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  1. Xahlafael sat upon a bar stool, drinking to pass the time. It wasn't unusual for him, and his tolerance to liquor has grown tremendously over the years because of it. He was already on his fourth round of a particularly fiery whiskey, yet he felt almost unfazed. Almost. A slight buzz settled in his head as he drank what was left of his glass. The traveler decided he didn't want to have a splitting headache in the morning and declined the offer for a refill. Besides, he didn't want to be drunkenly walking around at night in an unfamiliar city. As Xahlafael spun the glass around on the table and stood up, a few others gave the swordsman a wary glance. Although he was a Terrenus native, he was new to this city. He'd only been there for less than a week for what he called a "business trip." Business to him could either be mapping an area of land or being sent on a murder mission. Even though he gave up his occupation of a mercenary some years ago, he didn't mind retreating to his old ways if he was paid enough to do it. A job was a job. The people of this city seemed to be aware of that and watched the man carefully as he walked toward the exit. The tall man turned to walk down the street, but a peculiar feeling began settling in his chest. It felt as though there was a presence of someone nearby. Not necessarily a dangerous presence, but a presence nonetheless. As Xahlafael crept down the alley next to the bar, a reached around to grip the silver hilt of his sword. He didn't feel as though he was being threatened, but he wasn't about to get ambushed in a dark alley either. The sound of shaky breathing was evident as Xahlafael got closer to a cluster of trash cans. He unsheathed the black-bladed sword and used it to tap the cans as he peered over them. There was an elf curled up among the trash, clutching a bag close to his chest. He appeared nervous and out of breath, as if he had been running from something and is now hiding from whatever that something is. Xahlafael spoke to the elven man in a rough voice, sword resting threateningly on one of the cans. "Whatever's in that bag must be mighty important for you to be hiding in a place like this. Why don't you come out and we can see about getting you a proper hiding spot." ((OOC: Hope you don't mind me hopping on!))
  2. I'm not using Xahl at the moment. He might be up for an adventure!
  3. The snowball fight continued well beyond the setting of the sun. White flecks flew through the darkened sky as laughter filled the chilled air. Eventually, parents came to collect their children for the night. Yawns escaped a few of them as they followed their elders into their sleeping areas. Reitu himself was exhausted. Although he was fairly in shape, the excessive physical activity had taken a toll on him. After saying good night to his playmates and to the other members of the tribe, Reitu figured it was time to turn in for the night. He found his pile of belongings and began making a burrow for himself. While traveling in the desert, Reitu had learned that sleeping in the ground at night could mean the difference between life and death. The earth retained enough heat during the day and held it long enough into the night for a traveler to get some sleep without worrying about freezing to death. The same principles applied for the winter terrain as well. The snow acts as an insulator for anyone who knows how to use it to their advantage. It was certainly still cold, but the makeshift shelter along with a fur blanket was enough to keep Reitu alive during the night. As sunlight began to rise, so did the members of the tribe. People began packing up their things and loading them into wagons and carts. Reitu emerged from his crater in the dirty snow and shook off the cool wetness. He stretched before slinging his bag and staff onto his back. He did a quick search around to find Torie. "Hey, kitty. Need some help?" Reitu saw that the tigress was struggling with the overloaded cart. He took a bag off the back of the cart and lifted it onto his shoulders. His muscles felt stiff from running and throwing the night before, but he would have felt guilty if he let Torie do all of the work. Even if it was just one bag, he hoped it would make it at least a little easier on his friend.
  4. Breathing heavily, Reitu ran from one particularly fast kid, darting and bounding around the fire and being extra careful not to bump into anyone. The children giggled and cheered for the child who was chasing the clumsy hyena man. They were clearly amused at Reitu's near exhausted state. He could just let the kid catch him, but in a seldom felt bout of competitiveness, Reitu could not bring himself to admit defeat so easily. And so they raced around the fire, skipping and jumping while bystanders sang and chanted at them. With a quick glance toward the chief, silently hoping that he would call of the childish games, Reitu was surprised to see that even he showed delight at the rowdy game. Reitu growled quietly. Not with anger or frustration, but with fatigue. Many would think that because he wasn't technically a human, that he would be more than capable of outrunning a small child. It just so happens that Reitu's kind share about the same speed and stamina of an average human. Surely it doesn't help that Reitu is probably the most uncoordinated one of his species. He was just lucky he hasn't tripped into the fire yet. After what seemed like several hours of running, while in reality was only a few minutes, the child finally tagged the furred beast. Reitu, unable to even fully comprehend that he had lost, collapsed to the snowy ground. He shoveled handfuls of the white coolness over his whole body. The child, who was now wearing a proud smile on his face, sauntered tiredly over to Reitu and held out his palm. After spending many months with the tribe, Reitu recognized the gesture as a 'high five' and clapped the boy on the hand with his own. "I suppose you deserve some sort of reward for that feat." Reitu said, sitting up from his icy nest. "Here, you can take this." With a fluid motion, Reitu took the alligator tooth necklace from his neck and held it out in front of him. Possessing a slight hesitation, he then placed the necklace around the child victor's neck. He had worn the necklace for many years. It was one of the first he had ever made. It's string was beginning to fray, but he knew it would hold up for many years to come. Maybe even long enough for the boy to pass it on to someone else. "You take care of that now. Maybe someday, someone else will best you at something and you can give them this as a reward." Reitu teased. The boy laughed softly, trying to hide how happy he was with his prize. He balled up a handful of snow and tossed it at the hyena's chest, thus beginning a whole new game. "Snowball fight!"
  5. alrighty. Let me see if I can get a post out before I fall asleep haha
  6. Reitu took the cup into his hand and brought it to his nose. An uncertain look crossed his hyena-like features as he sniffed the strong odor the drink produced. At the shrug of his shoulders, he brought the cup to his muzzle and gave the brew a taste. To his surprise, it wasn't that bad. Although it was strong, it didn't leave a lasting burn in his throat like other drinks he's tried before. "Hey, that's actually not half bad." It definitely not the worst thing he'd ever drank. Nothing could be as bad as the ale that his own village elders drank during ceremonious holidays. It left a bad taste in your mouth for nearly two days after drinking it. Reitu didn't even want to know what it was made out of. After he was finished with his meal, Reitu collected empty plates and brought them to a small wash basin near the fire. He then sat back down next to his friend and continued to listen in on the drunken banter between a few of the tribe members. There seemed to be a low number of physical violence within the tribe, but the verbal banter could often get heated. Nothing too hurtful was said, and it even offered amusement for those who were not participating in the playful teases. The tribe was pretty close-knit; something that Reitu loved about them. When one member needed help, ten more would come to aid. Once the children were done helping with the chores, many of them played around the fire while others tucked in for the night. Some played tag, while some of the quieter children played some game with rocks and lines drawn into the dirt. One little boy, clearly far from tired, came up to Reitu. "Reitu, come play with us!" He playfully tugged on the furred wrist of the gnoll-ling. Young voices joined in on a chant for Reitu. "Yeah, come play with us!" Reitu sighed and looked to his friends. "Looks like I have a play date to attend." He stood up from the ground and followed the children, indulging himself in a lively game of tag.
  7. Reitu sat next to Torie by the fire and stretched a bit before reaching into his animal hide backpack. He pulled out a handful of leather strips and four larger pieces of tanned hide, along with a thick needle. His hands worked at creating a set of boots for his tiger friend. Every few minutes he stopped his work to check the fit, pulling aside one of the feline's large paws and slipping it on. He lined the inside with a soft, cottony material to add extra protection from the rough texture of the ground. The whole process took a mere hour for the skilled crafter. Reitu made conversation with the goliath next to him, easily handling both working and talking. His teachers would always tell him that "if you're talking, you're not working," but even as a pup, Reitu was able to focus on his work quite easily as he talked with friends. Physically, he was always behind the other students, but mentally he was always ahead. After carefully washing Torie's paws with water that he had heated to a lukewarm temperature, he dried them and carefully strapped the soft boots onto his friend. The wounds weren't deep enough to call for any serious treatment, but they definitely appeared sore and cut up. The boots didn't have heavy padding, but they would at least offer some protection. Reitu lightly tapped a boot with a finger. "These should work for now. They aren't super sturdy, but they are the best I could do with the materials I have with me." He smiled, clearly pleased that he was able to help his friend. Now that his mind was not focused on crafting, the smell of cooking meat and spices made Reitu aware of how hungry he was. Before he knew it, he was filling a makeshift plate with meat and fruits of all assortments. If the foreigner had to pick his favorite thing about living with the tribe, it would have to be the exotic tundra fruit. They had a unique taste that no other region's fruit could compete with. Once his plate was filled, he sat back down next to Torie and Azul. He watched as the tribe's people joked and chatted with each other. Occasionally he would add to the laughter over a particularly funny comment or reaction. He wasn't much for alcohol, but every now and then Reitu would take a sip from someone's cup if they asked him to try a drink. The spotted humanoid found a family with these people, even though he was physically very different from them. It was an honor for him to be accepted in their community; to have them share their culture and traditions with them, and to teach them in return for their own teachings.
  8. The man looked down at the blood-soaked cloth wrapped around his leg. He cautiously pulled back the wrappings and sighed in relief as it seemed the bleeding had ceased. Even though he would hate to verbally admit it, it wouldn't be a stupid idea to have Aralisi check his wound at the next chance they got to rest. While the bleeding had stopped, that doesn't mean there isn't a chance of infection setting in. Losing a leg would be the last thing the adventure would want. He gave a quick nod to his associate. Xahlafael searched his fallen opponent as Aralisi searched hers. The findings were scarce; nothing outside of ordinary personal belongings. There wasn't even anything that could be used to identify who they might be or why they attacked. His eye settled on the body for a moment. Nothing about them seemed familiar or even "special" to him. They looked like just ordinary people. Whether or not that was true may be a different story. He wondered if Ben had any clue to who they were. A groan left the man's throat as he stood up from his crouched position near the body. He used the front of the dead man's shirt to clean the blood from his blade. The gesture was less respectable than the feline's, but it worked just as good. He looked to the leader of the group and called to him. "Nothing on this one, Ben. Do you know who they are or why they may have ambushed us?" He called to Ben, gritting his teeth through the stinging pain in his thigh.
  9. Thank you for being patient with me! I've had kind of a rough week. I'll have a reply up very shortly :)
  10. Reitu let out a huff as he shifted a package that he was carrying on his shoulders. He wasn't even completely sure what it was filled with, but he offered to carry it as there was not an inch more of room on the sled that Torie lugged behind her. It was remarkable that she was even able to move the thing. She lagged behind, but not far enough to cause the tribe's leaders to slow down. Reitu kept a slower pace than the rest so Torie didn't feel left behind. And also because of the heavy pack on his own shoulders. The tribe had welcomed Reitu with open arms, so assisting them in travel was the least he could do. A grin crept to his muzzle as he watched a few of the younger members throw snowballs at each other. Memories of when he was a pup slipped into his mind. Although he was a hard worker, his younger self lived a generally care-free life. When he was old enough, he traveled to other communities, much like this one, in order to exchange knowledge with them. He would teach them medicine work in return for knowledge of their culture and customs. The Shinoki were among his favorites, even going so far as to live with them for much longer than he had any other community. Other than the bitter cold, everything came very naturally to the young Djafi. Whether it was assisting with the reindeer herders or cooking for the younger members, he was always willing to put in extra hours for the benefit of the tribe. When the chief had called for pause, Reitu let out a sigh of relief and carefully slid the pack from his shoulders. He collapsed into the snow and closed his eyes. It wasn't until he heard Torie's pleas for assistance that Reitu stood back up. He gave a shy chuckle as he helped undo the clips and ropes of Torie's harness. "I thought we were never going to stop!" Reitu exclaimed quietly to his tiger friend as he undid the last of the ropes. He noticed that she was favoring her paws in a painful manner. "Maybe we should get those looked at?" He suggested. "If you'd like, I could try making you some boots so you wouldn't get so sore."
  11. Xahlafael was unnaturally quiet for most of the journey. He was lost in thought, wondering about the Runestones in the mine. There was no doubt he was going to harvest a few of those stones. He wondered what he could use them for. Enhancing his own sword maybe. They were too useful to just sell off, and it may even be too risky to even let anyone else know of his prizes. Questions would be asked, and Xahlafael didn't feel like explaining where the stones had come from. His thoughts were interrupted as Ben explained that they were being followed. Lean muscles stiffened, just waiting for the cue to withdraw his sword from its leather holding place. The motion of Ben reaching for his weapon caused Xahlafael to glance at the feline beside him and gave her a nod. His right arm reached around to unsheathe the black-bladed sword. At Ben's command, the cloaked man spun around and rushed toward the assailants. With a quick thought, Xahlafael wondered how Ben had known everything right down to the number of men there were. He wanted to know more about his employer, but there was danger to take care of first. Kill now, questions later. Xahlafael swung his sword at the man closest to him. They engaged in battle for but a moment before the mercenary eventually proved superior. His opponent was tough, though, and the brunette did not come out unscathed. A gash crossed through the flesh of his thigh. It wasn't deep enough to restrain his mobility, but it stung something fierce. Xahlafael's expression showed something of frustration rather than pain. He tore a strip off of the black shirt underneath his cloak and tied it around his leg. It was enough to stop the bleeding, but not the throbbing pain that pulsed under the cloth.
  12. It's actually a species that I've been working on bringing to life here on Valucre! Similar to a Gnoll. You can read a little more about them here if you would like :)
  13. While Reitu is not a native to the Shinoki tribe, he travels with them to teach them all he can about herbal medicine and how to use it to treat illnesses and injuries. The tribe reminds him of his own kin, although the environment in which they thrive is much colder than his homeland. Over multiple weeks, the young Djafi had taught a handful of the tribe's people in the ways of medicine. They weren't his first students, however, but the tribe as a whole had grown on Reitu and he decided to stick around for a while. His attachment to the tribe has led to tight bonds with the Shinoki. They were just as amused by the shy Gnoll-ling as he was by the reindeer herders. When the news of a wedding reached the long, grey ears of the hyena-kin, he became ecstatic. He began making finely crafted jewelry and decorative bags filled with medicinal herbs and cooking spices to give to the newlyweds. Reitu is excellent at crafting, and the gifts he created are truly a work of art. His own tribal skirt and necklaces were made by his own hands. Traveling to the actual wedding would be no trouble for Reitu, as he spent much of his young adult life traveling to and from different tribes and villages. With his wooden staff and multiple packs of herbs, Reitu definitely finds comfort in healing rather than fighting. But, he will defend his friends and patients at all costs, even at the expense of his life if the need arose.
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