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  1. I quite like Danik. Can't wait to see what he gets up to 

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      Thanks! Believe it or not, I am completely new to role playing and have have been sort of developing his character as I go. I got a character sheet template from a thread on this site and that helped me with the basics but I'm still getting used to the whole thing.

  2. Danik peered at the empty rum bottle mournfully. He had enjoyed it, but it was weaker than he would have liked. For a while he considered the conversation, he had truly enjoyed it but the liquor was beginning to take hold and he was growing sleepy. "I have enjoyed talking to you Solita, You understand life in a different way than most being do. I would like to say I know how you feel, but I truly don't. I can only hope that you will be left alone by the malice of this age. Those who grow up with everything going for them rarely take the time to consider anyone but themselves and can cause great harm simply by their ignorance." "The information you have given me is very valuable," He said after a pause, "and no doubt I shall make my way to the places you have mentioned, that is if I remember them when I wake up." He stood slowly, and slightly off balance, and made his way towards the counter after throwing his cigar out a nearby window. Just then he heard a thump on the door. This confused him as the door clearly had a handle and was unlocked. Anyone could enter freely, he thought, unless they had no arms. This thought amused him and he giggled slightly as he moved for the door. he turned the latch and swung the thick wooden plank open. Just outside sat a large, white wolf, apparently quite happy. Danik blinked several times, squinted at the empty rum bottle in his hand, shook his head, and turned for the bar. After paying for a room, Danik began to make his way up the stairs, and then stopped turning back to where Solita still sat. "I don't know if you will still be here when I awake, if not, Farewell and thank you for a most interesting evening. Perhaps we will meet again, in another time, another place, perhaps even another life. I hope you will consider me a friend and ally from this day forward." He smiled and said, "Goodnight Solita, may your blades always find their mark." With this, he stomped up the rest of the stairs in his brand new boots. He found his room and fell into bed fully clothed, the empty bottle still in his hand.
  3. "Well as you have already seen, I know a little about fire, yet the other elements elude me. I spent some time aboard ship with an old man who knew much in the way of the flames. I learned as much as I could from him, and then found books when he had no more to teach. My knowledge of fire is what I would consider sufficient. I now seek for the other elements, to both know and wield them." Taking a long black cigar out of his shirt and smelling it, Danik wondered if this creature could be of help to him. Putting it in his mouth, he lit it with a flame that sparked from the tip of his finger, and began to puff. "Tell me, Solita, What do you seek in this world?"
  4. "Danik Kovarin," he said apathetically, as if the name did not mean much to him. "Nik to friends, if you will be among them is yet to be seen although I would not be surprised if I am of little interest to you. I am a simple man with simple ambitions. I wish to explore this world and learn its secrets. I have already found and lost both money and power, they are of little concern to me." "You seem surprised as to why I find you intriguing rather than revolting and I must confess I too am confused. I have had my share of frights and few things in this world surprise me anymore. If I wanted your life I would take it." At this he turned his gaze to the unlit candle sitting on the table to his left and snapped his fingers. The wick burst into flame. Shifting his eyes back to the figure crouching before him, a glow visible in the deepest recesses of his eyes, he said, "I care not who you are or what you have. I have experienced all the physical world has to offer and I am finished killing because of my greed. Possessions mean nothing to me, now it is only knowledge that I seek."
  5. Danik blinked, and breathed a sigh, as if was relieved that he was not talking to himself afterall. The expression on his face was curious as he looked into the crimson eyes, "An eventful evening indeed!" he thought. "I do not hate you, nor should anyone. To be cast out and looked down upon because you're different is an injustice that few races beyond humans can contrive. I know what it feels like to hated and as a result I do not believe anyone should carry that burden." "I hope you will forgive me for knowing little of you, your people, or their culture, as I have had little exposure to anyone beyond those aboard a ship for most of life, but may I ask, how came you to be so despised?"
  6. Growing constantly more relaxed as the bottle drained, Danik took to staring off into the distance. The sea had lost its allure for him. Though he still loved it and always would, Danik had come to realize that he craved adventure elsewhere. The bottle of rum brought back many memories, both good and bad. He remembered the first time he killed and how it took a toll on his mind. He remembered the last time he killed and how he did it without hesitation or a second thought. "How the waves do change a man," he thought to himself. After a while he cocked head to one side and wrinkled his brow as if focusing very hard on one point. He sat like this for some time and then spoke. "I sense that you and I are similar, but also very different. We both know what he want and what we are willing to do to get it, however, how we get it is what separates us. You are very skilled at going unnoticed, but do not misunderstand, simply because I cannot see you does not mean I don't know you're there. No doubt this talent of yours has gained you a pretty penny and a fine few trinkets." "Whenever I wanted something, I would simply take it, but that life is something I wish to leave behind. Known for being a thug and a thief, I was hated. I reveled in that hatred because with it came fear, and with fear came power." "Whether or not you are a thief is a mystery to me, but few who are not thieves move as you do. I would caution you with a bit of advice my mother gave to me long ago. She said, "An unknown thief who steals little is better off than a well known thief who steals much." Keep your tracks covered and don't draw attention to yourself or you shall end up as I have. Hated and despised." After a time in silence Danik said, "Perhaps you are not here at all and I am simply speaking my thoughts to the shadows expecting some solace....so be it, such is the way of those who find comfort in darkness." He reached for the bottle once more.
  7. The door flew open as though an old and familiar patron was making a return, however, Danik had never been to this tavern before. He had experienced his share of drunken brawls elsewhere, but had not yet left his mark on this particular place. He stepped inside and took a deep breath through the nose, attempting to deduce what the cook had on. He wasn't sure. The years of sailing had tainted his nostrils with the scents of sea air and salt pork. Stepping inward and closing the door, Danik felt a presence. He could not tell what it was that made him feel on edge, but he knew that he was being watched. The hair on his neck prickled, the same way it did when when he was a child and a wolf was stalking his sheep in the pastures at dusk. He did not know what or where, but he knew something unseen was here. Danik walked up to the bar, Knocked on the thick wooden slap with his ring-clad fingers, ordered the strongest rum available, and retreated to a corner to enjoy his purchase. His boots creaked as he sat down, the black leather stiff as it had not yet been broken in. The boots were the first purchase He had made after leaving the ship's company, and he was still getting used to them. As he settled back into his chair, he loosened his cutlass in its scabbard and hoped for an eventful evening.
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