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  1. Veronica looked at the male named Marlin who was now sitting beside her, they seemed to be in the same scenario. Mouth guards and straight jackets, she didn't respond before he got closer which caused her to lean away from him growling. "I did something bad....to protect myself. Leave me alone dumbass." she snapped with a soft hiss her eyes narrowing. The brunette saw the new male come in with a weird grin without some teeth, disgusting men as usual. She thought quietly before smacking her head back against the wall closing her eyes. "Get me out....get me out....get me the fuck out!" she screamed getting up and kicking the radio over and smashing it with her foot screaming out of control as some nurses came in. She kept screaming and screaming until she felt a sharp pinch in her neck from a needle injecting sedatives into her blood strain.
  2. Everything is so dark.... Where am I? A girl around the age of 21 laid on the ground of a room with padded walls restrained with a straight jacket, dark grape colored bruises covered her neck. Her eyes had the darkest dark circles anyone could have, along with the sense of death coming from her eyes. Veronica. Her name was Veronica, she had long black hair that flowed down her shoulders and high cheek bones that could be kill a man. Everything was blurry, just big blurry shapes. The only thing she really could make out was the door in front of her with bars going down the open window. What did she do to end up here? She thought to herself as she sat up slowly falling back almost but managed. "Hello?" she called out her voice soft and raspy. Nothing, just the sounds of groans from other what you could call cells. Along with frantic mumbling and laughing from down the hallway. Veronica took her time standing up going to the door before she fell back as a man with rounded glasses and slicked back blonde hair looked through the small window. He wrote down a few notes on a cracked clipboard, "Veronica Wisely....Mentally unstable....shock therapy seemed effective.... " he mumbled as he wrote down his notes before noticing her trying to figure out who he was. A small smirk came to his face, "Morning sunshine....you feeling the need to slit your wrists again?" he asked as Veronica started to remember everything. It all came back before a sharp shock of pain busted through her head. "AGH!" she groaned loudly as the male chuckled. "Fucking insane whore." With that Another memory came to Veronica. This male was Dr. Thomas D Smith. The lead doctor of the insane asylum she was put in. "Have fun dear...the nurses will take you down when social hour is near." he said banging on the door walking away. Veronica panted then screamed trying to get out of the straight jacket. "YOUR INSANE! I'M NOT INSANE!" she screamed as tears streamed down her face. "I'M NOT INSANE I'M NOT INSANE!" Hours later Veronica was taken to a room where other people rocked in chairs or sat in corners holding blankets and stuffed animals, a radio played with old swing music playing. She groaned as she now had a muzzle on from trying to bite a nurse along with the same straight jacket she was in. She was put in a chair near the radio, her eyebrows furrowed as she scanned the small room scoffing at everyone she saw. "I'm clearly more stable then half the idiots in this place." she growled. (Hey there! Just a heads up later on I will be posting character descriptions on my own account if you want to know background info or you can leave that up to the roleplay to reveal! I will be roleplaying Veronica and Dr. Thomas D Smith as well! Have fun! Please write at least four to five sentences before submitting so it makes it easier to reply! Thanks! -Noah ? )
  3. Bea: She growled at him and gave him a cold look as he spoke before pulling out her journal from her bag. She heard the bang of him hitting his head and couldn't help but snicker "Karma." she muttered before giving him a nod "Whatever old man."
  4. Victor watched her walk out and waved a little before looking around the cafe seeing how bare it was for what time it was. "weird." he mumbled under his breath before hearing his phone buzz. He grabbed it out from his back pocket and checked it, a small smile came to his face. He responded back with "Waddup."
  5. Bea: She rolled her eyes sending him a soft glare, she sighed a little looking down then spoke up. "Beatrice," she mumbled before watching the blade hit the floor in front of her. "I am thinking what I am doing plus I'm not a kid. I'm not trusting of anyone so I don't plan on treating someone I don't know with respect until I get to know them."
  6. Bea:"Your not so smart jackass." she pulled out a switchblade from her boot, Bea let out a short heavy sigh before rolling her eyes "It's kinda hard when you are sleeping and their is a guy going through your bag while your knocked out." she snapped pulling herself up from the floor and stretching. "Go ahead and keep the blade and I will stay up since I can't sleep now"
  7. Bea: Bea heard the rattling of the male looking through her bag, once he walked away she turned around and gave him a dark glare. "Stay the fuck out of my stuff. You do that one more time and I'll slit your throat and feed you to the zombies." she growled rubbing her eye.
  8. Bea: "Trust me I already know I am ready for hardly any sleep!" she spoke sarcastically taking a seat on the ground leaning up against one of the walls.
  9. Bea:"You think I would just leave you to die? The way you handled that last situation proved that you really are pretty weak." she ran in behind him looking around at the small cafe. She set down her bag with a huff then nodded "Yeah I guess." she shrugged pushing some hair out of her face,
  10. Victor turned around handing her the drink "I know exactly where you are talking about, plus maybe I will." he took the tip then smiled. "Yeah sure why not. Here." he wrote his number down on a napkin and slid it to her. "Call me up when you wanna go look around and stuff"
  11. Victor gave a warm smile and a nod as he turned around starting to make it before responding back to her question as he worked. "Oh yeah, I do not full shifts tho just enough to get me a few extra dollars is all."
  12. Bea: "Excuse me for giving you a answer with detail jackass." she crossed her arms sitting down on the ground before looking at the male shaking her head. "I don't wanna get pity points. I don't believe in that shit alright." she pulled herself up with a huff cracking her neck hearing the last part of his sentence. "alright." she watched him bolt out then rolled her eyes "Kid is gonna get himself killed doing that shit. Alright Beatrice let's get this show on the road." she muttered to herself running out the door straight into the hoard knocking some over with a baseball bat kept in her backpack. She followed the male making sure nothing happened, the last thing she wanted to happen would be another death on her sight.
  13. Victor looked at her with a small smile "Victor Blank. It's nice to meet you Mar." he picked up the soiled napkin and placed it in the trash grabbing a cloth.
  14. Bea: She looked at him then at the pill bottle taking it in her hand "I didn't have any painkillers on me so forgive me. I was trying to find some as you and your comrade freaked the living hell out of me." her conversation skills were absolutely horrible. "My brother was killed a few months back by a gang. So yeah I guess I travel alone." she shook her head hearing about being infected "Oh God no. I just happened to have a chemical thrown at me when the gang attacked my brother and I. " her voice saddened as she pushed her hair behind her ears then looked at him. "I will never become infected unless I have to." her voice went serious before a small smile came to her face. "Sorry I haven't spoke to a human in weeks."
  15. (Oh sorry didn't see heh) Victor cussed under his breath seeing the mess before smiling a little taking the napkins away from her with a nod "Thanks. I really appreciate it."
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