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  1. Mermaid Tears (open)

    The storm lamp and unlatch the bolt on the door. The range would only have been enough to harm someone who was standing to the side- certainly not lethal with even average durability. The thin, reddish light painted a strange scene, the centerpiece being the figure standing in the center. Rotted fish-guts and train oil sat on the ground, along with what looked like a half torn form of a porpoise. standing in that mess, were two long legs, quite noticeably female, with the black oilslick tarp, covering from mid thigh to the top of the being's head. Two long wings jutted out from the middle, translucent and batlike, folded up, trying to cover up their owner, pulling the tarp more tightly against them. the top of the tarp, which was closed off, expanded and contracted- it quite visible the person underneath was breathing, a magenta smoke escaping out the bottom, little clouds rolling over the blood that leached into the gaps in the floor, falling into the sea below, liable to draw more predatory sea-life from the depths. A lovely feast for the crabs, lobster, and starfish. In front of that strange figure, the table was now upside down- Beula resting on it, her head stapled to the underside with a double-headed axe now lodged into the center of what remained of her head. Her legs were pointing to the figure, having fallen back when they had been split at the belly from her torso, which had remained with the head. There was blood everywhere, but a slick black fluid was sprayed along with it, weeping from the tail of the supposed mermaid, which coiled about her wings. The other end of her tail was wrapped firmly around the barrel of the blunderbuss, severed in one clean chop, the top of that tail ending in a simple point, as translucent as her wings. Narbor was behind her, lying face down, motionless, a massive axe wound starting in his back and ending along the outside of his thigh, split open like a side of beef, the contents of his stomach and bowls mixing with the fluid from his spine and lungs, a large hole in the wall above him where an axe had clearly been flung into. It was only at that point, that the "mermaid" fell to her knees, a quiet sob quickly turning into a screaming moan of anguish, a nearly constant scream of loss and horror, not unlike a tiger or some beast, before falling to her side, pink smoke pouring from the tarp as she fell into the blood and ichor, starting to tremble. It was a horror fit for a battlefield not an otherwise quiet night on the docks of Casper.
  2. I'll have something written for you tonight. Looks like a fun Rp.

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    2. Deviant


      I was thinking of bringing a female rogue in. Do you have plots worked out between the other players, or are we just winging this Rp?

    3. Last Magician

      Last Magician

      I wing it in all RPs ^_^

    4. Deviant


      Same! That's refreshing to know. 

  3. Mermaid Tears (open)

    "Yeah? Well, there are six of us- and we have guns and plate armor and" Narbor's dwarvenly patois came ringing through the door, the half panicked imagination of a dull man rattling off absurd eventualities before Beula's voice stepped in. "I got a blunderbuss loaded for bear and I am not afraid to waste my wish to make sure you were never born if you and your boys try and barge in here. Turn you lot to chickens and boil you all up, or, you bring me my weight in gold, and you can have the blasted thing." "Beulah!" "Hush up, Nab- we're getting out of here aliv-" before there was a mess of screaming and the beat of wings inside, the heavy crash of a blunderbuss going off, grapeshot tearing through the rotted walls and going through the side of the door of the door, wood splintering... before everything became eerily quiet following two dull thumps, the oil lamp inside swaying, so fingers of light kept swaying about. Thing is- when covered in blood, an oil lamp will show red for a moment before that cooked smell starts to come off of it. That same cooked smell that started wafting out of the shack.
  4. Mermaid Tears (open)

    "Get it inside!" Narbor Blent, a local crab fisherman, whispered at a pitch that failed to count as a whisper, "c'mon, we don't want the others to figure it out." The woman hauling the back end of the tideslick tarp, fellow crab fisherwoman Beula Rackerkerny, had the look of a woman unconvinced. "Nab, this is stupid! Its just flotsam! Its eyes were all glossy- likely some sort of bottom dweller that came to the surface to die," Beula stated matter of factly as they ran along the quay to the shack they were renting while in port in Casper. "And what if it aint? What if itsa mermaid? Mermaid will grant you three wishes I reckon," Narbor continued in his faux whisper, bringing it inside quickly, before throwing it on the table. Were someone to peruse the ship's logs, they would of gotten a detailed account of the events that led to their find of the so-called "mermaid": They had taken their crab boat out of the harbor about a week back, making a modest means setting crab pots out in the causeway between Terrenus and Genesaris setting pots, and then generally drinking and making a fast buck at the crab harvest. The usual crabbing grounds were closer in either direction, but the larger boats didn't like to venture too close to their mysterious neighbor, lest they be picked off by Genesaris navy- or worse, corsairs of either side. Both having seen the inside of a prison, Narbor and Beula were keen to do what the other crabbers were unwilling to do, and had a fine and quiet time, making to sure to set and pick up their pots at the dead of night, the latter of which they waited until a moonless night to do so. As they were pulling their last pot, Narbor's half-dwarf strength proved most handy when they worked the winch, this one heavy and ripe with crab. And true, when they pulled the pot, it was filled with crab- all of which were dead. Inside the center of the pot, had been this bloated, gelatinous thing, almost as long as a man was tall, with long, sweeping fins, a translucent body, and two large, downward facing eyes. The creature appeared nibbled, covered in crab blood and a dense sticky black fluid- not unlike ink. They at first had thought the creature was maybe a corpse thrown into the sea, but it did have gills and had appeared at first to be respirating. Hoping to take it back to land as some sort of oddity, and not wanting to put it in with the bilge with the crab, they housed it at first in their steel wash bin, occasionally drawing up sea water to house the creature. By morning, the strange creature had changed- its translucent body and large eyes had shrunk down, its flesh a milky hue. Its fins had sprung off its body, projecting from frog-like legs, facing reverse, and its simple maw had seemed to develop a jaw, sharp teeth covering it. They thought it at that point one of those sirenfolk that used to live at the bottom of a sea, both having been drafted militia in any of the less peaceable times in Casperr's recent history, but given how those sorts were said to be quite intelligent and communicative, not like any other person, they thought it unlikely. Beula likewise had stated she had seen a siren once, and that it didn't seem to look like it. All this creature had done was scuttle about in the water, its fins occasionally sweeping over the sides of the washtank but otherwise wiggling about. Nightfall on the second day, and they were now standing in their salt-rotted shack, the sounds of the harbor playing out behind them, with the oily tarp housing the creature on the table. Having hidden the creature, not knowing what to feed it, and not being able to add any new water, it appeared as though the creature had died- as its flesh had gone firm, and appeared to have emptied the contents of its stomach before its gills had shriveled and its mouth grew stationary and its eyes glossed over. The two crabbers stood there dumbstruck. Of course, Narbor couldn't keep his big mouth shut, and in talking to himself, almost every cutthroat and fisherman in the harbor had found out that the two hapless idiots had managed to catch a mermaid- legend going that to eat the flesh of one granted eternal life, and their tears, once harvested, could grant a wish. Of course, they were just two mostly defenseless longshorfolk. Wouldn't be too hard to sneak in and take the creature, or to do so by force. And of course, any anyone with a penchant for either treasure, rare creatures, and arcanobiology would quickly take a keen interest.
  5. Bianca the Lilim

    Name: --[unknown]-- _Given: Bianca _Nickname(s): random etaphets used by hell-brands and misogynists Species: Lilim Age: --[unknown]-- _Apparent age: 20-something Sexuality: Bi/Pan/Omni Aromantic Sex: Female Profession: Explorer in the furthest realms of experience. Angel to some, Demon to others. Alignment: Lawful Evil/True Neutral/Chaotic Good depending on her mood and intentions. Common Appearance Height: 5' 9" Weight: 145 lbs Skin-tone: Anemic, Deathly Pale with a feint purplish-greenish ting. Figure: Curvaceous Eye Color: Golden irises with jet black sclera Hair Color: Magenta _Style: Asymmetric chin length fringe, shoulder-length side bangs, with a knee-length back, all kept in a fairly wild style. Distinguishing Characteristics: _two large, black horns, starting at the edge of her hairline on opposing sides, raising upward before sweeping back and upward, ending in sharp points. _Long pointed ears- almost bat-like in appearance. _Long tongue with a split right down the middle. _sharp, pointed teeth. _Two large wings, projecting from mid back in arm-like protrusions, before drawing into long, batlike wings, velveteen on the inside, but almost dense and scale-like on the outside. The thumb crowned with a sharp black talon. __Wingspan: 138 inches _A long black tail, two inches in circumference, crowned with a heart-shaped tip, which flows into a sharp black barb _Two black hooves, made of the same black, talon like substance, shaped like 7 inch ballet heels, seemingly clothed in the same black, scale like leather as her tail or the backs of her wings. _A face of horrifying and imperious beauty Lilim Information Lilim are commonly mistaken for Succubi due to appearance and strong relations between the two, but where as Succubi are more properly Lilin (Night Spirits), the Lilim are powerful mages that in life, made sacrament to the Lady of the Dark Moon, and in so doing, were granted new life after death. The cost of which was that within the afterlife, they would transcorpreate within a demonic and infernal dimension of horror and torment. Upon death of their physical form in the Prime Material Plane, they return to that Hell dimension, where they must make their assent anew. This De Facto immortality given by their form mirroring their Patron Mother's is their gift they gain in return for being inflicted with sharing the burden of her divine curse. Despite their origin, Lilim aren't by their nature inherently evil or demonic, they are merely the recipient of divine retribution for their Patron Mother's transgression in refusing eternal servitude and subservience to an equal. As such, their forms reflect both an empyrean, bestial, demonic, and human heritage. However, their experience within their (albiet ultimately temporary) infernal prison tends to be formative for Lilim, with many of them eschewing most trappings of the social contract and social order in general and seemingly disregarding morality, giving them their somewhat mercurial and often contradictory views on morality. There is a "Lilim Culture" in the same way that survivors of a mutual traumatic occurrence can bond, not unlike marooned sailors, torture victims, survivors of natural disasters, and prison inmates can form a sort-of culture. They however hold a disdain for both Celestial beings (given their austere subservient obeisance to their divinity) and Infernal Beings (where as Lilim are temporary residents unjustly imprisoned within Hell, Infernal and Demonic beings revile in such a place, and are truly born of their respective plane from pits as lemures, and so there is nothing good in them at outset in the eyes of Lilim). As all Lilim are "Daughters of The Lady of The Dark Moon", they somewhat humorously refer to each others as "Sisters", though there is no direct bloodline connection from one Lilim to another. These relations are loose, and although a Lilim may come to the aid of another Lilim, there is no obligation to do so. A group of Lilim is known as a "Circle" or more disparagingly as a "brood" or a "gash", though that is more by beings that view Lilim as evil then anything they call each other. They are known to often grow protective of those that have made their sacrament but have not yet Incarnated as full-blooded Lilim and ascended from the Stygian Abyss (refered to as "Claiming one's Birthright"). They are protective not out of any other reason then some having a sympathy for the torment their fledgling Sister is to go though upon the moment of their death, and so they will make efforts to stave off that end (and eventual rebirth) if only as a courtesy. One common thread among Lilim as well is a fixation on "Revelry"- a magician that has accepted their birthright and curse does so with the intent of both continuing their study of Magic and the Occult beyond death by pledging their loyalty to the Lady of The Dark Moon, who communes both in Gnosis and Theurgy with such a being tends to adapt some measure of their Lady's personality- an all consuming, nearly maddening urge for dissolution, ego anillhilation, sublime pleasure, and transcendence though the senses. This is often bolstered by their experiences though Hell, who's sense of self is held-together dispite mind-bending horror and wonder on a cosmic scale. They can vary in temperment from Diogynean Social Nillhilism to Byzantine Social Eloquence. They hold fast though the eternal ravages though time by embracing ephemeral joys and discarding any sense of shame or guilt. How far they elect to carry such beliefs is ultimately a personal choice, as they ultimately are each a lesser embodiment of the divinity that shared both her blessing and curse with them. Innates Psychometabolism and Adaptive Physiology Reincorporation and The New Moon Bioetheric Sight Enhanced Senses The Mother's Tongue Flight Architecture or Horror- Experiences Pain and simply doesn't mind it. Likewise, their minds are a cosmic maelstrom of uncontrollable violence, pain, lust, pleasure, wonder and emotional extremes. Attempt to read mind at own caution Aura of Glamour Psychoaurly sense- Having experienced a world of torment, a Lilim has learned to listen to the song of intent, and so can 'hear' the intent in others, nothing louder then an intent to harm, kill or murder precognitive. Personal Abilities Before her "rebirth", not like any other Lilim, "Bianca" was a powerful magician in her own right, having mastered the magical arts. History [under construction]
  6. "I've seen thinks you people wouldn't believe."

    Well golly! Such warm replies! Epics? Well, that was my Golden Age. Everyone has a Golden Age, you see. I wasn't there for your Golden Age, sadly, Mag. No worries though- everyday is a new Golden Age. ^_^ Carlos- thank you for the grand tour. ;) Paroxysm, thank you kindly. Good to be home. Thank you as well, Deviant. And thank you Wanderlost. I appreciate the offer. It took me about four years the first time before I really started writing with everyone in any great capacity, so no worries, we're of one mind in that regard. As for how to jump in- I have always preferred a cannonball approach rather then testing the waters. Things have changed, but not so much, thankfully. What was always good has remained. :) Still, unless I have a closed thread, always feel free to jump into any thread of mind. Fair Warning, I can be rather surreal at times, and when I am not busy doing that, I am terminally silly. ^_~ So yes! ON WITH THE SHOW!
  7. "I've seen thinks you people wouldn't believe."

    Awww! So cute to see the Gaian Invaders remember me. :) You all were an adorable bunch as I recall. Well, thats good! Somebody has got to step up for the nice folk. Its always so cool to be the bad guy (or even worse, the anti-hero) but no credence for the happy few that must do combat for the sake of peace and what's Just. Good on ya! That sort of thing is the "you don't find us, we find you" kinda racket though. :/
  8. "I've seen thinks you people wouldn't believe."

    No world conquest or ice cream? What is the world coming to? People have always been afraid of handsome devils in suits though- take it from me. :) Still, always better be devilishly handsome rather than handsomely devilish. Or was that the other way around?
  9. "I've seen thinks you people wouldn't believe."

    Well, I wasn't there for it, so I guess it really didn't happen. I've died so many times, after all. ;) Then again- I was always a lover, never a fighter, so maybe I did? Who's to say? No hard feelings for killing me and me not staying dead I hope. :/ In any case! What has been going on here? I gave you an update when you arrived- what has been happening since I left? Anything nice? Did Terrenus invent ice cream yet? I was always waiting on that one.
  10. I'm one of those silly people your parents always warned you about. ;)

  11. "I've seen thinks you people wouldn't believe."

    Roen! Speak of the Devil! How are you, Sir? Why yes indeed- I recall that lovely carriage ride. Seems like yesterday! Maybe it was- time is so convoluted. You can have it, if you like. Possession is 9/10ths of the law, after all. Did you find "THE INCREDIBLY COMFY CHAIR"? It's hidden in a broom closet as I recall. Great little fun to sit in, and if you don't have any proclivities against a discorpreate servitor gently prodding your butt, it might be the finest chair in all the land! Well, maybe not the best chair. The Throne of Terrenus seemed comfy- though I don't think it would be kind enough to offer a liberating prostate massage. You can take your pick, I'm sure. :) But yes, it is the actual me. Unless there were other me's running around. I heard something about a me in jail some years ago. Sounded like a silly chap- and not in a fun way.
  12. Quiz Time! Who remembers when the Cabbage Aphid was the Valucre Mascot? Or still has a copy of the original Terrenus map? Who remembers the exact year it was in the setting? Or the name of Blairville before the fire? Or who used to own that big fancy tower you playful kittens play in? Who remembers the original crew of The Dangles? Who knows the fastest way to get in touch with a Supernal is to post on his board? Who remembers the name Julius Henry Aldoid? I've never been one for Necromancy, but time is always the most sure of weapons. Because I do. And I come in good cheer! The best of cheer, in fact! No finer amount of cheer to be found here or anywhere! If you can find a discount or a circular showing a better deal on cheer, we'll match their price, guaranteed! I think six... nearly 7 is a fine enough time for self-imposed exile is good, yeah? None of that silly T1 though- I don't do parlor tricks, anymore. :P Always good to see that I was wrong and the walls are still standing though. :) C'mon- give old Juli a hug! ^_~