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  1. Holden

    Spinal Chills 2017- Winners Announced

    Cog and rats everybody! Good job tyler and cinder! I absolutely loved everyone's work! Cant wait to try again next year!
  2. Holden

    Spinal Chills 2017- Winners Announced

    I agree, i dont care about money, winning is all that matters. ;)
  3. Holden

    Spinal Chills 2017- Winners Announced

    When will the deluxe edition with the bloopers and deleted scenes come out?
  4. Holden

    [Quest] Free to a Good Home

    Possible quests continued: • Noises in the Dark: as Credulus was in the cave with Sally the salamander, there were sounds, clicking and clattering deep within. It should be investigated before anything too bad happens.
  5. Holden

    Spinal Chills 2017- Winners Announced

    Whoops forgot to tell you about the hidden fees, it costs you one internet high five :)
  6. Holden

    OOC: Grey Gateway

    Okie dokie
  7. Holden

    [Quest] Free to a Good Home

    "Thanks bud." He replied, reattaching his arm. He did a few movements to make sure everything was in working condition and was thouroughly satisfied. The evening faded to dusk as they stood there in silence. His friend was right, they were quite surrounded by the many creatures of the undead kind, but they werent a big deal for him being a skeleton and all, he fit right in. The real question is what to do with the salamander. He really liked Sally, and Sally seemed to be growing to trust them. "I know my decision, I think we should free Sally." He stated.
  8. Holden

    [Skyship Aria] [Main Thread 4] X Marks

    Ahh hunting for treasure, just like finding bones that some other dog had buried many years ago. Lobo liked being with the crew, they provided him with ample amounts of meat, although he preferred to hang with the captain most. Lobo didn't understand why, but it was probably the unspoken alpha to alpha bond they shared.Cecil was the captain, and Lobo was the alpha wolf of his own pack before he left that is. So he delighted in the fact that he could go and dig holes without having to fufill his duties for the most part. The real question was, why was he watching them dig a hole, he was a wolf, he was basically born to dig holes. He would assist on the next one for sure. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of the crew and for his team if he didn't participate. Especially since they had to climb a mountain for one of the X's. As for now, they were off. Lobo led the way at a cheerful trot with his tounge hanging out the side.
  9. The tailor had come up with something to properly cover his torso, however it was too much of a hassle to take the cloth wraps off, so they stayed on. Buttons, at the waist. It was one piece held together by the collar which went over his head, but the back and the front pieces were loose, so they wouldnt interfere with his wings while he put it on until he buttoned it at the bottom. It was ingenious and he was very grateful to the tailor as he had gotten two shirts, one black like wings, and one red like his pants. As the morning came and the roosters crowed, he stood at the top of the belltower and stretched his wings. After that he lept from the tower and dropped in front of the lady who had beckoned them to follow the night before. She was pretty and looked nice enough, what was there to lose? Shoes for one thing. Those are important so that one doesnt slice their feet up on the journey. He shouldn't be the one to judge. "Morning, I see you are ready for adventure." ,Icarus said to the lady.
  10. Holden

    [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    We are waiting on eternity's post to start the next round
  11. Holden

    [Crystallo Stella] OOC Discovery!

    Thats what he said... ;)
  12. Holden

    Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Ok thanks for the feedback.
  13. Holden

    Spinal Chills 2017- Winners Announced

  14. Holden

    Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    Credulus needs some notoriety so he can gather forces for the great skeleton war. Can i join?