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  1. “…which also explains my reasons for traveling to Blairville.” Adeline’s slender brows angled downward as a curious look crossed her features. It wasn’t that Adeline was a fool, however she was fairly sheltered. Given her past, the ones that found her had kept her away from most of the outside world so she was fairly unfamiliar with the extent of the supernatural world. Arthur’s profession would be abundantly clear to others in the tavern, however to little Adeline, it was a fascinating mystery that she craved to know. Without acknowledging Jonathan’s approach, Adeline leaned forward minutely as if moving closer might force upon her a moment of truth where she would see what Arthur was and why he was here. Her crystalline blue gaze held Arthur’s, her stare searching his eyes for an answer even as she lowered her voice in a conspiratorial manner as if he would impart her on some vast secret. “And… what is it that you … do?” It was that moment that Adeline felt the presence right behind her and she straightened, her questions momentarily forgotten as she looked to Jonathan with a bewildered look. Her expression begged the question as to what he was doing. Surely he wasn’t so drunk that he was going to be so forward as to follow her like a love-sick puppy. Oh, what if he tried to follow her home. A chill slide down her back as her stomach rolled uncomfortably in belly, a sickening feeling that made her want to heave. “Wh—“ Her sentence was lost. Jonathan was at one moment staring over her shoulder at Arthur and the next he had been on the floor. The woman blinked as her memory rewound and replayed the moment in slow motion. There had been a slight widening of Jonathan’s eyes as he felt his equilibrium shift and suddenly he was careening backwards. Then with a clatter of wood upon wood and a thud, Jonathan was ass first on the ground. How? The waitress scrambled off her stool and looked to Arthur with an apology in her eyes, still unaware that he was the cause. Her cheeks were flush with embarrassment and she was quick to pull the stool up and assist Jonathan back to his feet. Adeline chattered with a nervous energy even as she inspected the clearly “faulty” stool. “Jonathan, I am so sorry. We must commission new stools. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it was broken! Your next meal will be on the house. Jeez… I can’t believe… and right in front of a new customer.” At those words she glanced back up to Arthur. “I swear this doesn’t happen often. I am so sorry about that.” @Voldemort
  2. Not a problem! I thought maybe I had missed it during the week I was offline. ^__^
  3. The corners of her eyes wrinkled and the dimples of her cheeks showed as she offered a full smile to the stranger. Sitting up more fully and angling her upper body towards her new companion, a slender hand reached out and gripped his. It was a firm handshake, though slender fingers were cool, soft, and seemingly fragile. “Adeline Meaux, spelled M. E. A. U. X. Not, M. O. You’d be shocked at how many people actually get that wrong… and I have been teased plenty. Adeline Moooo…” she held out the ‘o’ longer than entirely necessary, “… because that is just hilarious. Right? Comedians I tell ya. They should probably keep their day jobs though.” With that the young woman laughed, her slightly wavy black hair bouncing as her shoulders wiggled in delight. Settling herself again, Adeline leaned on the bar top once again, her cheek cradled in the palm of her hand so she could face the pragmatic conversationalist. “It is a pleasure meeting you, Arthur Uskglass. Might I ask how you came around this particular cranny of town?” The barkeep gave a nod to Arthur before pouring the purest liquor that they had on the shelves. He also poured a glass of water for the girl before returning to the pair and setting their drinks on the counter with a small paper square placed beneath each. Adeline glanced and mouthed a thank you to her co-worker before swiftly returning her attention to Arthur. Meanwhile, at Jonathan’s table, one of the oldest men of the group watched Adeline at the stranger with a furrowed brow. He glanced up at the runt next to Jonathan. With a jerk of his chin, he motioned for the kid to look over his shoulder. The curly haired red head peeked at the bar from the corner of his eye then straightened in his chair. He jammed his elbow into Jonathan’s side. “Fuck! What?!” The youngest shrank back into his seat before the eldest knocked on the hardwood table garnering Jonathan’s attention. He made the same motion with his chin and Jonathan finally looked back. She looked mighty comfortable with… someone he didn’t recognize. That alone was enough to set him on edge. But upon closer inspection, the man’s eyes were strange. A freak… his Adeline was getting cozy with a freak. Jonathan’s brows drew together in a deep scowl before looking back to the rest of his men. They had all since gone quiet, the mood sobering, as the rest of the patrons seemed entirely unaware that something was up. With a screech, Jonathan pushed his chair back and stood up, his boots thudding on the wood floor as he made his way to the bar. He unceremoniously dropped himself into the bar stool on the other side of Adeline and leaned on the counter, close her to back. He shot a look at the newcomer before Adeline would have a moment to react.
  4. Loud. So loud. Voices chattering over one another, some belligerently drunk. There should be rules about how much mead and beer they served. The soldiers were insatiable on their “weekend” nights. There was a rotation so the mid-week regulars were in again which was unfortunate. They were the more boisterous bunch out of the several teams that took care of this particular nook of town. Even so, the other patrons hardly paid them any mind. There was a group of middle aged women chatting excitedly at a corner table. They were all leaned forward whispering with hushed enthusiasm. It was a wonder what they might be gossiping about now. Surely someone was having an affair again. The young waitress rolled her sky blue eyes before swinging around with a flourish of her navy blue ankle length skirt and powder white apron. High above her head, she balanced a tray of mugs with froth oozing over the sides. The glasses tinkered against each other as she sashayed through the bar with a bubbly smile curling her lips, cheeks flushed with the exertion of work, and sheen of sweat across her brow. Her free hand lifted and she used the back of her sleeve to dab her forehead just as she approached her destination. “Gentlemen, here we are!” There was a hoot from one of the men and the man to her direct left snaked his arm around her waist as she set the mugs of beer on the table. For the moment, she ignored the intrusive action and finished her task. As she straightened again, she used her free hand to brush back thick black bangs from her eyes and then turned those icy orbs to the man fondling the gentle slope of her waist. He was a handsome man with a good jaw, though his hairline was already receding. Even so, she imagined he’d make a girl real happy one day, but it certainly wasn’t with her. “Jonathan… please. As much as I enjoy your company, I refuse to date you!” All the man broke out into laughter and Jonathan released her sputtering as his cheeks flared red. Adeline smiled and leaned down to press her lips to his cheek. “There. Don’t let these guys bully you.” She whispered in a soft tone that would only reach his ears. He roughly thanked her as the men howled and whistled. The girl stepped away with a smile and another roll of her eyes. As she came towards the bar, she noted the newcomer and someone she didn’t recognize. The bar keep was already heading towards him, but Adeline whisked around and leaned on the counter next to him. “Welcome, stranger.” There was this practiced tone that promised pleasant customer service, though there was curiosity in her eyes. As the bartender set down a tumbler of bourbon, he eyed Adeline with a knowing and exasperated look. The girl was like a feline, ever curious. The girl cut her gaze toward the barkeep and wrinkled her nose at him. “Sir, don’t mind the little miss. And Adeline… don’t you have people to tend to?” “My shift is nearly over. Are you gonna give me a hard time again from buttering up our customers and making you more money? Hmm? It’s not like I will get tipped for people at the bar.” The bar tenders expression went to a look of utter exhaustion and he sighed heavily before waving her off and going to serve someone else. The petite raven haired woman perched herself on a bar stool, rearranged her skirt and apron, patted it a few time before glancing back up at her new project. @Voldemort
  5. She moved through the crowd quietly with the exception of the clicks of her gold stilettoes as her heels collided with expensive flooring. This was like a dream. A royal wedding, flower petals falling from seemingly nowhere and everywhere only heightened the sense of wonder for the young woman. She wore a dress that she made herself, black with a high front slit and with occasional black embellishments that caught the light and glittered prettily. Everything she wore was inexpensive and hand made. Even her heels had been painted gold to make them look expensive. She wore no jewelry and her chin length black hair was partially braided. Despite her lack of money, she managed to blend in with the upper class. Not a single person gave her a second look as she wandered, curious blue eyes taking in everything in awe. From the corner of her eye she caught something wondrous move. Adeline turned her head and stopped, breath caught in her throat as she stared at a dragon. The petite young woman slowly ventured closer, a smile curling glossed lips as her black scales shimmered. Adeline imagined if she were a dragon, this was what she might look like. Her jet black hair and bright blue eyes were so similar to the dragon that she eased up to. A healthy amount of respect bubbled in her chest as her hand reached out, delicate fingers brushed over cool scales and she let out a sudden breath as anxiety eased. “Ava'yorn, si mi Adeline.” Self-taught draconic was spoken near perfection, though there was a hesitation in her voice. There was no telling if the dragon before her would understand, but Adeline hoped that her new friend would understand her meaning based on her gentle tone and pleasant fluctuation. “Wux re vorel.” She finished with a smile. Both of her hands gently smoothed over the dragon’s jowls. Perhaps Adeline was a fool for blindly trusting such a dangerous creature, but if this dragon was allowed to be here, surely she was someone’s companion and well enough behaved. Still, it was foolish, but the woman’s curiosity and sense of childlike wonder urged her on. @roboblu
  6. Thanks, fam. Found it. I will play catch up and possibly post tomorrow. ^_^
  7. It has already started? I read that it was going to start on the 14th.... oh, unless the interest check was bumpin'. Got it... I will jump in.
  8. I was weak. A lost girl searching for something. Validation. Kindness. Genuine affection without motive. I miss-stepped; turned down the wrong alley that was decorated in a perfect illusion. I walked into beautiful lights and sweet words – not once, but twice. I am sorry I fell for you. I gave so much of myself that you didn’t deserve. I believed in you, had faith that you meant your words. You gave me vertigo like I am susceptible to because I am naïve and see the best in people when I should be cynical and cruel. I am sorry I loved you. It was a burden, right? Was it difficult to know how wanted you were? My fragile self-image was shattered beneath the weight of the knowledge that I wasn’t important enough. My friendship wasn’t something worth keeping. Did I not deserve the respect of honesty? I know I am dramatic. I know how emotionally damaged I am. Perhaps it was too much for you to handle. Am I too much for everyone to handle? I hope you can breathe easier now. I hope you can relax and not worry about someone needing your attention. Well, someone like me… Chapter 1 She chewed her pen tip as she stared at the computer screen in a daze as she went into the tenth hour of work. Even though exhaustion was deep set in her bones, there was no motivation to go home. At work she was somebody, wanted, needed, important for the cogs to keep turning. At home she was a fly on the wall, an invisible apparition with no real purpose. It was one of the reasons she had made the friends she had lately. Parties were loud and her mind buzzed with excitement as men told her she was beautiful, intelligent, and worth the world. It was too bad that she was quite literally paying them for their kindness so perhaps intelligent wasn’t the right word, maybe desperate. There was a buzz as her cell lit up and a familiar face graced the screen. Lena answered the phone only because she was the last one in the office. “Giiiirl.”, drawled a raspy feminine voice on the other line. Leaning back into her chair, Lena smiled and responded, “Tell me we have plans tonight.” “It’s a Tuesday.” “Drinks are half off?” “Touché and its ladies night...” “Exactly, so we’re going. Do you need me to call Shay and Abby?” “Shay was texting me earlier and was already planning on meeting me at my apartment.” “Okay, I will get with Abby and see if she wants to meet up with us. Do you have anything I can wear?” “Lena… you’ve got to be kidding. I am, like… three of you.” “I’ll ask Shay… “ “Good call. Alright, hurry. I am ready to see my boys.” “Yeah, yeah… don’t let me spend too much please.” “Uh-huh. Last time I told you not to, you dropped a hundred in one night. Tossing fives like you’re a rich white bitch.” “Well… I fit the white bitch part at least and Dillon thinks I’m rich.” “That’s probably why he gave you his number.” “Shut. Up. I like to believe it’s because I am sexy and he likes me.” “… Bye.” Click. “Are you kidding me…” Lena glared at her phone before rolling her eyes and gathering her belongings to finally leave for the day. “Where are you going tonight?” James asked standing in the bedroom doorway as Lena tosses the entirety of her closet around looking for something to possibly wear. “It doesn’t matter. I told you, we’re done.” If you had given me half the time of day I wouldn’t have become like this. “Lena, please… this isn’t you. You’re acting crazy.” Lena straightened immediately and turned her steely gaze to the man in her doorway. “Get out.” Her voice was firm and her brows drawn together in a severe scowl. “No, no, no, please, Lena, please. I am begging you. I’m sorry for everything. Give me another chance.” “James, look… I’m over it. You’ve had plenty of time to give a shit about me. The only time you do is when I’m gone. That isn’t gonna work. So, I am going out and you can do whatever it is you do while I go enjoy myself with my friends.” Turning away from James, Lena pulled a dress from the pile of clothes and stuffed it into a bag. Next she tossed in a pair of black strappy heels and her makeup bag and proceeded to finesse her way around James to get out of the bedroom and further out of the apartment. Mid-stride a hand caught her upper arm and stilled her. Red hot anger consumed everything as she spun around to face her ex. No longer was her expression one of stern disappointment, but it was an icy glare and if looks could kill, James would certainly be dead. “James… I am going to tell you this only one time and so help me God if you do not hear me. Do. Not. Touch. Me. I am going out and you need to pack your shit and go.” “Baby, please.” What happened next was the taught string on her impulse control snapped and blinding white hot rage caused her to grimace into what looked like a snarl. Her hands pressed against his chest and she shoved him hard. His hand finally released and he stumbled back. Next thing she knew, she was screaming; top of her lungs, tearing her throat, screaming. It was a wonder what she actually said, but James looked frightened, however had he listened… had he ever listened to her once, this wouldn’t have happened. Perhaps she was wrong to fly off the handle like that, but it wasn’t that she was crazy. It was an accumulation of being ignored. When communication doesn’t exist anymore, everything else fades. No matter what she did, how she told him he was making her feel, he never actually listened so it came to this. The violent outbursts that seem bi-polar and irrational when, truthfully, it was a cup finally flooding over with all the emotions that she tried to control with soft spoken words, sweet questions, and gentle pleadings. Is it so unreasonable to feel strongly?
  9. You'll find me in Alternative mostly writing short stories.
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