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  1. Do some quests and get them stacks 💰!
  2. Saul watched the lass take a drink and smirked, nodding when she commented on it. "Very good, very good." At least she's polite about it, He thought, remarking on her obvious displeasure. Perhaps it was not her vice.. To each their own. His conclusion was sound. Sound... Sound... Ah! Yate! His slight and delight brought a touch of warmth to his demeanor. He very much enjoyed a good bit of banter! “We rested on an island where we came upon wild grapes. See, we already had some honey mead, the next best thing to drinking the alcohol of the Gods and Goddesses, but we needed something different. So, we made some wine from the grapes and I’ve had a keen love of them since. “ "The foothills and mountains in the Ouread are a breeding ground for great grapes, wild or not. We will have to see what Ignatz has in store for us." The Black Mage nodded, falling prey to the silence that followed. Reminiscing on the luxuries of his homeland, he took the bottle from the man with an overactive mind, now on to the subject of what exactly Ignatz meant for him. This was simply a service to what seemed like two worthy wayfarers. Would the Druids have any insights or work for him? The inns a good drink and bed? “Mage,” his voice cracking into the silence, “I’d assume you can ward our area off to prevent or alert us of any intruders?” Yate wondered if his knowing of magical terminology and usage would seem abnormal to the mage. Again his mind was reeled back in. "Look who knows a thing or two." chided the Mage. He grinned and nodded. "Yea, I can take up that sort of handy work. Sleep does not always grace me so easily, so forgive me if I sit around with my eyes closed." Meditating; he meant meditating. Mental rejuvenation, a long rest without the incapacitation of sleep and the paralytic invasions that came with being so dangerously tangled with the Dark. "I can probably hide us for an hour or few, to boot. A little peace of mind for us all to rest or fall asleep, even. The middle of the night tends to be more tenacious, at least from my own time in the woods..." Maybe I'm just not welcome where I rest? He took a self-deprecating note with the thought and wondered whether he was considered something Unnatural or detrimental to the world he worked so diligently to preserve and observe. It was within his nature to protect where he resided, namely for the sake of a continued existence. Rather than toil away in his head for even another moment, he concluded his mental whirring and proceeded to stand. Sleeves were rolled to the elbow and a sigh was released after another drink of the brandy. The bottle found its cloth-covered home and was laid to rest in the robes once more. Rolling his neck and shaking the joints in his hands loose, he rummaged through a few pouches on his baldric. A Silver rod and a crystal, as well as iron dust, were withdrawn. Stretching the wire from its coil around a spool, the Black Mage retired to a space a bit over five meters away from the fire and spoke to himself... well, not exactly. When he crouched, his fingers found the earth and by extension, everything around them. Addressing the Eidos, he took in all that is and has been in recent hours.. Nothing terrible; no major patrols or militia-men or beasts of real danger had come tramping about. Good.. Communing with the present flora painted azure pictures within his head as he became ensnared in his work. Dark inklings dripped from his fingertips that sank into the dirt, entering the earth like a seed and sprouting a rune in the soil. It grew increasingly complex, resulting in magical circuitry within a foot wide circle that became his space of offering. The wire, the crystal, and the dust were set and blown respectively. Closed eyes kept the connection with the earth as he established an agreement of observation and preservation with the area. By his Will, the Blues of the forest became more encumbered, as if ushering a bit more discretion to their location. Foliage seemed to disorient any eyes looking into the designated space they now occupied. Sound would not escape but would happily chime into the area, but they would know if the "wire was tripped" on the subject of sounding off the alarms now present. The silver rod crystal was given to the earth for the sake of security and structure. Should someone step foot deeper into their perimeter, black crystals skewering them would be the result. An eerie pitch and heavy air would be the warning prior to the crystalline defense blasting forth like an explosion; they intended to impale and outright destroy whatever dared threaten these travellers.. Ifs and Maybes made the world, and intent was prone to conception within reality. This was his manifest. Protect, destroy intruders, and alert them if anything was to come within range. For now, Saul was content. Eyes opened as he thanked the Hills for the opportunity to rest. The Azure flora seemed to gracefully guard them now. Filling in obvious viewpoints, distinguishing a faint line in the dirt as a perimeter and effectively set a trip wire. The iron dust ought to keep fey and ghosts off, unless the not-so-common kinds came to play.. but all was well. Warnings, Discretion from within and out, and contingencies that would destroy the intruders; Now they could rest. "The Trees ought to wake us before we are happened upon, so do not fret if the leaves sing their song. You will know." He spoke as if it was a commodity for the forest to speak and that was it.. Nothing more than that came of him for an explanation. Saul stamped his boot to the floor before it reconfigured to a slightly elevated platform. His rear found it and he went cross-legged before working through quiet breathing exercises. "Do either of you need anything..? I have a bedroll on my sack if you can put it to use. I do not see myself lying down. Alleviates some of the burden on the spell." Saul spoke with his body facing due North. His home always radiated a sense of peace, and so the direction was typically taken for periods of rest and meditation. So long as he was awake, he did not need to solely rely on the forest and spell to detect a thing. His touch was insightful when it came to the world around him. Sitting on an earthen platform made no difference between hands buried in the dirt.
  3. On the subject of Gaianism: When do I lose fall damage due to my immense love for Her? 👀 No but seriously will that ever be possible ? May She Preserve Us.
  4. Are all scenes able to happen alongside one another or is this a chronological scene type of deal? Can I post now? and start prepping with the Ysh and the surviving wall-men and priests/clergymen moving into the currently depreciating rec area. Send em off with something for the streets 😁 And maybe we get the TOTEMs involved along the way.
  5. Apologies but I didn’t peep it. 🥵 I’ll post again but I will leave it up to you to come into view / contact ^ ^;
  6. If you wish to give a nomad angina 🤗
  7. So you wish to be encountered at random and either coerced or accosted? Show yourself to Yshmael in the Hands of Abberoth thread if that’s what you want? Or a fresh thread. He is a nomadic clergy member so he roams. with who? The Clergy also ranges from secular living all the way to deeply catholic-like lifestyles and devotions. So praying and stuff doesn’t have to be your thing so long as you detest and resist Unnaturals and their disharmony to our plane. Suggest a character you’d like to pit along my kinsmen
  8. So where do you see yourself getting involved? How would one come across your character? Where? I know the map fairly well so I’m happy to collaborate. I just need a tangible start
  9. Where is he from and what are some things you see him getting involved in or fighting for or defending?
  10. What do you have in mind? Do you align yourself along humanity / Gaia / the destruction of darkness and danger to the balance? or do you seek to destroy those who would preserve the light and defend from the edge of the world ?
  11. Pls squish me , Yh’mi.. big. Big. uwu
  12. Is it...speaking? It most certainly did speak to him. The imagery transmitted into his mind at the shared gaze between he and the falcon was immense. Dense fog brought a host of horrors upon him and those around him as he watched himself retract from wall to wide open space. He recognized some of it from shared instances and meditations with Michael in their travels: It was Aspyn. Northmost-West and exactly the place the Three had guided him in the first place. Perhaps it was beyond saving a village that was required of him in the West.. The charge of Suujali and buzz of insects invaded his mind, as well. This triggered many memories in the moment that reality stretched across what felt like minutes of intake. The conclusion was a familiar voice; his father's, perhaps? By the Three, he thought.. it had been so long since he had lost the majority of his family to Suujali onslaught brought on by melting glaciers and disharmony among the natural world. His father, or so he heard, spoke from the bird, it felt like.. and it brought a bit of water to the Nomad's eyes. He composed himself immediately as he came to, repeating his father's insight over and over inside his head. " Your work is not done. Prepare your mind and your spirit. Great loss will come should your faith falter. High as the sky and vast as night, danger waits for you and your friend. " What was he supposed to make of such a tangent? He could only press it in connection to the scenes shared with him by him.. or Her.. They were always searching for a fine muse. The Three that are She worked this way, He supposed. Yshmael's attention was only invested for so long before Tyra's lovely voice restored him to real-time. Hey… Did you guys…experience anything...unusual...with that bird?” asked Tyra. "I'm fine. You, Yshmael?" Matte chimed. "Nothing too odd.. I swear, he sounded like my father, though." He said, only spilling a fraction of what was entailed. She spoke through many forms and ways.. animals, birds, the wind; The Three were all and all was She. He took it all to heart and kept it in mind to speak with Michael about. Aspyn was on his mind, and with it, how he might defend against the darkness to come. Would he persevere or falter in the face of dire circumstances? He could only hope the guidance of the Three and Her Will through Them would manifest great and applicable things in his life.. Alternatively, though, his mind fell on all that his father and their family stood for.. Compassion for fellow Men; Honor; Valor; Overcoming the Immeasurable and Uknowable; Serving Them with Diligence. For now, Yshmael ran his fingers in the sand before standing to his feet and gesturing forward. "We ought to be on our way before we find ourselves flocked with fowl and philosophical woes." His laugh was dismissive of any of his own woes, and he sought to push on and reduce the dangers of standing around in such a vast space.
  13. BOSS I'll get to cookin some scenery , get that flavor in there, and try to remain timely ^ ^ MORE BOSS
  14. Absolutely. Any relevant motifs/styles for the architecture in Aspyn?
  15. I considered drawing them into the rec area, if possible. Less edifices and such but absolutely yes to all of your recommendations. And lotsa Holy Mist 😆
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