of course.. All of this happened. I was not expecting to get roped into all of this, but it seems by traveling with you all I’ll get the answers I’m looking for.” -Bolt pauses for a moment, remembering his oath to the Exarch.- “... And don’t think I’ll just split after I find out such info. I was once of royalty, so I know that I have to serve under you until death takes me away. Besides, it seems you all are fighting for the greater good here.. So, I would’ve came along regardless.” -He grinned a little before his own question came to mind.- “I didn’t quite catch your actual name.. Just your title. What is it? And if you don’t mind me asking… What exactly is going on around here? It seems like a war has broken out or something of the sort..”
  11. LotE: Journey to the Valley

    -While the dragonborn was flying he would bring himself upward just above the treetops to get a better view of the area, looking in all directions to make sure he wasn’t being followed for one and to see if he could spot anyone familiar to fly to. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Diving back down into the forest and landing on the ground, Bolt takes it upon himself to go behind some trees and sit on the bright green grass. He needs just a short few minutes to himself to let his healing factors take their time to heal the damage from the hybrid soldiers moments ago. The dragonborn also had his dragon scales fade off his flesh leaving just his wings and tail to be visible for the time being. Bolt never would’ve thought he’d get roped into all of this as he was once just a traveler exploring this planet. Now?... Now, he’s with a small group of complete strangers who he vowed his loyalty and protection to. Still unaware of the whole situation himself…- -It took a good four minutes for his wounds be healed up from his astral abilities as Bolt slowly brings himself up back to his feet. Letting his wings flap again and taking flight, the dragonborn took off in the same direction he’s been following. Since he hasn’t been around the Exarch long enough the scent was faint for Bolt and made it difficult to tell just where he was going. But, he had to find him following Ivas’ orders. It didn’t take him much longer to start seeing that there was less and less trees before then flying into an open road. This is where Bolt saw the Exarch as well not too far ahead on his horse.- “Exarch!...” -Flying over to him, Bolt lands just next to the horse and his wings and tail slowly fade off his body.- “You’re still alive… Thank the Heavens.” -Looking around slowly and cocking a brow, Bolt assumes everyone else hasn’t made it out yet though…He does remember one person that the Exarch got out of there with.- “... Where’s that man that was with you?... Severus I believe his name was.”
  12. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    Guessing it's my turn then? If so, I'll try to get a reply out today.
  13. LotE Chapter 2: The Valley (OOC)

    Sorry that my reply took ages to get to you guys. >.<.... But, it's there now... I hope it's alright. Apologies if I kept everyone waiting too long.
  14. LotE: Journey to the Valley

    -Violence. Battles. Bloodshed. Bolt has seen and experienced it all during his time hopping through realms, staying on the run for so many years. It seemed like nothing could ever be achieved by mere words these days… Situations always resorted to the killing of one party. The current battle was no different, though the dragonborn had no right to say anything about it.- -The shattering of his celestial barrier brings Bolt’s full attention to Ivas and Lily, hoping to Sorrilth that the arrow didn’t hit either of the two. Thankfully enough, it seemed the dragonborn’s gift of controlling the stars has come through to him once again because by the time his shield for Ivas and Lily broke, the arrow had lost all of its power. The group’s only problem now was getting the hell out of here as quick as possible because fighting back was simply not in their favor right now.- “Dragon guy! Bolt! Thanks, but I’m good now!” -These words, along with being told to help the Exarch is what brought Bolt’s attention to Ivas just before he took off running into the depths of the forest and left the dragonborn with an internal conflict with himself. Half of him wanted to fly off to follow them into the forest to make sure nothing else happened, but Bolt’s other half knew he had just sworn an oath to the Exarch as a replacement guard. Inner conflict was sometimes the reason a person would be killed where they stood. Mixed emotions, indecisive choices, processing what steps should be taken next. All of this could very well end Bolt here and now….. But it took Sorrilth yelling at him telepathically to snap the dragonborn out of his pondering state of mind just in time to see that he had been swarmed by six other men on their horses, all them looking ready to burn him at the stake or something along those lines.- “Six on one, doesn’t that seem a little unfair here guys?” -Bolt jokingly said, letting a smug grin appear as his dark blue dragon scales started appearing, firstly at the center of his forehead. These scales would quickly spread outward, going in a full three sixty degree around his face before running down both sides of his neck, shoulders, arms, and his hands which resulted them turning into their dragon claw counterparts. This process continued until his entire body was covered in nothing but dragon scales. On top of this, his wings that he produced earlier appeared along with a tail to boot making Bolt look like a walking humanoid dragon. If magic wasn’t going to work on these guys, then the only other options left were sheer strength and using magic to slow them down by any means so that everyone else that was still in the area could escape. Before Bolt leapt into action, his emerald eyes took notice of the Exarch already taking his turn to get away from this area and grabbing Severus in the process as they left behind a string of explosions from a fire being thrown into gunpowder tossed on the ground minutes earlier. That’s one way to make an exit…- “If I am to be slain, it’ll be by the hands of someone worthy and not by a couple of jokers who pumped themselves full of my own kin’s blood…” -Bolt snarled before going into action.- -Since the horses were more than likely just normal horses, Bolt spun his entire body around in an entire circle using his dragon tail to whip each of the six horses just hard enough for them to throw their riders off them and run rampant around the area like chickens with their heads cut off. As the riders stumbled to get back up after being thrown off, the dragonborn took this time to recharge his power as quick as he could to get ready for an escape…. Hopefully. When the men regained their balance they of course took charge with their weapons drawn, getting ready to try and cut down Bolt. Knowing that he was horrible at close quarters combat, Bolt still did his best to hold his own against the incoming attacks as he still needed to charge up his magic for a little while longer. The first three attacks he managed to avoid by ducking from left, right, and jumping backwards but the next set was a different story. One soldier managed to slash downward on Bolt’s back, causing him to let out a pain filled roar that surely carried throughout the area for a few seconds before being struck again at the stomach as some now damaged dragon scales fell to the ground only to be joined with crimson liquid seconds after. The sixth attack was a slash at his right arm that he was using to try and block with, but only took more damage than he intended to.- -It was at this point that Bolt realized that these guys really are a huge threat, more than he expected and was starting to think this was truly a disadvantage… However, it didn’t stop him from flying upwards into the air and aimed himself in a downwards direction while his wings kept him hovering above the six men. This attack wouldn’t damage them in the slightest, but it would sure as hell slow them down hopefully. Taking in a large inhale of air through his nostrils, Bolt opens his mouth and releases another icy cold dragon’s breath as nothing but snowflakes and below freezing wind spirals down towards the soldiers. Bolt’s aim was to freeze just their feet and arms at most as he knew that they would most likely break free, but it would give him just enough time to fly the hell out of the area and meet back up with the Exarch.- -If the soldiers were truly protected by the dragon’s blood and freezing their limbs wasn’t an option, then the ground would still be a miniature ice rink making it difficult to move on for the soldiers but… His allies may also struggle as well. Sometimes you just have to make certain choices if it meant staying alive. A whispered “Sorry” is spoken under Bolt’s breath before he takes off flying in a similar direction that the Exarch took, hoping that the six soldiers he left behind either had frozen limbs or were stumbling around on the icy ground like a bunch of goons.- -Bolt wanted to call out to the Exarch, but that may or may not give away their position so he had to rely on good ol’ fashion vision. Dragon wings flapped fast causing some of the branches on trees Bolt passed to be hit some gusts of wind, flailing around in the air and having some leaves be ripped right off and fly a few feet away from their homes before landing on the blades of grass below. The dragonborn hopes he can find the Exarch or maybe even Ivas and Lily.-