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  1. Sup boss man!

    1. King


      Not a whole lot. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.

    2. Armada


      That's my eyeball actually. lol.

      Kinda thinking of returning to Val for 1-2x a week posts in your area.

  2. ❤️

    1. jaistlyn


      Armada! Good to see you!! Are you back? 🙂

    2. Armada



      I'm on discord now creating weapons. 

  3. —Item Title: The Plague —Item Alias: -N/A —Item Creator: Soap MacTavish —Item Class: II —Known Locations: Izral —Assumed Locations: Mountains —Length: 48 1/4" Haft/Hilt: 6" Blade: 42.5" —Width: 1 1/8" —Dimensions: N/A —Substance: A sacrifice of tormented souls who wish vengeance on their most hated foe is needed to create this weapon. Once the required amount has been collected (1,000) the weapon creator will forge the souls into a prison made from a single soul shard for nine months while continuing the tormenting. When the cultivation period has been accomplished and the tormented souls have become one essence as an evolved demon, it will be reforged into the blade. —Enchantments: Infectious Disease (Corruption) Slot 1: Once stabbed, the person or object (including energies) from the point of contact will become corrupted, and will slowly spread. Slot 2: When struck in the same point thrice, the victim’s condition will accelerate to the point of death.
  4. Waltz inside and spins around like a ballerina

  5. If you like what you see, put a ring on it.

  6. Armada

    The next line

    “The baby is learning to dance.” Charles stated, matter of fact.
  7. “He’s a special one, isn’t he Mr. Alexander?” A loaded question. The man blew across the tumbler’s lip in feigned irritation and glanced into Vesper’s dull eyes. “Do not sow the field with mines, young lady. I am not in the mood for brawling tonight.” Their minds were connected. Because of the special attributes of Alexander’s third eye, he can communicate with people through emotions or thought. He had little to fear in the intrusion of someone not designated credentials through a bond, for those foolish enough to attempt such affairs would find their mind banished. “I see.”
  8. “Gold.” Collins bumped shoulders with patrons of the tavern, forcing his way to the bar. “I hope you have enough coin to purchase 40 grams of gold. We’ll be needing it.” He reached the battered bar and smiled confidently to the barkeeper behind it, nodding in greeting. “Hello there Smith.” A hand dipped inside the leather tunic and pulled from a hidden pocket a bag full of coin. Bouncing it on his palm, Collins winked toward the female and promptly handed it over. “There is enough coin for 15 grams of gold – coins only please – The lady behind me will supply the rest for our . . . journey.”
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