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  1. @Tyler "You keep it. Or throw it away, I don't care." Lucy said with cool. Lucy knew that there was little chance anyone she met could actually solve the code, it would just be easier to write down the directions in a straightforward way. Darn humans, they're getting lazy. They let out a long sigh before turning to face the entrance of the tavern. "I think it's my time to leave. Nice knowing you, Erin."
  2. Maeveen casually-but-not-too-casually strolled down the streets of Elendaron. Her hood was pulled over her face, despite it being a bright sunny day. She weaved through the crowds of people, shoving through a bubble of loud, giggly ladies, earning some 'Hey!'s and 'Move!'s. She mumbled in response and kept on trudging. Actually, she was trying not to look suspicious. Maybe trying a bit too hard. Maeveen had just pick-pocketed four moderately wealthy people, the fourth causing her to dash after being spotted. She turned a few corners, eventually slipping into a shadowy alleyway to catch her breath. Maeveen unhooked her grappling hook from her belt, clutching the worn-down rope and aiming for a place to throw it. The building behind her conveniently had a ledge for her grappling hook, and Mae tossed the hook up. The hook landed, and Maeveen tugged on it twice before climbing up with ease. Maeveen plopped down on the roof, making sure she wasn't visible to anyone on the streets below. She set down her grappling hook with a clink! and opened the satchel with all her stolen goods. She stole a small pouch of money, and gave a small smile. Next thing was a watch. Maeveen flipped it over and decided she could probably sell that for a few coins, moving on to another item. The only other two things she gained was a small purple potion, and little mirror. This mirror might be useful for blinding my enemies with the sun... I'll keep it. Maeveen thought to herself. Maeveen filed everything back into her bags, and clipped her grappling hook back on her belt. Not the luckiest of her steal-sprees but she at least gained something. She slowly stood, taking a moment to survey her surroundings. No police or guards in sight, she was clear. Maeveen took off, hopping from rooftop to rooftop with grace. After a few blocks, she turned torwards an alley on the outskirts of town and made her way down to the floor level. Mae hopped from one object to the next, landing on the ground with a stomp. She winced at her mistake, but her attention caught on a poster saying "HELP WANTED" and then the address of some place. Hmm. Should I take a look? Maeveen pulled out her new watch. She still had time in the day. Mae stuffed it back in her pocket. Why am I even using a watch anyway? I've been telling the time by sun position for years. Maeveen shrugged it off. The climber headed torwards the address. After ten minutes, she realized she should've took the poster. She knew the general place the address was, but not exactly. Maeveen smacked her forehead and kept on walking. She was sliding her calloused hand across a brick house, when she spotted a white-haired lady knock on a door. Maeveen knew this area was near the house... so could that be the place? She was on the other side of the street, and quickly hid behind the house she just spread her dirty hand germs onto. Moving across houses until she was at the one directly across from the assumed employer's home, she wedged her boots in cracks and ledges on the house's back wall, and climbed up to the top. There, she got on her stomach and peeped from the cover of the house's roof. She was too far away to hear, but she had a good vantage point from where she was.
  3. @Tyler "Correct. It's actually a simple code to solve..." Lucy trailed off. Their cloak shifted, and their hand slid from the cloak, which held a piece of paper. Lucy shifted it so Erin could see. It said in scribbly hand-writing, UIJT TJCNN DH BRXU EPXOGCNN AQX KDYH CFFO XCTPGF "Take a look at it." (Sorry I've been away, I've been sick and had a lot of work.)
  4. Sorry I've been away for a few weeks... I've been sick, had a lot of work to do, and I just totally forgot about this. I'm back now though.

  5. "My last summoner has died, and I'm just wandering. Waiting. Sometimes, I will leave directions to summon me in code, so if someone finds that they could solve the code." Lucy had only done that twice. No results. "Hasn't worked, but that human may be worthy of my time if they are intelligent enough to solve the code." @Tyler
  6. Name: Maeveen Falile Nickname: Mae Species: Human Age: 19 Gender: Female Height: 5'4 Hair: Black to dark purple ombre (she bought a dye), usually in a ponytail. Eyes: Green Voice: quiet, soft-spoken Clothing: Light clothing, makes her faster and more agile, big hood, hidden spots for daggers, cloak Demeanor: Shy, quiet, a quick-thinker in dire situations Weapons: Daggers, also knows a bit of crossbow Equipment: Footholds on her shoes (climbing), grappling hook, hand-claws (basically a claw that you hold on to, that helps you climb something) Skills: Running, climbing, using daggers, being quiet, being sneaky, parkour -Here is her outfit- (Not what she looks like, just the outfit. Read equipment for other things on her.)
  7. "You could say genie. They get instructions on how to summon me, follow the directions, and poof! You have me. Most of the time, the humans who summon me are experienced, but there is always that one person." Lucy was giving out answers like candy, but the information was no secret. They set down the wine bottle, and put the lid on. "A summoner isn't the genie, I am." (OOC: I know that my last answer was confusing, sorry xD) @Tyler
  8. "I said that answer like I think a sensible human would say. Not my words, merely a guess of what a human could use my powers for." Lucy replied. "I, will never end a war, only if it is of the summoner's intent to do so." @Tyler
  9. "It intrigues me. The strategies, the gore, the conflict. How you humans work." Lucy responded. Lucy has lived through many wars in their lifetime. "i have a question... What are you most skilled at? Any talents?" @Tyler
  10. "They didn't know what they were getting into. That human was ignorant. They summoned me because they wanted to get revenge on one of their enemies, but got themselves killed in the process." Lucy shrugged. "Honestly, if I had to summon myself, I would use my own powers to end a war, something like that." Lucy twirled their wine bottle and took another sip. @Tyler
  11. "A little? I see." Lucy replied. "I knew a human that had little experience in the magic arts. I stuck around with them, since they summoned me, but they soon died." The demon smiled a bit, having a flashback on the past. "Oh, the consequence of their choices... Eh, they deserved it." Lucy waved their hand, as if swishing the memory from their mind. @Tyler
  12. Could I join in on this rp too? I have a character already (Maeveen) And who is the spy that we spy on?
  13. @Tyler "My question is," Lucy drummed their fingers on the table, "Do you know any magic?" It was actually Lucy's original question to begin with, and Erin had never answered. Although now, the demon could tell that Erin will be on her guard. Demons are known to be manipulative. Which is right.
  14. "A demon." Lucy said simply. "It's kind of obvious, with the cloak, what I look like. I have powers and such, like this." Lucy disappeared in the sight of everyone in the bar, weaved through the wandering drunken people, and came to the water bottles. Lucy grabbed one, snagged a wine bottle on the way back, and set them on the bar next to Erin. Lucy reappeared, in the exact same spot. "Easy," Lucy said casually with a grin, "Although I cannot use my powers to my full extent currently, it's fun to get free stuff, eh?" They flicked off the cork top and took a swig. @Tyler
  15. "Call me Lucy." The figure replied. "Call me a girl, call me whatever. But I am certainly not an angel." Lucy spat that word out bitterly. Lucy cleared her throat. "Your turn." @Tyler
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