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  1. “Some people cannot help themselves but be pricks.” Gin mumbled. The looks from other students were loud and obvious and clear. No matter how hard they tried to conceal expressions of disdain behind blank masks, the micro expressions still revealed their true feelings towards him. He was an outsider. He squeezed his hand that held Akira’s and smiled faintly, running to the parade grounds where students would be introduced. His friend; should fate smile gently upon him, was the first since Jin became orphaned. It was because of her kindness without expectations of receiving a reward for her deed that he regained his basic humanity and hope for the future. Now, this friend, hand-in-hand, would receive the emperor’s blessing together with him. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the other students. Especially the recently promoted half-moon and captain. But, acknowledgement did not concede to their snobby attitudes nor did it stir the desire for Gin to become friends with them. In Gin’s eyes they were nothing but spoiled children who bullied those not born of social status. He did not need them. He did not wish to follow their example nor confront them for the thickness of their skulls would prove to be quite the challenge to tackle. Instead, he will prove he belong in their dojo with hard work, dedication, and skill of the sword. OOC: Keeping the thread alive
  2. The phone calls needed to stop. Hours on hours the phone would ring every few minutes, the joyous song of some Kpop band blaring, from people he never met before. He was becoming annoyed, and it was not good. Phone in hand, Jin stared in the depths of the screen, cigarette smoke swirling around stars that blinked behind the thick curtain and promptly tossed the damn device into the Tokyo bay. “He was a bastard. A low life bastard who never knew he had a child.” Sin ‘Kinslayer’ Malkeiri. A legend that became a myth, then died alone in some ditch. He was also his father. Jin did not understand the reason random people called with their condolences, nor did he care. The. Man. Was. A. bastard. He would never forgive him for abandoning his mother on Gaia, no money in their pocket, and told to raise a child. Never. A final puff of the cigarette and it followed the cellphone into the ocean, landing with a loud splash. He did not know where to go next, or what fate held greedily in her mischief hands, but Jin knew he needed to complete one last task. Present Day Valucre Orisia Isle. A wild, untamed country the likes never before seen. Having arrived in Valucre a week past, Jin Malkeiri booked passage on a ship in Terrenus and made his way to the hidden kingdom. Word of mouth spoke of the devil residing somewhere on these shores, and he had a few words to say. @Roen
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  4. He smiled pleasantly, despite the deadness in his eyes. The girl should notice the difference, his arrogance now gone, if possessed of intuition and running on automatic. His calloused hands, small, but tidy, shoved the heirloom between the woven belt and uniform and tied one end of the silver chain to secure the weapon. He turned once more to the girl, his smile hollow and stretched like his eyes. "I am Gennosuke Nara. But you can call me Gin." The incredible roar from the crowd interrupted their conversation, ending any other words exchanged but one simple statement. "Come on!" He did not wait for the girls response and instead grabbed hold of her hand before rushing back to the designated area the students were being introduced. @Hani
  5. Cheers! I like whiskey
  6. “What a presumptuous asshole” Gin mumbled to himself. He turned around to face the other direction, his feet balanced and light, walking to the entrance where people continued to bustle inwards. “Foolish pride is false bravery and will become your undoing.” A commotion from the corner of his eye caught his curiosity and made him choke. Familiar. Warming. Pain. The interactions of some little girl, quite cute, showing affection for her father in a crowd that made room for the two and appeared in their own little world. “Rui … “ Gin dropped his kodachi wrapped in black silk, porcelain sheath glittering underneath in the sun, and dropped to his knee with an anguished cry. His emotions flowed openly and free from the makeshift bandage over his heart, pulling, tugging, stabbing deeply into body as memories of his family’s murder repeated itself again. Again. And again. Then the pain receded and the boy pushed himself to his feet, heart cold like iron, and walked to his appointed place, forgetting the kodachi dropped.
  7. That book you recommended for learning about stocks and investments helped quite a bit. I changed my portfolio around and saw some good changes (especially daily gains!)

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  8. “How inadequate.” He whispered, commenting on his fellow disciple. Surrounded by members of numerous clans and royalty, Gin Nara was an eyesore; a child of poverty and charity when compared to everyone else. The remaining member of the White Lotus Society and master of Shiroi Hasu Ryu, the 15-year-old had no place to call home and accepted the extended hand from the dojo. He was given a new path in life – a new purpose really and vowed to honor the pledge while upholding tradition and honor in learning new martial techniques; all while cultivating the White Lotus sword style. Dressed similar to the other disciples attending the ceremony, except the crimson ogre mask, Gin dropped to one knee and greeted the honored guests with the fist and palm salute.
  9. The Breaker Season III should be released September 2019

    *White girl scream!*

  10. Shiroi Hasu Ryu (白い蓮竜, White Lotus Style) is an unorthodox fighting style of Kodachi no Ryu. The techniques of Shiroi Hasu Ryu are divided into three forms, based on a different element ( Ying, Yang, Void) and principle. This school uses the eight trigrams system of Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. In Kata - Dissonance (陰カタ, Form of Darkness) First Mode - Anzan Pa (暗斬波, Darkness Kill Wave): Second Mode - Third Mode - Yo Kata - Resonance (陽カタ, Form of Light) First Mode - Mumyō Myaku (無明脈, Avidyā Pulse): A sword strike developed with great success by members of Shiroi Hasu Ryu, the simple but effective execution is a special style with a versatile stance. The user holds the blade parallel to the ground and up near the shoulder. From this position, a quick, powerful and extensive thrust is initiated to a single focal point with the intention of breaking through techniques. Second Mode - Third Mode - Muko Kata - Void (無効カタ, Form of Emptiness) First Mode - Second Mode - Kūkyoku Sei Bu(空極凄舞, Ultimate Emptiness Horrible Dance): Third Mode - Ryūsui Seikūken (流水制空圏, Flowing Water Control of the Air Sphere):
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