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  1. Family matters cropped up (again), and... my apologies, but I think I really need to drop out of this RP. Feel free to take over Alise and use her abilities & items, my only request is that she stays alive. I probably won't be on Valucre for a while. Again, sorry that I had to go like this. May you guys have fun.
  2. My school's started, I've been busy with homework and projects and administrative things, and I'm running out of ideas on what to do in this plot...
  3. Alise would pass the stoneskin potion to Darya. As the trio regroup at the door, and Darya attends to Erin, Alise realises that the cover at the door is insufficient. "I need to make proper cover for us." She goes to start assembling one, making use of nearby tables, chairs, screens, and other debris. Alise would be torn between shooting Erin and shooting herself. "The door seems strong, I wonder if we have the time and combined strength." Alise pushes a wheelie chair into position, then looks at Darya & Erin. "Or what if... we tricked the walker into shooting the door with one of its misslies? Could that work?"
  4. Alise prepares to dodge, only for Darya to cover her, both metaphorically and literally. Wow, people who actually look after their teammates! "Th-thank you!" Alise gasps. "Well, I have a potion of stoneskin. Normally I would use my magic shield, but I'm not sure how it'll react here..." She peeks between the display screens, witnessing the walker shooting at the Others, and Erin. "I do have a small axe too. I don't think I can get anywhere near the Walker without getting blasted away though." Alise follows Darya's pull away from the blast. "Tell me if you want the stoneskin potion, and I'll pass it to you, alright?"
  5. ... i really should have thought about blast waves.
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