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  1. Lmk of the post is rushed or unsatisfactory. You guys are free to dialogue but I didn’t feel the use of another rotation was warranted
  2. Lids did not bother blinking when Matte appeared before him. A firm grip free of any debris or blood met the forearm of Matte. Rather clean for a recent butchering of men. “I like to think she guides but does not offer clear direction without sacrifice.” He spoke from the heart on the trivial matter, grinning as he looked the man in his eyes. “This will be smooth for us.” The horse, bearing the hitched duo strolled up again to his side, stepping forward with a hoof digging in the dirt once within a pace from Yshmael. The invigoration could be felt from Yshmael by the horse, expressing their bond in a warming display. “Which way, boys?” “ ‘Bout two or three miles that’a’way.. y-you said we can go when you find em, right?” He sounded more like he was begging than asking for an answer. Thankfully, The men had reduced from crying to sniffles and poor mugs. When addressed, they lifted their heads and the more capable of the two pointed northwest. “Free to return to the city and find a way to service your people; but, yes. Remember that if you do evil upon your fellow man, you will bring your end upon you.” He spoke down to them as he turned away from Matte for a moment, releasing his grip once the other mutually chose to. Something about his tone seemed so casual for the way the fellows trembled. Fear still rattled them, and it was something Yshmael would not relent on in the sense that they would have to prove themselves that they were not enemies and full of poor intent. This was his guard And simultaneous disdain toward them that they would feel gnawing at their guts like the Suujali might do to a horse or livestock — unless they were to leave his sphere of influence.. which was rather vast and incomprehensible to them. They were to distressed to put logic behind their feelings. Yshmael patted his horse and looked to the men. “Lead the way.” Commanded the Nomad. The Wastelander ushered the men on. “This could be refreshing.. a bit of good in one’s life.” With that said, the quiet, reinforced boots carried him at two paces behind the bound men, whose lead rope now rest in the hand of their captor. They moved at a pace just out the comfort zone of the leading lads, much to Yshmael’s pleasure. He pressed on, having them guide the way. If nothing else were to happen upon their trek, they’d arrive within the outskirts in less than forty minutes. “Smells like a settlement..” he whispered, a hand simply lifting into the air while the party was called to a halt. The men were pulled in close with a short blade against their arms, just above their bondage. Sad to say, they risked their wrists being slash should they speak up or move against them, and he made sure they’d feel the steel against them. “T-This is it, mister..” said pee boy. “Yea; it’s the one.” Chimed the lamer of the two, though both spoke quiet as ever.
  3. This mans got a sheet I’m crazy intrigued
  4. Would you guys consider Matte an Unnatural?
  5. Just been curious about Valucre wide consistency lately so it hot my mind
  6. STILL ON THE SUBJECT does Genesaris have loci or is it not Valucre wide so to speak
  7. Yea just sounds interesting seeing Shawnee’s influence as Aurora borealis style biz just seems breath taking
  8. ON THE SUBJECT OF LOCI can their sphere of influence be detected like an electromagnetic field?
  9. More curious than anything fellas. Thank you.
  10. “In... position.” A sigh of relief followed his words as he hoisted an incapacitated worker stationed to the power room over his shoulder and shut the door behind him. With Hair bundled and a mask — one of a handful borne to him with APHELION’s ‘masking’ technology — donned, Adaanai kept it cool and concealed while moving through the fort. In the guise of a patrolman, he had made his way all the way to power room, where he found the man Who was now in his grip. The Conduit set the now-captive worker in a seat and removed his gloves. Espionage and means of subterfuge were not unfamiliar, even in the mountains claimed by the Huluin folk. One has to be cunning and resourceful to survive, after all. A ripe mind would agree that not every foe can or should be met with brute force. Adaanai ran his hands along the layout of connections within the room as he followed to what he could determine to be the Control point for the most direct grid moving throughout the fort. “Lights out on your call.” He muttered, still feeling out the area and keeping an ear for any would-be interruptions.
  11. No I erased my punctuation lmao but ya how would one interact with the loci? is it similar to electromagnetic fields?
  12. Could someone with some form(s) of energy manipulation interact with the loci? Like manipulate it? If not how would one
  13. As the searing of flesh washed through the air, Yshmael pulled a knife from his boot and cast it into the last remaining attacker; the poor witness and conspirator to this nonsensical notion of robbing people on a mountain pass had now become a victim. He slid with his face in the dirt as he sought the tree line he should have never come out of. Had his mind not been full of terror, he might have survived by running away. The knife tore through his thigh from behind, bleeding heavily. Missed the artery, thankfully. ”Hunger drives people and beasts to transgress and trespass as though no consequence exists; we will see to it this is corrected.” Yshmael spoke as he moved to retrieve the fallen lad, jerking the knife upon arriving by his side and dragging him back by his coat. He released him and stood over the two vagrants. “You two May receive aid if you tell me where the rest of you are.. or you will be dragged behind my horse until the Three would see fit.” The seemingly calm voice had the two beneath him rattled.. or maybe it was the blood-soaked butchering device in his hand he had yet to sheathe. One smelled of piss and the other was in tears, but the opportunity of this all stopping was music of the finest notes to them. “T-t-they.. “ he stammered, unable to unlock his gaze with his full focus forcibly yielding to Yshmael’s as he leaned in to listen. “ they’re a f-f-few miles tha—“ “Ho’, yon travelers!” Unfortunately, for both pee boy and the Nomad, he had been distracted by the voice of a third. Fearing an ill fate now again, He cried to himself for a moment as his eyes cut back and forth between Jericho, Yshmael, and the source of the third voice. “How do you suppose two straightened arrows likeourselves cross paths twice?” “Finish speaking.” snapped the slayer, putting unsavory pressure on his wounded leg and looking away to observe the male who spoke to the orange haired one more directly. He turned his gaze back on the mess of a man beneath him, Forest Green specked with Hazel eyes fixing themselves on him as he listened to the poisoned wailing. “Aa-Owwalright!!! Two.. two miles that way..” he pointed with vigor, extending his full form to point north west of their current location. “We been holdin’ up in aahhhh.. in a village. They was eatin’ better than us, so we.. we—“ ”So you chose to take what is not your own, and even now you have set upon more people in your time of gluttonous ‘need’.” He spat the words in his face, glaring the whole time. A corrective hand smote the left of his head, shamefully smacking him like a disobedient child. A sigh left him as he stared. “You have done well, though. You have saved two lives, and a whole village..” he patted the face of the man before standing and whistling. A familiar sound struck the air as Yshmael’s horse whinnied and trotted back into arm’s reach. Rope was gathered and used to bind the sorry sods to one another. He tied off the soiled man’s bleeding thigh, seeing it fit that he had been terrorized to efficacious levels. “You will be free once we reach the village. Now be of use and Help your friend get around.On the subject.. what say you, light-bringer? Care to relieve a village of a nest of rats with us? You can bring your friend, too.” He offered the proposition to Jericho and the male assumingly acquainted with him who descended the craggy terrain to meet them closer. To him, Yshmael formally addressed him with a bow of the head, waiting for a response while rounding the wounded men up and Keeping them on a leash now, rope wound around his hand as he let the two support themselves together. The horse stomped into the arid mountain path, digging his hooves as Yshmael took what seemed like a pelt among his saddle bags and cleaned his sword off in the spare times he waited for an answer.
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