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  1. Darkness. It was everywhere -- even on the fucking road. Even... Inside of him... but that was not a story for today... tonight? Yes! Night - Dark - It all aligns! Kass(ábra) moved in the night beneath his robes, dark as night and doing quite well at obfuscating his general silhouette and appearance. To the unsuspecting, he could be a common traveler... or he could be the essence of nightmares.. For what was more terrifying than Not Knowing? Nothing -- at least not to Saul. For this, he kept a firm determination to experience as much as he could and know the Truth to All through this path.. however dark or bright it may become. On this night, though, it was the Spider's web that would snag the likes of one Saul Kassábra. A longsword rest at the hip, though none would see it. Dark, wild hair to match the terrific silhouette in the night blew around in the easterly winds, drawing the scent of blood his way.... but not just human. Scrolls, reagents, and utilities were kept on his person, as well as a wide array of protective charms, runes, and grams. One ought not wander too ill equipped, lest they become helpless and among the defeated. Eyes narrowed and fixed along the road, peering with his "blessed" sight in the night. Yes.. A sight graced upon him at birth and horribly discombobulated whence in his physical prime.. only to be returned, like everything else - only, it was all too connected to be considered much of a single-sense effort. something of an arcane bout of synesthesia had riddled him since childhood, but now it was on high at this point in his life. Seeing smells and tasting colors was the stuff of disorientation and myth and old hexes.. To him, it was life.. a part that (unfortunately) expounded upon his natural graces. How many others could follow a scent in the air with their eyes? Taste whispers on the air for miles (if one were given time to meditate on it, track by this method)? Recalling the taste of an environment upon a whim of thought.. It was like everything was cataloged and then thrown into a bag full of its situational associations.. ".....I'm so fucked...." And now he smelled the despair and the opened up chitin.. He could see in the night a mangled form ahead.. Arach-kin. Not too fond of your kind around these parts, are they? he'd muse to himself, watching ahead. Eyes like pools of churning darkness, specked with organic, never-in-the-same-spot fragments of radiance.. not enough to give off light, but enough to show he did not wish to be swallowed entirely... These eyes, much like a predator's, found him and analyzed his condition at first without words as to why he might be hovering over the poor sod. Broken.. not Dead. Perhaps he will see tomorrow. Perhaps he will be gracious and spin some silk... "Arach.. How bad off do you think you are right now?" He questioned, almost teasing him with a mildly sanguine tone. Hopeful, even in the face of one's demise. It was much more disarming to one's tension than assuming (out loud, as so many tended to do) that said victim may perish.. It was not like him to beat around the bush, which boded well for the Spider. Saul was not one to let others die meaninglessly.. but he would not rescue the undeserving if he could divine between the two. "Who left you here?" He pressed, stepping forward and lowering his hood to reveal falling tresses and a generally underwhelmed expression as he observed the damaged being so openly -- it was as if he was dead and just an object on the road. However, the investigative eye he bore was simply making a course of action, should he help him.
  2. ALSO I posted out of excitement 😄 WHERE Is this going down? I know you said the Wilds, but any geography we can add to The Spider's location? Not that it's important I just wanna know where he lives! I bet it's dope..
  3. Is due for a re-up but this is a character I had in mind for this. Wandering sorc+swordsman; a Black Mage of Northern TerFractimosa and quite open to helping those who need it... and can suffice with compensation somehow Who or What is the other person involved?
  4. Hi, Hello! More than happy to assist or help drive something you wanna do on here! Malcom/ L E V I / H A N idc uwu
  5. Appreciated. Trying to open my mind to native species, which is any race I suppose(including Genesaran vampires?) I had the idea Apprentice Yshmael would help him on the premise of being injured and not wreaking of evil or danger 🤔 but it doesn’t have to be Yshmael to help! Simply looking to do more with him!
  6. I’m not scared but it would make for more connections across the board lmao
  7. A non human. But, if bears no true evil I suppose he ought not be destroyed while pursuing an honest life.. hmmm 🤔 This begs the question.. is Suujali Unnatural or is it simply a being of nature?
  8. @jaistlyn Are all white Hand members PCs? Any active members of the White Hand available for support or NPC Cameo types one could involve? Are there any NPC Hands in Yh'mi (i.e. NPCs used to bolster the number of the faction)
  9. Anywhere a guy might start? I’ve got a Terran mage who might fit the niche. tech level in Reno is typically what? also very open to starting from scratch!!!
  10. Time away from Noviria was as relaxing as it was stressful.. War Time was always something he had been accustomed to, but subterfuge was something he found himself increasingly familiarizing with. Not every act needed a gladius' song through the air, or the crash of caligae on foreign soil. No. Sometimes, it was that which went unseen or unheard that made the strongest impact. The Queendom of Svanhild would learn this in many ways. The time spent with the shifter was one of constant given and reciprocated admiration. They both bore the favor of their Dominus, both bore traits garnered outside of the Legion, and both had a connection to felines! What were the odds that every similarity is a distinct difference in the two and their paths? Keraunos cared not. He simply wished to fulfill the will of Noviria and silence those that stood in the way of broad-scale liberation from the customs of foreign entities. Sangui et Gloria. Something Cal Eteris would never forget. Their lack of involvement -- rather, their preference to ignore the ongoing situation at hand throughout the islands -- brought heat to the Centurion's face. He could not believe that there were those who had truly impartial intentions. The destabilization of Corinth and Thraece were everyone's problems.. at least now they would be. “Remember, stealth and speed. No shouting. The servant’s quarters are in the western wing of the castle. Himei’s wielder will be there. We go there first.” "We move as one.. your judgment on when and how will be heeded in this endeavor.. You have my protection if needed." He reassured the shifter of his allegiances to and with him, which was hopefully shared between the two. Being among one not yet impressed upon by the Legion's scope of perspective was always interesting.. but it showed his priorities and the likemindedness they bore for the endeavor so far from Home. A nod was given from the Centurion as he listened to his companion. With Ruin's efforts finally able to be utilized, Keraunos - clad in minimal gear and plate to enhance his mobility - found himself following the Panther-Man ahead. Though his eyes did not glow, they still emanated a powerful exertion of one's own fighting spirit. Determination and Duty filled his chest and his veins as blood pumped with vigor. The larger of the two slid through the wall opening after Pardus, fists tightening as cestus clenched his digits and hands. Where he did not need a blade, he would not use it. Alternatively, though, the gladius he so adored - sharpened and oiled for the occasion - rest against his back in swaddled cloth and hidden sheath. He bore his firmly secured harness of phalarae so that they might know the Lion of Thraece had snuffed the life from their forms. Once inside, Keraunos made way through the depths of the edifice they'd tunneled into with Pardus. From the darkness of the halls, Keraunos prowled much like the beast of his namesake. Stone greeted his footwear with grace as he moved in the inklings of light afforded to the Halls of the keep. The quarters of the servants would be upon them shortly. Until then, it was moving with the darkness and the graces it offered. Patrolmen had passed.. patrolmen Keraunos wished to smother in his bare hand for their servitude to a nation so disinterested in the well-being and soverignty of the various peoples within the islands. They were not Corinth, nor Crowley who had so vehemently opposed House Arcos.. but a witness might as well have been an accomplice in his eyes. There was no room for centralism on the Islands, and he would be sure to carve that into their heads... possibly literally. A gesture of the hand was given to Pardus so that he might use his senses to their advantage as they came upon the split in the hall. He would not fall to haste or misdirection, maintaining patience as they made their way in the night.
  11. "Quite the fitted fox, if I do say so myself." he mused. This was turning out to be more and more intriguing of an self-appointed assignment. "Something tells me these criminals aren't going down without a fight; they rarely do. Y'all need any hardware?" "I need no such thing, thank you. The Market rings, proper and illicit, within the districts ought to lend us a way to find the tungsten, but I would wager they are working underground or someplace remote.. Wicker Mountains, even. Alethea is known for many mingling types.. especially the kind we ought to be wary of. If we can find our way to the fences and forge, we might be able to reap fruit from our labor sooner than later. " He bowed his head to the fox who now loaded and racked herself with weaponry and other accouterments. A whirl of his wrist brought forth his blade, sheathed and hanging from the cord that would find suspension upon his form if it were not in his hand. The blade bore curve, though nothing ridiculous or familiar to a scimitar or samshir. No, it was a form of dao that, when used in acts of righteousness, found harmony with the spirit of the wielder that was Kumara. Something he had been ingrained with was such : Preserve your blade for the blood of unjust. Let the innocent find peace in its presence.. and the opposition great terror in their hearts as they reflect on their decisions leading them to such untimely encounters. Kumara was ready, and had quietly turned to face the door, though he kept his head poised for listening in a slight turn of the head so that he might be able to glance them down if they speak. Otherwise, he was gearing up in his mind the various places they might come across as they hunt across the West for their criminals of import.
  12. “Well…" "...Escape…” "I learn more and more that this is a rather vast world.. Plenty of places to go, one could assume. I am but an infant to the wonders our world holds.." And a survivor of the horrors among TerFractimosa.. His words rumbled forth after wiping his face and mouth of sauce and such. Admiration for the other two's styles of stuffing face was felt in his gaze as he looked around, listening further. “I heard talk of a nearby forest where the trees aren’t just trees—they’re ships. Not just ships, but living beings, like you and me!” The man's eyes fixed on her in curiosity, as well as deep interest. Everything under the sky was Hers.. and thusly something from a forest was surely to invoke great potential with a man of the (Gaian) Cloth. His robing, still his own but bearing tags and emblems of the Triad-that-is-She, was adjusted as he put himself more in a comfortable lurch, leaning in to listen to her. Chesterfield was already turning out to be something truly worth visiting! “Maybe not just like you and me...but still organic. You bond with one where it rests upon the earth, learn to trust it as it trusts you, and then you take it to the clouds…" "Fascinating.. Even the sky is privy to Her Influence.. She truly does provide for all possibilities! Matte, might we accompany the lady? I would want nothing more than to find connections in this world to further propel our endeavors! My horse might even find rest, if all goes well! " he jested, fixing his attention to the man he now spoke to. A hearty grin found his face before fries, dipped and dragged in sauces left over on the plate now bereaved of its fantastic burger. Awaiting a response to the provocation of thought and choice he now offered the two, he comfortably continued snacking until all was done... and then he ordered more fries. Pleasures of the urban denizens was finding its way into the Nomad's heart.. but mostly his stomach! The Forest was on his mind most of all, though. He could not fathom how a plant might live and think.. much less make a connection. Long ago, though, he had conceded that All was One, and bore deep connections to the very terrestria of the plane they resided in. Old Wives always spoke of remaining open to the unfathomable.. and this was something he wholeheartedly hoped to embrace.
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