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  1. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Letting out a small laugh "Oh no, it is fine. I have grown quite use to this foggy memory of mine. In the end new memories can be made, can they not?" more fuel for his magic in other words. A smile found itself upon Vincent's lips "You stay proper even when you eat." he said, teasing Amren. He noticed the rather large wolf making its way towards the table, and Vincent again began to laugh as he watched it beg. "The fearsome wolf of the tavern seems to want some of your food." the situation was all too comedic for Vincent. A large wolf, a womanizer, and a nun. It began to sound like the beginning of a corny joke. "I think you might of found yourself a companion." he decided to mention, assuming the wolf was friendly. He then turned his attention to the woman and began to reach for her scarred hand with his. "I saw this earlier." he stated, in a slightly more serious tone than before. "It looks like it could of happened recently?" though sounding like a statement, it was more of a question. He found it odd that a nun of all things would carry such such a mark. @Lilah @Holden
  2. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Ah Asnek, I have heard of the place." he lied. He took a better look at the woman as she counted the foreign currency. He had not noticed how tired and fragile the woman had looked, and then he noticed the scar on one of her hands. It looked like it could of been made recently. He made no mention of his observations for now but simply curled his lips into a friendly smile "I thought they might" he said replying to her on her comment about the 'rules'. Amren seemed quite pleasant for a nun, not exactly a drinking buddy but not at all the rigid woman he would of imagined. Perhaps she was simply being polite, after all she was in a strange tavern with an even more strange man. If Vincent had to guess he would say that the youthful woman was far from her comfort zone. "Where do I come from?" he seemed to be asking himself the question as he repeated it. He leaned back in the wooden chair, and put his hand to his chin as if he were thinking "Hmmmm...". After a few moments he took his pale hand away from his equally white chin and leaned in towards the woman. "I'm not really sure." to be honest Vincent had lost that memory quite some time ago. "You see I had suffered some amnesia a few years back." he lied. The truth was that he sometimes sacrificed memories for his magic and unfortunately he does not get to choose which memory is lost. After losing such precious information he decided to keep a journal with him that he would write in almost daily. The beginning of it mainly kept important information such as his name, and how to perform different types of spells that he had mastered in the past. He decided not to bring it up since some people were against the idea of self harm for power, and he most certainly assumed this nun would not take kindly to it. @Lilah
  3. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Vincent was somewhat relieved when the woman mentioned that her group wasn't well known, otherwise he might seem kind of odd. He listened to the woman as he sipped his amber drink. "What a shame." was all that he could think of to say when the woman had told him that she wasn't a drinker. What could he had expected? She was a nun after all. "Well if you decide to change your mind just say the word and you will have a drink in hand." he snickered. Vincent watched the woman as she took out a small sack, wondering what could be in there. He quickly made the assumption that it held a small portion of money but in reality he had no idea. He wasn't looking to steal from her, after all he had already slipped off the bartender's ring and that was enough for now. "Amren, that is a pretty name.." he simply said that to most women he meant "...you can call me Vincent." he leaned back into his chair and look at the smoldering logs of the fireplace for a moment. Though he hated fire he couldn't help but to admit to himself that in this tavern it did bring a certain comfort. His violet eyes and pale face turned towards the woman once more "You mentioned that your covenant isn't from these lands, perhaps there rules do not apply here?" he asked her in jest as he nudged his drink towards her. "So, where does Sister Amren, lady of the Holy Flames come from?" he put emphasis on her titles, but in a friendly manner. @Lilah
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Vincent's eyebrow quirked when he heard she was a nun. Not many nun's he knew of would come to a place like this but then again....he didn't actually know any. "A nun of the Holy Flames you say?" he said thinking aloud. "I don't believe I have ever heard of them." he wondered who they were, the woman surely spoke of the group as if she took great delight in it. He began to wonder if he had ever known of such an organization, using his own memories to fuel his magic can most certainly make him forgetful. If it was a well known covenant he would look silly now, wouldn't he? He noticed the woman eyeing his drink and began to wonder "Do we have a taste for whiskey?" he asked as if he were trying to tempt her. "I don't mind buying a woman a drink you know." he chuckled. It would look odd for one to offer a drink to such a modestly dressed lady, and a nun at that. That didn't exactly matter to Vincent though.
  5. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Vincent watched as the flames flickered within the fireplace as he took small sips of his whiskey, almost as if he were savoring it. He heard a voice that seemed to be directed towards him, it was a woman's. His violet eyes turned towards the girl "Even if it were, I would let you take it." he joked, referring to the seat's availability. This time his voice was not timid nor overly friendly but confident and assuring. He looked the woman up and down, she seemed to be dressed quite modestly for someone in a tavern. He began to wonder if she had meant to come here. Noticing the the necklace, Vincent became distracted for a moment but quickly regained eye contact with the woman. "That is an interesting symbol you have there." he said referring to the emblem on the woman's neck. He took a small swig of his drink and placed it on the table. He was honestly curious of the symbol as he had never seen it, or not at least in a time that he could recall "Does it mean anything, or is it something that you simply enjoy wearing?" he asked her, though he assumed it meant something considering how plainly the woman was dressed. It was at least something to strike up a conversation. @Lilah
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Vincent happened upon a tavern, though he was not new to them he had never been to this one. He opened the door and saw multiple patrons that seemed happy enough, though he did notice a rather large wolf being pet by another by the fireplace. He assumed the man was drunk, why else would one decide to play with a wolf? He began to chuckle to himself at the thought. Looking around some more he finally found what he was looking for, the one thing that he looked for in every tavern....the BAR! He quickly made his way over to it, completely forgetting about the odd wolf. Eyeing the alcohol available, he finally began to order something. He decided he would begin to put on his act as he always did, acting overly friendly with the bartender. "Excuse me.." he began in a fake timid voice "could I please have a glass of whisky on the rocks?" he asked as the bartender looked him up and down. He waited patiently eyeing everything around him, particularly the bar itself. He couldn't see anything to valuable but he did notice something that might be of some worth resting on the bar-man's finger. It was a ring made of gold, but Vincent was under no illusion that it was a priceless treasure. He did however know that the ring would be worth many times more than what he was paying. When the bartender came back, Vincent went to pay the man it a way that one could only see as clumsy. He put his money into the bartenders hands while allowing some of it to fall on the counter top "I am sor...sorry" Vincent stammered all the while taking this opportunity to take the bartenders ring while the bartender's attention was diverted. Vincent gave the bartender a smile and placed the ring into his right pocket as he made his way towards an empty table. He watched the fireplace as he sipped his whisky...he wasn't fond of fire.
  7. Vincent Cross

    Vincent's Journal
  8. Vincent Cross

    Appearance: Name: Vincent Cross Race: Human Age: 25 Sexuality: Straight Complexion: Pale Build: Lean / Muscular Alignment: Neutral Occupation: None / Thief Current Residence: None / Currently wanders from place to place BIO (First Person): "Where I come from isn't important, the only thing that matters is the here and now. I have grown into what some might call a selfish or perhaps a malicious person. I cannot deny such accusations and nor do I wish to." a sly smile began to creep across his face as he spoke. "You see, there is one thing that I hold above all else in terms of importance, myself." he states pointing to himself with one hand, drink in the other. "My goals?....aspiration? you ask." he thinks on the question as he sips his drink. "I don't think I have any in particular, I just tend to do what I like. I am a thief because I enjoy wealth, I am a mage because I enjoy power, and I go to brothel's because I love women!" he couldn't hold in his laughter and let it out before regaining his composure. "There is no other way for a man like me to live, I want to see how far I can take myself, how much I can gain, and how much I can enjoy with this little life of mine. It's going to end for us all one day, so why not enjoy it?". Abilities: Vincent practices various forms of magic. They can range from weak to strong depending on what he has sacrificed for them. After all the laws of equivalent exchange apply to everyone. He will often sacrifice material components for his woven spells, and at times he even sacrifices memories...or more. Seeing that he cannot willfully choose which memories are sacrificed. For this reason he keeps a journal on him that he writes in and reads from time to time,though he is surely missing things he had never had a chance to write down. Haste: Vincent is able to make himself much faster than the average person. He often uses this for stealing or even combat when needed. Ice Magic: In all of the magic that Vincent had trained himself in, he has spent most of the time with ice magic, gaining an affinity with it. One could say that he has mastered ice magic. All other magic to him is secondary. Poison: He is able to create poisons through magic. Depending on what is used to create them, they could do as little as paralyze all the way to right out killing someone. Skills: Daggers: His favored weapon is his magic, but he is also skilled in the use of (longer than average) daggers which is helpful in some situations. Agile: Before learning haste magic he had to be quite quick on his feet, and as well with his hands. How else would he have become a good pick pocket? Weaknesses: He has become so attuned with his ice magic that he has become quite weak when it comes to fire magic. He may be agile but his lean and muscular build makes him depend on it (perhaps too much). While he may be able to dodge attacks from an opponent, blocking them outright (without magic) would not turn out well for him , given the strength of his opponent. Given that he may sacrifice memories to conjure the most powerful of his magic, he may learn something from someone that catches him off-guard. He may also lose the memories of something important or useful.
  9. Hey everyone, I am extremely new here. I pretty much have just discovered this site. I have been role-playing for a few years but I have taken quite a large break from it. I am really growing tired of forum RP's that exist within one forum thread that usually ends up dying within a week or so. It kind of killed RP for me, but recently I have gotten the itch to find something to re-ignite that fire for me. Not wanting the RP to die off in a week I have been seeking out a forum dedicated to one wold. I have found a few, but most seem kind of inactive (this being the most active that I have come across). It will probably take me awhile to shake the rust off, and figure out how things work around here. Like I said, I am not new to roleplay but I have never role-played in a forum like this before so it will take some getting use to. I will do my best, and am looking forward to meeting all of you. Thanks!