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  1. This has been on pause for a while. I hope doglefox comes back and posts soon.
  2. Just finished fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood within a six day time period. Not sure how that happened... both were v very good in my opinion. Manga! Why are you not more easily accessible?
  3. One of Amos's eyes twitched and he inwardly made an unnoticeable sound of pain. He could hardly believe it, that short cat lady had managed to beat the giant at arm wrestling. It was stunning! Amazing really! Amos was filled with admiration for her. He watched her as she stood and moved over to another table, acting as if nothing noteworthy had occurred. She didn't gloat, a wise move and a humble one. He liked her even more. He had to wonder what the giants reaction would be. If Amos had been the one to reach defeat at the woman's hand he wasn't sure how he would react. Shocked of course, as he was now, but would he be so filled with admiration if his arm had been slammed into the table? Perhaps his pride would overshadow it. He was now glad it had been giants loss and not his own, because if that behemoth couldn't take her then Amos was sure he couldn't. At least not in such a battle of strength. Amos found that he had been paying so much attention to her, that he had failed to listen to his employer. He glanced out the window again to get a glimpse at the idiot on the other side and wondered if Vince had really said anything of importance. It didn't matter, Amos wasn't going to ask for the information, that would only make him look like a buffoon of a man and he wouldn't have that in front of a lousy elf. He waited to see if the elf had anything more to say, it seemed he had just asked a question and the others seemed to be grudgingly agreeing with him in some form or another. Amos gave a slight nod and then made his way over to the woman. "An impressive show of strength. My apologies for my earlier comment, it seems i have misjudged your ability." He slid into the seat across from her and smiled.
  4. The child hemmed and hawed for a moment and then send placated with the offer of fresh coffee. With all the money this lexicus guy seemed to have on him, he could probably get a better quality coffee then what she had now. Since she was now calm, Evil Evie voice returned to a comfortable pitch that held no hint of an annoying whine behind it. "I'm Evil Evie, an adventurer, story teller and chef extraordinaire! As for parents, don't need em, I've been taking care of myself for years." She tips her head in a little elegant bow. "It was some type of party last night," she said again to lexicus. "Could have been a wedding for all I care. All I know is the doofus opened up his does to anyone and everyone who was willing to come in. I do not want to see his repair bill."
  5. Amos made his way back down the hall the giant had gone down and found that he was one of the last of the new crew members to make his way into the kitchen. Instead of sitting he opted to stand and leaned against the wall by one of the tables. He looked at Vince, waiting for the elf to begin, though Vince was probably waiting for the small man with the mop of white hair. Amos's attention wandered and he found himself looking at the feeling woman again and admiring her heavy set curves. The more he looked at her the more he admired her, the fur that covered her body was starting to turn him on. He smiled slightly, a pleasant smile as his teeth were a nice contrast against his black as coal beard, and wondered to himself if she was any good in bed. He watched her for a second longer and then turned away when she invited the giant to arm wrestle. He kind of wished she had asked him. Nothing like a show of strength to impress a woman. He turned and looked out the window instead, to see the clouds sail by. It was somewhat troubling, knowing he was so high up. Neither the clouds or the sea would have made him comfortable, he would have preferred to be closer to God old dirt. Amos had to bend a little bit to look out the port window and when he saw what was right outside it he struggled up in alarm. It was that silly little man again, he was flying along next to the ship. He watched the man knock against the side of the ship and wondered if he wanted in through the window. Unfortunately, Amos didn't see any way of opening it. "That strange man, the one with the white hair, he's right outside the window."
  6. Amos could hear the giant behind him moving about. There was something about the bigger man that made Amos feel uncomfortable, but he wasn't entirely sure what, all he knew is that he didn't think they'd end up being fast friends. He found what little there was of a crew's quarters and looked down at the beds. They would work for him and the cat girl and everyone else, but he had to wonder how well they would work for the giant. He left the quarters quickly, seeing that there wasn't much to see and moved on. He encountered the giant man then, searching about for food. "I think I saw the food storage that way." he said, pointing over his shoulder. He then pushed himself up against the wall so they would have enough room to get past each other. This was going to be a long trip, Amos decided.
  7. "What do you think your doing!" Evil Evie said, her squeak of a child's voice attempting to sound menacing. She had just returned from the far field, having relieved herself of a great burden the many cups of coffee had left her with. "I told you not to touch my coffee!" Evil Evie stomps over to where the dragon woman is sitting drinking coffee and non to gently tries to shove her over, she then hurriedly scooped up her bag of open coffee grounds, which had been precariously perched on end. "You could have spilled these! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find decent coffee at a decent price!" Evil Evie grumbled about how it was extremely hard to find any such thing. After she had calmed down some the child conceded that her companions could drink what little they had gotten out to brew, it wasn't like she could put the wet grounds back in the bag and she didn't want to see it go to waste. Evil Evie chuckled when she heard about the various losses and gains and the confusion behind them. "Maybe it hasn't occurred to you all yet, but there was some gambling last night and I mean heavy gambling. There were land deeds going around as well as money and items." She shook her head, "Just be thankful you didn't join a strip poker game, there were some ding dongs hanging out at the end of the night and they could have been yours. Whatever you lost is gone now. No sense in crying over spilled milk, or beer." As soon as the group had emptied the coffee percolator Evil Evie wiped it out and stowed it away in her bag again, making sure to tie everything tightly together.
  8. I was planning on posting tonight, but im so dead I can barely rub to brain cells together. I'll post in the morning. Sorry.
  9. "I am Amos," Amos introduced himself quickly, surprised by the sudden appearance of the old man. This small party was suddenly becoming larger then he had expected and he wondered for a moment if it would be better for him to back out, but then decided against that course of action. As interesting as each of these people were Amos decided he cared little for the introductions that would be made and instead quietly left to explore as the giant had done before. He was hoping to find the sleeping quarters aboard the ship. It shouldn't take to long to find after some poking about, considering the ship wasn't that big.
  10. "God, your finally awake!" Evil Evie exasperated. "It's almost noon!" The young girl of about twelve sat at the small cook fire she had made over wich she had placed a coffee percolater. "I'm already almost done with the first pot of coffee. I figured you'd all want some when you woke up, but I'm not making another pot now." Evil Evie downed the last bit of coffee from her cup and shrugged. "Sorry," she said with not a hint of remorse. "You guys know how to throw one hell of a party, or at least how to crash one. Perfect start to my vacation!" She said wiping out her percolater with a rag before stowing it in her travel pack. "Whenever you all have your words about you I'm game to start moving. In the mean time nature's calling. Holler of you need me!" Evil Evie began to walk towards a field and then stopped to turn around. "Don't any body go touching my coffee!" She told them all sternly. She then hurried away.
  11. We have chosen an actual valucre location to start in, the great north of genesaris, which is beach like. You can look at the Lore thread of the area to get a basic idea, but I doubt you'll need to read much. I think we are doing a traveling adventure, so our characters will learn about the area as we do, (or at least mine will as I'm writing as if she's never been to any of the places we may go). How in depth into Canon lore you might need to read depends on where we go as a group, but I don't think it will be a huge deal. Liking forward to starting. Sounds like we'll be waking up in a strange place after a night of heavy drinking, if your characters drinks, mine doesn't.
  12. Amos was puzzled, a woman who did something like this for mere fun? Every woman he had ever known, had only done such things out of the necessity of their hard life, and those woman were few. Now here he was, in party with two women. One who was here for fun and the other unconscious from grievous wounds. Still, it wouldn't be his fault if they got hurt. When Vince announced that they were leaving, Amos grudgingly accepted the fact that he would be drinking no more that day and rose to follow. He collected is hammer, which he strapped to his belt loop, and his sword, which he put in a sheath on his back, at the door. When they arrived at the airship Amos stopped and stood their in aw. He had never been aboard one as of yet. He wondered just how it stayed in the air and how stable it truly was. He boarded it slowly, taking everything in about it. "Any questions?" Vince asked after he had finished talking. Amos watched as the giant left to explore and was then surprised when cat woman asked a very important question. "What are we delivering that's so important anyway?" "And how far do we have to go to deliver it?" Amos added, which would have been his second question.
  13. Yeah, I think of you start the thread, say the location is a bar in genasaris or a market or a generic place where people might go for any number of reasons, we can each decide why we are each there. Then we'll each figure out, based on the direction things go, what keeps our characters with the other characters. Adventure? The wish to travel in a group instead of alone? A shared quest? It could be different for everyone, so long as the end goal (being in the group and forming relationships) is the same for us rpers. Also, let's set up a ooc thread, cause it will probably be nice to have a place to talk outside of the actual rp, since it seems we will be changing locations. At least once we start, then we won't have to keep posting here.
  14. I guess that would be up to doglefox. She needs to figure out how she wants to proceed. She really only wants to do a small group and then do everyone else 1+1 it sounds like, but basically id let her decide how she wants to split things up for starters.
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