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  1. Laughingmad

    Wild at Heart

    Oxidus stared at the glass of whiskey in front of him for a good minute. He wasn't fond of the negative effects of alcohol consumption, mostly the feelings of dizziness and gut rot. He took the glass, fully intending to give it to someone who didn't share his particular aversion to such beverages. Cerebri came to mind immediately as the perfect person to hand it off to, as he seemed to enjoy quite enjoy his glass. He headed out and found Cerebri, and set the glass down in front of him without hesitation. "I don't care for this stuff, but dumping it would be a waste. I'll just leave it here, in case you want it." With that, he took his leave of the bar and took the opportunity to look around familiarize himself with these new surroundings. This in turn afforded him an opportunity to do a bit of thinking. He thought about what John said at the interview, about making him a criminal. He had no intention of taking his job beyond what he deemed necessary, and he got the feeling John may agree with his idea of going too far. He seemed like a reasonable enough person, especially for a crime boss. Maybe it would turn out that he had worried over nothing before. He continued on, pondering about possibilities of his future moving forward, and before long, he found himself back where he had started.
  2. Laughingmad

    Poll - quests or slice of life?

    Quests, since it's nice to have a goal to work towards. Also because you can mix in slice of life moments. The two can mesh pretty well.
  3. Laughingmad

    Harsh Training (Tiandi Wushu)

    Trey stared at his hands for a moment, watching bright crimson energy dance around them. "Holding a constant flow of energy turned out to be easier than it looks. But I don't think it'll be so easy when I have to split my focus between this and training. Only one way to find out." Trey walked off to begin his usual training, determined to work even harder than usual, and make full use of this new technique, his intention being to push his body's stress limit. Though he knew he would have take care not to push the limit too far. And push he did, setting about his daily training without hesitation, and turning the intensity up as far as his body would allow. over the course of just one hour, he felt as though he had just completed an entire day of nonstop work. His limit reached, he dragged himself back inside and flopped down on the floor. "I cannot remember the last time I felt this tired. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. This is how you're supposed after a tough training session." Trey would've flexed at that point if arms didn't feel like wet noodles.
  4. Laughingmad

    Wild at Heart

    "Okay, let's get this over with." Oxidus took a quick breath before speaking. "My name's Oxidus. I'll be honest, I have no experience to speak of when it comes to this. But I applied to be a troubleshooter because I figured it would be easy money. I'm not a spectacular fighter, but I have enhanced physical abilities that give me a major advantage. I can lift fifty tons, my skin is extremely durable and hard to pierce, I have a powerful healing factor that can even regenerate large portions of my body, my senses are super acute, and my reflexes are as sharp as they come. Oh, and I have a special secret weapon too!" Oxidus held out his left arm. It began to shift and warp, changing in shape and size, and look more and more metallic as the process went on. When the transformation finished, what used to his arm had been replaced with what appeared to be a very large high tech gun of some sort. A bright green light emanated from within the chamber. "It's a plasma cannon! It fires charged bursts of energy that explode on impact. I'm not the best shot in the galaxy, but I'm good enough I'd say. If nothing else, it'll be good for scaring the little guys off." With his introduction finished, his cannon arm turned back to normal and drooped down at his side.
  5. Laughingmad

    Wild at Heart

    Oxidus watched as the other candidates entered into the office. He still hadn't completely let go of his apprehensions about choosing this line of work, though he reminded himself constantly that this was something he'd have to do. "They've already gone in, and I'm still just sitting here." He rose from his chair, eyes fixed squarely at the office door. "I can't let fear stop me from going through with this. I didn't let it stop me from experimenting on my own body and becoming a cyborg." Oxidus strode into the office with confidence, determined not to let his fear show through. He stood silently behind the others, not bothering to try pushing past them. He was plenty tall enough to be easily seen and heard from there.
  6. Laughingmad

    Wild at Heart

    A cloud of dust rose up in Oxidus' wake as he ran full speed for the tavern he heard about. For the sake securing a future on this planet, he put aside his morals and accepted an offer to work for a group of criminals. He wasn't all too comfortable with this choice, but it would be an easy enough job, and one he hoped would pay well. He wasn't exactly world class fighter, but his numerous physical advantages gave him an edge most others don't have, including being a giant among people of average size. With any luck, he would come off as intimidating enough to scare potential problems away. Though he knew his overtly friendly demeanor would make that difficult. He soon arrived at his destination, shaking a bit of dust from his shoulder length black hair as he approached Nigel. At his instruction, he went around to the entrance of his soon to be boss' office and waited. He could only imagine for the time being what kind of person they would turn out to be. He had no experience in dealing with crime lords, and was unsure of what to expect. He hoped he would at least be easy enough to talk to, if nothing else. And that his lack of experience wouldn't affect his chances of being hired.
  7. Laughingmad

    Crime DOES pay (And has a great health plan)

    Oh, I know. I'm not all too worried here.
  8. What curse?

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      No worries though, I'm confident this won't be another repeat. I'll keep an eye on my notifications as I always do.

    3. Alexithymia


      Well good luck! I'd invite you into my current quests, but both are at 4 players already.

      I'm actually about to start another quest, give or take a few days. It's a group specific quest, so you'd have to have a character join the group, but otherwise you're more than welcome. I'll post the group sheet and you can let me know if you're interested at all! No pressure! This group's pretty active and we're about 70% done with our second and third 75 post quests (among other threads like an attack on Casper lol).

      Either way, fingers crossed your curse is broken!

    4. Laughingmad


      My only other character is busy at the moment, but I appreciate your offer nonetheless. Thanks!

  9. Laughingmad

    Crime DOES pay (And has a great health plan)

    I'll hop in with Oxidus as a troubleshooter. Hopefully this damned curse of mine will be lifted... I know I'm not cursed but it sure feels like I am.
  10. Laughingmad

    Custom user title 12

    One day. Maybe.
  11. Laughingmad

    Poll - Valucre theme

    Light theme, because that's what it's been set to since I joined.
  12. Laughingmad

    Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    Well, so much for having something to do. Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. Laughingmad

    Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    So, I have a character I'm wanting to put a bounty on, but they're crimes are just backstory things I made up when I made him and haven't put in writing, in form. So my question is whether or not I would have to either put the details on his character sheet or something else.
  14. Laughingmad

    Custom rank title 11

    I almost forgot to enter!
  15. Laughingmad

    Noteworthy heroes

    Spiderman. Marvel, of course. Spidey's been my favorite superhero for as long as I can remember. Not because of the comics, but because of the games and movies. There're a lot of noteworthy superheroes out there, sure, but there's only one amazing Spiderman. He was just normal guy that happened to be bitten by a radioactive spider and got superpowers, and he decided to use those powers for good.