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  1. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    I can get a post out Wednesday.
  2. I, Henrietta

    Yuan had not fully grasped what it was he was look at - a floating blue gem, by all accounts. The woman did her best to explain it, four dimensional and what have you - all Yuan could think was 'Isn't their only three dimensions?' A middle school level education was not sufficient for the sheer scope of the conversation. Perhaps because of that or perhaps in spite of it when the lights shut off Yuan was not surprised, the sound of a whizzing projectile alerted Yuan to what his eyes could not see and with a deft motion he captured the darts by pulling the straw hat off his head, using it as a sort of shield. It had happened very quickly and within seconds the lights were on once more, but it didn't take a keen eye to notice that the floating gem remained. An odd thing - one would assume the gem was the goal. Perhaps it was mere coincidence, an assassination plot on an individual that happened to be taking the tour. As Henrietta began to panic Yuan scanned the room, realizing a bit slow that the child was missing - the hole the ground the only possible place she could have went. The first to act was the man with a shield and a massive magitech weapon, quite different from the occasional pea shooter one saw in Last Chance, he descended into the hole with no hesitation - and to Yuan's surprise the dandy looking man followed just behind, igniting a light around his neck as he did. A woman followed, her crawling turning into sprinting as she realized the same thing he did - the target was the girl, not the gem. The question was why? Yuan couldn't imagine her value, was it a ploy to prevent the woman from releasing this blue gem on the masses? In the end it didn't matter. Yuan drew the blades hidden in his sleeves and followed behind the woman into the hole, his mind clear and focused - the why could come later, a child's life hung in the balance. "Looks like we have ourselves a team." Yuan said as he landed, cracking his neck as he did. "Names Yuan, specialty is hand to hand. Best we get acquainted as we move." Yuan's tone was upbeat, almost excited - likely because that was exactly what he was. [OOC: I apologize if I screwed up anywhere, I'm writing this post after being up for 27 hours.]
  3. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    I was not able to get a post out - but good news! My rotating schedule has rotated once more, and now I can post Mon-Wednesday 2pm-2am. However so I don't get skipped I'll have a post out today just to be sure, sometime before 3pm.
  4. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    I'll have a post out either today or late night tomorrow.
  5. Saotome Yumeko [WIP - 30%]

  6. Beggar vs Bandits [Quest]

    Sigrund did not immediately react - as if mentally weighing the chances his people survived if they did nothing vs the chances if they struck out. As Sigrund fought internally on answering the newcomers questions Yuan leaned back, cursing himself a bit for his hesitance while the newcomer was so quick to make a choice. "I may not be much help, but consider me in on whatever plan of action you intend to take." Yuan said firmly, standing up and heading toward the windows to peer out into the night as he waited for Sigrund to make the only choice he knew he could. Sigrund did not take long, eventually nodding slowly to himself before facing James fully. "There are 5 who come to village, always the same five - lead by man named Dietric, I don't think he is a their true leader since the other members treat him more as an equal then I'd expect from a group of bandits to their leader. They come at the same time every week, tomorrow at noon. Their armor is surprisingly high quality, their weapons are almost exclusively melee from what I've seen - no clear mages or psions, no magitech." It was clear from the detail Sigrund provided that he did not ignore the possibility of resistance in his own mind - he had watched every little thing about the villages tormentors in hopes of this very moment; but it was hard to overcome ones hesistance with how much remained unknown. "Their base is likely North since they always come and go from the same direction - beyond that we know nothing. However, a hunter by the name of Rol does live north east from here about an hours walk, if he is still alive he is likely to have seen any significant sign of people." Sigrund was growing paler by the moment, the gravity of what was to come in but a few short hours weakening his old constitution with each passing moment. All the while Yuan remained stationary at the window, allowing the older newcomer to call the shots - he had taken the initiative where Yuan had hesitated, and thus the young warrior felt it only correct follow; his own lack of experience another factor on his silence. For all Yuan's training, he had only rarely used his techniques in earnest, in life or death struggle. Street scuffles with thieves was not the same as rescuing an entire village from ruthless bandits who had all their women kidnapped - one false move was death. [OOC: I didn't forget about ya! Got this post out a little early because I couldn't get it out Thursday.]
  7. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Soaring Bird candidate - clearly not done, but I think you can get an idea of what she is from here.
  8. Saotome Yumeko [WIP - 30%]

    [Equipment] [Tamonten Prototype Rifle Mk1] - The Tamonten Prototype Mk1 is a group project between the Tamonten Research and Development students with direct assistance in production by Kanayama Trade Institute Weapons Development Division and field testing by Tamonten Para-Military Club. In its first field capable iteration; the unnamed prototype rifle is made of a alchemicaly hardened crystal polymer with a chrome/steel alloy trunnion, chamber and barrel. A short stroke mana-piston drives backward on an operating rod which pushes the bolt carrier backward where it is caught by a recoil spring and forced forward, the bolt itself is a seven lug angled design which smoothly locks into trunnion - as expelled mana trails the projectile that mana energy is captured by a series of runes in the 'mana' system which in turn power the short stroke 'mana' piston, the operating rod acts on the bolt carrier which itself acts on a caming surface unlocking the bolt and restarting the firing process. Perhaps most unique to the unnamed prototype rifle is its ammunition, a 'caseless' design the crystal projectile is surrounded by compressed mana unstable crystal shards which when struck with the rune inscribed hammer 'explode', propelling the crystal projectile forward with raw kinetic energy, excess mana is fed through the mana system and thus 'cycles' the magitech firearm. Despite being the 'Mk1' the rifle has actually gone through many stages of development before being 'field' ready, and has proven to be fairly reliable in harsh testing though it has yet to see true combat. Most of the young designers have since graduated or will be graduating soon, and thus the rifle is unlikely to continue development without investment from an outside source. The projectile itself is heat hardened crystal that is 4.73×33 mm and weighs 3.25 g, it produces 3850 bar of pressure and travels at 930 m/s and impacts on target with 1470 J/ft lb of force. [Weland Guard Sidearm] - [WIP] [Tamonten Student Issue Tactical Vest] - [WIP!] [Blade Resistant Armor] - [WIP]
  9. That 5% still yanked a like out of me

    1. Haichuan


      I appreciate that! The amount of interest I've garnered from my two characters thus far is pretty confidence inspiring for a newbie!

  10. Saotome Yumeko [WIP - 30%]

    [Physical Information] [Name] - Saotome Yumeko [Age] - 17 [Date of Birth] - August 8th, 579 WTA [Race] - Human [Height] - 5'4" [Weight] - 126lbs [Eye Color] - Light Brown [Hair Color] - Brown with a blonde underdye [Dexterity] - Right Handed [Voice] - Raspy [Social Information] [Birthplace] - Western Quarter, Weland, Terrenus [Residence] - Tamonten Military Academy Dorms [Social Class] - Middle [Reputation] - Weland: None Terrenus: None Global: None [Employment] - Current: Student (Tamonten Military Academy) Former: None [Organizations] - Current: Captain of Tamonten Military Academy Para-Military Club* Former: None *
  11. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Count me interested - I have a second character brewing I believe will be perfect for this. If upon their completion a slot is still open I'll happily fill it.
  12. Interest check: Operation "Shattered Sun"

    Out of curiosity is this 'in-canon' for Valucre or is a side story taking place in a world of your own design? Are the characters a set of gathered free lance contractors or employed operatives?
  13. Beggar vs Bandits [Quest]

    Yuan shrugged apologetically to the man. "I apologize, I am not the man of the house - I too am a traveler. One moment." Yuan bowed slightly and walked back into the house, leaving the door open but not actually inviting James in. He returned quickly with a second man, the older gentlemen oddly alert for someone who was likely just woken up. Sigrund hobbled slow to the door and chuckled a bit to himself. "Two travelers in a single night, a rare sight. Come in, come in. I am Sigrund, forgive me but the introductions can wait." Sigrund said, turning and walking toward nearby table and sitting down. "I suppose I should have done this before, however. If I were you boys, I would leave first thing in the morning." Sigrund said with a sigh. Yuan took a seat across from Sigrund, leaving the seat at the 'head' of the table for James. "I understand Sigrund, I would not wish to over stay my hospitality." Yuan said, assuming Sigrund simply didn't have the resources to house two strangers for more then a single night. Sigrund shook as head as Yuan spoke, sighing deep this time as if trying to hide his shame. "This town has been overtaken by bandits, and you boys look the warrior types - if they see you, I imagine they will kill you to prevent you doing the same to them." Sigrund laid his hands on the table, clenching and unclenching his fists. "Worse still, perhaps is - even if you were strong enough to defeat them." Sigrund hesitated, before turning to the new comer and then to Yuan. "They have all our women, wherever their hideout is and we do not know their total numbers. I fear if we kill the men who come here the others will kill our women - so I ask you leave first thing in the morning, before this situation gets any worse. We will manage, we need no heroics." Sigrund sighed, closing his eyes and fighting back anxiety and perhaps even tears. Yuan wanted to say something, but he knew alone he could never both defeat them and save the women - shame filled Yuan's mind, but he fought it down. Not everyone could be saved, but Yuan still wanted to do something. [OOC: I apologize for the quality of this post, I'm not super good at dialogue and pacing just yet.]
  14. I, Henrietta

    Yuan had arrived in Hell's Gate mere hours ago - the road from Last Chance had been long and filled with its own adventures, but Hell's Gate was a true marvel. It was unlike Last Chance in every way, home to buildings of incredible height and of technology uncommon or out right unknown to the criminal haven that was Last Chance. Magitech wasn't something Yuan was unfamiliar with, some thugs would flash cheap looking guns in alleys and bark hiding behind a tool they had no understanding of how to use, but what Yuan saw before him was so alien it might as well have been pure fantasy. The sheer curiosity had pushed Yuan into finding any information on the things he saw, and by chance he had stumbled on this exhibition of its latest technology. The dirt and smell of the road still fresh on his frame and his straw hat hiding his features he stared in wonder at each golem shown. Each model progressive from the next awed him, and with each description of their skills his mind was blown anew. Yuan did not hesitate, and much like the child totted along by the frail woman Yuan approached the glass, staring into the jewels these constructs called eyes. Lifeless and empty, the kind of eyes one might see on a corpse - their was a twinge of fear, but Yuan suppressed it as it came. Yet with each further advance his apprehension grew, for each model proved greater then the next until it became clear - these golems given enough time would permeate society, slowly at first but eventually replacing the common worker. Even the most rudimentary of them could do nearly any job Yuan had ever done, and with each advance the older model likely grew cheaper to acquire. It was a simple matter of time until those without education or the ability to become educated lost their place in society - and when that happened Yuan knew that a model like these but armed for war would end any anger the people showed at their lack of resources. The guide woman spoke of the educator model, of its use in in low income neighborhoods across Terrenus to teach - yet Yuan knew it would not alleviate the reality, who would buy these models for Last Chance? Who would invest their riches to help those which they no longer even needed for their most menial tasks? Yuan shook his head, knowing he could do nothing to stop the advance of technology. His martial arts would be no match for these golems, and martial arts would have no use at all against the constant forward motion of society - so it was with a knowing nod he abandoned whatever fear he felt for those lifeless eyes looking at him from the room beyond. 'Any questions?' The guide asked, her tone one that suggested she would rather move onto her big reveal then bother with actual questions, and thus Yuan kept quiet as he filtered back into the crowd. Yuan wondered what sort of wonder she had left to show, a technology beyond what he had already seen was something the country bumpkin could hardly imagine and he was honest in his excitement to see it. [OOC: If I made any mistakes or misinterpreted anything please let me know - also I think I'm going to make some amends to my survey thing if that is alright!]
  15. Hell's Gate [civil war]

    Cool! Just a heads up to everyone. My schedule is 12am EST - 10pm EST Tuesday through Thursday; though I tend not to post on Tuesday.