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  1. Trey drank from his bottle again as he observed the commotion, thinking on Kimiko's words about singing. In truth, he did know of a few songs that he could probably sing if he wanted, but that was just the problem; he never really wanted to. He continued giving it thought until Kimiko asked to know more about the White Tiger school. The change of subject was quite welcome. "It's a style of Tiandi Wushu, made up of techniques centered on boosting physical strength by channeling qi for powerful close range attacks. Strikes, throws, locks and all that. One of the first things I learned was how to channel qi through my whole body." The large young man closed his eyes and breathed slowly in and out. His skin reddened, and a bright aura resembling a solar flare emitted from his body. He opened his eyes, now also red and shining, and as quickly as it appeared, his aura faded. "It's called Full Body Infusion. It drains your energy fast, though, so it's only good for training. Not really a White Tiger technique, but I can't really show you any of 'em here. Ain't enough room for one thing, and even if there was, I don't think the owner would appreciate me tearin' his place up. And for another thing, I don't think Master Ren would like me usin' my skills to show off. That's not how students of Tiandi roll."
  2. "Oh!" Trey promptly sits up straight again, dog tag still held in his fingers. "Hey, sorry man. I don't how I missed you standin' there." He sniggers quietly, glad that his joke is being taken well. It's nice to meet people with good senses of humor. "My singing voice ain't that good, so I think I'll pass. Besides, I don't know any songs." Trey points his thumb on his free hand toward the stage. "I just hope y'all can sing better than that tone deaf fool." "Huh?" His eyes wander down to his hand, and he finally realizes what he'd been doing. "Oh, What, this? Nah, I just got it for the style. It's the symbol of the white tiger school of Tiandi Wushu." He was going to explain what both of those were before Cassie started yelling to them. "Who in the world is that? She another friend of yours?"
  3. "Yeah, I am. I just came in a couple days ago. Name's Trey." Trey raises the mouth of his bottle to his lips and takes a swig, setting it on the table in front of him when he's finished. He slouches a bit on his chair, feeling more relaxed now he has some good beer in him. Drinking is hardly his preferred pastime, but he finds a little liquid courage every now and then is good stress relief, as long as he doesn't drink past his limit. "Not that it's any of my business, but what brings you all here? Ain't just every day you see a guy come walkin' in a place like this with more than one girl." He grins mischievously, and fiddles a bit with a dog tag engraved with a stylized tiger hanging from a metal chain around his neck, flipping it back and forth between his thumb and index finger.
  4. At a table in the southeastern-most corner of the shop sits a tall muscular figure. A young man, dressed casually in jeans and a simple white T-shirt, a beer bottle held in his right hand. For the umpteenth time he asked himself, silently: "What the hell am I doing here?" He had told himself he never wanted to return to this gods forsaken continent. Nearly every memory of his life before setting off for Genesaris with his master and fellow pupil is filled with negative experiences and emotions. The reason, he reminded himself, is because he expressed to his master his desire to face the beast that is his past head on, and to help out around the land he once called home, if for no reason other than furthering his martial arts training. He avoids Hell's Gate like a plague, however. Though it is his birthplace, he has no love left for it, and truly believes it beyond help. Before that, he had decided to take a little time off, thus leading him here, to a noodle shop in a part of Terrenus he had never been to before. He was just about to take a drink from his bottle when he became distracted the door opening, turning to see the odd bunch that just showed up. He hears Kimiko ask about a place to sit and decides to speak up. "There's some room over here, if y'all don't mind sittin' with a stranger."
  5. I'm considering going in with Trey. I could work out the details of him getting there on the fly. Enough time has passed since I last used him it would be fairly easy to make an excuse.
  6. You still accepting characters? It's been a while since I've done any writing, and I figured this might be a good way to shake the rust off.
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  8. "Affirmative. Maintaining communications." Elekteri kept his channel open and his sensory arrays powered up. one after another, bugs planted on the other gangs activated and flashed on the screens before him. There was surprisingly little to report; all that stood out was some members of Dead Eyes discussing concerns of their blackmailing being part of some crazy scheme perpetrated by an ex-member, though they appeared uncertain. They couldn't even think of what said ex-member's name might be; it seemed to be little more than unsubstantiated conjecture based on the paranoia of some less than competent rookies. Despite this, Elekteri held onto the tidbit to report later. There was little point in bothering Mal again so soon with a mere possibility. Something odd began flashing up on the center screen. A dark image that was hard to make out, accompanied by static. After flashing for a few seconds more, the image appeared fully, still dark and very blurry. A vaguely humanoid silhouette seemingly clad in some sort of armor. A faint red glow emitted from what looked like the visor of a helmet. Amid the static, a deep and bizarrely robotic voice spoke, though the message was impossible decipher as it cut out repeatedly: "ZZZZZ-UNIT D-3-ZZZZ-5W31-ZZZZ-OPERATIO-ZZZZ-SEARCHING FOR-ZZZZZZZZZ..." The surreal transmission cut out completely, and the normal feed was restored. This definitely warranted contacting Mal again, and Elekteri wasted no time doing so. "Elekteri to Mal, a transmission of unknown origin was picked up on one of our bug feeds. Audio and video were too poor of quality to accurately decipher."
  9. Oxidus Zurrok: Friendly techno-organic alien tech wizard with a violent side. Trey Tyrrell: An ex-street fighter and criminal training to become stronger. D-313C7R1C (Elekteri Volttas): A defective runaway robot turned secret agent by pure chance.
  10. "Understood, I will notify you immediately. I suspect we will not have long to wait." This routine was fast becoming commonplace; the others setting out for field work leaving Elekteri to watch over bugs and report his findings. Not that he ever minded it, of course. He lacked the capability to complain or argue, and most importantly, refuse a command from his superiors. It didn't matter how his capabilities were used. Successfully completing the mission was all that concerned him. Barely fifteen minutes passed since the others left before the Dead Eye's received a call. "Mal, I have confirmed contact from an unidentified third party." Whoever was calling used a voice modifier to remain anonymous. A predictable move for a blackmailer. "Hello gentlemen! I haven't much time to talk, so I'll just skip the formalities and cut straight to the heart of the matter. As you are no doubt aware, a certain man has recently been murdered, and a certain file is now in the hands of his killer. It's a shame really. If any of that file's contents were to be leaked to the authorities, the consequences would certainly be fatal to your "organization". Oh, but there's no reason to panic; you see, there is a way to prevent any further mishaps from occurring. Alas, my time is already nearly up, so it seems I'll have to hold off on the long-winded explanation. For now, just be aware that some form of payment in exchange for the safe return of your papers will be necessary in the near future. You will hear from me again soon. Goodbye for now." Elekteri reestablished contact with Mal and gave him a brief summary of the blackmailer's spiel. It was unclear who they may be, and what exactly they wanted, but they made their intentions of getting it very clear.
  11. Time seemd to crawl as Elekteri sat watching the footage. For the past four days he remained glued to the screen, only getting up for a recharge when necessary. It was beginning to seem as though they would neverfind anything among the hours of mundane goings on, until Mal finally did see something early the next day. Elekteri asked no questions, silently taking in the newly discovered information. It was time for action once more, at least for the others. For Elekteri, it was time to spend yet more time sitting and watching security footage. With everyone else fed and on their way, He settled in for what he was almost certain be another long day.
  12. "Oh, my bad. I just assumed you did know. I'll make sure I come see you first thing from now on." It seemed a reasonable assumption to make, all things considered. But the last thing Oxidus wanted to was displease the man who had given him the key to making a new permanent home for himself. It would take some doing, but this new city would provide the perfect place for him to finally settle down again. Though couldn't help wondering on occasion what had become of his old home back on Alternia. Was the security system still working? Were the maintenance robots still functioning? Were they keeping the lab clean? Did he leave the water running? No, he definitely turned that faucet off before he left. "It was for the best.", he would remind himself. Before deciding to leave home, he looked for any possible way to get things back to the way they were before the Empress had announced the new social hierarchy, ranting and raving about a need to eliminate the "lowbloods" to weed out the weaklings and preserve the sanctity of the blood. It all came from out of nowhere, as if something in her mind had snapped. Perhaps it was the stress of dealing with affairs on Alternia, on top of those associated with the ongoing war against a myriad of attackers, who sought to wipe out all trollkind. That, compounded with the fact she had already been through the loss of one world-the Troll race's original home world, Beforus, destroyed at the hands of the very same armies who continue to menace them. The part about eliminating lowbloods didn't quite seem to stick at first, but the blood sanctity part sure did. The sea-dwelling, amphibious violetbloods became the most well-treated beings on the planet, and were free to treat the "lesser" land-dwelling castes as poorly as they pleased. Not wanting to be the only ones being looked down on and mistreated by others, trolls of purple, indigo, and cerulean blood followed suit with the sea-dwellers, taking their frustrations out on the castes set lower than their own on the spectrum. Conflicts between castes arose, and resulted in many fights and killings, which have since spiraled further and further out of control, to such a point that it has become a fact of life for the troll race that highbloods will kill lowbloods, whatever their motivation may ultimately be. Protests, rallies, and rebellions abounded, but to no avail. Every idea Oxidus had come up with was already tried by someone else, and had already failed numerous times. When the well of ideas ran dry, that was when he finally decided it was time to go. He does sometimes wish he could've done more, but he doesn't regret his decision, nor does he regret up on Valucre. It's turned out to be a much nicer planet than his intended destination anyway. And in spite of his circumstances, he's the happiest he's been since before everything went bad for his people. Oxidus continued bashing rocks until his presence was rather loudly requested by Thurgood. He dropped the rock he was holding and leaped up to the top of the cliff. "You don't have to shout ya know. What's up?"
  13. Elekteri strode rigidly down the street on his way back to the office. Though his joints were all highly articulated, he barely bent them as he walked, as if trying to appear as much like a stereotypical robot as he could, despite clearly looking thoroughly modern, which ended up drawing some attention. He gave the act up half way through his trip, and when he reached the office and was sure nobody was still looking at him, he entered and rejoined his associates, ready for the next task. The job of perusing the footage from the cameras fell to him and Teddy. A week's worth would indeed take a while to get through, but with two people watching, it wasn't likely they'd miss anything. Elekteri scanned the screen intensely with his wide, V-shaped optical sensory array. After ten minutes of silent observation, he spoke up for the first time in a little while. "I detect no unusual events in this current time frame. I recommend increasing playback speed. As long as we both remain focused on the screen, there is little chance we will miss anything." Without waiting for any input from his partner, he set the playback speed to two-hundred percent intent on getting through the footage as quickly as possible while being able to pick up on every detail.
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