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  1. HotPizza

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (OOC)

    Strike my name from the list, my internet's been terrible, sorry.
  2. HotPizza


    My internet has been really spotty. Consider me opted out of anything I've joined here.
  3. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    This forum has level ups? Still, I don't want to make a fool of myself, or ruin other people's roleplay experiences...
  4. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    rip narcissa, what pizza ingredient are you allergic to?
  5. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    Oh no, please don't hurt me
  6. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    Do gifs inside spoilers load only when the spoiler is clicked/tapped?
  7. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    i finally have time, so i look up roleplays to join... only to find that most of them are beyond my paygrade...
  8. HotPizza

    A Silver Ticket Gamble (LFG)

    Could I join with my character Haru? When posting order actually starts, I want to be the last one to post.
  9. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    I thought those shirts already exist in real life. I wouldn't be surprised.
  10. HotPizza

    Things you've learned from video games

    Always read the tooltip instead of wasting time trying to figure it out for yourself.
  11. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    I like seafood, myself. Mmmm prawns.
  12. HotPizza

    General chat thread

    but pastas are so good
  13. HotPizza

    Describe your character in one sentence

    Technically, I'm coming at this thread with my full database of characters... all one of them! Young girl with magic powers and cute animal friends goes out to the world to find more cute animal friends, and find out what's up with her.
  14. HotPizza

    Named spells for Terrenus ft. you

    Is this similar to a patent application for spells? Complete with Trademarked Spell Name (TM)?
  15. HotPizza

    Feedback: rich text editor disabled

    Interesting insight into the BBcode, too. Aww, but even in its limited form it's useful. The above quote box was done in BBcode, although it didn't register that I tried to attribute the quote to supernal. Huh, didn't realize we have fancier formatting such as tables and footnotes. The most I did was colors, and I've moved away from them due to the light/dark theme thing. Now that I think of it, having to momentarily switch themes seems trivial compared to losing rich text paste altogether. Yes, light theme users, I made a mini joke with the rich text paste there. Could there be a function to remove just the background color? We can set text color to 'automatic', and remove bold, italic, underline, etc. So being able to strip rich test pastes of their background, while retaining over formatining such as bolds, colors, or lists. Or is that not possible for some reason? Would it be better or worse if pasting rich text automatically pasted only the plain version of the text, but popped up an option to paste as rich text? Basically the inverse of what we have now.