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  1. Within the school of magic, Elliot was brought down with a terrible headache, his vision getting dizzier by the minute, he sat down on a chair in a corner of the underground library. He put his pale hands on the wooden arm of the chair and close his eyes for a mere momment.His thoughts traveled from topic to topic, from thought to ideas, however the pain would not cease to pick on him. Actually it was quite the opposite, he could have sworn that his head would eventually explode, the sensation rendered Elliot uncapable of even feeling the arm he had just put his hands on.Soon, he realised, he wasn't in the library anymore, no where near the library, not at all. He found himself sitting on a bench, outside in a place where he hadn't been to. The light mage stood up and looked around, the way back was impossible to find, and his intuition hinted that he was no where near Blaireville.The boy looked up and saw dark clouds gathering, he could tell that it was about to rain, but he just stood there petrified and his face even paler, as he realised that he had been, in fact, yet again, transported somewhere different. Rachel's hope was shinning more brigthtly than ever, she knew she would finally find Elliot and set things right, back to their original state, how they were meant to be. Remind him of his life and loved ones, no matter how hard it would be. She knew that being friends with a demon is just plain wrong, but she had to take anything that was given to her, as she was all alone in a world she had know information about, and was totally different from Earth.The headache broke her optimistic thoughts and replaced them in mere seconds, the pyromancer layed down on the grass under the tree and looked up the sky, seeing the long branches of the willow tree.The grass was soft and dry, so it was the perfect place to take a pause, even if the headache would eventually render any rest pointless.She traveled from plan to plan, thinking about how great it will be to see Elliot in class again, and so she could finally apologize to him. It's her fault that what happened and happened and she should have been more aware of who her father really was.The short but inefficient communication and pointless sweet words from her dad were the reasons why Elliot's parents were murdered and he was cursed.She felt it, she couldn't feel otherwhise.She lost the motion of time and space and soon foundherself not laying on grass, but on the middle of a road, in a completely different location.She looked around confusedly, and was in shock as she realised what happened : Symmone casted another shadow spell. Her search can begin from where it started.



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  3. If school was person.. I don't say I would hate them, but  I wouldn't mind going to jail for murdering them. 

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  4. "I mean.. if you thought I was raising my wand at you, you are wrong.",mostly at least, she still had to keep her guards up. Demon or not, she must be able to take care of herself on her own. She can't rely on people, that's a thing she had had to learn the hard way countless times, and she hoped that she had learned her lesson."I don't know why you think that the two are even related.", she replied. It was like the demon had been implying something or whatever. "I play with fire? Yes, indeed, I guess you can read much more than just my mind.", she thought that to be the most disturbing thing ever, she didn't remember telling him anything about her magic.Rachel raised an eyebrow, "Unforgettable smell?", okay, that was downright creepy. "You'd think somebody wouldn't memorise the smell of someone who they hate.", she thought. "He still is a mage.. uh, a light mage in fact", she didn't know how he'd react to hear that he was the son of the local bishop(boss of light mages).The use of the past tense made Rachel feel some of the demon's possible negativity.The pyromancer didn't have much proof, but she didn't have any proof he was dead, either.
  5. Rachel nodded at Slatheok's decision, "Take care.", she said promptly. She looked around the camp, nothing curious, at first glance at least."I am here, it's all that matters, for now. I am closer than I've ever been the past month. It's going to take a while, time is off the esence, yes, but it wouldn't exactly go that fast..", she tried to encourage herself, even when all the odds where against her and her cause. The girl looked at the demon awkwardly, she couldn't form an opinion about him, that certain accent put on those 3 words was noted by Rachel, it made her aware that the demon might still have some other intentions and raised up her guard a little. Even though the camp seemed to be safe, she still grabbed her wand, just in case. "I am just saying, I know how Elliot looks, unless his appereance changed too, but I have literally 0 idea where he might be, if he's still here in Blairville..", she spoke. "Our friends?", she thought.
  6. "I agree, we should start at that tree, it's our only clue, after all.", she spoke suddenly. Rachel thought it was a little silly to call Blairville a village, it seemed quite big for her, the place could easily pass as a bigger city anyday. "They've must have left something that is theirs, or we could just ask people around, at least the people who don't think we are some sort of run-away criminals or whatever and actually want to talk with us.", the girl added quickly.
  7. "All of them sound appealing..", Elliot said, slightly smilling.
  8. Welcome back! Looking forward to get to know you!
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  10. (As I've overpassed the 3 months.. I don't think I should keep Rachel here any longer, but I will join the roleplay(quest) related to what went down here..) "I'll wait for you outside.", Rachel said promptly, then she went to get herself a horse.
  11. @Slatheok "Wisegem? Does it ring a bell? Maybe.. I don't know..", Rachel thought. She listened to Slatheok carefully,"Elliot and this woman are so alike right now, I can imagine Elliot being in a similar state.", she thought as grabbed her spellbook and her bag, putting the former in the latter, when the woman stopped talking, Rachel turned her head once again in her direction. "I will try and find a good horse, meet ya, outside.Meh..Other than my bag, I don't really have much to bring with me anyway.", she said calmly. "I could always .... no... let's not waste that on getting around these areas.", she thought. The pyromancer went to the innkeeper and paid for her food, and after that she headed towards the exit. @Trevor Wisegem "If Slatheok seems it fitting, I might as well tell you the full story during our journey.", Rachel said promptly, the timming wasn't the best for a potentially long story, she wasn't even sure if telling the demon anything would be of any good to her. He didn't sound as evil as he had been before, but he was still a demon and Rachel couldn't be 100% she wouldn't be stabbed in the back later. She was willing to tell them, but they needed to hurry for now.
  12. "That sounds like a great idea.", Rachel said promptly, genuinly thinking that travelling with somebody will make things easier(travelling somebody who doesn't want to ruin her life). "I want to find my friend more, my father, well... we'll see.",she grabbed her spellbook,lowkey hugging it with her arms. Rachel froze out of the sudden, she didn't know what to do."He's right, but...", she looked at the illusion, she somehow knew it was impossible for him to be here,"It's not like I am the top priority for him right now.", she thought."Stop it... now.", she had enough of this demon's schemes, even if he can read minds, he wasn't up to date with the events that happened in Rachel's life and that made Rachel think that the demon was a pathetically try-hard.As the illusion stopped, Rachel felt easy once again.
  13. @Slatheok "Blairville? I... need to get there, could you give me any directions?", Rachel asked Slatheok pleadingly, that information would come inhandy, considering she didn't really know much about this world. @Trevor Wisegem Rachel knew he was kinda right, there was always the chance her father had already...no, and here's why.Despite the fact that her mother had probably passed in the explosion,she still managed to do one thing : the explosion must have destroyed some stuff, and maybe damaged her father at some rate."But that will still happen, mother's spell was just a minor setback.Nevertheless, I need to find a way to get to Blairville fast..with the demon or not..", she thought.She wouldn't even dare to think of failure. "My father isn't all that powerful, well yeah he's a master pyromancer but he isn't capable of everything either...", she said promptly,although she feared him deeply.
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