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  1. Corner Cafe

    It was nearing noon, a few clouds hung around loosely in the sky as Rose stepped out side to tend to a couple, she served them each her house blend coffee special. As she stepped back into the cafe she realized only a handful of guests lingered inside, 'I have to say today was quite a busy day.' just the thought brought a smile to her face, in the past few weeks, business had been a little slow. A sigh of relief left her lips feeling her shoulders relax slightly. Making her way over to where Lucian and Arabelle sat. They seemed to be engrossed in some conversation as she neared their table. Only a couple words she could make out from what they were saying, but what really got her attention was the way Lucian's eyes changed slightly while he scanned the room intently, "Does something catch your interest?" she prodded the question in a way that didn't seem too suspicious, she didn't want to be jumping to any conclusions to quickly. The cafe was seemingly in a safe area outside the city, though she still was wary, though then again her mind was always whirling, and over thinking the worse case scenarios. 'relax Rose, relax.. '. "It be my pleasure, there's plenty to go around." a smile broke out on her face, as she said this to Arabelle, the way Arabelle sat now showed she was not really comfortable with the topic, her fingers tapped the surface of the table in a rhythm. The ice was soon broken as she put the spot light back onto Lucian with a question. Rose excused herself for a moment to tend to the coffee, her mind wandering back to what Arabelle had mentioned earlier, and the change of expression in Lucian's expression. @Naralia @ButAHumbleBard
  2. Hey...

    Well I suppose those comments from earlier pretty much sums things up. Hope you enjoy your stay, don't be a stranger, we don't bite..... Much. Lol Welcome ~
  3. Corner Cafe

    Moments before Rose dove back into her unwashed dishes, she could hear a commotion going on out back, 'it must be a Lucian telling his story.. ' she assumed recognizing the familiar voice, and the way the the cafe suddenly fell silent, as if all the customers had left? This suddenly made her curiosity get the better of her. "I guess I could just take a small peak.. " leaving the dishes behind she made her way over back to the front of the store subtly wiping her hands off on her apron. As her feet carried her over, faster than she realised, she found Lucian telling a fairly characterized tale. She soon found her self engrossed in the story, as she sat down next the the young female from before. The tale was enchanting and adventurously dangers, full of excitement! A tale that she enjoyed listening too, 'when was the last time I ever had the chance to listen to such a great story.. 'her conscious asked in the back of her mind, her eyes fixed on the male who swayed his arms about in a dramatic way as he spoke animatedly. Rose was now on the edge of her seat as the tale grew more intense, surprisingly the chime of the front door took her by surprise her head spun round to in the direction of the door, only to find a new quest! A woman dressed so formally stood there almost entranced by her surroundings. Straight away Rose made her way over and welcomed her with a warm smile, signaling her to come in. Whilst in the background Lucian went on with his animated tale, slaying some god as he posed like some great hero on the chair he was seated on only moments ago. She couldn't help rolling her eyes a little at the sight, hoping he didn't go breaking her chair. " Unfortunately we only have the storage facility where we keep our supplies, as for accommodation goes. " she replied to Lucian previous asked question, as he sat down now taking a deep breath after his tale being told. She chuckled lightly to herself, finding how engrossed he was only moments ago. @ButAHumbleBard @aphrodite @Naralia
  4. Welcome! I hope your enjoy your stay further. And a welcome back ~
  5. I appreciate the follow. 

    Thank you!

    Hope you enjoy your stay here at Valucre.  :)

  6. Apologies for the delayed replies.  I don't like to keep people waiting.  

    Thought I'd put that out there.  ~ ^^;

  7. Corner Cafe

    A slight worried expression crossed her features, with a furrowed brow her mind thought of something much worse. She always seemed to think the worse case scenario before getting the actual facts first, it was one of her bad habits. " so that's what it was... " she murmured this more to herself, feeling herself relax a bit. " it's a good thing you were there at the right time then, though I think you should clear the misunderstanding somehow..? " she stated, only to realise she hadn't even introduced herself yet. " I'm Rose, I'm the owner of this establishment. " she gave a small nod in the males direction, noticing how he enjoyed the coffee to every little drop. " I too would like to listen to these stories you mentioned, that way you can enjoy more of this lovely coffee when you visit again." in the back of her mind she hoped she wasn't asking too much. " No, this will be the first time. " Rose smiled at Arabella, finally reconising her name. " Who knows what tomorrow will bring?. " with that she took the one empty plate that had one of the slices? Where did it all go? It had been demolished with no trace, which only made her smile more, as she made her way to the kitchen to place it amongst the dishes she had meant to do. Oops.. @Naralia @ButAHumbleBard
  8. Corner Cafe

    Lending a ear, or just being there for others when they needed just that little bit of advice, or rise of hope. Rose needn't mind either, as helping was one always made her feel like she did a good deed. " Well, you are more than welcome to visit anytime you need, even if it's just a visit. " she smiled, her eyes smiling too. " Please call me Rose, and you don't have to worry I don't judge others. " her demeamore showed how serious she meant what she had just said, which dissipated in seconds into her warm smile. " yes, I made both, glad you enjoying ---" just as she wanted to continue as to what she wanted to say, a figure appeared from the entrance, a man. The man seemed distraught? " Welcome sir Lucian, you seem like you could use a cup coffee.. " she gave a wary smile before setting a cup of coffee in front of the gentleman, Rose always made it habit to be one step ahead. " I'm curious that noise a little earlier?" she noticed how the young woman from before quickly joined his table, she giggled finding how she wasn't the only one with the piqued interest. Her curiosity had gotten the best of her as she waited expectantly at the male, only to notice he seemed to be in some pain. @Naralia @ButAHumbleBard
  9. Corner Cafe

    With a slight nod of her head, and smile she made a mental note of the woman's order, she was slightly taken a back for what seemed like moments, ' two slices of cake?!' she thought to herself, thinking if whether this young woman could even manage such an amount. A slight chuckle erupted from her lips finding this quite amusing, She smiled not giving it another thought, " I'll serve you our most recommended special for the day!" she chimed, her voice just a octave higher than usual. She made swift turn on her heel getting herself busy with the order, from slicing two of the best freshly baked cakes she had prepared herself that morning and setting them on white saucer with ease. The coffee was brewed ready to pour, layering a white cloud of frothy cream on the surface of the warm delightful contents. Placing the cup down gracefully she set it in front of the woman who had been entranced by the cafe, Rose couldn't help notice how enlightened the woman seemed. " Thank you, this place has been passed down from a long stream of relatives. " she paused for a moment to set the two separate plates down, one slice of black forest cake the other a strawberry cheese cake. " I do hope I keep the place running just as long. " she smiled. " hope you enjoy your meal~" @Naralia
  10. i wanted to thank you for taking the time to view my Café Rp. and taking the time to post. 

    I appreciate the follow up too .:D

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      Of course, do you want me to tag you when i respond?


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      Rose parker

      That be great :D

  11. Corner Cafe

    thank you for taking the time to read my Rp. looking forward to your posts! :3
  12. Corner Cafe

    The day had just begun, yet another day dishing out wonderful treats and fresh brewed cups of warm mojo. Way in the back of the small marble counter tops, white tiled and especially clean kitchen, there Rose was busy with a small stack of dishes. Occupying her self amongst small tasks the chime on the front door of the Café chimed, signaling a new willing customer. Halting her self from her chores she made her way to the front of the shop to welcome her new arrival with her usual smile. She soon found a young women sitting idly waiting to be served, Rose made her way over, whilst taking out a small note pad just in case. '' Hello and welcome to The Corner Café! May I interest you in a cup of coffee? or something sweet to start the day off?'' she asked, her voice sounding warm and pleasant. she waited for the customers reply patiently. @Naralia
  13. Corner Cafe

    Tired from those long adventures? Need a little coffee boost? That's right, this is the place to join to quench those thirst urges! We are a friendly bunch, don't hesitate. Genre: Fantasy Location: Terrenus, on the seas side of Casper
  14. Are you still interested in the Corner Cafe idea? If so, you should "bump" your Water Cooler ad so more people are aware of it :)

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      How does one "bump" their ad up in water cooler? Just for interest sake.  

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      You make another post within your Water Cooler ad and that should make it shoot back to the top of the Water Cooler front page.

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      Rose parker

      Sounds easy enough.  Thanks a lot for the help.  :3

  15. Hello

    Welcome to valucre! Hope you enjoy your stay :3