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  1. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    eh oh well was nice while it lasted @LazyFerret I'll take a look at it
  2. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    (Well this rp died very quickly XD)
  3. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    "Odd...Do you mind if tomorrow I come check it out with you then. This is really interesting but scary as hell..." She mumbled taking a seat next to Devin then glanced back at Liam unrolling the sleeping bag. "alright...just don't question if this guy right here flips out if you have a nightmare." Bea smirked as Devin punched her shoulder frowning. "Shut up now."
  4. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Bea looked at Devin then they both looked at him "Well, my answer is yes you can but you need to explain how in the fucking hell those guys climbed up." Beatrice was the one to speak up. She moved aside letting him have access to get in. Devin butted out of the conversation once he saw the two figures walking up and watching them from a distance. His lip twitched before he turned around walking away from the door and sitting on the floor feeling the drift of wind coming into the small room.
  5. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Devin and Beatrice were starting to argue after she pushed him away from the hug, "Devin! I am not a child its just a fucking dream! I don't need your hugs.". Her voice was firm and Devin rolled his eyes before hearing the knock at their door. The two looked at each other then nodded as they pulled out their weapons towards the door not knowing who was behind it. "You go check it..." Devin whispered to her, she sent a glare at him "No! I did it last time dipshit...you know what fuck it you'll have to do it the next two times then." she whispered harshly getting up slowly. Her footsteps caused the floor to creak as she unlocked the door a couple of times as it had multiple locks, Beatrice took a deep breath and opened the door nervously. She looked up in shock her face going from serious to a softer expression. "Liam? What in the actual hell are you doing out?" she asked. Devin got up seeing it wasn't someone wanting to raid them, "Oh....shit! I should had answered it." he mumbled crossing his arms and dropping his pistols. Bea rolled her eyes directing her attention towards the man. "I thought you had your own base and it was working out good for you..." her head tilted a bit @Sad Trumpet Noise
  6. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Devin nodded listening to his sister, he had a small smile towards the end of his lips seeing that she fell asleep half way through telling him what to do. He found it funny but scary he never knew if she passed out from something. His eye twitched a little thinking about it a lot but tried to ignore it and think of better thoughts, "This world will one day be restored and humanity will become stable again." he mumbled to himself softly glancing towards Beatrice who now was starting to flinch. "Bea?" he mumbled once more making his way towards her. "You awake?" Beatrice was out of it she was trapped in her mind not hearing or knowing Devin was trying to help her. "Beatrice why didn't you help me..." a voice echoed through her mind while she sat in a dark space curled up. "You could have helped me remember, you promised not to leave me but you lied to me." the voice called out again. Beatrice ended up starting to cry in her head but tears ran down her face in reality. "Beatrice I am only a child and you killed me..." It all went white as she woke up to Devin shaking her with tears in his own eyes, "BEA!?" he sounded distressed as she raised a brow. "What? I-Is something wrong!? " she sat up slightly before being brought into a tight hug by him. "You were crying in your sleep and you scared the shit out of me....please please please don't do that bullshit again on me..." he mumbled. Beatrice sighed and nodded hugging him back. "I'm fine okay? Just a little nightmare is all...how about you sleep and I'll just stay up for the rest of the night." Devin nodded not letting go of her as she tried to push him off. "Bro seriously..." she grumbled.
  7. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    The two both nodded as they watched the male run off, they both looked at each other and nodded running back to the old apartment building. They closed the doors leading up to their level then bolted them up with chains, Devin was mostly in charge of that. Beatrice of the other hand pushed some hair behind her ear letting the hole in her face air out for a while. There was a small draft coming into the room from the hole in the wall which overlooked the ran down half abandoned city, everything was becoming pitch black. Devin dropped the few pieces of chain left over and plopped himself down on the floor leaning up against a wall, "Well then, today went by quickly. New people, some to debate whether to trust or not." he looked towards her. Bea rolled her eye "Tch yeah, I'm not trusting anyone until I get to know them better or become allies." she picked up her journal starting to write down in it. Log 241: Four infected found and killed then buried, met new survivors who didn't try to fight with us which shocked me. Maybe the world may actually turn out normal for a while since their are literal humans still out there wanting to team up. Devin heading out tomorrow morning with one of them to find more supplies hopefully he doesn't end up getting more duct tape.... She ended off shutting the journal quickly as Devin tried to look over her shoulder intrigued by what she was writing, "Eff off." she looked up at him flicking his forehead. Devin frowned and started to walk off pulling out his pistols from the holsters, he started to clean off the dry blood on them. Beatrice started to situate herself so she could sleep for a least an hour or two, "Keep an eye out...." she mumbled half way falling asleep towards her brother. He looked up with a nod as she drifted asleep quickly ending up in a nightmare like always.
  8. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Beatrice glanced at Liam then back at the girl trying to come up with a plan, "Liam, you and my brother should go to the drugstore...he knows his way around here well. You could get the stuff you need and he could get the supplies to fix this young lady up." she put her knife away. "Ugh this is complete bullshit!" she watched as Devin ran up to the two. "Jesus Christ number one that's nasty number two what were you talking about me going with this guy.." he mumbled crossing his arms.
  9. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Beatrice went pale seeing the girl bleeding, "A-Are you sure she didn't shatter the bone. It looks like it's poking through the fatty tissue and muscle causing all of the bleeding." she mumbled trying to figure out everything or what she could do to help. She watched as the sun started to set, her heart starting to race faster. She usually was hidden not out in the open around this time.
  10. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Devin looked at Liam then back at Bea watching her try to handle the situation, he rolled his eyes and pulled out twin pistols and following behind the two. "Calm down you guys, Jesus they don't look like terrible people from the government or anything. They are survivors like us, " he mumbled sincerely.
  11. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Bea looked out into the distance noticing the man carrying another person, she squinted her eye trying to get a better look at the two. "Great, more people." she mumbled sarcastically pushing Devin away from her and pulling out her dagger starting to approach them "What the hell do you guys need or want?" she called out keeping the large knife to her side in case something went wrong.
  12. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    (Alright I'm changing to third person because I'm getting ticked off with first person ) Beatrice's eyes widened hearing the word virus come out of her mouth, she leaned onto Devin slightly starting to look down. "Yeah, I know a lot..." she mumbled. Devin looked at Zaiko with a small frown printed across his face, "We know, we just dealt with some a little while ago..." he looked back at the large pile of dirt where they buried the bodies. Beatrice pushed some hair behind her ear showing the empty hole in her face "This was from nothing, one day my eye started to get itchy then this shit happened. Of course, I asked for medical attention but nothing happened..." she spoke timidly starting to fidget with her hands still not use to having a conversation with people other than Devin.
  13. The Henic Association (Assination/spy)

    "It's nice to meet you Mr?" a young tall man stood behind the reception desk typing away at his computer. Greyson took out his Id and slid it across the desk, his hand covered in a faint red tint "Jonson...Mr.Jonson" his voice was deep and smooth. The man took the card noticing his hands, he got paler as he typed in his name "So um...are you with the Henic association?' he mumbled sliding the card back quickly. Greyson nodded putting the card in his back pocket, "Yeah I'm on a mission at the moment..." he smirked slightly scaring the other causing him to look away. He squinted his eyes slightly scanning the man's nametag. "Greg could you tell me where a guy named Jonathan is. Do you have any relationships with him?" he raised a brow leaning onto the desk staring into his eyes. The so called man named Greg shook his head quickly giving him the key card to his hotel room, "No sir I'm sorry please have a wonderful stay..." he mumbled quietly. Greyson nodded taking the card and picking up his messenger bag covered in small splats of blood, "You too kid.." he yelled walking over to the elevator. The Henic association was the number one known spy/assassination agency, the agent's main jobs were to go out and find groups of gangs or terrorists who were planning on committing dangerous stunts or actions. The agency was worldwide, people coming from Europe or Asia and etc. The founder named Jonathan had bailed on them, he decided to do something different. Human trafficking. Everyone knew that they had to find him, clues and evidence had been found from his victims. Crowbars, hammers, rope covered in blood, you name it they had found it. Even human limbs were found, the recruit named Greyson had been sent out to find his small gang that got his victims. Others were sent out to him as well, they were supposed to meet at the Blossom flower resort and hotel for a meeting to set up a plan together. Greyson sighed watching the numbers rising up to the fourth floor, "You have arrived at the fourth floor" a robotic voice called out as the elevator opened its doors. He walked out of the elevator into a long hallway filled with at least twenty rooms. "Ugh...they couldn't have picked a simpler place?" he growled softly irritated as he tried to find his room. Once he slid his card into the lock it opened with a small click revealing a medium sized white room with a bedroom, kitchen, living area, and bathroom. "Nice place...wasn't worth trying to find it tho," he mumbled under his breath taking off his bag and setting it on the kitchen counter. A pistol fell out of it with a flask filled with whiskey, he grabbed the flask and took a sip. "Time to wait for everyone I guess..." he sighed softly drinking from his flask.
  14. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    I thought to myself for a moment, guess someone understands for a change. Devin walked out carrying the last body and threw it into the hole starting to cover to quickly, he looked over at me then the two survivors approaching. I looked at the two trying to decide whether to trust them or not, I was about to speak before Devin butted in. "We're in.." he dropped the shovel and wiped the dirt off his hands on his jeans. He walked towards me with a small smile on his face trying to be friendlier and make a good impression of his self.
  15. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    My eyes widened slightly hearing he was infected too, it had been forever since I had seen someone suffering the same way I was. "Jesus, you really are going to chop off your leg..." I mumbled biting my lip imagining the pain from cutting off a limb. "It's really no problem, just trying to help out with the people who had to deal with this shitty aftermath." I smiled slightly before frowning. "May I ask how long you have been infected for? cause I am too"