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    Missionary Positions (Prometheus Initiative)

    I've recently made a character that practices herbal medicine! I haven't had a chance to RP him yet so I'm still fleshing him out but this sounds like a great opportunity for me to put him into action. He's not necessarily a "people", as in he is not human, but he is good at healing.
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    Name: Reitu Pronunciation: Ray-too Nicknames: Rei, Rit Species: Djafi {working on it} Gender: Male Age: 4 (20 in “human years”) [1 year = 5 “human years”] Orientation: Straight Height: 5’8” Weight: 175 lbs. Weapon of Choice: two daggers made of bone Occupation: Healer Looks~ Hair: Light, olive brown that travels from the forehead, down the spine, and to the tip of the tail -Fur: short, course; chocolate brown; dark spots with black outlines scattered around body Eyes: Yellow Build: lean, condensed muscle Clothes: tanned animal skin skirt; tribal bone necklace Likes~ *collecting gems and jewelry *berries Dislikes~ *cold temperatures *being alone Fears~ *being unwanted *strong magic Personality~ Reitu has a fun, loving personality. He has a very positive outlook on life and will more than likely crack jokes no matter what the circumstance is. His outgoing attitude makes it easy for him to make friends, although some may find him a tad bit annoying. Despite being quite young, he is not naive or easily tricked. His experience in the wild has gained him enough experience to know whether or not a situation is dangerous. He can survive on his own just fine, but prefers the company of others. The clan in which he group up was tight-knit. Everyone played a role for the benefit of others, and upon observing this behavior, Reitu has become a well-rounded, helpful individual. He believes in putting others in front of his own well-being and strives to care for those who need it. Reitu has found a great talent in herbal medicine and it is something that he is very fond of. Growing herbs and making oils is a favorite pass time for the young Djafi. The practice of medicine has given Reitu an opportunity to help others as a profession. Bio~ Reitu had a free and easy childhood. He lived with his parents and three siblings in a small clan village, fishing and foraging for food. Growing up, he longed for adventure beyond his desert home. At age two, he left his home to begin his own life. He trained for a year to find his strengths and weaknesses, and hone his skills. His favorite skill, and the one he is most good at, is healing. Using special herbs from his homeland, he is able to treat injuries that many others are unable. He has no magic abilities and relies greatly on his natural instincts and physical attributes. While others of his kind posses great agility, Reitu is rather clumsy. He is also slightly slimmer in build than a typical male of his kind. Despite this, he is quite fast and has great stamina. He finds it easier to run from danger than to fight it, but there is no doubt that he would put himself in harms way to protect another.
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    Discovering Characters

    I’m just teasing haha. I’m down for whatever ideas you got as long as it’s ok with @Vanderbrie
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    Discovering Characters

    Everyone died rip
  5. Scout22

    Damsels & Jailcells {Private}

    Stealing wasn't something he was proud of, but drastic times call for drastic measures and Xahlafael was desperate for coin. Unable to find work, the ex-mercenary had resorted to pick pocketing and stealing from local shops. The man's dark, feathered cloak often aided him in his nightly raids, offering camouflage against the black sky, but his taller form was not built for stealth as it was for fighting. The large sword on his back wasn't forged for shoplifting as much as it was for battle. He often envied the slender rogues with their daggers and stealth. The night sky was clear, offering little protection from the bright moonlight. Xahlafael would have to be more careful to not get caught by patrolling guards that occasionally passed by him. His shadow was more evident than it would be if it were cloudy, but he had no choice; a man had to eat. Pulling his cloak closer to his body, Xahlafael slipped into an alley. A few set-up shops were left unguarded, as stealing wasn't often a threat in this part of town. Peeking out from behind the stone alleyway, and seeing no guards, the man took his chance. He quickly dashed to one of the food stands and grabbed as many breads and fruits as he could carry in a small bag. Xahlafael spun around, his sword knocking over several items on one of the stands, as he heard a metal clang echo down the empty street. It was only a rat, its body knocking over a bucket onto the cobblestone. All at once, a handful of guards appeared from around street corners. Xahlafael stood, handfuls of stolen goods, directly under the moonlight. "Don't move! You are under arrest for trespassing and robbery." A voice called out, ringing loud in Xahlafael's ears. The mercenary took off, leading the guards on a wild chase through the streets of town. Eventually, though, they managed to cut him off. Looking around, he realized he was surrounded. He felt someone come up behind him and grab him in an arm lock. "You are surrounded. Do not resist." The guard behind him said. The words fell on deaf ears as the swordsman struggled and fought against the arms holding him. He watched as another guard stepped forward, club in hand. He awoke in a cell, stripped of his cloak and sword, leaving him in only a black, long-sleeved shirt and black leather pants. They left the patch over his eye, which he was greatly thankful for. The last thing he remembers is being hit, followed by a headache and darkness. His head still hurt, and the bright light he saw upon waking wasn't helping. Not long after he woke up, someone else was thrown in with him on the bunk opposite his own. Something about her seemed off. His heartbeat quickened ever so slightly as though it were just on the verge of panicking. Xahlafael watched the girl as she began to stir. She eventually realized that she wasn't alone and made a face at her cell mate as she spoke to him. Xahlafael didn't bother sitting up from his supine position on the mattress. He couldn't figure out the girl that sat across from him and wasn't completely sure how to talk to her. Something about her gave off a hint of danger. "Caught stealing. What about you?"
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    Discovering Characters

    It’s late here so I’ll reapond first thing tomorrow!
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    Discovering Characters

    *bows* I am here, my lord
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    Discovering Characters

    Once we’re out of the cell, I’d assume Xahl would like to get his weapon back (I’m highly assuming the guards would take it from him). Once escaped from the cell, he would try to find it somewhere within the prison.
  9. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    Xahl will be in the process of being brought to jail and will be placed with your character.
  10. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    Oooo I'm really excited to begin. Plot sounds cool, characters are amazing. Can't wait to watch insanity unfold for Xahl (being around blood drinkers and all hehe). I check my computer pretty often when I'm home and I have very little to do during the summer. I can be pretty active when I want to be. I'm also fairly patient so don't worry about replying instantaneously, just take your time and reply when you get to it whether you post twice an hour or twice a week :)
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    Discovering Characters

    They could be in separate... but I also heckin love your idea of the guards putting them together. Xahl’s no stranger to vampires, but being trapped in a cell with one might freak him out a bit.
  12. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    Xahl could be in the jail if that fits. I feel like that might be an interesting thing to have happen; a human and a vampire in jail together.
  13. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    I would love to do character building with Xahl so any plot would be fine with me. I'm terrible with coming up with plots, a great weakness for me -.- @Twitterpated Alistair seems really intriguing and I'd love to see him in action! And, yeah, don't worry about being slow to post! Real life happens to get in the way quite often.
  14. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    Awesome, glad you like him! That sounds like just the type of relationship Xahl likes best. It'd be great to see him meet some people, maybe someone he could join up with for quests in the future 😉
  15. Scout22

    Discovering Characters

    I'd like to start being more active on the site after a long hiatus. My character Xahl, depending on how your character sees him, could either be a great friend or rival! He'd be happy to make some acquaintances. His character sheet is linked in my signature. If your interested, we could PM some brainstorms for an rp.