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    υ. к ℓσи∂σи
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    Art, graphic designer, music, out doors, manga, anime.
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    gяαρнι¢ designer

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About Me

.               ?*°~   Biography~°*?

.                                яσѕє 



Appearance :

long brown,  naturally straight hair.  Usually worn loosely or up in a pony. Her gaze might seem  unfocused, or distracted? Though she is quite the diligent worker.  Her smile is probably one of her best features,  well, that is what she is usually told.  Form; slim straight to her long sleek pale legs.  One of her favorite styles of dressings are,  a good ole pair of skinnies, and ofcourse a T! When in her working environment she's all dressed up,  in her little apron,  skirt and blouse.  Shoes,  usually she likes to wear a good pair of sneakers, though heels aren't really her cup of tea,  so to speak. 

°*☆...................................................... ☆*°

occupation :

Half the day she the owner of The " One and only 'Casper's towns ' Corner cafe, and resident. When she isn't serving drinks and pastries, she is doing her part time job.  That being, a Graphic designer,  though making sweets for her beloved Casper adventurers are also one of her passing moments through the day.  

Favorite Quote

normal is overrated. "


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