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  1. Laughingmad

    Crescent City's "Universal Festival"

    Looks interesting. I'll have to keep this in mind...
  2. Laughingmad

    What’s the meaning of your character’s name?

    That moment you realize your characte'rs names mean nothing because they were thrown together...
  3. Laughingmad

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    @jaistlyn ...See, this is what happens when you wait until ass o' clock to do any writing. It's within the realm of possibility, so let's just make my life easier and say he got confused.
  4. Laughingmad

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    It's done, though it didn't need to be quite as long as I thought it would.
  5. Laughingmad

    Chasing Legends

    Trey continued his merciless slaughter amid the chaos, whipping up a whirlwind of black goo and severed ghast parts, hindered by neither the lance-like tongues that flew at him from every direction, nor the scorching tongues of flame that licked at him, his sense of pain dulled to such a degree that he didn't notice the burns and gashes that covered him head to toe. A few of the winged abominations Clive had accidentally awoken descended on him, poised to snatch him up, but Trey was ready for them. He channeled energy into his throat, and let out a fierce, ground-shaking roar, accompanied by a powerful wave of force that tore the twisted creatures asunder. Though it may have seemed that Trey had his situation well enough in hand, he was on the verge of being overrun, as for every ghast he defeated, several more rushed in from the shadows to replace it, and the large ones were closing in right behind them. The urgency of the moment was lost on him as he was focused only on his insatiable appetite for blood. He welcomed the opportunity to further his massacre openly, grinning like the murderous psychopath he had become as he began chopping up a fresh wave. The unsealed evil had consumed his mind, and threatened to take his body and soul as well. But not even the incredible power granted to him by the sword would've been enough to save him from being torn to shreds by the dark horde. The numbers he faced had more than doubled since the battle began, and to make matters worse, the giants were now upon him. He tried his best carve a path through the wall of ghasts, but they piled on him so quickly that he was barely able to cut down more than a handful of them before he could longer swing his cursed weapon. As he struggled in vain to get free, the giants launched their attack. As their tongues raced at him, Trey experienced a sudden moment of clarity. He realized that he was only a breath away from death, and there was nothing he could do. He shut his eyes and prepared to face the dreadful experience. Just before tongue lances could pierce him, a blindingly bright light filled the room, and with it a loud rumbling sound. When the light and rumbling subsided, Trey turned back to normal and collapsed, barely conscious and bleeding out. He could hear the other's vices as he lay on the floor, but sounded muffled and far away. Consciousness returned to him just in time to see Casey waving a gun at him and Erin, and he groaned and put a hand to his head. "Fuck my life. I'm so done with this bullshit. If Master Ren ever found out about this, he'd be so disappointed in me..." He looked up at Casey with an expression of great frustration. "Look, we've been through enough today. All we want to do get out of this gods forsaken'd hellhole. The only reason we're down here in the first place is because we were trying to get away from a monster some crazy-ass scientist sent after us."
  6. Laughingmad

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    A new post is in the works. It's gonna be a long one.
  7. Laughingmad

    What religion and/or how religious are your characters?

    Trey Tyrrell-Agnostic: His belief in the existence of several gods was picked up from his parents, but since witnessing their deaths after getting caught in the middle of a gang war, he's carried a strong belief that the gods are cruel and uncaring, and that they abandoned his family in spite of their devoutness, leaving them to their tragic fate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oxidus Zurrok-Other: He shares a common belief among his race that a troll who was executed in the distant past for speaking out against a corrupt empress and leading a failed rebellion against her ascended to godhood after dying, and that he continues to spread a message of equality, understanding and forgiveness by lending his voice to those who believe in his philosophy.
  8. Laughingmad

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    I'm liking this darker turn. It's more intense and chaotic.
  9. Laughingmad

    Chasing Legends

    "Eh, whatever, doesn't really matter what you a-" The loud crack in the distance cut Trey off before he could finish what he was saying. "Fuck's sake, now what!?" The sloshing sound accompanying the loud rumbling tipped him off as to what was going on. "I'd still rather give fighting it a try, I'm getting tired of running away. No way in hell am I gonna try fighting it alone though. I can't take something that nasty by myself yet." Trey followed the others as quickly as he could, which wasn't very as he struggled to squeeze through passages almost too small for his large frame to fit at all. His focus was entirely on not getting left behind and he didn't notice they had been going further down until they reached the metal door. "Why are we going deeper in and what's with the random door?" were the questions that immediately came to mind, but they would have to be saved for another time. On the other side of the door was what seemed to be a base of some sort, the lack of light made it impossible to tell. Trey shuffled in behind the others, sword at the ready for any other monsters that may show up. Fraiser's attempts at getting the lights on failed, and the sudden discharge from Clive's gun nearly made Trey drop his own weapon. He was about give Clive an earful for the mini-heart attack when he noticed the very reason for the shot. They were surrounded by hellish creatures, which were advancing on them quickly. Trey swung his sword at one that approached him, managing to slice it in half. As the black liquid poured from the severed halves of it's body, the sword glowed and Trey felt a violent impulse come over him, both of which grew in intensity as he continued to cut down more of them. When the monster that had been chasing them caught up, the smaller creatures turned their attention and began converging on it. By now the sword's glow had changed in color from white to red, and Trey was still fighting monsters, all but consumed by the impulse. Trey suddenly exploded with power, his body surrounded by a flowing aura of red and black energy, illuminating the room in a menacing crimson light. His hair grew long and flowing, and became white. He turned to face the group, his eyes glowing the same red color as the aura around him, his voice became thunderous and demonic, and odd, glowing marks now covered his face. "Keep running if you want, I'm not done taking out the trash!" He went to back killing monsters, swinging the blade like a wild beast and cutting them down with ruthless efficiency; quite a feat for someone without any kind of experience wielding a sword.
  10. Laughingmad

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    Well, this gives Trey a good opportunity to use that sword. And it's also reminded me that I have decide what it'll do.
  11. Laughingmad

    Harsh Training (Tiandi Wushu)

    "This is the best I've felt in a while. You're just full of surprises today." Trey walked over to the weights. "I'm going first. If I can't lift at least six-fifty, I'm gonna be disappointed." He picked up one of the spheres and lifted it to chest level, increasing it to his desired 650 pounds. "Definitely feels weighty, but I'm barely even trying right now. Let's raise the bar a little. Gimme seven-fifty!" At 750, he started having try hard to keep it up. "Whoa, okay, really getting a sense of my limits here! One more push! Eight-hundred!" Trey's arms struggled greatly to support the weight, and he could no longer it up to his chest. "I can't believe I'm actually doing this!" The sphere fell from his hands and fell to the floor with a crash. "Okay, yeah, I'm convinced. This is awesome."
  12. Laughingmad

    Headhunting (Wild Hearts)

    "Sure, I don't mind hanging around for a bit. I'll see you later." After John exited the room, Oxidus fished a small device out of his pocket. It looked mostly like a cellphone , but it's shape vaguely resembled rounded segments of an insect's body near the sides. It had angled, jagged stripes of bright neon yellow and green separated by thinner black stripes, and a lime green colored symbol resembling a backwards "2" with a long tail that crossed through a short vertical line. "Power on." With his command the screen lit up and displayed a background made up of brightly colored geometric shapes, mostly covered by numerous app icons. Oxidus passed the time browsing the web until the aforementioned clean up crew came around, and absconded through the office window. He continued playing with his device the whole way back to the cafe, only looking away from it after walking through the door and joining his employer. "Hey boss, now we have the doctor on our side, where do we go from here?"
  13. Laughingmad

    Chasing Legends

    "Worst thing she'll do is threaten to kill me. Maybe throw a punch. Nothing I can't handle." Trey followed behind Clive and Meritio, considering knocking them out and looking for a way back to the surface alone. The thought perished quickly though, as they found the creature that ran off with Erin's head. Brave didn't even begin to describe the dirty, foul-smelling cave-dweller as it cowered in fear at Clive's threats of violence if it tried to run. Trey could only roll his eyes when Clive's first instinct was to demand the creature tell him where the nearest bar was. "Alcohol really is just about the only thing you think of isn't it? I would hate to see what you're like sober." It was at that point that Erin's body suddenly reassembled, her head flying back onto her neck from seemingly out of nowhere. "Ah, look who's back." He watched as Erin freed herself from Clive's hold and shoved him away, then as she drew her bow and aimed at her captor, thoroughly amused. He directed his attention to the creature, which identified itself by the name Fraser. "Before you get executed, answer me this: what exactly are you? Some kinda cave goblin or some shit like that?"
  14. Laughingmad

    Headhunting (Wild Hearts)

    "This reminds me of a cheesy action movie I saw on TV once." Oxidus jumped out of window after the Doctor and pinned him down quickly. "Self-defenestration is a dangerous way to exit a building. Well, not for me, but you know what I mean." He picked him up and slumped him over his shoulder, then retrieved his briefcase. He tossed the briefcase up through the window first, then leaped high enough to grab the window sill with his free hand and pull himself and the Doctor in. "The Doctor is in!" Oxidus set about closing and locking the window before letting the Doctor down from his shoulder. "That should deter any further attempts at escaping. I'm sorry we have to do business so aggressively, but we want you to work with us, and you don't have a say in the matter. So... what do you have to say to that?"