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  1. dead asssssssssssssssssss hell.

    find me on my Quotev, "Desmond Miles" i'm around the only Desmond miles there

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  2. The Truth

    CT went silent feeling the breathing of Ash stopped, pressing a finger on his neck, "Mar... I'm sorry.." He quietly meowed out.
  3. The Truth

    "I'm unsure... I never really... know the anotomy of a dog... since I'm a cat," C.T told Mar nervously.
  4. The Truth

    Hissing at what Dean did to her, she slithered near the closet seeing the note on the ground, "silly mortal..." She mumbled out, eyes flickering up as Ellie soon wack open the door, as her body shifted into something monstrous. Instead of having an eel body shape but more into a snake fangs poking out from her teeth, wrapping around Dean tightly to keep him from getting out from her grip, "Listen to me, Joe. Is. Gone. The poor boy is afraid of something else. Not YOU. Fearing that'll he hurt people acting differently once he began dating, do you THINK he ask for that! No. Very soon, I will go to Mochi, murder her in front of your goddamn eyes." Looking angrily at him, "Another thing is, he wasn't meant to be born at all. It was a mistake, being a mix of the two things that should never be maid. The great terror of the East Sea and a salem witch..." Letting go of Dean before disappearing she slashes Dean's cheek, deep enough leave a scar as some Meadow sweets landed on the floor next to him. Ears flickering as he look down at Mar, bending a bit at the fox. Picking the thing up as he began checking, irregular body temperature... "...I'm unsure, but most likely the poor thing is sick," CT answered to Mar.
  5. The Truth

    Oppuo kuwwoc eb coes, piilusf eb bko sibo esc bkiafkb bi kovwopj, 'mkeb e vaco zir...' Gibbis befp zofes uswnogusf ewk.
  6. The Truth

    Ellie flickered out her tongue a bit, "You smell different... my master can't control himself when he is near a human like you," She hissed out, "But.... why do you smell odd?" Tilting her head a bit, moving around a bit as she now began staring at him. C.T look down at Ash taking him out of Mar's arm, "Well even though I'm a cat, I'll see what I can do," C.T told Mar.
  7. The Truth

    Slowly as ever a large eel slithered behind Dean, then wrapping him up tightly and growling softly out to him, "Lovely to see you again," Looking at Dean with an "EELvil" smile.
  8. The Truth

  9. The Truth

    Mariana return looking around seeing Joe disappeared and flowers, eyes widen at the sight she rushed out of her mansion telling Hannah and C.T to watch everyone. Disappearing into smoke and began roaming around the land.
  10. The Truth

    WELL SCREW YOU GOOD SIR Jared founded Muff, getting taken by him towards a safe place for him, looking down seeing a milford whimpering quietly at the flower and looked away.
  11. The Truth

    Once Dean had left Joe, as Mariana was busy checking around in case leaving Joe behind. A rather familar "face" appeared out of the shadows, a broken mask and tangled up hair. Soft laughter right through the silence, "Seems like you got left behind, Joe. Or may I say Child of the Terror and Warlock of the East Ocean?" They laugh grabbing onto Joe's frozen body and bringing them into the shadow as he disappeared. Leaving behind dead leaves, Kalmias, orange lilies, Lotuses, and a scabious.
  12. The Truth

    "Don't worry. As long as this spear is in him, he won't unfreeze at all though he can hear everything we're talking about," She told Dean, pointing at the largest spear that was in his chest, looking down at Mochi's fur, "Looks lovely, just stay where you are let me do some fixing in the house," Mariana told him dispersing into smoke as it went everywhere leaving a white line and strange markings till she return speaking in loud Salem witch as the house began rearranging itself looking much more different, "That's much better now!"
  13. The Truth

    C.T guided to the large closest where all the clothes were at, Mariana looked over at Dean, "I did.... well at least it reversed the effects of Joe's healing a bits seeing your little ferret isn't suffering that much, you should stay. You didn't really make everything terrible, it may be just a small coincidence," She told him staring him down, "Also if you try go down by foot, away from here you'll die by the onslaught of Harpies that live near here."
  14. The Truth

    Mariana nodded, "Well. For now Joe won't be hurting anyone for a long time, till he cooled down. Come on lets get you healed and don't worry my healing doesn't cause pain," She told Mar, as CJ and Hannah took them into the manor, to her office. Sitting them down as she began starting with Dean healing him without any pain involved to hurt Mochi then onto Mar.
  15. The Truth

    Delivering the three to a Hannah and CJ, Mariana turned back seeing Joe in front of him before throwing him away from her. Growling as she rushed over to Joe grabbing him and throwing through the mansion, more growling appeared near them. Hannah and CJ appeared picking up Mar, Dean and Mochi running outside to keep them from getting murdered. The fight gone on for nearly 10 minutes with screeching, roars and laughter. Ice, fire and plants were entangled everywhere on the house as if a crazy freakstorm had happen. Till it went dead silent out of no where lasting for a short while before Mariana appeared dragging Joe who was now human but his chest was stabbed with multiple ice spears that froze over his body, panting heavily as she was wounded "What happen?" She asked looking at Mar silently who seemed the least wounded from the other two.