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  1. Oh goodness. I’m kind of just riding along at this point. My ability to cognitively think is extremely limited outside of an academic setting right now. I’d say a few days sounds about right though. Ooo! Muffins! Heads up, midterms are a week from today so I might disappear for a bit.
  2. It’s fantastic Meraxa! I most certainly am satisfied with a skip. Take it away Supernal! (I didn’t know exactly what I was doing with Dylan, but I’m super excited now to play with him in future stories now. He thinks himself shrewd, but he learned a valuable lesson and won’t be so easily tricked next time. He was a throwaway, but now I have circumstances for character development!)
  3. Oh, she was indeed stoking his imagination. The thoughts, ever lingering and fleeting all at once made there way through his mind. He was a man of desire without doubt and if the women was freely giving, why not. He watched her as she smiled at him and giggled and he too began to glance about at the company that surrounded them. His family, preoccupied and yet not occupied enough was all about them. Still, it wasn't as though he were the center of attention. Dylan smiled, a grin on the verge of a sneer, not that he intended it to look like such. "If my father didn't care my mother wouldn't be an issue." He paused a moment in thought, trying to work out in his mind how to pull off his disappearance. It came to him so quickly it was a seamless transition into his next action. "I am not without means." He carefully pulled a servant aside and quietly spoke into their ear as he pulled a few glasses of wine from the tray he was carrying. "If I am not here and anyone asks after me, tell them I was feeling ill." He turned back to Amira, this time and slightly more pleasant smile across his features. He handed her one of the glasses and then held his up as someone spoke. He took a drink in toast and then leaned over to whisper in her ear now. "I am yours. Take me where you will."
  4. I’m sorry! I underestimated how much time I’d have during quarterly testing. I’m struggling to find time for a shower ( which I’m taking in a few minutes). I kind of want to see where the scene goes, but I don’t want to carry it much further then 3 or 4 more posts. Tests are over after Friday and then I’ll be able to reorder my thoughts on this I think.
  5. Sorry folks. Now that school has started in earnest I am finding myself struggling To jump in. I should have something for you tomorrow at the latest.
  6. Turn and sway. Turn and sway. They moved in time with the music, slow and steady. She was warm and soft and he moved his hand into the curve of her back, pulling her closer with a smile. “I thought you might have already figured out who I was. You seem clever. There are only two young men of age in the house of Marish, myself and my brother Magnus. I am the elder, set to inherit. Dylan is my name.” He felt her place a hand between them and that was when he realized it. It seemed as if she meant to seduce him. He listened to her words even more carefully now. She was beginning to intrigue him even more. The music stopped and so did she. Her hand wandered upward to rested just beneath his jaw. “A pretty face can mean little even if there is something behind it. Everything must be properly used.” He grabbed her hand in his and slowly lifting it to his mouth kissed it. “How else can one get what they want.” He pulled away from her then and smiled. “Our dance is through. If you cared for another I could oblige, but something tells me you would much prefer something else. The question is whether or not I have the means, or the desire to give it. What would you like to do my lady? Or do you tire of my company?” He spoke the words carefully. They held no edge, nor did they hold too much curiosity in them. He was genuinely intrigued as to her answer and wondered if she would continue or fall back. Dylan knew their was only a short amount of time left before the toasts of the evening and after that who knew what direction the night would take. His father had gotten his hands on some very good, but very strong wine. Dylan himself could still feel the buzz in the very back of his mind from the first drink he had earlier.
  7. "Indeed I am of the house of Marish." Dylan answered. He smiled, proud of his name and heritage. He figured the women had already known this and was simply appealing to his ego. As she began to move towards a more open area Dylan placed a hand on her back to lead, and then when she turned he captured her hand with his other. "My father has done well. He has never been the type to place all of his resources in one place. Ruin in a single night does not sound appealing. Others can be so foolish. We simply fill the gaps they leave behind, it can be quite lucrative. But don't let me bore you." The music picked up its pace so he spun her around, brought her in close, then outward again. She brushed against him and he was glad he had picked someone so attractive. The conversation too was much improved. Then she slipped even closer and whispered in his ear. "My sister Te'a? I very much doubt she is lonely. She isn't very social, but I have never been sure of what goes through her head." The women was a good dancer, but he couldn't tell if it was taught or simply good breeding. "May I enquire as to your good name my lady?" He would ask and then decide if spending more time talking to her was a productive activity. If such was not the case, at least he was entertained between now and the toasts to follow.
  8. My apologies everyone. I didn't find the time to post or hook up my laptop to wifi. I am on campus now and all set up. I will post the next part tonight. Thank you for your patience!
  9. Just a heads up. I won’t be posting for at least another couple days. I was hoping to do so yesterday, but did not have the time. I am leaving this morning to go on vacation/head for college. Once I’m settled at the beach condo I should be able to jump right back in.
  10. Dierdre Marish was proud. She was proud of her family. Her sister-in-law was addressing the guests, introducing the reason for the evening, even though they already knew what the reason was. Then her niece, who was being introduced as a women for the first time, descended down the stairs on her fathers arm. She looked radiant in her pure white dress as several young men prepared to receive her. Diedre watched as her two sons mingled with the other young ladies in the crowd, both those of age and those whose time had not yet come, dancing with them and offering to bring them refreshments like the fine young men they are. Diedre Marish only frowns when her gaze lands on her daughter who stands at her side. Go make small talk. Dance if a young man asks you. Try to be pleasant for the gods’ sakes. She says none of this aloud. Now is not the time, nor the place. She has already voiced this advice to her daughter many times. Instead she simply says, “Te’a! Smile! Try to look as though you’re happy!” She wishes that there was a young man here that would be so inclined as to woo her poor daughter. It would have made for a better impression where Te’a was concerned. Diedre would have slept better at night. Knowing that her duty as Te’a’s mother was fulfilled. Dylan Marish had grown tired of the young ladies he had been entertaining. All they spoke of was the pretty dresses, and the pretty flowers, and all the other small pretty things that delighted them. It seemed as though Magnus would never grow tired of the young ladies, but Dylan was ready to move on. He began to search for someone a little older, a little less giddy, someone calm and reserved who did not want to be the center of attention. His eyes landed on a beautiful women wearing a simple black dress and a purple cloth that was draped over her shoulder. “May I have this dance, my lady?”
  11. Everything looks fantastic! Love the pic and I appreciate the break. I'm finding both elements extremely useful. I posted and I hope this works well for setting the scene. and I went ahead and created more family members. Have fun building on it Meraxa!
  12. Te’a Marish regarded her reflection in the large looking glass. She did not smile, nor did she frown. Her dark hair was pulled back elegantly, her face devoid of cosmetics save for the light stain on her lips and the blue coal that lightly touched her eyelids. This same blue made up her elegant dress. It was a dark navy color, not black as she would have preferred, her mother wouldn’t allow for her to wear black tonight, but dark enough that she felt comfortable. Her eyes drifted down and watched as a silver necklace was placed around her neck and felt it come to rest as gentle fingers closed the clasp. “That will do Marissa.” She quietly dismissed the handmaid behind her. As Marissa left Te’a stood and walked towards the window, looking out at the shaded courtyard far below. The sun was already hidden behind Mt. Bia’Thera, which cast its large shadow over the city of Aspyn and the large Marish estate. It had not been theirs for long, but after the plague in Ashville Te’a’s father and his brother had managed to find a way to continue living in the luxury this house of nobles was accustomed to. Te’a watched the commotion in the courtyard below as lights were lit, the food was laid out and the musicians finished tuning their instruments. It was the night of her cousins debut ball, Paloma. Paloma who was good four years younger then Te’a and who smiled in copious amounts. Te’a could imagine the girl bubbling with far too much enthusiasm and was glad that she had managed to avoid her for most of the day. Now, however, it was time. Te’a left her room and made her way through the large manor down to the courtyard below. There she saw her mother, Dierdre Marish, standing off to the side watching her sister-in-law giving out last minute orders. She saw her father Kieran Marish laughing at a private joke with his brother Lucian. Her two older brothers Magnus and Dylan were tasting food prematurely. There were flowers everywhere, gifts for Paloma, but most of them were placed on and around the stairs where the soon to be of age girl would enter. Te’a watched with feigned interest at her mother’s side until things finally shifted. The lights became brighter, the music began, her uncle disappeared up the stairway, and the gates to the courtyard opened.
  13. That is a lot more clear. Thank you so much. I can write for a debut pretty easy. So I just jump right in then? Post the details for the setting that Meraxa will jump into and the characters she will interact with. Should I use some sort of transition Supernal? If all is yes. I'm working on it now in word and will post tonight.
  14. I'm fine with placing it in the tangled web thread. finishing that out sounds like a great start. I am a bit confused though about the part 1 and 2 you mention. So, your thought is to introduce to the new Marish? Like as in establish her importance in the family? I suppose I'm just a little confused about that, since it sounds different from anything I mentioned. Either way, I'm down for starting as soon as possible. I'm sorry I just can't seem to keep up guys. I could have sworn I already posted this reply, but I think I just thought about what I wanted to say earlier and didn't post.
  15. Alrighty. Here are some thoughts and questions. Would it work for the arrangement of the betrothal to be ironed out via letters or calls? Basically anything, but personal contact? This is a business arrangement based off family reputations and abilities. Perhaps Ampelos has not met Te'a yet. Perhaps Amira is arriving before him to meet her and throw her off as I think you are basically trying to say. We are promoting the vineyard through this noble merchant family who will be taking care of many of the business arrangements in Aspyn after this. Ampelos could be in Casper perhaps and then he'll be off to Aspyn to meet the family? I'm kind of just shooting ideas. Ok, let me rewrite it all now. This is what my brain has laid out. I'm a messy thinker. 1. The Marish are preparing for a party to introduce the betrothed and finalize the agreement. 2. Amira shows up early. 3. Ampelos is in Casper a few days before this. (this is completely up to Supernal.) 4. The party, during which the business deals are set in stone and Ampelos and Te'a meet. 5. Anything else afterwards to iron out the true detail of how they get the grants and promote the vineyard.
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