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  1. [ToL Quest] Unwanted Guests

    (It is.. we basically just began..)
  2. A Hunt for Slaves

    I am here.
  3. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    We have two options.. 1.Make him wake up just lie that. 2.Have somebody else heal him.
  4. Unrequested reboot

    Seeing that the giant isn't a blood-thirsty monster, but somebody with feelings, made him feel a little more secure about the individual, but he was sure the situation must have been awkward for Ten. Elliot decides to put a, somehow comforting hand on his shoulder, patting it even more sublimely. "This woman must be really strong if she can apply that much force on a creature with that much hard scale..", Elliot concluded in his mind, looking at how the female was pushing the wild dragon into submission. "Great..If I remembered in which year are we.. I'd know what to write on my tombstone..", he thought when he spotted the two dragons coming to help their fellow beast.He took a gentle step back, contemplating their appereance.One of them had a yellow stomach, blue skin and red wings with blue decorations, its eyes were white.While the first one was a clear combination of many colors, the second one was of a darker gray. "If I have ever known something about dragons.. I better remember soon..", he thought.Elliot frowned at the sight of two more dragons joining the battle, that seemed to never end.He tried to remember.. he tried to remember really hard.. he even close his eyes and tried to remember things that had happen before he woke up in the middle of the road...nothing(for now)..."Perhaps..maybe I need to see something in order to remember...", he thought."...but starring at a dragon might make me its meal..", he added.
  5. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    It seems it's my turn now, I'll reply right away.
  6. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    I actually think it will be fun.
  7. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    Yay.. getting abducted by dragons will be fun! :D
  8. A Hunt for Slaves

    I am here waiting for people to reply :|
  9. I seem to have stumbled upon this site.

    Hello there,nice to meet you!
  10. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    That sucks
  11. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    I uninstalled the game though.. so.. maybe another time.I'll keep your offer in mind, thanks! ^__^
  12. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    It's actually a pretty nice game, but... people just ruin it. I notice this when I play with people whom I fancy(people who aren't douchebags..), and people who I hate(douchebag people, people who flame, you get the idea). I am not that good at playing the game, so I either play really badly or carry the whole team, there's no in between.
  13. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

  14. Unfortunate reboot planning thread

    Brand is like.. an Annie who went through sex change and is on stereoids. I've always found it annoying that I wasn't able to gather 4800 IP(or 6300 IP?) so I could buy Brand.. Braum... hmmm.. I dont think I've ever played with him. Heimer? Oh.. my ... God *has PTSD*