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  1. Trey came up to the deck first, ready to get his feet back on solid ground. Life on the sea didn't sea didn't suit him at all. His anxiousness to return to land had far overshadowed his initial uncertainties about moving to another continent. "I always did wanna get out and see more of the world. Besides, I ain't got a bounty here!", he thought to himself. He never had any intentions of going back to Hell's Gate when his training was complete; he'd be scooped up by the police as soon as they realized he was back in town. Sticking with Tiandi was proving to be his best decision yet. He felt foolish for ever doubting that he made the right choice. Though he couldn't really say he was happy about the circumstances, he could at ;east appreciate the advantages that came with the move. "Yo, Master Ren, we there yet? I didn't wanna say nothin' but I'm goin' crazy on this damn boat. Training's nice and all, but it's all we can do out here. I know I was all gung ho before, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, ya know?" Trey looked out over the sea. "Kinda wish Sparky was here. It's not like I miss him, I just wanna throw hands with him. I wouldn't win, but at least it would be entertaining." He would've asked Ren to go a few rounds for the hell of it, but he didn't feel much like being thrown overboard. He knew how to swim, but he only enjoyed being wet during a shower. As for his theoretical chances against Jin, he was sure the odds still wouldn't be in his favor, as his speed and defense were still severely lacking, and no matter how much he increased his strength, it would be insufficient to cover his weaknesses. He thought it best to bring up the matter of improving those particular areas once they had settled into their new home.
  2. "Ya know, he kinda reminds of a kid that went to my old grade school. He was in the same grade as me, used to wear this dumb cape all the time and pretend he was a wizard. Real piece 'a work, just like the cursor. I doubt it's just a coincidence..." Trey's train of thought was broken by the sound of Clive taking a leak on a nearby tree. He turned to say something only to be met with the sight of him fully naked and urinating on his clothes. Whereas Erin was disgusted by it, Trey laughed heartily. "Fuckin' hell, you're killin' me cowboy!" He laughed even harder as he watched Clive wring out his underwear and put it on, and harder still when Meritio momentarily woke up and incinerated the rest of his clothes. "My sides are in orbit! I'd be sore as hell right now if I was normal." His laughing fit was abruptly ended when the ground started shaking yet again. Out of nowhere a giant approached them. It seemed barely literate and apparently took interest in Clive and Erin, as it snatched them up and began taking them away. Trey wasn't sure what she expected either him or Meritio to do about the situation, but he certainly felt the sting of being called useless in that moment. He suddenly felt like he had something to prove, but was incapable of proving it given the circumstances. He cast his gaze over the young mage. "Hey kid, I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm gonna go after 'em. I know I can't do anything yet, but if I'm lucky my curse'll wear off on the way to wherever we're going." With that, he promptly ran off after the giant, his left glowing ominously with a familiar dark energy.
  3. How nice it is to see you back once again.
  4. @jaistlynLove the new reactions.
  5. "That's the place." Oxidus could see the house in the distance, and he also picked up on the sound of music playing and the smell of cooking meat. If any two things in existence rivaled his love of nerdy tech stuff, they were listening to a good bop and eating meats of all kinds. He could never pass up an opportunity to do both at the same time. He even changed his outfit, trading his usual all black clothes for more colorful attire. A t-shirt with horizontal stripes of neon yellow and lime green emblazoned with an odd symbol, blue jeans, lime green sneakers with yellow strings and soles, and a dark blue baseball cap which he wore backwards. He covered the rest of the distance with a single leap, landing loudly on the concrete. As he was about to go inside, he noticed Lithist's bike and Thurgood's trucks, and curiosity got the better of him. He looked them all over, intrigued by their appearances. Vehicles of their designs were entirely new to him, having wheels instead of insect-like legs to move on. The stoppage of the music and Thurgood's shout caught his attention, and he remembered what he actually came for. He shuffled inside quietly and listened to Thurgood and Aveline make their announcements. The part about vassals was completely lost on him, being an alien concept, but he did understand what adoption means, at least to an extent. When the papers were signed, Oxidus approached Thurgood and Aveline. "Congrats on the adoption. Sorry you had to deal with so much shit in the process, but good on ya for sticking with it. Real nice place by the way."
  6. This is late, but Oxidus might show up if I don't forget.
  7. Trey pushed himself up long enough to tear off what remained of his hoodie and t-shirt, then flopped right back down, staring off into space. He felt physically drained, lightheaded and sick, and it wasn't long before he nodded off again. His injuries played a hand in his state of weakness, but he had also used up all of his energy early in the fight with ghasts, and by the end the only thing that kept him going was the sword's energy. Dead to the world once more, he couldn't feel Casey jamming the needle into his arm, and wouldn't awake again until Meritio started shaking and pushing on him. He staggered as he stood up on shaky legs, and shambled into the elevator after the others not bothering to question what was happening. The sword, which he had left behind, changed into a pure energy form and followed after him, flowing into his left arm unbeknownst to him. Once inside, he sat against the wall and was about to fall asleep yet again, until Casey started screaming. He wasn't concerned about why the commotion was happening, more-so wishing everyone would just shut up. "Is there any way this day can get worse? Can we possibly stack any more shit on this massive pile of crap?" As if on cue... "AHA! It is I! The Cursor!" "You would show up right after I say that." Erin ceased bickering with Casey and took advantage of the situation to try to put their tormentor on ice, but her bullets fizzled away before they even got close thanks to The Cursor's barrier. "Huh. He's slightly more clever than I thought." Trey rethought his choice of words when the lift stopped and the fool took a tumble down the shaft. "What am I saying? He's an idiot that got lucky." Feeling a little stronger, Trey got off the floor when the doors opened, staring down the sunlit cavern with the others. Soon after, The Cursor's group curse triggered as he said it would. Trey immediately noticed what happened to the others, aside from Meritio since his curse wasn't the type that could be seen, but he didn't notice happened to himself until Erin waved a hand through his arm. "You know what? This is fine. I'm not in pain anymore and I won't have to worry about almost dying every five minutes for a while." For whatever reason, Meritio suddenly ran screaming right through Trey and out of the lift, sending Ignus flying and eventually running a large spider web. "Idiot." Trey followed Erin and Casey out of the lift, more than ready to leave the caverns behind. As they got closer they saw the shadow of a giant spider in position to eat the unfortunate prey that ran straight into it's trap. Erin responded by tossing Casey right into it's rear end, prompting a laugh from Trey. "Well, that got it's attention." Using her bow and arrows to finish the job, the spider fell dead, and just when it seemed like they were in the clear, more spiders descended from the ceiling. Erin quickly retrieved Casey from the spider corpse and cut Meritio free from the web, dragging him along as everyone ran out of the cave. Even Trey, who wasn't the least bit concerned about the spiders, wanting simply to leave the place as quickly as possible. Once out of the cavern and away from the spiders, Trey stretched his transparent arms out and looked at the sky. "Finally. Let's all agree to never go anywhere near this shit hole again." He looked over at the others in time to see Meritio hugging Clive and then Erin, then get punched by Erin by his own request. "He's been acting like a nutcase. What did that dickhead wizard wannabe do to him anyway? Fry his brain or some shit?"
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