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    Fighting Gangsters Batman Style

    @Peace Is a Lie Are we still going through with this thread?
  2. SuperAuno

    A Ranger's Work Is Never Done

    Rafael got out of the cab early and began walking the last block toward the bar. He rubbed together some clay in his fingers while he walked, eyes wide as he surveyed the big city. Though not far from where he had grown up, he had never been to Hell's gate. The stories his dad had told him about giant buildings rooting themselves into the ground like trees had seemed to fantastic to be real. However, he was, and here were those buildings. He walked the last few steps to the entrance of the bar slowly, a look of forced calm on his face. You're alright Rafael. You can do this! he thought to himself. He swallowed and walked in, still rubbing and molding the thin piece of clay between his fingers. He spotted the ranger, his new partner, immediately and gave what he hoped to be a calm and deep-sounding greeting as he moved to join her. "Hello, you must be Minerva." What have I gotten myself into?
  3. SuperAuno

    Fighting Gangsters Batman Style

    How often are you planning to post? I cannot do more than a few times a week. Edit: I may be able to do more but I do not want to commit to more than that.
  4. SuperAuno

    Fighting Gangsters Batman Style

    Thank you! I would like to join. I will use my character Rafael, who is an elemental knight.
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    Terrenus Military OOC/Chatter

    I am! That would be great.
  6. SuperAuno

    Rafael Cordone

    Name : Rafael Cordone Nickname : None Age: 15 Profession : Apprentice-Potter Place of Origin : Terrenus Hair Color : Blue Eye Color : Green Motivation: He wants to open up his own shop to sell pottery and constructs. Quirk: Likes to make puns Weakness: Rashness
  7. SuperAuno

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! It is good to be here! I found Valucre through an online search and decided that I liked the idea of participating in a creative writing game. I have played one game years ago called Witherwings, a Harry Potter role playing site. I think that I will be fine skipping out on the Tavern of Legends and proceeding directly to interacting in the main world of Valucre. I like the idea of a creative writing game because I enjoy creating and teaching through writing and I would like to publish YA books. I am 23 and have the goal of publishing my first book before the age of 30. I have been working on one for the past year or so. I have not written very much considering how long I have been at it, but I feel like I have made good progress! I think that playing this game would be great creative writing practice and would help to build my confidence in accomplishing my current writing goals. I look forward to meeting and forming friendships with some of you! I felt at first like it was wrong to join this online forum because there is no "real interaction" (face-to-face) and that I would be wasting time that I could be spending interacting with other people around me. However, I like to think of playing this creative writing game as if it were online pen-pal correspondence. I would really like to form actual friendships and get to know those I am playing with!