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  1. I'm sorry! @Moon Owl after your next post I'll try to get it in on time.
  2. They stood there patiently as the world loaded its details little by little until eventually a stone platform with stairs leading to a larger arena was formed. It seemed this hologram was meant to simulate an area that has seen many battles while in all earnestness it was just now formed and only one fight would take place before it all disappeared after serving the purpose of being a place for a blood sport. If only the spirit in the armor could relate to being able to disappear after achieving its purpose. Their life is like that of a holographic arena that just stays there after the battle is complete, never to be fought on again. Honestly even participation in this tournament seems pointless to something that has seen so many lifetimes go by; however, it would all be worth it if they could find a challenging opponent to fight, for that is the only purpose they can see for their existence in this world. Thus they began to ascend the steps toward the giant platform after slinging their mace over the shoulder. Their metal mostly hollow body made loud echoing sounds while they walked. The blood moon made the bronze shell illuminate bright gold. Eventually they reached the top of the arena and came face to face with their adversary. He was donned in shiny armor and seemed rather articulate. He spoke as if he was confident that the outcome of the battle would be in his favor. Purpose filled the man's eyes as he drew his sword and muttered the words "let's begin". Without a word the wandering spirit swung the mace off of their shoulder downard toward the opponent's head. The force of the swing being almost as strong as their killing intent. After initiating the strike in the second before it could land they thought of what the man would do to avoid having their holographic head being made mush. They considered that if he dodged in any direction he would probably follow up with a counter attack and if he managed to somehow block it he would try something to distance himself.
  3. So what role would you be looking to have in this tale? @Grubbistch
  4. I'll be using The Imprisoned Soul in my signature for the tournament.
  5. Of course! There is no room for discrimination in the future club.
  6. The beginning of a musician's journey to becoming business owner in La Guardia Renovatio. Currently doing freelance work to save money for the last airship parts he needs to get his business off the ground. His ultimate goal being: making and managing a jazz club inside of an airship. However, to achieve this, he'll need to form a band that will leave the public no choice but to know they exist so that when the Blue Icarus Jazz club is opened it does not end up being empty. Setting:La Guardia, Renovatio. Daytime. Objective:Form a band for the "Blue Icarus" Danger level:pretty much nonexistent. The roles I'm looking for:Musicians or individuals looking to invest in the making of the "Blue Icarus"
  7. Today the wind made it seem the countless flowers in the courtyard were arms reaching up to the sky and waving to greet the giant ball of flame. Jale was watching the spectacle from inside the mansion while eating and drinking ale: alone in the room enjoying a bit of time away from all the politics and mundane tasks that being a groom of a Padsha included. She’s been off somewhere doing something for the past 4 weeks, he couldn’t be bothered to remember what, for so much went on in her life that it was difficult to keep track. When he wasn’t politicking and the like he spent his time speaking with the staff of the estate, trying desperately to figure out where he would fit. Thus far he has felt like a puzzle piece that is trying to find a place to fit in an already completed puzzle. The estate ran like clockwork; however, after 4 weeks of talking to the staff he found that wasn’t the case. Maids, guards, cooks, they all had their stories ranging from Nesoi’s seemingly endless list of needs to the maiden’s pickiness. Discussions went well enough, yet he couldn’t help but overhear the barely audible whispers regarding his vitiligo when his back was turned. This would be an unfortunate reality that he would have to get used to, for this was no longer the brigade where no soldier was scrutinized for such factors. Jale often pondered if the Padsha would have personally chosen him and what she actually thought of his appearance, but he was honestly afraid of what sort of outburst he would have if she said anything negative about it. Some of the others were already intimate with Nesoi before the marriage; meanwhile, he was chosen by the abilities he displayed in the games alone. They thought that “A man with the initiative of an ox would be useful to the Padsha”. His feelings toward his new wife feel less like love and more like undying respect, he just wishes she could stop being so regal for just a moment, so he could figure out what she is really like behind all that responsibility and nobility. Perhaps that truly was all that she was. It was in the middle of this thought that a maid that he knew as Sylvia knocked on the door, saying that his wife had finally come back from her week-long business trip. It was finally time to lay eyes upon Nesoi. Hastily, Jale got out of his seat and made his way to his lady’s quarters. Two had gotten there before him. “How was the trip, Nesoi? I’m sure you encountered no problem during the negotiation.” He kept his voice firm yet friendly. He stood at attention and patiently waited for a response
  8. Name: unknown Occupation: none Appearance: A suit of brass armor held together by electromagnetic energy. Weapons: none Family: none Background: A tragedy, what happened to this lost soul, for they do not haunt by their own free will nor do they have any unfinished business preventing passage to the afterlife. The binding that keeps them here is a curse: caused by a scientist that was set to prove their thesis at any cost. Their scientific venture did not question whether the experiments performed were ethical or how far it would need to go to be satisfactory. How many souls would need to be tortured for the sake of one's will to make progression in paranormal science? Many experiments were conducted and all the failed experiments became poltergeists thrashing around objects in that cursed tomb of a laboratory. When one soul finally stabilized however, all the failed experiments attached themselves to it, leaving a curse onto the armor. The reanimated soul had no memory of it's past life, even so, the empty shell it resided in felt unnatural and moments after the birth of this new being, it went mad from the pain of the damned that latched on. The man who had felt such fervor in making this armored soul animated felt too much remorse to so much as look at it and attempted to run, but there was no escape from the fate that awaited him. The armor absorbed his body: using his skeleton as the inner framework for the inside of the cold shell. There would be no redemption for his soul because the poltergeists made sure it was dragged down to hell where it belonged. Now the imprisoned one in a body of brass had nobody they knew and no memory of even the most basic principles; therefore, it acted on instinct and ran far into the mountains. There was nothing it needed to stay alive it just existed, a painful meaningless existence. They observed other animals and many species of the world looking for a reason to exist and then they found a village. Upon observing the village for years they concluded that the reason any being intelligent exists is to be remembered whether is be by family or by the whole world. So this started the journey of the silent body of brass. Rather effective at killing beasts of many kind that plagued villages, needing not any pay. They roamed around the world like a phantom, they came into towns just as quickly as they left. Forever stuck in a world that fears his very existence.
  9. Valk


    Welcome to Valucre, Chaos, I'm sure you will find the community and the world to be engaging.
  10. Naw, you're awesome mate. This is gonna be my first rp on here after being afv for a year.
  11. I got a character made Update: I decided to edit it a bit. I'll probably continue to do so until I start using him
  12. Name: Jale Johnson Birthplace: Kalopsia Education: equivalent to a high school dropout Work history: Janitor, construction worker, blacksmith, Agnivanshi Current occupation: Agnivanshi Weight: 99.79 kg (220 lb) Height: 180cm (5'11) Age: 36 He is equipped with an arsenal of his making: Spiked shield Shortsword Medium weight chainmail and steel armour Combat style: often stays at a safe distance until his opponent is tired out or an opportunity arises for him to stagger them with his spiked shield, then goes in for a relentless rushdown to quickly finish the fight. Appearance: his skin is that of someone with vitiligo(a skin condition that makes one have white and black patches of skin), he has hazel eyes, his black hair is styled in a bun, and has a heavy frame. Has several tattoos along his back and shoulders and a lip piercing Background: Jale was always getting into conflict due to his unusual skin condition. In school his constant fighting with the other students caused him to eventually drop out before getting a full education; however, this did not stop him from accomplishing feats that everyone said that he couldn't. He worked as janitor for a construction company before learning enough from watching them work to pass a construction certification test. He earned enough money to finally open a forge. And so he worked his way to becoming a blacksmith and a well regarded blacksmith at that. Despite his status he was still ridiculed for his vitiligo and one day was arrested for assaulting a man who said that he looked like "a spotted cow but with a shitty afro" . At that time he was given the option to either go to prison or join the Rajput Brigade: he chose the lather. Some say that he was a perfect fit for the brigade since all his life he was showed just as much fury as the gouls, while others say that he was as equal a threat to his allies as he was to gouls. During his time in the brigade he took solace in alchohol to get his mind off the horrors he had seen while on the brigade. Jale became an Agnivashi only after 2 years. His turn around from nearly going to prison for assault to becoming an Angnivashi earned him the title "the redeemed" Now after 5 years of service he serves as a personal bodyguard and groom for Nesoi, something he never really imagined to be doing.
  13. Oh god it's so tempting to make a Goblin Slayer type character for this that just hates gouls lol. I'm not going that route at all but it came to mind.
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