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  1. Armada

    Valucre music thread

    ? Ozzy Osborne is in the song!
  2. 厳禁 x KISS - UPDATED Chapter 7-9 (09/20/19)
  3. I would like some feedback on my CPN and Novelette before adding more chapters. Any and all (no matter how painful) comments is appreciated!
  4. 厳禁 x KISS - UPDATED Chapters 1-6 (09/17/19)
  5. In the immortal words of Beyonce, If you like what you see ... put a RING on it~!
  6. Alibi (cell phone novel) - UPDATED Chapter 3 & 4 (09/16/19)
  7. I'm writing two stories on Wattpad. Come read, follow, comment, and share them with everyone! [Fictional] Loser A Novella with chapters updated every 20th. of the month 厳禁 X KISS - A Cell Phone Novel A Cell Phone Novel with chapters updated every Tuesday & Saturday I will post when chapters are updated. Thanks for the support!
  8. For sale: A stud; Slightly used. :^)
  9. Armada

    Valucre music thread

    Sending a (not so) subtle message to @Roen
  10. I found a home under a bridge in Tellus Mater and became a pest to the mods. ❤️
  11. Well, as stated above, I'm looking for villains or unfortunate soul type characters who have come into possession of swords that are generally cursed or possessed by demons or evil spirits. I'm not asking anyone to put their main characters or characters they have big important stories in with this since the whole point is to act as a foil for the plot (and so that I'm not just RPing by myself). So it really just depends on the kind of character you like to make. This is gonna be a very sword and bladed weaponry oriented RP. (Drops Sin into thread :^)) JKin'~! I'll leave you alone.
  12. Interesting ... Can I be your chamber boy?
  13. I did grow up in Germany first 8 years of my life.
  14. Eww, football. I'm more a baseball and soccer fan tbh.
  15. Yes, i'm a Minni-SOOOOODA-n
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