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  1. I'm back, sorry about poofing but the site i originally left ended up getting sold to me and being a site owner whom loved the site i had to... clean it up you know with hammers and stuff... but now after all this time i have gotten things to the point that my time can be spent RPing full time(or close to it), i liked this site when i first joined and so im gonna come back now that i have time yay!
  2. Greetings So recently i left one of my old sites due to... well the atmosphere is pretty hostile but i still want to rp. Now i have been looking for a while to find a good place to start again and ran into this place. hoping everything works out. Bit about me i am 27 and female, have been RPing for... 14 years or so give or take a month or two. I like Lamia and will most likely end up as one if i can XD, ermm yeah no clue what else to say... im not good at doing posts like this XD
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