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  1. “How inadequate.” He whispered, commenting on his fellow disciple. Surrounded by members of numerous clans and royalty, Gin Nara was an eyesore; a child of poverty and charity when compared to everyone else. The remaining member of the White Lotus Society and master of Shiroi Hasu Ryu, the 15-year-old had no place to call home and accepted the extended hand from the dojo. He was given a new path in life – a new purpose really and vowed to honor the pledge while upholding tradition and honor in learning new martial techniques; all while cultivating the White Lotus sword style. Dressed similar to the other disciples attending the ceremony, except the crimson ogre mask, Gin dropped to one knee and greeted the honored guests with the fist and palm salute.
  2. The Breaker Season III should be released September 2019

    *White girl scream!*

  3. Shiroi Hasu Ryu (白い蓮竜, White Lotus Style) is an unorthodox fighting style of Kodachi no Ryu. The techniques of Shiroi Hasu Ryu are divided into three forms, based on a different element ( Ying, Yang, Void) and principle. This school uses the eight trigrams system of Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. In Kata - Dissonance (陰カタ, Form of Darkness) First Mode - Anzan Pa (暗斬波, Darkness Kill Wave): Second Mode - Third Mode - Yo Kata - Resonance (陽カタ, Form of Light) First Mode - Mumyō Myaku (無明脈, Avidyā Pulse): A sword strike developed with great success by members of Shiroi Hasu Ryu, the simple but effective execution is a special style with a versatile stance. The user holds the blade parallel to the ground and up near the shoulder. From this position, a quick, powerful and extensive thrust is initiated to a single focal point with the intention of breaking through techniques. Second Mode - Third Mode - Muko Kata - Void (無効カタ, Form of Emptiness) First Mode - Second Mode - Kūkyoku Sei Bu(空極凄舞, Ultimate Emptiness Horrible Dance): Third Mode - Ryūsui Seikūken (流水制空圏, Flowing Water Control of the Air Sphere):
  4. I'm hideous either way. lol
  5. Your martial arts style is somewhat vague tbh, especially since I've acquired a collection of styles myself over the years. And I was talking about him being a senior student helping out a junior.
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