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  1. Can't raise an argument to that; I suppose I'd feel the same way you do. I will miss this old place.
  2. You know... I've been doing my best to stay positive about Valucre closing, even already made an account on PGRPG, but there're some things about all this that have been bugging me, and I think I should put I my thoughts out there, although I know it may not mean much coming from someone as inactive as me. So, I know that all things eventually come to an end, nothing can last forever, it's a fact of life. But for as lonng as this place has been around, in the three-going-on-four years since I joined, this place has never seemed (from my perspective) to be in a state where closing the site and moving on seemed like a logical decision. Obviously, people were and are still interested in this place, and up to now, I can't recall there being a time since I've been here when we were especially wanting for new members. Now, I could be entirely wrong about that. I am not the most perceptive person in the world, and it wouldn't be the first time. But as far as I can tell, we doing alright for activity. And if it's just that Supernal is no longer interested in keeping Valucre going, well, all I can say is that it's akin to throwing away a videogame you're no longer interested in playing. It's wasteful. In most cases, when you're done with a videogame you either give it to someone else or sell it to a game store. Supes is just throwing this place away, when he could just as well pass management on to someone who wants it. I know at least one person has already expressed interest in taking the reigns in this very thread. I can't help but feel that this world still has a lot of potential, and frankly, it's a shame that it's going to waste.
  3. A deep, throaty rumbling sound permeated the air of the Motosporta complex. A sound that could easily be mistaken for the snarl of some great beast, perhaps a dragon of some sort or other. But it didn't belong to any beast. In fact, it wasn't produced by any living entity, but rather, by an engine. A near nine-and-a-half liter eight-cylinder engine, under the cowl induction hood of a custom muscle car; a rather unique looking model made in the past on a certain other human inhabited planet. It's trunk badge labeled it a "Chevelle", accompanied by other badges reading "SS" and "572". It was unclear how exactly the car found it's way to Valucre, but it hardly mattered to the man who came to possess it, Trey Tyrrell. Trey heard about Motosporta and decided to put his training on hold to take up the challenge. While not a professional by any means, he was still a good driver; occasional bouts of street racing back in Hell's Gate had sharpened his skills and reflexes, and this was a perfect opportunity to see if he still had it. He decided to skip the shops, opting instead to cruise around for a short while before heading to the pits. By his request, his suit and helmet were a bright red, complemented by white accents, and the same was true of the liveries of his vehicles.
  4. Might be better for you to go first, I think.
  5. You can even throw different types of vehicles together. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened.
  6. This is a thought that's entered my mind a few times before. I'd be down.
  7. Trey drank from his bottle again as he observed the commotion, thinking on Kimiko's words about singing. In truth, he did know of a few songs that he could probably sing if he wanted, but that was just the problem; he never really wanted to. He continued giving it thought until Kimiko asked to know more about the White Tiger school. The change of subject was quite welcome. "It's a style of Tiandi Wushu, made up of techniques centered on boosting physical strength by channeling qi for powerful close range attacks. Strikes, throws, locks and all that. One of the first things I learned was how to channel qi through my whole body." The large young man closed his eyes and breathed slowly in and out. His skin reddened, and a bright aura resembling a solar flare emitted from his body. He opened his eyes, now also red and shining, and as quickly as it appeared, his aura faded. "It's called Full Body Infusion. It drains your energy fast, though, so it's only good for training. Not really a White Tiger technique, but I can't really show you any of 'em here. Ain't enough room for one thing, and even if there was, I don't think the owner would appreciate me tearin' his place up. And for another thing, I don't think Master Ren would like me usin' my skills to show off. That's not how students of Tiandi roll."
  8. "Oh!" Trey promptly sits up straight again, dog tag still held in his fingers. "Hey, sorry man. I don't how I missed you standin' there." He sniggers quietly, glad that his joke is being taken well. It's nice to meet people with good senses of humor. "My singing voice ain't that good, so I think I'll pass. Besides, I don't know any songs." Trey points his thumb on his free hand toward the stage. "I just hope y'all can sing better than that tone deaf fool." "Huh?" His eyes wander down to his hand, and he finally realizes what he'd been doing. "Oh, What, this? Nah, I just got it for the style. It's the symbol of the white tiger school of Tiandi Wushu." He was going to explain what both of those were before Cassie started yelling to them. "Who in the world is that? She another friend of yours?"
  9. "Yeah, I am. I just came in a couple days ago. Name's Trey." Trey raises the mouth of his bottle to his lips and takes a swig, setting it on the table in front of him when he's finished. He slouches a bit on his chair, feeling more relaxed now he has some good beer in him. Drinking is hardly his preferred pastime, but he finds a little liquid courage every now and then is good stress relief, as long as he doesn't drink past his limit. "Not that it's any of my business, but what brings you all here? Ain't just every day you see a guy come walkin' in a place like this with more than one girl." He grins mischievously, and fiddles a bit with a dog tag engraved with a stylized tiger hanging from a metal chain around his neck, flipping it back and forth between his thumb and index finger.
  10. At a table in the southeastern-most corner of the shop sits a tall muscular figure. A young man, dressed casually in jeans and a simple white T-shirt, a beer bottle held in his right hand. For the umpteenth time he asked himself, silently: "What the hell am I doing here?" He had told himself he never wanted to return to this gods forsaken continent. Nearly every memory of his life before setting off for Genesaris with his master and fellow pupil is filled with negative experiences and emotions. The reason, he reminded himself, is because he expressed to his master his desire to face the beast that is his past head on, and to help out around the land he once called home, if for no reason other than furthering his martial arts training. He avoids Hell's Gate like a plague, however. Though it is his birthplace, he has no love left for it, and truly believes it beyond help. Before that, he had decided to take a little time off, thus leading him here, to a noodle shop in a part of Terrenus he had never been to before. He was just about to take a drink from his bottle when he became distracted the door opening, turning to see the odd bunch that just showed up. He hears Kimiko ask about a place to sit and decides to speak up. "There's some room over here, if y'all don't mind sittin' with a stranger."
  11. I'm considering going in with Trey. I could work out the details of him getting there on the fly. Enough time has passed since I last used him it would be fairly easy to make an excuse.
  12. You still accepting characters? It's been a while since I've done any writing, and I figured this might be a good way to shake the rust off.
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