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  1. The Siege of Kantos

    Sorry, one week
  2. The Siege of Kantos

    As the hoplite entered the center of the small village, there were many traders and travelers discussing what should be done. Tescus soon learned that the leader of the siege, Guralius Terminous, was demanding the town surrender itself to him and his mercy. A scant few had chosen this route, and their corpses could be seen hanging off wooden posts by their feet, their skins flayed from their bodies. Now there was no doubt just what would happen should they give themselves to Guralius' mercy. Tescus is noted as sitting patiently, listening to the group as they spoke of the low levels of food in the granaries, and how the marauders grew bolder with each passing day. It would not be long before they would charge in and take over by force. This is a classic strategy when it comes to laying siege on someone. Once the enemy has starved long enough they won't put up much of a fight when you put in the final charge. Judging from the reported forces Terminous had at his disposal, this seemed more of a tactic of cruelty than strategy. If he really wanted to take the town he would have attacked at night when they were least expecting it. Marcus Darius, Military Strategist With all of this in his mind, Tescus would call out to the travelers, asking if any of them were fighters. Only a small handful raised their hands, mostly caravan guards or other sellswords who were protecting the traveling groups. He explained his plan to them, saying that he would lead a strike team into the heart of the siege and kill Guralius before he can command the final charge. Some said they would go with him, others denounced him as too young to do such a thing successfully. This would be his chance to prove himself against these detractors and win his glory as a warrior.
  3. Looking for group to find artifact

    You can join and I was thinking of being the storyteller
  4. Reclaiming the Ruins

    My first thought was that these people must be incredibly brave, to join us on such a dangerous mission out in this world. They could have declined, and Marceline would not have condemned them for it, as her heart was too pure to hate them for cowardice. I on the other hand, found them a little frightening, though it was for foolish reasons that makes me feel childish as I recall them. I told the pirate my name, looking at her face and knowing she had lead a hard life, wanting to be sympathetic to her, but realizing quickly she would likely reject it. My father once told me that a hard life hardens the heart, so I tried to change the subject before she thought me a fool. I was curious as to how Marceline was able to convince Nol to come along, knowing there would be an incredible amount of danger ahead. Marceline had a special way with words, as if you just knew that she knew something you didn't, but didn't reveal that until you came along with what she wanted. Sometimes I wonder if she really does know as much as she hints at, but I shouldn't make any unnecessary doubts towards my faith in her. Standing at the back of the ship was the Sun Chosen herself, a striking image of beauty and literal radiance that banished the darkness around her. At around twelve feet tall you would wonder if she ever actually needed help for what she had planned, especially since she had much more strength than her delicate frame let on. Perhaps that was one of the many magical qualities that made her so inspiring, that strength that flowed outwards from her, enriching everyone that joined in her cause, its absolutely breathtaking. "We will be nearing the island soon. I can already feel the presence of evil in the air. Be careful, everyone." That was all that she had spoken since we had started on this trip, but it never felt like something that would unnerve us. If anything myself and the other women felt emboldened by her proclamation, feeling as if we had already won against this evil just by being aligned with Marceline. She was a paragon of good, so how could we be wrong? Continued--
  5. General roleplay discussion

    As dense enough for about 350k i think is the limit which is fairly big i think. Since i also had a whole island to kinda play with i figured why not do more with what i have since they wouldn't just be in the city the whole time. Thete are plans for expansion and colonization but im just focusing on making this thing happen first
  6. Genesaris | Ask me Anything!

    I see. So its possible for a colony ship to go from Ursa Madeum to western Genesaris seeing as that would be the quickest way to a similar climate. Thank you
  7. Genesaris | Ask me Anything!

    What area in Genesaris has a climate like greece?
  8. General roleplay discussion

    https://www.valucre.com/topic/37338-the-suns-throne-ursa-madeum-not-unlocked-yet/ So I am trying to figure out if there is more i need to put in for this city in order to better paint a picture for the reader. I know i left a couple things a mystery which im working on right now but I just wanna know if what I have is enough for people to be interested?
  9. [Baaj Island] A Night on the Shore

    "Beauty seeps into every inch of this island. I only hope to restore that same beauty to our final destination." Marceline spoke softly, her feet hardly making an imprint in the sand, though one would be surprised given her height. This was to be her journey, a journey she knew that must be made if she was to erect her own beacon of light upon this blessed planet. She has so much faith in what we, her followers, are able to do for her. I have never known someone to trust me so completely, its almost overwhelming. The others and I have so many questions, many having to do with where we are going. Marceline just smiles at us, telling us that we need not worry about that just yet, and that we only need to focus on our studies. Being taught by someone like Marceline is nothing like what I've experienced before. She is so patient, so kind, always willing to help us to see the correct answer ourselves rather than chide us for the wrong one. Sometimes I feel as if she is our second mother, come to raise us in a way our first mothers never could. I only hope that I can rise to the challenge and make her proud to have made me a disciple. How foolish I was to think that maintaining my virtue as a virgin was something to be ashamed of. It was during these walks on the beach that Marceline would teach us many things, all of us would listen intently to absorb her wisdom. There was a small amoujt of rain, but it didn't bother Marceline, so we wanted to look strong and ignored it as well. She is such an incredible example for us. --Continued
  10. Reclaiming the Ruins

    Cool, can't wait to read it
  11. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    This looks fun, maybe Marceline can be looking around the different islands or something idk i think im just looking for an excuse to try a more normal writing style since something this informal wouldn't work well with Historical Third person i think
  12. Looking for group to find artifact

    If you would like to then sure, i have no problem with that
  13. Looking for group to find artifact

    No problem im just not used to this kind of communication i guess. Its a lot slower than what im used to
  14. Have a plot? Recruit me! [Closed]

    The basic gist of the thread is that its traveling to the island where everyone gets acquainted, arriving at the island where the atmosphere and ambience is set up, meeting up with the monster, fighting the monster for the climax and then the resolution
  15. Looking for group to find artifact

    So is my writing like too weird to respond to or something? Im a bit unsure as tp whats happening here and i dont want to just skip people withput understamding whats wrong