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  1. This is pretty neat. Think you could do my guy Trey Tyrrell? Description's as follows: Light skinned, short dark brown hair, no facial hair. Current outfit is a white tank, blue jeans, brown belt, white shoes, silver necklace and a red bandanna around his head. I don't really have a reference image, so hopefully this will be enough.
  2. The giant had failed to grab Trey, who's body was still incorporeal from the curse. The one-eyed behemoth didn't seem to notice this however, as he set off regardless. Trey followed close behind until they reached the fortress. (Fuck dude, when does shit wear off? I can't do anything like this!) He didn't think it remotely odd that the giant would take them to a mountain fortress until he said he brought them there because the doctor wanted to play with them. A feeling of dread washed over him as knew all to well that by "play with", he meant "experiment on". Trey valued both his freedom and his life far too much to be a mad scientist's lab rat, but although his curse would allow him to escape, it would eventually wear off, it would only be a matter of time before he was found and caught. Even at his best he doubted he could fight against whatever creature the doctor would send after him. The situation seemed hopeless and he didn't join in Erin and Meritio's attempts to persuade the giant to hide them away. He was prepared to give up until the malevolent energy that radiated from his arm dissipated briefly before reforming in the form of a cloud of darkness before him, from which the demon sword that bound itself to him manifested, glowing bright as ever. It seemed as if the cursed blade could feel his despair and was offering it's power as the only solution to ensure his survival. Trey thought for sure he left it behind, and was shocked to see that it was still in his possession. Using it's power again was the last thing he wanted to do, remembering what it turned him into the first time. It wasn't something he wanted to experience again, but it was looking like it may be the only way out. Trey hesitantly began extending his hand towards the weapon, but pulled back in surprise at the sudden appearance of a portal, and the armored figure that emerged from it who demanded the giant let his companions go, while casting magic at it. His attention returned to the sword, and though he was unsure of how he would even use it, he reached out again. The sword's haunting light grew yet brighter, and an intense rush energy channeled into Trey's body. As before, a transformation began to take place, but this time, he embraced it fully, allowing it's influence into his body and soul immediately, along with his mind. The long, flowing white hair and glowing red eyes and markings were ever present, but his skin also began turning a dark shade of red, and piercing orange pupils became visible in his eyes. Long, upward curved horns grew from his forehead, his teeth turned razor sharp, and to top it all off, he grew to at least the same height as the giant, and his muscles expanded greatly. The sword changed from as well, growing as long as Trey was tall, the blade maintaining it's shape, but glowing shades of bright red and orange like it was a blade of pure energy. Having regained corporeality, he took up the sword and faced the giant. Despite the menacing nature of this new form, Trey's demeanor was significantly calmer than last time. It seemed that he had greater control of himself, perhaps as a result of changing willingly. He spoke in a low, yet thunderous tone, his voice not sounding as warped as before. "If you don't put them down now, I'll slice you up and spread what's left of you all over Valucre."
  3. Trey had hardly more than a moment to react before his bags had been taken by the crew as they flooded onto the boat. He simply went with it and disembarked alongside the others without a word. It made no difference whether he carried his things or they did, as long as he got them back in one piece. The welcoming party was a bit of a surprise to him, but he figured it made sense that they would get a hero's welcome. He believed the day when he would be regarded as anything more than a street thug would be the day Hell froze over, and this day must've been cold one for sure. For a moment it all seemed so unreal to him, as though he was in a lucid dream. He took note of the way he and Ren had been eyed by Rahab. If she was at all concerned that they may have been biased in favor of men, those concerns were unfounded. He could speak for both of them in terms of their respect for fighting women. Much as he had no desire to associate with them, the female fighters of the underground scene certainly had his respect for how vicious they could be, and training with the lone female student of Tiandi had only served to further elevate his opinion of the opposite sex. And that realization seemed set in when Rahab saw the aforementioned Kotori. Thoughts about the illegal street scene he originally came up in flashed through Trey's mind, and he briefly reflected on how far he'd come since then, and how much further he could go. He was brought back to attention promptly as Raveena stepped forward to greet them. Her acknowledgment of their progress was an honor for him, though he knew the road ahead still stretched on for several miles, and it would a while yet before he reached that road's end. The journey so far had proven to be worth the struggle, and he had no intentions of abandoning it now. He followed along with the group into the carriage that awaited them, melting back comfortably into the seat. "Aw yeah, I could get used to this." This sort of luxury was certainly foreign to the Hell's Gate native, but he was enjoying every moment of it enormously. Rahab's questioning only of the women of Tiandi Wushu came as a slight annoyance. It seemed to him then that she simply wasn't approving of male warriors, but he was so amused by Kotori's reaction to being praised by their master and by Rahab kissing her to understand their school's name that he had to stifle a laugh, and quickly let it go. It seemed they would all just have to be thick-skinned with the brash royal. "That's a very unique way of learning a new language you got. Wish I coulda just done that when I was taking that foreign language class. Those pronunciations were tougher to master than any fighting technique I've learned so far, and that's sayin' something."
  4. I almost forgot. A while back, I was thinking of possible outcomes of Trey corrupting her and making her a living demon sword like his.
  5. Anytime is fine. I have some ideas relating to how Trey's imminent demonic transformation is going to play out.
  6. Trey laughed, but he couldn't shake the feeling she probably could. Her size was anything but indicative of her potential. He noticed the people gathered at the dock. "(Look at 'em all. Wonder what's got their attention...)" "(Oh yeah, packing. Probably shoulda done that first.)" He took a look at the sleeve of his hoodie and smelled it, pulling back in disgust immediately. "(On second thought, maybe changing clothes shoulda been priority number one...)" Trey just stared at her in confusion, unsure of how to respond. He wondered if this was really the same shy, quiet girl he trained with in Terrenus. She seemed almost a completely different person now, being far more talkative and outgoing. His own social skills had improved as well. Though he still remained hotheaded, vulgar and foulmouthed as ever, he wasn't as cold or hostile towards others as he once was. He warmed up considerably to the others, and came to think of them as friends he could trust rather than simply rivals to eventually be surpassed and defeated, though at that point he wouldn't admit it. He followed after Kotori back bellow deck and headed for his room. He returned just after her with two black duffel bags slung over his shoulders, one filled with as much of his wardrobe he could carry, and the other containing an old boombox and several discs filled with his favorite pirated music. He changed into a white tank top and khaki pants, and had a red bandanna tied around his head, knotted in the front. His usual industrial style chain necklace and sneakers remained unchanged. "Alright, we all packed, and I got some fresh clothes on. Let's get ready and get off this boat."
  7. Somehow, I think you'd have it better than me.
  8. Trey came up to the deck first, ready to get his feet back on solid ground. Life on the sea didn't sea didn't suit him at all. His anxiousness to return to land had far overshadowed his initial uncertainties about moving to another continent. "I always did wanna get out and see more of the world. Besides, I ain't got a bounty here!", he thought to himself. He never had any intentions of going back to Hell's Gate when his training was complete; he'd be scooped up by the police as soon as they realized he was back in town. Sticking with Tiandi was proving to be his best decision yet. He felt foolish for ever doubting that he made the right choice. Though he couldn't really say he was happy about the circumstances, he could at ;east appreciate the advantages that came with the move. "Yo, Master Ren, we there yet? I didn't wanna say nothin' but I'm goin' crazy on this damn boat. Training's nice and all, but it's all we can do out here. I know I was all gung ho before, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, ya know?" Trey looked out over the sea. "Kinda wish Sparky was here. It's not like I miss him, I just wanna throw hands with him. I wouldn't win, but at least it would be entertaining." He would've asked Ren to go a few rounds for the hell of it, but he didn't feel much like being thrown overboard. He knew how to swim, but he only enjoyed being wet during a shower. As for his theoretical chances against Jin, he was sure the odds still wouldn't be in his favor, as his speed and defense were still severely lacking, and no matter how much he increased his strength, it would be insufficient to cover his weaknesses. He thought it best to bring up the matter of improving those particular areas once they had settled into their new home.
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