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  1. Corner Cafe

    ☕ T̤̈ḧ̤ë̤ c̤̈ö̤r̤̈n̤̈ë̤r̤̈ c̤̈ä̤f̤̈ë̤ ☕ . ----------------- caѕper'ѕ own lιттle coғғee place, don'т нeѕιтaтe and graв a мυg, or deѕѕerт ғor тнoѕe long advenтυreѕ.
  2. Corner Cafe

    Busying herself amongst odd jobs, racking up cups and saucers, placing them into their designated areas. Rose wondered if whether she didn't inherit her mother's "perfectionist" habit, having to put things exactly right, spotless and shiny. Suddenly as she was about to round the counter, a flash before her eyes blurred her vision. Everything went by like flash, she blinked quickly adjusting her vision once more. As her eyes refocused on what seemed like a blur, everything fell silent. Her eyes fell upon a creature! No, a reptile was the correct term to describe this unfathomable, strange like creature. Just moments ago the wooden floor felt like it was rumbling, as if a bowling ball was rolling down an alley. Rose stared at the creature in shock and awe, unable to form and sort of sentence in her mind. Her eyes darted around the cafe, finding some tables and chairs toppled over onto the ground from the unexpected guests sudden appearance. Slowly the girl went back behind the counter, putting on her business smile. "Welcome sir, how can I help you? " she asked, but as the question slipped, the reptile like creature suddenly looked at her expectantly? is he trying to tell me something? Can he not talk..?' she pondered, as she watched the reptile grabbing two mugs close by, then placing them onto the counter gently along with a golden piece of jewelry. Rose leaned in closer towards the shiny object, peering at its beauty and worth. "This is.. Sir this is of high value, I just can't accept this. " she directed her response firmly, before pushing the gold piece back towards the curious looking reptilian. @Demiurge
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  4. Boom Baby! I'm back

    Welcome back~ hope you enjoy your stay even more so.
  5. Corner Cafe

    visit the Corner Cafe for a dose of sweet, and savory goods! All are welcome.
  6. Corner Cafe

    Rose looked over to the gentlemen across the counter, he seemed a little out of it for a few moments it seemed, though his words were the opposite as he straightened up on the stool he sat on. The brunette just smiled relived she had nothing too worry about, ' I must have been hallucinating' she shook her head to rid the thought. " Doing quiet well, thank you for asking. Hope you are too. " her eyes shone, enlightenment shining on her features. " Ah, I'm glad to hear it. I hope you enjoy your stay then. I'm the owner of this establishment, so don't hesitate to ask any queries. " Rose smile delighted at the compliment she was given from the gentlemen who laughed lightly towards her. " I'd have to recommend our pie special, along with our freshly brewed famous coffee." she replied, but a thought occurred to her that she had something in the oven! Smoke emerged from the direction of the kitchen, panicked struck her. Quickly the girl excused herself cursing under her breath, rushing over towards the kitchen almost tripping over her own two feet. Moments later she appeared out the kitchen wearing a rather forced smile, inwardly Rose kicked herself mentally being so careless. " sorry about that.. Just a little prone accident. " a chuckle escaped her, passing the accident off as nothing serious. @Ronhil12
  7. Corner Cafe

    The rather unexpected reply from the guest who sat enjoying the devine dessert that wafted to her nose, thanked her sincerely which brought a satisfied smile to her lips, " your most welcome, glad it's to your taste. Hm, I only serve the best to my guests, you can count in it. " her smile grew bigger, complete confidence oozing from her being, directing a response to the guest who smiled pleasingly at her. The girl wiped down the counter busying herself quietly, close enough to receive any other requests from her guests. @LightningBolt
  8. Corner Cafe

    The light in the cafe was starting to dim slightly, The girl seemed somewhat surprised as it was already nearing noon but she didn't pay it much mind as she approached the rather pale gentleman who only just entered the cafe. The guest seemed rather exhausted, " welcome to the corner cafe, sir. " she paused for a moment pondering if whether she should question his rather ill complexion that was plainly visible on his face. " could I interest you in something to eat? You seem rather pale sir?" The question escaped her without a second thought, concern written on her features. Rose waited for the gentleman to reply, her gaze shifted towards lysanders table checking to see if he seemed alright, thought the rather large man seemed to be busying himself with a rather small book compared to his size, she chuckled quietly to herself. @Ronhil12
  9. Corner Cafe

    The brunette smiled and nodded making a mental note of the guests order who propped himhelf up on his elbows. " of course no problem, I will surprise you with a decent slice of our cake! You won't be disappointed. " she chimed, directing her response excitedly. seems like today is going well.. ' The thought quietly crept into her mind as another guest arrived into the Cafe, though The new comer seemed rather slump and pale in complexion as if he ran a marathon. Rose quickly got herself into gear, putting a good slice of her famous dark forest chocolate cake, sliding the decent slice onto a saucer with ease, then finishing the fresh brewed coffee with a dollop of fresh creamer, smooth and frothy. She placed the two servings in front of the gentleman carefully. " please enjoy, sir. Hope it's to your liking. " a smile crossed her lips as she moved on to her next quest. @LightningBolt
  10. Corner Cafe

    A familiar chime rang out, signalling a new customer entering the small establishment, Rose excused herself from the others table giving a small apologetic smile in return. The girl made her way over to the front of the shop, stopping at the counter giving a knowing smile to her new guest, Rose sensed how patient the guest seemed as he waited for her to tend to him and she appreciated that. " Welcome to the corner cafe. Would you like anything to drink or eat? We have a coffee cake special if your interested?. " she asked the guest with a smile. The guest seemed rather relaxed in his new environment, settling himself comfortably on the wooden stool he sat on, she also noticed a abnormally huge bag set down beside him as she made her way over. Rose wondered how anyone would be able to lug around such weight around, she shook her head in disbelief. This town never seemed to amaze her. @LightningBolt
  11. Corner Cafe

    A gentle but pleasant breeze whipped through the open windows, the breeze felt soothing on the Brunettes skin blowing away any troubled thoughts from her mind. Casper never ceased to amaze her with its pleasant weather, no regret was felt at all. This was home. "That's a relief.. " she spoke quietly as if reassuring her self mostly, suddenly feeling the tension from moments ago dissipate from the room hearing the kind words from the tall man. Rose looked over from where she stood from the window cell, only to find lysander sighing with relief, 'Must be the pie, definitely, ' she joked inwardly and smiled. "Call it fate or chance if you will. My late grandparents owned this shop quite a while back, naturally I would end up here one day, well as the next successor of the place. I guess this place and little town of Casper has grown on me, I couldn't have made a better decision moving here, especially the beaches. What about yourself? What's your story? " a genuine smile lit up her face, answering the question Lysander directed at her, then directing her own. Rose made her way over to the table tending to the now empty dishes that stood before her, disappearing then appearing out of the kitchen in minutes with a fresh brew of coffee ready in hand. Curiosity got the better of her though, as she waited for Lysanders story patiently whilst refilling his now empty coffee cup. @Letherius
  12. Corner Cafe

    A pleased smile crossed the gentle girl's features, Lysander was savoring every last mouthful of the pie, it made her feel satisfied with the results of her famous baking. Inwardly Rose thanked her grandmother passing on her famous pie recipe to her novice grand daughter at the time, a blessing it was. The question Lysander directed at Rose made the girl chuckle, slightly amused. " it wasn't bought at all, in fact I made it myself, obviously all credits go to my late Grand mother." she responded, giving a knowing smile. " I'm glad your enjoying it, there is plenty more where that came from though". Another chuckle left her lips, but paused noticing how the others leg seemed to be bouncing in rhythm, it was hard to miss as the sound was reverberating against the wooden floor. 'did I go and make him feel uncomfortable? Was I rambling to much...?' as the thought quietly crept into her mind, Rose realized what it might be. " Was I rambling on again.... , I apologize I usually do that alot. Hope there aren't any hard feelings. " The girl wondered if whether she wasn't jumping to any conclusions as it was a bad habit of hers, Rose opened a curtain near by letting the sunlight beams soak through the windows, bringing some warmth into the cafe distracting herself from feeling uneasy about herself. @Letherius
  13. Corner Cafe

    Rose thought for what seemed a moment in response to the gentlemen's words, " Ah, well I'd have to then recommend our famous Blue Berry pie! You won't regret it, I guarantee it. " she smiled warmly. The Girl stopped in her tracts as the other projected a question towards her, Rose turned on her heels as she was just about to head towards the kitchen. " Lysander interesting name, pleased to meet you. I'm Rose, very ordinary name I might add. " a light chuckle left her lips, then something caught the corner of her eye, Scars on both arms, and on both wrists were embedded marks.. She found herself staring to hard, shaking her head slightly the inquisitive girl smiled and made her way back to the kitchen to tend to task at hand. Though seeing marks that Rose had just set eyes on, made her wonder curiously what had caused them. Minutes passed, a fresh scent wafted through the Cafe, a smell so delectable no one could pass it up. Rose brought a single trey that consisted of a fresh brewed cup of coffee, and a single slice of delectable pie, the smell so alluring. " I do hope you enjoy your meal, Lysander, sir. The coffee is free, just for interest sake. " she placed the two plates down with ease and gentleness, wary as to not spill or mess in the process. Hoping the Other was satisfied with the meal. @Letherius
  14. Corner Cafe

    As the situation grew more and more helpless the rather lager man spoke, he seemed rather flustered at his rather amusing predicament. " I know how good the pies I make are, but too have this kind of reaction takes the 'cake' literally. " she teases chuckling mostly to her own personal joke, distracting her mind from the actual situation at hand. crash! Thump! The moment all hope was lost, the giant toppled over falling over his own two feet! Free from the retains of the frame of the door, he had managed to wedge his rather tall self out!. Rose had just managed to dodge the Towering man's fall, the blow would've been fatal. Luckily in the events she managed to land on her hind, taking a little tumble of her own. Rose bubbled over with laughter as she sat there, feeling slightly embarrassed, 'Way too start the day off. ' as she thought this, the larger man towered over her offering her his hand to help her up, she took it, standing back on her own two feet, whilst dusting herself off. " It's quite alright, No harm done at all. Nothing's broken, but I do think I'd have to widen up the door front a bit more, you know, just in case. " she chuckled once more, feeling relieved no one had been harmed or squashed. " So, about that pie, why not take a seat and I will sort something out for you. Is there any particular one you'd prefer, sir?.. " a thought occurred to her, out of all the events she hadn't asked the gentleman's name, neither did she welcome the stranger. ' Rose, really?' her inner conscious kicked her menatally, shaking it's head at her lack of manners. @Letherius