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  1. Scout22

    Barbarian Beatdown (Trial of the Runesword)

    A lean man of average height entered the tavern, looking about with a subtle curiosity. Sheathed on his back was a sword, a bright reddish-pink gem on its pommel. The right side of his face was patched with a black ribbon, hiding one brown eye from view. His long, chestnut colored hair fell loosely to the middle of his back, blending with the green and black feathers on his cloak. The Terrenus native was new to Genesaris, and especially new to the city of Umbra. The tavern itself was vastly different than any other tavern he'd seen before, and he was almost reluctant to touch anything due to the expensive look of the interior. It wasn't the fancy drinks that enticed the man into the building, though, as it was much rather the large sum of money he was promised by an unknown quest giver in return for his service. The quest interested him from the second he had been informed and immediately set out to find the man. Approaching the bar, the ex-mercenary caught the eye of the waitress. She smiled and walked over to offer him a drink. As a first time customer, it was on the house. Reaching out, the man took the drink from her hand. "Thank you," he took a drink from the intricate glass, "best drink I've had in a while. But, it is not a drink I have come here for. I'm looking for the man who is requesting assistance for a quest involving barbarians." The waitress gave a knowing nod and pointed to a man in the corner of the room. The man nodded and finished his drink, setting the glass down delicately on the counter. He stood, adjusting the sword on his back as he did so, and turned to walk toward the ashen haired man. Standing behind him, he spoke. "I believe you're the man I'm looking for." The man outstretched his hand in greeting, a slight grin on his face. "My name's Xahlafael. I would be happy to assist you in taking down some scoundrel barbarians."
  2. Scout22

    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    I should be able to put a reply up sometime today!
  3. Scout22

    Beating Down Barbarians for Fun and Profit (Umbra)

    Xahl might find interest in taking down some barbarians 😉
  4. Scout22

    Looking and looking to stave off the emptyness

    I'd be happy to throw some ideas around with you if you're still looking for a partner!
  5. Scout22

    Missionary Positions (Quest)

    As Lucia and Rina made their assumptions about Issac's ailment, Reitu tilted his head back and forth trying to come up with his own diagnosis. Ears cocked to the side, Reitu took a few steps forward to meet the other two medical practitioners at Issac's side. His yellow eyes searched over the taller man's body. He studied every detail of the man's skin and made note of each blood vessel visible. Instead of the typical red or blue, the man's veins were bright green. There was one spot on his chest that served as a center point from which the veins traveled. Reitu assumed that this was an injection site. It was no doubt that this was some type of blood magic. Whether or not it was an accident that this happened was another story. There were also multitudes of scars scattered around his flesh which Reitu concluded were probably from tests. From what Reitu could tell, Issac did not seem to be in much pain, if any at all. Making his last few assessments Reitu gave his answer. "Aside from the atypical coloring of your veins and blood vessels, there doesn't seem to be anything truly wrong with you. Unless you have mastered hiding your pain, it does not seem to hurt you any. Possibly, this could have been done willingly. While I can surely tell this is some sort of bio-magic, I cannot tell exactly what it is or what purpose it serves." Reitu took a step back and waited for the others to come forth and make a statement. He was genuinely curious about the green veins that strangely glowed along Issac's skin. The intrigued Djafi only hoped Issac would tell them what type of magic this was once they were all finished, or at least give them a hint. Anything he could learn from this experience would most definitely help him in the future. Medicine was like a puzzle to Reitu; each symptom coming together to make a diagnosis. Learning new symptoms, ailments, causes, and treatments helped make future puzzles easier to put together.
  6. Scout22

    Fresh Start

    Haha yes exactly!
  7. Scout22

    Fresh Start

    I’ve got a character that can go either way, good or bad. I’ve also got an idea in mind for a potentially “bad guy” character. We could have an rp where we all meet up. Maybe form some sort of alliance and go from there.
  8. Scout22

    Missionary Positions (Quest)

    Not but a moment after Issac had brandished his weapon, Lucia had already positioned herself in a defensive stance. Not even seeing what Lucia was reacting at, Reitu jumped to his feet and reached behind his back for a staff of his own that, due to his own unpreparedness, was not there. His furred hand grasped nothing but air as he searched the room for the source of danger. A whir of air drew Reitu's attention to a revolver spinning in the air. As it came down, Issac grabbed it, spun it around, and placed it back in its holster. It was as that moment that Reitu understood what was going on. While the gun was still in the air, Issac spoke of security and whether or not the group could defend themselves if the need be. Reitu squinted his eyes and flattened his long ears against his head, slightly annoyed at his own ignorance. 'So stupid, Reitu. You could've gotten yourself killed.' A series of claps rang out, breaking him from his thoughts. It was the elven man seated across the table. He gave off a mysterious vibe, and Reitu was unsure of him. When the man began to speak, though, a single grey ear perked up in curiosity of what the man had to say. The other stayed flat against the Djafi's furred skull. While the elf spoke, Reitu looked around the room. His eyes landed on Rina, who seemed completely unfazed by the commotion in front of her. She was calmly eating away at her cakes, still keeping up her relaxed and friendly demeanor. Upon seeing this, Reitu let himself relax against previous moments of tension. He once again turned to the elf and gave him his full attention. Once he had finished telling of the protective orders of the Initiative, the mysterious elf finally revealed his name. 'Litalis. His name is as mysterious as his appearance.' Rina then spoke of her experiences, that of which seemed similar to Reitu's own. His other ear flicked up in an alert fashion, ready to share his own words. "Like I said in my previous answer, I'm of no use on the battle field. But that's not to say I'm useless in terms of my own defense and the defense of others. I trained in a mandatory staff-wielding class back in my home village. The staff in mention is currently being reworked, which is why I have no weapon to show." Reitu pointed to the empty space on his back where, in typical circumstances, a staff would be holstered. "My lone journey from Genesaris to Terrenus has granted me experience in dealing with both man and beast alike. Like Rina, I have experience in detainment. In the hands of someone who knows weak points and major arteries, a staff can either quickly knock out an assailant, or put an end to them rather quickly. While killing isn't my first motive, I am able to do so if the need arises." As someone who had grown up in the wild, it should be of no surprise that Reitu would be able to take care of himself. Although the nervous and shy conduct of the young Djafi would lead one to believe otherwise, Reitu is quite skilled in one-on-one combat. Though, without a weapon or an urgency to defend, he would rather use clever tactic in order to flee unnecessary combat.
  9. Scout22

    Missionary Positions (Quest)

    Reitu listened intensely as the remaining members of the group introduced themselves. They all intrigued the young hyena humanoid, especially the witch doctor. He was beginning to feel more comfortable around the others as he got to know more about them. The nervous tension he was feeling when he first walked in was slowly dissipating, and his muscles became lax from their rigidness. Issac spoke again once everyone had finished their introduction. Rina was, yet again, the first to answer the man's question. The vials that the elf was placing near him looked fairly similar to what he uses in his own practice. A slight smile crept to his lips and his ears perked up as he looked them over. Perhaps the elf would be willing to trade some medicinal tips and secrets in the near future. She seemed to care a lot for others, and was confident in her abilities to heal. As the elf lifted the lid of a small box, the scent from whatever treats inside filled Reitu's canine nostrils. The cakes inside looked delicious, but he wasn't sure if he should ask to have one just yet, especially since it looked like he would be the next one to speak. It wouldn't be polite to speak with a mouthful of cake. Once Rina sat back in her seat, Reitu slowly stood back up and faced the group. "To answer your question, Issac, the reason I want to join the Initiative is because of its intentions. From my understanding, the goal of the Initiative is to improve the well-being of others. While I'm fully aware that magic is a large part of what the Initiative stands for, I believe that traditional medicine can bring just as much good to others as magic can." Reitu slid his satchel from his shoulder and placed it on the table in front of him. He reached for one of the containers inside and pulled out a leafy herb. "Back in my village, I was pretty useless in terms of fighting so I decided to learn how to heal the fighters instead. Using natural oils, herbs, and a little skill, I was able to treat my people's injuries and illnesses. Eventually, many of the neighboring villages had heard about my gift and would send for me instead of their local healers." If it weren't for the dark, spotted fur covering his body, the others would be able to see a faint blush come to Reitu's face. Although he was confident in his work, it still made him bashful talking about himself. "Anyway, once I had made a name for myself, I set up a handful of small clinics and carefully selected a group of my people to take my place as herbalists while I searched for work on a larger scale. That leads me to where I am now, applying for the Initiative and, of course, expanding my knowledge of medicine and improving my own techniques." Reitu gave a small nod to Issac before sitting back in his seat. He returned the blue-green leaf back into its container within the satchel. As the others spoke, he couldn't help but stare at Rina's box of cakes that sat on the table. They smelled sweet and somewhat grainy, like oats. There was also a hint of bitterness to them which he assumed was the ingredient the elf described as 'potent.' He was curious as to what the recipe is, and whether or not he could get it from her.
  10. Scout22

    Fresh Start

    I’d love to plot something with you! I’m okay with a more casual rp, like you said every three days or so. I’m fine with either a group or 1x1 too!
  11. Scout22

    Missionary Positions (Quest)

    Reitu kept a grey ear trained on the lively elf. Her openness to speak sparked a surge of encouragement withing the young Djafi. She radiated a calmness within Reitu that he was deeply grateful for. Typically, he was very awkward and shy around others, but Rina's positive energy gave him just the boost he needed to be the next to speak. He waited for the elf to finish before giving her a nod and slowly stood up from his chair. His tanned, knee-length, tribal skirt fluttered around his legs as he did so. It's brightly colored swirls often drew eyes to its simple design. "Nice to meet you all!" He gave Rina a quick smile before turning to the others around the table. "My name is Reitu. It's probably clear as to why I am here today but, in case you are unaware, I wish to spread my knowledge of herbal medicine and help others as I do so. I am not a practiced magic user, but the herbs that I carry are just as power as many regenerative spells." Reitu patted the small, animal skin satchel in which he carries said herbs. "I am pleased to be here among such like-minded individuals." With one last nervous smile toward Issac, Reitu returned to his seat. He waited patiently for the others to speak up and introduce themselves. His bright, yellow eyes looked over each one of them as they spoke. Hands under the table, he quietly played with the hem of his skirt.
  12. Scout22

    Missionary Positions (Prometheus Initiative)

    I've recently made a character that practices herbal medicine! I haven't had a chance to RP him yet so I'm still fleshing him out but this sounds like a great opportunity for me to put him into action. He's not necessarily a "people", as in he is not human, but he is good at healing.
  13. Scout22


    Name: Reitu Pronunciation: Ray-too Nicknames: Rei, Rit Race: Djafi Gender: Male Age: 4 (20 in “human years”) Orientation: Heterosexual Height: 5’8” Weight: 175 lbs. Weapon of Choice: two daggers made of bone Occupation: Healer Looks~ Hair: Light, olive brown that travels from the forehead, down the spine, and to the tip of the tail -Fur: short, course; chocolate brown; dark spots with black outlines scattered around body Eyes: Yellow Build: lean, condensed muscle Clothes: tanned animal skin skirt; tribal bone necklace Likes~ *collecting gems and jewelry *berries Dislikes~ *cold temperatures *being alone Fears~ *being unwanted *strong magic Personality~ Reitu has a fun, loving personality. He has a very positive outlook on life and will more than likely crack jokes no matter what the circumstance is. His outgoing attitude makes it easy for him to make friends, although some may find him a tad bit annoying. Despite being quite young, he is not naive or easily tricked. His experience in the wild has gained him enough experience to know whether or not a situation is dangerous. He can survive on his own just fine, but prefers the company of others. The clan in which he group up was tight-knit. Everyone played a role for the benefit of others, and upon observing this behavior, Reitu has become a well-rounded, helpful individual. He believes in putting others in front of his own well-being and strives to care for those who need it. Reitu has found a great talent in herbal medicine and it is something that he is very fond of. Growing herbs and making oils is a favorite pass time for the young Djafi. The practice of medicine has given Reitu an opportunity to help others as a profession. Bio~ Reitu had a free and easy childhood. He lived with his parents and three siblings in a small clan village, fishing and foraging for food. Growing up, he longed for adventure beyond his desert home. At age two, he left his home to begin his own life. He trained for a year to find his strengths and weaknesses, and hone his skills. His favorite skill, and the one he is most good at, is healing. Using special herbs from his homeland, he is able to treat injuries that many others are unable. He has no magic abilities and relies greatly on his natural instincts and physical attributes. While others of his kind posses great agility, Reitu is rather clumsy. He is also slightly slimmer in build than a typical male of his kind. Despite this, he is quite fast and has great stamina. He finds it easier to run from danger than to fight it, but there is no doubt that he would put himself in harms way to protect another.
  14. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    I’m just teasing haha. I’m down for whatever ideas you got as long as it’s ok with @Vanderbrie
  15. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    Everyone died rip