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  1. Could there be a villain using Gaian energy? Like rogue or corrupt clerics/Paladins ? Or bishops with questionable motives ?If not, could they selfishly utilize their skills for advantage in life, while not DIRECTLY harming people but say he’s like morally ambiguous or even just not a good guy. Does abuse of Her and one’s Discipline occur? Or are these not avenues tapping into a necromantic and cosmic field would potentially allow to happen? Being a direct detriment to Her is obv the issue but I had the idea of a zealot thinking he’s doing a her work and purging (but now that it’s out of my head could easily be a malignant force fooling him... )
  2. Genesaris is largely Sitraic, though I feel the further away from the East you go(or even directly surrounding like maybe mageside?) the more Gaian potential occurs. Large forests in the west, as well as Crystallo Stella as diligent Gaians. Terran minorities in Genesaris also probably have little things cooking up. Lagrimosa has plenty of Gaians and druids, though! I’ll let you know if I travel outside the mainland with Yshmael
  3. L E V I A T H A N

    Yh'mi AMA

    Love you bunches for your ever-lasting vigilance , good sir ! I now find myself in a WWTD moment all the time following my read-ups 🤣 (What Would Twizzen Do)
  4. L E V I A T H A N

    Yh'mi AMA

    Who I’ve noted as AFV and am patiently awaiting. I leave it in the public so they might see it upon return. Didn’t know if anyone else was like a de facto or had information that I did not! I can be patient. . Maybe. . 🥲 nah but seriously it is to generate thought or interest in the subject of making progress in said corrupt land more than I am impatiently seeking ❤️ Thank you, though.
  5. Appreciated. Pouncing like a mountain Lion. Love it
  6. L E V I A T H A N

    Yh'mi AMA

    I was looking to see feedback for an idea, which is along the lines of bringing a righteous seed to Yh’mi, or one being forged out of a hardship similar to in Biazo. Really trying to see what would need to be done to even cleanse a space like Inns’th or just a building sized lot for crops(in a greenhouse?) mostly future talk bc I don’t expect such a thing to be done swiftly or easy. The last seed in Biazo was forged of a malicious horror + its rift being destroyed by massive amounts of Gaian energy, irradiating the “seed” with stimulating energies geared toward the ~immediate surrounding environment. Would a seed like that even work here? Or is this an instance where we have to combat the evils present to make any headway when it comes to arable soil and blessed sections of land/settlements ?
  7. @amenities Is Michael jumping high enough to jump over a man? Or is it more like he’s got a 3-4 ft vertical?
  8. Hey thanks for the likes. Will's sort of my starter character, so I'm glad you enjoyed reading about him!

    1. L E V I A T H A N

      L E V I A T H A N

      Your writing is superb! I very much enjoy how organic the sheet is, too. I’d likely mimic it in my personal files solely for the hashing out of personality ! 

      it is nice to see people with confidence in their fingers. Plus I hate to know that our one mutual thread fell through! But that’s life xD

    2. ticklefarte


      I was actually meaning to ask if you wanted to continue that. I think I'm the next post, but life got in the way. I'm willing to continue if you haven't moved on!

    3. L E V I A T H A N

      L E V I A T H A N

      It’s a great quest and I feel we were ready so YES. 

  9. That thread was such a good read.. like dude. Thank you. Also #teamTwizzen
  10. I can be in I suppose. Push myself to try more brevity sized posts ! If you’ll have a Priest I’m here for it 👀 though don’t squeeze me in if you’ve got an ideal sized party as is ❤️🙏
  11. Always drop the follow up so I don’t forget ☺️ I believe the source of the seed could dictate whether it would have an effect on such corrupt land. Seems slightly unlikely, but worth eventually trying or pursuing , pending positive feedback of the idea from you regional leaders and craftsmen of content ! I’ll definitely be thinking about it. If it’s in the thread where Michael and co. Are planting the seed, I’ll go re read. Just hit me this morning !! I am but a man who wishes to leave a positive impact! And also it’s lonely on here sometimes so your company and your mind(s, if anyone else is open to ever communicate) is always appreciated !!!! I am weaning off of purely collaborative role play because my goals are not everyone’s. It helps to have an AMA though even if it’s just a link. I did NOT think it was just a laugh me off moment. So thank you for anything set before me. Even if it’s a “go read this dummy” ❤️
  12. How was the righteous seed produced? Could a seed like the one in Biazo cleanse a space like Inns’th?
  13. You’re not wrong! Simply put I just expect us to get a bit farther before the snow really starts penetrating the massive tree canopy. Just my brain making segments out of city-> forest-> snowy forest-> foot of the mountains where the forest thins and the snow picks up before we find a way inside the mountain. AGAIN THIS IS JUST HOW MY BRAIN DID IT. Not THE layout, but how my brain sees it. Like for instance my brain didn’t put spiders in a cold forest, but it makes them even scarier.. maybe hunting for hot blooded prey to stay warm.. Hell of a thought; spiders in the snow!
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