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  1. Laughingmad

    Harsh Training (Tiandi Wushu)

    Trey chuckled to himself at how easily Ren halted Jinsoku's attack, and at the fact that Ren chose to counter a kick with a kick. "It was just like I said it would be, wasn't it? Oh well, let's just get this over with." Trey rose to his feet and sighed. He took off his hoodie, tied it loosely around his waist with the sleeves and made a run at Ren. Midway through his charge, in a single fluid motion, he quickly removed his hoodie from around his waist and tosses it at Ren, hoping to briefly distract distract him. A simple trick he knew, but one that had worked for him in the past. Trey judged his moment and raised his left leg into a straight, high kick aimed at Rens face.
  2. Laughingmad

    What are you playing? [Video Game Edition]

    SRS Street Racing Syndicate (Far from the best racing game of its time, but still one I manage to enjoy.) Gran Turismo 1 (The first console game I ever played, and the reason I became interested in cars. great game, though it hasn't aged as well as its successors.) Gran Turismo 2 (Big improvement over the original, but that goes without saying. So many cars that you can't fit them all in your 200-car garage, and no shortage of replay value with the arcade mode and unlockable event generator in simulation mode.) Gran Turismo 4 (A notable improvement in the physics department over 3. Also the first game to feature rolling starts outside of endurance races.) Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix (First MC title to feature licensed cars and bikes. Decent list of vehicles with a decent number of options to customize them to your liking. The "Remix" version expands the list of vehicles and adds in a secondary career mode called the "Tokyo Challenge". Also has a nifty race editor.)
  3. Laughingmad

    Custom rank title 7

    I already have a title in mind. Now, if I can just have some good luck...
  4. Laughingmad

    Harsh Training (Tiandi Wushu)

    Trey raises an eyebrow at Ren's request. "All of us against you? That's not fair at all, and I don't mean for you. I don't feel like getting tossed around like a rag doll today. Besides, what're we gonna learn from it? We already saw how batshit crazy strong you are. If this about proving a point, then you're just wasting your time, and ours too." He flops down on the ground, legs and arms crossed. "Give us one good reason to bother taking this seriously. We already know exactly what's gonna happen anyway. Why should we even bother?" He had a feeling he already knows the answer to that question, but he wanted to know if he was on base or completely wrong. Either way, he fully planned on cooperating. Anything for the sake of furthering his training.
  5. Laughingmad

    Custom title raffle 6

    Might as well keep trying.
  6. Laughingmad

    Custom title raffle 5

    Attempt #2
  7. Laughingmad

    Kaess Festival of Lights - The Atrium of Lights

    Oxidus was surprised by Lapelle, not as much at her interruption as at her use of an alien language he never heard before. He knew very well that there're as many different languages in the universe as there are different races of people, but this particular one was far different from any other in its elegance and refinement. He was hesitant to except the champagne she offered, as his last experience with alcoholic beverages hadn't been a pleasant one. Still, he couldn't bring himself refuse. He silently took the glass she offered, examining her features closely, committing each detail to memory. Her ears, he noticed, were pointed like Dreamers, but she lacked horns. This detail made him wonder if perhaps Dreamer was a mutant of some sort. He briefly considered asking her if that was case, but thought better of the idea, seeing as he's one himself. He was just about to introduce himself when the golden skinned high elf approached Lapelle. This one struck him as especially odd. She radiated an aura of perceived superiority, a feeling one would usually get from arrogant and delusional fools who think themselves god like beings, and look down on others as "inferior". This feeling sickened him, and he almost vomited a bit in his mouth. He was too focused on holding it down to pay any attention to what the elf said before she walked away. After Lapelle had left and his stomach settled, he turned his attention back to Dreamer. "To be honest, I don't anything about this place either. I couldn't tell you what any of this is about. Oh, where're my manners? My name's Oxidus, but I'm not particularly picky about what people call me." @Dreamer
  8. Laughingmad

    Kaess Festival of Lights - The Atrium of Lights

    "Amazing". That was the only word Oxidus could think of describe the atrium as he wandered in. Never before had he seen such a unique and beautiful structure. It's a grand change from the rectangular skyscrapers he had grown accustomed to seeing on a daily basis back home. The same could be said of the whole of Hyperion City. It was unlike any city on his old home planet. It's bright and colorful, and the varied architectural styles of its buildings are much easier on the eyes. As he continued exploring the city, he couldn't help but wish that those giant, metal eyesores on Alternia looked more like the buildings of Hyperion. The second thing that caught his attention was the amount of people gathered inside. Although overcrowding has always been an ever-worsening problem in every civilized corner of his home planet, he had never seen this many people gathered in one building. And it wasn't just the sheer number, but also the great diversity among the many individuals, who who had from all around to enjoy the festival. It's what he always imagined a festival of worlds would be like; people of all races coming together in one place. As he wanders further into the atrium, doing his very best to avoid knocking anyone over as he squeezes through the crowd of people, one particular individual catches his eye: Dreamer, standing alone among the mass of people. Although she had her fair share of unique features, such as her scars, tattoos and long, pointed ears, the thing that stood out the most to Oxidus was her horns. Although different from his own large, curving, candy-corn colored horns, he still couldn't ignore the similarity. He decides to go over and talk to her. "Excuse me, hello. I noticed you standing here all by yourself, and decided to seize the opportunity to meet someone new. You wouldn't mind a little conversation, would you?" @Dreamer
  9. Laughingmad

    Custom title raffle 3

    I'll join in.
  10. Laughingmad

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    After silently observing everyone's matches with Ren, Trey comes to the realization that these fighters are anything but average. They posses strength and abilities he's never seen before. He sees that if he's to have any hope of keeping up with them, he'll have to work even harder on his fighting than he did on his bodybuilding. Considering he spent the past two years working only on improving his physical condition, he could only imagine how much longer it's going to to take to learn to fight like his new teacher. At hearing Ren say that there was still yet another style he had yet showcase, Trey prepared to witness something seemingly impossible. Something even more incredible than what he had already seen today. His intrigue grew when Ren called So Chan out to be his opponent. He was very curious to see what the hulking tower of muscle could do. He immediately heeds Ren's advice of moving to a safer place, and runs off to the cliff he mentioned. His heart starts beating faster upon feeling the shock from Ren's powerful stomp, and he is left rather shocked himself upon seeing the Dragon Bullet fire from his eyes.
  11. Laughingmad

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Trey spends a long moment laying on his back in awe that he could be tossed away so easily. He'd never encountered anyone with such great strength before. He wasn't quite sure Ren was really who he hoped he'd be at first, but now, he knows without a doubt that he came to the right person. When the moment of awe passes, he picks himself up approaches Ren again. "You're unreal! Nobody's ever done that to me before! How do you do it?"
  12. Laughingmad

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Trey staggers back to his feet, shocked by Ren's counter. Few opponents have ever been able to break his bear hug hold, and never with such great force. It's been made apparent to him that strength alone won't cut it. Granted, brute strength and crude street fighting moves are all he knows. He charges Ren again, this time holding his right arm out beside him. He takes aim at Ren's chest and attempts to take him down with an arm lariat.
  13. Laughingmad

    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Trey boldly steps forward and faces Ren, showing no signs of nervousness or uncertainty. "I'll go first. I get the feeling someone here isn't taking me seriously." He glances briefly at Delphine before turning his attention back to Ren. "Anyway, time is money, let's get this over with." Trey cracks his knuckles, and charges Ren. He closes in, wraps his muscular arms around him, and pulls him into a bear hug, putting pressure on Ren's spine. The amount of pressure being applied could snap a normal person's spine and leave them paralyzed.
  14. Laughingmad

    What are you watching? [animated]

    I've been watching the original Dragon Ball. I plan on finishing the whole series at some point.