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  1. Discovery! Rumors to be investigated (Quest)

    I should have put it in [/end sarcasm/] at the end. Nothing big, you just liked every single post around mine. Ill have a post up by wednesday
  2. OOC: Grey Gateway

    Yeah, thats about right. You are like a wizard!
  3. Delightful Misfortune.

    Sounds good! Ill keep track of Lobo, the thread, and my schedule, and depending how he develops, i could offer a possible recurring villain.
  4. Delightful Misfortune.

    If you ever have an opening I would love to join. And I am also available for maybe a guest appearance to make some trouble where ever ya need, Lobo likes to wander :)
  5. [Quest] Free to a Good Home

    The figure said their names and they emerged from the cave. "My arm! And Cornelius! You are alive!" Credulus exclaimed. "And you found my arm! Attaboy!"
  6. OOC: Grey Gateway

    It should be big, but not as big as depicted, should be a size that could comfortably dwell in a cave. Im working on introducing it into Taen and felt that Yh'mi could do some work on it. So large yes. As large as in the picture, probably not. Like i said in my post, its body is bear sized. Big enough to bite your leg off, not your torso. I also was not the one who made that picture. I am not very adept at the whole art thing so it will take me a while to get a whole sketch, size chart and detail.
  7. OOC: Grey Gateway

    Hey everyone! I had been trying to visualize my thing from my last post, and I feel this is the closest to what im trying to portray.
  8. OOC: Grey Gateway

    I usually write my posts and edit them all on this website, so it will happen every once and a while
  9. OOC: Grey Gateway

    Did i post? I wasnt finished, whoopsies! Yeah ill fix it up
  10. Alright, hope you get back on your feet, and it looks like there is a hostel on 11th st as cheap as $35. Godspeed.
  11. Are you ok? Do you need a place to stay? Im concerned for your health and i want to do everything i can to assist you from 5 states away.
  12. At the presentation of a rope, Credulus perked up. A group concensus was made and it was his time to shine. "Shouldn't be a problem." He removed the sword from his ribcage and stuck it in the ground as he grabbed the rope and started his ascent. Slowly and steadily he scrambled up the cliffside with realitive ease. Although about halfway up there was a deafening scream coming from somewhere above. He was going to die... oh wait... nevermind. Credulus gave a little chuckle and with new determination, he climbed to his probable redeath. That was all going well, but about two feet from the top he pulled a loose stone out of place and almost never made it. Finally at the top, he didn't see anything immediately of concern. So he did what any idiot would do, refrained from checking his surroundings and proceeded to tie off the rope. Which is when the creature decided to reveal itself. "Oh sweet dwiddly drumsticks! Looks like this one fell off the ferris wheel a few too many times!" He screamed as he backed a way from the ledge in an effort to lead the creature away. It was large and bearlike, but it was distinctly spiderlike. It had 4 spindly legs, which skittered across the rocky terrain. The creature was agressive as its teeth gnashed together and its tongue moved from side to side in a starving manner. Although, something was odd about the thing's tongue. There seemed to be something attached to the tongue. What was this nasty thing?
  13. OOC: Grey Gateway

    Stay safe
  14. Interest has been taken.