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  1. Magic and Mystery at Graysfield Acadmey

    This idea sounds amazing! And I'd be delighted to join this type of role play. :D
  2. Koa

    Koa Appearance: A short, slender girl with grey, smooth short hair. She has grey eyes that shine in the dark. She wears a mask around her neck. She is wearing a skin tight leather clothing befitting of a huntress. She is covered with a cloak that helps her blend in her surroundings. She has a small medkit strapped to her right thigh. She has two short blades sheathed beside her left hip. She has a bow and quiver strapped to her back Personality: She is friendly, even to strangers. This is because she has no doubts about her own skills and believes that she can take on anything. She likes to experience new things and surroundings. Her ultimate desire is to bring world peace and to become one with nature. History: She was born in an isolated village. Her parents were renowned hunters in this village. At a young age, she was taught to admire and love nature. She was also trained to become a huntress. One day while she was training, the forest near their village caught on fire. Bewildered, she and many other people, tried to distinguish the glowing red fire. But it was for naught. When the last of the trees trickled down into black ashes, she cried. She let out the most painful scream of hurt and sadness. She was determined to help nature. So she left her home, to learn and be one with nature. Abilities: Her weapons mainly consists of two short blades and a bow and arrow. She is also quite competent with hand to hand combat. She is closely intertwined with nature's element. She can manipulate earth and water to a certain degree. She can communicate with nature and to all its inhabitants. With years of experience in hunting, she can easily track any being near nature. She is also quite skilled in using camouflages to hide herself in nature.
  3. Hello! I'm back

    Hello there. I'm tutski and I actually started to roleplay in Valucre back in August and I stopped because I had to focus on my studies at that time. For now I am back, because I am hoping to start roleplaying again in Valucre. Thank you! PS: I still like Orisia's lore 😂
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    While Alex was running towards something, he turned around to find Fenrir missing. Alex, shocked, quickly looks around the tavern to find Fenrir. "Fenrir! WHERE ARE YOU!" Alex roamed around the tavern, a few of its patrons looking at him weirdly. Alex finds Fenrir, sitting by the fireplace trying to pet a wolf. "Is that... A wolfy????" Alex suddenly leaps for the wolf, petting its fur in all its glory.
  5. Hi?

    Wow, I just posted that in like, 4 days ago, and then a LOT of replies came in a short time. You guys are so friendly! I hope that I meet more people just like you guys. And thanks for welcoming me btw XD I got tons of questions like, "How does money work here?", "Does mana exist?", "Can I make my character an Innate Magi of La'Ruta?", and many, many more. Ooooohh, thanks! *noms noms* DELICIOUS!!!
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Alex looks at Fenrir, with eyebrows raised. "They are fighting... I overheard one of them talking about creating an alliance." Alex suddenly goes deep in thought, gears in his mind turning, he calculates the pros and cons of joining their alliance in a fraction of a second. "I believe we could benefit a lot, If we joined them." Alex points at them. "Come on! Let's join them!" Alex beckons Fenrir as he runs toward both of them.
  7. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Alex looks around with disgust and sighs.Alex is disappointed because of how they just looked and ignored the girl. He shakes his head side-by-side as if to banish the negative thought and follows Fenrir towards the barkeep. "Fenrir, What should we do with her? Should we just leave her with the bartender?" Alex looks at the girl in the arms of Fenrir, deep in thought on how he could help the girl.
  8. Hi?

    Hi to those that are reading this right now, My name's Tutski, and I am really NEW here, so please, guide and teach me to this marvelous world, Valucre! (I really like Orisia's Lore :D)
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "I am Alex, Pleased to meet you!" Alex looks at Fenrir in awe while shaking his hand. Alex kneels down and carefully examines the woman's body. The bleeding has lessened and all of the woman's minor injuries were closed up. Alex picks up his bandages and swiftly applies it to the major wounds with the speed and skill of an experienced medic. The bleeding has completely stopped.
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "You do know what you're doing, right?" Alex looks up to find a strange long-haired man, clad in a cloak that was made with feathers. "Of course I do." Alex continues to do his work when suddenly, a familiar voice speaks out "Can I have those?" The voice continues "I think I might be able to help." Alex quickly turns around and finds a strangely familiar man walking up to him. Alex nods, grabs some herbs out of his satchel and gives it to the man. "What are you gonna do?" Alex questions as he moves at the side to give the man some space.
  11. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Laying down by a tree beside the road, Alex observes the tavern's surroundings. He notices an obviously wounded girl drop at the doorway. He thinks "What happened? I should try and help." and with his mind set on helping the girl, he runs towards the doorway and sits beside the girl. A person wearing a full suit of armor gets there first and forcefully shakes the girl. Alex cringes at the action but he still continues to try and lessen the girl's pain by treating her sides with medicinal herbs and bandages. "I hope this helps."