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  1. Order of Force Majeure any pages about it or anywhere I can read up? RP threads work too as long as it’s packed with lore bits.
  2. Mayhaps Terrenus proper Will wanna engage in some ways. Sidebar: gonna start pimping Nymeria out for trade and defense and infrastructure lol
  3. I get lost in translation lmao but Kyros being independent from Genesaris didn’t dawn on me idk why but regardless we’re all on the same page
  4. I don’t know how consulates usually work. I was just spitballing having a Nymerian embassy / establishment on both continents but I don’t want to convolute things here.
  5. How many miles from the coast of the bad lands to Blairville is it?
  6. My intent was to expand pre existing relations so that’s dope. Just a thought though. ??‍♂️
  7. Yea. The idea was to establish a physical space Seaborn races and Nymeria and Terrenus could interact or do business with. Pretty much a consulate/fort establishment. Could work for trade or anything like that. Mostly just establishing physical locations on each continent. Doesn’t have to be a newwww consulate type deal, moreso the aforementioned - a space for them on Terrenus’ beach
  8. Hello ? I have a lot to do with Nymeria of Genesaris’ Ariatic Ocean and I was wondering if anyone was interested in any type of interaction with the Ocean Empire? In regards to Terrenus, I was hoping to establish a consulate, be it with myself or @Malintzin Doesnt have to be something drastic but it can be! Maritime endeavors or land based endeavors. I myself am not picky. I should note that there is a consulate in Port Kyros, if anyone in the west of Genesaris wishes to reach out. But all are welcome to approach this little interest check. Questions regarding the consulate can go here or in my inbox! Any ideas? Hopes? Concerns?
  9. What are some of the more/most dangerous beasts/monsters out in Terrenus? Most dangerous environments?
  10. Interest piqued. DM/Discord me more info or links?
  11. As Q'myha'myha was ignored or unheard in his pursuit, he grew frustrated with the various scenarios flicking through his mind. He was naturally protective, and it showed heavily when he had his mind set on Eilwen. The powerful sea beast waded through the current to speed his journey, looking around in silence now as he followed her scent like she was prey; sometimes it was easier to use this method instead of overthinking it. Soon enough, he'd be upon her vicinity, grinning as he swam up behind her, a hand on the pillar as he knelt down and hunkered himself to the sea floor. "You were not to go out here alone, Eilwen. It is not safe." He'd whisper this whether she had been startled or not, eyes fixating on the corrupted angler before them. He did not like the way it felt to be in the area with such a beast, as he knew of the wild and generally unnatural entities that tended to frequent the Bone Forest. Q'm's ears flicked a bit as his breathing became manual, analyzing the angler from afar by scent, aura, and visual indicators. The Warrior-Son of the King on the Waves prepared his mind for such a thing, while also working to invade the beast's mind. If he was successful in his act, the beast would likely become docile, but if not, well.. it was going to be a very good show for Eilwen.
  12. What does it mean to be a Shaman of the Depths? To bear such a title is more often than not a burdensome task.. at least in the beginning. Like fine wine, one learns to acquire a taste and even a thirst for such a thing. Let us dive in. There are things that are observed and sought out in those that are deemed fit for the caste. This is done by the shamans of Now and of Those Before Us. Let us begin at the. “Induction” period of the process. We will watch as the Elder Shamans do their investigation of the citadel’s constituents. The Beginning. The annual census of the citadel’s constituents had been done in the time since the last and it was time for the Induction period to begin. Done during the peak of Ulatal for the fact that this season seems to bring about Those Before Us into the presence of the living. They tend to be seen by those Attuned to the auric natures of Those Before Us and the great Totemic Deities that bless the seafolk -- especially children, who are known to bear witness more often than adults. Children, bearing more raw attunements to the auric energies, tend to be aware more often and can be observed in communion with Those Before Us. Most pass it off as the children whispering to themselves, or working acts of the imagination -- but this is not always so. The children end up witnessing or even being greeted by the spiritual entities due to the season most associated with cold and death bringing for a higher concentration of the energies permeating the Deep. Places of Spiritual Power, such as shrines and places of high amounts of death act as beacons through the Veil for the spirits and even some deities who wish to show themselves. These children, those who are Attuned and Aware, they will be the ones the Shamans of the Deep seek out… Now, let us watch as the process known as the Gathering begins. With Circadian Rhythms whirring through the Deep and resurging those from tired to energized, the Shamans stepped from the Halls they roamed and meditated in through the “nights” in the Sea. The first to leave the Keep the shamans resided in was Amyr’akh, an Elder Shaman and non native to the Nymerian empire, as well as two other shamans accompanied by a few of Those Before Us aiding in the Gathering. It was high time they got a move on and begin the process. Amyr’akh had lived the expanse of nearly three generations of Nymerian people and had been here for roughly two. In his near millenium within the Empire, he’d seen many societal changes, but this particular process never faded.. Even when the Shamans fell out of public favor again-- he was there for all of it. But that never stopped his work and his servitude to the Sea. Birthed from the hardest eggs in the Deep, the High-Born Basilisk was one of deep spiritual attunement. He knew all too well what would brand a being destined for intimacy with the gods of the sea and the planes they inhabited. They all did, as they’d all endured the same or similar beginnings. Beginnings for shamans were almost always tethered in a dance with death’s embrace. Whether it be the Nymerians, the serpentfolk, the Carchaerans, or any other sea race within the empire -- death had more than likely swam around them around birth. For some Nymerians not born into a life of spiritual attunement, this meant that complications during birth had been a very possible outcome. Umbilical strangulation, a mother weakening to near death or even dying during childbirth, being born too prematurely.. It was all possible with them. With the Carchaerans, it was the blood feud between unborn siblings cannibalizing within the womb, or being born directly from the Elder bloodlines that yielded more of a connection between beings and the deities of the sea and their immense power. Anything could fixate one’s fate for the life of a shaman.. But nothing could prepare an unknowing family for the Gathering.
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