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  1. As Q'myha'myha was ignored or unheard in his pursuit, he grew frustrated with the various scenarios flicking through his mind. He was naturally protective, and it showed heavily when he had his mind set on Eilwen. The powerful sea beast waded through the current to speed his journey, looking around in silence now as he followed her scent like she was prey; sometimes it was easier to use this method instead of overthinking it. Soon enough, he'd be upon her vicinity, grinning as he swam up behind her, a hand on the pillar as he knelt down and hunkered himself to the sea floor. "You were not to go out here alone, Eilwen. It is not safe." He'd whisper this whether she had been startled or not, eyes fixating on the corrupted angler before them. He did not like the way it felt to be in the area with such a beast, as he knew of the wild and generally unnatural entities that tended to frequent the Bone Forest. Q'm's ears flicked a bit as his breathing became manual, analyzing the angler from afar by scent, aura, and visual indicators. The Warrior-Son of the King on the Waves prepared his mind for such a thing, while also working to invade the beast's mind. If he was successful in his act, the beast would likely become docile, but if not, well.. it was going to be a very good show for Eilwen.
  2. What does it mean to be a Shaman of the Depths? To bear such a title is more often than not a burdensome task.. at least in the beginning. Like fine wine, one learns to acquire a taste and even a thirst for such a thing. Let us dive in. There are things that are observed and sought out in those that are deemed fit for the caste. This is done by the shamans of Now and of Those Before Us. Let us begin at the. “Induction” period of the process. We will watch as the Elder Shamans do their investigation of the citadel’s constituents. The Beginning. The annual census of the citadel’s constituents had been done in the time since the last and it was time for the Induction period to begin. Done during the peak of Ulatal for the fact that this season seems to bring about Those Before Us into the presence of the living. They tend to be seen by those Attuned to the auric natures of Those Before Us and the great Totemic Deities that bless the seafolk -- especially children, who are known to bear witness more often than adults. Children, bearing more raw attunements to the auric energies, tend to be aware more often and can be observed in communion with Those Before Us. Most pass it off as the children whispering to themselves, or working acts of the imagination -- but this is not always so. The children end up witnessing or even being greeted by the spiritual entities due to the season most associated with cold and death bringing for a higher concentration of the energies permeating the Deep. Places of Spiritual Power, such as shrines and places of high amounts of death act as beacons through the Veil for the spirits and even some deities who wish to show themselves. These children, those who are Attuned and Aware, they will be the ones the Shamans of the Deep seek out… Now, let us watch as the process known as the Gathering begins. With Circadian Rhythms whirring through the Deep and resurging those from tired to energized, the Shamans stepped from the Halls they roamed and meditated in through the “nights” in the Sea. The first to leave the Keep the shamans resided in was Amyr’akh, an Elder Shaman and non native to the Nymerian empire, as well as two other shamans accompanied by a few of Those Before Us aiding in the Gathering. It was high time they got a move on and begin the process. Amyr’akh had lived the expanse of nearly three generations of Nymerian people and had been here for roughly two. In his near millenium within the Empire, he’d seen many societal changes, but this particular process never faded.. Even when the Shamans fell out of public favor again-- he was there for all of it. But that never stopped his work and his servitude to the Sea. Birthed from the hardest eggs in the Deep, the High-Born Basilisk was one of deep spiritual attunement. He knew all too well what would brand a being destined for intimacy with the gods of the sea and the planes they inhabited. They all did, as they’d all endured the same or similar beginnings. Beginnings for shamans were almost always tethered in a dance with death’s embrace. Whether it be the Nymerians, the serpentfolk, the Carchaerans, or any other sea race within the empire -- death had more than likely swam around them around birth. For some Nymerians not born into a life of spiritual attunement, this meant that complications during birth had been a very possible outcome. Umbilical strangulation, a mother weakening to near death or even dying during childbirth, being born too prematurely.. It was all possible with them. With the Carchaerans, it was the blood feud between unborn siblings cannibalizing within the womb, or being born directly from the Elder bloodlines that yielded more of a connection between beings and the deities of the sea and their immense power. Anything could fixate one’s fate for the life of a shaman.. But nothing could prepare an unknowing family for the Gathering.
  3. "See to it the subject is safely delivered." Words that rang through his mind and set in motion a taking akin to others he'd taken part of in the not so distant past.. Xaprychor, his uncle, entrusted the members of the Fourth Legion with many affairs regarding the surface and special operations. They were more than an Invasion Unit. They worked to procure as well as invade. Hand picked faction members were brought with the Head of the Legion to carry out the Empire's work that wasn't so suited for the other battle-hungry Invasion Legions. It was only fit one or more came about a mission such as this and led it. Retrieval, abduction, whatever one might call it. The responsibility was delegated, and entrusted to all of those bearing the title of "Legionnaire." Selection had taken place and they were dispatched. "Contain the Subject! Time is of Import!" He'd bark at them, gesturing forth as he wielded his own rather hefty harpoon geared with what looked to be a near-clear length of... water? Yes, that was the only thing one could relate it to. A length of water doubling as a rope to retrieve the harpoon if need be. He didn't think the child deserved the net he wore, as it was liable to do damage if used on her. Q'myha'myha, Commander to the Nymerian forces in the stead of the Kings and Head of the Fourth Legion -- and who now wreaked havoc upon this ferry full of gifted individuals -- tended to the containment unit personally with a few of his most trusted companions. He brought a few of his own Legionnaires and a pack of the beasts that frequented his company along for the trip, preparing for whatever sort of endeavor was to come. They were all geared up and ready for anything at this point, as the humans had the stigma of being overly cautious and prone to lashing out in times of fear or anger. Geared within his own ancestral armor, as given to him by his father, Rxychra Alrandwe di Firdana, decades ago, Q'm moved through the water with the tail of a shark exposed, the beasts he brought towing the unit with care and a steady pace. All of them bore a connected mind with Q'm, as was his innate ability with the Bestial Magics of the sea. His "faceless" helm kept his face protected in the event something like a weapon were to strike him. The uncovered regions of his body were a contrast of dark and light denticles, hugged by the gear, and by comparison to the Legion members surrounding he was truly under equipped.. but he did not need what they needed. Being the offspring of the Alrandwe clan brought forth a particular advantage, which consisted of breathing air without a fear for burning and dehydration. Men previously from all of the other Legions and men presently of those Legions worked in tandem to secure the subject of interest. A redheaded human on a ferry full of gifted individuals. One who could compel and coerce with not more than her own mind. Q'myha'myha had not been subjected to the influence she willed upon one of the men, but he witnessed it. And it was awe inspiring -- threatening, too. Consider if she'd compelled someone like Q'myha'myha or the Kings or a Clan Head to do something awful? But consider if she could be utilized for the good of the Empire, engulfed into that of pro-Nymerian Endeavors. What she could do for the Azure Edict was incredible to think of. It was all he could think of during the descent after raiding and obtaining what they had come for. The containment unit would keep her safe from the pressures and the obvious potential of drowning, and would do well to keep an eye on her from a physical well-being standpoint. Biometrics were accounted for upon captivity, and the condition of health was monitored consistently. The container even went so far as to suppress the innate capabilities of beings -- magic or otherwise. She would do no harm to those outside unless honest convincing was done. A device on the Commander's wrist was tampered with, sending forth a beacon to their mode of transport -- a living one. A faint glow from the deep would happen to near them, getting brighter as it neared. Soon enough what looked to be a whale integrated into a sort of organic vehicle. It was time to go.
  4. Deep within the trenches lied the Bone Forest, and within them lied a beast of the sea unlike any other. Q'myha'myha -- coined the Shark-Son of Nymeria. To most, he was simply a deeply invested son of the King on the Waves, to others he was their leader and to an extent their role model. Position, Genetic Makeup, Prowess -- it all amalgamated into admiration, envy, and ambition to outdo within the people that encountered him. A man of the people usually surrounded by animals of the sea due to his innate connection with them seen roaming the citadel at all hours. But this was not one of those days.. Ironically enough, he was out hunting for artifacts and trophies, and no doubt a collection to his farm of tamed animals and monsters alike. Able to feel for the energies of the targets, as well as communicate and hear them in return, it made it easier to find what he wanted. Though, in the midst of all this, he could not help but let his mind wander to more... intimate thoughts. He always kept her in mind, even though he wasn't promised to her or bound to her. The man was simple and blunt.. perhaps a bit archaic compared to some sections of the Empire.. but she was one to keep his attention moreso than others. Eilwen : Mistress of the Arts and Chronicler of Events by extension of her position among the artists. Her prowess, as well as she herself, kept him entertained and perhaps a bit more grounded... in this instance it was distraction, though. Not something particularly enjoyable in the event of hunting and taming. When she was near, it got worse.. it seemed this was one of those times. But where was she? She should not be down here... even if she did tend to wander down unattended. Sure, she was capable, but no one should be down here alone -- except perhaps the Fourth Legion. Diversion, that's what was happening. And it was in full flow. Q'myha'myha ditched his personal matters and began sniffing her out and feeling for her aura. It was quite profound, as was her personality in general. Such was to be expected. "Eilwen..?" He'd call out, his ears flicking some as they fanned out a bit to take in more sound like adjusting a satellite dish for signal enhancement. He'd move toward where he could feel she was, toward the entry from the citadel's perimeter. Where was she? @Lacernella Rubra
  5. A deviant grunt of displeasure escaped the plush lips of the Man holding the source of such a wretched but eerily pleasing sound. He winced visibly, but grinned at the overall reaction to the woman's gift -- a companion bearing more companions. How would one catch a finer specimen than this? Gifts within a gift! But her words brought him the most joy, even though he knew she'd love the creature. A kiss returned and a rub of noses given before he listened to all she had to say. "I knew you would like her." he'd mention before her next statement came about, only for his grin to return in full stride. "I will be sure to return to you after the seeing my Father. He is likely eager to come see you. Perhaps you ought to come out to the ranch and do the dinner with me tonight? We could go out hunting for the meal or visit to the trenches, or some other thing." he'd offer, smiling warmly before turning his head to see Zorval scuttling into view. A hearty chuckle would be drawn out as his somewhat worrisome companion came around, only to eagerly escape the social interaction. One of Q'myha's beast companions followed him off to antagonize and probably neglect the poor octopus, but it was all fine in Q'm's head.. maybe not Zorval's. Q'myha only nodded to him with a smile before he released Eilwen and let her float freely, a hand gracing the back of her head as the Naga went off to be painted and become of use outside of war. All seemed to be well, and he could not complain about anything. So he did not. "I will see you when I return, Eilwen." He'd state, taking the sea cat and her sizable abode and making way. It was good to see her after bouts of responsibilities -- she helped him to unwind in many ways, and he did not feel like sinking into a bloodfrenzy around her, either, which was rather enjoyable to say the least. After some time, he'd make it to her quarters with the sea wolves, settling the pregnant sea cat in and introducing her to her own little home and the rest of her roaming space that was Eilwen's residence. He did not find it in him to charm her with magic for anything other than the fact it was best she remain here until either of the two holding her remained. A little rub of the ear-fin was given and responded to with pleased sounds. Q'myha, in the absence of others, released a giddy little squeal of enjoyment in response. Something no one would indulge in hearing. He was quite the soft belly jelly for animals at times, and he let it show in the fact he bore a ranch that was dominantly inhabited by sea creatures, beasts, and the few wholesome monsters he kept around. It was good he lived outside the citadel. Most Nymerians did not particularly enjoy the sight of sea monsters, but Q'm made a habit out of taming them both with and without magic, and if they were present, it'd likely send the people into little frenzies of murderous intent or fear -- neither of which would go well. But, onto the truly important things. Q'myha's father was home, and it was high time he went about greeting him and his uncle and cousins and the constituency of the Empire that flooded the Citadel where they could. So he did. With the thought in mind, he left Eilwen's housing and swam off at a high pace, kicking from a platform of glowing water -- a trick he'd grown accustomed to doing with his Water Magic. He found no true rush in it, which explained his lack of thought for using the fins and tail he kept concealed and not readily present on his body. With the kick, he'd be off and whirring through the water like a mighty Great White. Soon enough, he'd be among the crowds and following after the scent of his father and easily making his way through the people with his companion beasts. It was a lengthy process, and he was in no rush. A festival was to ensue, and he would be there. He would, however, rush to make it ahead of time, in order to properly greet him outside of a massive school of fishfolk. Q'myha would back channel along all the people and through crowds, never losing the position of his father or his racy cousins. Those two were intriguing in their own rights, and he was one of the few who bore no pity for Shcxay. He only bore pride for him, as his perspective was one of acceptance and glory through survival in life. He wondered if his father would presume the worst for Q'myha not intercepting Pyxiz and his entry, or the fact his nephews found him first, but he laid his mind to rest as he neared the Throne of the Oceans, taking up a place not far off, though secluded enough that civilians could not flood his personal space or the sea wolves'. He remained close enough to the groups as to not express feelings of superiority to his people, but an obvious line was drawn with the personal space afforded. Simply put, he did not wish to be elbowed in the ribs and loins like he'd had happen a few times in other festivals and celebrations. How would he make flop with damaged goods? Despite all the thoughts in his head he could not think of much else other than awaiting his Kings. A wonderful occasion was to come about... something truly magnificent and generally unseen outside of the defeat of the Trench Barons and the reclamation of the Thrones by the Alrandwe Siblings.
  6. The Shark Son of Rxychra caught Eilwen in his arm's bend and against his side with ease, keeping her to him momentarily as he grinned. He basked in the affectionate peppering of his dark face. A soft squeeze was given as he kept an arm wrapped around her hips, tucking her to him for a moment but not keeping her by force, as he did well not to restrain her publicly. As he looked from the alabaster fleshed woman to the Naga before them, he could not help but to think on his endeavors with Nagas in the past; some were hostile, some were not. He had not been defeated by them, as they were an amalgamation of two things he bested on a normal basis. Regardless of the history he bore with various races and beasts and people, he could not contain himself as he looked to the woman. "This is Krava. A Naga and one in good favor of the Empire, I would say. He will be coming to the Celebration, waiting for Rxychra with us. It will be much good times!" He exclaimed. The beast bristled in excitement, only to look to Eilwen with an intense grin. "But before we leave, I have brought you a gift, Eilwen~" He spoke warmly, lifting his right hand that bore a docile aquatic feline -- a plump one, to boot! But that was not poor diet, no.. nothing less than the blessing of Fertility and Motherhood. It was one of the only reasons he'd managed to catch her first, considering the other sea cats were simply... well.. Not pregnant. Once he'd taken this one into account he could see no better reason to fixate on this singular one as opposed to a few grown. This way future bonds with the infants would be wholesome -- something Q'myha came to consider precious with his own companions. Speaking of which, the geared up sea wolves moved with his vicinity, happily gazing upon all of the beings in the room. There were at least half a dozen lingering about in the room, with others littered throughout the palace walls, minding the business of those that claimed allegiance in the pursuit of the untrustworthy. They also kept Q'myha informed through the connection they bore with him. A solid bond from beast to beast -- a testament to his innate skill with Bestial Magic. Something that mages worked years for he'd been born with. He had been in controrl for a decade, now, regarding the general safety and organization of the armies and protection within the empire, and that meant having eyes and ears he could trust that could not lie to him -- though he was working on being able to force the truth out of _people_ without physical harm or fear..... Back on topic, though. A pregnant sea cat! Q'myha figured she'd appreciate it, and now waited to have it acknowledged as he held it up to her, the chubby little feline clinging to his arm as he extended it toward Eilwen. "It is for you! A very much good present for the Mistress." he'd state, adequately breaking old habits of poor lingual skills regarding Old Carchaeran tongue and the Common Nymerian tongue. Decades could pass and he'd still bear slip ups and improper uses. But that did not stop him from speaking by any means, especially to the woman before him who he'd grown gradually closer to as time passed.
  7. As one might assume, the entity was present within the gardens. Q'myha'myha was known for such a thing. It gave his war-driven spirit moments of tranquility. Even then, he still conceptualized and moved through many styles and methods within his head; he also pondered on the information gathered through shared thoughts from various glimpses into sea life among him. They told him of Rxychra and Pyxiz returning before the capital was aware -- hell, he could feel them coming. Pyxiz was, after all, one of his own kin. The great beast hailed from Carchaeron's waters, just as he did. The shamans had remained vigilant in their assessing of what and who came about within their region -- from true sharks to those mannish descendants born with leg or fin... and those blessed with both. Sharks and sea wolves surrounded him dominantly, as well as fish and more peculiar beings such as one small quadruped he'd managed to catch and coax -- For Eilwen, of course. He had spoiled her greatly in the past few years. Unable to venture out as being bound by duty to remain present unless outwardly oppressing other regions to keep them from infringing upon an Empire a King short, he'd been mostly delving distance reaches and sea forests for gifts of shiny and companion-esque sorts. This little companion seemed quite fit for a companion of rarity and intrigue. What that was, one could only ponder as it was an elusive breed of changed animal the ocean and its exceedingly present aura of Change blessed them with. The little thing was curious -- it'd not strayed far from the man beast, and by its own fault fell weak to his compulsion. It had been in his lap for some time, now, relaxing as he was -- as all the sea life was with him. Many sea wolves sat around him, and many more swam about. But now his peace was disturbed and his companion stood on edge, along with some of the other quadrupeds in the water. No threat seemed imminent, but they were all in touch with Q'm, and him being disturbed meant them being disturbed. The more... "natural" sea life like the true sharks and fish that whirred about made way in varying directions. He'd been addressed. His thick mane of shimmering tresses hung densely about, moving with the passive currents within the palace territory as he turned to face the man.... snake? Naga! That's what the word was. He'd encountered a handful in the near seas in his time of living -- none so close to the Throne, though. Esoteric and powerful entities, they were a rather clandestine breed altogether, it seemed.. at least from his perspective. As he moved to address the male, his appearance would further expose itself. Dark flesh would meet a stark contrast along his front half, though his extremities drowned the light midway. He was heavily tattooed, an ever-continuous process through his life as it were at this point. A feat, an event, most anything significant could be recorded in some memorable fashion. His body told stories as well as exemplified his very Self. Unspoken expression -- The epitome of it, at that. He floated into a stand, moving on toward the male with a grin. The little gift for Eilwen was perched in the bend of his arm. "No, no. It is best we do not keep the little Mistress waiting. Depending on her state of mind, she could grow impatient.. though considering the subject of the celebration, it will be hard to displeasure her on this day. We've not too much to do, outside of gather the Fourth up for a little show, I suppose. Eilwen first, though. I have not been to her in a few days." He'd nod and move forward to where the naga had come from -- that's right, backtracking for the snake. The pack moved with him as he adjusted his gear, gripping belts and the net he wore around his form into a position of comfort. Q'm positioned his hook into comfort on his person and moved toward the Vaults with Krava now, pleased all was in position. "She will be pleased to see you, and this little one." He said, cradling the sea creature as the quadrupedal sharks followed on after their "leader". Eilwen always did love the exotic and the monstrous.. this one took the cake for the moment, though he'd hoped to be able to surprise her further. A naga or a little sea animal seemed to be a hearty decision between the two on which to be more excited about. The thought pleased him, and he made way with Krava and sea wolves.
  8. Personal History Basics: Birth Name: Q’myha’myha Legal Name: Q’myha’myha Alrandwe di Carchaeron Alias: Q’m, Shark, Legionnaire Alignment: Personality: Q’m is a rather to-the-point type of person, bearing his wits before his emotions and staying straight to the point with his duties. He bears an air of confidence in his capabilities and potential; he will not deviate from his task or his belief in himself. He has a softer side that can come out from time to time, especially around those he finds especially close -- however few that category of people might be. He takes companionship with high regard due to the lack of it in his earlier life. Albeit he is a solitary being in general, he has come to appreciate companionship. Martial prowess and duty to the people he pledges his services to are among the most regarded, though. He can sometimes bear a poor understanding due to being foreign and raised by those who did not always speak properly or in full understandability. Appearance: True Age: 76 Apparent Age: Later twenties Race: Offspring of a Shark Deity and a Royal Blooded Nymerian Height: 8’3 Weight: 568 lbs Skin Color: Dominantly a Dark Gray-Navy color with a secondary tone of White-Gray Eyes: Dark, Pearly, Blue-Gray Hair Color: Opalescent White Hair Style: Usually worn in long, thick braids among loose tresses Build: Very Muscular, exceptionally fit for the sake of being acquainted to the pressures of the sea floor, as well as being an exceptional swordsman and warrior donning two-handed weaponry. Tattoo: He bears an array of tattoos, going from sections of his legs like his ankles, on up from the knee to the high waist, and then sleeves with pectoral tattooing that all come together with a back tattoo; all of which bears space for more intricacy and additional tattooing. Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous with a favor for the Right. Biographical Information Date of Birth: Unknown City of Birth: Carchaeron Hobbies: Meditation, Studying and practicing martial arts, alchemical and spiritual subjects, and serving the kingdom due to an insatiable need to exert some form of his martial skill. Current Occupation: Hand to the King on the Waves and Head of the Land Invasion Force’s 4th Legion Associations: Current Location: Nymerian Citadel Companion: A pack, or multiple packs in rare occasions, of “sea wolves”, as some might call them. These beasts are what look to be sea predators -- dominantly sharks -- with a quadrupedal body system in effect. They bear the potential to transform and adapt to land qualities and imitate that of canines -- mostly wolves, as the alias for these fine beasts suggests. Occasionally takes a mount with him; his steed of choice is an Old-Blooded Hippocampus, bearing the ancient line’s magic-infused hooves that allow great speeds, as well as nigh-omnidirectional travel within water. This breed bears six legs and the ability to breathe out of water, as the bloodlines of Old do in the Nymerian culture. Abilities and skills Q’myha’myha is an interesting individual. He bears the blood of a shark deity, as well as a Royal Blooded Nymerian, which proves to serve him will due to the Royal Nymerian Physiology that allows him to breathe underwater, as well as to breathe on land as his father’s ancient ancestors did when they still roamed the now-sunken continent. The Hybrid’s Nymerian side also gives him an enhanced physiology suited for underwater living. As most Nymerians, he also bears the innate ability of Linguistic Assimilation, a unique trait that allows for the race to adapt to and assimilate to other languages through physical contact of the lips with another species or being. Many question whether the exposure to the Elder God’s, Ssalz’trax’s, blood upon his death had anything to do with this peculiar skill, but it is truly unknown. His Divine Shark Physiological Aspects bestowed upon him by his mother’s biology boast quite the enhancements to his body. Born with quite dense, strong muscle, he is able to dish out and endure fearsome blows. He bears the sense of electroreception, which allows him to detect electric fields -- this gives him the ability to track movement in a given region surrounding him, which is even more amplified in a meditative or trance-like state. He also has an extremely powerful sense of smell -- blood, in particular, can be tracked for miles, depending on the conditions of the environment(heavy currents, certain degrees of weather, various biome differences). Perhaps most notable, though, is the ability to harden his dermal denticles collectively and selectively -- all over or specific regions of the body -- for combat or defensive purposes, and even grow them to protective protrusions which proves to be quite the helpful skill. If not enough, the blood of the divine mother of the Carchaerans -- debatably of all sharks -- and his mother, he bore the ability to change shape from humanoid to beast. This transition is selective in the sense he could become more of a merfolk than a humanoid, or even simply release partial anatomy such as a tail or any number of the fins of a True Shark. In regards to the less than physical, Q’myha’myha bears a fair amount of innate and learned magical potential. As most, if not all, Nymerians are innately capable of, Q’m is gifted with Wave Magic, which is the ability to manipulate the water around them by means of magic-infusion. The aura of the user will encompass the water under influence, which will leave the magic-infused water at the behest of the user. One might be more skilled than another and be able to control more matter phases of the substance; this opens up options to gaseous/vaporous forms such as steam and fog/mist, as well as solid forms such as ice. Q’m is well versed in the workings of this field, mostly due to being magically attuned from a young age, as shamans and being birthed from a Totemic Deity of the Ocean sped up his development for such. The Shark is rather masterful with the higher tiers of Bestial Magics, generally referred to as Mytho Magic. Q’myha’myha was graced with a powerful communication with sea creatures -- both sapient and not-- , and also bore some contact with the more… mythical beasts, so to speak. As time moved on, he eventually grew to command and tame them, even the sea beasts and onto those of the abyssal trenches that would otherwise wreak havoc on lesser civilizations than Nymeria. Despite the power to control, he preferred bonding and contractual dealings of devotion between beasts and himself when possible. Alas, not all things took to this.. Which required a show of dominance until coaxed into compliance. This is especially observed with his connections to some groups of sharks and shark-like beings. He had always taken to the playfully named “sea wolves” in his native region, and as such he grew to command and work alongside a multitude of them. In regard to skill, Q’myha’myha goes almost unmatched in martial prowess among his comrades. Although he trains in all of the schools at least some, he partakes dominantly in Shark, and by extension the forbidden styles within the Sunken Fist Schools -- those being the Krak'ken and Leviathan styles. Growing up within Carchaeron, the man beast practiced long and strenuous bouts with and without weapon.This, as well as his hand in the war against the Trench Barons, has landed him among the highest ranks within the Land Invasion Forces. As head of the Fourth Legion, he personally mans the induction and training of the Legion, and consults with other Legions when he is called upon -- or when he calls them. Q’m is versed in many weapons, but chooses to use the hook he was given by birthright, as well as the net. To him, they are symbols of domination, skill, and the subjugation of another being by forcing death or submission. Weapons: The Hook As per usual for a weapon of such ancient and high prestige regailing, the Hook Q'myha'myha bears is born of the vertebra of a great sea beast. It was furthermore Although inherited, the shark has much skill with the item, as he's used the same one since he could pick up a weapon and thrash it around. It is about four feet from pommel to the crest of the hook's curvature. The weapon bears a distinct separation along the front face of the hook, traditionally standing out as an anchor point once stabbed into something. Presently, though.. it is not used like this. It is brandished as a slicing and hacking device -- due to the weight of the weapon it makes for a wonderful makeshift axe, or a club if turned around. Make no mistake, though, the weapon is edged sharply on the outer perimeter, giving potential to finely and cleanly split things open by clubbing force if he so chooses to use it this way. The inside edge of the hook is sharpened finely, and used for dismemberment and executions by movements akin to curb stomping one into the edge for the result of decapitation. Gear: Article Description Article Description Article Description Article Description Inventory Item Description Item Description Item Description Item Description Personal History
  9. Welcome to Valucre, Dorje! ^_^

  10. Greetings! Very new to this place but a seasoned roleplayer. I was wondering what the scene here is regarding the RPs I've a few characters on hand from other sites and personal creation but I don't really know how well they'd fit or if i need to make fresh ones. Is this a Meta-Earth or whole new uni? I can offer adjustments and total retcons for interactions. I have a Hellhound, guardian to spiritual doorways in Asia A dragon who prefers the sands and mountains. An oni, bearing power over heat and ash(all of its components) A strigoi (savage n traditional; very flexible. ) A few elves and men from Elder Scrolls uni that can be transfered thru lore etc ' A ' Please give me as much insight as you care to / can possibly do! I'm very interested in partaking in things.
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