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  1. The Truth

    "Well it could be the other blood he has... indeed my teleport does have a limit sadly. So I can go only so far," Mariana responded back at him, "I do... well most of these I wrote on my own from my interaction with monsters, demons and sometime humans, let me show you," She told him, back into her smoke form quickly grabbing the closest book about curses and demons, "Here read this, my favorite thing I recorded."
  2. The Truth

    Mariana listened what Dean was saying turning around seeing him doing something, "Nacor... that stuff is more ancient than the Salem Witches. Hopefully nothing will go bad," Mariana spoke softly, placing her over it and said what Dean said, nothing under it but slowly marks appeared onto her arm similar to Joe's tattoo but instead large claw marks everywhere, "Is that black magic?" Mariana asked curiously.
  3. The Truth

    "Yes teleportation. We do have one but speaking it or writing it is only allowed when using spells. Due to some unfortunate things had happen in the past with us," Mariana answered quickly turning around as she swiftly grab a pen and paper, "I don't allow any spells that will cause harm, death or anything related to that here. You wouldn't like me angry," Mariana told him as part of her face turn to smoke and a large demonic looking eye, before going back to reading her books.
  4. The Truth

    Jared let out a whimper from his throats after hearing about to grab Mar but she left quickly. Making a soft growl quickly rushing over to her room till he laid down and soon fell asleep next to the door making more whimpers. Joe slightly pulled Mochi close to him lightly smiling. Mariana look down down at Dean silently as she kept looking through more books in her library.
  5. The Truth

    Jared was confused letting out a growl from his throat and tilting his head at her. Joe walked into his bedroom and soon collapse onto his bed tiredly with an instant, he fell asleep.
  6. The Truth

    Jared let out a small growl looking down at Mar shakily at her. Joe was outside looking over at Dean tiredly, "Come on back to bed," He mumbled out, looking at himself in a mirror in the needs of redying his hair again.
  7. The Truth

    Jared let out a whimper from his throat, hugging Mar back tightly still shaking badly.
  8. The Truth

    Jared was sniffling badly as his body was bandage everywhere, his tail was almost all ripped up, ears slightly bleeding and eyes were wide open. The poor boy was shaking like crazy with some tears pouring out.
  9. The Truth

    "Shh its alright, don't worry....my mother is going to help," Joe told her softly, slowly as ever the screaming slowly began ceasing down and the mansion went silent. Mariana soon appeared into Joe's bedroom with a large scratch going across her shoulder to her cheek, "Don't worry. Jared is alright, just a really bad nightmare," She told them with a soft smile.
  10. The Truth

    And at this moment, Joe knew he had fucked up "Well... no.. let me help Mar and you sleep," Joe mumbled tiredly walking over to Mar and trying to calm her down.
  11. The Truth

    Joe woke up after hearing someone screeching and screaming looking around seeing Mar and Dean in his bedroom, "What happen?" He asked tiredly slowly getting out of his bed and looking down at the two.
  12. The Truth

    Mariana quickly rush over with Dean seeing Jared freaking out, CT arriving, and Mar crying, "Dean take Mar to Joe's bedroom, use this key to get there alright," Mariana told him handing down a rusty looking key, as she began trying to awake Jared trying her best to avoid getting hurt from his claws and thrashing.
  13. The Truth

    Muff look down at Zaiko, "Sure.... indeed my diet does consist of meat," Muff responded back to him following after him and listening. Mariana look at Dean quietly before answering, "Well... its unsure if she will be alright. After what she said twin-divine soul which is something rather odd to hear and chances are its rather new and unknown or its rather so old and recorded disappeared, similar to the Mescres species. Hopefully Mochi will be alright, if not then you have to reverse the effects what you have done," Mariana began looking through more of her books carefully till she dropped one hearing a loud scream. Jared was slowly asleep till nightmares began sprouting up mainly pain and torture this began making Jared whimper, then growl and soon began screeching in his sleep thrashing slightly and tearing up the bed sheets, his tail accidentally knocking Mar and Ash off the bed. The screeching become loudly mainly a loud consist of "STOP" "HELP" and "SOMEONE PLEASE" Jared was crying in his sleep, accidentally scratching up his body leaving large cuts on his own body.
  14. The Truth

    Mariana was reading through books about "twin-divine souls" this was more troubling than she thought, in a mix form of smoke and human. Grabbing books and flipping through them having to adjust her reading glasses before feeling a presence near her door, heading over there and opening the doors open seeing Dean thinking, "What is it, young child? Also why are you still up at this late hour, shouldn't you be bed by now?" Mariana asked curiously, at the young male, "Come in, come in don't need to stand outside," She said, slowly pushing Dean into her office. Jared finish licking Mar's wounds, looking down at it as he ripped his shirt a bit and wrap it around Mar's arm, "Alright this will do for now... lets sleep for I am tired after what happen for the entire week," Jared announced quietly slowly placing Mar onto the bed and began moving the sheets around to wrap her up, curling around her a bit and slowly began falling asleep near Mar with a small tired smile on his lips.
  15. The Truth

    "Alright then," Mariana quietly whispered back, after getting Dean to his room she guided Jared and Mar into a bedroom, "Call Hannah, me or CT if anything is wrong, goodnight children," After saying that she left. Jared looked around in the bedroom curiously seeing it was roomy and had a large king sized bed. Turning around picking up Mar carefully minding her arm and laid down next to her, "Relax, I gotta check on your wounds," Jared told her, lifting up the injured arm and examining it carefully as he can with his claws. Lightly tracing it with a claw, "mm, needs to get clean... but I don't want to bother Ms. Coal... forgive me if this may be gross," Jared told Mar before placing her onto his lap and began licking the wound onto her arm.