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  1. " It's quite a long story. I came here from Elendaron. There, I learned magic in my natal town, Karmathen. I was taught by an old fae. Even though I learned the basics and some deeper druidic magic, I seek more knowledge. This tavern seems like a good place to start looking for a mage. A bit of practice would also be good. In fact, it would be correct if I said I look for adventures." Elwin said part of his motivations, just enough to make an interesting story. He was pretty drunk and feared unwanted words to slip from his mouth. To rectify the situation, he discretely grabbed a potion from his bag and put a drop in his whiskey. This potion will soon act and make him completely aware of the environment. It was a powerful potion so a drop was enough. "How about you, by what means did you come here?" @Strycnine
  2. Elwin threw a first rapid glance from under hiss hood at the man sitting not too far from him. It seems rather interesting indeed. He couldn't quite discern the man exactly and was hesitating to start the chat, but after all they are in the shadows. After emptying his glass in one shot, he looked into Strycnine's eyes. "It's not the highest quality of whiskey around here but hey, it's neither bug juice. If you're willing to offer I am most happy to receive. You should consider taking a meal to go with your lucky bottle." Elwin remembered the not so distant days when he would only enjoy the finest liquors made by the fae in Karmathen. I am glad I still have something to drink when I'm drained. "Hey companion, what is the matter with this dagger if I might ask." Elwin knew it was not a miserable dagger you get for one silver coin at the corner of the street. The dagger had some sort of magical stones encrusted. Even though usually he would immediately recognize all matter relied to magic, he was getting drunk and the darkness was not helping him. @Strycnine
  3. The young elf sat heavily at the free table he noticed, and left his bag at his feets. This table was in the shadows of a corner, that is the reason why the elf chose it. He kept his black matte hood on, not willing to be noticed by the numerous group walking out of the tavern. After some time, a young barmaid who looked rather exhausted noticed him. He tried to make a presentable face and, raising his head, said, "Some whiskey and a complete meal, if you please." Taking the whiskey tumbler to his mouth, he listened a while to the ambient noise.As the waitress came with the meal, he asked her a bit about the tavern and the staff, but she was too drained of energy to participate to the conversation so the talk ended fast. Elwin glanced a few times at the crowd, looking for someone interesting or rather unwilling to bring attention upon him.
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    I like the idea xD
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    Hey cutiefly! What kind of demon from Athentha are you ? You seem rather dangerous ...
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    Thanks Wanderlost! I find interesting your title "King of Swords". I may go and stalk your profile to know more about that
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    Hey supernal about those characters, your guide showed me that a lot of "customization" is possible! I need to finish reading it though
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    Thanks! You guys are fast ones :D
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    Hello everyone! I am brand new to the RP world. This day, I went through a part of the lore and I think I am ready to begin. The character creation process is still a mystery for me but I'll figure it out soon!
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