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  1. Torthi nodded to Mors and looked through the passageway as best he could, which wasn't very well seeing how small it was. However, after the initial hole, it seemed to open up into a wider space, large enough for a human to walk. He turned back to the others and bit his lip. "Well, lads. It looks like if we can some'ow get past this hole right 'ere, there seems to be a passage on th' other side large enough for us to walk through. Wait a minute..." Torthi suddenly recalled that his brother had given him two of the bombs that he always carried on him. 'Always good to carry som', laddie. Never know when ye' might need 'em," his brother would say. He never actually expected that he would need to, but he beamed with pride that he had listened to his brother. "I'll have to buy em a round when I get back..." Torthi said to himself. He looked up at Mors and began to explain his plan. "Alright, lad. My brother gave me a few bombs, and we might be able to blow a bigger hole into this wall so that we can get through. O'course, before I do that, I would like t' know if the rest of ye approve?" He looked around at the rest of the group to see if anyone disapproved.
  2. Toki chirped and jumped back up to Jackmin's shoulder, flapping his little wings to be able to make the jump. He nestled himself into his hood and fell asleep.
  3. Toki cocked his head and cooed. "Jackmin, huh? Interesting name! Thank you for helping my friend, Mr. Benjamin. He's kind of crazy about you." Toki jumped down from the masked man's shoulder and landed on the bar.
  4. Torthi snarled his nose at the stench of the rat, and shook his head. "Disgusting creature." He turned to Hester after hearing his question, quite surprised. "You want t' teach me magic? We dwarves aren't exactly magically inclined, but i'd be interested t' learn whatever ye'd be willing to teach." His eyes lit up a moment. He had always secretly had a fascination with the arcane, and the opportunity to learn it himself was too much to pass up. He would have to keep it a secret from his family back home, though. Magic wasn't exactly accepted in his mountain-home. He turned to Mors. "If we're gonna ask for Mors, we'd better do it now before we actually finish the job."
  5. Toki chirped at the woman approaching him with bread, jumping gently into her hand and eating out of it. He thought about correcting her about having been taught to speak by his companion, but he was too content with the meal that had just been provided him. "Thank you, kind lady! Toki likes nice lady!" He pecks at a few more crumbs of bread then chirps at the woman again. After finishing his meal, he hopped back up to his companions shoulder and picked at his ear. "Nice lady feed Toki. Maybe she has seen the one you seek?" He picked at his ear again then positioned himself looking forward again, smiling at the lady, or what passed as a smile for the small bird.
  6. Toki nudged at the masked man's ear as they entered the tavern, hoping that he would feed them while they were there. The small, yellow bird looked around at all the strange denizens of the establishment, and cooed. He was a small bird, yellow and round. He almost looked like a ball of fluff with legs, with no neck visible. "Don't worry about it, chum. Being such a big hero and all, he's bound to pass through here again soon, right? Let's just get some grub! Get Toki some food, now! Toki is hungry!" He jumped up and down, ruffling his feathers.
  7. Torthi watched as his other two companions attacked the undead rat that was assaulting Mors. He didn't figure much more was needed to finish the rat off, but not one to be shown up, Torthi aimed his crossbow at the abomination and let loose. It hit the rat in the side near the front leg. He hoped that it wouldn't break free of Jessica's daggers. "Creepy monstrosity, isn't it?"
  8. Torthi watched wide-eyed as the creature fell over then got back up, revealing that it was no ordinary rat, but undead. Torthi snarled his nose and held his crossbow up and loading it, ready to take another shot. He had never encountered the undead before, especially not an undead rat. He stood back behind Mors with Hester and Jessica, and waited for Mors to make his move. "Good luck, lad..."
  9. Torthi chuckled to himself as he watched the rodent lap up the wine that was on the floor. It seemed even wild beasts enjoyed the delight that was alcohol. He nodded to Hester, and slung his crossbow off of his back. Quietly, he pulled a bolt and put it into place, readying the crossbow for the kill. "Be prepared if this doesn't work, lad. I'm sure it will be angry." Torthi wasn't a warrior. He had never been the one for fighting, but he had a job to do. He needed the money quite badly. He wished his brother were here to help him. Torthi sighed, aimed the crossbow at the rat, and let loose, hoping it wouldn't require a second shot.
  10. Torthi blinked, coming back to his senses after the noble's long winded speech. He chuckled a bit at Hester's impression, then shook his head. "Shhh, lad. Don't want to offend our host." Torthi blinked a few more times. He felt like he had just woken up from a nap, but unfortunately without the benefits a nap would bring. "Of course, good sir. We shall do this for ye."
  11. Torthi noticed that Falvedon seemed to fall asleep standing up. It always seemed to be a problem that his old friend had. The military must have been tough on the poor man. Torthi gently grabbed Falvedon by the shoulder and led him to an empty inn room and laid him in bed. He went back to Hester and nodded his head. "Nothin you did, lad. Poor fellow has always had this trouble. Doesn't get enough rest." He grinned and nodded to Hester. "You're right, a measly 30 gold isn't enough for one of us, much less multiple. Was there nothing else interesting on the board?"
  12. Torthi smiled as his friend recalled an old tale from their past. He reminisced about the good old days when it was just he and Falvedon, making trouble around their settlements. "Aye, I remember that." He laughed heartily. "Well, I beat ya showed those big buggers what for, eh?" He clapped Falvedon and the back and grinned. He was happy that his best friend was here, and hoped he would join them on an adventure. He turned to see Hester introducing himself to Falvedon and holding his hand out for him to shake it. "This is Hester, Falvedon. He's a good sort. We're going on an adventure soon. I hope you'll join us, old friend."
  13. Torthi felt someone touch his shoulder, and turned around to see his old friend, Falvedon. Torthi jumped out of his chair and hugged his best friend. He hadn't seen him in at least a few years, and he had missed the little misadventures they would go on when they were younger. They had both been friends since they were boys, and basically grew up together despite one being a human and the other being a dwarf. "Falvedon, you old bastard! What are you doing way out here? Decide to find some adventure yourself, eh lad?" He patted Falvedon's arm and grinned. "I'd buy you a pint, but unfortunately, Bokladir spent all of our cash."
  14. Torthi nodded to Risa then turned back to Hester as it seemed he was ready to go. "Aye sir, i'm ready. Better get to it before I get lazy and complacent sitting here." He laughed a hearty laugh.
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