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    Whose Line? Bi-weekly RP Challenge!

    I would love to see my username in a post.
  2. HotPizza

    How do you think your character's story will end?

    I think it'll end with me forgetting to get back to the character.
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    Smaller audio/video player, no thumbnail

    Can we see the size of the audio file? So that we can decide if the audio is worth downloading.
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    General chat thread

    Very hot. Hot enough to burn your tongue.
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    Black Book OOC

    Ah... poor Godric. I've edited my post.
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    The Black Book (B|E Quest)

    [The Roots | Kitty, Grubb, HotPizza] Haru pokes her head into the air and sniffs as her sensitive nose picks up the metallic trail, frowning at the unusually quick gathering of dark clouds. She nudges Tachi, who drops off her shoulder and scampers into her belt pouch. Haru nods as she listens to Ioreth. "Hope he survives while I fight off the Hound's summoner." All she knew about Xhal, was that he would soon be on the recieving end of the Hound's bite. Had she seen Xhal draw blood from someone's throat, she would be much less concerned for him. Haru quickens her pace and makes her way towards the place where she last split off from Godric. Along her way, she flicks her right wrist, causing a calligraphy brush to fall out of her sleeve into her hand. She then holds her left hand out, and in one smooth paints a circle of ink around her palm. The circle of black ink suspends in the air for a moment before letting out a puff of smoke. The smoke disappates to reveal a round wooden shield, gripped tightly in her left hand. Soon, Haru finds herself approaching Albert from behind his back. The parting of the crowd makes it easy for Haru to spot Albert and the Hound that had started forming next to him. She also sees Godric, standing next to a dark elf. "I see the Hound and its summoner, a proud blond guy in a messy suit. He has gloves & a watch, and holds a crystal engraved with a ram's head. I'll try to knock that crystal out of his hand." Taking advantage of her position and his lack of awareness, Haru draws a straight line of ink in the air. In a puff of smoke it turns into a gleaming sword, suspended mid-air as it flies towards Albert at the fast speed of a running swordsman. It aims to deeply slash the summoner's arms or shoulders, hoping to make him lose his grip on the crystal he's holding or knock it out of his hands. Shortly after making or attempting its strike, the sword will disappear in a puff of smoke. As soon as Haru sends her sword out, she raises her shield in front of her. From behind her shield, Haru notes the action unfolding before her eyes, as well as Godric's words being carried over the earpiece. That dark elf getting targeted by the Hound must be Xhal. Haru has magical attacks, but she already used one on Albert himself, and her ink is limited. Slowly, she inches forwards, her shield still held high, prepared for whatever might come her way.
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    Black Book OOC

    Is it Vansin's turn after I make my post? We're already fighting the Hound, so I'm hoping Constans can keep up.
  8. HotPizza

    Black Book OOC

    Thank you for your response, Grubb! Godric can hear everything Ioreth and Haru say over the earpiece and vice versa, right?
  9. HotPizza

    Black Book OOC

    If I'm late, it's cos wifi's been spotty, and I'm almost out of data. @Grubbistch, could you make another post that responds to the latest post by Kitty, please? At the moment I can't react with anything that's appropriate to the actual, urgent situation. Thank you so much!
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    That explains a lot about what makes for good description in roleplay posts: the actions. Thank you so much. If you told me that a lampshade "looked like something that had just crawled out of grandpa’s attic", the first thing to come to mind is not a beautiful antique lampshade, but a cheap plain dirty lampshade with enough dust to keep anyone sneezing for weeks. To be fair, I'm probably thinking of my own attic, which is filled with less antique treasures and more dust. ... how are my descriptions?
  11. HotPizza

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Thanks for the advice, Kitty! I'll write down an outline for posts before fleshing it out. I say you toned it down well in your roleplay. There's plenty of actual information to work with, while still being flavorful. I wouldn't call it 'purple' by any stretch. Mmm, pineapple upside-down cake.
  12. HotPizza

    AFV Hummingbird

    Rest well, bird. Sometimes we jsut need a nice break.
  13. HotPizza

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Not sure, to be honest. I guess I'm looking at a balance of being clear what's happening, and having enough descriptions to make the roleplay less dry?
  14. HotPizza

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I really should learn how to write a story with nice descriptions, as opposed to just stating actions and thoughts in roleplays.
  15. HotPizza

    The Black Book (B|E Quest)

    [The Roots | Kitty, Grubb, HotPizza] "Will do, thanks!" Amazing what a little compliment can do. "The 'little mouse' has a name, thanks." There is a hint of annoyance in his voice. As far as he was concerned, he is Haru's friend, not her pet, and Haru understands likewise. A small mouse like him really isn't safe or taken seriously in this big wide world, is he? Even the plants want to eat him, and people think he is no more than a book eater or disposable bait. Poor Tachi. "Thank you, Tachi." Haru can't help but smile. "Oh, thank you too!" Tachi's tail twitches in delight. Ah, a menagerie. Because this marketplace wasn't distracting enough already. So many kinds of yokai, Haru thinks to herself. She has seen a few in books she read as a kid, but most of the creatures are completely unknown to her. She's inches away from joining the children in their little race, running up to as many creatures as she can get to. So many fascinating animals... some of them even look friendly... "I don't wanna get too close, pretty sure everything here sees me as food." Tachi squeaks as the imps scream and thrash themselves against their cages. Haru feels him shiver, and notes to keep her friend safe from hungry imps. "Besides, you're on a mission. I know you got this." Haru simply nods, keeping her attention on her target, who passes by a giant vase made of glass and filled with a thick black smog. Haru drifts towards the smoke monster-in-a-vase, weaving through the crowd while keeping herself discreet. "Cloakee's a lady with hazel eyes, tawny skin, black fingers," Haru reports. The lady's seemingly ink-stained hands remind Haru of her own, back when she spent many hours playing with ink. She would dip her baby-sized fingers into small ink pots, pull them out, and then smack them against a piece of paper to create handprints. Sometimes it was the floor, a wall, or the leg of a table. Her mother spent ages cleaning up the house afterwards. When the lady gets pulled into the gap between the tents, Haru slows down to a stop within the gaggle of children. Her youthful appearance allows her to blend into the crowd easily. While the children are gawking at the eggs however, Haru is merely pretending to. Instead, she listens closely to the conversation occuring in the gap, where the cloaked lady had just slipped in. Cautiously, she leans to peeks into the gap, taking a glance at the kharnish man before bringing her face back to the phoenix eggs again. But Haru continued to listen. As soon as the conversation is over, Haru spins round and walks away. Since Haru already has the infomation she needs, she doesn't want to risk herself getting caught any more than required. "Cloakette privately talked to a man with white hair and red eyes. She says she tried to take the book from another man, who won't let it go until Woolfe finishes the binding. Then he won't need the book. She also says he's looking for Xhal, with the Hound." Haru pauses in front of a cage of perfectly ordinary but rather cute cockatoos. She looks around, checking for anyone who might be following her. She smiles wistfully at the birds before continuing her journey. "Cloakette also asked for more 'zabi', offering to help. What should I do now? I don't even know who this 'Xhal' guy is. Godric, what's happening on your end? Are you alright? Should we regroup at the snake lady's shop, or go elsewhere?"